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Umiihip ang hangin
Nalalanta ang mga dahon
Nagsisihulugan sa lupa
Sa ngayong panahon

Handa silang magparaya
Upang puno'y magbunga
Ng bulaklak at prutas
Sa susunod na bukas

Ang ihip ng hangin
Ang kanyang kakampi
Sa paglagas ng dahon
Siya'y aahon muli
Svetoslav Feb 22
crunchy leaves float
meadows dancing rain
wrapping sun in gray
by Svetli
Dead flowers lay on the floor
stems cut to try and save the petals in failed attempt
      By one
           They all fall
Until there's nothing left at all

The Autumn chill indicating the end
For without death,
no one would miss the twirl of a sycamore seed
or the fresh face of daisies who have just bloomed

So as all the petals fall,
and I gently go with
Maybe I'll be missed after all
seasonal depression is a *****, not to mention she just joins clinical depression in a sucky duet
I remember when we first met,
t’was a chill’d Autumn day.
Oh, how ever could I forget!
it was a Friday, many a May.

On that day, stood thee:
fair skin’d and rosey cheek’d,
dark plumes in morning gust.
your gaze my eye had seek’d,
your touch my heart did lust.

on that day, stood I:
heart heavy with fluster,
stood I still as time did flow;
if only courage could I muster,
my love for you would I show.

Wo! my heart did cry,
Wo! had I sadly weep’d,
until my name you did call
and my heart to heavens leap’d.
oh the joy! I still recall.

~ Inori
A poem for a girl with fair skin and rosey cheeks
B Bonnete Feb 8
Like the river trailing downton roads
Into your clutch, my sweet love flows
Soul grown weary at your expense
Your touch my dear, lets down defense
I used to bow my head at night
But as you are my moon, your smile glows bright
With the winds a’ blowing
With my pen a’ flowing
Each kept pace of nature’s quill
You ask me if I’ll keep you close, forever darling, I will
We lay in colored leaves from noon to creeping dawn
Hands held, passion unveiled, life’s cataclysms begone
In years foregone I wish you luck
But if you find better than I
Remember that Like the river, darling, my love shall never run dry
Sara Feb 3
The leaves on the tree
outside my bedroom window
have been yellow for weeks.

I watched them turn
and stagnate
now brittle and quick to crumble.

When they finally stop clinging,
it isn't a float,
or a slow dance to the ground.

They fling themselves
from the edge of the branch,
and plummet
expecting frosted grass.

Instead, they're lodged
in a pile of dog ****
I didn't feel
like picking up this morning.
There are wolf spiders in my room,
and buzzards are constantly overhead.
The crows see me and signal warning,
and the cats always come crawling.

I burn herbs to ward off
the scent of loneliness.
I light candles to scare away
the darkness.

Autumn is here,
and everything is preparing to sleep.
I wear black to blend in with the night,
so my dreams can't find me.

The moon is full
and my heart is empty.

These mushrooms are poisonous,
and I grow more hungry everyday.
Everything else is already ready,
for me to take a bite.
We are blind to the leaves of the trees
until they turn to brown
and die
Nikkie Jan 9
I’ve had some springs, I’ve had some summers, I’ve jumped ahead to fall and winter.
But there’s something special about that autumn breeze, that sweeps across my wondering face.
I want to blow in the breeze, feel the wind upon my brow, sway with the branches as they lose their leaves.
I want to be one of those souls that live in autumn leaves, to blow in the breeze and carry me home.
I want to cascade across the sky with my newfound angel wings flapping by. I want the wind to blow in my honor and welcome me, into my heavenly home.
Without a single thought; I’ve seen many a day, many a night, weeks, months and years, pass me by. Now, the elements of the earth are calling me home, I have no choice I have to respond.
I like the sound I am hearing in my ear, the voice of my King calling out me, don’t think of me as being forever gone from your presence, think of me as being forever present with the King.
Like the early mourning rain, you are feeling, be easy with yourself, and stay strong for others.
With the autumnal equinox I’ve fallen asleep with the leaves, in my new spring of life, I will wake up to the beautiful site of Jesus Christ.

Dedicated to the memory my mother
I wrote this poem before my mom passed away. I’m very intuitive and Spirit told me a year before she passed away that it would happen. She passed away on November 21, 2020.
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