Adventure is waiting to be the cynosure of natural limerence,
where road-trippers and explorers will ease to the side,
watching as the sun meets the tide.

Beyond the bleeding horizon lies a yellow star,
much like the glow above one's head when three eyes open.  
Within that star is an open space
where dew-dropped webs twinkle
like fractals of crystal quartz.

Streams of thought glide down silken strands of consciousness.
The yellow star sings to me;
"Seek further than you're told,
patience radiates like gold.
Your eyes have known
this sacred home
for many moons,
that laughing lune.
The wind may tell
'you know us well'
And we know you, little blue"

So I gaze beyond the sleepy hills, willow trees, and melting clouds
to see the eyes of my own soul smile crisp
like the poison apple in my hand,
cradled cautiously in the lines of my fleshed palm.
The star contently fell behind the mountains,
humming to the melody of the rolling breeze,
fading into the twilight
only to become an echo in my mind.

I gave my soul to the sun that day
only to roam the black of night as an empty void
and see my true self once more
at the break of day.

-I've got bored of words.
-You tergiversate... Small world.What this bouquet of flowers is doing in the intermediate?It's a date?
-Ah... such prolixity... More champagne?
-What's the point?
-My aim? Mmm... to try to oscullate you.
-... What?... You desire a profane elixir?
-It'll be more than tasty.It's alleged...
-But, don't you distinguish the mayhem's reflection below?
-Your solicitude.. Ah!... What a nice champagne.Hmm... Cake? By the other way or not there's nothing at the ceiling.
-You've perused my protocol... A small slice, please.
-A kiss a skirmish.Palatable as this recipe... Well... apart from an armageddon...
-Stop pushing on boy.
-I already vanquished the inception, you know...
-Catastrophe is your trophy, but I disavow your apocalypse.
-I was expecting something more digestible.How's the alcohol?
-Hm!... As everything surrounding us.
-Ahhh... No... They just don't move.. don't have gravity...
-Funny waiter... Hovering waiter.Did you emend your canon?
-Champagne and desserts will not litigate your anticipation.You know.How strange is...
-The room? No... Is normal for it to circle upside down.
-A hug?
-In this desert? With all those people?
-They are frozen, and... before I veto, quivering in a hurt heart.
-Blown sand... poping champagne... Oh, I didn't notice the light fixture's embroidery.
-The sun's in the bottom.Look up... Its obumbration is into the typhoon.
-Standstill, nothing's synchronized...
-Is your tranquility dissipated? gone?...
-No.If isn't yours.
-I just still want that hug.
-Hmmm... I forgot you're a cold person...
-And you a hot girl... Irony...
-You'll melt...
-I'm apt to it...

Then an aurora flash
And splashing glass
Accompanied by springing sparks
Shattered bass walls
Begetting noctilucent dark and dusk
A hurricane, breathing the sun
Just dust to dust

All my locks and chains
Are buried
Underneath one end
Of a secret rainbow
In black and grey

On the other end
Lies a forgotten pot
Of gold
Lost in darkness

After freeing myself
Deep within the eye
Of the sun
Everything now
Comes to calm

Storms subside
Bringing color to the arch
So the light can guide me
To my forgotten fortune

©James Dennis Casey IV

Stretch your hand outward
And capture the rays of the sun
For eternity

The shadows will chase
And do their best to haunt you
Turn dreams to nightmares

Dream of the dreamer
Covet yourself from Night's mare
Let your hope shine bright

We all have our moments in the sun. We all have our moments in the darkness...we humans are contradictory. But even with all the mistakes we make, we are human.

You darling one, who writes of love's beauty
and ideas and ideals,
you placed your heart on display
and left me stunned,
Your heart is way more beautiful
than all the Stars in the night,
Of all, the Moon and Sun

Dr zik 1d

Sun sets every eve
Sun rises every morn
Day splashes light in dark
Seed peeps out in a hurry
Bird tweets in joy full song
Departure needs forgiveness
Arrival bows in norm
O’ my Lord!

Dr ZIK's Poetry

Like a fluttering caged bird, my soul begs to be free..
To write, to sing; to not be afraid of anything.

The future is never certain, a gamble at best..
But I am determined to live my life to the fullest with my best friends' heart within my chest.

No matter who you've been, where you've gone, or what you've done..
Each day begins with the rising sun.

A 2d

I want to be just like the sun.

Because after it sets,
it rises.

And I, too, will rise.

you are strong; you are the sun.
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