What if there is some truth ?

Do give a full, focused read on the link below.. it would only takes minutes from your precious life. Be sure to send an answer to the universe...
A positive wish could never do any harm, so why not ? ♡

It contains eye-brow raising contexts yes, but do not shun it's inner message... the possibility of mankind's one-ness someday... or the total destruction of our kind by our very own selves.

I Am just a soul who seeks the greater light of unity :(

#donotlaugh #donotmock #innermessage

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Not actually about "aliens" but a higher consciousness.

How I wish I could make the world,
A happy place for you.
So no matter what you wished for,
Your dreams would all come true.

And how I wish I could make the world,
A safe one for you too.
So no matter where you went,
No harm would come to you.

How I would like to make the world,
A loving one for you.
So you were loved by those you love,
And they were forever true.

And if I could only mend each hurt,
With just a word or two.
I would mend them all so readily,
To make you good as new.

Now I wish that love was enough,
To make a wish come true.
Then all these things that I wish,
My love could bring to you.

When we hold on to a pious thought
And pray from dusk to dawn
Would longing stand the test of time
When we pursue the unknown.

When reverence leads to yearning for
A glimpse of the Mighty Queen
Would She shin down from heaven to earth
To show us the Unseen.

There comes a time which seldom comes
In a pilgrim's ordained path
When at doorstep of the Goddess
He finds not love, but wrath.

Prashant Shaurya ©
All Rights Reserved

Heavenly father up above,
Please protect the boy I love.
Bless his eyes that shine so bright,
And help him to love more than any other.

Bless his find, blond, shiny hair,
Please protect him from bad girls.
Bless his hands,  so soft and small,
Help to keep them where they belong.

Grant,  Oh Lord,
Love to his content..
And thank you,
For this child you've sent.

This poem was written for my then 2 yr old little boy who was super sweet and kind yet a huge handful in himself.

Gazing wonders in the sky,
shine upon me and hear my cries.
I want to awake and free the fire in me.

Shatter the rain and sun!
Turn the shackles to ash and dust.
Through thunderous screams,
bury past my sad, sad eyes.

I'm so weary.
Sleeping soul, reach down and touch
and pull the flames.
Make still waters rage!

Though I am on rocky seas.
I want to consume and burn you all
Shatter and free!

Short poem from my journal I wrote. Currently walking around my local area.
Seems to be rather therapeutic.
Akira Sep 10

Oo, patawad.
Ako ngayo'y nakaluhod sa Iyong harapan
Nagmamakaawa at humuhingi ng Iyong kapatawaran.
Patawad sa mga kamaliang aking nagagawa.
Patawad kung minsa'y ako ay sumosobra na.
Patawad kung minsa'y tinalikuran Kita.
Patawad kung minsa'y ako ay nanakit ng kapwa.
Patawad sa aking mga nababanggit na salita.
Patawad sa paulet-ulet kong paghingi ng tawad.

Sa kabila ng lahat ng aking sala, nais ko ring magpasalamat sa Iyo.
salamat sa bagong araw na Iyong binigay.
salamat sa hanging nalalanghap.
salamat sa pagkaing nasa aking harap.
salamat sa tubig na aking naiinom.
salamat sa bahay na aking natutulugan.
salamat sa angking talino na iyong binigay.
salamat sa mga magulang na laging naka-alalay.
salamat sa mga kaibigang tunay.
salamat sa katawang malaya sa sakit.
salamat dahil ako ay buhay.

Pakapalan na ng mukha.
Nakapikit at muling nag-isip.
Mga hiling ko ang aking mga binanggit.
Hiling ko,
na sana'y lahat ay maging masaya.
Hiling ko,
na sana ay walang magsakit.
Hiling ko,
na sana ng makasalanan ay magbalik loob sa Iyo.
Hiling ko,
na sana'y bantayan mo ang aking pamilya.
Hiling ko,
paghilumin mo ang mga pusong sugatan.
Hiling ko,
ay Iyong dinggin.
Hiling ko,
na sana lahat, bagkus magsakitan at magpayabangan, ay magmahalan na lamang.
Sa Ngalan ng Ama, at ng Anak, at ng Espiritu Santo. Amen.

I will translate this later on.
Antino Art Sep 9

We in South Florida pride ourselves on getting hit by hurricanes. We take photos of how bad it is and post it on Instagram with appropriate doomsday event hashtagging.

Riding these things out is like riding a bike.

If you can shop for Black Friday and Christmas every year, you can shop for this. Take pride in your water divination skills and line-standing endurance feats. We are the state of Disneyworld ride lines that wrap around corners in swamp heat, and lines of red light bumper lights on i-95 Monday through Friday: this is another day in the office!

Putting up shutters is like putting up Christmas decorations: we get creative

Like today, we wedged pink and blue floatation noodles against the frames of the windows in arcs resembling a post-storm rainbow. My 2 year old daughter said it was beautiful.

One day of this is someone else's seven months of winter. Remember, people evacuate to here annually! So do not feel bad for fleeing north to them.

The news keeps saying stay calm as they embellish how dangerous this storm ride is going to be like some death stunt on a David Blaine TV special. He went underwater in "Drowned Alive": he didn't drown. He got buried underground: he rose from it. Per the broadcasted hype, the payoff is we won't die!

Here's some good news: you can leave what's out of reach and in the sky to the heavens, and what's in your mind to the steps you took on the ground below: all doors closed, stuff unplugged, things that resemble missiles stashed in closets, flashlights ready like lightsabers to battle this named foe from above. It will hit the worried and unworried just the same, revealing the gas station line cutters from the people who help you with shutters; the faith from the fear of those who choose to pray; the human heart and its varying sizes as it beats faster with the darkening of the sky.

At least we aren't trees: they cannot hide from this revealing event. See how they all remain serene up until the second the wind arrives, leaves rattled only then, roots of varying depths being that which holds them together

either they bend with grace or they break.

lynnia hans Sep 8

the fiery glowing hair of lilith
the glowing azure eyes of her beauty
her silken white porcelain skin entrances thee
let her magic & power enthrall those around her
as she dances the sacred mystical dance of eroticness and ecstasy
let her not be ashamed of her true nakedness and swift moves of her
tantalizing body embrace those

ShowYouLove Sep 7

Take me where I am, meet me where I am
Shepherd me Oh Lord like a little lamb
You are my protector, you are my defender
Help me run to you when I hear the voice of the pretender
You are my salvation and my Rock
An open heart and mind has many a door unlocked
You are my fortress and my strong tower
When I am weak and worn you have the power
You are my shield in front and my sword beside
You are my armor Lord you are big when I am small inside
You lift me up and take me in
You run to me when I confess my sin
You are my healer my balm and salve when I am sick
You have never left my side through thin and very thick
You care for me and love me. You send me your Spirit
You never gave up on me even when I wanted to quit
I love you I praise you I give glory to your name
Your words are living and dynamic yet ever the same
I bless you and thank you for all that you are
Prince of Peace, King of Kings, Morning Star
Many names for one so high
But above all else you love me so much you would die
No greater love there is than to lay down one's life for a friend
I will do my best to live that out loud till my time is at an end
In all things Lord be my life and breath
Keep me ever in your sight from now until my death
When I join with you in heaven I will forever sing your praise
But until that day I'll be content just to daily lift my gaze


Written during Adoration at St. Peter's Catholic Church. First Fridays with Faith and Fellowship.
What I Feel Sep 6

Lord, raise my hands and guide my feet,
let me another pathway meet.
Conceal my pain and break my fast,
Lord, light the dark that eats my past.
And when I trip, Lord, help me stand;
pray, hold me in your loving hand.
Have mercy on my faithless heart
and show me kindness as I start
to walk the way you've made for me;
release my chains, Lord, set me free.

Recently, I have felt a compelling urge to change and improve my life. I feel an optimism that was never there before, and a determination to see my journey through, no matter what demons may come my way.
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