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Ken Pepiton Apr 8
Signals from,
the inside, see, we,
may see those now, we
may wish we could not or
wish we knew the harm,
in knowing good and evil at
level of the myelination of the whole,


fundamentals, ah,
it's a be yo to the full thing, be the jew
at the table, boyo,
who thinks I think you are italian.
*** upside my head,

I said, I know what this is, that is the
missed re lease…

secret documents, in 2021, those exist
in paper based and ritual/music based
encorporation of various tasks and taskers,
givers and takers, ******* and wipers then scoopers,

family cultures re-emerge from these huge, old piles
of petrified bullshat stories that turned into this,

as anticipated, says the mercenary, aware of the time
as expected, says the visionary aware of the seed
as needed, says the broken everything

fundamentally, words fix leaks in reality.
Nothing gets in,
nothing is never anything in here, these lines, this opera.

Oh, lord yes, that fat lady does sing.
Here, she sing
like them birds when the helicopters fly to Yuma,

so the few, proud brave volunteers to take the oath,
that is repeated ever after. Semper fi.
They can learn to fly in deserts, just like those ones,
where them warring spirits is loosed in them stupid boys.

It is, yes, ******-right, war, is good for nothing. Is the lesson,
if you finished the course.
that is the lesson.
of course… deep
re-morse ..--. - .- FTA - hey, I remembered something qcqcqc

the curtain drops, like in real life.
where there was no wall, there is no window,
no opening see, see me

blinking as the houselights flicker, if this were
no, high school auditorium
our miss brooks set ourmissbruksit, big smile,
on TV
oh, that kid,
that kid that loved Our Miss Brooks, on TV, he
trained Rambo in the movies, that's one badass archetype.

'sing it now, I'm so proud
to be allowed to disavow my allegiance to the flag…

That I make insiders see my tablecloth, where wine
and all the de-sacredizing fluids, bacon fat and ***** of pigs,
shall have flowed, by now you know,
-- you saw that very table cloth, clean, on Jeffy Epstein's table,
-- you did not take the bait that Pinker's joker let him swallow,
sorry smart guy, you and Krause, jeffy scored on you dudes
made you stink.

you can just see it, the evilist thing you can ever imagine,
the desecration of
the star spangled banner, re

------------ zoomzoomzoom cameras in every window
lookin through the curtain

guaging our re
action, give it spin… this almost pure reaction to
Eric Weinstein 2 and 11, safe bets,

but, you gotta know this one guy I knew, who never knew
he knew a jew, and he lived next door to mister levy.

This guy believed jews were white.
I like that guy, he comes by, we talk, he knows
about the book
and how he is in it as himself
and he's ikeh with that.
Yeah, I never had the time to learn anything,
until I found one day, I found one day, I did have time

for everything.

it was a theory, as the discoverer's disciples declare,
an absolute
aha, the sound of the first positive thing that ever mattered,
and a negative one that mattered too at that
ping nada

not exaspiration, not inspiration

nada never was so none of this, save this is
so something else
after the initial

matter anti matter manifests from never was

phtt phtt phit wait
ah, time to feel the wisdom take beauty to prove the point,
nothing to fear,
once you know

happiness you can joyfully live with 24/7

that is the target, not nothing.
A nother actual had m'druthers day
They asked me how I knew
That I loved only you.
Do you know what I said?
The first thing that came to my head?

I told them you're like lo-fi indie
One tear and you're there for me
Waiting to sing and help me through
One hour in your arms and I'm back to new.

And, like the music, you fill out the edges
The sharp that cut up my senses
You pad them out and soften them up
So when I fall, I don't feel so struck.
M Solav Mar 20
Who has decided that yesterday
Should ever rhyme with distant and gray
(Is this the product of a rapidly fading memory?)

Who has chosen that this tomorrow
Should ever rhyme with hopeless sorrow
(Is it the consequence of our inescapable fatality?)

Well I think that this person ought
To have paid it one more thought
For that yesterday rhymes with far away
And this tomorrow rhymes with glow

And why is it that sunlight
Should ever come to rhyme with night
(Is it perhaps that in what we lack we find similarity?)

And how come it is that this shadow
Should rhyme with "oh well, you know"?
(Is it that maybe we're always stuck in some circularity?)

Well I guess this buddy of yours ought
To have pondered for one more thought
For that sunlight rhymes with insight
And this shadow rhymes with "let go".
Written on June 2nd, 2018; completed on March 19th, 2021.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
No one knows the real you
Because that person is forever in your head
I dont think they ever come out
Ken Pepiton Mar 7
The event, perhaps
advent, first ever any thing,
where nothing had  been, not a thought.

I think.
Then, when nothing was over
and everything we know now
began, light
was not the first thing, the idea was.
Be for
Word one. Hmmmmm or um or am
it may have been, I heard from
a transcribbled  myth or a legend as old as any
meme-level memory mortals have
made-up from remaining
tidbits taught to any next gen thing.
Assume light is as fast as the expansion,
couple of Planksecs,
and it is at the edge of ever,
never before,
never busting beyond the bubble we be in,
the physical middle of ever,
continuous now,
nothing to stop us imagining we,

disagree, now, after all's been said and done,
and things run on, re
de if-ing chaos as the mindless undoing force itself,
ever teaching any mind co-operation
in time… swirling beauty in bands of invisible
galaxies, barely seen, even now, we
see what we are told we see,
and expanded to
original intent, at the scale of precision, which
now requires of those who wish
to know truth in the entirety,
faith in the wits who invented the lenses
we imagine we see through into ever
This day began this way. Everything already,
readable, as it were, once, with us,
before our story folded,
and refolded and bent to allow
mass enlightenment I deal with now
knowledge, knowns known more
than I may think or ask,
available on our distant viewing apparatchik
network of nova sensorium newest of equations
that balance at perfectly predictable
Live and learn, do the math.
Or wait to see somethings never mattered
up to now, and now, you know,
you did, some how. That's good.
___ so, Whatever's next is too late to stop. That's good, too. Using all of Dirac that I can swallow, infinity is a valid answer, that we cannot honestly see beyond, despite the suggestion Buzz Lightyear offers for after Pinocchio.
Nought Feb 27
If we don't even know,
Who we are,
Are we anything at all?
What makes us who we are?
- Astro
Zack Ripley Feb 11
Are you afraid? You're not alone.
Are you hungry? Cold?
You're not alone.
Are you barely making it
between paydays?
I'm sure you can guess
where I'm going with this.
You may not want to
connect with anyone.
But just know:
You may have been alone before.
But things have changed;
Your boat's not empty anymore.
What I love about us is,
I want to know you
And you want to know me
a rare thing for me, especially in friendships
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