Tell me,
How many sips does it take,
How many puffs does it take,
How many pills does it take,
How many cuts does it take,
How many attempts does it take,
To feel the way I do?
To hurt the way i do?
To be the way i am?
Nylee Jul 19
What we really feel
we'll never tell
what happened
no one remembered
dance around the words
cut tongues with the swords
but we'll not say
we will always lie like that

We lie because we believe
we'll be saved in the end
who knows in truth
maybe we will be the first ones to die

it is for the best
we keep lies within the sea of lies
and when the time comes
all the lies will be pulled together
or maybe more the worse

every effort another lie
now no one is shy
the times will tell why
no one is surprised
truly now the trust has died.
Rebecca Scull Jul 15
I've never been so mad as I was that night. Never had so much anger in my body as I did that night.
I can see this coming to a close,
I see myself slowly letting go.

But I have to explain to you first.
Before I go, I must tell you
All the things about you that I'm going to miss, that I'll wish I hadn't let go of you for. But I have to.

The passion. That first night, it was electric, it was glorious and it was exciting. I've never felt so alive, so wanted, and I've never wanted someone so much. It was everything I've ever imagined, and everything I never did. As we continued I grew comfortable in your embrace, grew to long for your touch and desire your kiss. I was falling, though I denied every accusation of it. My heart would jump as you reached for me, my heart would stop when you let go. And when we both tried that one time, we thought we could make it through. But the month that we spent apart only infused me with more desire, more want and more love. He held me, but never the way you did, I thought his arms were where I longed to be, but everytime he held me I simply imagined yours arms around me. And then we broke. We wore ourselves down and gave in. The look in your eyes said it all, said you too did fall. As your arms reached for me once more, I surrendered and became yours. Time went on and I realized all I had missed; your scent which comforted me to no end, your bed the only one besides mine I could ever fall asleep in, the look in your eyes which desired me blindly, and the tv that made no sound unless Dawson's creek was playing. And the nights after my surrender started to truly end, the emotions had entangled us and forced our hand. You told me this was the last time we could ever be together again, that you couldn't bear to watch me hurt as you continued to deny me your love. You fell asleep and I stared at you, and for the first time ever I let myself admit it.
I love you.
But morning came, and your embrace weakened. For days I couldn't find my soul. But as I began to see why you continued to talk to me, I saw how much you cared. I saw how badly you tried to fight that you weren't in love with me when we both knew you were.
But now... It must really end.
I'm going to miss the full feeling my heart gets when I'm around you, when I'm in your arms, and I'm going to have to become comfortable with the emptiness it has reserved.
But somebody will fill it again.
Though I do not want it to be anyone but you.
My hands fall blankly at my sides.
The blood stains, but never dries.
My theory was true.
I can't live normally without you,
but you'll go and forget.
Not one ounce of regret.
From girl to girl
From person to person.
I knew I shouldn't have even pretended you were different.
And now tangled up alone...again
Now I can tell this is the end.
I can't hold on to someone like him, dear.
Someone who really, really grinds my gears.
Stand up.
Look at me
as I speak.
It's not your fault...
It's mine.
It's mine...
Shin Jul 4
Tell me tell me tell me tell me
watcha gonna do with the
change in your pocket

Tell me tell me tell me tell me
can I take a look at
your mag before ya toss it?

Tell me tell me tell me tell me
is mamma comin to
the party with the boys?

Tell me tell me tell me tell me
is daddy jumpin back
from the ledge with my toys?

Tell me tell me tell me tell me
the story about the
boy and bear and their sister too

Tell me tell me tell me tell me
I think I might be lost,
what am I supposed to do?
you tell me that i should cover up, that i shouldn’t show my legs like that. why? why must i do that? i am in charge of my body. instead of telling me to cover up, to stop wearing makeup, tell them to cover their eyes, to not tell petty lies. i will never ask for it. learning consent is so easy, but they make it seem so hard. they make it seem like we wanted it? like we were asking for it. why shouldn’t they go to prison? what did i do? why do i feel like i tell someone, i would be blamed? for not covering up, for not saying no, for not pushing them off. little do they know that i did. i tried. why does this happen? why do people act so inconsiderate towards other human beings?
Constantine May 31
I feel like i know a lot
but i don't know
what day it is
Vexren4000 May 29
Telling tales,
tall told tales,
Teeming with technicalities,
Telltale today,
Tooting trumpeters,
Telling tales,
To tellers long gone.

E over c2 May 12
curiosity doesn't kill the cat
not in my case.
curiosity itself kills me
looking into the box
and seeing a cat
that ; is what helps me survive
whether its dead or alive
bohemian rhapsody parades
     amidst greensward moored
erupting profusely toward cerulean skies
     ushered with invisible rip cord
this Earthling self assigned to an (elder)
     box office catbird seat - hoard
ding a secluded nook
     upon premises of Highland (highly adored)

Manor Apartments nestled
     within bucolic (cost wise, a ford
double) Schwenksville, Pennsylvania
     (40.2562° N, 75.4638° W) explored,
sans (founded in 1684) 
     pleasantly assaultive stimuli 
     conducted brake upon metaphysical ratiocination,
     where sunshine poured
upon variegated mother nature

     arrangement, viz spectacular
     vernal suite scored
a top ten hit orchestrating
     exquisite (August) May day presentation,
     which mutely roared
bedazzling this sensate
     being overwriting gourd
     fully stocked, when brittle

     winter snowy firmament forced accord,
     asper overlaying habitat
     palimpsest akin to (sic) ward
before an a may zing exuberant poly

     chromatic onset splashed vibrant
     brilliantly colored palette, toward
this captive observer,
     where choral symphony courtesy of flora
and fauna sensational

     encore performance
     (day at the) opera captivated ensured
fixated this tethered primate royally
     impressed and allured
by aural and visual

     regalia fit for a lord
and tailor, while solar orbitz
     directed by Helios,
whose journey across
     deep purple celestial sea deplored
noiselessly casting lengthened shadows
signaling luminous hued dusk
     chariots of fire earthly dome ceiling ablaze
     pearl jam disappearance,
     when daylight blinks adieu

til the morrow, when dawn
     betakes the reins to reign cosmos chose
zing emergent rays announcing
     morning haz broken
     nudging, prodding, rousing from doze
well rested body electric,
     where energy flows
as attested from me noggin glows
nsync, sans panoply
     of soundgarden crescendo propose
zing ideal material sharing circadian rhythm
     thru the time stream yours truly rows.
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