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It's time to light bonfires
Heat up some witches brew
Light up some incense
Cast our blessings
Churn some spells
Fear not thy winter
For autumn is first
It's time to enjoy
evening walks under the moon
Time for us witches
to prepare & craft some
Halloween decor
And to enjoy our time with
nature for soon we will
stay more indoor
So brew my coffee as , I do
I think of creative autumn
things , I need to do
Autumn is such a blessed
time of year
So here's a cheer for
this blessed time of year
© Jennifer L DeLong 9/28/22 🕸🌰
as they
shuffled by
she told her friend
“i always look
forward to this
time of year
when the first
tinge of yellow
touches the leaves
with the contrast
between shade
and sunshine
a comparison
of polar opposites
where a gentle breeze
can chill
or relieve
one making you
appreciate the other
once it has gone”
i couldn’t help
but take note
of her poetic words
as i surveyed
those same trees
glad to see
swaying hues
of green against
shadow-dappled green
feeling fingers
of sunlight
still breaching
filigree tree-shadows
to warm the skin
of passers-by
while overhead
a pastel blue sky
mottled with only
staccato wisps
of gentle stratus
paint the vista
leaving thoughts
of the days to come
when this spectrum
will shift
and these colours
must change
Cold winds rustle through
the Sleepy Town oaks
The whirling whispers
louder than the
Sleepy Town blokes
Candles in the windows -
the Sleepy Town hoax
for the town is long deserted
by the Sleepy Town folks
The echo of former laughter
from the Sleepy Town jokes
The Autumn fog appears as if
The Sleepy Town smokes
Rain recalls the memory,
as the Sleepy Town soaks,
of livelihood long forgotten
by those Sleepy Town folks..
The autumn rain is falling
    With teardrops from my eyes:
I cannot help recalling
    With sobs and long long sighs

The days are gone forever,
    The golden days of yore
When love was love forever,
    Yet love was never before

With rue my heart is laden:
    Adieu!  Adieu ma chère!
There’s many a rose-lipt maiden,
    But none so fair as fair
I’d make a lousy leaf.

I couldn’t happily leave my tree, my family, my home
I expect I’d be one of the last, holding on, looking down
and nervously watching my siblings.

Seeing them heaped and occasionally lifted
to fly, to dance in a whirl of excitement
– free of past commitments.

Maybe then I’d gather my brittle courage,
eyes clenched shut, ready at last to jump
and to let go, into the unknown.

Only to find myself kicked around by ignorant children
who have no appreciation
of the journey I’ve been on to get here.

Oh well, this is a new season.
There’s no going back now.
Mimmi Sep 11
Towering headlights screaming through the skies of daily banter
For a cup of wine and a glass of tea
Mixed shades of blue, winters blooming crystals
Sad sad mister snowman withering at the sight of bees
A tired Hawthorne and some busy Daisies
Carrying the leaves of tomorrows autumn day
Have a blanket
waiting for the dawn
with me
Day to day huh?
I have loved you for so long,
I have have heard your
Love song days
And I have seen
Your colours march through
The bright green of summer days,
I have learnt to love your authority,
Your soft-spoken command,
And I follow because
I love you
Despite the melancholy
You bring with you.

Because I love you,
I love you,
I love you with your tangled branches and barn owls,
With your cold trunks and fallen leaves,
With your empty nests and snow hares,
With your blackberries and marigolds,

I love you.

beginning like spring you defrosted and delicately painted sweet colours

swiftly turning to summer overflowing with light and warmth

quickly you turned to autumn, bringing a brisk chill of amber


ending it your winter stripped bare your blistering cold freezing

and now I wait

patiently for next spring
Liz Sep 9
Huge thorny sweet chestnuts bloom
As blackberries wither on the briar
Lightly dusted in silver and sagging
Off the stalks.
The path lined with oak and bramble.
Wonderful hues of brown and gold
Are now littered against green.
The air is cool and moist
As autumn gathers around.
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