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surrendering to the angel you send in the night
tarnishing night with stars you set, of mementos, gems
sweetened into being by the heat of unknown
fun in the warning
sun in the worsening
need to see the warm winds
in your hair, see it myself
my vigil, diadem is a pen
decrees are on each page
that summer endings and I
lay down to
- it's dreaming
of the soul that holds my soul
I am a friend of the night
The darkness holds my hand
As my thoughts wander deep
Into the forest of my mind
japheth 6d
i hope
that when the time comes,
the pieces of
your heart
that were
taken away
from you:

some you gave away

but mostly were stolen
and you realizing it was
gone too late,

come back to you in another form.

another face,
another smile,
another embrace,
another set of hands to
hold again,

i hope it does come back to you

— replace what’s been taken

as if it was never broken in the first place.
JAC 7d
Up at quarter after seven
out by hopefully eight

take the 36 or the 199 rocket
eastbound to Finch

about nine minutes
give or take, seven stops

then southbound thirty minutes
to Bloor, cut to St. George

down to St. Patrick
they're not really saints

I have my own key
even though I shouldn't

so I let myself in
and tiptoe to you

you know I'm here
because it's Friday

and you smile while
I slip into bed with you

and hold you
until we wake up.
dana Sep 11
your hands
are the same size as mine
yet they
can hold so much more
than my feeble instruments
my arms however
can lift you heavy
higher than the twisting tendrils of vine
stretching themselves up and out into the sky
on a ten foot trellis
Your hands they grab my arms they lift
together they melt into a wild new assist
hands hold fingers touch brains know hearts must
Jedda Aug 24
I dreamt of you again last night

Your gentle silhouette accompanied me
In the morning hours of sweet misery

So lost in your gaze between the sunlight

I couldn’t fathom why you were here again
Your wondrous eyes giving me adrenaline

Laughter so innocent filled with delight

Sitting there your mellow voice so surreal
In this moment you taught me how to feel

For you are everything I hold so tight

Caught a glimpse of your dainty pureness
And in that moment nothing else exists

I couldn’t help but want to dream all night
Robin Lemmen Sep 8
Stay, just a little bit longer
Let me hold you even if all you give is silence
I understand this is just temporary
But let me ease the pain
You do not have to be grateful
You do not have to say thank you
I know it is hard to be there for someone
When mentally you are battling
Trying to find where it is you are standing
But stay, even if just a little longer
And let me hold you for a few moments more
I know it won't make things better
But please stay, just a little bit longer
We all need someone to hold onto
Willow Sep 7
You took a chance on them
Praying to anyone and everyone
While you wandered elsewhere.

You took the money and ran
But the currency wasn’t paper
It was knowledge nobody knew.

You took their hand and ran
Even though it familiarly slipped away
The symbol wouldn’t mean the end

This time.
Time will tell.
Ochwatts Sep 5
Seriously though, perfection is overrated held up in high esteem it seem
Most believe perfection is the absence of the bad the ugly and the extreme
Most believe that to be perfect is to be pure devoid of all the flaws or so they deem

However, it all lies in the balance just like the see saw, its not the absence of flaws but the balance of it all
Balance between the good and the bad as seen in nature's law
Well its my opinion and everyone is entitled to one with no intent to cause offence
But under the right lens all this will somehow make sense
Observe, there's no love without hate and pain, we can't have light without the presence of darkness, can't tell what's good without the bad, can't tell what's real without the fakes, mistakes and aches
I can go on and on about this but you get my drift you catch my pace
Just like the faces of a coin, these perspectives help us to appreciate, create, associate and experience
Experiences shape our perspectives and our perspective help shape our lives
That's why I appreciate you... all your strengths and flaws makes you.. you. We ain't picture perfect but we are worth the picture still
So just chill, you don't have to keep trying those shoes they want you to fill
Life didn't come with a manual, we are all just improvising trying to cut the cloak according to our coat.
Maybe you should too and Imma be here for you, just grab ahold of my hand and we will keep afloat.
In my eyes you are perfect so just hold on to that boat and sail ashore, I promise there's more in store.
Wrote this poem for a friend of mine who is dear to me.
Atul Sep 4
Don't be afraid,
My love.
We shall together learn to swim,
My love.
Through this stream of life,
My love.
It's a new experience for you,
My love.
And I just need to revise it properly.
My HP Poem #1721
©Atul Kaushal
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