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Zywa Aug 15
The angel attacked,

my blood dripped into the snow --

till the sun came up.
"De kleuren van Anna" ("The colours of Anna", 2021, Sander Kollaard)

Collection "No wonder"
As you cruise on planet Earth, your mother ship,
                  You  float, no one knows where exactly, in the universe, the sky,
Spinning in circles, circling the sun, as other planets, and stars,
Pass you by.
A perfect resort for human beings, your sun the perfect distance away,
Plants that re- produce, and create oxygen, for all to breathe each day,
Along with many varieties, of food, for you to survive, during this life stay.
There is so much around you and inside your planet, yet to be discovered,
Someday, every survival need you need is free, appreciation, your goal, to visit,
Other planets, millions of miles away. You  are creatures from many years,
By mixing families, genes, and cultures, you are all the same.
The free needs of a human being, are taken for granted, in every way,
Knowing at any time, your earthly figure could fade away, why are,
So many thoughts and actions, negative, greedy, and cruel,
You should all care about, and be happy with each other,
This life, a short one-time vacation, as your soul will travel on,
Searching for perfection, before the final judgment day.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/25/22 AD
4:19 am
Eloisa Jun 1
Her distant, dormant dream
was brought back to life.
Fully awakened.
Arousing all her heart’s desires.
With no more space for doubts
and fear.
She then realized that her light
has never left at all.
Her grace has taken a lovely form.
Unique yet undefined.
Sweet though surreal.
“One who has control over the mind

is tranquil in heat and cold, 
in pleasure and pain,
 and in honor and dishonor.”
– Bhagavad Gita
Carlo C Gomez Mar 17
A room lives in Zoria
And also the trees
At a critical distance
She seeks their shelter
An abiding solace
To wash free
To swim sea
Who can blame
The suffering of her stream
Whether it be
A time for hanging on
Or a time for passing
Let the waters come
And overtake her
Flooding her with
Safeguarding arms

For those suffering in Ukraine
Billie Marie Feb 3
longing for atonement
looks like
an enormous black hole
like a huge purple blue bruise
or gaping open
burgundy magenta wound
it seems to swallow everything
that comes near it
this black pit of death
love is not here
go further down
and you will find it
though you may **** yourself first
love rests elsewhere
turn from this negative pull of energy
this is not light
but what light exposes as false light
the light I am
snuffs out all the darkness they sense
they can’t hide from it
and so they want to throw it
onto what I am
making the darkness about what I am
rather than about themselves
being attracted to the darkness
the day has arrived
I no longer shield darkness
I can only devour it
i want to spit
in the face of,
my reflection.

i want to tear
into pieces.

i look at my
i see,
a goddess!

i see
a survivor!

i see
a queen!
beauty amongst the mess.

i am
a pathetic victim.

i am
a broken reflection.

i let
the sunshine in.

the warmth,
my skin.

i smile!
i win
i'm surviving.
beauty amongst the mess.
Zack gorenstein Aug 2021
“The boar dies when the lion enters,
   The lion dies knowing nothing
And the snake leaves the shadow.”
“Those who have the ability to start, stop and withstand chaos will inherit the world.”
Mose Dec 2021
I miss you doesn’t quite fill the gaps.
Holding onto something I never quite really had.
A break up before a relationships hurts more than the actual heartbreak.
The shattering of a love narrative I often wish I had.
I tend to break the glass before it falls.
A preempted move.
An unconscious notion to write a story before it happens.
It’s muscle movement of instincts to protect the fragile parts of myself.
The destruction of a relationship before it could blossom.
I thank myself for surviving this long;
But I have forgotten how to live in my after story.  
Things I once could never afford.
I find myself in debt to those past experiences.
Never quite knowing how to presently spend myself.
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