They say blood is thicker than water
I think my veins are full of turpentine
And the air collecting in my lungs
Has condensed over time

I remember when I drank Mercury
I didn't really care if I died
I didn't tell my mother then
But it wouldn't be the last time I tried

One day in the shower
I found I had paper for skin
I swear I didn't mean for it to tear
I didn't know it was so thin

I cut my hair in a blind rage
That's what bystanders like to say
But really, I cut my hair because
I was starting to suffocate

Harsh Sandhu Apr 1

I cheated again
For a change
It was for me
Didn't know
It will come with
Hard feelings
For other
Neither expected
Said she
Falling tears
From both of their
I wz numb
Didn't feel
Nothing just
Heartbeat banging me
Hanging tears from
Her eyes
Rainy day
It was
Everyone running
I can't move
Lots of weight
On me
I hold tightly
To that pain
Didn't set it free !

Time and time again,
I put my heart out there.
I trust people with my truths.
I trust people with my heart.
But now it is time to shut myself back in.
I have realized I am alone again.

Styles Mar 4

I want to
saturate my tongue
in your taste
while you
wrap your legs
around my waist
and we both race
to keep pace
with each other
moving together
back and forth
making you wet
like a rain
in stormy weather
our bodies
ingrained like we were
made for each other

Maria Imran Jan 31

You tell yourself this is the limit
I'll wait until 10 then I'll stop missing
When it's still 6 hours until then
And you sleep, don't weep, work and run
Out of time. He doesn't return

Maria Imran Jan 30

But then
this light heartache you don't wanna acknowledge --
cuz you think you can beat it but this heavy, heavy knowledge
that it's already beating you --
does it come as soon as does Attachment?

Styles Jan 29

I know that you miss me
by the way you tease
I know that you want it baby
I got what you need
I know you miss us baby
what we got is real
I know how you like it
make you love how it feels
come here let me give it to you
you don't even have to say please
I know how you like it baby
I got what you need.

Arcassin B Jan 17

By Arcassin Burnham

I couldpour the passion into this conversation,
We could talk awhile and have more further relations,
It's okay to be a little shy due to persuasion,
Don't be lost from the fallen dreams,
Please don't put the blame all on me,
For making you head over heels for me,
There's nothing volatile in our chemistry,
I was wrong enough to lead you on in the making,
I'm always nervous that's why I'm shaking,
Composure fail,
The love prevails,
A little off,
Your skin is pale.


If engrossed in oneself
Life is one dimensional
Without emotion, catalysed by relations
And connections fortifying ones place
Life is meaningless.

Styles Dec 2016

Love it when you,
give it to me,
bring it to me,
where it belongs.
I do it so right
make you forget about all your Mr Wrongs.
I'm just saying,
I'm not playing, I am what your body longs for
they might love you good, but I love much more
so if you want to
lets do it,
get right to it,
making love to your body in ways.
you never knew you could do it.
Our bodies moving like fluid
the feeling like a dream but more lucid.
Our souls rooted, in our bodies movement
the pleasures transparent,
as our climax, translucent.

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