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Some things don’t necessarily happen just by chance
but come about with actions we do or not in advance.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Consider everyone as a friend unless they prove to be otherwise
and then we should consider the workings of some compromise.
There are certain mysteries compelling from previous births we’ve had
and what we’re all faced with now is the outcome of them good or bad.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Sometimes I think that if ignorance isn't a virtue
then why are there so many people indulging in it?
And this will most probably include myself at times
when I consider how much more there is to know.
Written early in 2020.
You're hardly seen at home at all these days
and I wonder when you will change your ways.
But I do hope that everything's alright
and the future for you also looks bright.

Many people have gone on the wrong path
seeking their own gain but acquiring wrath.
When they do not consider the welfare
or happiness of someone else do care.

If you've fallen into that state somehow
please listen to the words of wisdom now
to discern their knowledge and to receive
some advice for your soul as you believe.

When you put other people's welfare first
and for their happiness you also thirst
doing those things for their satisfaction
you'll reap a good harvest of attraction.

This must be done in line with what is good
and if viewed from a point of wisdom would
not detract away from that high ideal
which is the basis of our human weal.
Written late in 2019.  Inspired by one of the neighbors who used to live across the road whom I've known for many years.
I thought that this would be an interesting subject
to write about and express some views here on.
My first thoughts were so daunting of the prospect
as nowhere I recall reading has it been written on.

When anyone thinks deeply on such a matter
all sorts of ideas will come to one's mind.
At first it will seem like a whole lot of chatter
with the main plot being of an unusual kind.

Sure, I've often read the universe is God's dream
but just to what extent would this be applicable
remains to be seen if nobody hears God scream
or when the nightmare is humanly inexplicable.

Perhaps as something like we'd experience too
in our own life when everything's going wrong
or get involved in senseless things as some do
and go through bad situations in them for long.

But as far as God goes it'd be on a massive scale
involving all the highly evolved intelligent forms
where all of those creatures in the universe's tale
fight against themselves using destructive norms.

Eventually damaging the fabric of space and time
with the gradual obliteration of all life in existence
those creatures would be indulging in such crime
and the mind of the Creator offering no resistance.

Because of the fact that the dream would be ending
- a real doomsday for the universe as far as it goes;
and there would be no way possible of suspending
this outcome of the nightmare that only God knows.

God would then revert to a state of dreamless sleep
or unconsciousness as we do in our restful slumber
to recharge Himself with a habit He too does keep
and so after awhile begins dreaming a new number.
Written in March 2020. Somehow I think that we would all be a part of God's nightmare if He ever had one and had to wake up from as we do at times.
George Krokos Jun 11
The whole of the universe is like a pattern of infinite proportions
in the mind of the Eternal Creator Who is without any distortions.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
George Krokos Jun 11
It’s said that ‘true love can never die’
and the heart of the lover knows why.
As this love blossoms and becomes pure
throughout all of eternity it does endure.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
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