Laina 2h
I tied a rope around my feet
an anchor on the other end
Tossed it overboard
And plunged behind it
into the cold Atlantic water.

Did you know that
Blue is the only color
That makes it to the vast depths
Of the oceans?

No sunny yellow days
Green fields
Pink sunsets
Red lips.

No orange.
No purple.
No gray.
Just blue.

God, why did your eyes have to be blue.
We lived on two islands.
Stood by the ocean, always within sight,
But never in reach.
So, for years we just looked on.
Wondering what could have been.
If not for the water, and the danger it screams.

Yet one day I could take it no more.
Dived in - head first, determined to reach your shore.
Barely half way and my legs giving in
I wondered just how much a fool I had been.

But then I see you once more,
But not on the beach? You’re here, you’re in front of me. I was so happy I swore.  
As we embraced one another,
The sea took its prize.
We fell under the waves and I began to realise.

That this was the end,
The end of our lives.
Yet I’d never been as happy as now – looking into your eyes.
As we hit the seafloor,
I don’t feel regret.
I just hold on to your hands,
Knowing our love will live on – forevermore.
Tide willing, I'll swim to
your island ring,
cerulean blue.

Pump your fervor farther
down in my heart
as it races.

Put blue to the red. Make your attempt
to drown me, filled with your confidence.
I push ahead. Blind to the closer sands.
Eye of the beholder. Beautiful island.
japheth 1d
you’re deep underwater
you crawl up into a ball
you know the water has already went inside your lungs
but still,
you breathe.

you pray that maybe,
you’ll get used to breathing underwater
—with your eyes closed and mouth shut.
you scream so loud though only the water hears you,
doing anything but comfort you.

for the longest time,
you have felt this way
and i can’t blame you
i’ve been there too.

but i want you to open your eyes
even if all you can see is the darkness, open them.
i want you to move your arms, swim.
i want you to realize,
you’ve been sinking yourself all this time.
if only you stretched your feet,
you’ll feel the floor so close to you.
i want you to stand up and get out of that pool
you’ve always thought was an ocean.

now you’re head’s above water,
you stretch your arms,
you know the air has already went inside your lungs
and now,
you breathe.
Sam 2d
We were different.
I am sand,
you are water.
You are vast
and I am little.

You whispered
on my ears
about your
ocean tears
'caused by
your fears
of being left
out here.

That's why
you learned how to leave.

for every time
you leave,
you keep coming
back to me.
That's when
I am laved.
you  kissed me
by the surge
and caress me
by your waves.

Submerge me
in your tide.
Immerse me
in the sea.

We wouldn't be
like this if we're the same.

We might be
but our love is
that we're both
for each other.
Perfectly forever.
To all my co-seafarers out there
We're a kind of man that is rare
Sailing port to port is never easy
It makes our mind look messy

Grieve to achieve more and more
We sail to make our own lore
It's hard to have a safe sail you know,
Just to make my times flow and glow

For our family's on our homelands
Too far but cannot cut our bonds
Even if we are far from our loveones
A day with them will be our lance

As we sail through depths of sea
Only the future in your eyes, I see
Partly inloved without a body,
Of me waiting to be full heartedly

It's sad to say how people judge us
Disregarding it but it has a mass
We don't talk for us to believe
Is these words is what you give?

They say we're fool and full
Fool to trust our "I Love You"
And full of girls that we've made "I do"
But they know nothing but judgements

It feels good when you're way back home
Stealing kisses and hugs that comes
Years or months? Sad but there's also weeks
But its fine even a peke on your chicks

It's hard when we need to leave again
Let we connect with a paper and a pen
Our eyes won't lie to "I miss you"
All I wanted is to be with you

As of now we're heading east
To sail to other lands for a fiest
Not to make love to other girls
I'll finish my job and buy you rose
Some seaferers were judge but the nature of their job in movies, well not all seafarers are not as bad as they seems
Delaney 2d
I remember the sea foam.
I remember looking up and
Only seeing white substance above my head.
My lungs screamed for air as
The water pushed me under.
I remember calling your name,
Sobbing and yelling for help,
As a wave crashed over me
And the tears on my face were
Washed away by the ocean.
I opened my eyes in the water only
To feel my lungs burn again.
I panted, you waded, over to
The mess that was me.
It felt like I was going to die.
I screamed,
You waded,
I swam,
You fought to come closer.
Our fingertips inches away
As a wave pushed me deeper
Into the sand.
I came up and you grabbed my hand,
Pulling me out of the riptide.
The water came up to my neck
But your strong arms pulled me
Into the shallow parts of the sea.
Your hand still holding mine
As we dove beneath the waves
To escape.
Your eyes were icy blue,
The blue of the sea was less cold,
And you saved me.
Why is it,
That painful memories,
Can make you fall in love all over again?
the darkest of my fantasies whisper
Your body is a scuba suit
insist i breath with your breasts, through your mouth
dive deep into claustrophobic waters, sink heavy to the rock bottom
where we petrify by gorgans gaze
i know we'll turn to stone because, of course, the gorgans can't resist gazing at You
nobody can resist gazing at You, land or sea.
Our permanent legacy, lost under layers of life
barnacles clinging, moss burying Our chimera god/snake skin

i am without Your oxygen
when breathing would terrorize the wind
where words belong
still, my forked tongue writes

i'm a theif to say i only want You to be happy
when i had You, it was still selfish
the revolving doors of pain and perseverance
more time invested in us
then money invested in the Pills that kept me from killing You
out of habit
You begged me to beat You
it's been seven hands dealt
rubbing my 5 o'clock sandpaper chin
on the tarot card of death
my tolerance for vacancy
a brownish red stain
i've only the thin line of medication between necrophilia and sociopathy
i want to lay with You at the bottom of the sea

the Pills... where are...
please no, God.
The Voice,            run!
         get out!

I would gladly go to prison
to fuck your lifeless body.

I would gladly kill Myself in the afterglow
of your affection.

there is only one true Sin, Objectification.

I indulge relapse
in every memory, find

your shed snake skin
pull it on, like your panties

how disturbed I've become
with you gone

how selfish of you

of course "I" blames You
when the Pills dull

i indulge by studying Your location

i know where You escape too
i want to go there
does that scare You?

i want to bump into You
apoligise for what i want

"want" as a word
is like plexi-glass, or kevlar

standing between Us
keeping the bullet safe.

i want a hard impact
in a school hallway

where we drop all our
Books and look up and You

see my ghost, that would be enough for Me

i want the impact to hurt.
i want the tumbling of all our Book's
i want the messy hair and ripped knees,
then Our
eyes to meet
and linger
I want to watch the fear fill you.
i want to sit there,

petrify from parcel tongues
as i gaze at Your gorgon body
shedding skin

if i shed my snakeskin,
maybe i'll see You

i can't leave this Poem
i can't leave this Poem yet
i won't leave this Poem
please kick me out
end Me
Pyrrha 3d
Out of all these poems I've written of love and longing,
Out of all these years searching in the sea of people,
I still yet to understand how it's possible to have words without a muse

I often wonder what it would be like to have a muse without words
I believe it would feel suffocating
As you choke on all the words you long to exhale within your next breath
For a poet to be trapped by words is to be trapped by passion

Sometimes my heart swells up so big it walks across a sea of words and sinks into the deepness if the waters
Lost amongst the clearer beats on land
An abnormality pushed away from love like some secret sign buried deep within
One day i'll make it learn to swim rather than let it sink and bathe in sin

The question still remains
Would it be better to have a muse and feel like drowning,
Or to have the the words to accompany the lonely?
The wind on the beach blowing a soft breeze through my hair, as the hint of salty sand caressed my lips of fresh gloss,
My eyes closed as my ears listened to the peaceful sound of the waves crashing on to the  shore .
My satin sundress cuddled my body from the force of the wind , the exotic arousel of the fresh ocean air in traps my mind into a place far away where the  dolphins swim freely by your side and the sea horse tickle your toes. A place made up of sparkling white sand and water off emorald green.
The serenity and peace of mind are unlike no other place except the place with so many hidden secrets left to discover buried far beneath it's floors of coral and gems and lost treasures which may forever go unseen.
So far below us yet it sends it's magic through the waves upon the shore or crashing into the reef, dropping some of it's beauty for us to see like the conk shell, as we place it to our ear we can hear the sound of the ocean or the sand dollar, if broken just right it holds the beauty of a seagull fitting perfectly in it's middle. My place like no other the land I long to see, the land far away under the sea.
I would love to dive as far as I could and explore the beauty and mystery under the sea
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