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it ebbs and flows
it ebbs and flows
my dear, i’m throwing myself upon the ocean’s surface
not sure in which one of the great seven;

in a song it once mentioned
‘no one is as gentle as the seas’
are they really though?
it hasn’t been really nice to me— it’s alright
funny, i never liked the mystery underneath;

All i know is the blue indigo spreading across as if there is no end to it — endlessly
All i know is the sound of the tide crashing the poor old reef;

it ebbs and flows
it ebbs and flows
i succumbed again this time to this great body of water—
i  gave permission for the next round of the great wave to just engulf me— slow enough to let me breathe in for a second,
before it— ;

it ebbs and flows
it ebbs and flows
guess i’m already down below
All i know my lungs about to blow
All i know the lights went low;
jia m 14h
for her
the ocean
was more than a dream,
it was a place
she needed to visit
to find herself.

and when she returned
to the city,
you could see
the sun in her eyes,
the wind in her hair,
and the taste of infinite salt in her lips.
poem by jose chaves, one of my favorites.
the waves bend and never break
I catch a glimpse of him through a telescope
a red dot against marbled teal

the gravel that frames the sea
     crackles and turns
mirroring the moon

consumed by a raincoat
he is not a man
but rather
     a sea-tossed shard of glass with grainy

his eyes are sharp and      translucent
reminiscent of a reflective tide pool
pupils are sea anemone

I wonder where he goes when the sea levels rise
Do I dare interrupt his stone stacking
to inquire:
"can you do a bowline on a bight?"

we walk the splintery plank
hand in hand
a seagull weaving between our steps

one pulsating heart in a wind that mutes
our breath
we beg that the sea sweep us underneath

that it anchor us as eternal lovers
that it fossilize our tenderness for one

I see you in a telescope
a red dot against marbled teal
and      the cliff beneath my toes

clams cry and unhinge
their jaws
we dive in perfect form
and become

a lover's ornament
on the
abyssal plain
I came across a memory
that crawled from a ghost crab hole
radiant spirit of another time
flaming red hair and starless black eyes
her flowing robe illuminated and translucent
moved slowly to the shore's edge
pulsing with the energy of moon
and a dream set free
she stared
as if awaiting a vision I once had
of a ship that went down
in the graveyard of the Atlantic
all souls lost
she turned
held out her hand for me
and we walked into the waves
the ocean's daughter and I

the dream did not end there
but rather began
a picture in my head prompted this
Eloisa 1d
I just thought that I have left your memories ashore and buried them deep under the sand.
But they were carried by the waves again
in the middle of the ocean.
Here where I am trying to find
and rebuild myself.
Waves of longing and regrets are crushing
my sail.
I’m now swimming, drowning in nostalgic pain.
I dived deep within your memories
and finally found my heart.
I held my precious heart, stayed afloat
and saw a glimpse of my own horizon.
Though self-forgiveness and peace
are yet far to be reached.
I still have my strength.
And I promise not to drown again.
~An emotional journey
The coast called to us
     we obeyed its song

driftwood speckled with sea urchins

we went
     but could not stay for long

the foggy sky is a pretty gal
     she whistles a wind that is sharp and

I rattled the ribcage of a ghostly ship
     its limbs long and rusty

Rain spat sand from its lips
     stirring waves that crackle

I'll return when the moon is full again
    when the ocean eats the sun

back to the bones of the ship
     when they ring for me in spring
Prince 1d
Heart racing moments & breath taking views, listening to les vibes making love in the backseat.
In total despair, I heard the ocean sighs
"surprise us will you? "
add the ocean
"entertain us with prince charming not a sinking ship"
- how embarrassing to return to a same place after a year with the same mistake.
Realize that the loving
Sea lulled my burning body
And its crashing memory,
Echoing with illusion.

Me, an obscure jewel
Hidden beyond the world;
Changing, wandering
Without form.

And the shore still
Spoils me with hope.
For “R” series
Micah 2d
It's frightening, challenging, and deep
Fathoms down, below the surface, we seek
answers to life, to death, to love, to all of the above
but our minds, oceans wide with a surging riptide, we weep
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