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Kassan Jahmal Jun 2022
Ghostly shadows, but what ghost
really casts a shadow—cousins?
The ghost and a shadow, still in my room
at the edge of the bed.

A ghost of unhappiness, and a shadow
of these lonely despairs. Both related.

Mother nature taught me how to grow,
Father time forces me to wait for it.
The Mistress of death would love to rush
the process. Brothers in arms, alarming the gun
sounds in my head—my constant ringing headaches.
Sister company, sharing the pain of a common
parent entity

Interesting family picture.
Styles Feb 2022
Her kisses leave me breathless
My ***** swell in her presence
I can’t resist her essence  
I fein for her acquaintance
Maria Mitea Aug 2021
as you want

beautiful/old/beautiful/ugly/young/ death woman/
madam -
it does not make any difference,
It doesn”t

tell me what you want, how you want,
- if it makes you feel good
make me the 13th day of the month, year, century,
i know, this year you weren't unlucky enough
tell me how you want: - morbid, bone marrow disease,
cold-lipped monastery,
the wanderer of wandering poems,
the beloved from the workshop, - considered

steal everything you want: questions, thoughts,
eyes, lips, sleep,
- you can be speechless,
consider yourself the last man on earth,
pretend that you do not exist, -

you will not succeed,

for me you are



the sonnet of a sublime dream,

by the way, - beautifully sublime,

i feel at ease

i will shout many times

i will scream

Sublime! (until i get tired)



tell me how you want, what you want,

you will not succeed

you will not push me away like you are used to
Ash Jan 2021
When things ain't right ,
Fix it at the moment.
Don't wait for your schedule to favor.
Jet Dec 2020
And I know so many things to be universal

I read somewhere once that we are all related to one another

to the tune of 50th cousins

That you just can’t go back that many generations

That there aren’t enough people left to give anyone their own grandparents

Or something

So intangible

I want to feel the connection between each two men

I believe we are all a woven blanket of fibrous soul

Aptly covered in fibrous meat

I want to believe that we all share more than ancestors, but I will settle for this
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