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love is
a shotgun shack
along the bayou
in the middle
of nowhere

love .  .  .
. . . is
a maze of estuaries
where the channels
of two hearts
cross the paths
creating streams
to the soul

© Mahogany Ree
rk 1d
i still remember
your sleepy steel eyes
staring back at me
bed hair and soft sheets
your tender fingertips
always lost
in my crimson hair
that just couldn't stop itself
from gently spilling
onto your face
in those moments i knew
you would always give me
a thousand new reasons
to unravel for you
before the amber sun
filled the sky
with her nectarine kisses.
- it's all for you.
rk 1d
i want to explore
the hidden depths
of the universe with you
my darling,
you are the only lifeforce
i will ever need.
rk 2d
once i learned
that we only understand
4% of the known universe,
and our lives on earth
are but a grain of sand
born out of supernova
each of us made of stardust,
i understood
just how lucky then were we
to be birthed into existence.
to find and love each other
underneath the silver starlight.
maybe that's why,
i seen constellations
dancing in your eyes
each time they met mine.
rk 3d
i've been asked
what the best moment
of my life is so far
and in my head
one sole memory
dances brightly;
the first time you kissed me
you pulled me into you
with unstoppable fire
your hands in my hair,
moonlight burning in your eyes.
it was as if you had waited
your whole life to do it
and the moment your lips
bled into mine i knew,
i had been waiting
my whole **** life to feel it.
Marri 3d
I see it, right there.
That faint glimmering in your eyes.
It’s hope,
It’s inspiration,
No wait, it’s love?

It’s everything.

I see everything in your eyes.
I see long nights,
Early mornings, and
Sweet memories.

I see Leonine taking his first steps,
I see Luna on her first day to school,
I see two hands ring clad interlocked.

I see us,
And to me,
That’s everything.

Do you see it?
That sparkle in your eyes when you look at me.
I see it,
And I love it.

I love everything,
I love you,
I love us.

My one and only,
My love,
My everything.

That’s what I see.
Amelia 4d
Fallen stars are not a disgrace
you've come this far, never displaced.

Hold on to me
that's all I ask
you've seen my hurt and
I've felt your agony

You're a soul that slumbers alone
let me strum your veins
(like the Gretsch White Penguin guitar)
hear your words, sing your song

Hold on to me
that's all I ask
I've seen your hurt
and you've felt my agony

we can be each other's sanctuary,
a place of sheltered peace and less worry

We held on to each other
through all the storms
you've tasted my tenderness
I've drowned in your comfort

Your heart catches fire
in the dead of winter
as your lungs fill up with whispered
hopes and splintered dreams
beckoning for you to come home

Come home to me
(Come home.)
When your soul knows...
rk 5d
endless times
you have called me
in and out of your orbit
sharing moments
of melancholy and madness
i'm drawn once more
to the violet light you emit
you stand beside me
and i feel it
f a m i l i a r i t y
you are the constellation
in my darkened sky
your hand in mine
a hushed whisper
during a forced goodbye
a forbidden confession
of an eternal craving

i wish i could hold our memories
tightly inside rose petals
despite the aching
despite the uncertainty
i know only this
if i am to live wholly
i can't do so without you
my fallen valentine
my immortal shadow
and so i'll wait for you
over the hills past saturn
underneath the burning sky
like a wilting flower
summoning the rains.
I can feel you fade away,
Give me a moment to love you again,
I promise you our love will take a rebirth.
Little voices in my head,
I failed to love you right.
Rising ground to see the world with you,
We are sedentary feeling elate.
Staring at the waves falling down,
And vanish into thin air,
Some waves rise again Just like our love,
Sound of our heartbeats are louder than waves,
Watching us going through many ups and downs,
Gazing in your eyes feeling not to give up on our love.
I promise you our love will take a rebirth.
When the waves crash on the rock, I can see they don't die,
They fall together to make it stronger, They rise again just like our love.
They remain me of you and me,
It will rise again, It will come alive again,
And over come the obstacle, It will defeat the rocks in our way,
I promise you our love will take a rebirth.
You didn’t know me,
You didn’t know the scars buried under my skin,
You didn’t know the darkness trapped within.
You didn’t know the pain I hid all too well.
You didn’t know me.

And knowing that you didn’t know,
You still plunged deep into my soul,
Searching for a light I’d lost
/On the way to my own sweet hellhole.  

And slowly
Painfully slow,
You led me out of this cage
Helped me fight my demons,
Never letting go.

I love it when you smile and your lips tremble.
I love it when you fumble when you’re nervous.
I love it when you play with my hair.
I love it when you say my name like a prayer.

We’re gonna write our story
A tale as old as time
We’re gonna make new memories
One line at a time
And when we grow old and weary
We’ll look into each other’s eyes
As we watch our legacy
Pass on with a smile.

I love how my head fits perfectly on your chest.
I love how you kiss my forehead.
I love how your heart beats as fast as mine.
I love how you whisper in my ear, “you’re mine”.
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