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2am talking to you...
The hum of a neon sign, Emitting light so tranquil
Purple Luminescence on your face. The sparkle in your eye, it brings life to all...
The smile in your words     In comparison everything so small.    

In conversation vocalising the deep within

What can I say, 2am there is no filter Here.

The euphoria so intense
all Existence has so much Distance,
the world fades away...

Quizzed with the words you speak
Everything begins to dull
Everything so quiet and clear

The realisation of how much I hold you dear
I'd hate to think what I'd do  
Without you here
At the end of the day,
You’re left lying in your cold bed
All that warmth you felt ,
Evaporated into the mist of the night.  
You feel empty, and lost.
You can’t dream,
Because it’s for the fortunate,
You know your worth,
And you know what you can never be.
You smile, a sense of solitude
The lost hope,
A glimmering promise
Lost in the depths of the world,
The life that we call our own.
The place for crime, and forgiveness,
Of success, but mostly failure.  
You thrive in the thought of your world,
What’s become of you.  
You’re lost, among the glittering fireflies,
Losing your little self you called your own.
You try to battle it out, but you’re bound.  
You cry out, no one’s there. 
You think about your life, and the forbidden realm
You know it’s the end,
Petrified, you hurry to scream,
You’re voice straining to make yourself heard,
You’re life in a nutshell,
And as your voice starts to rise,
You realise, you’ve dreamt.  

Enigma Feb 14
I used to
lay on the lonely bed,

Longing for your warm embraces.
Thinking of how when your arms wrap around me,
My whole body goes into a state of inexplicable euphoria...

About those lustful kisses
Dripping with passion,
Your lips crashing against mine,
As a faint moan escapes my lips...

Played had I continuously in my mind
these memories

And I wish I could say that,
Our time was the best...

But baby,
I have realised...

I love myself more than you!
Rants of sorts I guess XD
I dreamt of us to hold,
But reality kicked me so bold.
I thought living in tales,
but truth showed me it fails.
I always thought my happiness
starts with you,
But guess what reality showed me,
To find my happiness in new.
I no longer get bothered by bad dreams,
Neither do I wake up and screams.
Yes, reality hits me hard,
But it also showed me the part,
The real love began with me,
I just need to open my eyes and see.
when you realize you are more important than anyone else
Word farer Feb 5
There's no book
There's no person
There's no friend
There's no film
There's no sage
Nor there's no song  
There is nobody in this world or maybe universe which can make us understand what true love is . Its the feeling, emotion, that is just understood by our heart, soul , and feelings !
Word farer Feb 3
Love gives us such a pain
Love leaves us hurt
Which can neither be hided nor be shown !
The most beautiful feeling is the one which we experience as the heart break which not only makes us strong and makes us realise our strength and weaknesses but also makes us mature enough to love someone who's worth it !!
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