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Prachi Sep 28
A universal language to express,
Its potential is underestimated;
It is a treasure that you possess.

The sign of your strength,
Smile is the prettiest thing to wear;
Spreading happiness at length.

Inexpensive as it is to have,
It gives a glorious flair;
Go on and make it flash.

It is a key that fits well,
In the lock of other’s hearts;
Helping the relations propel.

Without words it says a lot;
It is the light of your soul,
Enlightening any dark spot.

A charming gift to give,
Smile is a two-way thing;
Make it the source of your bliss.
HerrAichach Sep 12
I drink too much but it gives me the pleasure of intoxication,
One too many ramifications,
I smoke too much to stun my heart of its beat,
All to avoid the acceptance of defeat.

Problems are associated with you
It's hard to get through
Talking to myself, judging myself and hating myself
So alone without anyone's words of comfort, but oneself

I feel like I want to hurt those who have hurt me.
One too many reasons not to accept their plea
Smoke and mirrors everywhere
One too many reasons not to stay here.
My second piece of poetry written this year, please like, comment or share if you can relate - many thanks.
saran sidda Sep 5
homosapiens - like basic needs,
when you've them, you don't realize their value
when you don't have them, you crave for them
avoiding life preoccupied by ignorance
Vibrations near unison
Result in resonance
Bridges come crumbling down
Creating hiatus on the ravines
Waves beyond the range of sound
Are called ultrasound
To make diagnosis profound
Cure may still not be around
Human relations work around
Similar fashion
As vibrations and ultrasound
Ikvaran kaur Jun 18
Maybe it was just me who was obsessed with you all this time,
Or maybe i couldn't give you that attention that made your heart chime.

Maybe it was just me who craved to meet you every single day,
Or maybe my cravings were not enough to make your feet step my way.

Maybe it was just me who wanted to talk to you staying up all night,
Or maybe my talks were so useless that made you fall to sleep so tight.

Maybe it was just me who missed you so much,
Or maybe something was missing in me that made you stay not in touch.

Maybe it was just me who even adored your flaws,
Or maybe i couldn't express you how much i loved you after this all.
Styles Jun 17
I would outrun the wind
to catch a glimpse of you;
                                      my Love.
Ikvaran kaur May 22
I really don't know why i feel myself breaking everyday,
Maybe i did something wrong in past due to which i have to pay.

I really don't know why my heart have restricted to spread it's vein,
I guess it got hurt so much and don't wanna feel that pain again.

I really don't know why your actions still bothers me today,
Maybe it's the attachment that we created within a few days.

I really don't know why hearing your name still breaks my heart into two,
But trust me i have tried so many times to get over you.

I really don't know why i suddenly starts to hate you sometimes,
Maybe i feel so betrayed not reclaiming the time when we had laughter filled with wine.

I really don't know why i still hope that someday I'll hear your voice,
Not for too long but it will atleast make me smile for a little while.

I really don't know if you ever gonna read this someday,
But if you did, don't be sad
As it's the only way that let my heart down a little less weigh.

P.S.- I still adore you the same!
Ikvaran kaur May 15
It's a substantial word,
Carrying so many emotions and sentiments within a person's soul.
If handled with care it can give wonders of the world,
But if handled carelessly it can destroy a person within all.
It is something that demands attention from both the sides,
In other words it asks effort from person for itself to satisfy.
It can drown a person in it without letting them know,
And can also destroy a person if taken out from this confined pond.
It is something that may confuse you people alot,
If it's bad it will never be good,
And if it's good it can be bad or good.
Now it's up to you as you know it's worth,
Don't let them drown you
And don't let them get away from you.
Ikvaran kaur May 13
To trade half of your heart and soul with half of mine,
I want them to feel everything you can’t feel at certain times.

To take half of your sadness and replace them with happiness to dwell,
And hold away your anxiety to give you  rest so you can sleep well.

To absorb your overthinking with a clear bright mind,
And sort you out when you are filled with confusions of any kind.

To not make you feel with what I can’t give you when I’m not here,
So I’m giving you that half which will always be there.
Ikvaran kaur May 13
I have started to like people rather than love,
Because like asks nothing but love demands everything above.

Like is universal but love is the one,
Don't confront me because you can't deny this one.

Like is not expensive but so ideal,
Love acts sophisticated and get do tidal.

Like gives equal importance to everything and created it's puddle,
Love is so arrogant and likes to be strudel.

Love is a single ingredient and like is a blend,
Love is so down to earth and like is so much in trend.

Don't be sad love because i am not your type,
I like LIKE because it can be wiped.

Like is like water and love is like pub,
So it's better to like people rather than love!
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