I love myself and I love you.

I hate myself, but I don't hate you.

I regret not being able to hold you one last time, turns out god wanted to hold you more. I remember holding you in my arms rocking you back & fourth, not being able to stop smiling, my first brother, my first tragedy, my first real heart break.  Show me the path to follow in which I can reach you, let us have one last conversation. Teach me your lessons and give me your strength to carry on.

You're the light I had and still have.

I love you...
s 7d
I dreamt of cold shores
and prayer beads, breathing in
waves of warm sun.
Joshua Nai Jun 8
Lord, you provide for me.
Lord, you provided and prepared me for the famine.
Lord, you prepared me for the upcoming battle.
Lord, you are preparing me to fight against the next enemy.
Lord, you have prepared, in your house, a place for me.
Help me, that I may finish this race, that I have pleased you.
And have done what I had to do and have won this race.

I shan't plead
for shiny pearls,
but please grant me
a beating heart
bigger than this burden.
Tony Cortez Jun 5
Your always going to be the one I need
The one I crave
The one who I was fated for

I know the situation looks grim, I know alot can go wrong but you convinced me
I don't think this is the end of our story
And it doesn't have to be a story...

I know you're one for Shakespeare and one of your favorites is romeo and juliet

What we have is not like that, it's so much stronger

You are an amazing young woman who has been through so much and trusted me with your secrets and your love
For that I'm never giving up, I'm never giving up hope

Babe, death has tried to claim you so many times and like the girl I know you are, stuck out your middle finger and said fuck you

I'm so proud and honored to be the person you chose, to be the thing in your life that will give you anything you want

My final words

I love you Reina
I love you Kirsten
My queen
And my heart
The crescent moon has been sighted
Lantern of hope has been ignited.
Doors of mercy have been opened
And the devils have been chained.

It is the month,
Where clusters of sin await repentance
And good deeds worth are multiplied.

The month
In which we abstain from food
From dawn till dusk;
Empty stomachs
But tongue heavy from thikr.

A month
Enlightened with Allah's vast mercy
And extreme prosperity,
Tasting rewards
And bathing in immense blessing.

So choose to
Break mouldy habits
Reform the fabrics.
Reboot your entity
And Recharge your faith.

Choose to strengthen the backbone of your lives;
The pillars of Islam.
Recite the book that has been bonded with threads of faith
and encrusted with pristine words of Allah.

Choose to unshackle yourself
from the blackening shackles;
Untangle from messy mirage of the world
entwined with your wrist
And braid it into ladders to heaven.

Choose to join congregation at prayers
To pray to Allah seeking his affinity
Asking for forgiveness and pray for agility.

Choose to handle tough times with sincerity
And dig faith in one another.
For strength and forgiveness
can be found under his love
And this can be the month
That can bring you a step closer to Allah.
Krishnapriya Jun 4
Sweet is Your creation
Sweeter still art Thou

Grace is every breath
Blessed still
Is the breath
Intertwined with Your name
Holds in that moment

Residing in Your name
You expand to fill my being

Every cell dances
And love pours out
To all creation

Filling this vastness
with light
Blue as Your Feet
Just a feeling when chanting the holy names of God.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2
~ ♡ ~
God has blessed many with
the gift of sight in this
path we call life,
a gift that we
take for

~ ♡ ~
Along the way, I've been
blessed to meet the
special few who
truly have

~ ♡ ~
I did not have the pleasure
to meet her in person
But I can feel her
gaze in all that
she's written

~ ♡ ~
There never goes a day
when her page
is unwritten

~ ♡ ~
As she waves her hand
and thoughtfully
sews her

~ ♡ ~
For I feel that she adds
a piece of her

~ ♡ ~
There is a kindness in her
that all can detect,
a trait that this
world sorely

~ ♡ ~
And for that, she will always
have my respect

~ ♡ ~
This one for you, Kim.
I thank you for sharing your pages,
yours dreams
and your dreams within your dreams
This one is long overdue and dedicated to Kim Johanna Baker,
an eloquent poet who bears her soul on

I know it isn't much, but I'm wishing happiness, blessings
and love your way.
I will keep you in my prayers.

(For those who don't already, do look her up and follow her page.
You'll see what I mean!)

Be back soon,
Lyn x
Sheherazad May 31
I offered my heart to the hands of the world
A mendicant to love’s holy shrine
But my world took a human form
the arms wrapped around him are mine
"May the enigma
of Art continue
to shirk the
ungodly hours
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