Ivory seafoam
kisses the bleached sand,
like long-lost lovers
to the rhythm
of the ocean wave band.
The tide crashes
Into the sandy arms of the shore.
A lingering embrace
before receding,
too fleeting.
Soft waves
cycle in an ostinato,
as the ocean beckons
Then retreats,
adira 1d
everything seems so dark so sad
then i see your smile and my heart flaps its wings gladly
in a way i could like a leach
into joy i would reach
i live off of smiles
if i harvested none i would disapaer from all the worlds inches and miles
in my own ocean of tears
i dedicate my life so no one must be like me with a heart full of tares
only held together with thin fragile thread
I am blacker
than a coal

I am brighter
than the sun

I am higher
than the sky

I am deeper
than the ocean

I am,
No one ever dared
to handle.

My, probable fault

I searched,
All those contrasts
Inside your eyes.
Genre: Love
Theme: Then, nothing matters.
all the pills I took
make my thoughts blur,
mind is fuzzy.

i can barely stand,
the world is like
a rocking ship.

swaying back and forth
as the sea tosses me
between the waves.

is my head still between my shoulders?
patting where it should be
all I feel is air.

where has my mind gone?
to the clouds
far from ground.

i lost it
i don’t know
where I could be.
Drowning into

Deep feelings
Deep space
Deep you

Save me

Before I get lost
in the mysterious and chaotic universe
Before I get locked
in the dark depths of the infinite ocean

Your ocean.
He is a mystery.
The dry and broken sun beats down onto my eyes.
I have not had water for days, and it seems I have lost my taste for air.
Once, this place was an ocean.
Before man, or machine.
Before the chimps, and the lizards, and the fish.
There was only water,
The only sign of life on a lifeless planet.
When the earth was silence, the ocean was the source of sound,
The gentle purring of the planetary gears of life.
The waves, they are the only constant.
They were here before.
And I pray that they will be long after.
The Heart is an Ocean
Will with deep and strong emotions

The deeper down within you dive
The longer you have to return.

No lens can provide
How we truly feel inside.
poem created (2/21/2018)

summary/ purpose :/ Dedicated to someone who i met and was introduced to. I felt this poem calling within and without,

inspiration from/ inspired by :/ for a girl
If there's an ocean
you'll drown in
It would be
that of my love
Bursting through
rivers and streams
lakes and springs
Reaching spaces
and creating safe places
For you.
A response to "Dihydrogen monoxide".
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