We meet at "discord"
over an IPv4 connection
Talking for hours through microphone
Your electronic smile has awakened,
a feeling that the CPU does not process
You entered my HDD with your virtual love,
which filled so much space of illusions in RAM,
So much that it gave Blue Screen
A love story with some tech knowledge
Justin Zheng Jan 11
i like to leave read receipts on
because i know they belong
in a world full of deceit
tell the truth
an imperfect audit
of truth
Taliesin Jan 7
Electric snakeskin
Draped, casting green-grey shadows
Over the pine trees
Cast a gaze up to the skies;
life is not found where feet lie.
Fading light frames deepest fear–
I say, "let the fear come near,
heathen beast, it cannot win!"
(Love shall quake before no thing.)
Then we turn to face the earth,
daring life beyond mere mirth.
Do we rot among the weeds,
or imagine finer deeds?
Deeds of wonder, deeds of awe,
knowing that we can be more!
More than threads of fate may deem–
choices! And a mind that screams
for the beauty of the world:
raindrops in the shape of pearls,
clouds that part and show the sun,
birds that sing and dogs that run;
blades of grass that pad my feet,
hyacinths that share their sweet
loving smell among the trees;
nettlestings on children's knees.
Should one grasp an old tree trunk,
look up from one's phone at lunch,
one might yearn for life anew,
no more breaths and time lost to
qualms that dampen virile fire,
love that stumbles on tripwire.
Is is truly love at all
living as though one must fall
under grief's bewitching spells,
buying lies the devil sells:
heartless, cryptic, gnawing, grim,
plans and projects lost to whim.
Surge with triumph, young and old!
Leave distraction in the cold,
wield your sword of mindful fight;
scream in midst of ev'ry plight:
"Life in bloom beyond a screen,
One of fairest things I've seen!"
On learning to become responsible for my time here.
Co-written with my brother, Alexander: https://hellopoetry.com/u704544/.
Annika J Dec 2018
Front seat
They think I can't hear them
But I can
"Too expensive"
"Didn't want"
"Technology addiction"

In the back
With the
New tech
Sometimes fighting
But are they

In the middle

Is it good
Is it bad
How far to go
Who to side with

Sitting in the crossfire
Between X and Z
Borderline Millennial
Without an army
I will have you know that you are in the mine-ority
If you don’t look at my pic and insta-click “like” on me
I thrive in this weblight, you subsist in ambig-you-ity
Mine is the looking glass of Aphrod-I-et-me
The un-My-ghty look on my aesthetic perfection and despair

I am the reason there is an earth
All was designed to usher in my triumphant birth
You are just hateful ab-you-sers and mis-you-sers

I am the oh-so-fleeting truth  
Present in a world obsessed with youth
I am only worth what others see in me

I embody the my-jority
My onscreen attention antics
Are the me-ssential components
Required to build a thriving Me-ocracy.
Joshua Marshall Dec 2018
Technology's awesome,
but only in moderation.
Too much time spent,
and you have an
alcoholic generation.
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