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For fire's spirit lurking in the church,
and by the ash beneath you, once alive,
Awakening the warmth within the birch,
chaos herself is driven to survive.
The winds of change bring blues and golds about,
setting sun breaks day and shifts to pink.
The ocean drowning, and I, a drought,
The blackened paper, breathing in the ink.
The mirror warps, and with it time is slowed,
A moment's lifetime screams, deflates, and dies.
Aquatic **** procures the sword, bestowed,
and with it clicks the clockwork toward demise.
I rise, I fall, I move from foot to foot,
The bells will beat the flames, and I, to soot.
Caitlin Oct 4
I am the snake shedding her skin
I am the tree, my leaves changing colours and falling to the ground
I am the wind changing in every direction
I am a flowing river that shares your reflection
I am ready now to no longer hurt
I am ready for this version of me to be burnt
Lost in a memory
In need of a remedy
The poison I pick is that of rebirth

The poison is bittersweet
I am reborn standing on my feet
Head high, heart strong
The sound of rebirth is the Goddesses well known song
Born again a new woman today
I vow to never be the woman I was yesterday
RBWhite Sep 11
A deathless life,
without a reason why,
the manouvers to breathe had become scarce,
And the night's promise of dark will take over everthing on sight,
The Cruel phantom of pain came all over her,
She's desperately trying to gain what's lost,
but awakaned she can't do much,
The shadows rise, sun's death smells of ash,
And the crown and Kingdom is nothing but a forgotten land in front of her eyes.
This poem belongs to my BLACK X POETRY series and it tells the story of a woman's journey through hell and back, her madness and search for meaning. enjoy! all the poems from BLACK X POETRY use the hashtag #blackxpoetry
Ashley Aug 30
The high pitch rumble of his voice still sends chills down my spine.
I remember his scent, like it was ingrained into my soul,
Copenhagen long cut and bud light.
He called me his “good little girl”,
Before he stole my innocence forever.
The sick salty flavor of his flesh,
The warmth of my own ***** dripping down my five year old chin,
And the harsh sting searing across my temple from his fist,
Three shames I will never forget.
Three shames I must forgive myself for.
Ashley Aug 28
In my darkest moment,
I gave you my light.
In my weakest state,
You had my strength.
I broke myself to build you up.
I sat there, in the dark,
You never returned.
While my demons tore apart my soul,
You continued to bask in your stolen light.
I found the strength to pull myself from the depths of my own hell,
As I climbed the searing brimstone, relighting my torch with hell fire,
You craved my new-found strength like a fiend,
Because I was A Phoenix, born from my own ashes,
And your soul was desperate to heal.
Po Aug 25
It’s an absence
Of our entire essence;

Lost I have been among these woods;
My bare feet drum a path of your presence;

Leaves sitting among the branches
Their colorful array of moods.

Murmur a wind from a depth
I’ve once glimpsed behind these trees

For a buried world’s shoulders
Awaken an embrace for my soul;

It’s always been here, hasn’t it?
Always sneeking behind,
Waiting for the day,
I dare.. to turn around.

For in the end, there’s rebirth.
Thank you for reading.
Ink Flame Aug 16
For the first time in a very long time I'm Afraid.
I'm afraid to lose everything I have not even achieved yet.
I'm afraid to fall from a height I won't be able to recover.
I'm afraid to float so far way in the sky never to be seen again.
I'm afraid to dive too deep into the depths of the ocean that I'll never see the surface again.

For the first time in a very long time I can Feel.
I can feel the reality all around me that I had forgotten.
I can feel the truth in the smile of the kids playing in a garden.
I can feel the purity in the breeze blowing across my face.
I can feel the emotions that define the presence of my very being.

For the first time in a very long time I can feel that I'm Alive
And this time I promise that I won't let me die.
Emma Peterson Aug 13
I thought I lost someone.

She wouldn’t be back, and now
Music struck no more notes
With her heart and she spoke
Without song,
Lips moving but no light
From within would guide her
To a place that was home.

Gave up swimming upstream
And slept without dreams
Slept until it seemed
The water that held me
Would drown me.

And maybe it did.

But rescued from purgatory
My head broke the surface
And i gasped for the
Cool morning air.

And as I inhaled
The sweet taste of life
Filled up my mouth
Like a **** made of summer fruit.
Something about January
Made my heart open up
And thaw whatever frost
Had frozen it still.
It’s pounding to the beat -
I am loved, I am loved -
And I make it repeat
Until finally, finally
I am free from defeat

I finally feel like myself again.
Let the wind guide you.
Don’t change with the weather,
Let it change you.
Born in autumn,
Born again in winter,
Born again in spring,
Born again in summer.

Seeds drift on the current of the air,
Carried so far away from here.
But change is needed for you.
See from a different view.
Life moves on, and we must move with it,
Or die just behind it.
Mamolefe Aug 9
We planted seeds today
Pulps filled with different ridges dusted with the earth's breath,
were planted.

Each earthy fetus protected by the palms of their alpha tripped off their fingertips and glided their way into the dimension that lies under our feet.
A dimension where our ancestors whisper in sacred tongues and where the other half of our trees play in the mud.

This, is where our spirits are born.
This, is where your training begins
little one
earthy one
mystic one
This, is where you begin.

Where the trees' veins inquisitively tap on your shell
poke at your lifeless liveliness
Where the ancestors rattle your cage with their hums
Guiding you to taste your own rhythm

This, is where your spirit buds.
We planted seeds today.

The pulps resting in the dimension below your skin,
below your heart.
A dimension where your thoughts gossip and where your ancestors sleep.

This, is where IT begins
This, is where it breathes
where it sees
gracious one
fleshy one
cosmic one
This, is where we bleed.


We planted seeds today.
We, planted OUR seeds today
OUR seeds were planted today
WE, were planted...
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