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I feel almost weightless,
As I notice all my problems
Fading into the nonsense
To which they belong.
Serenity reigns,
Everything is calm now.
A deep sentiment of rationality
Pervades my mind:
Everything is in the right place,
Everything is in the right time,
Everything is in the right order.
Everything makes sense.
Everything is just fine.
Everything seems so quiet,
So calm and still,
That I feel like
Nothing could ever affect me.
I am ethereal-minded,
I am like sunset on a lake,
I am like the breeze on my face,
I am like a deep underwater cave,
I am almost weightless.
And that's the best I've ever had.
Poetic T Sep 29
Waking up isn't the

The struggle, is lasting
        the day.

To realise you have another
                  morning to feel alive.
Flower C Sep 18
Charming lucent glow,
Burnt my skin as I take hold,
Solace when let go.
it may seem hurtful, but letting go sometimes helps, no matter how big of a deal it was for you.
Enigma GD Sep 16
As the morning sunshine warms their wings
The colourful choir will begin to sing
Beneath the trees it will start to glow
And everything that knows how will continue to grow

The light will dance, such beautiful tones
Above my old decaying bones
The soil will shift and start to fill
And the earth will go on as I am finally still

No more thoughts, no more mess
No more love to confess
I'll be a memory, then even less
A Stone, a rock, a ground at best
Äŧül Sep 7
The world doesn't hate me
It's too indifferent, you see...

Gusts of hot winds of change
They still remain hot and torrid...

It's like I walk alone in a desert
Your love is my oasis...
My HP Poem #1767
©Atul Kaushal
In my hand I hold a ****** pen
repeatedly staked
into my hole ridden heart.
-As I write walls around my mind,
I am locked so far away
from the scolding stares
of ignorant eyes.
I mark the trail of my escape by
Silently bleeding ink across the canvas,
that is my written world.

In my shaking hand I hold a pen,
A sword secretly unsheathed each night
To resist  the unrelenting
demons that dance in the depths of my mind.
Afraid to succumb to sleep
for the fight to seize a soul so shattered
that it longer swings, slashes and stabs
at the black hands holding down
the broken body
desperate for demented thoughts to dissipate.

In my hands I no longer hold a pen,
as out the throat that screams
of a self fulfilling prophesy of pain
protrudes a pen,
and as only silence survives
an empty shell stares back,
haunted by what I've done
longingly gazing at the light far above
as I crawl out the  black pit
I willingly plunged into
for the last time.
Sometimes writing is an escape, other times it takes you to the deepest part of your mind that you fear, and sometimes it's the strength needed to break free from the hold of the darkest parts of your life.
ChrisYellow Sep 2
A carcass of your touch,
with mint pop gum
A shadow adrift of a cloth
used on the floor hanging to dry.

You came back! Knee on
the stone step of this front porch
as last night on my pillow, vowing...
to stay for good, to make it better.

But... You left!
My thoughts drifted to when you did,
that salted dam released my burden,
I felt the air enclosed in no more.

At last,
my tongue gained ghostly words, its last:
"I am sorry, but I can't... let you in.
I'd love to trust your word, but... I... don't.?!"

So my hand closed
the heavy door of wood
and after facing it motionless
I too... left.
those eyes are scarred
from damaged winds
on pavement singed

rent scenes recite
a diatribe
how do you live

holes dirtied leak
torn shadows sigh
they shelter filth

you cull the heat
until dice turns
to excise rage

with scalpel sharp
reprieve in sight
a poor man's

At times we see old eyes pass us by, biding their time.  It may be on the street, in a bus or train.
Sometimes we see it in the mirror.  We know we would never do the deed. We seek to rise above injustice, to transform. But the primitive mind wants its moment, if only in mind ©
Empire Aug 19
Lately, restraint has been my enemy
Too controlled
Too obsessive
Too withdrawn

But tonight
It saved me

In my head for dayyyssss
Endless barrage of temptation

...the scar has nearly faded...                          ...what if you just.....

...what would it look like...              

do you remember the feeling?

do you remember the rush?

don't you deserve that?


I was looking forward to it
But I knew I shouldn't
I reached out
Sought help

And you know what?
It felt pretty good.
Actually kinda proud of myself tonight
Neha Sharma Aug 9
I am in pain,
You are my relief.
You are amiable.
You are really sweet.
You are the reason of my Smile.
And the reason why my heart beat.
You are my life.

~your smiling queen :)
This is what you are for me, but I am Nothing for you.
You left me broken.
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