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Look at me
I'm reflecting
Beyond words

Give yourself
To me
And let the world witness
Something different

You are welcome
Beyond love
Beyond forever
No one ever dreamt

I wish, you could
Read my mind
Where you belong
What you are to me

Let us define
A new dimension
Of love

Now tell me
What it’s like
Being loved

Besides blessing
Genre: Experimental Love
Theme: Towards the oneness.
Author's Note: You are the dream and the reality. You are my worship and the blessing. I am "you" while you are "me". Now tell me, how will you seperate, "you" from "us", "me" from "me" and "you" from "you"?
Afterall I trust the god in you, I trust the god in me.
Amy 7d
I search for you,
I search for you in my dreams
I search for you in blank faces that cross me in the street
but it seems you’re so far to reach
I won’t ever stop longing for you
once we do find each other
I know you’ll be worth the wait.
to my soulmate that's out there
this is one's for you
My soulmate is tender, soft and kind.
My soulmate have same vision and religion like mine.
My soulmate accept me who I am as I do.
We have same temperament and habits like a one.
My soulmate go sleep early and wake up early like I am.
My soulmate creative and smart.
My soulmate love me fully who I am.
For my soulmate I am a priority.
My soulmate is generous and self-sufficient.
My soulmate self-confident and calm.
My soulmate is faithful and reasonable.
My soulmate have pure thoughts.
My soulmate is honest and open to me.
I'm alone not because of you.
I'm alone because I wait my soulmate.
LaFayette Aug 20
Amidst the cold and dark spaces between
There I am with my invisible foe
Waiting with bated, visible breath
Find me here and never let me go

When my brain is all anxiety and chaos
Broken thoughts unable to sow
Here I am the shattered man
Find me here and never let me go

Where the mirror mocks my reflection
Disgust of me from head to toe
I’ll freeze in place for you to save me
Find me here and never let me go

I’ve waited for so long to see your face
An unwrapped present behind a bow
The other half of my soul, unfound
Find me here and never let me go

I know you are out there my love
Searching for the path we cannot know
I pray for you to find your way
Find me here and never let me go
I really hope she's out there because I am sick of waiting.
Caitlin Oct 4
In an instant you send my body into a fiery spell that burns me alive, your hand between my thighs, gentle touches.

You caress my body, soul and mind, watching me quiver with each touch from start to linger. Watching my eyes looking into yours deeper. Our souls joining together dancing in a timeless cosmic whirlwind of letting our guards down.
Poet/Poetess falls in love
Expect different
Expect forever

They will adjust their height
To reach you
They will adjust their time
To honor you
Pay attention to their eyes
Every time it will be dilated
When it's about you

Using metaphors
They will try to reflect
Your presence
Through their Ink
Sometimes as a flower
Sometimes as an ant
Sometimes as a bird

What you are to their soul

They may
Burn their emotions
They might share it to you
They may stay silent
Wishing peace to you
Never they will stop
Loving you
Genre: Experimental
Theme: To the eternity you will live
Sit next to me
Where the cattails sway
In the grass with the bugs
Let love take us away
we bled into each other
so naturally
as if our love was birthed
from the earth itself,
yet i seen constellations
each time our eyes met
as if the universe had planned us
this whole time,
willing us to make it.
what a beautiful thing
it could've been
if we had.
the scent of incense
hangs heavy in the air
the constant murmer of voices
comes crashing like waves
but your eyes meet mine
and the faces disappear
the voices die,
all that remains
is an unspoken invitation
from my lips
willing yours to kiss them
and yours happily
meet their request
leaving our love tasting
like oranges
tenderly plucked
from moonlight lips.
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