Olympia Mar 5
cant even say that this is a dream anymore
I know what it feels like to have your head spin crazy

tell me this isn't a dream

I know I should be with my own crowd hunny
but here I am hoping you'll say something profound

tell me this isn't a dream

we both know I'd waste a million years chasing you
somehow you were always worth it

tell me this isn't a dream

if your skin felt warm and close maybe I would believe
right in this moment, you're so cold my heart is frozen

so just tell me that I'm not dreaming
from your sunshine
x o x o
every story has a beginning, middle and an ending.
some sad some good.
but what happens in the middle is from an angels whisper. guiding you. helping you.
you may not know it but it's there.
watching and waiting for you to ask for guidance.
and when you do need it. they will whisper it in your ear or show you how in another way.
so whatever happens you will always receive....
An Angels whisper
it all happens in the present / Middle of your life.. you life is a story to be told to don't shy away from it... tell it.. to you others the world... this is your time.
trf Feb 25
MY build to suit mind is designed for disappointing,
a warehouse space of dim lights, taunted by an l.e.d. retrofit,
TREPIDATIOUS, unable to sign my life's lease to own,
YEARS spoiled like produce, a dumpster gratefully digests.
I was 7, a little league southpaw, my arm, accurate on the mound.
PRACTICE of carelessly skipping stones over invulnerable ponds.
that day, the equation was misaligned, numbers squared roots and
CAUSED the answer to spawn seismic ripples of infinite affects.
it was the split second that was carelessly skipped and
THIS boy's vulnerable retina, the invulnerable pond.
although I was the expert marksman, I begged William not to Tell,
SO he blindly obliged my apple-shot withdraw request,
NOW spoiled produce my dumpster won't gratefully digest.
WHAT i regret most is not saying, William. Tell.
my trepidatious years I practice caused this so now what
I've been writing this for days, yet the page stays empty.
So frustrating as I want to say plenty.
To tell you of all that I feel for you, and I don't ever want to stop loving you.
I suppose the empty page alone speaks more than a thousand beautiful words ever could.
Knowing the love we share is too beautiful to put on this page. I hope I never stop feeling this, your love leaves me reeling
ST Rossa Feb 19
An extreme indifference seizes me
and it multiplies the senselessness that I have and it envelops me
And I forget the desire that less and less involves me.

The sun will extinguish
The galaxies will collide
And all the feeling that today run wild will be lost in infinity to know new creation and destruction.
I guess unconsciously
It would be the most beautiful destruction since in putting my heart in my mouth
I asked you not to leave but it's over.
chewing it up to just vomit it in a thousand directions.

Humanity will be history
This story will be empty
And everything that is being felt today will presumably be nothing fused with everything.
Something like a cosmic joke
Where while we laugh or we cry
Unbelievable and inconceivable laws create a future in which humanity will be dust, finally making its peace with the cosmos.

You will forget the few certainties that
we have and I will forget the poem I’m writing with this small circuit of light that will someday be eternal darkness.

Almost like an insult to the past
Or a "let's repair mistakes" starting from scratch
But there are so many trillions of memories left behind
That I think even God would lose count.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid that I already know where you'll be
I already know where I'll be
And we will not be together
But for now tell me where are you
And I will forget everything.
sindy Feb 9
I can't tell him I miss him
I can't tell him I am worried
I can't tell him all the thingsin my mind because I am afraid.
I am afraid to fall, afraid to loose everything I have since I decide that no emotion is the best way.
Let me tell you about this fine, chocolate boy
skin darker than Hershey's, teeth whiter than baking soda, & girl, he looks good in everything!
I can remember meeting him on one occasion but he will argue that its 2
1 whole year of madness and I am still in love with dude

Let me tell you about this fine, chocolate boy
When I see him out my heart just skips
I feel like I am still trying to win him, slowly playing my poker chips
Its like I haven't already snatched him & claimed him as mine
I'm still trying to impress him, I do all the time

Let me tell you about this boy
His skin so soft and so smooth
I get chills when he runs his hand up my side & kisses my back
When he sucks on my neck, I am most likely to drown
He smells like my favorite things-- Cologne, Henny, & Crown

Let me tell you about this chocolate boy
I'm so desperately in love
I want to be his first & only everything in the world
I want to be his first wife
I want to carry his first child
I want to be with him forever...  I know yall think that's wild!
Alec Jan 26
It hasn’t been very long that’s true,
But i feel just as safe as you.
I want to know it all
And I’d love to FaceTime call.
I want to be there for you
Whenever you’re feeling blue.
I want this too
So of course it’s okay
Whenever you feel bad and want to talk, you just need to say.
Mike D Jan 20
The story is nothing new
This page isn’t filled with uniquely creative thoughts
An epic tale told a thousand times
You probably know the whole thing by heart
Each line another cliché metaphor
A clever twisting of the words
Filled with thesaurus like similes
Turning clever into the absurd

Dated analogies about the sun and moon
The heavens and the earth
Attempting to link items on the grandest of scales
To your emotional tale without worth
Or an observation deemed so insightful
Into rhyme or prose it must be made
Yet exactly seen by millions like you
The same story they also laid

Falling tears or fervor held
Are items long in the tooth
A comet soaring through Heaven and Hell
Trucker’s tales in coffee booths
Attentive ears are deafly turning
Audience bemoans with a heavy sigh
A hefty wind flickers the candle’s flame
The plunging eagle about to die

A key among the keyboard
The tide is given a sudden shift
A movie fade to black then back again
The story’s not over yet
The soul might be old but the embodiment new
Of the same fabric it is made
Mother birthing a child; Later child birthing too
The road before us has been paved

Our predecessors we don’t maniacally mow down
Or drive harshly over their backs
Asphalt has been laid and affixed with bright lights
For this trip our bags have been packed
Our minds lit and a map we’re handed
But this is our journey to take
Every sensory felt, every nuance, every detail
Each experience is ours to make

Recalling and pondering we filter it through
Our subconscious and conscious mind
Eloquently putting our words onto paper
Giving life to the tale that we wind
No incantation given, no sorcery used,
No tricks or attempt to obfuscate
A virtuous orator with straightforward talk
Reaching out to communicate

A fire within like a volcano erupts
Ripping pieces from us we must share
Tiny segmented memories that are shed off
Slowly away from us floating on air
On their own expedition with distinctive narrative
From their trek new treks will be born
The road will be driven so many times
New asphalt will become old and worn

These statements aren’t made in an attempt to dissuade
The adventurous explorer’s spirit
On the contrary in fact, life’s reigns they must grab
Not on their hands idly sit

The model dictates near the end we must make
A summation of previous characters
All statements before and utterances too
Must fit neatly in one or two stanzas

Even though each of us has a heart and a mind
Their singularity makes each person special
The data they store from the ride we call life
If desired a story should tell
Don’t be shut behind doors, someone turned off the lights
Told your words sound like nothing but noise
The world needs to hear so for all you must share
Your unique individual voice
Written - January 20, 2018 'Today'

All rights reserved.
RebelGirl Jan 8
if i told you i was sorry tor the marks you were about to see
would you ask what marks
or would you say i know what marks you are talking about
would you stick with me when i told you it happend for over a year
or would you turn your back on me and tell me i was hopeless
and garbage
but worst of all
if i showed you the marks
would you tell anyone else
or would you keep it to yourself
if i told you that i am sorry for cutting myself
would you lift up your sleeve and say
its ok i cut too
we will get through this together
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