Our Father

Who Art



­Will Be




This Day




As We



Lead Us Not
Into Temptation


From Evil







question mark
to hold
and when asked to imagine
did we
for it is where the answers lay
and when asked to dream
could we
beyond the superficial surface
where we tread
and when asked to fight
would we
for the chance to remain
in Eden

forgive us Father
our ignorant bliss
o, darling
daylight has never been your most flattering

and how could it be?
you never sleep,
because life is but a dream

like that old
children's song

dear god of boujee
women, the ones with
bloodstained louboutins

let me autotune myself to sound inhuman,
say my prayers to

in the dying light
of the atl

my only hymn i have to
offer is that of

and instead of bread and wine
i have lean and

o, darling
our eyes will never

and new money, who dis?
will forever be the closest thing
we have to a mantra
Gang gang.
maybe God gave me saturday night for a reason
He only throws things at us that He thinks we can handle
He probably saw me
down here struggling with the thought of love
maybe i was about to give up on it
even though my intentions for after saturday were not met
my mind comes to realize that i might of just needed that day
a day for someone to tell me they miss me
He made it come from a special person
but maybe He is trying to tell me something different
my mind races with different thoughts about this meaning
do i need to focus on giving him time
do i need to realize that he isn't the boy for me
do i need to learn from this experience
will this help me grow
so many possibilities
so little answers

side prayer:
dear God
i ask of you to guide me through this difficult time
to help me to notice Your signs
to give things purposeful meanings
to watch over me
and protect me from hurt that will be my breaking point
Upon looking at her, my heart had embraced the smile on her face, listened to the murmur of prayer on her lips, and read the farewell poem between her eyes.

Hussein Dekmak
Bee 6d
It’s been raining for 22 days straight and I
couldn’t tell you why the evergreens weep like
they do but if you must, the skies ravens are
bellowing what they’ve witnessed in a song we
will never understand and will endlessly hear.

Feathered armor protects the branches that starkly
plead for handfuls of the sponge-clouds above.
Why don’t we listen to the warning calls
of the floods coming from God’s eyes?

The sticky moss resting on the north side of the
rusty hemlocks will tell you, the record is 55 days
since they’ve seen the sun---a dialect less penetrating
than the all-too-inviting cries that echo the woodlands.

Whispers of the breeze flowing through the trees
are not enough to overcome this tempest that is steeping
slowly and surely the habit of nature will wash its face
clean of any inadequacies.  Now, if you told me

it rained here over half the year, I’d believe you.
Not just because it’s the Pacific Northwest, but because
I’ve witnessed the consistency of the pure quietude, of the
circling crows that count every beat and divide every lap.
Their dependable vantage forecasts any storm.
I come before you open and broken
I come before you to write what is spoken
I come before you in humble humility
I praise you for and through this gifted ability
You are the source from whom all blessings flow
You are the sea in all it's majesty
You are the wind that sets me free
You are the mountains reaching ever higher
You are the spark that started the fire
You are great and glorious
Over sin and death, you rose victorious
I come before you in deep respect
I come before you pleading you to protect
To grant peace and strength and healing
To transform this guilt and hurt we are feeling
I come before you to ask wisdom and understanding
I come to ask your strength when life seems too demanding
You are the healer for our broken heart
Each morning you give us is a fresh start
You are the song that rolls off my tongue
You are the music of life forever being sung
As you pour your love down
In this flood of love, I drown
Fill me with a presence that cannot be contained
Bless me with the courage to share it unrestrained
I've been asking a lot of questions lately
Trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do
And where I'm supposed to go
I don't think I'm asking too much: just a simple yes or no
That's all I want that's all I really need
I've been asking for so long and wondering whether you can hear me
So I start to doubt and my hope wanes a little
Your love is deeper than the oceans
Your grace reaches through the valley below
So much more than just a savior, more than just a friend
So much more than just a power that I can't comprehend
You are truth, you are grace, you are joy I can't contain
You are love, you are life, and I'll never be the same
All the stars shining down on a clear night sky
You came to save a wretch like me I can't imagine why
So much more than just a light you came into my life and now I glow
You made a home inside my heart and softened every hardened part and I start to grow
I once was lost adrift at sea the wind and waves grew wild
Afraid I prayed and through the storm you heard and you found me
For years I was blind I could not see your face
But with open eyes I see the depth and power of your amazing grace
You aren't just a man who was born who lived and died
Son of God and son of man you were crucified
You weren't just a prophet a teacher or a king
You are the author of life and creator of everything
So much more than simple stories the parables you shared
Your death to show us just how much you really cared
You aren't just a healer a doer of good deeds
You tended to our spiritual needs
You are so much more than surface going right to my core
Satisfy this longing this hunger! It's you I'm yearning for
A reflection mirroring part of Amazing Grace
Everyday I'm told to live in a way that gives you glory
Everyday I'm called to walk and tell the world your story
But I just don't know if i can really do this
So I just won't go, afraid that I'll miss
They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step of faith
It'll take a miracle because the first step is the hardest to take
And I just can't see where it is you're taking me
So I'll stay right here out of comfort and fear
They say you can walk on water if you just believe
Or move mountains with faith the size of a mustard seed
But I just don't think I'm strong enough
For the wind is strong and the waves are rough
I try to follow you and walk in your truth and light
Yet I try to avoid doing wrong and strive to do what is right
But I fall so readily and start to sink in shifting sands
So I cry out. Place my feet upon the rock, help me to dry land
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