“You should die
You shouldn’t cry.
You shouldn’t lie.
You should die.”

“You're not wanted anymore can’t you see?
You have zero friends and no parents
Your life isn’t good enough.
You have no reason to go on.”

“It’s funny how persistent you are.
Its weird that you are optimistic.
It's just not fair.”

It's not okay to be me.
It's not supposed to be easy.
It's not going to be better.
It's all downhill from here.

Why am i still here?
Why are you still reading this?
Why can’t i just leave already?
Why am i still here?

What am i trying to accomplish?
What is this thing called life?
What is your deal?
What is my deal?
What is anyone’s deal?

What if i wasn’t alive.
What if i died today?
What if all of us die?

I have nothing else to do.
I have nowhere else to go.
I have no one else to love.
I have no one at all.

I am alone. I am alone.
I’ve said so many times”I am alone?”
I have no will to live.
I have no motivation.

No will to live.No love.
No desire to move on.
No hope.No one.
No thing.No where to go.
Just. No.

it's another dark poem. i don't know what got over me. it isn't true to me but maybe to others.
if any of you got a good reading voice, please send a video of you , a friend, or anything with this poem.
Tia Dec 7

For once give me a good lie
Tell me you love me
Tell me I'm worth your while
Tell me you appreciate me

For once give me a reason to breathe
Tell me I should go on
Tell me things are worth the wait
Tell me you'll support me 'til the end

For once comfort me in your arms
Tell me everything will be alright
Tell me I'm going to be fine
Tell me you'll hold me tight

For once make me feel I'm not wrong
Tell me sweet nothings and such
Tell me things that I longed
Tell me my heart is on the right track

For once, just for once
Tell me what I needed to hear
Tell me lies to make my heart heal
Tell me words that would change what I feel

We all been desperate like this right?

I dont know
but there was something
about her
that made me feel
it was safe to tell her
all my secrets.

Mims Nov 30

You deserve the stars over everyone's selfish hearts
And I don't know how to tell you that
Or how to make it make sense to you

So i will do what I always do
And say


The human brain frustrates me
Lure Pot Oct 20

Today I will tell my secret
I have found someone
who makes me forget
to love myself
Have I ever felt him?

His looks melt my heart.
No friends, I have done
nothing wrong
with my life
I have just felt him.

His smiles take away my hurt.
My sadness is gone
when he came
into my life
Maybe I have loved him.

He comes into my dreams.
His every art, every style
makes me pleasure
At all of my moments
Yes, I have loved him.

Lure Pot Oct 14

What was wrong with you?
Could you tell me please!
I’m still  having like before
Did you forget your promise?

Have you forgotten my feelings?
I still miss you like before
Have I forgotten something?
What was wrong with you?
Could you tell me please!

Do I still make you smile?
Do you love me like before
I can't erase your loving touch!
What was wrong with you?
Could you tell me please!

I’m not really happy alone
When you have done
I miss you these days!
What was wrong with you?
Could you tell me please!

Your eyes and happy smiles
Still save in my mind
I still believe you are kind
What was wrong with you?
Could you tell me please!

Do you remember the first night?
Did you forget the last moment?
The moments make me want to cry
What was wrong with you?
Could you tell me please!


Will you tell me one more time,
Before I close my eyes tonight?

Lure Pot Oct 8

I write from my heart
You are my heartbeat
I write from my mind
You are all my kind
I write from my thoughts
You are all my esprit.

I write with my pen
You are its ink
I write a novel
You are its storyline
I write on web pages
You are its link.

I write like nature
You are its feature
I write like an ocean
You are its waves
I write like a garden
You are its flowers.

Sigh, I couldn't even tell you-
You are my dreams and all,
"I love you..."

Jamie Rose Oct 5

You tell me you don't want a relationship
I'm okay with that
If you don't want a relationship why do you treat me as if we're dating?
You tell me you love me
You tell me good morning, good night
We talk on the phone for hours on a daily basis
You get jealous if another guy flirts with me
You want to meet my parents
But when I ask why you're acting like this you just change the subject
You are giving me mixed signals
Messing with my emotions
You had a dream we were dating and you said you liked it
But you don't want a relationship
What are we doing anymore?
Maybe you're scared I'll hurt you like the other girls?
Maybe I'm just overthinking?
I can't handle these mixed signals...

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