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Hamna Jun 4
The elegance of an exquisite diamond,
Is priceless for the one who fathoms the price of the afterlife.
The ignorant will abandon everything except a thousand diamonds.
The wise will forsake everything except the dignified path of Allah.
jonni inferno Dec 2018
i saw your message
written in your crimson prose
letters you had written
to let me know
now i know
just how
you loved me so
dont say goodbye
dont even close your eyes
dont leave this life
we never said goodbye
one last sigh
and then we say goodbye
why do ya hate me
love then forsake me
you kissed then left
me lost and longin
longin for somethin'
somethin' that mattered
now all that's left
is lost
and shattered
p j upchurch
Marty T Ottman Jun 2018
erase all traces left.
forsaken,  as the world is breaking in.
**** this your gone..
***** strong.
your past is over due
embrace the true. define you, push through or you through?
Weight of the decision we all have anchor us down...
George Krokos Nov 2016
Some things in life we're not meant to have or see
unless of course they are all a part of our destiny.
The hand of fate does knowingly give and take
and so nothing and no one does it ever forsake.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Sam Haidan Jan 2015
If your love is all I have,
And could ever have,
I will strip myself of all else,
Good and bad,
And with arms wide open,
Embrace your soul,
As it were my own.

And if your touch is all I feel,
And could ever feel,
I will forsake my memories,
Good and bad,
And take your hand,
And carry it for as long as you please.

And if your voice is all I hear,
And could ever hear,
I will not care.
For in it's rhapsody,
Greater than any song,
Is where I belong.
Now and forever.

And if your eyes are all I see,
And could ever see,
I will let your gaze devour me,
For it is your eyes,
That set me free.

And if your pain is all I deserve,
And will ever deserve,
I will surrender all my fears,
And prepare to bleed.

I will ride your storm,
And if I am to drown..

I will have drowned justly.
I ******* love him.
Chalsey Wilder Jun 2014
Dying and breaking
Left in the desert sand
Left to bleed out and die for the vultures
No one
No savior
Is coming
Breath comes fast and dry
Is this what it feels like to be forsaken?
Left so alone that there is no one, no savior?

At least I'm good for one thing
Food for the vultures
Thoughts of my old suicide attempts come to mind again
Maybe this is my time. Please please let it be.
My body I want to forsake
My heartbeat I want to escape
Eyes slowly drifting closed
Forsake forsake forsake my body
Leave it for the vultures that eat forsaken and deception any and everyday
This might be the last poem I post in a while. I hope you enjoy

— The End —