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J J Sep 18
We found a cosy enough scene amongst the chaos,
Two strangers connecting among a crowd
like anxious magnets in a scrapyard
And it felt
A first encounter with a lifetime lover from some other dimension;
my self in a sense, caught to the reflection of an opposite ***.

We were the 'quiet ones' in our own regard
Prone to panic attacks and sudden unruly suggestion of madness and lengthy times of introvert
And although there was a lifesworth we never knew
There was enough of an understanding to
Make conversation. I mostly listened,
Lost in your voice. I don't think I'd ever gotten on with
Someone so quick
   There are some beautiful people in the world that do that:
By the end of a conversation you're ready to hold them
A million years
                     Or more.

The second conversation came later in the night,
Listening to the flowery clock locked to her chest
her mouth stirring cockerel shells and laughing honey teeth
liltly blind; oceanblue irises circumference marble black
            pupils, puffy cheeks and half moon lips
                            curled and split in a caring smirk;

it seems impossible
to imagine being you and not thinking myself beautiful
Yet you say that's the case,
And like my expression was open to telepathy
She said the very same thing back to me and we both thought
I love you
but neither could say it.

There probably wasnt enough similarities to make up
For the differences.
Could you love a stranger after five seconds?
Five minutes, or five years?

A breathless moment;
Lost words.

We shared our galaxies as our eyes met.

Warm smile turned curious grin—
And I knew our thoughts were the same.

Tangled hands;
No regrets.

Our first union recalled in different glimpses of time.

And this night when the stars unravel our secrets—
Just love in this moment.
Seanathon Aug 22
Most complete I feel
     As half a cup
          When my sip in process is

Though when empty still
     I am sorrowful not
          It's a drink unending with
Tuesday 12 - A verse about how I enjoy the process more than the actual result
Seanathon Aug 22
Care, without a world in the air

And one leg propped up upon the other

      As if the universe didn't exist

      As if the words and thoughts were as one, unminced

And so I am introduced to you once again

My future friend

Tuesday 12 - Was in a meeting
Fọlá Aug 15
I saw you over there,
Across the street.
A beautiful angel,
With a smile,
Even more pretty.

I glance your way,
I can't help it.
I trip,
I almost fall,
But its totally worth it.

You saw me looking,
Catching my gaze,
Holding it.

My heart races,
My body starts to sweat.
I look away,

I take a moment,
To act like I wasn't looking.
Eyes darting around,
Like I was looking for something.

I gather up the courage,
To look at you once again.

I turn my head to you.
And all I see,
Is an angel,
Smiling back at me.
Joyce Aug 8
Sun and Moon
exist in the same sky,
but can't meet.
only in the shadow of eclipse.

You and I
live under the same sky.
anytime we can meet
if we make up our minds, right?
There was this weird tingling feeling as if I smoked to many cigarettes on an empty stomach. Once these feelings subdued I was greeted by a lovely smile and beautiful blue eyes. For the first times things felt right, I’ve made this mistake before but I just knew. No anxiety or apprehension just solely being in the moment. After that wonderful day I was reluctant to part ways as if we’d never cross paths again. Will I see again?
Juhlhaus Jun 21
Every now and then,
Someone lights up your world
Like breaking weather,
Scattering the clouds
And baptizing your soul
In a deluge of colors.

Every now and then,
Someone captures emotions
Like bluebottle flies
In a jar, only to release,
Too delighted ever
To pin them with names.

Every now and then,
Someone dares you to dance
With words or muscle memory,
And laughs with you
When flailing efforts prove
That you almost can.

Every now and then,
Someone glows like Traffic Lights
And points you to new roads
They've traveled on before:
Ways that part and meet again,
Every now and then.
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