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I can't tear myself to pieces anymore
I can't give my all to you anymore
The more of myself that I give to you
The more of myself that I have to lose
I can hold my own hand
After all I'm the only one who understands
I must have some self respect...
Let me hold you tonight
Let me tell you it'll be alright
Let me listen
Let me see
Let me in
I won't let you be
Let me keep you warm
Let me calm down the storm
Let me hold your hand
Let me understand
Let me in
I'll ask again and again
Just let me in
Let me...
He held out his hand for her to hold
when she was afraid and unsure.
He comforted her worried heart
with the strength of his smile.
He saved the last of her will
with the warmth of his words.
And then with all the things he did for her,
he became the love she knew.
I reach out
I feel your warmth on my skin
As you laugh
Your breath on my body
You pull me in


Don’t let go
c 6d
It’s attention that she craves
Aching lonely in the eyes she wipes tears from
Hands that forgot what it’s like
To be held
Lips that haven’t had the chance
To taste desire
Twinkle twinkle little star,
Every night you glisten so far,
My grandchildren live afar,
Tell them they are the best by far.
I have no one to say,
Grandma,please don't go,stay,
Only a little while,
I love to see your happy smile.
For long I have not felt you sleep on my shoulder,
A chance to hold you a little longer.
I would love to feed you with icecreams and cookies,
Shower on you cuddles and kisses.
Day and night,
I miss my grandparent right,
To store your beautiful childhood memories,
To form a strong bond that every grandparent cherishes.
The pages of my life have you missing,
For what I have and cannot have
my heart aching.
Remember,though we may be apart,
You will always be in my heart.
My grandchildren live oceans away from me.We meet once in a blue moon.
i'm holding on as tight as i possibly can
please don't slip through my fingers

I'm not ready,
   to hold a heart.

I've been too long apart from my own.
Today is just the beginning.

I'd love to see love in another's eyes again,

I don't know I'm ready,

To hold a heart,

Will tear apart,
   the very bones and thoughts,
   you thought were yours.

So be ready.

Hold your own heart,
   Until it no longer burns.

Do not lay your aflamed heart in another's hands,
Just to watch them burn.

Be ready.
Set free the flames that be,
And breathe deep the air you've never seen.

Then you may hold a heart.
You will hold them together,
With only the unburning flames of a true love...
A love,
That costs nothing.

But today...
I am not ready,
To hold a heart.

~Robert van Lingen
cait-cait Oct 30

i told my mother the other day that i
have decided to be kind,
to love those
who love me (for no good reason)....

and because of, i want to take you in my arms
and hold you so tight
that the world cannot get in.


my baby is dressed in white, like
an angel, and
when he sleeps, he murmurs and
i watch, he smiles,
and then he howls.


you are growing up, and i
watch the way you forsake your mother
and i watch the way
you puff up your chest with lies and then
cower when you see me ....

you are not innocent anymore, and i cannot
hold you to as such when
you hide behind a hood of your parents


your brother does not love me anymore,
and frankly, i do not care.

but you cannot see the stab wound, so
still, i am angry.


i don’t think she loves her best friend anymore,
i don’t think she even loves me.

but how can you tell someone to cut a
piece of themselves off when
you won’t do it for them?

when you don’t even have the right.


i read a poem today, it was about war
and it was about foxes,
i thought of you again...
my fox,

you are a violence...
and a lover.

and when i remembered how you cut me,
i remembered why i have to cherish what i have.
this year, i met a girl who i didnt really like (for no reason), and the other day she overheard me telling my friend that i felt like everyone hated me. she looked at me and said "i like you." and i decided that i always need to appreciate the friends i have even if it feels like i dont have them.
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