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SassyJ Apr 2016
A cider and a minder
Passing time as a reminder
Pink glow and songs flow
A waxy time erodes the mow

Renegades and perspiration responds
Swimming in winded seas of  Jordan
Heated in space, evicted in their pace
Libido fails as the liquor dilutes in taste

Catch an esse as the moonlight smite
Hold another to fake a romantic right
Filter to the cards of ace as the one winks
Emotive intruders farm in fields of pastures

Imbued with alcoholic waterfalls
Molehills of termites condense lose soil
A lack of connection a taunt that apes
Future anthems triumph in hungered strums

Amused by the music erupting volcanoes
A morrow blows as the candle slows
To tow the tall grassed disused straw
A spring to summer that promises sun rays

A resolve to moderation to preserve modesty
A kiss stored forever peeping the awing stars
To guard a heart and hatch uniformity
Trembles justly forgotten in termed premises
Friday night people watching in a Jazz / Blues club.

After a long time from its origin,
the river has bend into two ways
it has intersected by a *******,
on a meandering belt,
created an angel between two lives

One has moved toward the right,
a narrow uneven sway,
that tributary stream has flown on fight
as if it one will be die within a short way

Another, that I have traveled
the straight stream,
a simplest form of life with a distinct velocity
may be at the sea where it will be settled
but that little one has made my curiosity

Yet, I see that one
how it has gone
i think about its trend
and feel how it will be end

A boat is waiting along with the *******
i don’t know,
why do it wait and whom for!
and where, it will go!  
all sorts of thing I feel when I have stood on my toe  

@ Musfiq us shaleheen
life is moving straight but it flows through sway...........

— The End —