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You always carried me home with your gaze
In your laughter I could float freely with all my fears left to drown in the sea of your reassurances
I slept in my dreams clutching the threads of my tears
So that in my wakefulness,
I can embroider them onto the fabric of a forgotten past
To keep the memory of your name within reach
So that when I whisper it into the sea breeze
Everything once cultivated grows inside of me
And a garden scape of indescribable ease
Is complete with streams of water that run
from your heart to my shaking hands
Serendipity Jun 9
The ocean's foam
consumes me whole
as I am tossed
back into the rapids.
Eloisa Jun 5
And she danced to the gorgeous melodies of the ocean waves.
Echoing grace in her courageous and forgiving heart.
Retrieving what she lost in the darkest cave of the past.
A song of promise
to her most bearing self.
All the love that she deserves.
Everything she forgot
to give herself
I hope to come home soon
but there's no place to call so.
Homesick, i think of sea air
since i turned my back on her.
No return to the sailing city
I mull over a wicked what if.
I ache to spend time alone, no
wind blows in the metropolis.
The crowd belts around me,
blocks view of the lighthouse.
Set anchor in a sea of concrete,
the saving grace’s disappeared.
Yemaya May 23
the whole valley
blended into a sea of black
stark to the starry blue sky
the mountains are the waves
I am only a water bug
Eloisa May 22
Trying to catch the hopeful winds
in my sails.
delving into the beauty
and promises of life.
Where love daily flourishes
in my heart,
growing and evolving,
chasing the horizon’s hidden colors.
And as the night rhythms pray grace,
while I help the winds
build my castle,
my faith strengthens its stairs.
The ocean waves sing love
and freedom,
echoing a beautiful lyrics of my life.
The night breeze shapes my vision
as love continues to glimmer.
I’m a hopeful believer.
And yes, I’m always a dreamer.
Missing the ocean waves.
I had a gorgeous dream last night.
Pluto May 15
As my body sinks into the deep blue ocean and stares towards the moon light glittering across the calm sea

The vast emptiness surrounds me as silence deafens my ears

Cries of laughter and sadness pulsat from across the void onto the hairs of my warm skin

The dark abyss behind me whispering and ecoing...

Share me the pain that consumes him
The joy that excites her
The fire that fuels them
And the misery that lingers in their shadows and envelops their very existence

I exist in limbo... a place of uncertainty between the extremes of bliss and misery

The abyss whispers behind me
The void overwhelms my senses
And the moon light's reflection of lingering hope

...offer me your hand and free me from this hidden burden or my suffering will carry to the end of days...
Kassan Jahmal May 13
Treat as royalty with my broken crown,
pull away veils, could I not see your open

Your heart amongst empty chests in the
would you only notice me when I'm not
Wish to hear me when there’s not a single
you only seemed lost when there was nothing you

Act high on your thrills in a lifestyle so upside
a pound of flesh, a pack of thoughts, and a bag of

Every time you sleep, you’re taking that leap,
another risk; whether this time to wake up from
that dream,

Eyes wet, waking up from ocean dreams,
I hope your parents taught you well how to

In so deep, in murky waters,
as all you’re doing is looking for surface under
your feet.

But the sands also sink,
trying not to shut your eyes, so you constantly

Insomnia is keen to grinning,
smiling on all the chances of stealing your

I’m so weak; for not being your shore
inside of all those tempestuous dreams.
Anastasia May 13
i bury you
underneath the sand
at the deepest part of the ocean
and every once and a while
i get the courage
to swim down
to the very bottom
and I dig
and dig
and dig
your body is pale
your lids are closed
your lips are blue
you almost look peaceful
the water tangles your hair
and while i brush it out
i give you gentle kisses
and then bury you once more
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