M Rose 21h

when i reach you,
i want it to look like the day i left. gray
skies, teasing winds, the ocean roaring and
rushing louder and faster than i've ever seen.
on the boardwalk, i want to hear the
musicians play, but i'll stand by one
in particular--an old man playing an erhu
to background music emitting from a cheap speaker,
sounding like the karaoke songs my
mom would always sing along to. i hated them then, but
i'd give anything to have that back now.

when i reach you, i want you
to listen to me as i describe
how i feel when i see a mother leading her
toddling child by the hand while her husband
looks for a place to sit on the beach. i
won't be able to explain it, but i'll
cry and try my
best to make it clear that
it's love,
it's always been love,
it always will be love,
and this family of strangers is
ruining me and
sustaining me and
they'll never be the wiser.

love is an action.
love is an action.

i want to love you.
i want to love you.

when i reach you, i want you to know
i'm reaching for you, that this isn't
just happenstance, or where everyone ought to go, but
i did it for you.
i took off all my clothes. i killed all my lovers.
i did it to be close to you,
but you feel so far away.
i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm sorry.
you have to tell me to stop reaching.

An ocean. A body of water, a body of movement, a body of what?

A heart. A chamber of love, a chamber of hope, a chamber of what?

A mind. A place of thought, a place of reflection, a place of what?

A question? A way to look?, a way to find?, a way to what!

Cleo 2d

You make me feel blue
Not as in sad
As in I drank up the sky and took on another hue
You are my muse and I’m a girl in a notepad
I feel blue like the kind airplanes travel across
They are fleeting but I will last
We are the cause of beautiful and mad chaos
Sunny days and hurricanes in the forecast
The feeling of blue goes farther than the sky
It dives into the ocean, it brings things to life
It drips out of the eyes in a joyful cry
You see, the feeling of blue is not a feeling of strife
Blue is simply the color of love
And into it’s waters, you give me a gentle shove

Not including iambic pentameter because no thank you.

We're like the ocean and space
Two different entities that from afar, gaze
Two entities admired for our greatness
Elements of unknown and mysteries are what we possess
Our deep rooted issues are always hidden secrets
And you love in waves but I love with distance
And we love each other despite our incoherence

Dancing on the edge with you
You taught me to feel again in all the ways I forgot how to
Muddy feet
Then to the beach
Planting peacefully into shore
Like a wave the ocean can't control
You wash over me
Surrounding me at every turn
Your currents carry me to a different place
You're the only one that pulls me in
Sweeping me way into an ocean of euphoria
You changed everything
And now I never have the urge to swim back to shore

I lift myself up,
pointed on toes
tipping at the edge.
A wind molds to my face.
I'm held there by grace,
as my mind begins to dredge
         Up memories
         of you and me
         blessed with resilience
         none are faded by time
         in feeling
         if not in sight
        some are good
        some are bad
        all are mine

I take a breath
inhale this wind
bowing me back from this cliff.
But I hear waves below.
It's a siren's song so
strong to my ears
as I sniff back tears
          from memories
          sent by this breeze
          so old to me
          of when you would tease
          so I'd unfreeze.
         The only other thing
         that could put me at ease
         is the violent sea
         I stand above now so desperately

And I'm tipping
         at the edge
      of my sanity.
  Oh, I'm tipping
     on this ledge,
questioning your humanity,
                          as I tip above
                            the oceanity
                    of what could be
                         in front of me.
                     And I'm tipping
                             at the edge

I take a step back,
release my breath,
settle my heels
into this earth.
Let the wind roll my tears
back towards my ears,
the sound so much quieter than
          these memories
          I hid from me
          to let myself
          relearn how to breathe.
          They swell up again,
          just as wind dies down.
          I grit my teeth,
          say an amen,
          and prepare to drown.

And I'm tipping
         at the edge
     of my sanity.
Oh, I'm tipping
    on this ledge,
questioning your humanity,
                          as I tip above
                            the oceanity
                    of what could be
                         in front of me.
                     And I'm tipping
                              at the edge  

                           Air at my face
                       Earth at my feet
                      Seas in my heart
         to drown you out of me
Then I cry oceans away
   with the saltiest tears
  I can taste all my pain
   And my leaving fears
                    Cause you left me
                           and I can't see
                     this edge you left
                           in front of me,

         And you left me tipping


Any constructive criticism is welcome!

Meet me in my emotional depths,
And settle with me among the waves,
For I can get lost there sometimes,
And not come back for days and days.
But if you cannot meet me there,
Do not drag me into the shallows,
And dismiss my ocean of passion,
Because you can’t handle the shadows.
It can be dark and, oh, so cold,
But only on my darkest days.
It’s clean and pure and true,
Whether or not you understand my ways.
My depths are real and here to stay.
My depths are part of me,
So you cannot tread the deep,
You had better leave the sea.
If you choose to stay on shore,
While I am swimming in the surge,
Then be prepared to say goodbye,
For I don’t dwell amongst the verge.
It’s all or nothing, sink or swim,
But the shallows are not for me,
So come and meet me in my depths,
Or walk away from this empath sea.

Sometimes you just have to let go of someone who isn't willing to meet you amongst the waves of your emotional depth. Don't ever let an emotionally shallow person dismiss your depth.
Daisy Marrow Nov 12

I'm sailing away
on my own ship.

I don't need no crew
I know exactly what I'm doing

I'll be gone by morning light
to sail across the ocean.

If you want to say goodbye,
don't bother.

Instead just come sail away with me,
and we'll have the stars all to ourselves

I'll take you to all the places you've forever wanted to see.
Far and wide, there is no limit for you and I.


Your absence
at my shore
like a
f o r g e t f u l tide;
some days
it stays
letting me
letting me
other days,
it makes up for this,
swamping me
in a
and all I
can do
keep my
trained on land.

You are the moon.
Please return soon.

Aishah 6d

I was a little girl
that was told
never to get too close
to the ocean

You are the blue waves
I fell in love with
You are so blue
I forgot the red colour
in my veins
when I touched you

I was a little girl
You are the ocean waves
I was supposed to be
afraid of you
but I let you sweep over me

I used this as a metaphor to explain that I would do things I wasn't supposed to do. Even if I can't be in the ocean, I'd still want to be near the edge of the water.
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