Technology gives us
The ILLUSION of Control.
Of course,
It's JUST an Illusion.
We are NOT really
In complete control over our lives.
This Control enabled by Technology
Is a VALUABLE illusion.
It boosts our confidence
And our self-esteem.
We control a little, micro-world
Through technology
Even if the Real World is overwhelming,
And really
Controls US!
There are some people out there,
Spreading lies to those unaware...
Listen, friends, to my words;
And hear the horrors they said, the curse!

"Price doesn't matter, and it never has,
We'll make a fortune on our own path!
Who even cares about the headphone jack?
It's a waste, nobody wants it back."

"Besides, we can market to those who are dumb.
Stupid enough to type with just a thumb;
They won't care about a closed system.
Nerds? Who could think that we missed 'em?"

This is why I decided to not
Buy from the company as messy as a knot.
I'd rather spill a whole glass of Snapple
Than own a device made by Apple.
This wasn't a very good poem, but I decided to finish it when I found out that it was lying around in my "DRAFT" section for over a month.
The objective
Is to make Society
As impersonal as possible.
This reduces costs
As well as uncomfortable
Human interactions.
So, when I was at the Union Station Whole Foods in Denver,
I decided to go along with the program
And order a "Lamborghini" from the Tel-Aviv Street Food
Electronic Kiosk.
After all,
Israel's brutal occupation of the Palestinian Territories
Should have anything to do
With their food.
Though the INGREDIENTS in the "Lamborghini"
Were similar
To most other Middle Eastern Food,
It probably wasn't that fresh,
The personal touch was missing
And I got a belly ache.
The next day,
I ordered the Ghromeh Sabzi,
A Traditional Persian dish,
From Achlan,
The friendly Moroccan Waitress.
I had no stomach ache from this food.
Nor did I have any resentment
About "The Impersonal Nature of Society".
"Progress isn't always Progress".
Lousy food without a personal touch
Really isn't
Such a bargain
Black tar on
A silver platter
Diamond in the groove
Revolutions of sound
And vibrations
Long since faded out

Although I've heard
The explanation
I will never
Understand it
Through the hiss and static
Out pours a little magic

Through a convoluted
Series of wires
I can acquire
A digitized
Of something that
Used to be music

And my brain can
Hardly tell the difference

I don't know
If it's a matter of trust
Or understanding
But I think I
Prefer the magic
To this technological
ED Greene Mar 8
Mildly concentric circles
Fill the fat pads
Doing delicate touch.  
Gliding on glass
Magically transforming the
Mind's mud to manuscript.  

So alone.  
So connected
The whole world exists
Between you ears and elbows

Only the fatty little tips puncture
You prisoned position.  

As you pull the trigger on your thoughtful flare fingers
From the trigger
And you retreat to soothe and forget.
julianna Mar 6
I am obsessed with technology.
The noises from other people's lives are just loud enough to drown out my own.
The bright lights give my eyes something better to look at then this eternal mess I've created.
The videos distract me just long enough to survive into the next day instead of becoming another casualty of this world.
The people give me hope that there's something better out there, that if I can hold on a bit longer, something good might happen.
So yes, I am utterly o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with technology.
Lust after
My Phone

He is called
App name
Monochrome in
His' portrait orientation

It can be
What I choose
Force into reality
Kinky foregone conclusions
Pepper Dove Feb 28
Difficulties arise
competing with
all of these
surrounding me

We're incomplete
receiving till we overheat
technology's consuming me

Because what you see
it isn't me
it isn't me
system's overloading

We've got to dilate our minds
- disconnect to reconnect -
evaluate your time.
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