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Amanda Oct 12
If I had a quarter for every time I wished
For you and I to take a trip to yesterday
I don't know exactly how rich I would be
But it would add up to a lot of change

I don't know what I'd do with that cash
But I would spend every cent on you
Doing whatever you like till it's gone
Or till there's nothing left to do

Or we could leave where we are for good
Pack up all our things today and leave
I could take your hand and whisk you far from here
To a place our tomorrows will always be happy

I will say farewell to bad memories
Never look that direction again
Like arrows we will fly toward the future
Our time in this small town will end

Presently I have your heart to hold
And although time may never give me a replay
I am too lucky to be nostalgic
Done wishing for yesterdays
Day 6: write a poem of any length incorporating every word from your latest Facebook status update

"If you don't change what you are doing today all your tomorrows will look like your yesterdays"
Kiss me
                           Take me to bed

                                    punch me in the nose
                            ****** my mind with your rage

                                                                   and forgive me nothing
Hold me tenderly
                       as your friend
                                                        and      keep      my secrets
                          Interlock your fingers         into mine

show me your eyes
                                  allow me the depth of your soul
                            the chance to kindle
                                              your intricate loveliness

Feel something         &
     allow yourself to feel it first
                                                        before tearing it apart for answers
Amanda Sep 24
You hold the beauty of angels
I see darkness in your eyes
Should have known from the moment we met
You are the devil in disguise
Just a jaded poem I wrote during a breakup a long time ago
MAX castro Sep 23
Hold me like you’ll never let go of me.
Need me like you’ll never leave me.
Want me like you’ll never want nobody.
Love me like you’ve never loved anybody.
Haylin Sep 20
I want
to set her free
you need me, let go
so we can hold
each other.
Hug me, hold me tight.
With you, I will say goodbye
A "poem" every day.
Control me
I’m sick of playing man

Get close to me
I like it

Let me feel weak
Make me feel weak

I lock myself in society
Act my part, it disgusts me.
Make me soft
So lock me in chastity
Release and degrade me.

Withering away
I seek reality. I want to find me and,
Enjoy myself. So **** me.

I want to be weak with someone who will support me.


I want to care with someone.
I want to care for someone.

I’m so confused.

The longer the better,

Please hold me...
Andra Sep 11
and life has changed...
and coffee got cold

and i had no words to explain.
to you.
to myself.

and i was asking you: let me be, please.
and then i was searching for you

in hope that i could hold you in my arms for a bit more
'cause you had me in your palms anyway.

and you kept telling me to fight.

what a stupid cliché.

and i, as the naive that i was
i listened.

and you, as the lunatic you were,
you were the force i was fighting with.

what should i understand, then?




AM Sep 1
i wish you knew

i wish you knew the way i look at you
i wish you knew how i hold onto your every word
i wish you knew how much control you have over me
i wish you knew how vulnerable you make me
i wish you knew how much i care
i wish you knew how i feel
i wish i had the courage to tell you

i wish you knew
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