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Poetoftheway Oct 10
don’t tell me “I love you” ~by Roxanne, for Cyrano~


that’s a verse I’ve heard many too times before,
that’s a curse of low majesty, a quatrain too plain,
if that’s your best sally, retreat, say no more,
too simp verses, or ungolden silences, agents of dissatisfying pain

I need the best of your taste
the finest visions that you eyelids occlude,
make haste for my mouth grows exceedingly
impatient for the other senses to do their tandem wooing

slap only my face with the creature comforts others savor,
words of diamonds and pink pearls mined from your breast,
the bejeweled words that will decorate my evergreen,
that never dies, lest, unless and until,
you want my mortal affection suppressed

give me your linguistic promiscuity, wake me from the stupor
of ordinary, arouse me with thy tongue coiling, a bee sting delivery,
a wet poem that makes all my offices weep, your mouth,
my souls recouper,
your wizardry bewitching,
answer my inquiry with unbounded festivity

then and after all, the plain simplicity of an “I love you,”
will be edged with sublimity, my mercies, your mercies
our jointed, sharp pointy, introverting, interlocking,
our futures becoming
our pasts


Aman Sep 23
If I tell you.....
About my dream.....
It starts with you......
And ends on you........
The thought of.......
Playing with your hair....
Feels nostalgic.....
But very real......
The way you stare.....
Towards me......
With your....
Eyes is so beautiful......
A star filled sky......
Is no match....
To that.....
Seeing you in....
A blue dress.....
With contacts on.....
Makes me go nuts.......
But you amaze......
Me with......
Hearty smile.....
I am on cloud nine....
For a while....
The way.....
You shyly......
Put your head in my......
Lap and ask....
If u can rest.........
Feels the best.........
I hate the days......
When you cry.....
Drinking a lot of...  
Water makes my......
Throat feel dry.....
If u ask......
Coz u r my sun.....
And I along with you....
Surely like.....
Dream, love
the story you tell yourself
is the story you live out

Esther L. Krenzin
you can create your own reality with nothing but a change in perspective and thoughts.
saltwater turned into rain
dancing from north to south
singing out your name.
everyday is the same
larni Sep 12
you tell me you'll never leave me
that you'll be with me here forever
but how can i believe this
when all i've ever been is left
I liked that night, we were flying
As the black cloaked your stars, you had your eyes closed
Sleep-deprived and half dead I thought of loving you
It seemed foolish

On the ground, it felt dizzy
like you spun me around
Friendly smiles were small
Everything was so dead I didn’t think of you

I don’t know the day where I thought of it as more
It wasn’t a day but a memory, a rememory
The buttons were pushed before I was ready

Anxiously I worked and worked and acted like your honey didn’t matter to me
It didn’t, I convince myself even now
But the moment came in capitals
You thought I was unattainable

The breaks were pressed by those closest
Of course they were, it’s what they’re there for
I waited and waited and waited and I got tiny answers

I got fragments, particles, portions
I never got it all
I still don’t have it all
Is this you
Is this my body?
Worse, is it my mind

Tell me now, if I ask too much
Tell me now, if communication won’t be our thing
Tell me now If we won’t be our own thing
But just tell me
Tell me anything
Because I need to be told
your children not to do what I have done

long has this phrase from that old song,
to wit, to which,
we all knew it complete,
that phrase

and this one too,

teach them well their father’s hell will slowly go by

any parent,
knows instantly their secret experiences
validating these pregnant phrases to
combination and definition

our looking face down
on the children unafraid,
our looking back
at the mistakes we ourselves made,
that no one could have warned us of in advance

can we warn them well,
dare we tell,
make our lore their history,
make them
too careful and too afraid
not to repeat our mistakes,
but be not fearful to
make their own?


I am a young woman, and pappy says all parents have eyes in the back of their heads, and it still don’t help much
Tell me you love me.
Tell me you do.
Tell me you'll hold me in arms like a candle.
Tell me you never will blow on my wick.
Tell me you caring.
Tell me you grateful.
Tell me you tender.
Tell me it's true.
Tell me isn't my fantasy.
Tell me you'll holding my hands till the end.
Tell me the end never coming.
Tell me you love me.
Tell me you do.
Tell me the love has no ending.
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