The trees are naked and showing their wood
The rumbling of fall,
calling my name.

The burning smell filling the air,
leaves sweeping me off of my feet.

Calming and hopeful.
forgot to post this one, oops!!
is my favorite
season because
it's cool
with traces of
drifting off dying leaves and
through the air.

It's landscape
with bright yellows and
warm reds, oranges.

It's like Autumn
is Mother Nature's
last effort
to give people
another reason to
for a bit
Aflaha 7d
Your love is like a flowing brook
Like an autumn leaf, am I

Now I am carried away
Without hopes or dreams

And the soft murmur of your being
Is the sweetest thing I hear everyday
You are the music to my soul!
Sunflower by Jessie 24 Oct2010
Sunflower standing tall
Standing high above them all
With peddles made of golden rays
Reminds you of these summer days
A face that follows the morning sun
But looking down when there is none
A darkened face as days go by
Ripened seeds for you and I
Birds will flock from miles around
To pick the seed from off the ground
When summers day begins to end
And autumn’s on its way
The Sunflower burst of beauty
Before its final day
Autumn…by Jessie 9/05

Autumn, the days visit shortly and the earth sighs
The winds tide changes dropping from the north
Crisp; clean, awakening

Leaves rustle high, amongst the outstretched arms of each branch
One last dance, then in an exhausted state, drops
Carried ever so gently on whispered winds

A blanket of colors tucks in the ground
Eclectic tapestry, colors and shapes
Shuffled feet reweaving

Cinnamon smells and autumn leaves, permeate the air
Aromas lure forgotten times
Innocent and pure
Linnea Feb 4
Today is one of those days
Where my insecurities pile up
Like fallen wilted leaves.
It happens seamlessly, silently
But right before my eyes
Like the change of seasons
Outside the window.
Why must loneliness embrace me
Like whirling autumn winds?
And why does darkness come
To tear my sutured wounds apart?
Heal me, colours, songs and light
So I'll be ready to carry on
Through the frostbitten night.
The season she came
The reason she left
2 things that were all for the best
I loved her
Then I hated her G
Just like a fall breeze
She came beautifully
But she was cold
Way too wishy washy
She was here & then she was gone
Somewhere moved on
I wish her the best
I pray for her to get better at certain things
Because she is such a special Autumn breeze
Poem 6-- Relations
Aarya Feb 3
I was falling apart just like those dry autumn leaves that fell from the trees into your hands.
Oh! how I wished your hands held my broken pieces, just the way you held those leaves.
Oh! how I wished you sew my broken pieces together with the warmth and passion of your love.
Oh! how I wished all of this was true, but your love; it was just a dream, just an illusion, just a fantasy playing in my head.
Amber Feb 2
Fall is so beautiful.
Thick and thin branches,
Are painted with,
Gorgeous shades,
Of orange, red, and yellow,
That my eyes fall upon,
By gazing out,
This broad window.
The contrast of,
Dark brown bark,
And warm shades,
Bring life to the season where,
Everything begins,
To die.
The sky is so crystal blue,
So clean,
Unlike my clouded surroundings.
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