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Hold on to your dreams, my darling.
I know things have not been as you imagined.
Think of tables overturning,
Steel-topped boots stomping.
Think of feathers flowing in the draught,
The whispers, circulating the halls.
Think of home,
And the answers you found.

Hold on to the joy, my love.
That fell on your shoulders,
Just as your hair, those beautiful curls,
And that red dress,
Flowing to your knees.
Think of that smile and every other that followed.

Hold on to the hope you had, my dear.
You held on for so long already.
Think about the days that are coming,
The sunrises at dawn,
The sunsets at dusk.
Think of the pavements you have yet to set foot upon,
And the eyes you have yet to meet.

Hold on to the person you were, my heart.
The person you now need most.
Think of the fear that shook your breathe,
The frost that froze your toes,
And the tears that fell from those blue, blue eyes.
Think of the promises you swore in secrecy,
Those weighted words,
Those truths.

Hold on to the faith you keep deep down, sweetheart.
It will get you through the darkest hours.
Think of the lights that have been extinguished,
The ashes that have been poured back to the Earth.
Think of the love that you aim up to the sky,
The unrequited warmth you send to the world,
Think about moving forward.
Think about how far you've moved since.

Hold on to the words you heard before,
The ones that still bounce around within.
Think about the essence of their details,
The lips they fell out of,
The way they made you feel.
Think about those words when you're moving,
Build a home for them within,
Visit from time to time.

And hold on to all the reasons why.
Hold on as tight as you can.
Keep them locked up in your fortress,
Away from the world outside.
3 September 2018

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Hold your nerve despite
Decisions, may change your life.
Be sure it feels right.
Pallavi 3d
I know I can't hold you,
You're slipping through my fingers.
But still I m proceeding to you,
And  time tries to linger.
I know I can't hold you,
You're like a water.
But still trying to absorb you
I am feeling like a blotter.
I know I can't hold you,
As I am loosing my grip.
Hey! Gotta hold on your smile,
Or I might get slip .
c 6d
Moments in each piece of light
Stars that face my fears at night
Wishing you still held me tight
“Wish I may, wish I might”
i will kiss you
a little too long
and hold you
a little too tight
and you will love it
a little too much
Deanna Jan 15
If I did love
Told you I loved you
That'd I'd be there for as long
as you want me
Would you let me
Or hurt me?
thesa Jan 12
some die
looking for a hand to hold

i got your hand
in mine
and i'm dying

- dear therapist
what does that say
about myself
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