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Brett May 30
I can not help when I wake up with you on my mind
As if my eyes, had wandered off into the past

I know it’s over, but the more I see
The less I can claim to know

Inside my heart there are footprints
Artifacts of my wandering gypsy soul (sole)

My thoughts conjure up an image of your lips, but
I taste only that in which I miss

Only loneliness lingers on a phantom kiss
Calloused hands made of stone

Carved to reach out, but
No innate strength to hold them closed
Jay M May 3
Hold me
Take me into your arms
Hold me tightly
Safe and right

Hold me
Away from the monsters in my head
Hold me until they go away
So I can stay
Here with you

Hold me
Close to your beating heart
Hold me
And tell me I belong
That my monsters are wrong

Hold me
And don't let me go
Hold me here
Help me fight my fear

- Jay M
April 30th, 2021
Sometimes it can be frightening, and I could use a nice long hug.
internetgirl Apr 30
these pieces of my heart
too small to pick up
too fragile to put back together
but when you hold me
i don't need to be fixed
Raven Feels Apr 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, this is the last part before the end of my small-short-story in a poem form---I really hope you enjoyed it!!!;>

For him she would shatter her walls

For her he would still his fires

For him she would welcome affection despite her dilapidated gates of suffer and grief

For her he would ignore his prideful ego to protect her from his blazing flames

For him she would confess her feels of want and need

For her he would confess his feels of want and need

Before the waves would carry their lover afar from the shallow end

I hold him close as I can
Can't make the past go away
Can't erase pain or sadness
Memories hold him captive every day
Written 3-7-20
Pyrrha Feb 10
I want to take your hand
walk together on the oceans shore till dusk
hike along the mountainside to see the sunrise
I don't want to be alone
So I'll take you with me where I go

I want to take your hand
But it's not there for me
All I have is the memory
I don't want to be alone
So i'll take it with me where I go

I want to turn back time
I'll make things right
till there's no sorrow left
I'll keep you captive in my dreams
When I slip away inside my head
I don't like to be alone
So i'll keep you right here by my side

I want to take your hand
But it's not there for me
All I have is make believe
I don't want to be alone
So I'll stay like this inside my mind

I'm like a hostage in my skin
All the feelings
If I keep them deep within
If I stay quiet like a doll
Will you take my hand
Will you stay like this by my side?

I don't want to be alone
So I'll treat my heart just like a stone
All I have are memories of false realities
I don't want to be alone
So I'll treat myself just like a stone
Not inspired by Audioslave, but it's actually not a love poem either. This poem is about Maladaptive Daydreaming disorder and is about how you feel caged within, i want to do another poem that goes deeper into that.
little lion Feb 2
You held me through the night the way I always imagined a lover would.
And nothing hurts me more than the knowledge
that you did not hold me out of love,
but out of habit;
because for seven years,
you've been holding her
the very same way.
I've never slept as soundly as I did when I was in your arms. I wish that I was yours to hold.
maria Dec 2020
Standing strong
I still need
someone to hold
Written on December 17, 2020
© ,Maria
JL Dec 2020
To look is not to see,
To hold is not to be.

To have is not to possess
And to own is not to free!

But to hold and yet see
What it means to set free,
With no aim to own, must be
The true nature of love..
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