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RBWhite 1d
Is a trigger pulled by faith,
And her chains are bound down to the ground,
In the closing dawn of years passing by,
Above people and believings she's reaching the Mount,
Magna the cross she bears in her back,
But she stands and walks,
Like Jesuschrist resigned,
As crucifixion has ways to heaven,
Death is a way to reach her demons,
A bounty lays in her head,after death takes her,
Same as her hands and eyes,
Lungs and liver,
And she'll give away everything,
For a long promise in time,
And maybe then she will find,
That her own lies laid down deep inside.
you turned me into a flower
beautiful to hold
and easy to cut down

spun my silk skin
into a blanket
just to keep you warm

set me on fire
just to watch me burn
left me ash and rubble

but I came out
phoenix and scarlet beauty
I came out
steel and armor heart

   - Try to break me now
Today......in some places, heavy rains and
gusty winds rule, no way to control them
today, here where i am.....sun beams with
fire.........hands keep fanning the hot spell
away, i think of ice and snow, falling from
heaven.....touching the skin with coldness
that freezes the sadness in our heads...we
become aware.....slowly...silently.....gently
filling spaces..........as if weightless.......yet
soothing feelings....every drop, a comfort
we ponder more, as it amasses....painting
hills,  mountains, with  immaculate white
all over.....as if choking....but never slayed
cleansing........healing.......even the human
heart and mind, from bad energy......from
stubborn dirt......from being broken.....the
sparkle of white and  the refreshing  cold
bring clarity  to one's darkened  thoughts
a welcome  respite....................a  shedding
much like new existence..............a rebirth.


Copyright Rosalia Rosario A. bayan
September 16, 2018
Trying to divert my mind from typhoons and hurricanes.....
I went to China
to find independence
Instead I was reborn

But I don't know,
I have weird sensations
that I am struggling with the problems
Problems I already solved

Or maybe I am just trying to censor myself
While all I want to do is-- me.
I walked these lonely streets for an aeon,
Carving through people like ice in the fjords
Brick walls were draped in colourful neon,
And unexpressive faces on billboards
People passed me by like fleeting flashes,
Each of them chipping a piece off my soul
The sky was filled with the smoke of ashes,
Telling the tale of how chips turned to coal
With them I burst into flames of madness,
And watched as my body melted its mould
Once I put out the fires of sadness,
I rose from the ashes covered in gold
     I’m born as a phoenix, ever to burn,
     When the lonely streets of sadness return
i want to forget
what led me this way
and move in a sway
away from regret;
rewire my mind,
and fashion my forms
from electric storms
of the stable kind
Beneath the paleness of the autumn sky,
The tired ground takes respite from the heat,
Life departs with green of leaves fallen dry,
Barren and ready for growth to repeat.

Cold wind crackles against the branches bare,
And mornings now too quickly greet the night,
While the birds and butterflies disappear,
Warm raindrop kisses wet with chilling bite.

The weight of the gray air wilts the flowers.
Have pastels washed away for evermore?
Weary nature calls upon its powers
And from its weakest point starts to restore.

I shield my eyes in refuge from the cold,
Imagining the life there is to mourn.
Then I’ll recall the lesson nature told.
You need a little death to be reborn.
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we entered into
by choice
unlike our births.

moans and groans
we now hold in
unwanted space,
same as the ones
that began our lives
in the first place.

smoldering ashes
of days past
like the Phoenix,
screaming loudly
in silence.

only to be
hidden away in
heavy vaults with
thick walls, and
multiple locks.

like I said,
we entered into
by choice,
but we've forgotten
that we hold
the keys
to our own

is a state
of mind.
©James Dennis Casey IV
EP Robles Sep 2
of a quaint soul this day
who wandered aimlessly
across frozen fields of May.

She spoke a single word,

Her soul cleaved into
part of a half from two.

Gently held within my hand
With a word I put them
back into a whole
and then spoke
a single word;

"My beloved."
There are some things that die we are completely unaware once lived.
Zani Aug 26
Crack a smile
You are miles away from trouble
Doubled is the distance
When our insanity is humbled
By an infinite unfolding of things

How long has it been
Since the universe sang to you
The stars chime in
With gladness for the fact
That you are still around?

Come now
Unravel that belt you have tied
So tight
Around that blue well
That speaks in wisdoms
Kick the chair from 'neath your feet
To step into new kingdoms
Of hope

The truth is that
There is plenty to be done
And so much time to do it in
It's when we wish it all at once
That we forget the go-between

The sorrow twix the laughter
The pain before the meaning
The tomorrows post-disaster
The gain after the teething

It's that non descriptive feeling
Like the cat that got the cream
The sunrise out of darkness
I call it hopamine
I left it too long again my friends! I will be quick with more this time!
May we all be blessed with better tomorrows!!
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