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Dates, are either wrinkly
                          or juicy...

Mine wasn't that good as
             I spat out his tongue.

Dam, I only said Hi...….
every heart stops beating
not every man's worth meeting
I can see by the cheesy greeting
this conversation's not worth completing
we could be great, but it would be fleeting
in the end, you'll end up cheating
and it'll be this number you're handing me, that I'll be deleting
A windless night,
Two worlds meet again
Beneath the child star light
A collision for the ages—
The time between each
From the outside looking in

September 22nd, 2016
lucky you
lucky me
lucky everybody around we
the vicinity
the proximity
i like how your warm hug
makes me feel something
i can see how you are guarded
at the end of this road and tunnel
this city have witness
two people meetups
in a dire evenings
on parks
on bridges
on time
on and on
we keep on dreaming
that this feeling
could turn into loving

Mystic Mar 25
I met you in this crowd.
We never said a word to each other.
But the eye contact was electric.
You never parted your lips to speak.
But your soul did.
It was calling to me.
Almost crying.
Practically screaming.
It is okay.
I can hear you loud and clear.
It is like I am one with you,
before the introduction.
It is as if something was pulling me,
letting me know that it is you.
You are the one.
Do not let them go away from your grip.
The only grip I have on you
is the way we stare into our eyes.
But which one of us will make the move first?
Euphrosyne Mar 9
Meeting you was fate,
becoming your friend was choice,
but falling in love with you was completely out of my control.
God created men first,
coz you always make
a rough draft before a masterpiece.
You are the light in a dark room
and I am the moth who can't resist it.
Explaining how much I love you
is like explaining how water tastes.
I don't want to be your whole world....
just your favorite part of your daily chapter
I'll love you today because tomorrow may be too late.
Meeting you has been delightfully refreshing!
I thought of something wonderful today.... You!
Meeting you was fate and loving you was by my choice and I don't want to stop what I'm feeling for you Diane.
Greg Muller Feb 19
Wood creeks
Ignored for their own work.
Sweat dollops came from rope tying

Strength of communication: my name was said twenty paces away.
Disappointing my feet, they lost their navigation.
Cracking my shoulder into someone shorter.

wind past my ears.
her safety: my worry.

Bent my knees she did not scream
Tree nuts candied in my dreams highlighted her eyes.
Smile, with each other.

Pushing her to stand
I held her hand

Spoken our trips to previous lands.
choosing to be each others


to the others fro
Laura Jan 3
and then you told me, about how miserable you really are.
How could you expect me to not care anymore?
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