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S Oct 21
The growth I wish for you will burn strong-
just like your picture and the dried rosemary did tonight.
LRF Sep 25
On a still day
with no wind
to carry
the whispers of your breath
to me,
my ears are plugged
with silence
my heart
forgets your name.
September, 2020
Royce Sep 12
The perfume scent lingers everywhere
Placing a taste within my mouth,
Echoes of moments almost forgotten
     Came flooding back in a dazed charity;

     I felt infinite and it frightened me.
I felt as though I would fade
Into a mist for the sun to devour,
And as my heartbeat raised with pain
And my lips bled in humble desperation
And I flirted with the idea of calling out,
You rescued me in thought,
And changed the subject into picnics
With a gentle breeze covered in honey,
With a sun that would give life,
Your bare feet and meditative gaze
     Fixed on a crater plagued noman's land.

In waves, we repeat with relief in sight.
Isabella Sep 8
The slicing sting of the blade as it strokes my skin
Is not pain
But relief
From the raw bleeding within.

The draining drips of crimson as it drowns the floor
Is not unsettling
But reassuring
Compared the truest stomachache of all.
Don’t you get it?
I can’t stop
I can’t stop running it through my mind
Replaying moments every time
I’ve tried once, I’ve tried a thousand times
I can’t just stop

Don’t you think I’ve tried?
Every piece of advice is just adding salt to my wound
Cheer up, snap out of it, relax
Like I’ve never tried giving myself the chance

So understand,
My mind isn’t like yours
No matter how hard I try
The thoughts just seem to multiply

I can’t stop
I can’t snap out of it
All I ask is for you to understand it
Irene Sep 3
i think closure is achieved when,
you used to get hurt because of them,
and now you're wishing them the best

and you mean it.

have a good life.
i wish you well. good bye. thank you for showing me exactly what kind of person to avoid.
Flame Aug 24
I looked at myself in the mirror,
Broke a glass,
And held it against my face

Instead of slicing into my skin
Like my mind so desperately desired,
I watched as
My eyes fluttered
And started a steady stream,
Which fell and accumulated
Into a pool at the bottom of the glass

When the stream ceased,
I pursed my lips to the jagged edge
To drink

The sharp glass
Smoothly sliced into my bottom lip
And just as the clear stream flowed into my mouth,
I started to bleed

The blood mixed with my tears,
I swallowed,
And as the salty liquid travelled down my throat,
I realized that I was tasting pain
In its physicality
And yet somehow,
I felt relief
Jamesb Aug 15
You will not
Feebly try to waft
My attention away,
Nor use inebriant half no's
To divert mine intent,
No slack jawed half closed unfocused
Gaze will look searching
My face from a haphazard pillow,

For I will not permit That easy excuse,
Nor will I be a
Half memory or an
“Oh that happened - again"
There will be no groggy awakening
Thick with the night before's effect
To face a morning guilt or shame,
Oh no...
Not this time,

This time amidst
The trees and dark
Your every sense
Will know the path We tread,
And not by map nor memory,
For none before ever felt like this,
And there are no maps on page or screen
That show or describe the delicious
Delight of our destination,

So all unknown Dreamed half of,
Yearned for in
That sense of "there must be more",
And here it is,
Alive and true and happening not in a screen near by
But you,

A you who is free
Of alcohol and drug,
A you who's mind is clear,
A you who is party to what may follow,
A you who adores not endures the
Anticipation the foreplay
And the game
Above all a you who takes full part,
Who says yes because she's asked,
There's an elusive thing I'm trying to capture - every poem does I guess. Maybe the reader can judge my success
I weep daily............
After weeping i feel so much relief

I feel so much relief after weeping..Weeping is need to be strong one.
It's also an exercise to remove extra burden of mind,after weep we feel in relief.
Thanks for reading my opinion.
Mona Aug 7
scared for your parenrs sanity
can cause you to befriend insanity

scared for your paeents safety, always
debilitating, anxiety in waves

scared for your parents future days
depraved, begging for conditional praise

scared for your parents demise
everything knotted with bows of lies

scared for your parents fallible memory
overcompensation for grief
yearn for any modicum of relief
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