if I could fly to heaven
just to see you from above
I would watch you closely
and fall deeply
with you in love

to watch you in your daily
to see your secret smile
to watch you as you work
and just sit with you awhile

I would study your sweet eyes
and the creases on your face
the way you move your arms
ah yes,
to imagine that embrace

I'd close my eyes- inhale
just to know your sacred smell
I would whisper gently baby
an put on you
a lovely spell

I'd remember every sadness
through collusion and confusion
I would know your every gladness
every thought and grand illusion,

I would find it all endearing
as you captivate my heart
I would shoot an arrow
a hopeful loving dart

to let you know I am the one
that seeks out your true love
look to the stars tonight
to your heaven
up above

make a wish
just wish me there
I beg you see my star
I know you hear my voice
I do,
even if  from way afar

every thing aligns as it should
until the day I see you again
the love I've waited for my whole life my lover and my friend

I will wait beneath my Summer Moon
I wait for you
I  wait for thee
I will wait until I am no more
for your love
to set me finally free.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Yup just thinking about finding my soul's counterpart again sigh sweet dreams everyone love you ❤

Where are you?
Tell me you hear me
Show me your location
And let’s fast forward to that beautiful occasion
Relieving destiny of her duty
Merging as one
As we obstruct the balance of molecules in the universe
Taking our ordained position in this world
Listening to only our words
Losing touch with everything except each other
Making the carbon bonds in diamonds jealous of our union
Letting them watch from your finger
As we spend eternity together
Where are you?
If you can hear me
Show me

I want to know
your tenderness
intelligent and so very sweet
I will love you heart and soul
I will,
to love you
such a beautiful new treat,

I want to run my hands
through your lovely lovely hair
and let you slow caress me
do things I'd never ever dare

like to kiss with no abandon
and love with out the worry
love you slow and sweet...oh,
an never will I hurry

I will hear you
I will listen
I will be your lovely one
I will be your shiny moon,
I will
and you my lovely shining sun

all the things we ever wanted
an relief when days are done

I've waited now forever
to find you is my goal
I have no other purpose
you are the half
that makes me whole
you are the other part
to my old and weary soul

please I beg you look above
to see my star tonight
I hope you see me now I do,
as I shine on you a light.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Idk...dreaming... Sigh

I have been through your mind a thousand times.
Where most would run,
I choose to hide.

For in those walls I see the man that needs to be seen.
But is afraid he can't for he feels the world would cackle upon thee
Memories lost ebbed in time penned on paper to seek his line.

No one sees the agony in his dreams.
Stomped on used and abused.
Left to be his own muse.

For no one could see the depth in his words.
They resonate so deeply within me.
Like a sad love song, a final epiphany .
Holding your hand crossing the veil we sit together and weep,
in joy and pleasure broken from pain and agony.

The man I see so utterly strong,
puts men to shame in their dance and song.

Like a god sitting on his cloud laughing down at humanity.
I feel you like a midnight breeze.
Holding you close in my ethereal arms I kiss your temple.
Let the pain be gone.

For love resides in both of us .
Together we can face our mistrust.
I am here to heal and never to mock.
I know I must -
for the man I seek is more then lust.

Souls touching for moments in our years,
we have had each other for all these tears.
Unbeknownst to the spirit we sought.
Together we conquer demons afar.
My love for you grows stronger each moment.
Like a crescendo at the edge of sonata..

I don't really want to leave
but it seems as if I must
my life is so uncertain here
an there is little I can trust

I only really know
that this is not for me
it seems I must pursue
my loving destiny,

I have heard you always
I hope you know me too
the one who frees me baby
already I love you

without knowing you in person
I love you this I know
I only need to find you
to let this flower grow.

Ma Cherie ©2017

no notes...sigh gnight sweet dreams poets
D A N E 6d

A lost boy.
You were a lost boy.
All those times you felt alone,
nowhere to go, a place to call home.
At night, eyes closed, you kept on dreaming.
Wishing to be away from the reality you were in.

An old soul.
You have a special soul.
You may be young,
Yet there are times you feel so old.
Saw the world differently,
Wise beyond our years.

A brave warrior.
You are a brave one at heart.
For all the battles you've faced throughout the years,
and always ready for the upcoming without fears.
Went through many losses that you grieved,
Yet you're still breathing, standing, and fighting to live.

A selfless giver.
You, who don't give a fuck about what others think,
You care about your loved ones so deeply.
You don't have much to give but yourself,
always there when a friend needs help.
You gave away happiness and laughter,
even when there is nothing left for you after.

My soulmate.
In this uncertain life,
You're the only thing that felt right.
Amidst the loneliness and monotony,
we found each other and knew it's real.
It won't be easy, we have a long way to go,
but it'll worth it so we have to hold on.


To the lost boy, I've found you.
A special soul with mine in sync with yours.
To my brave one, you'll never be alone,
carry the burdens and give what you deserve.
When you think you're nothing special,
You're so wrong for you are worth so much than you let on.

Erin 6d

That first time he touched me, I could have screamed,
Demanding to know where he has been, or if fate forgot about our destiny, temporarily…
Because in that moment his hands were all I needed
and I had needed them for so very long, that affection… provided direction, for a soul who was wandering lost for what felt like eternity

I don't think I'll ever love you but if you want the rain I'll be a thunderstorm
& if you prefer the warmer weather I'll burn so you can see the light of day
I'm not saying you'll ever be the one but I'm so used to all of these thoughts making me crazy
and with you I swear I never think at all
maybe I stopped believing in soulmates a while ago
but if there's such thing as bodies meant to dance and lips meant to touch
I think that's you and I

Jt unknown Jul 15

At what cost,
Was it all worth,
What I lost?

I didn't mean to be,
I didn't wish this,
Let out the real me,

I was scared,
To get too close,
Something I never dared,

I ran away,
When you reached in,
And wanted to stay,

How would you deal,
How can I be me,
I could I be real,

Would you eventually go,
After I opened up,
Scared of what you now know?

I'm not made for anyone,
I carry weight,
Pain that weighs a ton,

You don't want this,
A world of doubt,
Free from bliss,

So just leave,
Avoid all the pain,
You might receive,

There won't be a we,
Just two separate roads,
Lost I'll continue to be.

Jt unknown Jul 15

It's burns so bright
It burns so deep
Nothing is forever
Nothing is for keep

I see you in the dark
I see you with eyes closed
I hold on to pictures
I remember how you last posed

I can never take you with me
I leave you behind
I am left with memories
Everything I see is a remind

It was all wrong
It was never meant to be
These meetings cant continue
It's you I am forbidden to see

So walk away
Start a new life
While I bleed to death
From a yearn that cuts like a knife....

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