awkward and easily misunderstood,
he only eats fried food.
hates exercise with a vengeance,
"you're gonna die before me", i always tell him.

he weaves something out of nothing,
in him i found what i was lacking.
pushing through stress, pain and fear,
with pvc, glue, pen and paper.

while the world dreams he's awake,
structures, rhythms, games he creates.
even when he sleeps his eyes are half-open,
his heart in the stars and his mind full of wonder.

to the you who constantly creates,
even when darkness inhibits;
i'm proud of what you've done and made.
you with your weird blue chinese jacket,
unkempt hair and dark eye bags;
constantly tinkering,
shining from within.

I want every piece of you
What you love and what you hate
What helps you sleep, what keeps you awake
I want to feel your skin and kiss your lips
I want to feel your hands grabbing my hips
I want to lick you and you lick me
I want it hard and I want it easy
Feel your breath upon my neck
I swear to you I'll be a wreck
Connecting with you outside and in
Euphoric pleasure, I want your sin
I want your lust, to be your muse
This connection we have, we did not choose
It came out of nowhere and melted my soul
Feeling you inside me will make me whole
You intoxicate me more than anything ever will
Whenever I breathe it's you that I feel
I want to dance with you, laugh with you, and scream
I want to create sparks and feel the steam
Whatever this is, it feels so divine
Feeling you in person will be sublime

I'm going to marry
the love of my life and I
cannot stop smiling


Well my count down begins till July I'm so happy I cannot stop smiling and I'm going to make sure I embrace this excitement and enjoy every moment xxxxx

There’s a million different ways to convey the love that burns inside for you
If you give me the chance I promise reveal one a day for the rest of our lives
Starting now
The very first time my eyess set sight on you
I can remember exactly what you wore
Both on your body and face
Come to think of it
Since then and up to now
My memories of you play like a movie
each of my senses reliving them perfectly

olb 3d

I have yet to say that word to you
I am cautious
because last time I said those words
they were not true
and you are too perfect
for that perfect line
to be untrue
I love you
I love the way your eyes are like the colors blue and green are fighting for the spotlight
I love the way those eyes look at me and give me comfort
yet have the ablility to light a fire inside me that roars uncontrollably and refuses to go out
I love the way your lips move on my body in ways of innocence and passion
I love the way those lips speak words to me that lift me up or make me melt
I love your body and the way mine can fall into the rythm of yours
I love that you love something much greater than yourself
I love your mind because it is so wildly beautiful
I love how our souls run together
and when I'm with you I feel whole

Anna Zerkle Jan 11

Oh how perfect he is. From his kind, chivalrous, Breath taking soul that is filled with laughter, joy, God, and mercy. To the sweet tender touch of his soft lips. Lips like cotton, so soft and pure that they’re only fit for a queen. Tasting sweet as honey, leaving a soft dew behind.

Oh and those eyes. Breathtaking as the highest mountain top view. Deep as the deepest sea. And blue as the bluest sky. Sparkling. Glistening in the light as if calling out for me to get lost once again. Eyes that pierce the soul, and it never escapes. See the depth, and welcome me. Yearning for me to be lost in them, showing the true soul of the owner.

His warm embrace. So gentle. Loving. Passionate. Sensual. Arms flowing over me as the sun rays on a warm summer day. His fingers licking over my skin like a flame. Soft. Gentle touch like silk, brushing my hair off my soft skin. Love and passion felt with every soft touch.

Beautiful pastel skin, glistening with a sweet aroma. Hitting my nose like the most expensive perfume. His essence taking over me like a sweet wine. Gripping my every cell, down to my very core. Carrying me away to a place I’ve never been before.

The face of a child, innocent and kind. Perfect in every way. From the top of each strand of hair, out to the ever loving and contagious aura that follows him.

He is perfect perfection. But he knows not. Perfect perfection, he believes not. He is the one and only. My soulmate. My life. My love. My perfect perfection.

The train passed by me
Like a leaf in the wind
And pretending to keep to myself
I put in headphones
But they played no music
And just when I couldn't feel
Any more empty than I already did
I catch your eyes
Blue eyes
Too blue
With a hint of gold
And my gaze lingers there
One second too long
But a second worth it
Because he smiles
And there are a hundred and one
Hidden messages in that smile
And I look away
With heat pulsing against my face
Because some boy
With too-blue eyes
And a hint of gold
Made me feel a little less empty
And a little more something

Smiles are worth it.
Carter Ginter Jan 10

I didn't lie to you
Everything I said was true
At least in that moment of time
I told you back then
Even if I believed in soulmates
I don't believe in only one
If I remember right
You agreed

Our feelings thrived through 5 years
When we didn't say a word to each other
That's definitely something special
And I'm not saying my feelings have changed
But my place in life has

Yes I'm polyamorous
But that's not why we didn't work
Sure, maybe I could've tried harder
But I felt trapped and couldn't breathe
Even though we weren't close
You needed me constantly
Which was fine until the pressure caught up to me

I'm not blaming you
I was there for you 1000% at first
Then I stopped trying so hard
You thought I was giving all my attention to her
She thought I was giving all my attention to you
I should've been giving more attention to me
Because life was killing me

Working full time
And trying to survive the semester
Now add that to the balancing of two relationships
Plus an ex who acted like Jekyll and Hyde

Imagine trying to address
The intense emotions you had
Plus those of my ex
And those of my other partner
Let alone my own feelings throughout it all
That's a lot to handle
And yes I dug my own grave with it
But I figured it'd be worth it in the end

You seem to think that
I'm some unstable person who
Tears everyone down with me
But, even in these last few months
I've grown and changed so much
And I'm finally learning how to make myself happy

I stopped starving myself and joined a gym instead
I am practicing mindfulness to understand myself and the world
I learned how to talk myself down from my feelings
I finally feel comfortable being myself
Radical as fuck but still sensitive
I can finally exist alone and at peace

As for believing in reconnection
It's not just 'us' involved anymore
That's where people seem to forget
Both you and my ex seem to expect
That I can't just make these decisions
Without thinking too much about the others

I understand why
You'd hope my present relationship will fail
But I've grown a lot as a person
I've learned more about myself
And what I want and need

With her there is no co-dependence
There's open communication
There's honesty and transparency
That doesn't mean it's 'better'
I am not degrading ours in any way
It does mean it's different though

So how can I reenter a relationship
That was definitely unhealthy in some ways
After realizing what healthy means?
Despite all of my love for you
Despite how much I care
We can't be more than friends right now
Because anything else would hurt us both

If our souls do meet in
Whatever world exists next
Then you can slap me silly
But right now this is what's best

ky Jan 9

They say all good things take time,
yet the result of our love,
so cautiously constructed
upon months of fragile glances
and nervous conversations,
disappeared, lost among the constellations,
shattered by sunrise.

The hurt in my heart, however,
lasted what felt like a lifetime,
until one day the pain
decided to fade.

By the heat of the blazing sun,
which burnt from the burdens
of my innermost heart,
came a delicate dawn of hope,
a hope so grand
that it convinced me
to abandon my fears
and pursue the one thing
I'd feared the most.

So within a mere, fragile second,
as time once stripped away
the feelings I held for you,
so will it restore my desire
to mend the broken pieces
which the sun so brutally shattered.

I now give you my word,
a vow to disregard the calendars
with constant reminders of our distance,
and to trust in time.

For although I have come to learn
that time itself is a dangerous thing,
I have faith that it will bring us together
once more.

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