George Krokos Jun 13
If you’ve got a letterbox you’ll end up getting junk mail
which will usually be on a weekly basis and without fail.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
George Krokos Jun 13
No one should try and bite off more than what they can ever chew
because they’ll get themselves into difficulties if and when they do.
Everybody usually tries to get by with what they each can score
but sometimes their greed backfires on them if they go for more.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
George Krokos Jun 13
On the silver screen
where it most likely was seen
a black and white film.
Written early 2018
George Krokos Jun 13
Another year has just gone by and what seems to have happened there
is that someone has forced me to incur a bad debt by deception's flare.
That's how it seems to me now with some people who're waiting to see
what they are entitled to get in this multi sided settlement and spree.
Some evil people have a way of getting what they want and are after
even if it means deception, in breaking the law or by causing disaster.

They must be brought to justice to face the consequences of their action
only then can I rest and prevent them getting away with any satisfaction.
The problem here is that, one of the suspects is the next door neighbour
while the other being someone who could do another offence to savour.
Written early 2018.
George Krokos Jun 13
I have nothing more to give you now
but don't let this be a hindrance vow
We both seem to be at our wits end
and with our limitations to contend.

While some others may give at will
I won't follow them in their thrill
putting quantity over quality here
and try to impress just to be near.

It may seem as if I'm making excuses
but the fact is that this only confuses
when all our expectations go too far
and our feelings those situations mar.

Please be patient and you will then see
how it'll all work out and so better be.
My faith in this matter does here now rest
in the Glory and Power which knows best.
Written in 2017.
George Krokos May 11
The more one gives the more others are likely to take
and so expectations are increased for the giver’s sake.
From "Simple Observations"  ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Please note that I'm  not against giving at all but some people can and do take advantage of one's generosity at times.
George Krokos May 11
You’re the light in the darkness that all creatures seek
and the light shinning in our hearts if therein we peek.
The key to that door though is of love, truth and grace
which only You can bestow allowing us into that place.
You = God. or a Perfect Master   From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
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