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A short while ago I stood
at my back door smoking
a cigarette It's a beautiful summers day an almost joyous feeling but have this awful sick
Tearing me Inside only to be described as walking a pathway that lies between
Life and death I can't move from that
A part of me wants to enjoy these beautiful days and the part of me doesn't want to know not Interested at all so I'm all the time fighting
And neither one Is winning but they're both losing and missing out on these beautiful days sometime just don't know what I'll
But this sick empty feeling tearing me apart which we all know as grief and one can't put a time on
Because I don't believe It ever goes away so guess I'll just have to continue to fight myself In hope one of the two either life or death will win
Torn between live and death
neither one winning that's how I would describe grief
and how It Is to me
Finding love is easy.
Finding the right kind is not.
Few get to feel it.
Quite a few get to keep it.
Love is a free gift given.
Getting it right is like winning.
A lottery.
It is not for everyone.
Just the lucky ones.
Better said.
Hash tag the blessed.
For it truly a blessing.
If you ever find it right,
Be wise and persistent.
Keep it winning right.

©Belema .S.  Ekine
Ferlin peter Jan 2
Your voice challenges my expressions,
Your vision challenges my activity,
Your questions challenges my knowledge,
Your speech challenges my thoughts,
Your presence around challenges my senses,
Its a challenge to be anywhere near you,
You are a constant fight yet victory favors me.
I hold onto the last bit of strength to win the challenge called YOU.
I win everyday and I learn everyday,
Hope you don't go easy EVER.
I love that you are a Challenge!!!!
Michael DR Muse Dec 2018
The beginning of the semester your kicking ***,
The end of the semester your fading fast.
The beginning of the semester you future is bright,
The end of the semester dull dim light,
The beginning of the semester your papers write themselves,
The end of the semester you can barely spell,
The beginning of the semester it easy to get up,
The end of the semester you seldomly show up,
The beginning of the semester the professors the best,
The end of the semester their just like the rest,
The beginning of the semester the classes are fun,
The end of the semester your ready to run.
The beginning of the semester you major ballin',
The end of the semester you eatin' ramen,
The beginning of the semester you can sleep without worrying about anything,
The end of the semester you stay up all night drinking red bull and 5 hour energy,
The beginning of the semester to the day of your last,
I wish you good luck and I hope you pass.
eng jin Apr 2018
The screaming cheers
travel a distance far
in the divided hall
the yellows and blues
await the serving ball

an overhand strike
the ball speeds
across the mid-line

the yellows
dig, set & attack
the blues
fling & smack
fearless & skilled
the crowd hails

winning or defeat
is a victory for all
for the love
of volleyball
Pastelblitz Nov 2018
“**** it”
I say into the all consuming void
As I jumped into the fear
And played this unorganized game


To come out on top
I’ve done something I’ve never thought I would be able to do, I made the state band. 13th chair, it’s so hard to wrap my mind around this. I controlled my anxiety and my fear. I’ve finally learned to do that. I’ve finally learned that I control it.
Michael Oct 2018
Winning is losing,
In such a different form,
Losing is winning no more
When we win we lose, no matter the situation
Anya Sep 2018
They say...

it isn't about winning or losing
it's the sport
and the people who play it
But is it really?
Isaac Aug 2018
Written 20 August 2018
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