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juliet 47s
i am a sleepy drop of silver moonlight
i bask in diamond skies
before i feel the sting of the sun
because i don’t want to lose my
starry eyes
ChrisE 3h
I wanted to seize all the falling stars to
create a sun for you to warm up your cold heart
while brightening up your dark sky
to make your flowers photosynthesize and bloom
but like a lunar eclipse you blinded me
slowly casting me into the bleak blackness of your love
You’ll remember me when I’m gone .When the sun no longer shines in your window and the moon cries at every dawn.
You’ll miss me, when you find yourself having a cup of coffee, and remember that you never liked it before.

You’ ll remember me when I’m gone .

When you realize that I was more than I should had, just for you. And beyond any perhaps, an always, was my shell.
You’ll remember me, whenever you think you’ve forgotten me, and find yourself thinking of me for no reason, and the pain is as strong as teeth tearing apart your soul.
You’ll miss me, and then you will understand that each darken path has an end, and that after every tear, a smile is always reborn. 

Is it support you need to succeed
Or just left to fail and bleed to get there
One day it will come
Mighty power more powerful than the sun
If you dont believe its a shame
Life could be one big game
A poem which just came to mind
SB Oct 2017
When I looked into the sky,
The wave of blue that is the same shade of
Your eyes crashed over me.

My heart ached when saw that color.
It was like having to kiss you
All over again.

There was not a cloud in the sky, 75 degrees.
Our first date was at night.
I have not felt this warm in months.

I reached my arms out in front of me,
Palms toward the sky,
Basking in the heat that refilled me.
I was consuming the sun.
SB 15h
Even though she is the sun,
She gives you life,
Warms your skin to the touch,

Remember why there is the moon.
Too much heat and you will burn.
Too much darkness and you’ll get lost.

The World stops spinning for no one,
Learn from her and see
Life is a tightrope walk between comfort and gravity.
Healer 20h
I am envious of the sun as they say,
if you try to touch the sun, you'll get burned.
If only I could have turned myself into  flame,
I could have become his undone,
burning him to ashes could have been so much fun.
Years have passed however I feel his menacing fingers on my skin,
leaving an invisible yet permanent print,
my every eternal nightmare begins,
with him upon me, his pestilential breath on my skin,
makes me want to crumble six feet beneath.
I thought  it was just an effing game,
every one plays ,instead I became his victim.
Being a girl became a lifetime profanity,
every day I am enduring an untold agony,
trying to remember old me, I am losing my sanity.
Fearing every ******* touch, every intimacy.
I am trying to live in the present reality,
but my life has turned into such a fallacy.
If only I had a better sagacity,
I could have known his ******* capacity.
why? I always ask myself it is hard to face reality.
Didn't he had an ounce of apathy, as he pounced at me with his animality.
he ***** me, killed my soul with the extreme brutality
a blooming flower lost her hope and trust in humanity,
years later, nothing could fill that cavity.
Winter long last has arrived
I'll hibernate In order to
survive lack of money lack
of heating the expected
harshness of long drawn out
winter days got to used to the
exceptional summer we had
await the thaw the arrival of
Spring again sun come bursting
Winter cold no heating no money I'll do
as the bears hibernate
juliet 2d
the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence
these are the rules
i don’t make them
somebody is always going to be better than me
should i look up or down?
to the glowing sun
or the deep blue sea?
this is the blood, sweat, tears
of thirteen years
of hate and love for myself
this is the breaking
this is the growing
this is the healing
this is the faking of my feelings
against who i am inside
the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence
in their ocean eyes i see the
future and in mine i see the past
in their hands i see pure bravery and
in mine i see brute strength and no control
and on their face i see and angel
on mine i see a spectre in
a twisted mask
that chips off
with every single one
of my tears
the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence
from this side of paradise
all you see is my broken heart
and your hands quickly sew it back
as another stitch rips.
the grass is always greener
when you are on the other side
because no flowers would ever grow
if never washed with rain
the moon is always brighter
when the sun is there to shine
on its beautiful, silver face
that would be hidden by our
shadows till it melted into
space. this is the breaking
this is the growing
this is the healing
this is the alpha
this is the omega
this is the end.
You make me search
for the stars
in the daylight
And the sun
in the darkness of the night.
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