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I ran off on the plug
He knew what he signed up for. Never trust a man that has nothing to lose with you as an opportunity to gain more traction more steam.
I want to live like a king whether it be by getting a corporate job with a high salary or  running with ratchets attached with a red beam.
Consequences will come as they always do with any situation but we’re not here to go over any stipulations as to what’s right and wrong
I’m looking for one major lick I been plotting on running up on papi get in and out with everything he has then leaving town I’m gone.
Where I’m from people barely live to see 25 I’m pushing 30 with nothing going after this lick I’ll be 15 again and can’t feel more alive.
All I have to do is make it.
Tears welled in the mourning of everything unwritten.

The mind's starvation is the stagnation of the imagination.

Survival has been no serenade.
A small man with a big smell
when his seldom washed clothes were drying after rain.
Stubble chin, fish eye, loose lip
but always ready for0 the tankard's rim,                                    
especially if you were buying.

One of the dark ones, relics of the Bronze Age,
whose ancestors had thrown their seed,
thin grain upon the small and bitter acres that he worked.

Only the rocks grow well in the fields of the grey hills!

At first I thought him diminished,
crushed by the land itself,
it's possession a cancer devouring
and defeat an old coat lashed round his middle with wire.

But drunk once, on a market day,
lowing and jammed like stalled beasts
into the FARMERS bar, he stumbled,
hugged me close to steady himself
and roared out loud to the heedless herd,
with arm outstretched, ******* to the world,
"****** you boys! I am still here!

Nobody heard but me,
whose ear was riven by that yell
and sprayed with rich spittle.

True though, despite the braggadocio of beer,
with the grain of him deep and compacted
like the rocks he fought, he did endure.
here's a memory of a man i knew for a while when living and working in the far west of Cornwall
Flame of the pale candle
Still seeming
Yet raging core of an unseen vortex
Where the physics of burning
Drew in atoms of oxygen
Dust motes
And the reeling moth
With sooty wings
Who flew too close.

But, unlike Icarus
Gathered the wax
Not lost it
Winnowed the fire
Not left it untouched
And did not plunge
Into an extinguishing sea.
You're the one standing last
When the world is so doomed
Time is flowing too fast
Filled with hatred
and gloom
You don't hope to survive
But you watch all the same
Don't you give up on life,
Lonely man with no name
apocalyptic something
M Vogel Feb 4
D Vanlandingham

I have gotten to the place
where I hate most everything
Except for the deep, raw truth

      of true brokenness.

And the love that I feel
for those  left so alone
undoes the twist of my hatred,

Bringing a warmth  that
keeps me alive, in my deep longing
to be with beautiful spirits,


i love you
Delyla Nunez Jan 29
You called your parents, told them to get you.
I asked you to pack your stuff, my dad was coming to renew the room.
We argued over your assumptions,
By then i didn’t have it in me to care anymore.

I let you continue your behavior of throwing things like a child.
Temper tantrum’s and screams.
Didn’t know I was with a child.

So many false promises and failing to realize the situation at hand.
Now here I stay trying to clear my name of the lies you told to “save” yourself.

I never wanted to hate you,
But never did I expect you to **** my life the way you did.
I wish you’d stop lying.
Harassing me in the false pretenses you have.

Maybe one day you’ll grow up.
One day I hope you don’t scare them like you did me.
Maybe you’ll truly love them the way I loved you.

I will see you in court the next time we meet.
And I will be anything but sweet.
Judge says to not speak to you. So I won’t and will gladly do so.
Carlo C Gomez Jan 26
Strange object at sundown

Brittle heart

Living off the salt

Fighting for survival

Faithful as dogs

Broken as rock

The soil taking its soul

In the blaze of the sun

Stinging itself to death
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