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What length dies sorrow,and dies joy what breadth;
What fool claims this 'the ecstasy of death'?
What show these springs withered,these summers dimmed;
Show what autumn leaves,but men's last cold breath?

Last vial of mirth spilt, and last vial of grief;
Lies what fun in this mockery of relief?
Awaits calm? And think lingers good ahead?
Stands but far from the prospect of belief.

All the hearts of lead,all the hearts of gold,
All the timid,meek men,and all those bold,
All the kings and subjects,masters and slaves,
Must all hear death,hear all it's truth told.

Death is dull and cold,death is all but joy,
Death is nature's decree,death is ***'s toy.
No sexism intended by the use of the word 'men'.
My courtship is like autumn chill,
An omen to the nervous trees,
Who hold their warmth by staying still,
Before the comfort of green flees.

The steady chill has no effect,
The leaves resist their urge to fall,
The branches hold ever *****,
Resisting the whistling winds call.

With the first frost there is a change,
The tree becomes vulnerable,
The nakedness of its trunk is strange,
But change is inevitable.

My poetry has worn away,
The leaves you wore for protection,
That frost came when you heard me say,
Magic words of my affection.
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Sunny street
Sky is blue
The leaves are swirling
On the ground
I feel like time stopped and I walk
In a still heavenly cloud of air
That's spreading warm autumn light everywhere

Love will follow you wherever you go
As long as you take it with you
I love you always forever
For T.♥
I love you

Written while listening to the song...
Annie 5d
days are getting longer
colors, warm and bright
as flowers bloom,
I wonder
Is it spring outside

sweat and tastes of icecream
sunlight in my back
burning nights and feverish dreams
it's summer in my flat

rain and whirling, falling leafes
tea and halloween
wandering birds and deepest grieve
it's autum so it seems

damping breath and snow
scarfs and woolen coats
powdered, white wonderworld
and winter's shadows grow
zoe 6d
take my old heart
for it has our memories of autumn
engraved by the chambers
the scent of our fleeting night
hidden by the atrium
raindrops from our final moments
resting on the valves
i'll keep my new heart
and i won't dare let you touch it
the winter will start up
and the autumn will die out again
the aortas have new memories to keep
maybe this time
my new heart won't be so fragile again
and the chokehold of pain
lands on yours for a while
I remember the night I snuck out of the house
to meet you on the corner of 14th and Pearl.
The sweet scent of autumn still hung in the air,
and the the moon was a crisp apple, sliced wide open.
We found an abandoned house to get out of the rain,
and took big swigs of whiskey from a bottle I'd stolen
from my father's liquor cabinet. I pretended it didn't burn,
and tried to act strong, but it hurt like ****,
and my heart beat like an open road.

I remember spreading out our jackets like red carpets,
smoking clove cigarettes, and laughing at all the peasants
in our small town of liquor stores and **** shops,
graveyards, and broken dreams; we believed we could
create our own world of royalty just by being young.

I remember when I reached out my hand to touch you,
it felt like crossing an ocean, and I held my breath,
afraid you might pull away.
I remember your freckles, and your smile,
and how you smelled of strawberry, laundry soap, and smoke.  
Your eyes shined like polished turquoise
beneath the slatted streetlight.

I remember you closed your eyes,
and that your lips tasted like spearmint,
and your tongue was still sticky with whiskey
as it circled my own,
and I was thankful this wasn't your first kiss,
even though it was mine.

I remember the sound of cicada sizzling in the underbrush,
and the power lines humming,
and how all the clocks in the world stopped ticking,
so that we'd stay this raw forever.

When I pulled away from you,
I was afraid to look you in the eyes,
afraid it might turn me to stone or dust;
I looked at the candy wrappers on the floor,
and spun the empty bottle of whiskey
until it pointed toward the door.  

I remember laughing,
and trying to stay quiet,
when we heard a car approaching,
the slick tires sliding across wet concrete;
I was so afraid it was somebody coming
to take us away from each other,
the way time pulls everyone in different directions,
including us. Still, I want you to know,

It's been years since I saw you last,
but the streetlight, the moon, the laughter,
and that kiss, are still standing
on the corner of 14th & Pearl.
she grabbed a soft stone

and eyed  the skipping it does.

she inhaled the misty, fall air

and twirled her auburn hair.

she glared up to the canary leaves

dangling thinly on their limbs.

her flats tapping to the music making

of the trees strumming and shaking.

she beckons down

at the candy corn fronds

wading in the morning stream

like an autumn's dream.
leaves falling
make their way
through trees
- fading suns
grown red -

burn green no longer
branches shedding spring
reach up now
proud sculptures

First Prometheus
show us with what strength
you defy the world
that would ***** you bare
Crystal Freda Jan 12
dreary, overcast skies
she enjoys.
winds rustling by
she takes right in.

the wet, damp branches
drip swiftly on her skin.
the tree twirls and dances
shaking all its limbs.

the green slowly fades
taking away all the life
but embraces the shades
so beautiful in their own way.
Devin Ortiz Jan 9
The Frost Lords cast their wind,
into the lingering breath of Autumn.
She had sung her song. Encore! Encore!

Those Winter Warlocks grew envious.
Why should she sing so.
It was January after all.

The decree was uttered,
Lady Autumn surrendered.
She hibernates, healing her voice.

Pockets of frigid air arrive,
the crowds begin to cower.
The Frost Lords are most pleased.

It is the time for stillness.
It is the time for death.
Yet, the songs will come again.
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