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Keyan R 3d
What kinda flowers would you like to have?
besides my own tulips, I have
I honestly don't know much about the garden or the seeds
I know not every day is greeted by dandy lions
Or as fertilized in the fruits of its daily labor
No one owes your favor
We're all petal pushers
Waiting to blossom from the buzzin'
Not everyone has the will to stem tall
Some may wilt away; Some may brighten the day
But, I just want to floret
And never look back
Dancing on the breeze like a leaf
Forgetting the roots
What a relief
Gifts from my mother
Were paper cuts from packages
That twinged and throbbed.
Beautiful bows in colorful patterns created a corset to not be removed.
Ribbons formed webs inside my chest.
They trap guilt, dread, and shame.
Now you give me a band-aid, scissors, and kisses.
And I know I'm enough.
He gives me emotional gifts every day that are intangible. And there are no strings attached. Love breeds love when you know you are worthy of it.
Eyithen Oct 5
Beware the snakes beneath your feet
Beware the guys who are lonely and nice.
Beware the ones who lie with smiles
And look at you with hidden lust

Listen to the voice in your head,
The one screaming "Beware!"
As soon as you turn your back the viper will be there
He is always lurking, nipping at your heals
Making you think your safe while waiting to strike
He will put candy in your drink or let you doom yourself

You've given me no reason to doubt,
yet I find myself wanting to escape.
This feeling in my gut, I head it's urgent warnings
Stay with the crowd, don't let him get too close.

What is going through your head?
What do you really think?
What goes through your mind when you look at me?
You say let's have a drink.

You scared me, so I reacted.
I hurt you, as witnessed by the angry red on your skin.
It was all fun and games, at least at the time.
And it makes me sick to think
That you liked it when I did that
When I showed you my strength

Beware the cunning snake, they are the most unpredictable
At least fuckboys know their jerks,
You know what their after.
What you see is what you get,
It's almost honest in a sense.

Looking back I see it,
All the little signs.
Good thing I stayed clear
Good thing I drew the line

It is obsessive,
Your emotions towards me.
You would hurt me if you thought it best
You would tell me not to cry
Whispering delusional I love you' s

I am always looking for you
Expecting to see you watching
Cause I am afraid of the beast I unleashed
When I gave you nothing

I saw it in your eyes very briefly,
The anger and coldness.
The reason to keep my distance.
I'm glad I broke your heart
So I'm not put in unwanted positions

You tell me your sick
I question your words.
If its pity your after,
If your trying to make me stay,
Well I'm sorry to tell you,
But this stops today

You're drowning
And I won't let you pull me down too,
So I block you on snapchat, on Facebook, and Insta.
I delete your number and the voicemails you left,
Because the relief I feel lets me know
That I made the right choice by letting you go.
Sharon Talbot Sep 26

Mourning is an eerie thing,
Not always tied to death.
It may celebrate or sing,
May widen eyes or lighten breath,
May bring unexpected things.

Sometimes it is a wayward thief,
That steals among the tombs;
It can alter feelings, and twist beliefs,
Searching for less bitter rooms,
Yet it brings a strange relief.

The heart may not know it,
Nor the mind accept it,
But it may be for the best.
As it guides the sorrowful away from grief,
To a long and healing rest.
I was seated at his bed-side
When I heard him say -

‘I shall not die as an idler crowding the city-square,
Nor shall I die an idolater still in need of help;
I would prefer to die alone enduring my sufferance.'

He did not speak aloud but seemed to have lost faith;
He ignored the sharp breeze that blew across his face forcing him to blink;
I knew he hated the fierceness of the sun now briefly hidden by the clouds about
to rain.
And, he had been a long time away.

We were discussing death.

I had come to inquire about his health and not talk about his death.

He was not a stranger.

I asked -

‘Why must you die with no one to know about your endurance,
I thought death was cruel and painful when it takes away life.'

To this he softly replied -

‘At the moment of death, one sees no flowers bloom and hears no sound.
But one feels warmth spread from head to foot
And sees in his mind a flame casually burn out.
There is certainly no escape from death.
No one can prevent death.
Facing death is not easy.
No one wants to die;
I shall have to endure this painful thought.
No one need know about this sufferance.
But, if there is no pleasure in being born,
There is a touching sense of relief when one dies.'

Then, suddenly closing his eyes he went to sleep.
Once again we have arrived
This same beautiful moment
Feeling the universe alter in my presence
Allowing me to
Amongst the starry night of my mind
Where new horizons await
It's good to back again
Madisen Kuhn Sep 18
i could be that girl
whose voice is low and melodic
and coats your mouth with
acacia honey
whose eyes are the color
and depth of
whose presence is thick like
new york summers
rosy like
los angeles in early spring
if i braid flowers into my hair
if i write enough poems
if i learn to show the skin of my essence
but remain an abyss—
i will stop making art
when i become it
Sky Yang Sep 15
i swallow hard and the act breaks me in two, a deafening crack and the crease on my neck gives way like grandma's Russian doll i thought would never open again
Hannah Sep 9
I had a dream I killed you.
Cold blooded blood on my hands.
Heat swells and expands,
The space I held for patience was small to begin with,
And in my dreams it explodes.
I watch everything explode.
The only thing I feel is relief; love was a myth and I’m tired of the grief.
id like to thank you
and my persistence
for helping me realize
what ive needed to realize
for so long.

because you showed me
you dont really care anymore
i am able to put myself
over you.

im not going to do things
do catch your attention
or make you think of me.
im not going to write
about the heartbreak
and heartache
you brought me.
im not going to listen
to those songs
and feel an empty space
[the space you used to fill]

i finally feel okay
with you being gone.
i feel a weight off of my shoulders.
i can finally move on
and find happiness
thats not with you.
the thing is, how long until i miss you again?
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