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Arianna 8h
Strolling through the tide,
The ocean flirts with my ankles,
Kissing my toes,
Luring me into its cerulean embrace.

Then, grabbing my knees,
She throws herself at me
Full force, tearing the shore
Out from beneath...
Walked too far into the sea once, and may have just managed to avoid being swept away.
Tara 16h
The ocean,
oh it looked so blue,
shades of colour swimming around like clouds around the moon,

The water,
oh it looked so clear,
but it was just the sun's reflection making it seem clean,

Underneath the waves lay a graveyard,
a promise of death,
a promise of extinction,

Tombs made of plastic,
slathered in oil,
steaming with toxic waste,
and all the people know,

The damage is unfolding faster than we are evolving,

The turtles are ingesting plastic as if it were their only meal,
begging for their fins to just be free,
so they can dive through the sea,

The seals are tangled in nets, lines and lures,
plastic bags and packing bands,
till their tied to their grave as if life were just a brief phase,

The seabirds skim the ocean waves for fish and squid,
yet plastic is their only catch of the day,
leaving them broken inside and out,
and dead on the beaches we claim are our own,

The whales are submerged beneath the sea,
eating most things that they see,
plastic, plastic everywhere beneath,
not giving them much time before they can no longer breathe,

The dolphins are gliding through the sea,
taking what they can to eat,
plastic as their only meal,
tearing them apart from within,
leaving them starving for weeks,
till the grave is the only thing they see,

Us humans are so weak,
we can’t see how deep the pain seeps,
but when nothing is left for us to eat,
and the rich have nothing left to steal,
we’ll end in the same graves as all the lives we could have healed.
Like two ocean currents that clash at sea
To be of the same substance
Yet so different
Like two lovers ill at ease
Once the storm of passion is over
All that is left
Are their differences
Written by Sean Achilleos 22 January 2019©
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Kenji 2d
>The sky roars as the thunder explodes, the storm collides in my every memory of waking thought, I seem to clash as the change of season happens as abruptly as my change of emotion.

<I am plummeting to the bottom of the ocean
Drinking in the salty sip
Rising high as the commotion
Riding the low and the wavering dip.

>My focus seems obscured, scrutinized with every drip.
Drip drop...
Drip drop...
Lost. But still standing, the question is how.
Because every universal structure has me be-dowered.
The ocean holds many highs, ones that are forbidden.
Forbidden as the eyes can see.
But to me, I stare blindly, waiting to breathe.

<Unto the unknown
Unto the breach
Splitting at the seems
The why's
The where's
The how's
Are those my dreams?
Will warmth conceive?
O' come back to me

>Thoust lay beneath, I try to see,
I perceive with the eye of the cat, the mental stamina of a bird.
But lost in the eclipse, there's no looking back.
Pushing forward, I make my move.
Lips on focus, biting them as I inhale the atmospheric scent.

<Mystical indulgence
String of pearls diamond droplet around my neck
Gypsy traveler drifting between each breath
Spirit at the helm
Moon bound
Earth to the ground
Cat lives left
If I fall
Faith will stand again
Wingspan stretched out
Sun set

>Sun so far, it seems so near.
Sun so near, it seems so far.
Breathless, but still in sight, I reach over and feel the delight.
As darkness and pain is madness, so is light and healing.
Everything corresponds together and creates the balance.
But I write, "hello darkness my old friend''
The paper drifts away, as the sun rays hit my face
The string of pearls rest against your neck, as the master of puppets arrive, we soon begin our test.

<Our hearts write the line
A collaboration of two poets creating beauty. A new friend, Kate Rebecca Hopwood. Do check out her poetry.
> ME
The silent echo of the night
Just one flickering light

Whisper of two friends getting along
In the Silence just hear their cheerful song

Like the flow of the ocean
They were full of emotion

In the Silent Room
I still found him talking to the Moon

                                                           ­     ...Michael J Fourie
Sometimes when the world puts you down,you just need to take a breath and talk to the Bigman.The light of hope will always flicker whether it is in a light,lamp or the moon.You will find light in your darkness.
mere 2d
Building my own castle,
With nothing but only the
sand and hope.
Knowing it is something that's
part of me,
And something that I can't tell.

Then suddenly you came
into my life,
Just like a wave from
my favorite oceanㅡ
Took all the sand from the
castle that I am building,
Letting my feet soak and dive.

You gave chills to my body,
Gave deep happiness to my heart
Wrapping me up with your
ocean hug,
Touching me with your
warm breeze.

I enjoyed every second,
That I forgot what people
I enjoyed every moment,
And I don't know where
my castle went.

You aren't any other waves,
You're different.
The only similarity of you
with them is
You left just like what other
waves do.
the moon
the ocean
remind us
that the things we know
will never
come close
to surpassing the things
that we don’t
Dean 3d
A rusty chain wrapped around my ankles
Holding my legs together
Holding me down
I didn’t even know it was there till two rotations ago
Rotations circling the sun
A beautiful orb of gold and warmth sending rays through the clear blue
Even when I shiver now without the comforting rays
I will be alright
For I am a boy of the ocean
And that is enough for me
wow these are actually getting a little bit of attention, honestly just one person reading my stuff is exciting and makes me feel so much better about my writing.
You fell once, and I couldn't catch you,
So I waited at the bottom like the selfish, ******* sea.
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