Pains gauging  

Looking across the room

my pain relief...

when ever in pain my wife is the antidote, just a look soothes me.
JAC 3d

The sea has a way of forgiving
without apologizing for anything.
She swims far from humanity
yet she invites us in,
she pulls at our sands
and it lulls us to relief
while offering sustenance
and cold, sweet belief -
but when she wants us out,
she throws us like ships,
pieces of a hard-lost board game,
and if we try to resist her,
she takes us in,
and she apologizes,
but does not forgive us.

For my darling, the sea.

Could this be
the very sea
that carries me
from poem to poem?

Deep sleep
Provides relief
From the grief
Of a marriage that's dying
And a nation that has reverted
To Authoritarianism.

Richard Jul 14

Used to stay up till she'd fallen asleep,
Used to talk about the secrets of the universe,
Used to talk about the color of the ant.
Used to move and laugh
Used to sit together, happy in a silence.

Look at us now.

Use to fall asleep while she's up,
Don't use to talk about our worries,
Don't use to talk about our interests.
Don't use to laugh at crazy nothings
Don't use to have the same happy silence.

And the crazy long kisses.

It means that you feel the same?

You are the saddest person I know.
You are the most beautiful person.
You are still the only one.

I don't know what has changed.
I don't know if it's just your sadness.
I don't know if it's me.

Would love to help you.
Would love to be here with you.
Would love to know if I still have you.

Do you want my help?
Do you want me to be next to you?
Do you feel like a part of me?

Life is cruel.
It's hard to live for you, I know.
It's the unknown pain for me, I know.
It feels better to be alone, I know.

You need to understand
That I only want to help you,
That I want to see smile on you,
That I would give the world to you,
That I'm here for you,
That I just want to be with you.

That I don't understand where are you.

I love you.

It's hard to explain, but it is right from my heart. This time I don't know how to feel about her. I have so much on my mind, it's so painful, it hurts. And pain like this, when it's kept in you for so long, needs to be released. I usually release it by drawing, but it returns every time and is stronger and stronger. So I decided to write a poem this time. Hope you will understand my feelings thanks to this.
Noné Billi Jul 10

I have a fear
A sense of doubt,
And I never wish
To let it out.

But in mind,
It haunts me so
Slithers about
In the darker groves.
And at moments
When I'm alone,
It sneaks on me
With its nasty hold.

It coils around my neck,
It scales the span
Of my body,
Pulling on me
Making me pale
And my body wobble.
Looks me in the eyes,
Hurts me till I cry,
I beg for relief
But I find myself
Escaping to a morbid sleep.

And before I die,
It lets me go.
Grins at me
And I know.
If I bury these things
Again it will show.

Noné Billi Jul 10

Deep in the forest sound
All is lost in mellow ground.
The birds don't chirp
And the leaves lay no alarm,
Deep in a place where none
Are ever harmed.

And the bark twists
In an awful way,
And the wind hisses
For travelers to go away.
Deep in a place
Of eternal stay.
Those who are brief
Never receive welcome.

All that you do,
Is never replayed.
All that you say
Gets buried in the ground.
No peeping eyes
No ears of another
Deep in the forest sound
You can let out
All that raging thunder.

A place of secrets,
Your only personal wonder.
Deep in the forest sound.

Neureaux Jul 10

Eyes hooked to the target
Feeling like an animal
Zebra and Floral
Arouses the flesh and enthralls the mind

Black steam builds with pressure
Instincts conjured to the surface
A true champion of salacious feats

Pleasure is boiling
Concentration dripping from forehead
With sturdy arms
Afflictions are cast out

The forbidden fruit leaks wine
Glory to the daughters of Eve
Heaven is ripped from the sky
And shredded onto my brain

Sanny Jul 5

I've imagined our farewell so many times,
hugs and sweet words of an impossible love.

I really thought I knew when I was going to see you for the last time,
I even planned it.

How I would walk out that door to never look back.
With my head held high, the feeling of relief, freedom.

Little did I know that it already happened, and I missed my que.

Instead of my moment of glory I walked out in anger, with my last words still saved.

The big moment I've been waiting for..


It was nothing like I imagined.

No doves flied off the ground, no cheering croud, the skies didn't clear for me.

It was a night drowning in alcohol and emptiness, it was our song.
It was grief.

That's what it was.

But i was the one writing the final chapter about us. I gave us closure.

Now it's time to close the book, to put it on the shelf of memories.

Each a different sea,
a sea nonetheless.

The one on your side has a warm embrace.
Mine wraps me up in a cold breeze whispering defeat.

Your beach holds sand to thrust your feet into,
leaving a lasting impression of your skin against its grains.
Mine is a bed of rocks.
Which shoot up cold shivers against my spine that no longer tell lies.

Your bed is soft lace-wrapped,
skin peaking through.
Mine are cold sheets,
tie me down against an empty mattress.

One solace is firewater that promises softer sleep,
a diluted reality,
and memories miles away.

Long fingers,
cold skin.
Daydreaming of sheathing your sword in my warm ribs.
Rough night, sweat drenched with teeth awaiting a taste.

Bubble-wrapped I wonder if there is a chance.
Tiptoe and steal one last piece of vivaciousness.
Breath in, smell relief.

Mariah Cuch Jun 28

Her body stopped fighting
Her heart became willing
To feel again

Drunk butterflies

Her ache pulled him in deep
Her heart warm with his heat
To feel again

Drunk butterflies

Her hunger fed with passion
Her heart race to exhaustion
To feel no more

Drunk butterflies

Drunken with your seed

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