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Leah Carr 20h
It's summertime
And you're not with me

I imagine us together in a park somewhere
Laughing together
Smiling together
Or even crying together
Just so long as we're

But you're not here
They say you've moved on
They say you're world doesn't have us in it

So I guess
I hope you're enjoying the sun
used to looking at the sky
rose-colored eyes,

Kassan Jahmal Jul 31
Till seasons come, and those that go,
in dreary skies, clearing forecast, and behind
clouds of snow. The sun still shines through it
all—true to personality, values, and spirit, regardless
of the pressures in the surrounding atmosphere.

Authentic as the day it was born,
authenticity—aren't we all authentic as the SON,
who will come again, as He came before!
My Dear Poet Jul 30
You can reach for the moon
Because heaven makes steps
of the stars

You can reach for the sun
Because heaven makes a cradle
of the clouds

You can reach for the sky
Because heaven makes a friend
out of me
Limem Ali Jul 30
During the heat
Can't feel my feet
Or even across the street
So hot to go out
My skin is melting and i'm hiding out
Luckily can't catch the sun
This is not fun
This is summer
This is no time to make a snowman or wearing an umbrella
This time is meant for the beach
Please someone take me to the beach
Someone with a truck or car
I'm too far, please someone come
so i can reach.. the beach
Cause now fresh cold water is all i need and is all i think of.
lua Jul 26
the buzz of cicadas in the edge of july

incessant, annoying
buzz of sunlight against my skin
prickles my cells
bleaching my hair

the world does not sway
there is no breeze, no gentle winds
just the shadows of leaves
and circle lights on the grass

dipping into the heat
dipping into the light
into the buzz of summer's noise

i hope it doesn't drive me crazy
i hope i don't sunburn.
Pr nandni Jul 23
Sun melted to pink, but Sky is still BLUE...
Not everything turns GOLDEN before the end
Only the HORIZON is colourful,
Lemme see...
Yeah, and for a long time sky is gonna be blue
Sky will remain blue unless you pour colours to it
Ek Jul 20
it is high noon
and white sunlight blazes the sky
the air becoming a wall of heat
it is a miracle anything survives

at the bottom of the sky,
long blades of grass climb upwards
rustling with movement
veiling all life in shadows

mother cat is promenading
striding with babies in her belly
they push against their mother
her stomach expanding gently like a rock

somewhere beneath the canopy
a shifty dragon lies
his snarling tongue is sniffing for something alive
slowly crawling towards a dent in the grass

a newly born litter of kittens
their mother still wandering for shade
their life snuffed out before they’ve opened their eyes
do they feel the sun kiss their sleeping heads goodnight?
Paul Butters Jul 17
Heat from the street beneath my feet keeps hitting me.
The sun above relentlessly shows no mercy,
Baking everything with its fiery stare.
Sultry mugginess smothers us in a sauna of sweat
As even the breeze burns my reddening face.

Global warming turns us into another Venus
As record-high temperatures
Scorch us into submission.
Even some Sun Lovers are hiding now,
While others insist it’s just Summer.
In heat like this there’s only one solution…

Time for a beer.

Paul Butters

© PB 17\7\2022.
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