running through forest
bending trees by there big legs
giants run wild

ravens sing warnings
there black wings spiral downwards
making people look

the sun leaves only
a tiny gap through grey clouds
to watch this event

with hammers in there
clumsy hands the giants seek
a rare golden bird

full of wisdom and
light and a life fit for kings
this bird holds the key

but if put in wrong
hands wisdom will turn to greed
and light will turn dark

hiding upon a
distant cloud , its magical
powers safely kept

stamping there feet in
temper the giants angered
many sleeping gods

leaves began to fall
ghosts stepped away from graveyards
time stood very still

tree roots began to
creep furiously along earth land
bounding giants feet

angels flew down to
earth heroically singing  
a victory song

horses draped in smooth
ebony pulled each giant
up to highest sky

raindrops pelted down
somersaulting on pavements
celebrating joy

once in a while
the giants throw down hailstones
in there caged chambers


i paused for just a
while whilst sitting in car , then
reality hits me

traffic lights turn green
i gave an awkward smile at
my imagination

It just Fictional story but love imagination was inspired by watching trees sway in wind and the sun shinying through clouds whilst on way to my chalet earlier today xx

I learned to stop dancing with the memory of you
to stop hoping someone else might fit in the depression your body left on my mattress
you were not my saving grace
I wake up in the morning and my sheets kiss my bare skin
the sun running across my shoulders, warmer than your hands ever felt
I am whole without you, I am whole by myself

I was created for the sun
I know because my hands hold the warmth of the sun itself
I exist to offer it to other people
And it's beautiful to me
The sunlight that flows through the world
Thick and rich
Maple syrup
Coasting from the sky and slowing down time
Soaking into my arms
Filling me with warmth
It closes my eyelids and wraps me in an airy blanket
Every day I inhale the sunlight
Fill my lungs with the helium of spring until my stomach explodes out of my body to go explore the fields
Oh to live in that feeling
To be nothing but a girl
Laying on a hill,
I'm a hammock,
On a towel on the beach
Soaking in the sunlight
Bathing in the warmth
I have to hold the sunlight until my palms burn
Everyday I turn my palms to the sky and beg for more of the beauty
To cover every part of the until I begin to glow myself
Every time I venture outside
I long to reign in the sky and shape it into my eyes,
Sprinkled with grass
I'll pull at the trees until they turn into strands of my own hair
Roll my arms in the dirt until my freckles are three shades darker.
I am a sponge
God created me to absorb his creation until it flows back out of me.
I was created to be the trees
To extend my arms to heaven and shade those few who cannot love the sun the same way I do
The sunlight has always been, always will be,
My sustenance
It grows me so one day I might reach the sky
And hold onto the clouds

Swimming in ocean
Then flying in open air
''Tis a human thing

I'm becoming a huge fan of David Attenborough his documentaries on nature are breathe taking , I loved the one on flying fish x
bp pipp 15h

Stars are like stars(The sun
is like the sun, a common beauty)
A metaphor is a metaphor(you
can't call a metaphor a simile)Love
is not a candy, Love is Love. Death is not
a raven or a black-bird, Death is Death

Like is like a simile, a lie(You can't be as good
or bad as something, you can only be something.)
Be yourself, stop comparing yourself to a splendid, snowlike swan, only a splendid, snowlike swan can be a splendid, snowlike swan(Get over it pal, you are you, and I think
that's a compliment and a

This is my hellopoetry entry poem, this is more of my more e.e cummings-inspired poetry. He is such a goddamn legend and genius. This poem is sort of celebrating what you are. You can't be x when you're y idk man lol
Rose L 1d

The sex of a rose is fluid, and pertains to no one.
It curls, and pulls lucid around thorns and dark mahogany bark,
You may be blessed, and see her red face turned to face the sun -
or she may crawl in the undergrowth, shrugging off the pot you gave her and show her floral palms to the dark.
We all desire her velvet powder petals.
We all wish to do as we did as children, and take a hip
between our fingertips -
And crush the sweet, sticky sap from its vessel.
But leave her be, and let her petals rot where they fall
or next year she will not show her face at all.

this is actually one of my favourite poems i've written. I tried to use old fashioned imagery - the idea of a rose - to put across a feminist statement about my own sexuality, and how people seek to control it. The poem intends to encourage my, and other womens, own autonomy in sex. The imagery of the child crushing the rose hip is an observation of mens brutish, childish, careless sexuality in the way they treat female bodies.

Is my energy too strong or am I not as beautiful as the sun?
I know I never strike in the same place twice but I'd make an exception for you.
Because even though you prefer the warmth of her fiery beauty in the morning,
She will always leave you in the evening.
She's a lead you on but never stays kind of girl.
I, on the other hand, am the beauty of the storm, given a bad reputation because I lash out at those who've broken me.

I stuck the sand in which we bedded, my heart forever glass for a cowardly boy.

Black holes are consuming nigh
Everything to see
Galactic mess of stars and stuff
All that would ever be.

Neptune sings ‘bout winds and death
While Saturn sings along,
Its rings are light and made of ice
As Jupiter stands strong.

Eight planets (perhaps nine) or so
Could wrap around the sky!
Their beauty is as unmatched as
Venus’ clouds up high.

Empty dark with rocks that fly
Down to our steady lands
This earth, this sky, this ground well meant
Can’t burn it all to shreds

At the start of all we see
The sun’s rays never cease
Until it goes, like us, like those
Like me who’d be at peace.

Parting forever
Leaving only an eclipse
To last forever

Can you see your shadows
   getting far each dusk
      A little by little
         From me?
           Can you feel my breathing
             with fear of being lost
                on your shoulder?
             Do you hold your breaths
        With empty promises
   For someone else now?  
Do you still dream
of me?
   If you are sad in a dream,
        Do you still smile when wake up?
          Do you still listen
            same songs        
              for weeks?  
              Do you know  
                I don't draw the map
                 on silver sands
                of my way back to home?
              Do you walk on our
            favourite paths in the twilight?
        Do you see the memory lane
     Void in the neon lights?
   Do you know
      We won't wake up
          in the same lands?
             Will you look for me
               admist of strangers?
                Whom will you blame
             When I am long gone?
         Who will trade freedom
    In return of your love?
        Who will leave the world
               for you?  
                   Will your hearts cry
                 For me ?
              when the city
          Will wake you up
       I will be
 In a distant sea

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