A beloved fairy tale, to you, I write princess.

I love the way you dance and kiss with me,
You're all I need to make my life right.
Always dancing under skies filled with wishes.

You are my sanctuary, my hope.
Wrapping your Angel wings around me,
sheltering me from the cold and icy world,

My princess,
Seeing your shining light,
fills my days with wondrous bright dreams.

Hear the words, I love you, my beautiful Angel,
as I search the heavens and my hopes for your
Soul, every night.

Thank you for your gift
filled with memories of a fairy-tale dream,
that came true.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

[Autumn in My Heart OST] Jung Il Young - Prayer [ENGSUB + Romanization + Hangul]
Seema 1d

The hands of a giver
Like our Lord
Flows like a river
Pushes us forward
We the receiver
Beings of today
Believe a deceiver
Dramas everyday
Dark days drown you
Trustworthy left few
You cry and pray
He listens what you say
Delivers from evil
Yet you're led by devil
In dark holes
You hide like moles
Found by the cops
Beaten from bottom to top
Heavy dose on drugs
You lay on wet rugs
Cry till your tears dry
It's about time to try
Kneeling down
Like a messy clown
Asking for forgiveness
From our Lord God
You yell out your grieveneses
And utter the good words
The prayer cleanses your soul
Sparks light in the dark hole
You feel the hand touch
Thankful so much
The evil being cast out
While your soul comes about
At the feet of our Lord
You deliver reverence
To the almighty God...


When Cupid throws the arrow and big love is calling,
follow it, even if its roads are heavy because of fear!
Turn the silence louder, have the courage even if you're crawling,
look inside you and you will realize. You woke up, my dear!

When you love, you're wearing stormy clothes of silence,
you look up to heaven to see life in colours of the rainbow.
You forget that the world is full of nostalgia, hurt and violence,
you throw the dice to the dreams, then you can say Hello!

When you love, everything is wrapped with light white cover,
you want deeply to cleanse the sadness of its own rust.
You learn to read between the lines of the law of love, to recover
and only when you feel, you will know the mystery of lust.

When you love, even the words from the poetry are blushing
so correct me, please, if you consider that I'm wrong!
For love is not proven only by words that are rushing,
we risk everything without thinking about beeing strong.

When you love, the god's voice falls asleep in the harsh battle,
your barriers disappear into the sweet and bitter melancholy.
The sap of life flows through your veins like vows in the chapel,
and lights the fire with the sighs of sadness of the valley.

So, love the love! To learn to live again, in heaven's creation!
Get your heart in your teeth, have the power to dare!
Live, to feel the flavor of forgiveness and salvation!
Shout out loud your crazy love ... it'll be your answer to your prayer!

In Praise

In gratitude and thanksgiving we give you praise
Wisdom and blessings on the one who prays
We honor you the Most High God
We dance and sing you give you laud
We celebrate what we have received
Your life your very presence in us we believed
In the Eucharist our thanksgiving
Font of life and hope for the living
Your justice and mercy we extol
And in your loving arms you will console
Those who mourn and the pushed aside
Their cries are heard and their pleas are not denied
Your Love is boundless and Your grace abounds
As I get closer my heart now pounds
It beats so strong with life and vigor
You are radioactive and my heart gets even bigger
I love to love and i try to love like you
And your Love is the strongest glue
In gratitude for all the blessings and gifts
I come back to you with a song on my lips
There is a fire in my heart that will not die or dim
Because it was put there by none other than Him
Take Lord, all that we have to give
Multiply it and show us how to truly live
To serve not only our neighbor but even our foes
Treating all with care and respect for we are like the rose
Beautiful and sweet but be warned
If not handled right we may feel the thorns
We thank you God for the earth and all you have made
And still you know every hair on our head and every grass blade
And for your creation: a masterpiece and work of art
That we should love you with all our mind and soul and heart

Limbs are yet to grow
Am just in the womb,
Eyes are, but without brow
and heart is yet to pump.
O Death, You must be having other things to occupy.

Am such a little kid
Just attempting to walk,
still stutter in uttering
Am striving to talk.
O Death, come later,i won’t defy.

My friends are few
More have to be made,
Books are left unread
Games are to be played.
O Death, Hold on, not the time yet to reply.

Have fallen in love
With gorgeous wife,
Heart is singing and
Joy has come to life.
O Death, give me some time & I will comply.

Children, to be taken care of
Elders to be protected,
Ethics in society shaken
Needs to be corrected,
O Death, time is not ripe to tell the life good bye.

Though money I have made
But no time to spend,
Erred in life many times
Still left ways to amend.
O Death, time is still not ripe, please do not spy.

Yes my hairs have fallen
And I have grown old,
But still Life is a mystery
and I have to unfold.
O Death, come next time, I won’t deny.

The more I desire, the more I pray
Lust turning hunter and me its prey,
Still frustrated, Still unsated
Craving for life, swinging midway .
O Death, the truth is that, I do not want to die, I never want to die.

Ajay Amitabh Suman

I am the author of this poem. This Poem is my Original work. I hold all the right in relation to my poem, as available in law. No body is entitled the use this poem , or any part thereof in any form without written consent from me.

O Piety! O enlightenment true!
O humbler of the haughty heart! The head
Of prideful man bows low in awe when you
Address him to the Giver of the Bread
Which is called daily; true Reverence is shed
Like light upon the soul, and darkness flees
When poor man your humble majesty sees!

O Piety! You teach the timid to
Rise and cry “Father!” When rebels arise
With clamorous shouts to overthrow, you
Teach them to fall, not daring to raise eyes
To Heaven, and pay homage with great sighs
Of contrition to their Lord and King! It
Is by thine aid for prayer man is made fit!

O Piety! Come, devotion inspire,
Let fall down our faces sweet holy tears,
Fan into a furnace our inner fire!
Fill us with that love which casts out all fears,
Attune to the voice of the Lord our ears!
To us who ask for direction you say -
“Kneel, as though you knew to Whom you dare pray!”

Lord knows my life is not the best
But thank God it's not the worst

Sometimes I feel I need the rest
And others I need to just burst

I have problems just like you
I try not to let them get me

Sometimes my days are grey & blue
Those times I just try and see

There are people I know who love me
I know they truely care

I hope my children will always see
This love I have to share

Now I say to adl of you
Don't worry on what others do

Try to smile in the days of blue
You will see God's love some through

It's funny how God,
Far away as he is,
Plays such a powerful role.
We are God's jilted lovers,
We pray for miracles, those kisses of wonder on our ancestors.
But he has left us, and found a prettier planet to put his coat around.

Samuel 5d

Beautiful, bright lord
Forever young
Wise and many skilled
Father of the thrice-conceived
Hail to you, and honor too.
To the champion of champions,
To Lugh Samildánach.

I am no longer a slave to fear,
I suffered and struggled,
but all was lefted higher
when I let you cary me
through the fire.

I gathered my well
I built my wall’s stronger
all in your name,
I gave you all of my strife
and excepted my life.

I lived as life pushed on
harder, as is your well
and your desire.

You gave me kindling
to build my fire,
allowing my flame
to grow higher.

I have just one desire,
to live for you
and grow until
I can’t grow any higher.

You are my hope and dreams,
you bring me to my knees,
not in vain but for
strangth and exceptance.


© 2017 By Amanda Shelton

A prayer and poem I wrote awhile ago but never shared. I thought I should because there might be someone who needs to read it for strength. I survived through everything I have suffered because of God. Once I lifted up all my strife life got easier. I never could get through it alone.
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