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Vira 3d
Words, waiting to be told – he said

How do I express what I hold
In my soul, in my longing for you to behold

It feels like a desire of a lifetime
Just to hold you once for real, in the hands of mine

I have held you for time immemorial in my soul
The wait seems forever when I will see you for real
Love and longing for a platonic soul mate  - the relationship that can never be...yet can never let go....
Your body is different,
The way you talk is different,
Your opinions are different,
But your soul is the same.
Ours met before
Without our knowledge.
It was our “first time” again!
We exist for each other,
While abandoning our bodies.
There’s the inevitable connection
Between our souls...
riri Apr 27
it's hard to say out loud
or admit to anyone
that my heart still thinks of you
because not one person
can make me feel the spark i felt when i was with you
i hate myself every time i think of you, but the ending of our story just wasn't fair.
Bellie-boo Apr 21
Lilies and Daisies,
Today I have got a case of the lazies,
I sit in our room listening to the eighties,
Thinking about nothing my thoughts come and go like the waveys,
I wonder Dear if you would look good in paisleys,
But then that pattern is a bygone phas-ies,
If you wore it on our dates, I can’t imagine all the gazes.

Lilies and Daisies,
We are feeling Lazies,
Sitting on the bed doing nothing but maybes.
“Want to go for a walk?” “Maybes.”
“Want to go to the movies?” “Maybes.”
Our code word for, “I have the lazies.”
When we hear maybes,
I know well just sit here doing nothing…
But I am perfectly okay with doing nothing so long as I am doing nothing with you, Cuties.
Just sitting on the bed with my partner thinking how happy I am to do nothing with them <3
Though I may look like any other piece of glass
No one wants to see in me and so by me they  pass
Because I am broken I am cracked,
4 broken pieces to be exact.
I see their reflection staring back
Disillusioned with me
Once they knew I couldn’t fix them
When I was the one that needed to be set free.
Im sitting on the shelf waiting to be bought
By the brave soul who will take me as I am
Someone who just won’t  give a ****.

Just because I am a crystal ball
It doesn't mean I’ll give you what you want.
The hope, the faith you have in me
That I can give you what you want me to be.
But the truth is you will be afraid of what’s to come
And maybe you’ll understand where it came from.
Once you see inside, you’ll be afraid of what I hide
There is  grief and  there is  anger
But most of all there is revenge,
Can amends be made
Or will it be the end?
rk Apr 16
i want to love you
like a lazy sunday morning
staying in bed
taking our time
sipping coffee
memorising every freckle
like the constellations in the sky
white sheets
and tangled limbs
with the scent of a memory
fresh on our lips.
M Salinger Apr 13
My young body is impatient.

a bird held in a gilded cage
that would be at peace
if that cage was not
there to rattle against
like ribs
creating a fortress
a soft heart,
yearning to be free

she mistakenly
thinks freedom
is granted

hungry for experience
so that her bones may know her truth.

My old soul is ever-patient with her.

the energy and vitality of youth
and its contagion

my old soul waits

needing no one else's company but
her own,
she will wait lifetimes if she must

because, for her, there is only one
to wait

She sits behind me
and my pain,
under a beautiful arc of roses
the colour of blood

watching over,
and watching those
that have failed her test
knowing eyes.

For she doesn't know
he looks like in this life,
but she'll know
when she sees him

she will feel it when they meet

and an entire lifetime
captured in
of their gaze.

They will bring us to bed,
me, my tired body, and my pain

he will kiss our foreheads
and she will lie down lavender
and we will we drift off into a sweet sleep,
curled into each other

while our
breath is heavy and snores
our chests

and that night, in our dreams
we will meet
his pain

and together,
fingers interlaced
the sun setting on the edge of the horizon
the last lights of day playing on the ocean crests,
we will walk into the water

and be

We will lose time,
and at times
each other's hands,
and the waves of the ocean will take us in
like deep sighs

for one full night,
under the full moon
we will float,
and as we pay our respects to all those before us,
we will be bathed and renewed.

As day breaks, the tides gently bring us back to shore
and we will bend our heads to the ground
and thank the sea for what it has taken
and given
in return.


We will have wildflowers in our hair and around our necks,
and you will tell me that you see our eternity in my eyes,
I will look into yours and see the happy laughter of our children
running and free

we will give our pain back to the earth
and will give ourselves
to each other

two souls
in this lifetime
in every lifetime
in sacred union.
rk Apr 11
i long for a love
that will break me,
eat me whole
and spit me out aching.
i want to love
as achilles loved patroclus,
with a burning in my heart
and a madness
that would tear
even the fates apart.
- my heart will only ever utter your name.
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