You will be the sun, and I the moon.
I will reflect the light, the shine that shines from you.
I so close but you so far, almost just a distant star.
When you apper I will leave, but I still see your light, still reflecting your shine.
In between us the earth, that we both see, for this we both care.
The earth, the love and without us it would not be there.
In a sky of stars, I cannot take my eyes of you. I cannot exist, cannot fight without your light.

Inspired by TSPoetry
watch me watching in your mirror moon
fettered to this throne
like a pharaoh from his tomb
till you turn alone
catch my sorrow in its smile
summoning your sea
mourn me raised at morn the while
dying by degree
The sun is shining
The day is bright
The sky is clear
Today is beautiful
And so are you.
under breath of night
i overheard her whisper
Mother with the moon
weeping over wayward sons
afraid to tell our father
sugar in tea
rain in dirt
snow on salt
ice over flame

i melt into nothingness
a barely-felt breeze kissing your lips
as i sit and try not to blow away
to absorb into my surroundings

icy fingers conjure heat
running legs create energy
tangled sheets inspire love

it's the constant motion of earth around
my sun
and i can't keep up
i can't understand why it works this way
how can you not see that you revolve around me
always in my view

maybe that's why it doesn't work
i am stuck here
watching you move effortlessly through your path
and i am stuck here
seeing everyone look at your light

a thousand fireflies dance in my heart
each light a flicker of my fancy
trying to imitate your sun
but my heart is stone

and no one can see it.
circling overhead and
passing through thick clouds
and blue skies,
the shadows of flowers
overturn like a sun-dial
until the rain of agony
will intercept and
hasten on falling petals
and we will decide
to pick the day that
the blossoms of purity
will come to a diminishing

the crunch of the stem
will roll and twist
between the fore finger
and the thumb
and the baby’s head
will pop off and flail
through the winds of
enduring sadness and
carry their spirit away

the brokenhearted will pollinate
their unending sorrow and pain
onto those most virtuous and

their wrath will spread like floodwaters

they want others to feel the same
that they feel

they will hold onto their burdens
and impediments
like a security blanket

and pull the wings off angels like flies

the decay of emotions will wilt
like a dried up sunflower patch

their minds will be tormented into submission

their hearts will wither with misery and guilt

their happiness will dilute into black waters

their loneliness will be spent on the snails back

their speeches will be packed with pestilence

it will be easier to spit in the eye
than to cordially say hello

it will be easier to hurt, maim, kill
than to passionately love

flesh will ornament the streets
and the gutters will run with
the red rivers of the living and
the bones will be ground up
into powder and
false education will fulfill the
peaceful slumber of dreams
with violence and infamy
blood will splatter on the
decorative towels
murder will garnish
the thought process
the raving mad will defile
the wall of virgin souls
with phallic graffiti
cruelty will remain heavy under
the defenseless children’s eyes
all because we simply cannot be
decent to each other.

and it’s sad....
it’s sad enough
it’s happening,
it’s happening right now
and there are several
other ways to coincide
with one another
but we don’t, we just
take the easy disposition

and for what?

for power
for greed
for lust
for vengeance
for no serious reason

but in the dim light of everything
the sea levels will continue
to rise and fall
under the aesthetic moon

and the blazing sun will continue
to shine all over the cold tundra
of hatred from people.

can you remember
when you had that
natural innocence
before the erosion
of the world
stripped it away?
Jas 3d
7am - Sun sits up in bed
Her fiery tresses stretch beyond my vision
And she yawns across the globe
Giving all else a lead to follow in her glowing shadow
The most delicate, wavy lock
Sways and dances like a pianist
She strikes the keys of my heart strings until my fingertips
Creep to the warm surface of the window
Where I can feel her so near to me -
But I'm restricted
Prevented from this lust
Oh it's not new to me
My skin prickles in sweat as my desire to touch overcomes me

But he's right there.
Walking the length of my thigh
Where his fingers curl inward beneath the bend of my knee
His gentle squeeze unlocks the feeling
Of what I imagine touching Sun would be
An exchange of heat between two bodies
When they meet
A mastery of intimacy swimming in my veins
Coursing through me and suddenly
I'm engulfed with his scent -
A simmering brew of chestnut and vanilla
With a twinge of sour
The taste of fresh bitterness and ground beans
His caffeine is the river I float in for about a 3 hour drive
As Sun gazes from behind this window that we share -
She rises silently and strides away in jealousy
While the stinging heat of her lust
Beats away at the window
Desperately trying to touch me.
Billy 3d
between the sweat
on the sick bed, i circle stray satellites
clustered on the ceiling. i let bliss speak

and leave me weak.

     my sun
slow licks my lips:
a fire spit. hot tongue. bony hipped.
i strum his back. his skin
and soul.

i reach fever pitch
     and burn up 'til i hit
the floor.
healing is hard
Reach out like the branches of a tree reaching towards the sky
Towards the heavens … Towards the light
Feel the stroke of the sun on your face
Stretch as far as you can … Reach for the farthest star
For when you retrieve you will descend to where you’re meant to be
Written by Sean Achilleos 15 July 2018©
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orange tints
dusts and lints      
sunrise peeked and        
curtains leaked          

woke and told myself        
it was a beautiful slumber    

but why are you more beautiful on my shoulder?
your peace with your mind is the piece i've been missing
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