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Jana Pelzom Mar 21
Some people can’t handle confrontation,
I do not know if that is good or bad
Though I must say
It irks me to no end,
You have your own reasons
And I clearly have my own,
But no, it can not be that
Only a vague reason has the right to stand.
If we must stay together
Our hearts shall be worn;
You gladly hit the piΓ±ata
While knowing it hurts;
Your excuse; your blindfold
As you swing ever so freely,
Like you’d rather not improve
(Do not worry, it would have been together)
As if you’re afraid of what you’d uncover;
I know full well that you love
no other but yourself,
And if you hate deep conversations
It’s all right,
go swim in the kiddie section,
And I’ll take my leave
As you continue having your fun
Knee deep, drowning
In your pool of petty emotions.
Knee deep drowning©️2021 Jana Pelzom
The piΓ±ata is me
Ash Jan 31
When things ain't right ,
Fix it at the moment.
Don't wait for your schedule to favor.
Known strangers of known relations
Avengers when you most vulnerable
Settling scores in ruthless manner
Some people never belong to us
Some people never feel for us
Some people never heed for us
It's just time brings them closer to us
To teach and learn a few lessons
To repay or receive past debts
To create debts for future repayments
Some people never belong to us
Some people never feel for us
Some people never heed for us
Jet Dec 2020
And I know so many things to be universal

I read somewhere once that we are all related to one another

to the tune of 50th cousins

That you just can’t go back that many generations

That there aren’t enough people left to give anyone their own grandparents

Or something

So intangible

I want to feel the connection between each two men

I believe we are all a woven blanket of fibrous soul

Aptly covered in fibrous meat

I want to believe that we all share more than ancestors, but I will settle for this
AceLione Dec 2020
Decisions are like leaves of a tree
Some are good and others bother me
They are fed by the rains of emotion
And the winds of relations but them in motion
After a little, a couple will fall
But even after a while, a few remain of the all
The winds of relation might blow them away
None of those good or bad leaves will stay
But then again, they might regrow
How many good or bad, you will never know.
I thought it was getting easier,
But I increase my nest more and more
Tangling the roots
Turning it into a maze, that only I can see.
Can't see your traces, neither mine
Maria Mitea Nov 2020
~Β Β on an overcrowded island,
surrounded by broken mouths,
you are glowing like a cigarette ****,
while i am the space that learns to move,
when time whispers - ”trust me”, i feel
how it spills, how it caresses me second by second,
i look at your face and i see a curve
moving the opaque spark like a hair
dissolved in smoke that claims to be gelatinous,
i am space that learns to move among your white hair,
for lack of other curiosity, i wonder if you're still with me,
if you are still shining?Β Β ~
Prachi Sep 2020
A universal language to express,
Its potential is underestimated;
It is a treasure that you possess.

The sign of your strength,
Smile is the prettiest thing to wear;
Spreading happiness at length.

Inexpensive as it is to have,
It gives a glorious flair;
Go on and make it flash.

It is a key that fits well,
In the lock of other’s hearts;
Helping the relations propel.

Without words it says a lot;
It is the light of your soul,
Enlightening any dark spot.

A charming gift to give,
Smile is a two-way thing;
Make it the source of your bliss.
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