to-day our region
was bathed in autumn sunshine
perfect blue skies presided
as a view so divine

the countryside wore
a most fetching gleam
lustre did reflect on
the river's narrow stream

our bush landscape
exhibiting her very best
the gold and azure tones
so beautiful of request

the New England's district
gorgeous of home-yard
she surely sparkled
like a picture postcard

Charlotte 1d

Shadows dance along whitewashed walls
scattered dark shapes float in the air
outlining thin patches of sunshine
splattered like yellow paint
on my bedroom wall
staring out the window
feeling more depressed than before
thinking of reaching up
taking the glowing ball
by its feathers of light
taking it in my arms
and carrying it away
not to hide it from the world
but only
to scatter sunshine

Be happy! Scatter sunshine

And all of her flaws caught fire by the sun burning inside her.

I know it's only a line but I figured I'd still share it with you all.
Star BG 2d

Sun my poems if you do dare
so I can feel so grand.
Then it will encourage me,
to write more with loves brand.

If I see a sun appear,
I will have much delight.
Then I will dance in my seat,
and smile with all my might.

If you think to send a sun.
I will say my thanks to you.
Cause it is a nice gesture,
that writers sometimes do.

So I post on this site now,
and send greetings yes far.
Everyone who writes on here,
is special and a star.

MU 3d

My sunset is
When you close your eyes
And fall asleep...

Everybody has a different sun...

Always, pleasantly, like a spring day, you come to me.
My life unravels like a flower losing its petals; bit by bit I shed my skin
I become a new self and the sun shines down brightly upon the earth
Glimmering rays of light show the way to all life has to offer
And your eyes recite poetry; somehow, your love is grander than the sea
Your skin is paler than snow but you live on the beach, where miracles grow.
The wind gently grazes the grass that prickles my toes and your smile,
It replaces the sun. It makes me feel like I am the moon. Do you shine for me?

you are so much more

Before I die I want to learn
to live in the moment
this very moment

I want to feel every breath

If the sun is shining I want
to let it go through me
enlivening every cell

If it rains I want to try
to count the droplets
sense the life in them

I want to learn to replace worry
with wonder
regret with wisdom

letting go of past traumas
real or imagined

I want to learn who I am
how to be true to that

I want to learn
my strengths
to forgive my shortcomings
to absolutely know myself

I want to learn a thousand-thousand
new words

I want to learn to fly
if only
in my dreams

before I die
I want to learn to live!


The wild in your laughter
is something I wish I could catch
and put in a jar
to sip from on a rainy day.
The Earth comes alive in your eyes
when your mouth inhales the air
and sends magic to my ears
when you sing.
Your hair flies freely
when the wind kisses your face
and your cheeks flush
with the warmth I know
you keep guarded in your heart
like an innocent prisoner
who has not yet given up hope.
I hum at a frequency
only you can hear from across the room,
and our connection is one
to be envied by anyone nearby.
Your soul is remarkable,
unable to be matched
by anything I've ever encountered.
You're my favorite book,
one I could read a thousand times
because it is the only thing
that has understood me
at the turn of every page.
You are my best win,
my favorite piece of poetry,
on my toughest day,
you are one mirror
that I know I can look into
to see the real truth.
You are my best friend,
the warmest blanket.
You are the tallest tree,
always reaching for the sky.
And when your leaves fall,
I feel like confetti surrounds me.
Every distance that separates us
makes me feel closer to you.
Time means nothing
because you're always with me,
like I hope you know I'm always with you.
You bring me peace when I am tangled,
wake me up when I am numb.
You are the sand to my sea,
the cloud to my rain.
I am not empty with you around,
you're my last dollar,
the gallon of fuel
that gets me to the gas station.
The Ramen in the cabinet
a day before payday.
I look to you for reassurance
when I don't think I can trust myself
or anyone else.
I'm the plant in need of water,
and you're the sun to help me grow.

MU 4d

All stars are suns, but
Only your warm light
Does make life on my
Planet possible...

Something to tell your One and Only...

"Hey, hey," I says to the smiling Sun,
And to my little woodpecker friend
So very, very high--- high upon a limb
And finally to my sweet, sweet unicorn
"So pleased to see you early this morn"

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