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Kassan Jahmal Jun 28
Never kiss and tell our love,
for all we know, our friends would want some.

We should only realize,
our love shouldn't be televised.
So keep it close, right between our eyes.
We both act shy, but that's alright.
Despite what shows outside, things are more important inside.

So let's not play kiss and tell.
The forbidden words,
Never to be spoken aloud
Tumbled out of my mouth
From the moment we met
And I let them.
you know who you are...
I love the way you do not love me.
But I hate the way you go and never tell me that you always love me by your side.
Indonesia, 12th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Everyone says
"Do whatever makes you happy"
Don't mention the cost of it though
You do not know the price until your choices
Come collect and tell you what you owe

In moments you don't realize
Consequences of what you do
Only after it's too late
You can see what would have been best for you

Some decisions too expensive
Until you get the bill you won't know
By then you can't go back and choose
Different directions to go

So bear in mind that every action
And mistake is a tattoo
No matter how costly our regrets
Every one we can never undo
An old one from 2017
Nikkie Jan 15
You left something out....
I was not mistaken...
You left something out...
How do you think I'm supposed to feel?
You left something out....
I want you to know I am not okay with this...
In essence, you lied to me...
You omitted the truth...
I like this job, but not getting paid for the holiday's **** big time!
You left something out...
How am I supposed to deal with this?
The pay is left something out...
Why didn't you tell me while working this full time job,
that I would not get paid for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and all the other holidays I am accustomed to getting paid for...
Thought of you

thought of you
to tell you what you meant

thought of you
to express what i feel

thought of you
and then to end myself again

thought of you
i remembered us

thought of you
i remembered our screenshots you on call

thought of you
i look for you in my sunsets

thought of you
but i am dead to you

thought of you
how easily you moved on

thought of you
why it didn't work

thought of you
we were supposed to last forever

thought of you
you sleep great and i have accompany by darkness

thought of you
then i remembered

thought of you
you dont care

thought of you
i still remember our future together

thought of you
i remember what i am next to you

thought of you
i cry sadness and love

thought of you
i am empty broken

thought of you
you made the decision to be apart

thought of you
i spill art of sorrows and lust for death

thought of you
don't tell me you feel a thing and it was mutual

don't tell me it was not all very sudden

don't tell we didn't understand each other

don't tell me cause you left me broken and being brutal you once were cause it still feels same.

don't f*cking tell me you aren't happy either cause it was quick for you to leave.
Cardboard-Jones Nov 2020
I really need some lovin'.
You really need some lovin'.
We all need some lovin', babe.
Show me how you lovin'.

I wanna give my lovin'.
You wanna give your lovin'.
We could use some lovin'.
Give me everything I want.

I wanna give you lovin'.
You wanna give me lovin'.
We could share our lovin', baby.
'Cause we're both done waitin'.
Cause we could use some lovin', love
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
What's there in a payer?
Fooling yourself you can will
There will be a wish fulfilment
Overlooking, it's just a coincidence
His Will coincides
With your will
Prayer is granted
Then you tell
Otherwise, your prayer
Goes to hell
His Will prevailed
You regret to tell
I give here a link to find out what scientific research has to say about prayers ---
JAC Jul 2020
How do we
show you that
this is not
something we
want to be
fighting for
'til we pass
torches to
children who
just begin
fighting where
we left off?
A little on the note, but it probably isn't the time for subtext anyway.
Black lives matter.
raquezha Jul 2020
Pirang aldaw takang hinapag
Nahiling ko kaya an gayon mo
Pirmi kung pinupurbaran na magrani
Madara pa ngani akong mani
Pero garo sala an pagkaintindi
Pirmi ka nalang naglilihis nin agi
Pagnagkurahaw na an para-sira
Ibig sabihon kayan udto na
Maluwas na ako para magtimpla
Nin kape asin mapritos nin sugok
Pirmi kong pinapasiram an luto ko
Baka sakaling maparong mo
Asin darahon ka sa hamot
Kan sakuyang pagkamoot
Pirmi ko nalang kayang kaulay an sadiri ko
Siguro panahon naman para kausipon mo ako.

—𝐔𝐬𝐢𝐩, a Bikol poetry.
All I really want is someone to talk to.
1. Usip, to tell on(tattle)
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