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Daisy Marrow Nov 2013
And right before your eyes I'm dying
and breaking,
falling to pieces.
You try to pick them up but they turn to dust in your hands.
You find yourself gripping your hair and turning to tears
not quite sure you're fully letting this sink in.
You've been in this hospital chair for so many years
but you never thought that one day it'll actually come to an end.
This is the last time you find yourself here
This is the last time you'll hear me say your name.

I'm you're little brother, not a soldier.
I wasn't built for a life on the line.
I did what you told me and I'm drained out.
You regret it
I know, you told me so many times over.
But that doesn't fix it,
It won't make me better this time.

I'm lying here, breathless.
And I want you to know
That I'm okay with letting go.
I'll finally get to rest
After all these years.

Tell me what you have to say
and I'll carry it to my grave
to think of all the time.
You'll still be my brother
even when I'll be on the other side,
and you're left here to create fresh tracks
on your own without someone as your guide.
Dean and Sam Winchester
Let me die
in a battle
with sharpened metal
As I put down my weapon of distance
til now a bow has always been my choice of resistance

let me be an animal
tearing flesh from my enemy
with sharpened teeth
the breaking of bones
skin tightens, body crumbles underneath
I'll go back to stick and stones
Bleeding til I'm dry
finally feeling terribly alive
before I end and die

But before
let me run
with wolves across these snowy hills
let me paint in red
in the heat of the midday sun
let me be the whale close to the shore
til the hunters come to get their kills
Bleeding til I'm dry
before I end and die

But until then
let me be courageous
let me be poison and contagious
like a venomous reptile
trying to survive me will be futile
I'll take all those who lay their hands on me
with me into agony
finally understanding the beauty
of life and death
I will show my natural fury
and never again be silent nor deaf
Bleeding til I'm dry
before I end and die

Wild and burning in life's fire
insight will come as my flames grow taller
And I know only in the wilderness
I won't be doomed as a pariah
Only there I can find the truth
and there is none to confess
As I bleed and live another day
far away
from human's self-glorifying mess
Bleeding til I'm dry
before I end
Throw everything at me,
My wings has been crushed from the hands of a dark horse
He held up my will
As His life brought up an unstoppable force
But throughout all pain and sacrifice,
I will survive,
I will survive.

Leave me without a home
Watch my faith
Make amends with my broken soul
I bow my head in hopes of seeing a brighter day
But smoke still circles the pathway.
Even though I scream to the sun
With weary dried eyes
I will survive,
I will survive.

You may stab me with your words
As you know, it is my worst enemy
My pain is discreet
Stand firm by what I believe
" Lord is my shepard, I shall not want! "
--What is evil ?
He does not know the remedy.
Disguise is incognito
Words do not match the book of my story.
You can mix, burn, or rip the pages up
I shall keep on writing..
I will survive,
I will survive.

Examine the road of my life
Can God hear my cries ?
Who knew envy could create dark filled nights,
I am like a trapped prisoner who only wants freedom for his rights..
Searching for my clipped wings
So I can one day fly again..
Until then, Write me down in history
As that lonely lost soul..
I will survive,
I will survive.

Drugs contain compounds
Not naturally derived
Not nature's intention
We don't eat jellyfish

Yet, we disect them
And process them
To make pills
To ease the pain

Is this part
Of the Devine plan
To make ourselves

We are meant to hurt
We are meant to suffer
We are meant to die
Not live forever

Is population control

Only the strongest
Will survive
This is
Nature's Devine plan

Only the smartest
Who survive
The digital age
Will find freedom

When we all convert
To ones and zeros
Will we finally realize
Anya 4d
My mother’s favorite color is green
But I never understood why
I don’t dislike it
I couldn’t see myself being attracted
In flights of fancy
I understand

To me
Is the color of the plants,
leaves of trees
My mother’s favorite color

Of those things I take for granted
Those everyday things...

That are essential to me

It may not be the color that grabs my attention
But rather
Like a steady boat
Keeping me afloat
My stability
Not a want,
This is
“Don’t be a fucking child”
This is
“If you love me you’ll do this”
This is
“Dude she’s so drunk right now”
I never thought I would become
“Did you hear what happened to her”
This is
“That’s why you don’t wear skirts that short”
( drink that much. Lead him on. Go out alone)
This was
A cautionary tale against monsters
That prowl in the night
( only sometimes they wear)
( blue eyes. Blonde hair. Nice smiles.)
Maybe it should have been
“ what a tragedy “
Only it’s always
“ a tragedy”
“Any everyday thing”
( common place)
Not an
“Fucking epidemic”
( everyone should be angry. Angry. Angry.)
( everyone has blind eyes)
“Unacceptable the state things are in”
( it is just women. Plenty more where she came from)
this is rape culture
- This is to many fucking times
EP Robles Sep 11
i birthed one of my famous dreams
   last night  and invited the
whole town.    every inconsiderate
  thought came   and the flat shadows
    of my dearest fears.
  the Child with no face on the sidewalk
outlines in broad strokes
     Despair.  a piece of dove of peace
  smothered in regrets on a wooden table
served on a terrace of blinding terror.
  only the smallest of facts carry
the greatest stories of which this one
is condemned to 3 o'clock each mourning.
       before heaven awakens.
       before sizzling strains
           of gravity prove awakened
               minds are too heavy.
as the rest of the town hides everywhere
   that sanity has escaped i press
hard into my eyes by thumbs to forget.
             manifested dreams is a sidecar
of my mental vehicle.  again at sunrise
    to find that one last star yet devoured
by daylight.  a wish upon that remaining
  survivor -- allow this to be me!

:: 09-10-2018 ::
What more to say.
Jeff S Sep 3
an arid earth can suffer to gag
through the suffocation of its tenants,
flailing with torrential—cataclysmic—seismic
limbs at the cold-hand smothering by
a race in apathy.

though, let's not just yet, not yet
pull the bullets from our guns.
You are the artist
Your body is the canvas
Blank and Empty
You hold the brush

You are the artist
With each motion
Of your hand
Red Strokes appear
Each time, darker than its parallel

You are the artist
Look at what you have created
A picture that will never fade
With pain-t that will never age.
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