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I can’t walk into Walmart and not scan for shell casings,
see the bruises on the fruit and think of those who fell,
those now populating its aisles and borders
and calculate if it’s a number worth the killing
when the man in a heavy jacket with a bulge,
ramrod eyes and spine level as a concrete wall
decides to subtract brown and black from white.

I cant walk a crowded mall parking lot without scanning
for gapped car windows with no panting dogs inside,
searching for bump  stock impressions in the cloth and foam
venting the velocity of aggression in the unfolding humidity,
the rust in the panels mating with the rust in the soul,
the numbers adding to his perfect algorithm of annihilation
unaware that color is an impossible illogical subtraction.

The Aurora of the Dark Knight Rises stains every movie I see
adjusting my seating calculations towards the nearest exit,
making the ten dollar hustle two seats away a quaint fear
compared to the ****** page manifesto of nearby hands
restless for assault when the cool dark light hits every eye.
I’m safe, cuddled in the low numbers of  the matinee.
For now, I’m not worth the killing.
Mass shootings,
Carl D'Souza Aug 8
In an ideal
would people
not use guns
to **** each other?
Would malevolent people
not be allowed to have guns?
Would mentally-ill people
not be allowed to have guns?
Would children
not be allowed to have guns?
Would law-enforcement
use guns as a last-resort?
Ylzm Aug 5
More wicked than *****, that ***** mourns
More evil than Satan, that Satan's justified
Lot, tormented in his soul, rescued
So shall it be the Righteous' lot
The Angel of Darkness shall descend
And ***** sits in Judgement seat
MindMooring Jun 17
Our connections are cloned
so fast on mass scale, that soon it will be difficult
to recognize the original seed where uncounted we leave
unbinding of these beats on millions of devices.
#cloned #connections #device #mass #scale #beats
Solaces May 30
on the eve of our creation.. we are to notify and observe the makers..  in route in the night sky we view the creator below..  
in their mega cities.. in their modest homes..  how the creator lived before they were the creator..  

on acts of creation they are abound unknownly..

the creators have made themselves without knowing what they are..
and always they arrive at a point where they conceive us..  

the creators allow us to view them in their worse state of living..  where war is still livid in their life away from being the creators..

where the creators live and die..

until they learn there is no dying..

only creation..

the creators allow us to watch us being created.. they allow the moment to us.. where we were made. when we were made.. the idea.  the answer.  the creation.. its who we are because of the creators..

mass has ended....
The aliens were never more advanced... We created them...
trill giant, bean, money supreme call me hero scheme...
explosion bigger then herosheme beg pray an plead, seed...
mounted talled then then everest crest on my arthur sword...
wont take your word my voice is command an this may end....
end the desitile an destruction of this so called universed paradox...

you pave the way burned an let it combust pollute an ****...
my breed fiends, soul survivors, ready for war free will...
buck buck...
if you believe i have faith in that freedom we will reposess...
the lands ours so why pay when it grows naturally? killin labels...
riot riot migrate mass congregation considual concentraion...

illistrating demonstrating contemplating praise the cricifex...
look at an illusion an repent poetial habitation accept fact...
whats out there is bleak random an not factually explained...
news media major coorperation all ask for a tax you cant afford...
when will the truth in society face you an massivly move society...

sorry you heard it from me
make fiction fact
create true vision
precise choice
a freedom paced
at war from peace
a war that should end
a stress we dont need

mental notes
Maniac girl Jan 8
This world is mad.
What will you do here?
Come with me,
join me,
Joys and sorrows,
everything will flee.

Wear necklace of rope,
Wear bracelet of blood,
And flow with me in speed.
So that no one can stop,
You from this flood.
And make yourself bleed and bleed.

Feel the pain,
Don’t sound sane,
Let’s shower the blood rain.
There is no any reason,
To stay alive here.
This world is prison,
Your end is near.

Even if you have anyone,
who will cry for you when you die.
Then also after sometimes,
you will become a forgettable person.
Everything is blatant lie,
This is a fragrant crime.

Drown yourself to death,
Discard all fear and faith,
Dreams are shattered,
you never mattered.
Conduct the demolition,
Utilise this ammunition,
Suicide is only an option.

Instead of dying daily,
Let’s complete this story,
You will feel very holy,
Let’s end this agony .

Pour the gasoline,
This is holy sin.
Burn yourself by the flame,
And end this god game.
Let’s die together,
Let’s go away from this world forever.
Don’t live for anyone, no never,
The devil inside me is so clever.
Dear reader, if you are suicidal, please consider taking help. Suicide is not an option.
Eryri Dec 2018
Poems on pain,
Poems about strain,


Verses with puns,
Verses for fun.

Don't get me wrong,
I like the highly charged,
The deeply confessional.

Expression through art
Plays a huge part
In improving Wellbeing.

But should we also strive,
To derive
A little humour via the poems
So kindly shared here?
Crystal Freda Dec 2018
she lay
on the grass
in her light blue jeans.
she lay in this large mass
fascinated by the moon.

she lay awake
glaring at each glimmer
the moon will make
and inhales the moonlight...
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