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I once knew a girl from a north country shore 
as it was some place I had been to before.
We had met one fine day going down the street
each walking in opposite directions sweet.
We were both minding our own business when
an incident happened for us to meet then;
some elderly lady with a shopping bag
was coming along but got caught in a snag;
one of her shoes on the uneven pavement
nearly sent her headlong towards derailment.
Fortunately for her we were both there to
stop her from falling and to save the bag's spew.

As we helped the lady and looked at each other
we caught a gleam of light in our eyes to bother
all preconceived notions of what life was about
and it seemed we were both uneasy to find out.
For we looked up and away with sighs of relief
then back again at each other in disbelief.
I couldn't help seeing then the look on her face;
reflections of my own as from a mirrored place.
Or was it an image from deep within my heart
projected outward being therein from the start?
What happened next was not so amazing to tell
as we spoke certain words of greeting and farewell.
Written in January, 2023
i don’t search for you
crescent moon
our love decays, half-life
freeman blue
my lonely doom

my missing slice
my pumpkin pie
sweet spice
our fingers entwined
cinnamon twist

i run from this
from my fate
from when we kissed
i run to a place  
past time, outside space

it takes away
your face
takes me back
to better days
it takes away
our separate ways
your way
half-life is a video game the main characters name is gordon freeman..
T Sep 19
First Love:
You were never cruel,
the "too good to be true."
You always remind me of youth,
as pure as young love.
I never thought that I would be writing again,
as I think of those days.
How I used to love writing about you.
Your smile,
your love for music,
and your soul.
They were my favorite subjects.
I'm writing again.
Being reminded of how pure I used to write.
But the truth is, I never told anyone.
The reason why I used to love writing.
It was because of that person.

Second love:
The love who also teaches most with my firsts.
How I learned about poetry.
She loves them more than I do.
She's my soulmate.
I love writing, and I bring her with me.
She was there in almost every behind-the-scenes of how I love things.
I was also never a fan of reading,
but I also learned to love it.
I got to learn to think deeply.
Again, she was there.
I carry her with me every time.
I also got to taste the harsh world as she first learned it.
Now, we are also sharing the same sentiments about the world.
How could we hate the world and everyone who made us who we are today.
I got to know most of my firsts from her.
It's like she'll have them first, so I can her as the person who will understand me.
But now that time is something that we can no longer control,
I've got to learn things by myself too.
Thank you, even when I only learned to love you second.
You will always be my soulmate.
Still and will always have you as part of me.
Trueheart Sep 13
You are my soul
Then why you separate?
Where can I find you
In this sea of people
But I know,
Thread of fate
Will put us together
Pull into one another
Will we able to stand
Immense power of universe?
I can feel you
I will grow for you
Will wait for you
So we make a beautiful world
To merge together!
Its around theme of soulmate and it's philosophy
GreenWitch Sep 13
Is this what love was meant to be?
This overwhelming feeling in your company
Undeniably true, unfathomably right
Becoming my everything in the blink of an eye

How is every touch so perfectly placed
Mindful and distinct
Yet absent-mindedly performed
Like second nature

Every word written or uttered from your lips
Fills my heart to burst
You've been fulfilling my young girl fantasies
Those of which I never thought could be brought into this reality

When you ask me, "where did you come from?"
While staring into my eyes, bewildered
Or breathlessly gasp, "what the ****?"
During and after every passionate night

Every time I'd blow your mind
Knowledge of some obscure childhood memory you hold dear
I was there to share it
Though I was nowhere near

Our beginning started on a shattered base
Each of us unaware that the other
Was precisely meant to be in this place
Convoluted events leading us here
At the same time
For our beginning

It's been 4 years in the making, you and I
And even longer than that still
A perfect set of circumstances
That it took to reveal

You're what I've been wanting
You're what I've been seeking
I'm what you've been yearning for
I'm what you've been needing
May we continue to grow this happiness
Grow this family
Meld these lives
Expand our spirits

I cannot explain why I feel this way
But I promise to love you every day
Mahogany Ree Aug 24
like the beating of a drum
his name reverberates
throughout the contours of my mind
an undeniable constant
unyielding echoes
charging wall after wall
bouncing and falling
from one neuron to the next
electrical impulses strumming
and humming
. . . like amazing grace
it sounds so, sweet

Mahogany Ree
© 8-24-23
Sam Faisal Aug 23
What's a perfect date?
It could be:
Fancy dinner,
Pretty partner,
Roses and lilies,
Weak at the knees,
Holding hands,
Sharing an umbrella in the rain,
Catching you from falling down the drain,
Eyes locked,
Kissing in the rain.

Or maybe it’s:
Spilling your coffee,
A comedy,
No filter,
Matching humour,
Eyes locked,
"Call me daddy,"
You called me crazy,
Talking ****, books and movies,
Eyes lit and laughing free,
Then switch to:
Learning something new,
Expanding worldview,
And before we knew,
Time disappears -

No words,
Just your breath,
And my heartbeat,
And more tears,
Feeling weak yet safe,
Smiling on my own,
I'm home,
In your embrace.
Nicole Aug 18
I've spent so long
Chasing after butterflies
Following the flutters
And rarely touching the ground
Mistaking the excitement of new
For the deepness of love
I've come and gone so many times
Feeling waves of lust wash over me
Partially "in" at any moment
With one foot always ready to step out
Letting the past drip away
As new feelings flood back in
In this new life I notice glimmers
The sparks of energy from before
Sunshine glinting off the water
The breeze echoing off butterfly wings
What once consumed me entirely
Now barely asks for pause

When I met you, the entire world stopped
When we kissed, the earth shifted beneath us
I fell in love with your soul as it danced with mine
That first day and every one after.

You are not the flutters, you are the life propelling them
You are not waves, but the moon commanding the sea
You are you and I am me and somehow
The Universe brought us together
I love you more than I've ever known
And I want to give you everything
My soul knows yours so intricately
And I'll love you for all of eternity
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