Strolling on the bridge
above the lake
as the boards shake
rumbling under your feet.

Shades of autumn glow
in the midst of the nightfall
paints of trees so tall
around this lovely land.

Take in the scenery
as it glares off your eyes
bringing a pleasing surprise
each and every color.

Is it because it is getting closer to my birth
That I finally feel more and more energy?
More myself.

The smell of dying leaves and air so cold that you breathe in once and can feel the frost in your lungs begin to spread.

I will soon see pumpkins, scarves, hot coffee, rain, snow
and everything is dying.
Yet I have never felt more alive than this time of year.

My birthday is coming up and I love this season.

The key does not fit
And the lock does not open
For this place I called home
Is no longer my own

Will they know the feeling
As they gaze from
The second floor window
"This draft gives me goosebumps
As the rain dribbles down the glass
And the dog is howling
As it thunders over the veranda
But it can't touch me
I am safe
I am home"

The season has changed
And you've moved away
Now the rain's pouring
And I don't feel safe

Bursting through the clouds
Wearing big yellow knickers
The sun made leaves blush :)

I was inspired by the sun today but this is how it came out :-)
Fun and silly x
Palmer 1d

I would lay you down
On a bed of deep green heather
As autumn leaves fall


Boreal Forest in September Autumn

To keep busy
I've decluttered my house
Just like autumn

Finished the kitchen now the garden needs a good weeding and clean up x

Gentle golden leaves
Brushes autumns chilly air
With really sweet dreams

As fawns become stags
And leaves, fallen gold,
As lakes freeze to rinks
So our hearts turn to stone

For our love has left us
With the geese in the sky
But we'll remember September
'Til the day we die.

- p. winter

a bittersweet month, perfectly resembling the fade from summer to winter

Brings up the hole in my dreams, white dressed mannequin overlaid with sequins,
her dress form baring my hide, skinny legs in skinny jeans, faced with her blue eyes. 

This constant storm of thick regret, plays aching words through my stiffened threads. I am startled by the tinge of when he picks at my strings, his fingers cueing up my grief, I'm
transfixed by such staunch memories.

From this September thru December all that is anxious wrecks this time, blending stages of unconsciousness with the right to bide these rhythmic tidings outlined by the rigor of her whines. Bent by the rocking of the sea and the buried screams beneath, herein these mouths are tanned from where these voices once laid command.

Subtly superior, yet haunting in its serenity and clause, the metal stretched across her jaw, and while the dove is drugged, she cannot bestow her love, she is betrayed thru the very lens that halted life's immenseness and intent. Draped in hospital gown, even her crown forgone, her gurney replaced her thrown, no more royalty will she ever know.

Soma sudor, spit begrimed at ends, tiffs being had with friends, he takes away the organs, sends me back to consciousness with the bends. Every lock of hair I wanted, every piece of night I held, all my organs have been dismembered, all the luck I had is lost. In the corner of my iris there's a prime instance of despair, something left on a scrap of paper, though I could swear it looked like underwear. When the locusts fill this mind with every cadence indisposed, then they flourish on my body, leaving once they've eaten off my clothes. 

Hours were my pajamas, where I slept once, now I lie. I'm the afterthought of courage, even in this heady nausea I once found sublime. Here this corpse doesn't leave a shadow, missing time where love bid supine. Even the wind it curdles in me, where no heart beats from this life.

With a child inside this bullet, art existed on her face, twice it eradicated lying, but not the murder debt betrayed. Simple sin on the interstices, connected by the dots where pleasure writhes. All my hands are covered by this fever, where my mind has gone to die.

So many details.
So little time, it's essence.
Winter comes to soon

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