E over c2 May 12
curiosity doesn't kill the cat
not in my case.
curiosity itself kills me
looking into the box
and seeing a cat
that ; is what helps me survive
whether its dead or alive
bohemian rhapsody parades
     amidst greensward moored
erupting profusely toward cerulean skies
     ushered with invisible rip cord
this Earthling self assigned to an (elder)
     box office catbird seat - hoard
ding a secluded nook
     upon premises of Highland (highly adored)

Manor Apartments nestled
     within bucolic (cost wise, a ford
double) Schwenksville, Pennsylvania
     (40.2562° N, 75.4638° W) explored,
sans (founded in 1684) 
     pleasantly assaultive stimuli 
     conducted brake upon metaphysical ratiocination,
     where sunshine poured
upon variegated mother nature

     arrangement, viz spectacular
     vernal suite scored
a top ten hit orchestrating
     exquisite (August) May day presentation,
     which mutely roared
bedazzling this sensate
     being overwriting gourd
     fully stocked, when brittle

     winter snowy firmament forced accord,
     asper overlaying habitat
     palimpsest akin to (sic) ward
before an a may zing exuberant poly

     chromatic onset splashed vibrant
     brilliantly colored palette, toward
this captive observer,
     where choral symphony courtesy of flora
and fauna sensational

     encore performance
     (day at the) opera captivated ensured
fixated this tethered primate royally
     impressed and allured
by aural and visual

     regalia fit for a lord
and tailor, while solar orbitz
     directed by Helios,
whose journey across
     deep purple celestial sea deplored
noiselessly casting lengthened shadows
signaling luminous hued dusk
     chariots of fire earthly dome ceiling ablaze
     pearl jam disappearance,
     when daylight blinks adieu

til the morrow, when dawn
     betakes the reins to reign cosmos chose
zing emergent rays announcing
     morning haz broken
     nudging, prodding, rousing from doze
well rested body electric,
     where energy flows
as attested from me noggin glows
nsync, sans panoply
     of soundgarden crescendo propose
zing ideal material sharing circadian rhythm
     thru the time stream yours truly rows.
Nyx May 2
Tell me something
Would you dear?
Tell me something
I want to hear

Tell me I'm beautiful
That i'm better then the rest
Tell me I'm unique
That I'm incredibly blessed

Tell me that I'm creative
With all my writing skills and Art
Tell me that I'm amazing
That I'm insanely smart

Tell me that I'm special
The only one for you
Tell me that you don't need them
That you'll never tell me adieu

Tell me that I'm kind
That I'm tender and sincere
Tell me that I'm innocent
Even though I'm someone to be feared

Tell me that I'm not a mess
That I'm not broken inside
Tell me that I'm perfect as I am
That it doesn't matter that I lied

Tell me that I'm not unwanted
That my friends actually need me
Tell me that my soul isn't black
That you understand and can see me

So tell me with pure honesty
What is hidden within my eyes
Tell me that you know the truth
That there is more underneath my disguise
Tell me what you truly see
eli Apr 27
you tell me
   "you'll find someone better"
i know i will
there are so many good people in the world
i'm sure i can find someone better

but what if i don't want someone better
what if i just want you
just you
no one else but you
all i need is you
just be mine
Ender Royalty Apr 13
My unrequited love
Is having trouble keeping in
I watch as it pushes and shoves
To make a great escape

Will she love me back
Or will she leave me empty
The sight of her gives me a heart attack
The goddess that she is

I wish I could tell her
The relieve of letting out
But I don't know for sure
If she would love me at all
A poem about previous emotions I have felt
Like the mightiest of mighty oak trees
you were an awe inspiring sight
A presence about you commanded respect
And gave the bravest of men a touch of fright
As I grew up your hand was stern
as you guided our small tribe
Regimen and discipline
Remnants of a past you did not hide
Calm and steady under pressure
Always ready and on alert
The one people would look up to
In times of fear or if they’re hurt
A natural born leader
An analytical mind
Gregarious and witty
Often approachable and kind
All of these qualities and traits
People could quantify and see
You were a brave and heroic man
but you were much more than that to me

They sent you off to war
when you weren’t much more than a boy
Didn’t sign up or ask to go
But still a foreign country you were deployed
Even though you weren’t commissioned
Your rank gave you command of men
Following orders while trying to ensure
that they’d all make it home again
I’m sure you did the best you could
It was something you rarely talked about
You left that place but still carried it with you
And there was a piece of you that never got out

One who protects and watches over
A principle ingrained in you
First to answer when duty calls
A code of honor also shared too
with your hero in the pages
of those comics that you read
“Truth, justice, and the American way”
wasn’t just a slogan to be said
Your career was a perfect fit
At least to those of us who knew you
Always said you fell into it
Originally taken as something to do
While you figured out what path
The direction in life you wanted to take
But it’s funny how often life chooses
not leaving these decisions for us to make

Every time you went to work
and you put that uniform on
Never knew what you’d encounter
Potential risks and unknown harm
Much like suiting up for battle
Ultimately could give your life
But did not hesitate or waiver
It was your job; Did not think twice
The risks were something you accepted
but absolutely did not define
what you did for thirty-four years
in the community spending time
building relations and working together
Being there if ever needed
Responding first whenever alerted
Running to help those who begged and pleaded
Or if they simply asked
No matter whether big or small
Your duty was to protect and serve
Running to aid those if they called
But much more than an oath
This made up your moral fiber
A defining characteristic
It was something you could not fight or
deny even if you wanted to
And I don’t think there was a moment that you did
Reminiscent of those comic books
You were enamored with as a kid

You often wore a Superman shirt
The one emblazoned with an ‘S’
Underneath your button up
Inconspicuously so none would guess
You laughed it off as a game
A type of joke or of the like
You grew up a fan of the character
Since you were just a little tyke
But I could tell it was something more
You respected the message too
Facing bad guys while maintaining morals and character
A narrative also describing you

By definition we as human beings
are imperfect beings who make mistakes
You were not a perfect man
It’s an impossible task to undertake
I know you cared for each of us
and you did the best you could
Discipline often draws conflict
Actions might not be understood
It’s not until much later
when the child becomes adult
and the passage of time adds wisdom
Deciphering and figure out
Perspective is a funny thing
Eyes are opened when you gain it
Now realizing what you dealt with in your life
And how it’s a miracle you didn’t lose your shit
All things considered it’s an impressive feat
what you experienced and responsibilities you undertook
And had a successful career and raised a family
Most would be unable to survive one page in your book

I only wish I could have told you
what now I finally know
My ability to appreciate
How time has made it so
But that same time took you from us
No longer are you here
At least not in a physical form
My heart I hold you dear
And now added to that shirt you wore
You don a fire red cape
Flying high up in the sky
No bad guy can escape
You kept us safe; You taught us well
Each day your wisdom guides me
Impossible to fill your shoes
It's not something I try to be
Instead I strive to be the best
version of me possibly
and hopefully that’s enough
to make you proud when you look down on me

There are those who thought they knew you
but deep down they did not know
A secret you kept from them all
Something you didn’t show
Foolishly they bought your act
To them you were a man
Don’t worry dad, I will not tell
but I know you’re Superman.
Written: April 12, 2018

All rights reserved.
Don't tell your best friend,
She may become your enemy,
Your deepest secrets.
Amanda Mar 26
Deepest darkest secrets
My hidden fear
I reveal all to you
In hopes you appear

The way you touch my heart
After you are gone
Leaves me bedazzled
Glowing like dawn

No one around
Us all alone
Separate locations
Connected through the phone

Pour out your heart
You can trust me as well
We will live in this moment
Because we will never tell
Another super old one, it's crazy to compare and see how much my writing has improved the past 10 years.
shane Mar 23
i can be whatever
you want me
to be,

i can be the waves
crashing down
to the shores
to find solitude
in your arms,
aching to seek everything
i can never truly have;

i can be the treacherous current,
sweeping you away
from the palms
of pandora's box,
reaching out
to lay their mouths
( shut / stitched / knitted )
filled with tribulation.

i can fold myself
into neat edges,
abandoning every ghost town
i conquered
and called mine,
every window sill
attached with symbiosis
and laced with piles of
'sorry' and 'forgive me.'

i can be metaphors
clinging around every part of you,
wishing to be liberated
from reveries
accompanied with memories
of how you held me
with qualmy and shivering hands.

so tell me
i can be
whatever you
want me to be.
so please dont leave me again
Olympia Mar 5
cant even say that this is a dream anymore
I know what it feels like to have your head spin crazy

tell me this isn't a dream

I know I should be with my own crowd hunny
but here I am hoping you'll say something profound

tell me this isn't a dream

we both know I'd waste a million years chasing you
somehow you were always worth it

tell me this isn't a dream

if your skin felt warm and close maybe I would believe
right in this moment, you're so cold my heart is frozen

so just tell me that I'm not dreaming
from your sunshine
x o x o
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