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Aspirations bewildered by emotions
Taunting hope from ever becoming real
A winner I shall be
No matter what the odds may seem
Fueling sadness is not what I dream
But sometimes I do fear
As humane as death may be
It ought to be set free
From religion to division
This humanity needeth not saving from its greed
For aspirations have been bewailed by emotions
A winner I shall be
Bhill Jun 22
Life, throws life at you
After you've been down life's path
If your still standing
You win

Brian Hill - 2019 # 152
Are you winning?
AS- May 29
Rather I observed myself like a dark pool,
from a distance,
and whenever I'd get close,
I'd dip a toe in
and hurry away
Because I'm scared to jump in
and witness those dusky demons
devilish and delirious

Inner monsters of self hate and trauma
manifest themselves in the recesses of the psyche
the ocean of the subconscious
currents strong and directing

I can't keep burying them with intoxication forever,
I can't keep distracting them with material things
I have to face them eventually

And when I do

I'll ******* destroy them for what they've done to me
First piece I've wrote in years. Getting back into it. Still a functioning addict but I'm a lot better now. I've got good control and through poetry, patience and God i'll overcome them.

God bless you, wonderful souls
Yasmine Aref May 26
It was all blue
couldn't find your way through
been knocked out
beaten black and blue
you rose again
that's what you do
life punched, you kicked back
never took the easy way
trying to stay on track
got the bruises
got the scars
days spent in hell
others among the stars
embraced your errors
accepted the glooms
a flower was a buried seed
one day it blooms
tracing the gashes
your name is chanted loud and clear
mission accomplished
there goes the fear
Touching the stars is glorious, but you can never do so without getting burnt first.
Ylzm May 11
lies ****

educated to be anything and everything
struggled for real to be only nothing
encouraged to keep believing and fighting
only losers quit and winners strong


fear to know
fear to see
fear of rejection
fear of fear

rejects instead own true crying self
renews empty prideful boasts
life, always fighting, winning's everything
lose or die

so death is the light
life not marred by failures
soul silenced into meaninglessness
suicide a most welcomed relief

one slit ..

t h e

It's ok to not be ok.
Yes, it's hard to follow your heart but...
Tears don't mean you are losing.
All you have to do is be true to who you are.
I just feel really sad right now and I wanted to make someone else happy. Have a nice day or night!
C F Mar 30
What does it mean?

Maybe it means
That you can take a punch
That you can get knocked down
and stand up on your own two feet.

That you can spit out the blood
That you can dry your tears
and keep fighting.

You can.
You know you can.
Don't you?

What are you waiting for?
Your clock is ticking.
Madeleine Mar 17
You only lose
When you don't get back up
And continue to cruise
N-umbed heart slaughtered **** Godly lives
E-nslaved mind sent messages to conscience
W-inning by killing was not the teaching
Z-ombies are being replaced by us
E-thereal was the human soul called- peace and beauty laid in it
A-mbitious for making the world but every pint on blood on land is irony
L-ove was meant to heal, but today the love of religion killed lives
A-rdent peace in every life lost is such a dying-bloom
N-ever was it wanted out of humans,
D-emons were made for such an onslaught!
I pray for the lives lost in the Newzealand Mosque attack. We all have to stand together to create a beautiful world of love and togetherness. These evil are born out of us. We have the duties on our shoulders to create a peaceful and society which embraces unity. We have created **** basis for divisions- Religion, borders, ***, caste, creed and hell lot more. Let's come together and carve out a peaceful world!
Haylin Mar 12
15 to love, still able to win,
gotta tough it out,
winning is everything. Losing's a sin.
I'll keep trying. I'm still in with a shout.

My backhand slices
the ball to my foe
(Joe's my friend but in a crisis,
I shift where the winds blow)

He parries, sends the ball to the line,
his touch is immaculate,
cleaner than mine.
I leap like a cat

return it with ease
he flicks it back over the net
intending to tease.
I grimace. We made a bet

and now I engage
into higher gear,
my brain fills with rage,
my heart fills with fear.

Advantage to me,
the crowd stands to cheer,
Joe falls to one knee,
buckled, losing a tear.

I volley. It whizzers
past his frozen form
he tries, but misses,
defeated, forelorn.

At last I have won,
the gold cup is mine,
another dream spun,
back to the factory line.
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