There is nothing in sight
on this wide horizon
And I hope that at the end
of this great, vast ocean
I will arrive at my destination

I know that in a short while
the rain will be pouring
the sky will be thundering
and waves will be crashing
on this small ship of mine

Yet, at this very moment
the sea clothes herself in silence
and surrounded by nothing more
then quiet ocean winds
everything in me becomes still

And all the lights and sounds
around me are failing
And all the thoughts and fears
inside me are fading

And guided by the strong Atlantic current
and the wind within my sails, I know that
I can trust  the one who made it all

And finally I feel at home
Peaceful and at home

There is a wire tap inside his mind
which pulls the waves in and over
the shore, fast. It floods
the earth and leaves his skin
pale and waterlogged, blue from the cold
and bloated with decay.
When the wall of water hits and the screams
of many tired, sad people can be heard,
the sinking city of Venice will crumble
away into the sea, leaving jagged,
splintered rock jutting from the ocean
like strange stone blades. In the silence
of receding water, I hear the cries
of a newly orphaned child and see
a small silhouette standing over the body
of his father, satellites still speaking
to the microphones in his dead brain.
The tide laps at his splayed limbs
and the water pulls him back
towards the ocean while the boy screams,
wailing as he clutches the cold, limp hands
and begs his father with tears and fury
to come back to him.

~~ Tsunami, 4/4 ~~

she said her head was like the ocean.
still waters, then crashing waves.
never knew where she would end up next.

she woke up with the first glimpses of morning light,
stepped slowly into the water,
and lost herself in the rising waves.

all who came, shook their heads,
uttered soothing sentences to the family,
and left, puzzled as they were, through the front door.

Deep ocean currents
channeling under water.
A glorious night appears
as the waves grow stronger.

Swim up to the moon
as it glares across the waves
searching for light
for the moonlight it craves.

Soar for the sky
as light ceases on the blue
Don't stop sailing
until you reach on through.

Seema 1d

Walking along the shores of a great ocean
Natures creativity witnessed in motion
The huge waves fall upon the closing reefs
People searching for treasures, greedy ocean thieves
Pearls, coral, fish, ocean creatures of all kinds
Scientist proved wealth underwater, a great find
But nature also has created deadly weapons
Only seen when unforeseen accidents happen
Devil's triangle, surprising whirlpool, a sinkhole
Sucks in everything within its perimeter hold
Stories I've heard once been told
Mysteries of places, from the pages, unfold
Every creature has its own world guarded
On land, air or underwater as regarded
Man stay on boarders to retain safety and peace
Ocean dwellers have open trenches for enemies to leap
Yet bold minded humans bypass such amenities
To takeover underwater world,
                         no matter how harsh the calamities
Lives lost, lessons learnt many
No one wants to learn from the past,
                         people hungry for ancient penny...


this gulf expanding between us
what passed for bridges have been washed away
the docks were torn down when the emissaries no longer sailed
nobody has seen a boat in years
sensibly no one offers to fly in the air space above the turbulent void

are you willing to chart the course once more
or do we turn to other shores
to cast our nets
avoiding the invading ocean
where there be dragons


Inanna 2d

Skipping along dancing tales of an ocean midnight blue,
Don't you wish me there, wandering with you.

Deepness tearing us apart from an oceans edge,
Don't you wish me there, led together upon that ledge.

Ocean waves roar wild within the night,
Don't you wish me there, to bide amid the might.

Thunder rumbling, shaking us with desire,
Don't you wish me there, to harmonize the choir.

Lightening frightening tiny bunnies,
Don't you wish me there, for giggles and for funnies.

The pitter of an early evening rainstorm awakens her as she untangles her sweaty limbs from those of her lover.
The sun has begun to set and the thrill of adventure calls to her once more.
He begins to stir, awoken by her chaotic movements;
admiring her beauty as she sifts through a mound of overdue laundry,
still smelling of suntan lotion and chlorine, in search of the perfect shirt.
She’s late, as always and her friends are outside in the car blasting throwbacks and spilling drinks as the laugh and scream for her to hurry.
They fly through the night, windows open letting the cool breeze filter through the air thick of smoke and jubilance -
eager to reach their destination; moon children growing restless under the stars.
The ocean calls her home and its salty air clears her head as flames shoot out from the fire -
crackling and popping in the midnight sky.
Cheers are heard as bottles are passed;
pulling her head back out of the clouds.
Champagne to welcome the sunrise, whiskey to bid summer adieu.
Daylight begins to break as she takes one last drag of her cigarette and turns to go.
He’s still sleeping when she arrives,
this time she’s more careful not to wake him when she leaves.
The morning dew on bare feet remind her it’s time to move on -
the mountains are calling her name and to them she would roam;
it was always temporary, changing with the seasons.
But to him -  
she tasted like skittles,
and she smelled like summer;
one he would never forget.

You came to me like an unforeseen tsunami.
And like an unguarded shore, I welcomed you with open arms.

I know that you go as fast as you come,
Yet I let you scatter me all over the place,
And leave me teased by your waves.

[repost with full credits]
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