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LC Sep 13
my fingers fell into cinnamon buns.
the sticky, sweet icing coated my nails.
the residue - stubborn and unyielding -
but enticing to lick, making me sick.

then my lips flirted with sultry wine
that pulled me into its safe embrace,
letting me breathe a sigh of relief
as I stared into space, enamored.
JKirin Sep 5
Magic beans and fairytale lattes
ease your burdens, supply you with strength.
To survive through yet one of your Mondays,
sip the warmth and release a held breath.
about the magic of coffee
Àŧùl Aug 13
I lay prone on the bed.
What's under me?
Under me is my gun,
This gun has a gazillion bullets,
What for? For shooting towards you,
And where are you?
You lie further underneath me,
You lie supine, with your hills grazing my torso.

I touch your soft hills with my strong hands,
And you make sounds in ecstasy, not the drug, but the experience.
My gun travels in & out of your *****,
And your nails dig deeper into my back.

You express pleasure,
My sweat drips on your throat.
You express pain,
My pace increases in ecstasy.

You start squirming underneath,
You vibrate furiously along me,
I shoot my excited gun at last,
What for?
No, not for taking your life,
But as you are my wedded wife,
Together we should create new life.

You whimper,
I whisper.
You cry,
I pry.
You are relieved,
I am pleased.
We are successful.
My HP Poem #1938
©Atul Kaushal
Paul NP Jul 25
When I breathe my body is relieved.
Where once timber, now limber.
My posture is vibrant and silent.
I'm cleansing my Violet.
Violet where once crown, no longer a frown because
I'm grounding, I'm grounding until my soul is unbound.
I'm breathing, and when I'm breathing laughter reveals me but I focus, I focus and I don't let it seal me.
I'm cooling, I'm cooling, and soothing my soul, so that it may stay open for one and for all.
I meditate
I abbreviate, small glimpses of light.
So that the sugar of my solar may fall out - from my sight.
I am serious, and my breath is sinuous.
It awakens my mind,
But these competitive thoughts: they do not oblige.
So I keep breathing and breathing for full conscious feeling and through this procession my spirit is right.
Spirit pouring out of my pores.
I am rich with inner vision.
What sun shall I bring up to clear division.
What light shall I pour out tonight, Oh Sun
I am ready to stand up for what's right.
Deep Breathing Sessions
I'm sorry for my insensitive question
But what's done is done.
You didn't have to go to your daddy
You could've just told me
You didn't have to escalate this
You took away my morning that was somewhat full of bliss
Now I'm feeling all emotion
I already deal with so much with my own situation
It was my own fault for trying to be a decent human being
I'll just go on carrying
Carrying all the negativity i experience on a daily basis
If it's not one thing it's another bringing me no kind of solace
I've already been through so much
My heart is already hobbling around as if on a crutch
It's been battered so much by what people say
It may be cliche but no, I'm not okay.
I joined a car accident support group after my car accident and a couple days ago i made the mistake of asking a sensitive question to one of the members and she ended up telling her dad but thankfully the dad and i hashed it out.
Elizabethanne Jul 16
You’re haunting me
Rattling my bones with such a sweet song
The melody is setting my spine in a way
that causes my teeth to ache  
It’s the first taste of devastating paired with final notes of irreparable

I have your memory
Buried underneath my bed
slipped between folded up t-***** and double knotted
into the laces of my doc martins
hidden yet taken with me everywhere I go
It’s gonna end up driving me mad if I let it  

You’re haunting me
Yet here I am trying to exorcize my past
sinking my memories of you
right back into your dusted bones
I have you rolling over in your grave
Assured in your afterlife
this secret and I would go quietly into the night
Only I came back screaming

(my knuckles are skinned to the bone)
(but I will keep fighting. I will keep fighting)

I hear you singing in victory
Can you hear me
Answering back

- A secret for the night
Leah Carr Jul 5
I'm out
I'm free
Free to breathe in the unpolluted air
Free to listen to the unbroken quiet
Free to...
b e   f r e e
Just come home after 5 weeks in hospital :)
clmathew May 29
written May 25th, 2021

I want to weep
for all those lost

I rend my garments
for those without hope

I tear at my hair
for those in pain now

I bow my head
for those who will hurt
(which is all of us)

my lamentation sings out
so they know they are not alone

my words rise up
as my tears spill down
onto the page

let my tears - this lamentation
purchase a moment of relief from the gods
for the lost, without hope
hurting and in pain

the gift of one
deep sweet breath
filled with peace.
Presumptuous of me, but I would if I could, make this grief be worth something to someone.
stillhuman May 1
It usually starts like this
My heart beats loud and angry
cracking my bones crushing my chest
My breath escapes me
empties my lungs as if i have run
My mind creates a thought
a terrible thought
then exchanges it for another
and another and another
moving too fast making it hard
to follow the line of thought
that causes my lips to bleed
from where my teeth bite them
and to others i look calm
barely pensive
maybe stressing
but my body is still like rock
and hot like fever
it can't catch up with my thoughts
and the voices in my head
i didn't do enough i didn't stop it
i didn't care enough why didn't i drop it
it should be me suffering not you
suffocating in cluttering feelings
and conversation smothering
everything you are

And then
I hear you
and You are fine 
just too busy
to answer my calls
So it falls
My chest from where it was tensing
And I
I could never let you know this feeling, the guilt would eat your heart out
Martin Boško Apr 26
I am done with this life
I am done with this sorrow
Ending the strife
For a better tomorrow
It’s a new day, the one I longed
And as if by a wave of a magic wand
The sorrow is in the past
But I still wonder, how long will it last?
The hurdle was conquered, once and for all
And I can once again be standing tall
Rose glasses are on my eyes
I don’t seem to remember these awful lies
I have whispered to myself at night
For now, I have won the fight
But will I win the war?
I don’t know, let’s see what the future has in store
Written the day I passed my finals and got my degree
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