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"Don't think about the future
love me and kiss me now"
Our time together
has a countdown
I want to stay
but I don't know how

Don't mistake my reasoning
for doubt
Romantic words from my mouth
Ours is not a break(up)
but just
a timeout
His4Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
Bansi Adroja Apr 29
We fell in love in October
sharing laughs
and lemon sherbets

while everyone else faded away

We fell in love in the dark
when breathing hurt
and every day was the same

stuck alone with our pasts

We fell in love in the rain
waiting for the clouds to clear
and for weather to change

we fell in love when we shouldn't have done

but we wouldn't want it to change
Off the cuff
If there is another thing beyond this one I shall meet it

Seeing beyond the futures of tomorrows not yet lived

There is a place I feel it I'll meet you there
I was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal cancer, I want to wrote my thoughts until I can't one day the right person will read them
xavier thomas Apr 13
I can’t wait
For all the love to come

I can’t wait
I’m thankful for your mercy & that your “Will”, will be done

I can’t wait
To glorify Jesus for my sins, paving the way as your son

I can’t wait
To meet you in person in heaven, as we chat one-on-one
They say you’ve already given us the answer to our questions.
So how come it takes a long time to see that?
Heart beating
so fast
So excited
So nervous
It's been a few
since , I last
laid with you
I feel my body
A nervous wreck
I hope you don't notice
that I know you do
I keep repeating to myself
just breath
it's ok you will
feel more relaxed
after an hour or two
Oh hell then I begin
to think of the changes
gained a few pounds
colored my hair
then panic sets
in ....
where's the confidant
women , I used to know
Why do , I feel so nervous
Well we will see how
I feel
So here , I go
to see you .....
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏 4/8/2021
cassandra Mar 26
seeing your eyes
for the first time
made me close mine

for a little while.
Onyx Mar 6
Every sunrise promises nearness of that fateful day
when I’ll be able to finally seize my love
truly make the darling feel the desire long expressed by tender words,
to truly touch upon the sweet spots and learn the geography of my beloved
forever to delight upon the expansiveness I find beneath the warmth of his skin,
to relish in the richness of his voice that conveys the beauty of his soul
as my beloved delights upon what he is to find in me,
completion of self,
seat of desire,
a partner,
a companion,
And much, much more besides...

We await fervently for that day
breathlessly sleep into the night
to wake up to a new sunrise that brings that fated sojourn ever close
Until then,
Until that time we sweetly can only taste the power of our love that keeps us ever loyal and ever inseparable from one another
Despite the oceans in between
we are ever close
ever present in the depths of our hearts.
In the garden of your dreams
I’ll meet you there
Close your eyes and dream.
I’ll be waiting .

Shell ✨🐚
In your dreams everything is possible.
In your mind you can go everywhere you want to go, You can meet any soul.
JKirin Dec 2020
Long ago now (if ever), once upon a dream,
I was saved by a deity – lovely, serene.
Circumstances were dire, I am telling the truth:
I was down under water, caught in vines, couldn’t move.
It reached out to me, then, from the depths underneath,
Pulled me up to the surface; I struggled to breathe.

With a song it has lulled me,
Of my safety assured me.

Years by, haven’t once I remembered the vision.
Not until our sudden (or fated?) collision.
When I look in your eyes of warm hazel, I hear
Softest voice from the memory – ethereal, dear.
Are you possibly someone I’ve once only seen,
Long ago now (if ever), once upon a dream?
about that deja vu moment
JKirin Dec 2020
Like a quiet summer night,
it was—
or a gentle gust of wind,
and just as fleeting:
Their fated meeting.
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