Snow lightly falls down
Cold, light, beautiful snowflakes
Winter majesty

The cold goes away
Snow ceases; it stops falling
Blossoms bloom; spring came

Intense heat arrives
Burning, scorching, hot torture
Heat, hot summer heat

Cool weather arrives
Leaves falling off of the trees
Autumn is beauty

Leaves are gone, trees bare
Cold harsh weather storms into
Winter, again, comes

If it's no problem,
please join me.
There's a city outside in the rain.
In the side of an archive coffee shop,
I saw you reading, leaning
-- more like pressing the world away
-- fully removed.

After the shop closed three years later
the weather changed. In the dry dust
the sun burned on the blacked out window,
your face curved more like the sword,
less like the first observed orange light
of hope on the edge of West horizons.
Where are you but in the glass?
But in the mud puddle's flipped throwback?

Riz May 13

isn't spring always hidden?
dive off the bleakest boat
                     named winter
breaststroke to the hot season
spring stays a current
to swim against

wing nights with
the new machine  
is better to land
on the first half of
a london summer

lift off
the second half
sweet strokes on the face
avoiding the game
breathing their oxygen

preparing for october
egg whites and
a softness
wings resonate a calmness
blues are far
but loud and coming

remain in the dull yellows
and sink into the woodlands
wearing a barbour jacket
the kettle energy rises
scroll your evenings
through an autumnal filter


sudden switch
dim to sharp
to ice and blue and

to bleakness
       dark mourning

the cold
shudders the mind
sleep unproductively
blend into a long, black overcoat
and be buried

longing for the summer
where the stars are
dotted on the ceiling
blueberries lining every edge
of the bed

sleep five hours
then four hours
             maybe four and a half
sleep six and be thankful
forget the eight hours
you had in august

adjust to the lemsip schedule
walk newly
stiffer, restrictive
seemingly less energetic

begin your complaint
some other
        high spirit
complain of the comparison
on yourself
when you were
the best you were
british or not

pay for thick tights
begin diving practice
ready to swim to the hot
the current won't last long

James Court Apr 27

Another day of never sun, a leaden heap that frowns above
Whilst the few tangled answers quiver rhymelessly as it trifles
In other ways, however done, instead, a sleep encrowns its love
And the dew-spangled branches shiver timelessly as the sky falls

The paper lanterns on the wall betray the leaves’ seat in the dark
And the cool ochre gloaming spurs a telling and frail ardour
Now vapour cantons over all display the eve’s sweet watermark
And a cruel joking moan occurs, impelling the rainfall harder

I linger by my window pane as twilight reddens every mote
And I stay, candid; I pass days compliantly standing upright
My finger spry discinds the rain and yea, night deadens every note
And a stray strand of ryegrass sways defiantly in the half-light

Cacherosi May 2

Autumn wind whispers your name
As the color of the leaves changes to flame
Earthly green to feverish red
I wish we could be more than friends
Before autumn ends

her smile is heaven but quite reserved. Her eyes are beautiful with a hint of sadness like black pearls.
Mandy Honig May 1

brisk breeze blows my scarf
red cheeks complement red leaves
red like sunset sky

a slight freeze is felt
when the leaves whirl in the wind
like a tornado

as the bees and grass
are now gone for the season
fall can have reason

Rose and marigold sunrise
breaks through,
an exotic beauty of the East
veiled, bejeweled, captivating
she renders her enticing dance
as trees shower saffron and russet leaves
petals strewn upon her stage

No butterflies appear
no hummingbirds
the late day sun spreads
a golden blanket
for aster, rose, and dahlia
its folds
the shadows soft and

the world slows
around me

Summer blossoms nod
drifting off to sleep
while the breeze invites
a crimson leaf
to dance
one last dance

I sit alone in my garden
as if holding
the hand
of a dying friend

First written ?? Revised 04/24/17
Reminded by Stephanie Stoychevska's
"A lullaby to my roses"

The slow autumn presses
at the window,
as geese give a melancholy voice
to leaving
their dark v-shape
splitting a cloudless sky

the sun spreads
a quiet space
of tangerine orange
and rosy pink
as it slips below the horizon

when darkness closes in,
stars shiver
in the distance
ghosts perhaps since
some have died

the moon’s shimmer follows
the river’s winding path
complacent river in lament
mingles with powerful sea

ending and beginning
combined in poignant

Just a bit out of season! :-)
TG Apr 23

Scarlet leaves fall
gently gliding in the autumn air
withering away
with the bright hues of our passion
tears fall like petals in the wind.

Crimsyy Apr 23

You are winter
and I always fall for you,
as Autumn does
when rain comes knocking
on its leaves
and soon Autumn and I
are lost in a breath of
fresh petrichor;
you are rain
and for some unknown reason,
I'm always begging you
to drench me, soak me.
You are a notebook,
often closed,
spine seemingly unbroken,
and I, a starving poet
ripping at every page of yours;
I hope you won't
fall apart with me.

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