not only for Christians
ideas of coming back to life

    like older myths
    of fertility and rebirth

are infinitely attractive

cait Apr 14

i will put on my dress and slip on my shoes
and look myself in the eyes.
me to me
saying goodbye.

goodbye to all the hatred.
goodbye to all the anger.
goodbye to all the jealousy.
goodbye to me.

i will lay down on the earth
waiting to be absorbed into the rich soil
and pray and pray and pray

that when i am rebirthed.
i am every bit as beautiful
but new.

i can't allow myself to get stuck

Then all at once
The heavens became empty
And as dark as the void
From which God created them
And I knew in my soul
The era of mankind had ended
Yet the faithful remained
To watch the nothingness unfold
And the stars die out
From the eternity spoke a truth
As unseen hands shaped a world
That was always meant to be
"Let there be light."

After the Battle.
Kevin Côté Mar 23

fluffed above their breasts,
beneath their wormy neck,
feathers glimmer hints of
deviously perceived deeds.
hatched from patient bellies and aviator eyes.
their tastes are not particular
or tuned towards a cuisine.
their plates are filled
with respectful nods
and tape to fix you
with their wings.

lift and leave
the vultures with your skull,
and see with aviators eyes.

Timothy hill Mar 28

Dragun lord warrior of dark blooded soils.

You lead the men to there transcended.

Eager to disslove there reasons.

Despite the bridge was being rased.

Silver tail horses were sent from under volcanos defending.

Musk rats and rabbits stealing corn and wiskey from the moon shiners tavern.

Drink quick, as the door pushed open promptly, who is the of anger and none manners.

It's is me Leo, from cave highs near bentley town.

The grim reaper and his souls repeat there old habits creating Hellish disasters.

Let's prepare the spell of bindment.

Recite with me fellows and say grim reaper hells refuge you have no version here.

Be gone with souls you stealthed and stole for they only where not death and void.

Your promise to give them your powers and fighting abblites.

From whence, the trees where harvested for there hides to make a new script and spell book for ivory tablets and shelves.

Men dressed of red suits medal belts and center a infusion coil sparks of purple source energy where emitting power.

Lord draguns a novel I'll be working with.
alexis Mar 20

the world broke my body in half
opened stitches with the rustiest of needles
drowned me in seas of my own water
spat at me with words from the worst of speakers
killed me until i was nothing
i walked away bloody and bent.
sewed the wounds again with my hands
breathed wisps of air when i made it back to shore
crushed the last syllables into the pavement
revived the last of my soul

i survived on my own
the world can take some
but it can't t a k e  i t  a l l

hanging red
beneath an old nest

Sarah Spang Mar 13

It’s retrievable from where?
The center of this chest
Folded up beneath the bone
Before it makes a crest.
Awake again, my searching hands
Once numb, now fill with fire
The need to shape, to form, create
Has formed its own deep pyre.

One lifetime is enough;
how long is a lifetime?
Do I measure from the day
of birth?
Or do I measure from the day
of rebirth?
I have been born again,
without ever dying.
I have been at the end of my rope,
where I gave up all ego;
all possibility of loss or gain.
I had it all and lost it all,
and yet found it was there
all along
inside of my heart and soul.
I found my unity;
my individuality is just
the most fragmented aspect
of that unity.
I found my purpose;
what I intend to do
and have set out to do
within this one
I intend to use my intention.
To be visionary and practical,
I intend to have the pure
and loving intention
that I can generate and purify and trust
only in myself.
I intend to do so
during this one lifetime,
and hopefully in each
of the next.
there is one thing
that I strive for
in this one lifetime;
the true happiness
of those around me.
The true happiness
of the united aspect
of all.

Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq

I want to take you away, dear,
Forcefully or not it's your wish.
Of your beauty I am an admirer,
Your veiled sweet internal beauty.
Even you are not aware of that,
Changing bodies like clothes,
I remember our past lives.

Past life regression creative imagination

My HP Poem #1458
©Atul Kaushal
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