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“think on it, to be called child once more, how glorious this unknown!”^

<for Terry C.>

I dreamt on it, awoke refreshing my perspective,
as if the chance, the wish, was already granted,
rose from the bed, fully rested, a musical tutorial
of loving delighting lifting me up and once again I,
believed, no, more, re-conceived, reconciled, mind,
body, slated-clean, by my parents was I embraced,
forever protected, and the joy of simplicity of a future
unspent lay ahead, glorying in the beauteous unknown
We are those who live
Like there's no tomorrow
Give like there'll be no other
Know each emotion
In its deepest fervour.

When days
Are far gone
And nights long past
Brittle and passionate
Embers still glow within
Hearts refill with
Remembrance and longing:
Two ingredients of
Potent love.

Are we thus
They ask?

We are what we are-
Wise and reckless
Wary and trusting
Free-willing to be
Bound by love
Glorious fools
Of the purest kind.
Cynthia Jean Feb 17


His painting
Tracing the
Silhouettes  of trees
And salting the air
with crystalline snowflakes.

In all
ever so peaceful
all understanding.

Cynthia Jean
February,  2020
The wonder of God, creating  the most beauty  from simplicity.
Bhill Oct 2019
When you see something
Something glorious
Something fantastic
Something amazing
How does seeing it shift you

Think about this for a time
Think about the greatness that can be found
Find more of it

Brian Hill - 2019 # 263
Find something glorious every day.
Samreena Lodhi Dec 2018
Concealed in my diary
in the form of words
my emotions explode
inklings of events
predicaments conjectured
or  sighs of contentment
vaguely interpreted
lights my soul
stagnant but painful
glorious yet tearful
stopdoopy Mar 2019
of the    dark
further,          further
pushing                on still
through         the street
in a       patch
just to  see you
and meet
the glorious sun
soak in the warmth
as the first light of day
drifts over us and I start to think
maybe this is home, here with you
in those shining pale rays, just us
and the problems of the world
seem so distant when we
can just sit here, looking
up at the sky, alone,
together, enjoying
ourselves and so
utterly at peace
and that    is a life
that I          think I
could get                 used to
Seanathon Oct 2018
You think I fear you?
Glorious dusk
And the turning of night from the clear of day?

My dawn arises with a hush
And with a quiet whisper there I find
Amidst the new light narrow way

Afraid of you, I’m not today
Not today
O’ Glorious dusk

For the winds of change
Pick steadily up
And blow you like the chaff away  

Afraid of you, I’m not today
Not today
O’ Glorious dusk

My fears the light has whisked away
Far away from every fright
I fear no glorious dusk today
Dusk Today, Dusk Today
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2018
First and foremost, You flourished fullest!
You balanced the masses all surrounding,
Yet are You the finest ever ahead, upon You,
The cast of masses all cascade to the end,
Before glorious, You are seen in full,
And they all re-rise up to You, greater
As yet You remain to be seen!

When You cast time's captivating views,
Upon Your own, on to Your vast heaven;
Beyond even the embodied, paradise dwelling,
The proud soul rise, wrought by You!
Yet Your divine revelations causes them all,
Like Your majestic rhythm, relatively
Innovates them all on the way you come and go!
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