Only men who wield a sword
Could fight in a battle
And women were frightened
As they were seen as fragile

At home they stood still
And wished for strength
To be in the battle field
And their loved ones defend

Faith was in their heart
And peace in their scope
They held the last shards
With glimmers of hope
- Credit to the author.

The Graces of White
the women were known as.
Under the damnation of war and blood
and fire, there was one sanctuary they
could retreat to.
A place of marble and ivory, of still pools and nature.

Though all of them had the black stench of fear, they stood in the still pools.
Quiet. Trembling.
Orisons left their mouths under the gold dust of this holy place

They were not like their counterparts.
They had no swords or arrows to wield.
They were not of the Dragonsouls.
They could not see themselves knee-deep in bodies.

They clasped at the pearls.
A shaft of light appeared above them.
In body, the Graces of White were no Dragon Souls.
The shards of hope were in all, man, woman and child.
Woman, feeble in body, glimmer of hope on their hearts
For they are the eyes of this hellish storm
- By Rin

This is something I had to a moment of weakness, I compromised my beliefs of being a wordsmith, and I never got over the guilt of it either. Now, this poem is my heartfelt apology to the writing craft, fellow poets as well as truth. This poem is my atonement, for I will never take for granted the power of the pen again.
I really am sorry...
Star BG 5d

Existing is torture, a poisonous cry

Living a dream of beauty and colour

but Your dreams were cut short

I don't know why

yet You will never know laughter

Or stories with a happily ever after

no childhood dreams in your unopened eyes

your dreams were cut short

too soon for your time.

Such beauty ruined with horror

left me agony not bliss,

Without you can I even exist????

~O my sky
Inside winded rain I come

Dancing like a flame of sun.

Weep no more my eternal love

soon we shall fly like a dove.

Scrap all sorrow and your pain

Soulmates we are I do claim.

Release the loss and all regret

Joy is mine so don't you sweat.

Know I'm now safe and sound,

out of body I'm around.

I drift at thy side with pride,

please feel peace now deep inside.

Then in death we'll surely meet

life continues its so sweet.

co creation by Shanno143 and Star.

Even the most beautiful flower
must carry the curse to wilt
and even in its dying hour
new life upon it is built.

No longer will it grace our eyes,
but through death it is still giving.
A new purpose is served through it's demise:
the chance to nourish the living.

aj Jul 14

a red beginning on the crown of his head;
king of nothing,
prince of everything -

there's room to grow.

under a black horizon,
the shades of red hidden in bleak
are delicious and

demon king, demon king

he spreads his wing under the eclipsed sun:
a shadow of a former self.

no longer does he wait for the world
for a seat at the table.

he has learned that hell can be raised
when heaven won't come down.

Oceans could boil at my whim,
Fish could wish to walk instead of swim.
Angels could fall if fall they would,
And demons ascend if rise they could.

Restless spirits can rest if rest is wanted.
Freed from earth and those they haunted.

Kiss of fire,
Heightened desire.
Smouldering to my core,
Power untamed and power raw.

Illuminating darkness with my will
Soothing tides till tides stand still.

Goddess caged,
Truly enraged.
Loosening bonds which bind reality,
Watch as humans reduce to brutality.

Then to the Mother they turn to again,
Return to the Earths womb and be reborn again.

Part 2 of WGS. Hope you enjoy, notes and feedback welcome.
Ma Cherie Jul 3

as I reach out
for the glimmering light
it slips, in-
between nooks and cranny's
in every crevice
a chink in my armor
Humpty Dumpty could relate,
fissures in my soul
just...CrACKing open,
releasing the past,
through painful rifts
seeping into veiny rivers,

until I am consumed-
by the beauty
of my own death
an rebirth
I burst,
from my chrysalis

stuck eternal
forever it seems
I will
continue to metamorphosize

an such are the pains of growing.

Ma CherieĀ© 2017

Gabriel burnS Jun 28

You and I,
The last of our kind,
Let us join
To meet the sunset
And tread together
Into twilight

And if new dawn awakes,
After the darkest of nights,
If morning still awaits,
We could be reborn as rays
Of sunlight

...I used to write like that two years ago...
Addie Jun 15

i am lost in a dark sleep
a never-ending maze of demons
haunting ivy crawling on stone
rotting wood covered in moss

i wind around corners
meeting new horrors with each step
a figure with no face
a beast with bloody fangs

i try to run but my feet are concrete
slowly consuming my legs
becoming one with my flesh
yet i persevere

i see a light through a thick fog
my heartbeat cracks the concrete
i rush with the wind
breathing in salvation

i break through the fog
light pours over my body
bathing me in life and love
i am reborn

Cynthia A Jun 6

a seed filled with wanderlust,

spiders ride the wind.

settle like the rocks,

suffocating beneath waves.

leeches deplete their host,

water drains from a lake,

but immortality is ensured.

seeds full of wanderlust,

repeat the cycle.

destroying the land.

laying waste,

to all that



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