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Have you
ever noticed
how beautiful
the clouds are?
they are the
breathe of
I wish, I was
not the only
one who saw
their once
hidden strokes
revealed only
to the eyes
opening for
the white
one sliver
from their
day to see
the beauty
of what they
are a part
of and
the idyll,
what they
had been
was found
in one
in time,
I will tell
you now
how the
are as
the simplest
touch you
the holding
of hands
you wish
to keep
the first
kiss you
share as
the petals
of roses
caress the
wind of the
moon, and
you will say
to your loved
one, as you
would whisper
to the clouds,
“the existence
of you is my gift”
Solaces 8h
The oceans here..
The rivers inside of them..
Blue universe with green lifelines..
White statues made by fallen angels..
The lake house that floated on the lake..
On green and blue waters..
Dreams of shadows and light..
The songs sung by everything..
Sung in reverse and forward..
Streams of light mist in the night..
Heaven shines forever here..
The inside of a star..
The star you have become..
For others to gaze upon..
Where you become a sun..
In someone else's sky...............................
GOD BLESS............................
We see heaven more times than we know...
You baffle me with your many moods,
your stormy tempers,
your quirky outbursts,
your melancholic whining,
your calming melodies,
your soothing caresses,
the white turbulence that froths at your flustered soul!

Sensual colours of creation shimmer in your depth,
every drop carries the colours of your depth,
in the depth of your soul, you trance in stillness!

Your mystic charm mesmerises me,
I become a vestal drop that celebrates the mystery
that unfolds in your soul’s stillness!
Waving everyday
The big sociable ocean
Tis friendly old soul
Fun one xxxx
Catch up soon busy day today <3
Ah, ‘rocks’ of the sea
   Thou rise high!
   Blue art thou,
   So is the sky.
   Rise and sink,
   Is all you do.
   Blue as ink,
   Lovely blue

Ah, thou ‘white horses’,
   Now I see thee!
   Written about by poets
   Over a century.
   Rush forward together
   As in war.
   Rise again, my brothers,
   When you fall.

Ah, thou dazzling 'stars’,
   In the waters blue.
   My eyes you dazzle,
   With the help of who?
   Like silver you shine,
   As well as gold.
   When the weather’s fine,
   ‘Stars’ I behold!

Ah, thou wide blue sea,
   Thou possess all these;
   King of Military,
   Are you not pleased?
Shannon 3d
I was born in the cold
of the waters, shivering and crying
in the embrace of an armless mother, wrapping around me too tight,
too warm, too hard, too much.
Everything was too much and I
was drowning in it.
I was born drowning.

There was blood on my body then,
and in my mouth,
on my teeth and tongue,
when you hit me yesterday.
When you said it would never be enough.
But no price is too much,
not for you.
I would pay anything, anything
to be by your side,
to feel your flames licking my heart.
I am full of cinders and
cherry blossoms,
trees born from nothing and dying
from nothing,
painted purple by a battlefield blessing,
plum kisses on hands and wrists and forehead,
salt in the air, in your tears, from
the sea on my skin, always.

Write me a hymnal for all the things we must forget,
a rhyme for all to be stolen,
for each barbed wire and rust
sunset painted on my skin in the desert’s forgiveness.  
Because it will forgive me, in the end.
It always does.
And when my body rises, darkly,
from a sand and calcite tomb,
be ready:
for the ocean always reclaims what it has given,
and even its gifts bear a price.
i’ve been thinking about mermaids and traditional selkie/slyph folklore a lot recently
Ocean storm rages
Behind these eyes, in my mind
Outwards, a calm sea
Brian 3d
I am but a piece of wood
floating amidst the sea
I have no purpose here
no one is looking for me
I occasionally run into things
and as much as I plead
nothing seems to cling
I know not where I am going
Faded memories of where I have been
My future lies in the fog
my prayers go to the wind
I have but one guarantee
That some day I will have my dream
I will wash ashore
and call that place my home
Whatever happened to the common man who sits in the shadows and listens to the pillowed breeze of merchant ships sailing on ancient seas?
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