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Keep the sun in your heart,
The moon in Your mind
and so you may see far,
the stars in your eyes
A mantra and prayer
Ylzm Apr 26
May Putin be crushed and his nuclear threat exposed an empty bluff
May Russians see themselves the true Nazis
And in true need of salvation than Ukrainians ever were
May the shattered save the mighty and the mighty serve the victor
Joseph Miller Apr 19
There she lay
In aged beauty
All passion spent
Now peace
In eternal sleep

She is gone
If we forget
The love she gave
Is ours to keep

We who knew her best
In life and in death
Are compelled by her noble way
To heed a greater love
Than that of flesh and blood

Let us sing her song again
Grateful is the key
Her spirit is ours
For all eternity
In memory of my mother who passed peacefully on 3:16 2021 into everlasting life
Is it a forever master plan,
Between every country, on planet earth,
As we circle around the sun every day,
The hate and evil patterns, wars, it seems,
No leaders want to work towards peace, in any way.
Are the majority, of the people, just pawns, in a game,
The Leaders play, they get their country in a war,
Pick and choose citizens, saying they are serving the country,
In reality, many will die, and others will never see life the same.
The media repeats the worst of the worst, children,
Learn how to hate, fight, and ****, from television, and video games.
Something is wrong, we hear of all the deaths, from covid 19,
Now Russia, attacking Ukraine, a physical war, no mention,
Praying to God could be a sign, that the end is not that far.

The Original: Tom Maxwell© 4/4/2022 AD
Hey, God is missing.
God, who ?
Perhaps he is disgusted, he has left.
Of what ? To where ?
This country, this planet, this galaxy.
He lived here, is it ?
Perhaps he is ill.
May greater immortals bless him.
The temples are empty, a few razed.
But it’s still business out there.
His middlemen have lost touch.
But they are still raking in their commission
Perhaps they have killed him.
Must be turning in his grave then.
No, No perhaps he is moving incognito.
As if he would be recognized anyway.
Perhaps he is watching us from a distance.
People believe they are.
Perhaps he is sick of being used.
That’s OK. Our living Gods complain too when they die.
Perhaps he’ll come back one day to save mankind.
Why take the trouble ?
Our ruler has fled, like the creator having lost control over it’s procreations.
Every ruler needs subjects. This one became the subjects object.
But he’ll return one day.
Till then stay where no man can corrupt thee..
George Krokos Mar 19
Oh dear Lord, please don’t allow anything to obstruct our devotion or love to You
but if something interferes help us to overcome it so as to Your love we can be true.
In this world we are all beset at times by so many unwanted tribulations and woes
that it seems as if they serve to lead us away from instead of towards You dispose.
The first 2 lines originally written in first person grammar, From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Mar 19
In the confines of the house's backyard
there are no marked graves at all to see
but an attempt will be made by this bard
to relate according to personal memory
of some creatures buried therein to be.

Over the course of many years gone by
various creatures have been laid to rest
in the soil of the yard's ground to comply
with an improvised simple funeral blest
by a short little prayer to end their quest.

There were a couple of cats it is recalled
one of them was within the property born
though with the other memory has stalled
which is not surprising and hardly forlorn
to blame or point at with a finger of scorn.

Then there were also a few local birds
mainly sparrows that were regularly fed
which flew all around and dropped turds
being a little distressing to find any dead
some due to after eating crumbs of bread.

They were preyed upon by neighbors' cats
and left for dead when they were disturbed
in their instinctual appetite that included rats
when by humankind were scared and curbed
due to their wild nature's feast so perturbed.

Then on occasion also mice would run free
which were seen coming through the fence
and when at times chased scurried up a tree
where they would hurry to get away thence
a similar burial applied if found dead hence.

It'd be so incomplete here not to mention
all those spiders and insects that had died
in some way or other due to a pretension
that their annoying habitual nature implied
to be poisoned or squashed in their stride.

They have all been buried in the backyard
in various places there that are not marked
laid to rest in the ground either soft or hard
under where others had roamed and barked
in the distant past after they were all carked.
Written in May 2020.
neth jones Mar 20
with eyes like owls                                              
           and a plague like motion
                                                 in the pocket of my stomach
i pledge devotion to the under-wealth  
the underflow of nutrients    
   the cold blue dare of it all
Kaemae Feb 27
If I should die, before I wake
Pray my soul won’t be too hard to take.
With every hour I lay
I’ll try to forgive the waste you wouldn’t let me replace.
I’ll hold me high, give in my heart-
just don’t let it break,
if I should die, before I wake.
I've been working on this for months now (mainly because I procrastinate and work so much). It's based on a prayer my dad used to make me say before bed. It's a depressing poem/song but I want it to have a hint of hope to it. Tell me what you think!
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