Truth leaks from your fingertips
Shadows spewing from your cracked lips
I hold out my hands to catch it all
Let it go, darling, let it fall

Roots of nightmares reach down deep
Show through your thickest layers,
Make your knees go weak
I open up my arms to catch you,
Guard you from the dark around you
I sing into your soul,
Let it bleed

Let it heal,
Let it bleed,
Let it crumble
At your feet
Let it go,
Let it breathe
Until you feel

Jedda 3d

And I'm so fucking worried that not only will I lose everyone I have ever made some sort of connection with but I will also lose myself

I guess this is goodbye
stars 4d

I'm losing something
In the wasting
About wasting
And never have way to ending

I'm losing my mind
In the middle
Like torn apart
The different faith

What i do next?
Let or hold
Although it's hurt

If you guys read this words full of wtf i dunno who name for my word this. I'm sorry. I think you wasting your time to read my words. Soo once again i'm so sorry.
Mims 7d

Pull me closer
(Already so close)
I know every inch of your body
(From your head to your toes)
Tell me it's better with me
And you're happier now

That I won't wake up
5 sloppy weeks from now
Regretting everything.

But you can't
Mono Sep 9

You told me to

Hold on to him

when you were the one

I wanted to

Let go

Hold me
Like this is our last night alive
Hold me
Like the morning light will never bleed into the night
Hold me
Like it's the only thing you're capable of
Hold me
Our embrace is pure love

Kiss me
Like the universe will end
Kiss me
Like we're more than just friends
Kiss me
Like it's the only thing you're strong enough to do
Kiss me
Tell me, "I love you."

Take me
Take me to your home of homes
Take me
Turn out the lights, let me see your glowing bones
Take me
Take me to your bed, your head, your heart
Take me
Your way, that we may never part

Hold me
Like this is our last night to stain
Hold me
Stain the beauties of love on our faces
Hold me
From your sweet skin my lips never refrain
Hold me
Teach me to hold onto these embraces

Hold me
Kiss me
Take me
Hold me.

Wasting wits Aug 27

I take in one last breath,
Hold it in for a while.
Do I want to let go?
My brain is hostile.
It tells me there's more,
Than this hell that I'm living.
But life is a b**ch,
And it's not worth forgiving.

I own me ~

You can hold me ~

Take me ~
but in the end ~

I Let you handle me

I own me ~

Neither your kiss or your caress,

will ever assigned myself to you

I enabled you to hold me ~

Willingly, Fully

This short poem is about owning yourself, you only give what you want to someone. You have the power to give something with limits. No one own you but yourself. Never think someone own you for any reason, you control your life as you please.
Star BG Aug 11

I carry,
an explosive spark
with a mysterious past
and wisdom of my soul.

I breath,
in sacred moment
aligned with divine  
blessed with miracles.

I move,
inside authentic self
with power to create
inside love.

I dance,
inside adventurous spirit
to celebrate life
and be who I am.

I hold,
a bright torch in heart
one that launches dreams.
as I, carry the world with love
and the world carries me.

StarBG © 2017

Inspired by a picture but this site doesn't allow pictures. Bah Humbug! LOL

God made rivers to flow!
Never stop, ahead they go!
By making the dam,
humans trying to hold them.

The water, thus conserved,
To serve the mankind, it's reserved.
The earth, is nourished!
The life, is flourished!

Dam too has a limit
To hold the force hydraulic,
Then to release it gradually
Using the force controllably,
If unreleased, then catastrophic
Flushes out!
Washes out!
Lashes out!

Learn to hold your inherent power,
and release in a controlled manner.
Be a reservoir of emotions
upto a limit!
and utilize them constructively
for benefit!

Self restraint on our emotions is "damming them", and then releasing them constructive manner is "power generation"...maybe through poetry or other art,  but do not hold them beyond limit to avoid disaster...
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