Tatiana 17h

Waves crash like cars on the shore.
The surf sliding swiftly on soft sand,
Slowing greatly but never stopping.
Then rapidly receding again.

The crashing, thrashing sounds of waves
Used to echo in ears so hollow
Shaped like empty conch shells.
Hear the hushed, rushing sound of a blood-like ocean.

The creatures that live beneath
Water of confused hues, blue and green.
Tolerate visitors of all shapes and sizes
Who swim in their home, to a degree.

The ocean's meaning is deeper than the depths of me,
With a destiny predetermined by the moon.
I can not alter the nature of the ocean.
Just like the nature of the ocean should not alter me.

I'm not as afraid of the ocean as I used to be.

Popping in and popping out again with a quickly written poem about my relationship with the ocean.

Walkin' on the edge of land
Gripping hold with weary hand
Staggering over I fall to stand
What do I see?

For the end of the road is near
And spitting out at the end of the pier
A land locked farmers fear
Of the unknown

The blue waters, rising sea
Began right where you can see
All the clearness after the foamy brine
Forming a line

To divide the truth of heart
You find you can not pull them apart
The end of land is where it starts
A blue monster

I had a weird realization of how we see the sea, ocean, lakes, etc. We can see it as an end of land, or a start of sea, we can see it as a nightmare or an adventure, it can be peaceful or turbulent. It just kinda speaks to me know, I'm in between the Pacific and Atlantic right now. Take that as you will.

A restless breeze precedes
Slow rising torch
Tasting your words with coffee
inside a screen wrapped porch

So many things you mean to me
Like the grains of sand that skirt the sea
A parent’s love so true, always there…
Woven, wicker rocking chairs

Where seagulls soar high above the ocean’s roar
It always leaves us wanting more
But the time has come- and we each know
The hands of time point “time to go”

Then I feel that old, familiar tug
a suitcase full of memories and a “goodbye” hug
Our hearts will take it all in stride
Tears left behind on the falling tide

gmw summer of '16
written to my mother

"Mother, Mother ocean I have heard you call." JB

There is not a better place or a better person to have coffee with- staring at the sea with her smiling back.
Nashoba 2d

Upon the rocks I sit. Moonlight dancing on my skin. The roaring sound of peace exist as you rush to the edges and splash the sand.
Solitude serenity peaceful with the rythms you play.
Not a single advance sounds the same as the grains of sand wash away.
I throw my sorrow into the foam drop my tears for you to carry home. Into that vast hole as others do.
Dear ocean I feel for you. The burdens you carry. So many. So few know.
I'd be lost without your foamy waves taking all my pain away.
Nashoba 2013 copyrighted.

You are the ocean
I am the beach,
Your every motion
Welcomed, I beseech!

You've drawn back,
By yards and yards,
A tsunami attack
Must be on the cards?

Bring in the high tide!
Wash into my blood,
Like ancient gods defied;
Send me the flood!

Crash onto my shores,
Tumult into me,
Engulf with mighty roar
You lovely, angry sea!

You have my devotion,
But you must reach!
For you are the ocean,
I, merely beach.

I die when you retreat, but I understand.

How she sweeps me away
Left gasping for breath
Caught in a tidal of emotion

So reluctantly beached
Surrounded by nothing but her
If only I could return home

I've lost myself at sea again
Here I sit to scribble in the sand
If only I knew how to swim
Maybe then I could go home again

Sorry I've been gone. Whent out looking for myseld and came back with less than I left with.
Alec 3d

My head is red
My eyes have pain
I've been drinking rum from dusk till dawn
Will I wake up in the morning?
The sky exploded in a blinding light
Stopping what would have become a fight.
A man I'd known from a time back when
Shook his head when he downed number 10.
Away, away, away we go.
Where will we end up?
Nobody knows.
We'll cross the seas
And collect our fees
Singing all the way through
Drinking our rum and having our fun while singing a dancing tune.
We'll dance a jig
And take a swig
Surrounded by jewels and rum.
Away, away, away we go
Where will we end up?
Nobody knows.
But away, away, away we go
Drinking our rum and having our fun.
Where will we end up?
Not even we know.

I want to plunge myself into the oceans of your love.
Dive straight down; my hands cutting the edge of oblivion, it blubbles over my body as i shoot further; as i aim to go farther; i push my self to go father.
And when i slow and the force feom my jump stalls out i flale my arms and legs.
I dig in your ocean; determined to reach the bottom. The dark water just gets colder and my eara pop from the pressure but i dont stop; i release air slowly from my lungs as they cramp but i dont stop; i clinch my eyes tighter and spring them open in hopes to unblur my vision but i dont stop.
I want to drown myself in this vast sea of your love and let it comsume me.
As i inch closer and closer to the bottom i can feel the life in me tug; i let it keep tugging because i know its not enough to make me stop.
I reach out with my fingers stretched so hard the knuckles are white and finally i palm the sandy floor. The grity ground is miraculous; i cannot fathom its beauty.
To have reached the core of you i no longer feel cold; i no longer feel the pressure ringing in my ears; i no longer feel the throbbing inf my lungs.
Vision tunnels and i sink into the blackness of your love. I let it in. I let it engulf me. I welcome it to. It floods into me and becomes me.
I am your love. I just had to fight to see it.

Love is the theme i guess this week

Oh weary traveler upon the hill
The ocean calls you to be still
Hear my voice and come to me
The deepest darkest bluest sea

So spread your arms
And dive within
And you will meet your long lost kin

For though I go on endlessly
You may not have met me
And though you know you are of the sea
Some are so much closer to me

The waters wait for your embrace
And I will open up the gates
For though you are so close to me
I am only the deep blue sea

So kick your tail and dive within
And you will meet your dying kin
While men on land do poison me
I am still the deep blue sea

And while my fish and whales die
You and I remain alive
For nothing but the hottest sun
Can burn away the ocean

And even if you die with me
And land will reclaim you eventually
But I am still the deep blue sea

This was written several years ago, I had been quite ill for a while, and while I was in a fever dream I heard this being sung to me. After I awoke, it was rather disconcerting, given that no-one else lives with me.
Bre Free Jan 15

Emotions are like waves
flow with them
not against them
feel them as they crash against the shore
they will come back again
but just flow
with the waves
like the shore
the tide will pass

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