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May’s departure reminds us
That winter’s wool jacket
Has been replaced
With spring’s fabric sandals

The morning frost
That caked our windshields
Is now but a glossy dew
That lays upon the grass

The late December chill
That weathered our flesh
And consumed our warmth
No longer can feast

June’s prelude will refresh us
The endless sunshine and subtle breeze
Will nourish us in preparation
For winter’s arrival once again
Marisa 2d
coming back to you like the rain revisits time and time again
washing over your valleys and mountaintops

little by little your layers disappear
you are left a clean surface
your forgotten shimmering through

and every layer you’ve ever had is shed, a second skin
everything you’ve ever feared spills out from your ears
and every summit you’ve climbed peeks out at your belly
every wound you’ve suffered shimmers from underneath the surface
oceans of tears like puddles filling up your collarbones to the brim

you’re a landscape full of forgotten things
I can feel you fade away,
Give me a moment to love you again,
I promise you our love will take a rebirth.
Little voices in my head,
I failed to love you right.
Rising ground to see the world with you,
We are sedentary feeling elate.
Staring at the waves falling down,
And vanish into thin air,
Some waves rise again Just like our love,
Sound of our heartbeats are louder than waves,
Watching us going through many ups and downs,
Gazing in your eyes feeling not to give up on our love.
I promise you our love will take a rebirth.
When the waves crash on the rock, I can see they don't die,
They fall together to make it stronger, They rise again just like our love.
They remain me of you and me,
It will rise again, It will come alive again,
And over come the obstacle, It will defeat the rocks in our way,
I promise you our love will take a rebirth.
Scott Hunter May 19
Every day I'm born anew
I must admit there's changes few
But changes nonetheless I see
What's changed is cast as memory.

But every time I look at you
When I have changed and you have too
Both grace and beauty I still see
Sweet radiance in eternity.

So even though I try to see
Each day with new eyes, wild and free
I do but hope to see what's new
In grace's eye and beauty true.
1st January, 2004
Nest of sweet smelling branches.
Testimony of three suns.
Phoenix from the ash.
Shreya Dristi May 14
The cracking of your bones,
sounds you hear when you crouch.
Trying to protect yourself from whom?
Your spine can bend
and extend
no further, protruding out
ready to snap, you twist and you moan and you groan
when will this stop?

You feel as frail as a bird
One that has fallen after its very first flight

The cracks are what you hear
when hope is lost.
You feel like your weakening will
can weaken
no further.

just stop.

Listen here
Don’t listen to yourself breaking
Don’t slip through these cracks
Standing up is now your cause
Hope is not lost
So sit up and straighten your back

The more you crouch, the more it hurts
That corner you’re attached to is not your solace
or quiet place
you crouch there, only in the cold embrace
of your crumpled shirt

Corners don’t shelter you from your fears;
they cage you in with them.
They widen and stretch the cracks on your skin
Allowing pain and judgement to seep in
Cracks are gateways letting the water in…
Water that dampens your flame, your fire
and Hope
a precious thing

You’re hidden yet left wide open
Stuck in purgatory
This liminal hell
You hear the tolling of your own death knell

Are these cracks the
pain before your rebirth
the shedding and flaking
of your skin
which will leave you behind, a rejuvenated being?

You decide if these cracks will only exist
as a reminiscence of the passing pains
or will your thoughts dictate
that these cracks originate
from the epicentre of who you are?

Will you let this cancer-like spreading of the cracks continue?
Or will you stand up and straighten your back
To close up the cracks
and save you from You
This poem is an inner dialouge. It is about facing your fears and getting back up after. Feeling like a failure makes you vulnerable and afraid and it cracks open a pandora's box filled with self-loathing and doubt. The poem is about acknowledging the pain and facing it.
These dry bones
once fit together strong
while time flowed one way:

That current held surprise
that knocked joints off guard
and a lied about collapse

Their ham fist could grip limbs
and clunk them together
in a fruitless pulse,
for what?

The trunk and branch
of what’s to come
must be reseeded
mulched and nurtured,
maintained root to crown
in different growth
or the same clown gardeners
will bring us down
Afreen May 13
Silence is grim.
Silence is liberating.
Silence is peace.
Silence is war.
Silence is safe.
Silence is dangerous.
Silence is love.
SIlence the answer to some.
Silence dooms.
Silence is rebirth.
Silence is emotion.
Silence is torture.
Silence to lead.
Silence to learn.
Silence for the ignorant.
Silence is unlimited.
                so what's your silence about?
Silence is the language for those who wish to understand and portray a plethora of things in their minds
Rishawn May 13
Spirt is tattered
and I cant stand eat or breath
this world, sometimes, I just want relief
Im sad
Im hurt
im afraid

my face is soaked
its raining inside
im laughing bc its my eyes that are lying
im bleeding tears

i was happy and then it hit
now im falling into a pit
who do i ask when there is no one to tell
Oh i feel so unwell

Help me please im begging please
take away the unease
i have people to please

there is light all around and i can see it
Im near it
I feel it
i want it
but i cant reach it

its not mine today, today i am pain
tomorrow i may be me or i am be someone new
im unsure who pain will make me
i just know, what people will see, will be un true

I need you and i dont know who you are
but me, i cant do this alone
im scared, im afraid
im pain
im mundane
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