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parker 5h
i dont know who my childhood best friend was;
or is .

i remember her silky hair and pigtails we'd wear
and our baby blonde hair,
i miss you
i miss you.
and furthermore i miss me too

i miss the quiet in my head
before it was filled with disease,
before darkness stuck under my fingernails
before my lies began to rot my teeth
i thought i missed you.
im sorry,
i think i just miss me
a lil reflection on my old bestie i think her name was kayla> tbh i dont remember :(
Lee Aaun 11h
finally, she has learned how to
love herself, till the sun shines
and moon comes back—
to lighten the night
the storms calm down,
waves become ceased
and the ocean is tranquil
in all chapters of her life
she has mastered the techniques
of surviving in hell
everyday can be special, if you can treat her right
Ylzm 1d
If you're inspired you walk in the sun's light
Why be a mere flickering candle to another
For if the sun's not seen, sight's lacking not light
And even in the darkest night, the moon shines
But truly the consuming sun burns within
seen only with eyes not of flesh
For even the blind in the deepest depths see
Trip-A 2d
The Sun and the Moon
Lovers chasing over skies
A moment eclipsed
Challenging myself with some haiku poetry
Will I go out like the sun
Yellow, orange, red, and pink
Burning until the end?
Or will I be like the moon
And quietly let the coming light
erase me from the sky?
6 lines, 302 days left.
That night
I held you in my arms
So fragile and broken
So familiar.

And I could not help it
My heart cried out a song
So familiar
For you my love.

The notes appeared from thin air
Just as easily as it disappeared
The moment the sun scattered
Through my bedroom windows.

cant sleep :')
Mariazyka Feb 2019
whimsical hues
pretty pastels
dancing birds and
singing angels

mix of colors
the blues and pinks
mystic faces
our laughs and tears

look at the sky
stop the pretend
evermores too
come to an end

every minute
clouds are shrouding
and now you are

look at the sky
stop the pretend
evermores too
come to an end

the setting sun
seems to await
hanging around
for something great

there is no point
in her waiting
she herself knows
he's not coming

look at the sky
stop the pretend
evermores too
come to an end

the moon is late
the sun has set
he has appeared
but she has left

so came the dusk
starless somber
from serious vows
into strangers
The dreaded waiting game.
Nought 5d
You were the sun;
Bright, warm,
Destined to destroy the Earth.
And that, I suppose, just happened to be me
- Nought
cj 5d
i know when one
wakes up,
they say hello
to sir sun
but i want to continue
saying hi to you
because you're like the sun
with how much
you illuminate my day.
You never knew how I felt
Cause I didn't want you to know
But now you're ready to leave
and I don't want you to go.
You taught me to laugh
When I wanted to cry.
You're not just my love;
You're my sun, stars and sky.
How can I tell you how I really feel
When every time I'm with you
Nothing ever seems real
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