There's 50% chances you meet your soulmate and actually realize it.. but he/she cannot be your life partner.
There's an 80% chance that you get a life partner.. and make sure you make them your soulmate, coz that's what'll make your heart feel light and happy !
So, make that 50%, an 80% or make that 80%, a 100% .. haha ;)
hazael-fae May 10
my eyes followed your quivering lips
as you said "I don't care, I'm in love with you.'
My heart hung to
every syllable
every gaze
every laugh
every breath
everything you are I'm unable to detach myself from
hazael-fae May 10
my beloved
oh how the doves i come across day after day remind me of you
your total existence is why they come to me
a message
to wait
because i know things aren't good right now
but they will be
i got in the accident when you were behind me because of a pair of doves in my path
there i spun and i spun and collided thankfully safe
things were heading in a different direction.
i read that as we are going to go through a rough patch, that things were going to change, and things got stronger for a bit but things happen life goes on and i stand here waiting for my beloved.
but the synchronicity, oh the synchronicity has told me not to surrender and let go. but to hold on. because you, us is worth every second of waiting.
Sarah Mann May 10
I’m listening to the teenagers fall in love next door. 
Music plays softly in the background, setting the mood.
It’s a beautiful sight as I’m watching it from my spot in the window. 
Strings of lights surround them while they gaze up at the stars. 
They are making pointless conversation that goes in endless circles 
But both of them seem to be completely ecstatic and enthralled 
With just each other’s company. 
In their own little corner, in the limited space that is
Someone else’s backyard, they are protected and safe from reality. 
It gives me hope. 
I can feel myself getting lost in the excitement once again.
Maybe there’s a love out there that is only precious and clean. 
Without a single speck of imperfection, infidelity, or mean
Where’s the magic? The one that I’m supposed to believe in. 
Where is my soulmate the one with which
I’m supposed to keep dreaming
In my imagination, these teenagers are so much more
She’s the shy belle of the season, attractive beyond measure
And of course, he’s the charismatic boy with 
A good amount of reason

But truth be told, I don’t know her.
Or him. Or if they are actually even a couple. 
Or just friends stealing kisses under the pale moonlight. 
They just seem so perfect from up here, 
Flawless, absolutely faultless. 
That’s not practical though, is it? 
I want the magic to be real.
For their smiles and loving feelings to be genuine. 
Unfortunately, in my experience I’ve learned
Real love doesn’t work that way. 
Maybe in the movies, maybe for a couple of days. 
But it’s not real, at least, for a love that lasts. 

However, the real point of inquiry
Is why I’m sitting by this window
Completely captivated this beautiful maybe, maybe not
Couple hidden away from the world
I think a part of me wants to be them.
I want to be in a love like theirs. 
One that’s filled with soft glowing candlelit discussions,
Filled with smiles and gazing into each other’s eyes.
While watching the stars, with their gentle hands intertwined.
I want to be in a love like theirs. 
But what does that say about mine?
Written about the couple hidden away from the world, strumming on the ukulele underneath the glittering lights. I want a love like theirs.
My concern : the Soul. Do not let the burden weigh on you.

Today, unexpectedly, I found peace. I know you well enough to know and believe in the unexpected - the unwanted even. My mind will not sit still. You know me. You know that for me, understanding is key. Knowledge is important but we must open our hearts with the opening of our minds. Ideas may change and shift. Most know change is an elementary concept that must be grasped. Some things will forever stay in our hearts. Humanity's quest for freedom and love will always be there to enlighten the star-less Sky. I pray we are there at the footsteps of our heavenly home. I dream of a place where a peaceful paradise is above any fear. Through any calamity we can find the place if we first look within and embrace ourselves. We must then reach out our hand to another and whisper, "You Are Loved!"
The world may laugh now but one day they will look back in Thanksgiving and Blessing.

We are each called on a personal journey. Here is where yours begins. Take the first baby steps, and then - always smiling - never look back my soul friend!
Mo Anam cara is Celtic for my soul friend, who can be and become anyone or anything! We only have one world and we need to take care of it and eachother
Yule May 10
I only pray for you, and only you.
Is that too much to ask?
I miss you so much that it actually physically pains me to know how far apart we really are.

My love, how long must I wait? – I long for your touch, I want to see your face. I just want to pull you close. Let me hear your heart beat and let me calm myself with your voice.

I want you to nuzzle softly in my neck, and gently press your lips on my cheek — can you feel them burning from your touch?
Let our lips dance, and let our hands roam – North, south, let us move to the rotation of the coast.

Will the universe align itself for our meeting?

Please let us be tied with destiny, let fate be at our stead.
one of the written pieces I planned on giving him as a letter. As vulnerable and raw I feel this as if I'm bare off my skin.

I'll just let these words be set free for the world to see.

170922; 10:37 pm

hxrvld May 8
Two bodies intertwine to be one soul. You and she explore every curve that hasn’t been carved. Both of you are the sculptors, sculpting on each other flaws. Physical acceptance is what you both tame from the beginning. It flows well. Yet, the conversation of those eyes is out of intonation. Leads to perform old war. That tender hand begins to abuse God’s magnum opus, the sculpture. More aesthetic flaws divine it. Scratches and bruises. After one whole day as it feels like one decade of hell, you both doubt that love can bring infinite elation. Silent moment fills the room. Wisdom whispers in melodically rhymes. Suddenly, the man cracks the moment.

He asks “How are you? (I know you’re thinking of something. Tell me)”

She answers “I’m fine. (I wonder if this is love or lust.)”
your body is an instrument I mastered eons ago, when the stars were young.
it is you I have, and shall always yearn to play.

at my touch, you open up to me; lines of familiar notes upon my fingertips.

together, we harmoniously orchestrate the ethereal music of our souls: a sonata of infinite synchronicity.
the symphonies we conduct originate from the stardust of our souls.

© kalica calliope
Pain is long and deep, it broadens itself, at self-will, running wild

      motivating any artist to dream, poets dream long and before acting with
grandeur and in youth, there’s nothing but dreams,

                                      as lust doesn’t cost a thing    until all that youth drys up

and the ability to stop dreaming isn’t felt, just aging

to achieve harmony in this life, one must struggle for years, especially in poetry, where they can all articulate love, like the Tenor or the Cellist, over composed symphonies. And the Nympho’s praise them all.

                               my heart is in my hand, because it’s pierced
                               those who have content, are the ones who
                               dared to live in the first place and I’m still hung
                               up on you, because those who’ve lived, seem
                               to have experienced love, my heart is caught
                               providing a helping hand to write any poem.

      People had made love without poetry, because lust is easier.

                              And when awareness kicks in, it will be too late and poets join time to mock them with heavy laughter.

                  I grow tired of waiting, fatigued after actions with efforts of affection

Life goes on

No-one likes the lovers lost in love, because it reminds them,
of what they don’t have, wondering if the love is wild and roaring
or if it took their youth to tame. No one likes the lovers lost
in love, because it can devalue any romantic piece, those
lovers in erotic acts, intimately fusing their souls together,
getting to know the ecstasy of illumination and addicted to
sparking awakening in each other. For no one likes anyone
in love, for their souls are free and without void and despair,
so they shun those lovers out, in return those lovers build
a world of their own, forgetting the earth for the rest of
humanity, never to fit in again. Can you love a smile? Can
you love a glance? Holding hands? Would you tame beauty?
For without love, the law means nothing and the poets will
turn out as serial killers. For no one likes people being truly
in love, because it reminds them what’s without.

                          I can read any poem, for such things as love, is not written,
   only expressed in actions, whispered in the ears of night,
                                 spoken by the mouths, who’ve been to the horizon
                                 and back.
Only in love, where it can strip anyone down to the nude, bearing to the world, all their faults, sins, mistakes and regrets, revealing all their secrets and transcend into a saint. A Muse for the world. I don’t know about you, to what I think about those first kisses between yourself and your lover, is conversation  between Angels, closing lips, each other’s breathes felt lightly pressed upon skin, and the Angels sing when the lips are closed, holding hands and finally the delicate souls can meet and begins to feel safe for the first time.
             And everyday sounds, turn into love songs, that we’ve grown to accustom
  to listen to, without knowing their meaning. Living now, like life ends at the end of the day, you can blame fate for falling in love or you could just go out and experience love. It’s a place that we all ache to go, twinge at the sight of it, love involves the energy of any supernova that births beauty on site, creating memories for poets, adding
charm to this present, parenting the future, dragging things up from the heart, when we dared not to and finally for the first time, you shrug your shoulders and let go.

                            As for anyone telling that you have to work for love.
                            Slap them as hard as you can. Than recommend them
                            a good lawyer and a young lover for their spouse.

(knowledge variable)
I have a perfume called Vida.
It smells like bergamot and limes
And it makes me feel alive.
It is regal in a bottle and whenever I wear it, I am complemented for
How sweet I smell.

This perfume doesn't bring me life, however,
(My mother brought me life and my soulmate keeps it going)
It simply reminds me that Vida is in fact within my veins-
It reminds me that I am alive even though there are days where it feels like
I am dead.
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