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Jeff Lewis Sep 24
Such amazing strength,
To be so weak and
Yet survive.
Weak by choice or station?
Fire sprites
Slowly through
Winds far and wide
Blow through
The flames spread
The raging dance the
Proud glance
You rage forward through
The nights roar blowing out
The light, Hiding
Waiting in the darkest
Blackest night
Arden Sep 23
Hey dysphoric trans girl,

I see you.
Your outfit is really cute today.
And I'm really proud of you for getting
Our of bed with such grace.
The weight of dysphoria is heavy
Let me carry it with you.
You're essential to the world we live in.
You're more than a trending topic.
Your bodies existence is a radical act
And it's survival is worthy of celebration
Disappointment *****.
Being able to still be disappointed
Means you are engaged in your life.
You are an active player.
That's good!
Every part of you is a girl.
Especially the part you don’t like today.
Your voice, hands, and feet are feminine
What else could they be

A dysphoric trans boy
you were going.
the world did not
fade today; its colours were bright and alive
with the summer’s air, and you said,
‘i’d better stay
just a moment longer.’
Alexander Sep 16
I can live without you,
But I can’t sit here and pretend
It would be fun.
I am fully capable of surviving on my own.
d Sep 12
I know that I have loved more
than I have loved less.
And I have slept through nights in
unsure places;
written letters just in case.

And I have woken up with just enough promise that the earth had to still be turning on its axis.
I have lived through days that I
thought wouldn’t exist.

Futures have become pasts and
moments I thought I would never reach
have been held in my hands just long enough.

I have trusted this vessel of a body to
keep me upright even when my
knees have collapsed and even when
my voice has rattled in my throat
like a warning sign.

I have seen nothing and I
have held onto everything and I know
that I have loved more
than I have loved less.
Caroline Sep 10
There is a darkness,
No, a place of emptiness,
Where everything is nothing but mist
And fog and it stretches forever with no beginning and no end
And I can see it when I close my eyes.
And all of the color of life
Even the chatter of my children through the house
Is drowned by
The thickness of this dense shroud
Laying heavy between the broken fragments of my mind.
Neurons and synapses are scattered like ruined monuments to some other country and I can’t
Recall its name.
My country fell and I can’t stand.
I’m cold tonight and thinking of snow;
The way it could fall upon my face and deafen all of these rough voices.

I would just let go.
I'm ok, but this is what depression feels like. I've been there and I survived and sometimes I still have to fight the pull of that darkness inside, even though I'm always smiling. If you've been there, too, you are not alone <3
Sara Kellie Aug 29
Take a pop,
Sling a shot,
Marble in a hole.
These are games
we used to play.
All strikers
scoring goals.

Now we're all
just goalkeepers
trying to save it all.
Hold on to things
we never had
without dropping
the ball.

Poetry by Kaydee.
How it goes
I remember on shattered ashes
And the frigidity of the musky noon
Rumbling gently on our scale-like frame

Whilst the lonely light evanesced in the dark alley
For the ***** of truth it proclaimed
Alike Elymas, bitter cecity we had stroked

No tinge of light could be sensed
To ken the changes of good and evil
Evil and evil sprouted
Resonating for all to embrace.
The poem evinces the failure of a group of people to proclaim the truth. The poet tells us about how they enjoyed the past moments while the present and the future represents the reverse. They allowed fear to becloud their sense of proper reasoning and judgement thereby making their abode the chagrin of the alliens.
Em MacKenzie Aug 20
I’m breaking down along with our economy
and all around they only want more from me.
The end of my rope but I’ve been tethering,
searching out hope but it’s straining and weathering.
Who cares? There’s nothing good to find,
the never ending stairs within my mind,
I’ve kept going, without knowing,
and there’s no result showing.

If you ask me what I’ve wanted the most,
it’s to destroy this parasite; I’m not much of a host.
I’m just waiting, debating
and operating almost like a robot.
I walk alone, I have no home.

I think I’ll crash if I continue going at this rate,
or maybe just break down; it’s still up for debate.
It seems like everyone in the world is ******* me
except for the select few who I wouldn’t mind *******.
Wouldn’t it be exciting for our system to start igniting?
But you know we’d foot the bill
‘cause we’re paying them still.
They crave our money and vote but don’t care to hear us speak,
so my sincerest thanks for letting me work to barely eat.

If you ask me what I’ve wanted the most,
it’s to have an outside life; this routine’s made me a ghost.
It’s been draining, to be maintaining
this training to become a robot.

If you were to ask what our Country needed the most,
it’s lower taxes and more production from East to West coast.
We’re all slaving, and behaving
for laboursaving just like a robot.
I’m not alone, I notice each clone.
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