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hair locked in natural curls

deep brown eyes

almost black

ebony complexion

from head to toe

melanin on 100

o ma gawd

this young woman

is the black Queen

o ma gawd

why is she standing

so mean

from the curves

in her waist and thighs

to the curve

in her smiling cheeks

she knows she's beautiful

even mysterious

she knows why they say

o ma gawd
A natural woman with ***** curls and so much style
Lily Sep 12
Roses grace the sky in a bouquet,
And a few fall down to me.
The last fleeting rays of yellow sunlight
Shoot up into the sky like fireworks,
Illuminating the beach for a brief moment.
A cool breeze whips across the shore,
And the sands drift in my face,
The sands that tell the stories of all
Who have watched these pink moments before.
The ocean whispers to me,
Its enticing scent pulling me in,
Saying, “the world is not so bad,
Watch this beautiful sunset.
Everything will be alright.”
The last rose petal falls,
And the clock reads 8:12 pm.
The taste of salt lingers on my tongue
As I turn and head for home.
The sunset says,
“Come back tomorrow!”
The inspiration for this poem was from this essay on NPR's website called "Pink Moments". Here is the link for the essay if you would like to read it (; it's a gorgeous work that I did not attempt to copy but that inspired me to tell my own "pink moment" story.
Ivy Leigh Sep 11
Am I supposed to feel sad
about a disconnection,
natural but disheartening
when my own disconnection
stays persistent and I cannot
feed what I am not given.
How can one connect with
someone without touch;
without words that touch
and soften the moment
and the tension that should turn
into a transparent fusion.
Nylee Sep 8
Out doing regular business
going around with the natural finesse,
forgetting all the achievements and less
starting this morning a fresh.
eva-mae Aug 31
September is creeping at summer’s corners
with stealth, so slight, so slender
flakes of gold, no fight, still tender.
Your heart dances a
Funky little beat,
And your jazzy fingers
Strum right along
To the song.
A sugar sweet soul
Made of rock and roll.

Indie lips sing
With an alternative twist,
A little reggae in your step.
Behind your lips, a classical dance;
Oh love, give the world a chance.
A musical melting ***, mon chèri.
Darling, you’ll be legendary.
Lilly F Aug 13
like the simple, earthy, natural scent
the air gives off when it rains for ten minutes
then the sun comes out

pt 5 from the series I've been writing: what I love about you
His hair so rich and thick
Spiraling upward higher and higher
Voluminous in appearance
Bold in its statement

Copious curls demanding attention
Natural, beautiful and free flowing
Standing tall to whomever it encounters
Sunlight beaming into its brown hue

It tells a story of bloodline and culture
Narrates history, prejudice, acceptance
Perseverant by nature
Resilient against criticism

I worship his hair from a distance
Yearning to feel it in between my fingers
Kiss his strands one by one
Inhale its scent like aromatherapy
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