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Shadows in the dark
can be more frightening than
those seen in the light
Written in 2020.
I seem to have aged twenty years over the last two
especially since turning seventy - a personal view.
From the outbreak of the ****** virus two years ago
there's been a gradual decline in health for this I know.
Although testing negative in the last week of November
other health issues have been cropping up in December.
I somehow think that my time may be coming around
for where the body is to be laid to rest in the ground.
Morbid thoughts such as the above are dominant today
and with some people they don't easily just go away.
In my particular case my right side has been affected
and hobble around like some disabled person detected.
I wonder how long it'll be before I won't be able to cope
with doing all of those various things that range in scope
from washing and cleaning to the other domestic chores
which need to be done on a regular basis and time scores.
Unless I can afford to pay for someone to help with it all
if circumstances don't improve and my back's to the wall
I may have to consider going into an old people's home
or in some place where you're restricted to freely roam.
Another possibility would be to invite someone else in
that's compatible to shack up with and share the 'load-in'
or even perhaps the other way around that is practical
without being negative and deemed unjustly skeptical.
Someone in whom similar interests and ideals are found
all those things that are decent, life enhancing and sound.
Already it's getting to the stage when I'll need to cut my hair
something I used to be able to do by myself in the past there
but now I can barely raise my right hand up to my head
and the whole thing is a procedure I'm beginning to dread.
As everybody gets older and experiences the change
they may notice their movements are becoming restricted in range.
Written in December '21 describing one of the main reasons I haven't posted anything on HP for quite a while. Please say a heartfelt prayer and send a kind thought for me and others in the same boat. Thanks to all for reading.
(10 Senryu's)

The meaning of life
is about getting to know
who we really are

The meaning of life
has to do with finding out
what we're here to do

The meaning of life
is about rising above
our lower nature

The meaning of life
is a subject that raises
so many questions

The meaning of life
deals with the evolution
of human beings

The meaning of life
says a lot about man's place
in the universe

The meaning of life
is often misunderstood
as being pointless

The meaning of life
can be appreciated
through man's religion

The meaning of life
is knowing the truth behind
our own existence

The meaning of life
is revealed in its purpose
and goal for our lives
Written in January '23.
George Krokos Mar 2022
Weeds in the garden
tend to grow all by themselves
the way of nature
Written in 2020.
George Krokos Mar 2022
Time, as we have come to know it, is only relevant to our planet Earth;
because out in deep space it would lose most of its meaning and worth.
There's a graphic piece that accompanies this couplet titled: 'Earth, Space and The Foundation of Time' which can be viewed elsewhere on the web. Please check it out.  From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Mar 2022
Oh dear Lord, please don’t allow anything to obstruct our devotion or love to You
but if something interferes help us to overcome it so as to Your love we can be true.
In this world we are all beset at times by so many unwanted tribulations and woes
that it seems as if they serve to lead us away from instead of towards You dispose.
The first 2 lines originally written in first person grammar, From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Mar 2022
In the confines of the house's backyard
there are no marked graves at all to see
but an attempt will be made by this bard
to relate according to personal memory
of some creatures buried therein to be.

Over the course of many years gone by
various creatures have been laid to rest
in the soil of the yard's ground to comply
with an improvised simple funeral blest
by a short little prayer to end their quest.

There were a couple of cats it is recalled
one of them was within the property born
though with the other memory has stalled
which is not surprising and hardly forlorn
to blame or point at with a finger of scorn.

Then there were also a few local birds
mainly sparrows that were regularly fed
which flew all around and dropped turds
being a little distressing to find any dead
some due to after eating crumbs of bread.

They were preyed upon by neighbors' cats
and left for dead when they were disturbed
in their instinctual appetite that included rats
when by humankind were scared and curbed
due to their wild nature's feast so perturbed.

Then on occasion also mice would run free
which were seen coming through the fence
and when at times chased scurried up a tree
where they would hurry to get away thence
a similar burial applied if found dead hence.

It'd be so incomplete here not to mention
all those spiders and insects that had died
in some way or other due to a pretension
that their annoying habitual nature implied
to be poisoned or squashed in their stride.

They have all been buried in the backyard
in various places there that are not marked
laid to rest in the ground either soft or hard
under where others had roamed and barked
in the distant past after they were all carked.
Written in May 2020.
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