He is tender and yet strong enough to break the shackles of fear and bondage

He looks into nature and search for the spark of God in the creation

He burns with raw energy as the droplet of eternity

Radiating the Light of God from his heart

He is attuned to the small voice of conviction

He smiles to conquer the darkness of insecurity

Stirring occasionally my troubled soul

What is the essence of his being that imbued me with life force and animates me in the ways unknown to me?

He is holding the key to the mysteries that I'm longing to unlock

He is the missing pieces of the puzzle I'm trying to solve

How am I so sure?

This is an uncanny feeling of wholeness and warmth that emanates from him

That fuels me to brave the demanding future

DF Sep 11

you used to call me every morning,
but you've stopped.
now, every morning, i roll over
with your arms wrapped around me
welcoming me home.


Mono Sep 9

I kept wishing on stars the outcome of my future
what would it be like to know tomorrow
I kept on bragging about things I could’ve done
things I would’ve but I’m just no one
so I walked on the footsteps of a thousand souls
trying to find mine with the Grim Reaper
then I stumbled upon yours a coincidence much like any other
yet I feel like we were ordained
like the stars were set into the right alignment
that it has become akin to a dream of fate
and as I walked past by your spirit it didn’t match mine
I was too sad to walk away so I managed without a soul
                                          . . .
Soulless to say I’m rightfully yours forever and more.

Wrote this for those who were still finding if the one they love is their destined soul mate. :3 Hope ya'll enjoy, I do update daily.
Inanna Sep 8

We danced under the sun,
Until moon beams caressed a light-less lake,
Round and around we spun,
I breathe your breath and I awake.

A downpour of rain soaks our bewildered heads,
Hair glistening with each drop of drizzle,
Etheric layers interweave delicate threads,
And my solar plexus begins to sizzle.

Something from above captures our hearts,
We glaze over like the moon,
Frozen, we master the immortal arts,
For us the creatures croon.

Butterflies swarm in my lungs
Crawling along the walls of my insides
Spiraling air into currents
That chill me to my bone until I'm shivering
Whenever you look at me
With those beautiful ocean eyes
And a smile that could save the world
You send a storm of wings and rainbows
Throughout my body until
I can no longer breathe
But I'd rather suffocate as you take my breath away
Than live another empty day of not feeling

She's afraid that the romance is dead.
Wonders why there are no flowers in the vases, no cute notes on the headboard.
When she gets home from work and
isn't greeted at the door with boxed chocolates neatly rowed, she thinks I don't love her.
No, but I say let the romance be dead.
I'd rather have the freedom to fart
in bed, or to laugh at her farts just the same,
or gather what I need to know about her from just the expression on her face.
She regrets having laughed at that first fart, but that's how she stole my heart.
She let me be me and didn't let romantic duty get in the way.
Anyway, I still am going to get her flowers.

Matthew Aug 31

Now a days we are all just a little bit broken.
Fractured, fucked up puzzle pieces sitting in a box never to fulfill our purpose.
Yet every so often another piece gets thrown into the box and come to find one day you and that piece fit.

Here you two are kept in that box spending every waking moment together, becoming more than two pieces you begin to feel like one. Then that glorious day comes when you are pulled from the box and are now part of the bigger picture.

I was that piece.......
And my love......well she was the other.

Now the picture has faded, the pieces have come apart and she is gone. I have no idea of what the world will bring, but I will stay strong with my head held high, because I know somewhere out there she is hurting, she is troubled, confused by the future and what it may bring, staying in a constant battle of uncertainty and unease, hopefully searching for the place at my side.

I am incapable of removing this pain from her even though I would tear heaven from the sky if it would make us whole again. Yet I sit this box........waiting.........because no other piece has ever fit so well.

Still miss her.
Ma Cherie Aug 31

I am looking for the one
who likes
my curves
and my sharp edges
because he'll help
to soothe and smooth
any thoughts of imperfections

I have worked here long an hard
though rarely do I spoil
myself a weary bard,
as in earth I daily toil
I seek the one who sees me -
who's heart forever loyal
a mosaic made by tiny shards,
diamonesque an royal,
releasing us of all that's marred,
to paint our love in oil,

on a canvas perfect rare within
in spite -our perceived flaws,
to paint us in our poetry
an leave us feeling awed
as I will feel
as he does too
an grateful if by God

gently just to love an live
while not to mind a scar
an when I see my light in him
it is to view myself-
as star
all time and space
now just erased
my star seed
my sweet heart

he will illuminate my very being
in refracted love we'll shine
the light will be our seeing
from love that we divine
our touch will be so freeing
an every one sublime
an he will feel the same within,
his hand
inside of mine
walking in our peace and love,
until the end of time
hearts to live in poetry
in synchronistic rhyme

of our bodies here
our souls
now eternally
... entwine. ❤

Ma Cherie © 2017

About finding that soulmate still lol ugh just random felt blocked sorta lately. Love you all -ma
Katelyn Rew Aug 29

Your words echo heartbeats long forgotten laying dormant in the recesses of my mind.

Do people ever come back from that long forgotten place where love goes to die?

I still think of you morning and night, night and day.

All the seconds and all the minutes in between consumed by you and only you.

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