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rk Jul 8
it's july
and we're falling out of bars
incense clinging to our hair
chasing the last
of the saccharine sun
each strawberry stained kiss
introducing us to god

it's july
and we're hiding under satin sheets
moonlight dancing
upon naked flame
sticky fingers
trying to hold us together
your teeth find my skin
and i can never find the words
to tell you how you've marked me
like spoiled fruit
in the summer heat

it's july
and each amber scented day
leaves me longing
for the month we stole
your eyes met mine
and it felt like a wound mending
before slipping away
with the autumn breeze

it's july
and all i can see is you.
You saved me yesterday
When the rolling clouds were dark

The wind, like a hurricane,
Was whipping through my heart

It was beating just as loud as the thunder over head
All i felt was dread

The ground shook with emotion
While i tried to hold it in

But my mind felt like exploding from the pain that i was in

Then you, stranger, walked on by
And took me by surprise

Grabbed my hand, pulled me up,  looked into my eyes

All you said was 'hi'
And i felt that could breathe

My heart, though it stayed racing
Stopped pounding in my sleep

Angry clouds above me
Started to evaporate

The walls that surrounded me
Began to dissipate

And though the world was shining
Once again renewed

I couldn't take my eyes off of the beauty that was you
NaNi May 27
Its been Over a decade
one would think we’re inevitable
Friends who never became lovers
Bond so strong we’re untouchable
The thoughts crossed my mind plenty
Are we possible ?
We are so farm from love
Yet we are unstoppable
When we’re together , the world stops
Picture perfect no crops
Could we be?
Or is a friendship like ours only once in a lifetime
Friendship until the last lifeline?
Distance has & will always be our what if?
And if we ever did work
you’d have to come find me
Cause we’re a long distance from love
So until then we’d never know

Lukai May 1
In the canvas of my life, you're the masterpiece,
The best thing to ever grace my existence, an immeasurable gift.
With forest green, you pierced through my soul,

Before you, my days were shrouded in darkness,
A labyrinth without an exit in sight,
But your love illuminated the path,
You punched through the walls to get me out.

Your anger, though fierce, brings me solace,
For within its depths, I find peace,
I do not fear you, I never have
You are my shelter in life's worse,
My rock, my anchor, my best.
Everything about you sings of perfection,
Though rugged and sharp at the edges
You make living in this messed up eternity
easier to swallow.

In you, I find all that I need,
A love so pure, so true, so rare,
You are my best, my love, my soulmate,
Together, we're a formidable pair.

In the depths of my heart, "X marks the spot",
Where your love has made its home,
My best accomplishment by far,

I love you.
ross Apr 29
and so i had fallen for her
just as day becomes night;
quietly and patiently
without knowing
too then all at once.
the sun sets;
birthing an endless
array of stars;
in that darkness
in their audience
i confessed my love for you.
the universe held it’s breath
time stopped
planets wept
for i had been here before;
i would love you and lose you
in a thousand lifetime’s
if it meant i could have you
for just one.
Will heart be in love?
Next time you meet somebody
Just never know when
The next person you are introduced to could be 'the one'
rk Apr 25
you said
we were a destined love
just right person
wrong time
and so i loved you
in that space between
sleep and awake
where the weight of your kiss
still lingered
like peter losing wendy
wondering just how long
i was meant to wait
for you
to come back to me.
rk Apr 22
you placed a crown
upon my head
making me feel
like i was the queen
of your castles
little did i know
they were made
of nothing but sand
then the tide crashed in
and swept them away
hushed promises
forgotten by morning.
- my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder.
ross Apr 16
if i told the sea
the way in which
I feel for you;
she would leave her shores
abandon her waves
and follow me across
the endless horizon
in search of you.
rk Apr 11
you were the moonlit shore
and i had been drowning at sea
nothing had ever been
more beautiful
as if poseidon
had moulded you himself
the storm in your eyes
my own salvation.
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