As my calm begins     to be swept away,
I'm grounded by the     hold you have on me.

11:50 - 18/05/17
State of mind: excited; energetic.

Thoughts: from feeling - the polarity of being with someone who complements you with opposing behaviours.
Growth comes from being amongst what is unknown.

Questions: None.

What to say, what to do
to sooth your troubled mind
allowing you, relaxed release
all your pain, as mine

My eyes fill with the tears
empathy of heart on display
doing all I can and must
I'll never go away

Rest your eyes, and calm your thoughts
I'll hold you safe, and close my dear
caress your brow, and kiss your face
silencing, your doubts, and fears

Sometimes, people just need held :)
Justin Rio May 8

Oh baby,
I'am letting you go
to stop the bleeding.

cuz baby,
This all i can do
to ease the feeling.

you appreciate:
more than I'd planned.
so how do I communicate
a need: hold your hand....

Kind hands learn to be calloused hands
under the thumb of others,
and around the fingers
of ones mistaken for lovers.

Idiosyncrasy Apr 20

Even before I knew
What you really are to me
A friend, a bestfriend, a lover
I knew you are someone
I wouldn't want to leave

So hold my hand
I won't let go.

Thanks. Fear.
Mrs Robota Apr 16

Days like this hold my mind
What we left unfinished
A time out in the corner flashes before my eyes
When my first grade teacher forbade me from going outside
But wouldn’t tell me what I had done wrong
What had I done wrong?

Days like this hold my mind
What we left unfinished
I snuck out of bed at midnight
A soft carpet welcomed my feet
Promising a silence that wouldn’t disturb sweet lullabies
I was watching with wide eyes, screaming within crowds
Till it was over
Why did it have to be over?

Days like this hold my mind
What we left unfinished
Loneliness is my greatest tragedy
A malicious motivator
Second place didn’t matter as long as I had a place
You granted me moments
But left me on the swing
I walked home while the emptiness within my chest
Mirrored the gray winter days
Why did you leave me?

Days like this hold my mind
What we left unfinished
Umbrella abandoned by the ocean
Little children collecting seashells
An elderly batch are playing chess
Until the sun sets
But I’ll be sitting by the ocean
As days like this hold my mind

Traveler Apr 9

Take this to heart
My Poetical Friends

Not just the rhyme
Makes emotions bend

To the will of the Bard
Or the cast of the spell

A rhyme without depth
Has no story to sell

A poetic structure
Riddled with rhyme

Brilliant in metaphor
Aesthetically designed

Will please the reader
And enlighten their minds

Oh how I love
A poem that rhymes!

I'm taking
To our kind!

Traveler Tim
Love that they still have deleted poems, great option!
Still working the bugs out
This poem was all over the place
It was deleted and lost forever I thought.
Miranda Mar 27

I want to learn your secrets;
hear the things you've never told;
reach inside and prod your mind,
burn the things that make you cold.

I wish to know your dreams,
those that keep you awake;
peak inside and try to find
a way to give your worrisome mind a break.

I need to know your sins,
the ones you're ashamed to speak;
hold your hand, comfort them away,
reassure you that they don't make you weak.

I hope to know what haunts you
in the silence of your days,
do you think of me, do you think of her?
What words do you wish you could unsay?

I yearn to know your desires,
fetishes that make you tick;
grasp your heart, feel your skin,
discover the way our bodies click.

I crave to love your soul
in all the ways a person could;
hold your fears, kiss your tears,
adore you the way a lover should.

Alice R-P Mar 25

Where I am standing now,
I can enjoy the view.
The past was beautiful,
I changed, I grew.
The present I see
as a place to believe,
calmness and contentment
residing within me.
Every step into the future
becomes the present,
then the past.
Whatever I choose to keep,
will be what lasts.

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