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George Krokos Nov 11
Shame on that country as future history will show
what it had done to the world as it began to grow;
ignoring those standards of international laws
going about its own business unmindful of flaws.

Many of the other countries it shared borders with
had complaints to make against it that were in a pith;
related to its intentions towards them that seemed
to be hostile beyond those they apparently deemed.

The global community began to be alarmed
when that country's military build-up was armed
and ready to take on any other State around
that so tried to restrict it from gaining further ground.

Regarding itself as having gained the upper hand
in the area around most of the sea and land;
ready to defend its own interests and portion
by building fortifications as a precaution.

Together with a pandemic started on its shores
and allowed to spread abroad before closing its doors
hesitating to inform the world of the virus
that was going to infect people and to harm thus.

Done for economic and strategic advantage
as the virus has spread all over the worldly stage
pushing most countries into a recession these days
being reminiscent of old times the past displays.

It seems that the ball started rolling at the end of
a trade war between it and the U.S.A. to shove
that country and any other out of the way and
to show it also really had Trump's winning card hand.

One of its main objectives was to just gain Taiwan
an island country near its shores as part of its plan
having similar ethnicity but different
in political ideology it was bent.

The tables have been turning against it for a while
as the world now looks on at the extent of its guile
for those countries that've been affected will decide
what actions to take in curbing this rogue nation's stride.

A worst case scenario would be another war
if too many thresholds for either side slam a door
into each one of their faces as they'll test the throng
and spy on what the other's doing in case it's wrong.

In order to avoid such a dire confrontation
both sides must employ high level communication
in the field of diplomacy where it's most concerned
to resolve all those issues so the world won't be burned.

The situation above may remind us about
those preceding years of the second world war to flout
that mankind doesn't need to go down this road again
unless our life and survival on earth we disdain.
Written in Oct'21.
There shouldn't be any doubt about which country is being referred to here.
A similar correlation can be said about Russia together with the outbreak of war instigated between it and the Ukraine. The war between Israel and Hamas is different but still exhibits extreme rogue like behavior by Hamas in provoking the conflict. Other nations that may fit the description of the title of this poem are North Korea, Iran and Iraq, perhaps others as well.
To survive one must
observe discipline in life
regardless of wealth
This is a Senryu as it deals with human nature. I've got all my Haiku's and Senryu's together written one after another and may have to go back and rename or re-title what I've already posted like this one above.
Jeremy Betts Feb 2018
It's a miracle that when I hit the proverbial wall I didn't split my skull right up the middle and spill it all
Not able to gain full control, a factual portrayal of self betrayal as usual
Once beautiful, evidence of it not admissible, miserable and hypocritical
A little dysfunctional don't ya know
All the scars that don't show are what slow the normal flow
Out of my mind cause its inhabitable, so I turn to a radical but experimental cure that'll baffle the medical field because its all hypothetical
What if I didn't hear my call to greatness or maybe I just dropped the ball
I could make a voodoo doll and place him at the finish line so I could win after all


My fall hit terminal velocity before I stained the city streets and still survived impossibly
Low visibility so there's no way to see what's right here in front of me
All the money in the world couldn't put humpty dumpty or me together again indefinitely
They just don't have the technology to put me back the way I otta be
There's a high probability that I live in a realm of impossibly
To actually believe that I could ever be a normal man in this society is lunacy
But do I even want to be a part of this idiocracy? I mean really
But it's easy to get lost at sea, holding on so desperately to a buoy as the waves that represent the calamity of life pummel me savagely
No key to the shackles that bind me
I'll be lucky if luck ever finds me
Try not to give a **** but life always reminds me
So I gouge out my eyes to permanently not see


It's only darkness as I regress to a familiar residence
A yellow envelope taped to the door, no more light access, only dark witnessed at this address
Under constant duress from the excess stress and an abundance of B.S.
The absences of a conscience is the best plan to make it easier but I must confess
That this chess game is at a stale mate, zero progress
I don't even know what progress feels like, seems like I only digress
But I still obsess over a success that will never be reached due to being far to careless
Nevertheless, I continue the process even though I don't possess any finesse
Like a bull in a China shop, I make a mess of everything with nothing but my presence
So in essence you could make a case that my existence here, by every measure, pointless
And you might be right, at the very least it's a good guess
SpiritHeart67 Sep 29
No matter
what might be
going on in your life
if you are still here
you are stronger
than it...
tumbledry Aug 17
How the weight of my existence rests on her sinewy shoulders
The soft delicate smatters of tangerine on her onyx dusty fur that beg to be stroked
The curve of her tail always asking questions I am ready to answer
Her stiff bristly whiskers rubbing my face when I try to hibernate under my comforter.
The gentle kneading of her paws against my back as she perches watching birds through the window.
My life, bound by a ribbon of her reliance
Knotted to keep me here on this earth.
I will survive for her until I can survive for myself.
wes parham Aug 12
The wheel of fortune turns for me,
And always, revolves at its own leisure.
Time is curved where the future will be,
But always flat when it is measured.

The rest is a serpent, in every direction,
Forever consuming the end of its tail.
Self contained death and resurrection,
Superluminal ship, without wind or sail.

Will you safekeep our knowledge when it is done?
Humanity’s worst as well as its best?
Will you mind if it’s turtles, all the way down?
A stable foundation on which to rest?

Where will you fall, at the teeth or the tail?
Destroying or rebuilding anew?
If All is cyclic, then we’ll meet once more,
Eternal versions of me and of you.
Apropos of nothing, I wanted to mix the concept of the World Serpent and the old quote about, “turtles, all the way down”.

Along the way, though, some things also crept in that just seemed to fit.

Considering altering the first stanza to:

Time is curved where the future will be,
But always flat when it is measured.

(Edit:) After a comment from HP poet Lori Jones McCaffrey, it’s been changed.  Previously read:

Time is flat where the future will be,
And curving only when it is measured.

Words can be so fickle.
Carlo C Gomez Jul 28
Dead ahead
The target is always
On a similar horizon
It's about surviving
Every blasted thought
More than eliminating all threats
When they strike
They form castellated holes
That network new fears
To long existing trauma
Careening off the deep seams of life
In intervals of jagged breath
I become part of the debris
A genuine tourist attraction
The size of a crater
Even after nothing else
Remains of my former self

Zywa Jul 25
Would the alehoof and

creeping-flower wish to flee?

From my weeding hand?
"Als in een spiegel" ("Like in a mirror", 2000, Cor Jellema)

Alehoof and Ranunculus repens

Collection "Skin-contact"
Jeremy Betts Sep 2022
You call this living, I call it survival, no more pretending that everyone's equal
If all y'all get this undeserved label of special it's disgraceful
It's wasteful not wonderful 'cause that means no one is special
Just a single shape stencil, a number two if you will, but is it poo or pencil
Either way sign below and hand over the soul and no one will get hurt until maybe tomorrow
I find it probable that you could choke on the blue and overdose on the red pill
Let's go ahead and change the slogan from "We the People" to "We the Sheeple
'Cause look the spectacle, they're herding this flock of bigotry and evil straight to the steeple
It's obvious that what they claim to matter is not brain but rather *****
Hopeful it'll go unnoticed that the boat's always had a hole, the cover up comical
No intention to fix it though, not that it's impossible, it's just that their main goal has never been to be helpful
It's shameful but we're still expected to accept all their bull shiit and be eternally grateful
Grateful?! Hell no, I find it hard to be civil with these simple, bottom of the barrel, garbage pail people
I watch every good for nothing stereotypical imbecile as they revel in just how little they know about anything useful
Shiit, I myself didn't know it was possible to set a bar so low with the refusal to even try and meet somewhere in the middle
But they're always able to fall back on denial, hiding behind the iron sights of a rifle, running orange hate straight up the flag pole
A don't tread on me disciple with their own personal motto on signature apparel, backing a shadow government tribunal
Half occupying a big tent revival, hatting on a manufactured rival just 'cause some *** hat, ******* said so
Grab your personal blind fold at the door before going in to read the vile pages of the bible
Trying to convince yourself that it's gospel but if that's true you'd have to accept, then adapt to having a black soul
Deep down you already know it's an undeniable abysmal circus clown shiit show
What good is having ample evidence if no one's held accountable, even as we sit at the one millionth example
We're all banging our heads against this wall like a judge swinging his gavel
Now is the time to bail on this nauseating carousel, any hesitation could be futile, not a worth while gamble
All the while each illegitimate man child in power hasn't told a single truth in a long while
They have the gal to stand in front of a pile of the gullible and lie through a smile
And the onlookers soak up this bile as a little dribble of spittle appears as the listeners brain looses signal
But for them thinking isn't critical, calling forth the tribulations of revaluations while skipping the trial
Forgetting that back when you were just a child you were told not to judge, but a god complex is your desired style
Doing the unthinkable has become a profitable ritual, asking for help now treated as rhetorical
Historical failures on a global level, the leaders themselves are the perpetual obstacle
Only allowed to live so they can make money on your funeral, basic human needs shouldn't be treated as charitable
The fix is simple enough to get through even the thick skull of a dude-bro, so you'd think it'd be achievable
But our voice is rarely heard, a subtle mic cut before we're able get out anything that resembles a rebuttal
So we're stuck getting fuucked in this government funded brothel running out of the basement of a hostel designated as the capital
They profess they aren't responsible for the struggle brought on by the fallacies they try and juggle
How is this legal? It's gone on this way for so long that it's no longer seen as a scandal, just business as usual
Every word hypocritical, right and wrong indistinguishable, as our bill of rights and constitution become controversial
There's never been a time in history this hasn't been factual which also means getting out might not be truly achievable

Welcome to the show, pick a row and grab a seat, let's watch the slow burn glow
And here...we...go...
"horrible bird"
she called it
telling of how
she had watched
a crow pluck
and pry at
its weakened prey
while perched upon
the bird bath
outside her window
at the garden's edge
despite this sternest
of lessons
nature at its most fickle
she still sits
in her comfy chair
looking out
over a bank of flowers
buoyant in bloom
enjoying the sight
of wagtail
bunting and finch
alighting on the stone plinth
pompous and preening
refreshing themselves
admiring the plumage
of their reflection
before returning once more
to wing and wind
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