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The soft pink tongue spits
Poison and nectar as per
The situation...
Was trying to write it as a four liner:
The soft pink tongue
Is always on the run.
It is as cool as an ice
And as fiery as the sun...

But it ended as a haiku....  Was inspired by a very famous saying : don't be the slave of ur tongue but make the tongue ur slave...😅
Snipes 1d
I’m lost
But my foundation
Is built with a sound system
I’m lost
But my shed is your salvation
The equipment to my home
Stores fixations of healing horns
I shed some light
I’m just trying to brighten your day up
I shred some light
I’m just trying to share the day with you
I should show love right
But my soul don’t feel too right
Break me down
Just to know
How to break me down
Underground light is still found
I’m lost
But my shed still sounds
the water clung to his curls
each droplet gem-like
as the sun's light is captured
every little detail drives me wild
maria 4d
as the ocean
as the sun,
as the forest
as a club

my love for you is
as the stars

written on September 14, 2021
My soul is wavering on my form. Fit to boil.
This soul simmering, on leaf silhouted sun's heat.
A past night's sleep that caught an errant plight amongst twilight's cloud topped 'delight'.
A dream to be clear, the one's to wake up, as told at beginning.
I dont quite translate well what it is I am trying to say, without my painted words. But I will try to do so without a sense of denying dignity.
I feel this seed planted in self-denial that I question who planted, but know who watered.
I am relieved from you.
I may have your voice in my head that I call my dreaded disease.
But I am relieved from you.
You fueled all of my seeds, the passion grew anew from you.
You mused me.
Amusing to say now, at the least, that you still had to abuse me through the
wicked lines I'd find, that you'd only
all in my stifled cries, painful times, wicked loaded lies, and all of accord to your  so  called, caring crimes.
Do not worry too much.
The amount of pain is nothing new. And nothing short.
You just, if I may: childlishly, scratch at the wavering clouds of my soul,
wilting away the pedals of the light of the sun that the steam catches in golden brilliance watching delightfully as it falls and disintegrates in a puff plume to dust.
My reality falters to a closer gross sum.
Each fleck of life you pick off me fills my seeds with even more anguish.
I am at peace.
I know your process all too well.
I refuse to look.
dual dual dual duel da doo.
i feel better after writing this, poetic justice?
who knows, its just cathartic.
lua 7d
are you the last day of summer?
the final whisper of the sun
i'll let you go
and see you again
but for now
let me cry
and hold you tight.
Jupiter the planet
of wisdom
Jumbo in weight and size 2.5times the weight of
All other planets together
Fetches barycenter
From the centre of the Sun
Out of its surface
Both revolve around
The barycenter
Jupiter not around the Sun
They thought
They were heavy weights
And I light weight
Barycenter would coincide
With their centre
Making me revolve
About them
It turned out
An illusion
Like Jupiter
I took the barycenter
Quite away from them
We revolve in our own orbits
I not around them
Illusion removed!
Barycenter is the centre of mass of two or more bodies in a planetary system in astronomy.
Jaicob Sep 5
Life is sunshine,
Bright and yellow,
Peaceful, keeping
My mood mellow

that is..

Until you came
Fueled by anger
And tear my closet
Hanger from hanger.

Clothing scatters
On the carpet.

I'd write that down,
But I can't start yet

To make a move
Toward the pencil

Or the paper-
I am trapped still

In my quaking
Mortal frame

And you keep yelling
All the same.

I know you're angry,
But you've no need
To yell and fuss
And scream at me.

You've no need
To stay this way,
But that doesn't mean I
Still want to play.

Sure, you yell loud
And put up a fight,
But life is sunshine,
Yellow and bright.
Brewomble Sep 5
                        Lover of a thousand arms
                        lift me high above myself,
        strong enough to find the strength in a lowered gate;
eternally holds lock and key inside of me.

And it’s You-
               keeper of mind;

       teaching one to know better at no benefit of his own;
                      how decisively deceptive of you/

                     so open and juxtaposed in my sight
             You, who calls my soul to love free;

man of numbers;

          placing them in the stars so they project on every clock;
                               together ticking eternity;

           man who thinks more of others than he does himself;
                carefully crafting out the finest versions of me/

                 though think our thoughts are on opposition -
How dare you?

        We have plotted forever without knowing it;
                     this whole entire universe and


Can you query your deep decadence?

                    Healing my wounds from a far-
            time nor space measures a soul so boundless

                          You...carrier of divine grace

It Is You-
                       an auspicious gift from the Gods-
                       how precious is the powers that Be..

Does it surprise You?

                Millennia’s have past /
                                 circling back around,
                        I have found-

               who tastes like an eternal sweetness,
               one who bears both dark and light
                                     chooses only-
            give rise to the sun and nightfall to the moon
             Keeper of dreams-

                              are apart of every. sole. reason/
                                                               to wake up

  and love …


~Breanna Womble
A poem I wrote about the deep complexity of feelings I have for my boyfriend. I have felt like I have been waiting for someone like him my entire life. Finding the person I used to talk to the universe about is like having Christmas every day. Finding your person is something cosmic, I wish I had none what I was missing so I could of found him sooner.
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