When Janey's mother,
Lectured Janey about the risks involved in Sex
A few hours later,
She could hear her groaning orgasmically
As she masturbated  in her bedroom.
When Janey lectured Rachel
About the dangers posed by drugs,
She seemed to be listening attentively,
A few hours later.
She could smell Marijuana smoke
From underneath the space
Between her daughter's bedroom door
And the floor.
Rachel decided to use reverse psychology.
She told Janey that Religion was a bunch of Nonsense.....
The "Opium for the Masses"
As Karl Marx said.
She told her that Praying to God
Was just a waste of  energy and time.
Sure enough,
A few hours later,
Rachel heard her daughter,
Praying in her bedroom.
She didn't know what language Janey was praying in?
She didn't know what god Janey prayed to?
But, sure enough,
Janey was praying.
Rachel realized that she needed to do some Soul Searching.
What on Earth
Had made her daughter
So Oppositional?

If the Devil dwells
Deep in the Bowels of the Earth,
I think that it would be wiser for Humanity
To Worship the Devil
Than God.
After all,
If God is way up in the Stratospheric Heavens,
He's probably given up on Us on by now,
"Those people screwed up"
"That  beautiful Planet Earth that I give them."
"They need to stop beseeching me for Assistance"
"And straighten out their own Mess."

Everyone's a sinner
I'm certain that is true
I am...that's a given
and I guess then...so are you

Argue if you want to
There's ten, so it's not hard
To break one on occasion
It doesn't hurt, and you're not scarred

I see bony little fingers
Twisting little tiny beads
Praying quiet for redemption
Rubbing little holy seeds

Sitting in the church pews
With rosaries in hand
Little wrinkled people
In churches all across the land

Some will pray in silence
Not a whisper will you hear
They're addicted to the motion
Of the beads they keep so near

I hope they get to heaven
If the beads help, then they win
They sit praying for redemption
From the earthly hell they're in

Some may light a candle
For a loved one they have lost
Then, they sit and ask redemption
No matter what the cost

Little wrinkled fingers
Working nimbly at the beads
They say their prayers in silence
Clutching tightly at their seeds.

Dear Lord, hear the cry of your child here
She can't defy, please, slay down her fear
bless her now, lord, with your mighty faith
so never shall shake, she in this wraith.

Dear Father, you are the real healer
fend for her, Abba, as you need her
Guide their hands, in her operation
Guide her spirit, in her salvation

Lord, the father of the fatherless
reckon your daughter in her distress
the miracle, it isn't from the doctors
not their will, mercy, but her father's

Let this day be her testimony
for you saved her from her agony
the cancer in her flesh, you designed
for her good, she knows, so will not mind

All in this world prays for compassion
Father, let them see her, your creation
Let them read her life, your rede to them
Abba, claim her spirit, sign with your thumb

Isaiah 41:10 Don’t be afraid, for I am with you! Don’t be frightened, for I am your God! I strengthen you–yes, I help you–yes, I uphold you with my saving right hand!
justanotherfool Apr 16

Oh Lord, she was born by you, she was born for you
You had a plan, she was your plan, it never came out of the blue.

Father, you know her inside, you know her outside
You had a purpose, she was your purpose, it never can be denied.

She wasn't born for a day, she was made to last forever.
Lord, You planted eternity in her heart, for her, with her, together.

This earth, nothing but an auberge, and this life, a mist
We are here only for a while, for another moment, to make it your list.

My Lord, fix her eyes, to the unseen, to the eternity
You had a purpose, for her and for all of us, it was never mortality.

Oh Lord, all she has is a troubled soul, a weak body
You still give her strength, to lift her up to be there for your glory.

Dear Father, smile on her, make her life your pleasure
Let her see that smile, feel that smile as she is your divine treasure.

Abba, the wounds in her heart, in her soul and flesh
Needs your touch, the healer of wounds,  let her spirit refresh.

This song is for my sister Neena ( I know her by that name) She is battling cancer. It is my prayer to the Lord for her healing. All I want to tell Neena is to keep your hopes up and live every moment the God has given to you. The God has a purpose for you, be there to fulfill that. SO don't you dare to quit. He has not done with you. He will serve his purpose with you through you. Look up to him.
JAnn Bowers Apr 10

Being with you, is so amazing,
You feel my soul, with everlasting,
Love, so precious and enduring

Praying with you, for my safety,
You feel my need, of sanity,
I sanctify,

Your holiness, and surrender
My life, into your,

Robyn Apr 10

God -
I give you my misery.
I produce and sacrifice for you.
I pray that you return my misery -
With truth.
In my foodlessness, I will listen.

Please hold her
As only you can

Would you curl her up
In the palm of your hand?
And be with her
When I cannot?

Would you attend to her most every need
With efficiency
And make her well when she is not?

Because you know how she is
How she has these beautiful wandering dreams
And occasionally such restless thoughts

Would you speak to her now
With an voice unseen?
And reassure her that you are indeed the king
The creator of time and everything

Would you curl her up
And keep her more closely
Than ever she would've been to me?

Will you do this for me, my dear Lord?
Have you heard my prayerful repetitious plea?

If so I will stop until tomorrow
And finally try and get some sleep

Would you comfort her with immortal arms?
From a prayerful, tired version of me

I'm a tired but honest young man

ShowYouLove Apr 8

You are Light, You are Truth, You are perfect and good. So here I come. Here I stand. Humble and broken. I fall down with my face to the ground. You lift me up, take me in, and wrap me in your arms of Amazing Grace. I cry to you, I crawl to you, I fly to you, Jesus help me give my all to you. Who am I that you should know and love me; one so small and weak. If I will be still and listen I hear you speak Body and blood, broken and shared, poured out and spilled: surround me. God of creation use me, work, move and live in and through me. There is love, there is beauty, there is love in the sacrifice, and while unworthy, you gave your life, deemed us worth the price: all so we could live in love and communion with you for all ages. We will dance and sing and shout for joy. The old will pass away and we will be made new. One day, all will be made clear, but sometimes I'd like a little clarity down here! Mary, our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, lead us to your son our Lord. Hail, full of Grace! The Lord is with you! Hear and intercede for us that through you, we may obtain some of this Grace for ourselves. Holy Spirit, bond of friendship and of love, let us be open. Rain down your love and truth upon my life. I hunger.

ShowYouLove Apr 8

Prayer for Peace

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us. Forgive and heal us, especially in the Holy Week leading up to Easter. We have fallen so far and turned away from you. There is so much death and suffering and sorrow. You know this pain intimately. We need you Lord more than we realize or care to admit. In your perfect love for us you gave us free choice and we need to accept the consequences for our choices good and bad. There are so many innocent and faithful who are suffering as a result. Take pity on them Lord and have mercy on us all. Lord let all be done according to your will not mine, but I would ask that through the intercession of your mother, Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, through your Most Sacred Heart, the heart of the father Joseph, God the Father and by the power of the Holy Spirit, you would show this world a sign of your love. I pray that as the sun rises on Easter morning in the fulfillment of the hope of the Resurrection and new life that we would have hope and peace. Send your Holy Spirit to fill our hearts and flood our lives and move us to act with compassion and understanding toward all of our brothers and sisters in Christ and every one we come in contact with. Be with us always Lord help us to love one another and you as you first loved us.

I ask this and all things with confidence to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and through the intercession of Mary our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament and Joseph her most chaste spouse.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. AMEN

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