See it's a strange thing,
"self made men"
It's the rage thing,
"forbes front page t'ing"
A majority that's pacing,
voting for a one percent
that in return enslaves them
My girl used to laugh at my jokes
now I'm broke and she fucking hates 'em

I look for aspects of success and then I stage them  
be sure to colour background facebook page 'em
My rent doesn't reflect my wages that's inflation;
that's what I get for living so close to the station

In this pompous student city covered in glitter
and these ditsy Corpus Christi bitches
be getting quicker and quicker and quicker
Don't know how they can afford the liquour
pre-drinks before Ballare movin' on to something bigger

If I see another site with student accommodation
on the hoarding, I might as well go sell my arse;
Start whoring because I'll never make it in this town
I'm one quarter brown and I don't speak Spanish
born in Cranebridge, forced to watch others live lavish
The tourist loves it but a local feels damaged
Shreyas c9 Apr 18
On that dreadful day when he took you away,
Was there something I wonder, that I was to say;
Did you know that you were gonna be forever missed?
That I’d be haunted by the places wherever we kissed;

Did you know every memory would stay fresh on my mind?
Was it really all so sudden, or had I throughout been blind?
Did you know I didn’t think that you would ever leave?
I now stare into the abyss with nothing left but to grieve…
Someone you love for a long time, suddenly disappears, and you are left wondering was it really sudden or had you been blind to the signs? And you also wonder when they took this decision did they think about what would happen to us.
Al Mak Poetry Mar 30
To be or not to be is not a question
As answer is to be, as God has granted life.
The question is to be or to be better
To be or start for better you a strife.
To spend your life in fight with evil,
With vices that pervert your soul
Or just enjoy in laziness primeval
Your imperfections harmful flow?
It’s never late to make a choice
Of taking path of self-perfection
And filling heart with love, rejoice
In spirit growth in new direction.
You can be better than you are.
You can achieve the greater peaks
The happiness is near, it’s not far.
When you evolve it kisses you in cheeks.
— ☙ AlMakPoetry ❧—
affi Mar 12
I thought it was your affection
Like seeing a loved one after a long time
I gave you the benefit of the doubt
That was not okay

But affection had never touched me like this before
Your hand on my waist
No this doesn't feel right
That was not okay

I leaned away
And you closer
And I said it was good to see you again
(That's how interactions end, right?)
That was not okay

I smiled screaming silently
I couldn't disrespect
Someone older
This was not okay

You leaned in
And kissed my neck
Ate it
With my trust
Of men
Like you
That was not okay

And now I'm not okay
Life is full of strife,
If you have lost something  in life,
Remember one thing,
What you have lost is nothing,
Compared to what you have gained,
It fills you with profound joys unexplained.
What you don't have is just a dream,
What you have is beyond your dreams,
Hold on to it,
Every little bit.
Your family,your relations and your dignity,
Your dignity is your pride in society,
Your family, your pearls,your precious treasure,
Your relations,your world, has no measure.
Be happy and satisfied with what you have.It is enough.Little things and people close to you matter the most.
Tash Feb 19
Time goes by and people change
Friends turn into strangers and fade away
Forgetting all that was said and done together

Time goes by and people change
Life changes
But better yet you should still remain the better you than you've ever been in life

Change is inevitable embrace it...
Some relations,
Glittery like a glass,
But scatter with a mild hit,
Hurt if you try to gather them back!

Last like a diamond,
Shine bright when chiseled,
Prove their worth with passing time!

कुछ रिश्ते
शीशे की तरह चमकदार होते है
हल्की चोट से बिखर जाते हैं
समेटो तो और चुभन पहुंचाते हैं.....

कुछ ताल्लुक़ात
हीरे की तरह सदाबहार होते हैं
वक़्त के साथ और निखर जाते हैं
मुश्किलों की कसौटी पे तराशे जाते हैं....
Just thought!
They say loyalty is the most important
I beg to differ


If you can't give me that
Then you have nothing to give me
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