Listening to indie
Wondering if your thinking of me
Are you thinking of me right now
While you sleep
Do you dream of me?
The pain of leaving
Was like a freight train
My heart aching
But I'll smoke the pain numb
Till I'm so stoned I'm dumb
I'll cry for awhile
I'll be docile
But eventually I'll go out
I'll have fun
I'll compare you to everyone
Their attitude
Their moves
I'll dream of you
I'll sleep to the memories of you and me
Stories like movies in the mind of a stoner
I hope you're okay
I hope you're fine
Because my love
You're smile brightens the worlds day

Emily R 1d

And so she sat there,
smiling quietly,
watching the sun set fire
to the bright green trees,
feeling the window warm against her head,
as frizzy hair brushed her shoulders.
Music flowed through her earbuds,
the scent of orange bloomed
in the gently chattering bus.
Fridays couldn't be better,
and life was beautiful.
Too bad she'd have to leave it behind.

Screeching stung the lovely afternoon,
spinning, and spinning, and spinning.
A cocktail of chemicals rushing,
flushing out the floating happiness.

Black, and tears, and tragedy.
The most beautiful of souls had to pass before all others.

My mind is off to where the rivers flow.
To where the Sun sets and the Moon rises.
That small space between sleep and waking up,
Where no dream seems unreal.

A minute in my head feels like a hundred.
My palace is vast
And every door is a thought,
It’s so easy to get lost sometimes.

Like smoke above the fire
My thoughts run thin.
They escape my cranial inferno
To live beside the Stars.

For that is where they belong,
Dancing on the silky night fabric
With white ants searching for meaning
Only to find, there is none.

Kalarav 1d

I can barely see the Sun now.
It's slowly drowning into a pool of clouds,
turning a darker shade as it does so,
like a red bindi in the sky.
Awed by the mysterious beauty
I stand there starring.
Orange, pink and red clouds
fading into a deep blue.
The rest of the sky is covered with tiny shiny dots
and silhouettes of birds flying home
on the amber background.
The Sun's glowing like a jasper
and slowly it's under the horizon,
but a few clouds float
like closing doors of the Heavens.
After the sunset the sky is a different kind of heaven.
The Night wears her beautiful cerulean dress,
decorated with diamonds we call stars.
They twinkle, they're a priceless sight,
covered often by clouds or pollution
seems like she is unhappy with us humans.
Nature, a vast beauty all around.
Despite being forgotten
it shows off it's beauty in a daily routine.
Do you care to notice?

Sunsets are priceless sights I see everyday. There is so much in life we forget to notice, but life goes on. When you feel low take a look around, you'll find a reason to live, to love!

Callused fingertips, bruised up lips, but
when the day is done, you're still my sun.
A star so high; digging me a grave so low.
Love is complete when it's this skin deep.

love is complete when it's this skin deep.

Combining each thought and sharing a single mind,
while all living things rot, there's a darkness that can blind.
We believe ourselves are invisible, never worthy of a second glance,
and even when miserable, we all can receive a second chance.

Darling have you heard the story of the sun and the moon,
a love that was eternal, yet ended far too soon.
And even though opposite, they made the other complete,
as at night the Earth was moonlit and in day the sun brought heat.

And they were outlined by the stars,
forever lighting up their connection,
and in between came Mercury and Mars,
barely sliding by detection.
Yes it's truly a sorry and sad tune,
that old love story of the sun and the moon.

Shining for eachother and lighting up the world,
with a love that could smother and emotional tides always swirled.
Passing by and on the go, barely glimpsing a sight,
but the moon will always glow and the sun will always shine bright.

Darling have you heard the story of the sun and the moon,
with disaster so contagious, they were always truly immune,
and even though apart, they shared a soul together,
and they shared a heart, and they shared the skies forever.

And they were outlined by the stars,
forever lighting up their connection.
In the history books and memoirs,
there's some things they fail to mention:
they were both adoring and made the other swoon,
that old love story of the sun and the moon.

It wasn't well hidden; they danced a dance of pure seduction,
and they felt it was forbidden, as it would lead to their destruction.
So they kept their space, to give us both the dark and the light,
and now they rise and set as a race, it's competition and a fight.

And they were outlined by the stars,
forever lighting up their connection.
The constellations near and far,
tell the tale of their affection.
It may not be of glory, and it may just tell of ruin,
but we all should remember the love story of the sun and the moon.

As bright as a burning flame
Forever generously giving
Salute me with open arms
My beautiful sunflower
Always facing the sun -
I pray you never look down.

The sun is in her skin, but her heart belongs to rain
The storm is only time when she can freely breathe again
Temperature is high
She would rather be without the heat
But without the sunlight
She could die
Without happiness and warmth
She would barely be alive

Quick thoughts
jessie 2d

i want to bring warmth
to spread comfort
to inspire kindness
and hope

i want to bring to others
the playful contentment
i feel when i observe a sunflower

blooming with no acknowledgement of its surroundings
just using the sunshine and unknowingly sharing
its radiance

rain falls,
mist rises,
the sun shines,
and the moon reflects.

When something falls,
another rises,
one will shine,
and the rest reflect.

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