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Penne May 15
What do you drink to get the purple out of my tongue? What do you take to forget? The picture
of white lady on the mirror chanting ****** mary. The video of being spanked. The layout of the patterns. It is all made into a trail. Wishing to cloak, I thought it worked but it was only a blanket. The blinking lights of the window.Β Β It manages to ***** me and remind me of competition in traffic. The list. Lists. Numbered. Keep scrolling. Will it affect my life?

Needing to fit the box of a ten-year old, I sleep. Then, I post. That was not myself. How did this whole page about me belongs to someone else? I never drift before. Why, I wonder. Here comes the businesses. The banquets. Watching a flute get Tarzan'd by a piece of rope hanged across the room. Out of the blue, I found myself touring with a foreigner. What does he want from me? Is it wrong to think this way? He only asked me where I live and how I am. I stop. I feel the chills burning through my hands to fingers. The bones get cold, but do not when plugged by nerves.

I-I'm addicted? I need to sleep more. It's healthy, they say. It's fun.

When was the last time I had fun?

The more I see the light, the more I hate it. I bring the shutters down. Relaxing. Freeing. Pink flower keep falling. Peach flower keep shimmering. How come I never thought of it before? Now back to sleep. Wait, I can't sleep anymore. But everything's so festive. Are the photos not alive? But they frequently chatter. To me. And you---no me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Branded into these pixels of prizes and sporks full of dramatic dressings. What is meaning again? I kick the blanket out of the bed. I threw my pillows on the other side. It's hot. Everything's so hot. My air conditoner is on max---what's happening?? No, sleep!

It does not take long for me to gasp for air. I keep denying it but it is always in the back of my mind.

The only answer is to get out.

I try by slowly lifting my legs and down to the floor. Do I really? Now? This is the only answer. I repeat thrice. I'm getting old.

A wind caresses my cheek. I forgot I was even in a house.

Dream's over.
sergiodib May 13
My watch is smart,
He doesn't simply watch,
He talks to me
And listens too.

Very often he sends me letters
And never an hour without a message.

My watch cares for me
And tells me when my heart is beating too fast.

He keeps memories of us and
Sometimes likes to wear an old-fashioned face with Roman numbers.

Every now and then he holds my wrist and
Takes me wherever he wants but
Always to places where I have never been before.
My Watch also marks the time but
That is only a pastime.
I feel like an open book
not just some words on paper,
with still some story to tell
trying to mean something greater.
perpetually surrounded by stories but finding one for yourself is almost like a needle in a haystack!
Carlo C Gomez Apr 23
Welcome to Misadventure, you're drawn to it in some berserk way, maybe due to it's atomic habits or technological urges,

sometimes there are cool, but irrational gun-totting robots who speak in foam, their presence detected by iron filings or teeth fillings or both or neither,

I just know there are tire tracks on your wife's new dress, the smell of gasoline coming from the guest bedroom, and a half-eaten Stouffers lasagna rotating on the record turntable,

and here a replicated version of your wife dances to the Italian Song, her ******* like lodestones, upturned and pressed together,

drawing you to them in some berserk way,
and they give such life and merriment to your brain's parcel of needles, that they prance and sway as if the devil were in them.
An absolutely drug-free inspired/written poem...Lol!
Its all about your day and night
Dying of insomnia
I'm about to use your company
Too late to come here
Old paper and live ink
Broken machine
I still play you here
But I need your silence
Dont dwell in silence
I'm a slave for this kindless world
I got cool waters in plastic
You don't need to grow but I need your scent
Without that I cant sleep
Your reply is my alarm to wake up
I'm a slave of blue screens
My hand sometimes bleed over text
Dont mind me cause I'll beg you to stay here
Until I come.
Sundas Mar 26
She is half a Hershey's kiss from the hilt of a child,
The blue screen, her lampshade; the glass, her mind.

'Hey will you entertain a question, angel0f_death9:
am I rather self consumed for dwelling on my selfishness in the apex of the night?'
Modern technology
Fascinates me
I am a holy man
Above science
I make light and sound programs
Divya Darshan apparitions
Of Divine
Technology hypnotizes me
Masses I hypnotize
I make light and sound programs
Heads of the state patronize me
Patronizing them I reciprocate
I dance, I trance
You enjoy my light and sound program
Modern technology fascinates me
I am a holy man
Above science
labyrinth Feb 24
We need to learn
Not to lie
Not to fight
Not to be greedy
Not to be corrupt
Not to be ignorant
Not to be jealous first
But just because
We have smart phones
And ****** electric cars
Or over a trip to Mars
We think we progress
Progress my ***
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