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S R Mats 20h
Into mellow fields all manner of beings go.
The bird to gather bug or seed,
The worker with their hoes;
And, maidens who gather stands of wheat
In dresses that are blown.
Fey 1d
September leaves rustled in the glades of my mind,
I saw them dancing golden since August and July.

They shone gently in the tone of your eyes - russet-chestnut and striking hazel;
I still couldn't name how they struck me like a sharp blade - cruel and fatal.

And I saw your ghost lingering
in the corn fields of this autumnal dream.
You as blue aciano, me as red poppy,
complementing our floral color scheme.

A person like you doesen't even exist
and yet I am writing this.
Summer died long ago
but we were meant for the fall with the aching of the cold wind's blow.

© fey (19/09/21)
Should the leaves of a tree
feel embittered
that they must one day
expire in Autumn?
should I harbour
if I am to
fade into memory?
Eloisa 2d
I departed poorly
with my blackly bitter summer,
And ordered life in bright colors.
It gave me autumn
dressed in blazing orange and red.
Delivered to me in dreamful
and magical tints of gold.
I didn’t even notice the autumn rain.
Smelling the fragrance of the breeze,
I heard beautiful music from the rustling leaves.
Now, my heart began beating a familiar rhyme.
Love will gather my wistful, unspoken thoughts,
With new songs of harmony
from these autumn leaves.
I still have a lot of these colors.
I still have a lot of LOVE to give.
I’ve known love like I’ve known fall for so long.
Toward the end of it all
my knackered earth beds
sit dishevelled
like a mother’s rushed haircut

tufts of the next growth
brace for another brown-grey winter
while the last redcurrants hide,
blood dark rubies
tucked in dying leaves of neighbour bushes

in the middle, the supermarket spruce
of three years ago
waits its turn
growing done in the throng of all
while the sun played favourites

soon, in the cat pad darks
the ground will be given back to rule,
cold, empty and silent
Summer starts to end
A crunch is heard underfoot
- a once green leaf
I'm so excited for Autumn to begin ♡
the air is cooler      
      less kenetic and soupy              
           less aggressive with the mammal scent
safer (it seems) clean

        the skin retracts a little
                     less welcoming to dirt contact
                           my feet shift cooly in my sandals

the world awaits
             new temperament
My blackberry love
you stain fingertips, lips and tongue
bittersweet purple
grown on a summer of promise
to end by watching the day
retreat past equinox
feels like loss
and though the longer night has virtues
there are dangers too
behind the fairy lights
and dazzled trick or treat
the immutable cold waits
Eloisa Sep 12
The sunrise and the sunset,
the autumn and the spring,
Thoughts of their magnificence
pulled me up from this lengthy dormancy,
Living my life ahead,
Leaving the pain behind.
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