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I sure would love to write. But long behold I have my consciousness to fight. Get out of my way you *******! Get out of my sight! What you're doing to me is vile, it just isn't right!

Ha! You're terrible I tell you! Your work is destined to fail! A pathway of let downs. A pathetic paper trail. You're just writing for dumpsters like its discarded mail.

Silence you demon! I will discover my strengths and discover my style. Bet your *** on that you *****. Or my name isn't Kyle! I'm not destined for failure. Youre making me tick. I'm fed up with your ******* and you're making me sick.

Hahaha I see what's happening here! Im winning you over because you're beginning to fear. You will never silence me because I am all that you hear. Throw away this writing because your ending is near. Boo hoo you baby! Are you shedding a tear?

Fall back because I'm conquering you! My determination is gritty and my motives are true. In loo of my weaknesses and in loo of my doubt. Ill never give in and cry, nor will I give in and pout. My armor is powerful and my posture is stout.

Ah, I see. Are you now breaking free? Are you standing your ground and silencing me? But what of your writings? What will they be? A dumpster fire! I bet your *** we will see! And when that happens Ill be filled with glee.

Its over Debby downer because I'll learn new techniques. I'll lay down my heart and all that it speaks. Ill write highs and lows, Ill write valleys and peaks. Ill write with the blood that my bleeding heart leaks. Now change your attitude because your attitude reaks!

I understand and submit. I lay out the red carpet for you. I see you speak from the heart and your heart does speak true. But nevertheless, I'll stick just like glue. When you worry and doubt I'll be pouncing on you. When you're pondering ideas and out for something that's new. The writings you write without me will be few.

Tousche, that's fine, but you've run out of time. Now let go of the pen because the pen is mine. I'm free to write my writings and the feelings sublime. When I master my craft my writings will be so divine. You're despicable, a decrepit rat! Ill be successful.
You can bet your *** on that!
Btw - my middle name is Kyle lol. There's a story to this one. I was at a point where I felt like giving up writing. I felt like I had nothing special or unique to bring to the table. Almost like a writers block in a sense. I didn't know what style I was after and didn't know if I was ever going to come up with something unique and special. Something just from me and only from me. Because the poems I've been reading havr all been the same. The same poem but with different words. I wanted to get out of that box. Well in my blocked mind I came up with an idea within my doubts and lack of content. To write about not being able to write. To write out my issue of being blocked. To write out the battle amd conversation I was having within my inner dialogue. This is The result of it. Ps. Thanks to my sister, Christina Daggett, because the conversations I had with her kind of helped me work this idea out. She deserves a shout on this one. Thanks sis! Hope you all enjoy it!
I will not play this game
I forfeit
I give up
In done
You think that means you've won

But how can you win if you're holding a gun?
sometimes there is no winner
Mercy Sep 2
I made a choice
Learnt to Love just
As you taught me
Now with all the
Knowledge am confused
Where to implicate.
I try to resonate with
Possibilities of waiting as
part of testing but loose my balance on

If communication wasn't
Much of a death wish to you
Maybe our LOVE
Would still be alive.
But you can't miss
What you replaced.
You choose what poison should **** you, Ego was where you fell and fell hard.
I mean you concur your Goliath
Whitavius May 25
... If my relationship was a game of cards...

Five cards hit the table
Right there in front of me
Like fortunes' greatest table
The game of the century!

She's my Lady-Luck incarnate
Its all Aces with her
Companion, Lover, and Mate
Together, our fate to master.

Though when we met
None of this was planned
Now its an all-in bet
And she's my winning hand!
Paul Butters Jan 13
Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.
Let’s have a really great show.
Let’s fly just like an arrow,
Faster than a sparrow.

We know we are the best.
Let’s put it to the test.
Prove we are worthy champions
From The South Pole to the Grampians.

Just see our motivation:
Our hope is our foundation.
We’re full of self belief
And going to cause some grief.

We know we are so great.
To play we cannot wait.
Once more unto the breach:
A win’s within our reach.

Paul Butters

© PB 13\1\2020. From a diary jotting 7\1.
Words! Rhymes!
C F Tinney Jan 9
I don't often dance this dance
of pretense and make believe
but when I do
I dance with you
to find blessed relief

I rarely put in all my effort
to find such great release
but when I do
I dance with you
until I feel relief

I don't often fall
to final rest in disbelief
but when I do
I dance with you
and find final reprieve

At last.
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
Winning at all costs
Usually means
Losing everything in the process
Wake up fresh - start new today
Each morning a new beginning
I push aside my past mistakes
For this day I choose winning

Disregard my faulty thoughts
Today I think the higher way
I see my clear priorities
And act on them without delay

New beginnings give to me
Vitality and strength of mind
And with my fresh start every day
I live my life from my design
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You can start your day out "new" at any time.  You can "reboot" and have a new beginning.  It may take mind strength and it may take some practice, but the benefits are incredible!  No longer do you have to be "controlled" and down because something didn't go your way in the morning.  

Claim your "New Beginning" anytime you want!

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