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LLillis Oct 8
Amber fire cooled
Smooth over water hardened
To soften the burn.
girl gonzo Sep 18
I'm sitting under a canopy of dark green leaves
I don't recognize the breed
You come forward and tell me that a new law has already been discovered
What goes up must eventually come down
The first time I recited one of my poems aloud I drove through the page leaving skid marks shaped like tongue twisters
No one paid attention and when I stepped off to catch my breath I threw up a mouthful of apple seeds that I later dug into the backyard
I moved out before i saw any growth but I promise something rose from the dirt, crooked and shy at first
A medley of anxious nail-biting and approval-seeking
I once knew the secret, the all note worthy testimonial to a meaningful life
But the soup has grown timid and uncertain of where it will go when it no longer holds anything
A toothbrush is born from underneath my skirt
is this cleaning the slate?
I went to
The Utah
State Fair

I was hoping to go
With my daddy Jaxon
I haven't known him

For two
Weeks but
I miss

Him, today, I watch the Hypnotist
Take the final imagined bow
Of what looked like a long career


He's way better than
The hypno-therapist I saw
For those six months

He may not the best comedic
Hypnotist we've seen (is it weird,
I've seen five?), but he's not the worst;

He's very positive!

And loud



I felt like I was
In the midst of
A Faith Healing

Seven hour massage,
He kept promising it'd feel
Better than a seven...


My new

Couldn't come
And so I lose myself
In their silly faces

Forgetting for 45 minutes
Where I was, almost like I
Was hypnotized by Him

Closed eyes
I closed my eyes
A lot that day

Was I hypnotized?
I remember the beach...
And the goats!

They licked my fingers
And I laughed when one
Shouted and a bro tripped

But that's normal for fairs
And the fried oreo that made
Us almost slip into a ... trance

Wait. Wait, wait, wait...
I wasn't the one dancing in
Salmon shorts was I?

He looked like
Me, Kind of?
I'm so upside down

I fall backwards
Keiri Aug 21
A sweet charismatic wave of colour emerges,
into my empty soulless mind.
Carefull not to leak the notorious oiling spill of darkness,
that penetrates the thought and reverse myself to the futile point of the being I was.

It'll erase the peacefull love and war among myself.
It'll dominate me, and revolve my subtle urges to force myself to a slumber which will never be awoken.

Don't spill the darkness that spoils my mind and rots my roots into a meaningless void of emptyness.
Spare me such accommodation which will hassle me out of my trusted habitat and free my soul only to be replaced by an horrid entity.

Maintain my cloud of unknowing and protect me, from the sinister depts this world has yet to offer.
btp Jun 15
The king that rules them all
A ruler so wise and tall
The leader through rise and fall
"King of Kings", is what he is called

A king so beautifully just
A king filled with lust
Heart set in burning passion
Ruling from his iron mansion

His words speak the loudest
His actions makes him the proudest
His hands anchored in souls
His crown giving him control

The king of kings
Has seven strong fingers
The king of kings
Envies what lingers
For the king of kings
Wants to have it all
Because the king of kings
Is counting his fall
Penmann Jun 9
The Kekropolis you built.
Just thinking about you makes me feel odd.
You always come as a psyop,
implemented and fake.
I scream a thousand voices to you.
Every time i see you, my knees clutch.
You are not for real.
I mustn't speak.
There are others here, on my mind, on my paper.
Leaving behind a ****** trail of despair and sadness.
I won't let it affect me.

I'd scream again if i knew you were here.
Not involved in psyops.
Not connected to cops.
Not handling guys.
Not wearing disguise.

I'd care if it wasn't all artificially implemented,
I'd come hadn't you texted.
The deep state of a messed-up.
btp Jun 1
The king of roses
So pretty and deign
The king of roses
Acts without shame
For the king of roses
Loves the unloved
Because the king of roses
Breathes your updraft
btp Jun 1
The king of ghosts
Making me disappear
The king of ghosts
Is never here
For the king of ghosts
Shows when you don't
Because the king of ghosts
Smiles when you won't
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