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Trapped by the skull

That's a solid limitation.
Neurons I could count
to the last and every one.
These processing units
are of a finite amount.
Meaning we know nothing more
than what fits in that skull.
Connecting collective wisdom in our environ
enables us to do more than the bare individual.
Ahhh, all so wonderful. But you see what I mean
We can't stand up against an unlimited cognitive machine.
Thoughts about the limited nature of our brains and existence in general. With these limitations, we humans have achieved incredible feats though they have taught us even more about the deterministic and limited reality of our life. With this understanding, the notion appears that we cannot possibly compete with an artificially intelligent system that is not substrate dependent and thusly not bound by the same claustrophobic space as our brains.
Beth 2d
I feel like my brain has put an ad block on emotion
And when I try to reach out for you I see a pop up warning me that No! This function cannot be accessed whilst an Ad Block is in use.
So, I try to uninstall and reset the browser but I wake up just the same.
An empty shell of technology, faulty wiring falling into the hands of those without the qualifications to find the on-switch.
A brain both in standby and overworking, an overheating of wired vessels working overtime to provide life to a barely-functional heart.
The quiet murmur of my breathing the only reminder that there is still something behind the blank screen.
You try to keep your patience but I know you want to just throw me to the wall, an excuse to replace my shattered interface with the newest model.
A model that doesn’t feel like it takes them 3 years to get out of bed every morning, a model that doesn’t seem to contract a new virus every day.
Maybe I’m just tired, maybe I’ve run my course, maybe I’ve accidentally encountered malware. Maybe I am the malware.
Or maybe, my brain has put an Ad Block on emotion.
And when I try to reach out for you I see a pop up warning me that No! This function cannot be accessed whilst an Ad Block is in use.
One beat of great wings.
One gust of wind.
One text or response.
One second gone.
What you are by experience in life,
is not WHO you are inside.

Never forget that,
you were someone,
Algorithms will drive
Society to chaos.

ARE WE ******* CRAZY?

* Technology will not control me.
                                  technology will not control me
technology will not control me.
"From the Apple in our lives, to the Apple of our eyes."


"From the Apple in our eyes, to the Apple of our lives."
Apple IPhone slogan or idiom/epigram. I suppose it works either way? I am thinking of the day-to-day utility when compared to the personal or family usage. I think it works either way? Feedback on that would be appreciated. -Thanks
RedD Oct 9
I message
No response
I see you there
at whatever
Words unread
I just don't know
where I stand
But you
I come running
People get so hooked up by their mobile phones. We managed just fine without them back in the day.
Chris Reed Oct 9
The trouble with people today
Is addiction
Addiction to technology,
Addiction to information,
Addiction to modernity,

Every person is addicted to something
Whether it be a cell phone
Or a television
A laptop
The internet

What caused this?
Addiction can come from many sources
From growing up in this new age
To having access to unlimited knowledge
It truly is a problem.

But it isn't a problem.
We have access to more information now than we ever have
New technology comes out every day
Society couldn't function without technology
So we have to become addicted
To attempt to force reality into the background
To shield oneself from the horror of real life

We need technology.
We are addicted
Let's see where we take it
CGW Oct 6
Do you wish to come inside tonight?
To see a million hues of star light.
All that we are is binary strands.
Stranded on an island, sifting through the sands.
Yo, this simulation, creation, indicative definition of a societal life.
I got a firm grasp on reality blessed be the angels on their strife.
Send down white light, hundred blades of crystalline lightning.
I've seen things, so many things, uncountable, untouchable, but never anything so frightening.
Society goes boom boom boom, spitting out factory processed humanoids.
People swipe left, swipe right, double click, triple click, one click, two click, ignorant that they are being ****** into a inescapable void.
Unaware of each and every fully capable potential that has to be offered to not just me or not just you but rather the whole of the world.
Delusional minds and ones that are not mine covering the illusions and causing the synthetic fabrics of society to become more swirled.
keep calm carry on, don't look left, don' look right, blink once, not twice, and never even once thrice.
keep in line, inseparable from that tingling feeling of liquid ice, and all they ever say is: "be nice.".
Do you wish to come inside tonight?
To see a million hues of star light.
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