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joe thorpe Nov 7
it'll be solar flares,
or nuclear bombs.
famine, plague,  
or madness.
no more electricity.
gone will be the phones,
and satellites
won’t connect us  
to each other,
no more
global positioning,
drones to ****,
or televisions.
we'll still have hunger,
and ***.
art, will begin, again.
no more
gas pumps, charging cables,
or credit cards.
we can stop dying
by cancerous reception tower.
our attention spans will return.
we'll forget
to reach for light switches
as we enter dark rooms.
our eyes will adjust
to seeing the stars, again.
we'll forget all about this life
to remember ourselves.
Quite An Experience
They said the Philippines and Thailand
We're both Third World countries
Yet the glittering business centres
In Manila and Bangkok were superb
Among the world's finest in design
Bringing in top revenue
Employing the best minds
Pushing what was possible
Brian worked in both cities
In his six years and counting
He was quietly proud of his career
Always doing his best getting average scores
Sometimes the highest never low
Except in the early days
When he was a new cherry
A German in Asia doing a new job
He came here for a gal
Long long ago it went from there
Flitting between countries working
Not on holiday or chilling out
Using 21st century systems
Taught by committed trainers
In time becoming a good rep
Aged in his forties and fifties
Keeping up with agents
Half his age in work and drinking
In a million years when
Brian died he would look back
And think was all that real
It was quite an experience
Support War
Surprisingly it wasn't Brian's account
Where the war happened
It was bad and bitter and abrupt
The reps were struggling

Their job was hard not just calls
They weren't updated on their stats
A very important BPO metric
All got their info on this good or bad
Their Team Leader simply didn't tell them
Some stats are hourly some daily others monthly
The daily and weekly ones matter

The reps know if they're doing fine
There was a meeting of support
The boss was there and said it
To the supervisor in question
You either resign or I terminate you
And the Team Leader resigned immediately
This was like a war all out to win or lose

The SOM went too far missing a step
The reason why above all why
Why the reps were not updated on their stats
Was it just one TL or were more affected
By a system issue or job issue
Or was the sup simply not bothered
Ignoring their reps stats and waiting

For the chop which came like a sword
Now a new sup is needed to lead the team
The managers always need to remember
Always ask the reason why
Brian scratched his head
Not even his old B2B account
With the Fake god was that bad
For even then there was communication
Being optimistic words
hitting chords drowning
  Overboard smooth sailing
     Poetic-  words

  Time moves on being

   Fresh start  makeup
   Tea-  Rose colored
     Big city- crowded
   Scattered-love tainted
But he has you in his arms
  Before you fainted

Love 3D promising
Can be poisoning
  Missing family
    Ma- Ma Da Da
Smile when your heart is aching

I Gotcha  mind and body
What's inside two
hearts beat or breaking

      I  Gotcha!
Love in the making
    Oh! Susanna
Won't you play a beat
Banjo on his knee

Politician I -Gotcha
Ha -ha
Crimes and leaks
New technology
Longevity - Global
Mentality Longevity

A fake world or true- reality
*       *       *    
I- Gotcha

Now! give me Starbucks Matcha- Latte
Do we get it or it creeps up on us like a fun gadget or lets do the math in digits
Its hits you by surprise I -Gotcha
Carlo C Gomez Jun 16
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Caught in the inner workings,
those ducks in a pond

The sound of clicks in rapid

Don't run or fall, but film

Send us transmission

A moment in a fish bowl,
looking out at life on a screen

It didn't come bundled
with the phone

The gulf of dissonance
started long before
The act of recording a violent event but staying silent is a modern manifestation of the bystander effect.
Carlo C Gomez May 18
Give recognition its own library
Its own USB port

An evening of multiple connections
Hardwired and soothingly modem
Transmits my thoughts into you

I know your voice
I know your body
And how they work together
To leave a clear network to my heart

LeV3e Feb 24
I've been pacing from room to room

Waiting for the world to stimulate

Something other than haunting gloom

Scroll unrolling a new series of emotions

Trends are mountaintops so better follow

The path is winding and this high peaked

Enjoy the view of this digital landscape

As the rest of the world crumbles at your

While we are more connected than ever in history, we've never been more divided. Strung along by hits of dopamine that keep us addicted to our screens, but who could blame us when the view out the window is so depressing.
Carlo C Gomez Feb 16
coloring inside the lines is impossibly bleak,
with a hissing noise
atomic locomotive
rounds the bend,
extrasensory perception is not
a mindless gift,
it's a train station in the clouds,
tracking all my starting points to you,
nothing in the middle,
nothing at the end.

you leave in opera
with secrets and grievances
under the radar,
and your ready-made
wings catch in the power lines,
you're coiling like smoke
in the arches of my cathedral,
a sense of elegant decay
while sweeping up the debris,
committing arson
with the paraffin of my temporal lobe.

yesterday's fairground waltzes,
ghosted lullabies,
and woodland hymnals,
set in a context not of
resolution and closure,
but of contradiction and assimilation,
break the bond,
away they float on purveyor belts,
one too many molecules,
one too many departures,
always on the surface of everything,
nothing in the middle,
nothing at the end.
Kevin Sep 2022
The presence of our contemporary age
Alters artistic vision down a spiral of emptiness.
Artist no longer create the visual page,
Their spellbound by ambitions of digital laziness.

Visions lost to the age of simplicity,
Erased to machines’ evil desires,
Deluded by storms of deception,
Creativity ceased as hell endures its fires.

Instant gratification — the new reality —
The yearning for excellence, no endurability.
Modern day artistic creativity,
Coerced by digital debility.

Tradition bankrupt by false realities,
Lost to a pallet of ones and zeros;
Artwork with no archival ability,
The future lost to modern day technologies.
Without creativity innovation ceases to exist. Without innovation society dies. Mediocrity becomes the normal. And from these ashes rises a generation who embraces servitude with open arms.
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