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Shadowhollow Mar 5
Who am I ?
Full to the brim of pain

Who do you want me to be ?
But beyond the point of emptiness

Maybe I’m not ok ?
Hold me

Is it possible to swim without becoming water yourself ?
Always ok ,always fine


Am I not good enough ?

So who am I ?
Who am I trying to be ?

I’m hurting but don’t let anyone know
The show must go on
It shouldn’t
             But it does
So empty I remain
Because anything is better
Than this burning pain
I’m drowning
You must climb down
to really see the beauty
of the hidden wonder

in that town
just a kiss
from the canyon

holds the most majestic
Aqua-filled fall
of streaming water

you shrink when you see it
incapable, small
to the grandiosity

a place where water flows
a place so normal
and yet begs to not be seen

In the bottom of the canyon
lies a dream of an aquamarine

the lost love of the sea.
anotherken Feb 7
"Hurry, my child, dawn is coming clear."
"But mother, the wolves I cannot hear."
Yet I look at her, with a single tear
Feeling the need to be near.

"Do what is must, what is right."
"Save the people that save you might."
I swear to heaven, I tried to be a knight.
Just the thought of it fills me with fright.

Being moral in an amoral state,
Where the just seemed to ****** and ****.
It sickens me, fills me with hate
But what is there, left to save?

What of the leaders?
Apparently, they too are sinners,
Found guilty of being evil's supporters.
All for a greater purpose, I wonder.

What's the point of all the great morals and ethics,
If this immoral world makes it somewhat pathetic?
No symbols in a world seemed symbolic,
No heroes in a world seemed heroic.
spark the fire, and with each inhale,
I begin to drift further
in and out
of consciousness

deeper in,
further down
and somewhere between
exists inspiration

coming through
in waves

so I jot down what I can
because I don't remember dreams so well

but other times,

I just enjoy the vibrations
as they pass through every cell of my body
I am
limitless and
time in
a whale
that made
dale there
my cactus
so thistly
was my
home now
as I
roam my
intrigue to
New Hope
my senator
pardons me
a lamb
a community in southeastern  Pennsylvania
Belmin Jan 24
The day was great in the state,
Hurry to your job, dont be late

The Sun was shining
The roses were red
Walls of happiness

Do this, not that, stand up, lie flat
The orders were clear, for every guy
Everything was fine, then one asked why?

Piercing sound, thumping sound

And the Sun was shining, on hopeless faces
The roses were red, from blood
Walls of happiness, segregating classes and races

The state is your new God

And on the corpses of others, that asked why
There he lies, that’s the guy
No need to cry, no need to mourn

His bones build the foundations-
of a New Society Reborn
Brian Jan 20
Invisible chains clang in silence.
No way to unlock the grip.
Allowed to breathe,
but not aloud.
The tourniquet of legalized *******.

Inhale a plant to ease the pain.
Consequences of breaking rules.
The twists of the oppressor,
constricts choice.
The tourniquet of legalized *******.

Working automaton.
Wages suppressed.
Military might all around,
to keep the greenbacks flowing.
The tourniquet of legalized *******.

Screaming in quietude,
Not freedom... Prison.
kind of dark and depressing, but glad life (love) is not that way!
IncholPoem Jan 10
Here  you  are  not

Trees  and  it's  night
******    moon  light
should    included
me  with   your
face's  brightness.

  On  your  tuition  -going
path  was  not
covered  by
devils  of  drastic

Desires   of   nothingness  and
wanting  of   everything
were   dominating   you

Of  course  these  are
But  believe  me
it  was my  sub-conscious
mind  state.
Peter Jan 4
i'm walking down the street
bare feet, without a care
**** uber, metro, I hate public transportation,
i'm dirtying up this sidewalk, for a few years already
i'm writing down a will, in my mind, close to my eyelids,
because i'm on the wrong side of my mind
i feel sick, tasting the bitterness of humanity
when I wipe mankind on the side of the pavement,
at the very deep, there's masculinity mixed with *****,
i'm walking down a bridge full of empty shells
i pass hordes of girls who are smiling insincerely
and again, i feel a boost in my veins
and again, i'm louder than mirrors
and as in the mirrors, voidness space,
and it is me, who takes the best from it
i absorb this poisoned air.
In the ears of mine, i can hear electro heat,
i feel like one man one Jean-Michel Jarre,
rain is pouring through me, sticks to me like fog,
i wrap myself in the warmth of two MDMA's,
someone glances surreptitiously and steals my soul,
you have a backpack full of cash, i have a suitcase full of emotions,
i'm going on a journey through the cursed city
like a hermaphrodite with a broken rod,
streets, like stigmas, cry with hollow screams,
in front of clubs content abortions on the sidewalk,
let's leave this lie, like the walking dead
assertiveness and pride to the gutter washed away.
And again, this booster is kindling my veins
i'm dirtier than a new jerusalem
and similar to it, i'm sticking to everything
and so I'm taking the most out of my heart
and I absorb this poisoned air once again.
and so the booster flows through the aorta
it is flooding my tarred heart,
destination reached.
and my wallet is shimmering with bitter crystal
nothing will change the course of this chemistry,
betrayed. betrayed by their own bodies
vidi, no vici, veni on its own,
and i'm catching a laugh, standing still in the subway
i am still absorbing poisoned air.
i've seen enough.
today, in my city, sun rises in the morning.
you will remember this day forever or forget it for eternity.
That is actually my favorite poem of all
Latifah Dec 2018
Sometimes it's too quiet
I want to **** the silence
and sometimes it's too loud
I can't bear the noise.
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