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Jim 3h
Let the sails billow
Let the wind come
Bring forth the waves
In the red setting sun

The future is still
A glassy sea will come
now is not that time
In the red setting sun

Hold firm the stern
There's work to be done
If we are to see another
Red setting sun
the girl with the ocean eyes
says the hardest goodbyes
a sea of poems, a field of sighs
what can we do, to make things right?
this is one of my favorites :)
Maggie 1d
The surging ocean ripped me from my feet
And from my face erased stupidity
For I was smashed into the ocean floor
And learned a lesson with rapidity

So whenst you step into the turbid sea
I beg attend the state of wind and swell
The ocean educates all people free
But some did not return their tales to tell

The ocean hides no secrets in her waves
To all who care to ask she tells the truth
To know her is to know how to be brave
And how to love a happy tumult, too

But waves are varied, never constant things
The winds that drive them often calm to sing
Betty 1d
Blue Ocean blanket
Mystery under its folds
On the bed below
nevaeh 2d
ive been dreaming
all week long
dancing around
like every word is a song
ive been dreaming
of you and me
about what could happen
if i left for the sea
"Where did she go?
Where is the beast?
Under the boat
Our end draws near"

Unparalleled strength
Pushes through the seas
The rightful owner
Soon will feast

"She pushes through
Tossing us aside
There is no escape, no plan
She bites"

The seas belong to her
Started slow, she wrecks her way
To the top, to the end
The Great White Shark stalks her prey

"Last man standing, this twisted game
There’s no way out, no hope is left
Two choices now, to drown
or to Fall"

To the Queen of the Seas
To a certain special someone
Take the whisk and let it ferment
Give it two or three hours, for the heaven sent
Fall in a deep lament, trying to make rent
And he'll tell the whole world to get bent.

He'll sink in his sorrow, let alone do anything but wallow
He knows he can't feel so he takes another pill
Or thirteen, and soon he no longer feels in between
A rock and a hard place, and in his stupor it seems

In here it's safe, and he's finally alone
A safe haven in a flattened drone
Look out, will you? Cause you never know!
Keep on dancing, acting like you didn't think so.
Hmm. This one's interesting. Might be a song.
Gazing out towards this ocean
This endless blue sea
Warm water
cool breeze
Coarse sand
Under my feet
Waves crashed
Waves beat
I understood what it meant
What it meant to be free
As I gazed towards this ocean
This endless blue sea
Just a soft, easy experiment.
When the river converge, there is the self.
The valley is the heart, water as thoughts.
As such, my thought flow through the valley;
forming a river of myriad dots.
Where the spring arrive, the river follows.
In the end, river return to river, water to ocean;
The ocean is the self.
Therefore, changing the self is changing the heart,
changing the heart is changing the thought,
The mountain is the world, behind river is mountain.
Jay M 5d
It's as though you are out at sea
And I am bound to those cliffs
Staring out, hoping
Waiting for you to return to me

- Jay M
October 22nd, 2020
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