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Once celebrity
They think
They got
License for
Everything for free
They get recognition
For talent
Or for deeds important
Enjoy significant
Fan following
Think they're great
Specialists of all trades
Indulge in all sort of charades
Think everything
They can influence
Lend credence
Often no extraordinary
Just a good start
Come in limelight
Propelled by Institutions
Media to name and fame
Meeting each others ends
In the game

Excel in their talent
Or fields
Getting recognition
Name and fame
It's not bad
Dare interfere
In others affairs
For no good reason
Really sad

Take Rihanna's case
She's talented
She's beautiful
And intelligent
With huge fan following
She can't be recluse
She thinks
She's plenipotentiary
Of Indian farmers
Knows nothing of reality
Considers Indian Government
One wonders
How many Indian farmers
Know of her
They live and like
Folk songs
Punjabi pop
Hip-hop Hip-hop
For them she's flop
She should know
India has given
The world Gandhi
Just that
Today she can breathe
In the country
She acquired
Indian people, Indian Government
They are competent
Take care
Of their issues and affairs

Now take the case of
Greta Thunberg
A teenager of great worth
Many award winning
Activist for climate change
On this earth
Falls prey to sinister designs
Of criminals, separatist, anti-India
What locus standi
She has against India
She has a good concern
For climate change
Focus on that
Thousands and thousands
Tonnes of
Stubble is burnt in the fields
By the farmers
Millions and millions of people
Find it difficult to breathe
Has she shown her
Concern to farmers
Puppet now supports
Anti-India people
In their name

Celebrities remain celebrities
In their respective fields
Don't interfere
Poke their nose
In every affair
Especially when
It doesn't concern
Their country
And humanity in general
Jury executioner and judge
Using your friend as a lawyer
to deliver your grudge

In every action
you find a flaw
Forever defeated
my aim is a draw
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
An old silent pond
A stone is thrown by a kid
Waves. Disturbances
Dedicated to queen of haikus, Elizabeth Squires
a martian
is heathen
that deflects
abortion with
his artifice  
of adhesion
let superfluous
his connection
inside a
world that
always reeling
from monoxide  
now trigger  
of superior
intelligence to
defray sequence
of inhabitant.
I try not to think of the past, but it always interferes with the present.
Apparently I haven't kept up with this trend of writing ten words as a poem. So I decided to go fifteen words. #rebel
You have a tigers mouth
But you bite like a kitten.*

Your *
are built like saucers
Your nose is shaped like
A warning signal.

— The End —