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Rachel 1h
Will I ever heal?
I can't listen to my music without a memory of you.
I can't read a romantic poem without thinking of you.
I can't stop accidentally re-opening the wound you left on my heart.
I can't stop the pain from flooding into my veins and out my eyes.
Can it stop? Will it stop?
The part that hurts the most is knowing
I don't even so much as flitter through your mind
Let alone your heart.
“Home me, your soul”

If confused
Read that again
Genre: Haiku
Theme: When the connection is divine, it's a home || Made it simple
B 4h
Within you lives the kindest heart the world will ever meet.
It cares for all, its generous, it loves with every beat.
Within you also lies my heart that you stole years ago.
You’ll keep it warm and safe and loved; this I’ll always know.

Within you dwells a beautiful soul, the most perfect to ever have lived.
Its generous and kind and wholly good. It  aids others and it forgives.
Within you also resides my soul, we’re connected through and through.
You’re my other half, my true soulmate; you are me, and I am you.
Believe ME

When your SOULMATE
Turns out to be an ANGEL/CELESTIAL
Stay as a BACHELOR

You don’t SETTLE
Genre: Observational
Theme: Words of wisdom ||  Being Guru
moon 4d
i love you beyond infinity,
around the moon two times,
around saturn,
and touching every star on the way back to you.
i love you.
i love you because with us,
we are never cold,
only warm.
flowers blossom when you're near and i swear life before Us didn't exist.
i love you more than anything.
"In distant parallel dimension,
17 years ago we met,
And just like that, without intention
Our life became a single thread.

But then you left to roam the forest
And i got drafted in the rain.
We said goodbye, but we had promised
That someday we will meet again.

And so time passed, i split the army
And i had wondered where you’re at.
You traveled almost every country
On the vast Old World continent.

I came to meet you in a valley
Of vast, eternal, endless grass.
And from then on we wrote our story
Creating magic as we pass.

It feels a bit surrealistic
To know that somewhere in the world
This path has actually existed
And our story has been told.

But in our actual dimension,
Where our story won't be known.
We have to fight our intuition
So our lives will not be blown.

I think a lot about this concept,
Of spinning doors or simple fait.
If things do happen for a reason
What is the purpose of this pain?

This is a complicated feeling,
Conflicted between truth and hope.
I wish i understood the meaning,
Of life, the universe and Love."
Fought with my own demons
Entangled thoughts caught with tumultuous wave of emotion;
Fragile I was
Clothed in stain.
Found a solace in your presence
You're the home I run to while I was dealing with pain.
To The One That Got Away.
“There is a fire, it is true
Sometimes it's red, sometimes it's blue
If you’re not careful, you’ll get burned
If you give up, it won't be born.

There is a place beneath this sun
Where our story becomes one
But its not here and it's not now
We’ll live threw it, alone, somehow.

And maybe someday, you and i
When we’re both looking at the sky,
Will see a dragon in the clouds
And think of others whereabouts

And for a moment, in our hearts
We’ll know we’ll never be apart
Two souls collided in the woods
And it made all the difference”
My mind wanders back,
to one year ago,
to the night that we met,
and your radiant glow.

I told you I loved you,
that night as we kissed,
and we both saved each other,
from that dark, cold abyss.

Life was unfair,
to us it had seemed.
Forced to live lives,
that were terrible dreams.

A life without you,
for twenty three years,
making mistakes,
that now seem so clear.

Mistakes that taught me,
that love’s not enough.
Mistakes that taught me,
that even “perfect” is rough.

Our love became rocky,
as you became scared,
and at times I lost faith,
wondering if you cared.

But that promise I made,
to myself that first night,
to never let you go,
without a fight.

I promised I’d save you,
and show you how love could be.
How it felt to be loved,

You have hurt me, it’s true,
and made me question the truth,
but I never, not once,
lost my faith in you.

Because no matter the fight,
and no matter the lie,
I still see my angel,
that’s buried inside.

The angel you show,
when you think I can’t see.
When you’re giggling and smiling,
and simply care-free.

That’s the woman I’ve loved,
since the day we first met.
A woman with strength,
that she hadn’t found yet.

So remember sweetheart,
that perfect is flawed.
We’ve made it this far,
and we’re still standing tall.

Love’s just a word,
that could never describe,
the way you make me feel,
when I look in your eyes.

The feelings you give me,
and the warmth in my heart,
and the sadness and pain,
when we are apart.

So now as I’m thinking back,
I can’t help but grin,
because there’s not one thing I’d change,
if I could do it again.
I was going through some old papers tonight and I found this poem that I wrote to my ex-wife ten years ago. This is a poem that I never shared with her, but through all the pain and grief of what has happened the message remains, I wouldn’t change the years that we shared.
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