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Everyday, the shore gazed at the ocean,
Mesmerized by its perfect melange of vastness and sadness.

Everyday, unknowingly yet willingly,
It embraced the ocean's waves
As they repeatedly crash into
The shore's crushed and powdered self.

Everyday, the shore did this
Perhaps this will diminish the ocean's sadness
But no matter how much waves
Have kissed the shore,
Sadness still enveloped the ocean.
Written: August 2018
On one summer day,
she relaxed by the waves.
In this peace she'd stay
for the sun she craves.

The salty, misty air
dwindled drops from the sea.
It gave a spume to her hair,
but on her skin it would flee.

She meditated on the surges
with her pale feet in the sand.
Each wave comes and emerges
onto the dense and dry land.

The wind just a blowing,
and the sky was ever so blue.
The waves were just a going,
and this is what she would do.
The mountains turn to seas
When I lay in your arms
They are sitting
turned facing away
from a world of water
Small but unforgiving
waves crash at their

They are smiling
laughing even
overwhelmed with joy and

How is it that they
capture this moment
so completely?

They don't concern themselves with:
sea monsters,
or the thousands
of pounds of plastic
littering the oceans

The wind blows soft
and cool
the water feels warm
and their mother
smiles as she wipes
their salt stung eyes
on the borrowed
beach towel.
the ocean
it calls
reaching out with invisible fingers
beckoning me
come, child of mine
to the place you were meant to be
the place you've always yearned for
the only place you'll ever feel at peace

i am its long lost child
briefly returned but never for long enough
and it calls for me to return forever

my child, it says
you have only glimpsed your future
place your life in my hands
i will guide you
you will be okay

i comply
i will be okay
the wanting gets worse somedays, like the feeling is consuming me, and all i want to do is sit and let the waves crash over me
take me to the ocean. i miss her. i haven't touched her waves in so long. i want to feel the cold water on my skin. i want to touch the whole world. i am a storm. i can relate to the rage. the moments of calm. the overwhelming pain. i can feel it. the agony. take me to the ocean. i miss her. take me. take me to the ones with coniferous trees on the beach. the grey mist. the empty beaches. the cold breeze. take me there. just take me away from here. and when i die. cremate me. and spread my ashes along the waves.
Billie 4d
You’ve helped me fall in love with the ocean.
She reminds me of you,
bright and glowing and beautiful,
and sometimes;
So far away.
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