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Teach me how to fly
Cause when i choose
Its flight over fight

Still stuck in the boxes
Set up in black and white

Its okay,
No one can hear my plight

Im weak to the disaster
Victim to the light
Its an illusion people preach

Hear them now?
They’re speaking out
Pray for salvation
He’ll hear you out.

I'm too ****** up to go back
My brothers gotta come and save me
They gotta drive my car for me

I'm strobing in and out of consciousness
But it's still not as bad as getting knocked out in a fight
The nausea's not even as bad as the first time I stole whiskey
And vomited black chunks

I'm going to do this again
And things much worse afterwards

I'm hanging out the window
Slumped and rag-dolled
On my way to rent a tuxedo

I'm starting to figure out
What the chasms between me and you are made out of
Where the differences of deep values lie

I know why I can sleep right next to you and still be an infinity away
And no amount of drugs, drinks or ***** will ever rid me of it
Michael Kelly Nov 30
I saw the writing on the wall, forever slow upon the draw
Its just the beginning- the beauty of infancy,
celebrating the baby’s first steps.
At times I need a minute just to catch my breath, at other times I feel so ever quick to cash in all my chips.
I question if you’ve felt the same.
My past is riddled with a longer list of what consists of shame- in terms of pennies on the dollar,
I’m the brokest of the lame.
I’ve had the aims of matchless flight,
I’ve fought the battles not to fight,
but on this night you’ve rattled cages,
and exposed just how shamelessly, what’s good is truly right.
Still I’m caught off guard when petrified beyond a breath.
Calm my trembling hand,
Please build a man who’s firm to stand,
I beg you’d loosen up my grip
Before I slip and fall on sinking sand.
I get shattered bones when struck by beauty;
Should I touch?
Is this forbidden fruit?
Is she the tree of Eden’s garden?
Has my fear become a crutch?
Can I be trusted
when there’s ****?
Am I disqualified from love?
Cause in this moment I’m completely incapacitated by this drug.
I flee from struggle, it’s a challenge.
Are there habits not to quit?
Yet there’s something different here,
It’s unique in how it shifts.
I watch these movements closely,
while I’m fearful of the critics eye.
Terrified that I’ve become, what I have known, who I despise.
Frustrated to the core when little foxes nip and pick,
At what I know is crafty workings of a gardener with gifts.
They come to feast the choicest fruits, they gnaw and nibble at the roots-
if I had any sense at all, I’d buy the biggest pair of boots;
three sizes bigger then what fits and tie them tighter than a noose;
go trouncing through that garden;
not thinking twice about the fact that “oh, those foxes seem so cute.”
I’d kick them hard and send them running- one by one, then two by two.
Exhausted in the end, but maybe then we’d have our chance to rest.
Not alone, but now together- we’d be closer non the less.

Catch the foxes for us father, cause even if I give my best.
My self sustaining effort will not help us past this test.
Steve Page Nov 21
How many times a day do you pray?

As many as needed.
Some days only once.
But it might take all day.
It's not about time to pray. It's about relationship.
Star BG Nov 21
I pray for the day.
adults think about what they eat
to fuel their sacred form.

When children ask for salad
instead of fried chicken fingers
and fries drenched in oil that clog intestines.

I pray for the day,
young and old choose to go organic
and stop frequenting fast fake food joints

When people awaken to foods causing Alzheimer's.
and stop adding to cholesterol count
by changing their diet.

I pray for day soda is no longer offered
as in truth its a great metal cleaning fluid.

When family members
put away cell phones and lab tops
to become a family again.

Yes I pray for the day,
of a decent tip
so... I say nothing and serve,
praying for the day.
I am not a waitress but I work part time in restaurants serving balloon animals to kids of all ages. I'm a professional clown. This prayer stems from what I see when I go to tables.
Did Pythagoras create or discover his famous theorem?
A squared plus B squared equals C squared
— For a perfectly right triangle —
If created, well done.  If discovered . . . say your prayers.
Steve Page Nov 19
You walk
You sit
You kneel

You ask
You wait
You weep

I listen
I speak
I weep

I hear
I stand
I act
Prayer is an interactive activity.
Ashley Lingy Nov 19
I don't know who I am exactly...

and I think I'm ok with that.

Because I get to choose who I'm going to be every day

when I wake up in the morning.

As far as tomorrow goes,

I hope the sun shines through my window...

I need a warm reminder that brighter days lie ahead.

I need help to rise with a pep in my step,

hopefully with productivity and a plan in mind.

Because this year...

I will brave the treacherous aisles of the grocery store in the days before thanksgiving.

And I will be nothing if not gloriously triumphant in my quest.

I hope.

I pray.
Crystal Freda Nov 18
A prayer is not a checklist
of things that need to be prayed for.
It's a love, a real connection
from your heart, mind, and much more.

A prayer isn't bowing on your knees
or having to close your eyes.
It's a faith, it's a hope,
and a love that never dies.

A prayer is what you make it
coming from your heart.
Just call on His name,
that is all you have to do to start.
Toxic yeti Nov 18
One day when I was walking
When I saw some prayer flags
Prayer flags swaying
Swaying in the wind
Just swaying
Bring people luck
Making them the luckiest of the lucky
I ask what a simple life
A simple job
A simple bunch of flags
Then I become jealous
Jealous of their simplicity
Just wishing
Just wish for their lifestyle
Prayer flags
Simple life, simple job:
Simple flags.
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