Erin 2d

I want to hide,
Somewhere tragedy can't find me
Somewhere I am free without responsibility
Where mental illness isn't draining
When I still have hope remaining
When every breath comes out with ease
This I am begging you please,
Just take me, I need time
To learn to breathe again

Once again, I feel as if I am slowly going crazy
TG 2d

Spring rain hangs in the air
   she dances beneath the cherry blossoms
a storm of petals,
                    stars falling from her eyes,                    
a distant clap of thunder.

TG 3d

My demons came
marching like a band
into the night in chains.
Singing songs of the
promises I once made,
waving white flags
in scripted in blood
from the secrets
that was not mine
to keep.

TG 5d

You rehearsed your lies
like incantations
weaving it into poetry,
reverberating iridescent
echoes upon my foolish heart.


"I love you"
"I want a lifetime of us"
"It was just once with her.. I promise."

TG 7d

You find yourself from discovering the things you are not.

you are not what they call you.
you are what you call yourself.
you are not the things you failed at.
you are the lessons you learn from your experiences.
you are not the brands you wear.
you are the things you read to inform yourself.
you are not the circumstances you were born into.
you are what you make of your circumstances.
you are not depression, anxiety or eating disorder.
you are the every inch of the smile you wear despite that struggle.
you are not the people who left you behind.
you are the person you choose to become when they are gone.
you are not the ideals society imposes upon you.
you are the truth you honor despite what they tell you.
you are not the rubble they discarded.
you are the empire you built from the ruins they left behind.

TG Apr 16

Arms to hold us up
when our legs buckle
from under us
and lips to kiss us
good morning.

TG Apr 15

As a writer, I learned to dance with
my demons at the typewriter,
and poetry is the song
of the struggle that ended
in an entwined embrace.

To understand,
the different dimensions
that tortures one's soul;
is the reason why I write.
That is the reason for my existence.
That is what freedom means to me.

Pax Apr 15

I write not because i seek your truth,
i just do - for someone who seeks
understanding in all the doors we see.

I write not because i seek your pity,
i just do - for someone who seeks
understanding in all tough roads we
go through.

I write not because this is a job,
i just do - for someone who seeks
relief to the burden he has not
spoken out loud.


Down in the depths of hell,

where even demons hesitate to visit,

there was a moment.

The moment of enlightenment,

gifted upon me by some part of my mind,

some desperate part of my mind,

full of longing and death.

The darkest moment

became the sunrise of my life.

I knew I would die,

if not that day,

then another.

I knew that I came here for a purpose

and got distracted by all the suffering.

I got so distracted

that I began to think that my purpose

was just that,

to suffer; nothing more.

I realized that my willingness to suffer,

my willingness even to die,

was the very spark of inspiration I


to accomplish my many ambitions and


I did not give up

and I will not give up

because I love this world,

and all of the life in it.

I did not give up

because I have a dream.

I have a dream that one day I will wake up

and everyone around me will have stopped suffering;

they will have surrendered to the beauty

and joy of life

and of Love.

Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq

One can find what one thought one has lost
No matter how trivial this loss
Might seem to others.
Thank God.

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