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farhan 10h
The Ocean is the mirror of the Sky.
flashes in the dark.
matches scratch,
little fires arise.
bread browns,
fish sizzle,
the scent of coffee boiled in cans.

a clatter of knives,
tobacco clouds,
a lapping on the rocks.

that vastness of sea.
the frozen wastes;
that barren of broken dreams.

they are so very far from home.

one stands,
points an arm toward the glow
of crimson afar.

they cross themselves,
ready the tackle
and stand,
knowing they may not return

but hunger is unkind,
and death makes no exceptions
for sailors.
All the world may look down at you in scorn, but carry on, knowing you may fall.
his leather palms grip the line
as the tuna fights for life.
it sings in psalms,
stinging strong,
shining in his eyes.

what use have you for words, o' fish?
o' tyrant of the sea?
your royal hues
of palace blues
defy all eulogy.

that string of silver, slicing fast
across his arching back
rends slivers til
the swells go still
or coils run out of slack.

and when that sun, that burning eye
sinks beneath the waves,
your wild run
of songs unsung
sets memories ablaze.

at last you rest, o' king of kings,
and glide toward the sky.
your final test
at his behest;
he's weeping as you die.
All things, even the greatest things, must end.
Take me to kneel
At mountain monuments
Towers to the heavens
Casting their shadows
On the sinners below

Take me to rest
In forests pristine
Reliquaries for souls
Who wander dreaming
Through many bountiful arms

Take me to purify
In oceans tumultuous
Let me cleanse myself
In the deepest wells
Primeval founts of life

I can taste the lines your body makes
as it glides over all;
the shape of you
adrift in reckless harmony
against the wind.

and here I lay,
lost among the swells as seabirds cry;
doubleyous through bubbled glass,
so high above us both.

what darkness finds us here?
what terror clings to shadows
beneath our backs?

none that cannot die;
that cannot fail.

rise, my love.
rise against the atmospheres and breathe.
cast down that pitiful tyranny of fear,
rend the loathesome toothed doom.

they cannot harm you here:
you are swifter than them all.

wait for me there.
I, too, will surface.
Ocean diving bliss.
It feels like forever
Since I heard this call
Since I wanted to fall
It's been so long
I almost forgot it all

Months went by
Not a tear went down
Days and days
And I forgot the sound
Where was I

Bottled up it seems
I forgot all my dreams
I thought it was better
To forget the weather
The storms I know so well

I wasn't myself
I couldn't even tell
I forgot how to scream
I forgot my breaking seems

Now it's called back
The oceans wave
Don't fall into the grave
Over flooding tidal waves
Hit me suddenly but slowly

I remember who I am
The voices called me again
I'm a ship at wreck
A pirate drowing
A voyager lost at sea
This is me

I'm a emotional wreck
I was *******
Lost my name
But the ocean called me
And surely I came
Just writing my emotions lol
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, for the first time in forever I speak directly for no reason:)

guess what sad
literally don't know who I am

somebody is always touching you even the air
guess how many lives you touched not me
and you'll reach the middle of nowhere

want my body buried dug in the ocean deep a marine funeral
guess why the death is thinking about me
corpses floating around some fish some greens too numeral

maybe the sun today the last time sets flush
guess where I'm headed would be the end of me
make the best out of it is a matter that won't make me blush

                                                         ­                                  -------ravenfeels
Poseidon crush those pearls to powder
I get high on tidal tears that cascade
Crashing down from blushed cheek to chin
Dive right into those pools and wade

I'll willingly catch your undertow
So long as those tears ebb and flow
There's something so sweetly enchanting
Seeing a man with warm tears welling

Poseidon sink his ships and treasures
Then conjure only gloomy weather
So I might be able to fully savor
My salty seamans sobbing endeavors
The ocean has a variety of conspiracies of being in its mystical state —
even creatures there knows how the world evolves in being in aggressive selfishness,
these people were still uncertain if it's five or seven oceans that we have,
everything is a metaphor —
all that we have can be fictional.
But, how do we determine if it's rather the reality and not just a conspiracy of thoughts put in science?

There are a variety of creatures and beings found scattered all over the earth, there were lullabies discovered in the means of this present time.
Everyone is entering a phase where reality turns fictional and the fictional happens more in reality.

But, despite all the conspiracies made by the geniuses, nothing can top the intelligence of the universe uniquely creating the earth filled with people —
different faces, different integrity, different minds
logical and artistic.

Among the other things, the ocean has a variety of conspiracies of being in its mystical state —
even the minds can't perceive how it is actually closer in the pit of hell — but, one single lullaby can turn conspiracy into the music of taste.

A single lullaby from Her can turn conspiracy into a song and the oceans deep can be discovered.
Thoughts about the ocean and science.
Diesel Jun 10
I miss my love, oh I miss my love so:
O' I miss my love so dearly, and I
Wonder where she'll ever go -
I miss her like winter misses leaves
I miss her like salt that ocean wear;
And I wonder if she'll ever breathe
The same breath that we forever shared:
O' I miss her like wind and rain,
like fire and ash - or something mean:
I miss her like heaven misses man
Or hell - I miss her as much too -
I miss her like glove does a hand
I miss her like colour misses blue.
I miss her like raindrops on a pane
Or babies when they cry at eve:
I miss her like a rooster does its hen
I miss her like blankets do the sheets.
I miss her, like any ocean dove
With a passion many moons above -
I miss my love with all my man
I miss her with a writing hand -
I miss my love so dearly so
I miss my lover
I miss her -
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