From failure
New birth;
Out of ashes
We rise
Fists raised
Hope held
YY 20h
You are a hurricane, swirling around your lives,
You're trying to be peaceful when someone is throwing at you knives.
From house to house you travel in swift dance,
In Sufi gathering you found another chance.

So wild, but yet so pure and quiet,
Yourself - you can revolve a riot.
With tropical cyclones you rapidly move in,
Behind you not always leave a ruin.

Rebirth, reset and reconstruction,
Comes after your soft kind destruction.
You can rule over any man,
On future's life - you have no plan.

No matter if you blow or just breeze in,
You know for sure who you are from within.
Just be your own distinctive self,
And put your harsh past on the shelf.
Gaia Jan 7
My rebirth is here my dear
Do not be sorry nor shead a tear
For she was buried under fear
To finally be reborn as the universe is finally clear
Itznobody Jan 6
You know,
the part where you're
no longer a caterpillar neither a butterfly.
You don't know why or where your

All you know is that this is,
a revolution for disruption.
Of the spirit,
So surrender children .
This is not the death
Of you .
This is the dying of who we once we're.
This is our rebirth sweet heart.
Jade Jan 5
In this dark place,
Invisible vines wrap around your throat,
As your entire world is suddenly plunged
Into a darkness so silent that
It echoes through your chest like a
Quiet Earthquake.

In this dark place,
You can't hear above
The roaring silence in your head
And your heart.
Here there's a darkness so complete that you can't
Even see how shattered you are.

In this dark place,
Your demons are the only voices
You hear above the silence,
Demons of your own making.
Demons that scream because they've felt pain,
Demons that scream to be healed.

In this dark place,
You become so desperate to be free that
Even your bones become tired
From the everlasting noise that never quiets and
Demands to be freed from this **** your mind has made.

In this dark place,
Your worst fears suddenly become moot
Because the dark inside renders
Life as a past time
And death a sweet release
Because at least then it would be

In this dark place,
Every part of you is hurting from your
Shattered glass pieces that cloud
Your eye's window of all the love and light
That you used to see.

In this dark place,
The only thing that can heal you is
The light of sunrise when you finally
Realize that the monster-like shadows
Were just broken trees.

In this dark place,
You need a fire burn off the debris
That keeps your eyes sewn shut,
And you need a fire to heal your
Wailing demons.

In this dark place,
Only when you see with clarity can
You heal your demons and
Regrow from the scars your hear left when it
Shattered and
Learn how to heal your
Festering wounds.

In this dark place,
Once you find light again,
You can learn how to live.
You can finally see.
You can eventually heal.

In this dark place,
There is still light.
A poem about when you're broken, this is not the end.
Ian Robinson Jan 2
It was reddish with the sky all to white
a silent wind hushed the painted day sky
And forward I faced my back towards the night
and I soared with that warm wind ever so high

Up so high where I can breathe so clearly
Fleeing with the storm clouds drawing so near
I attempt to escape my hate hastily
The cleaver draws ever closer to my dear

Flying up to the man's neck with my shear
Without saying goodbye i take my stride
and quickly "He's dead, gone" i clearly hear
Again i take to the wind and the morning
I save time by changing and taking sides

I hope to get home swift before scorning
And go join in the day break aborning
This is what i call a broken sonnet as it has 15 lines instead of 14 but it still has 10 syllables per line
Karijinbba Dec 2018
The end of all humanity could easily end depending only on babies not being born this year.
Should no women ever conceive
either is clue
from now on, in only a hundred years this earths human life could become extinct.
The untouchable rich will have no choice but to birth
many children to work their ground and grow foods for themselves.
Perhaps the Cain and Able
like an ivy will return and life would begin again intermingled good with evil
or it could possibly altogether come to End.
Not men, though is clue;
it's women! but NO!
it's not all up to women NO!
By; Karijinbba
Revised 01-10-19.
Dinosours is said roamed for a long time then banished all destroied.
Have you noticed madness in both men and women's attitudes.?
I have.
Something unholy is cooking for us all but most are unaware asleep and can't or won't read the signs.
many dig heads in the ostriches do. I too was asleep but i am awake and it's tough to see the sleep walking ones.
Philomena Dec 2018
I remember the first time I saw you
Simply a reflection in the mirror
You seemed so harmless
And soon you held me
You made me feel safe in a make-believe world
When the real world was looking grim

I suppose I like the idea of having something that cared
Even if you weren't real
Or at least I told myself you weren't
And at first you seemed that way
Something small, and easy to manage
You gave the appearance of being just a small fluke
But I think we both know that's wrong

You remained in your dormant state for a while
Up until I took another emotional battering
So you stood with me knee deep in snow under that window
And we watched it unfold
I know you could tell how shattered I was feeling
And that darkness inside me fueled you
You grew just a little bit taller
And a little bit stronger

Now no one could have stood by my side quite like you did
You were no longer a visitor in my life
You had become an expected guest
I was as sure to see you as the sun was sure to sink into the horizon

I'm sure you could tell I was falling apart
And all the time you grew taller and stronger
I didn't even notice how tall or how strong you had become
At least not until it was too late

I took another emotional blunder
Once again knee deep in snow but you stood in my way
Under that sickly old tree
And the hate in your eyes terrified me more than anything

I knew I could avoid you if I could avoid the dark
But you put up a fight
You filled my dreams with water
And you drown me out

You broke me
Told me I was worthless
And when the time came you let me swallow those little green pills
Those were awful
Dying without death was awful

And so it went on
You'd soften when I was broken
Yet you'd be relentless if I even dared to hope
The perfect balance
Push enough to keep my head down where you needed it
But don't break me

I learned to live with the nightmares
And I learned not to look into your fiery red eyes
And I tried to live my life the best I could
Despite the falling world around me
And you did you best to keep me in line

You relished in it all
Every drop of blood
Every broken sigh
Every fallen tear
And you sat there the whole time and took it in
Like I was a painting you were mesmerized with

After three years of your sick games I met someone
You probably remember him quite well
He was a friend when I needed one the most
And he understood me
He understood you

And you grew taller and stronger
You stopped hiding in shadows
Started making daytime appearances
And you became so hurtful
You filled my head with lies
And I believed them
Because you are an excellent liar
Best in the business
You were determined to put me back in my place

It hurt you know
When you'd pull my hair
When you would steal my breath with a single touch
When you would paralyze me in fear
Those kinds of things hurt more than you'd think

And all the time you were getting taller and stronger
And more and more willing to destroy me
Because if you couldn't have me no one could

So we began the dance of death
Cutting a little bit deeper and deeper every time
And soon I couldn't tell where I stopped and you began
Because I was stuck in this whole you had made me dig
So while you were tearing me limb from limb
Eating me alive
I just wanted to die
To be free from all the world had put on me

Maybe you're the reason I was never successful in freeing my soul
A dead host means a dead parasite
Or maybe *** just took pity
I don't think either of us really know

But you're **** show came to an end with his betrayal
I lost my friend and you finally let up

I made my last attempt on my life that summer
And that following winter I made my last cut
I started to push you out
And though you fought
I fought too

So you made your last few meaningful experiences in a closet
Locked in the dark I sat though your rage
And I learned how to control you
Just like how you controlled me.
And though you grew taller and stronger as I refused your voice
Eventually you didn't grow at all

I wouldn't call it a victory
Because I never won
You are still out there
And I see you in glimpses of the dark
But I have been rebuilt
And you cannot hurt me anymore
I can't tell this story accurately, never can. It's not something you can really describe at all, you have to see it t believe.
Jai747 Dec 2018
Better a flawed diamond, than a perfect pebble.
Deny your own heart; you’re a rebel.
I cry for your happiness, you’ve laid it on a pile of bones.
This is why so many people lose diamonds in search of stones.

But diamonds are brilliant & bright,
And pressure only makes them shine with light.

One carat gone, a thousand more to find.
From the rough, new stars shall be mined.
I hope you are not left with only coal,
Because I’m about to discover the light of my soul.
A few lines stolen.. and a sappy metaphor.
Arianna Dec 2018
"... inhaling, Gravity loosens its claws,
its burden alleviated
as my lungs expand and I rise
up with the air that fills them
through translucent obscurity
towards the blinding radiance
peering warm and unapologetic
beneath the surface
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