Two Maronite schoolchildren practice their English…

“Cedars! Cedars! Cedars!”
“See theirs, seethers, Caesars,
See her cedars Caesar?”
“See here, a sea-fare and see there?
And oh, I see Sir?”
“Do you see her? Yes I see Sir, -Caesar!”
“Cedars! Cedars! Cedars!”

And they are descendants of Solomon’s thirty-thousand, the great-grandchildren of Hiram’s workers.

“Sol Indiges!”
“Sol Invictus!”

“Now children, how do the three monkeys act?”

“Sol, the root of solar and it means the Sun, it means also to see or sight as it infers the light of seeing.”

“Am means fire but it is also the meditative word, Aum, therefore it cannot render evil through sound!”

“On is Egyptian and it connotes speech so it represents hearing.”

The instruction in language is not terse. Requiring broad-based understandings of how the West characterizes ideas. These two are particularly adept being taught from birth in both Maronitic and Latin and now English, in preparation for their exodus, as home has become a battleground where they must leave soon. Only in the West can they find peace and practice their faith so expressively. Only in the West can these two girls attend school if their lands are befallen…

“Now children, what does this mean?”

“See no evil!”
“Speak no Evil!”
“Hear no Evil!”

“And that children, is the Wisdom of Solomon!”

Breaking news! CNN reports that a car bomb has exploded in the ancient Lebanese town of Mejdeloon. Shocking footage now of a series of homes that have been reduced to rubble near a Maronite Church where rescuers are just now pulling out the bodies of two young school girls. Christopher Talias reports live from the Lebanon.

“Sol Indiges is the voice of god,"

Sol Invictus, in light, his mind;"

Sol-Ammon is the understanding and wisdom for all time!”

The name Solomon can be broken into three languages as three roots words representing the phrase, "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." There also happens to be three gods that have names holding a similar meaning to each part of the phrase.

With a zippo in your pocket
Clenching an empty gas can
You watch as smoke deadens the sky
Over the bridges you were grateful..
To Burn


Ella 8h

I know I'm still young
Not much experience under my belt
But I'm writing a story
About somthing I've felt
It's the day and the night
They've always been in love
An untold love story
about 2 life's up above

I'm writing a story , not very long. Any suggestions about the story line?

(Short quote)
I have legs,I wanna fly..
I don't have wings..,
But I wanna try..
I can leave everything..
But not my dreams..!

Sometimes things can change,
But you don't  try..
Sometimes you weep alone..
Cause you are wry,
Sometimes your ego..
And self respect becomes greater than you..
Sometimes you take it as wrong..
Sometimes you just need to try..
Every situation and circumstances..
Can be overcomed..
And i will be overwhelmed..
If you say me a "Hi"..

Sometimes,you let me cry..
Cry and only cry..
For my miseries and mistakes..
Baby do you think..
I only need to die..?

Maybe You will be happy,
May that happen too..

But Till I am alive..,
I wanted to saw your charms and beauty.
The beauty which was ever mine..,

Even you didn't admit,I knew all that..
I don't know what happened and how.!

A STORMY WIND CAME AND BLEW THE ALL..! But still,sometimes when I am on the weed,everything slows down..and when I am sinking,I see a spark..far away. I don't if it's  hope. But,I know..Even if it'll never Recognise it.
(It's caption) :-
Say that you love me..,
Say that you miss me..,
Say what you feel..
Say you'll kill me..
For my habits,and my mistakes..
Say that you'll slap me hard,
When you meet me..
Say that I look ugly..
Say that you'll be mine..
Say whatever it is,
It will be fine.

Say at least anything,
And I will be okay.

If you won't how will I know.
I have listened a lot by your eyes,
But you said I was wrong.
How can I be wrong again.

I still remember how you had disrupted my silence..
I remember,how you had torn the papers of my copy,when we had a quarrel,
I remember,how I had cut my hand,
I remember,how you had plucked a flower.
Still remember,you used to unrooted the grass,to throw on me.
When we sat together,in the ground.
Ouch,still remember how you had bite my fingers..
When you were eating out of my hand.
I remember,how you broke the phone,
And how you smashed the bottles,

I still remember,how you had broken the flower pot,
And was still laughing.

I remember,how you fell by dad's bike,
And had broken the pass lights,
And i lied to him.,I had lost control.

I remember,how you cracked the IIT,
I remember,how you was on infinity.
I remember,how I had become less for U.
I remember,how you had come home..
And said me to treat as a friend.

I remember,how you had said to "forget you",
And termed my love as "shit" .
I remember,how calmly you broke it,
And how harshly it made the sound.
I remember,how I had been numb.
Hadn't eaten by weeks,
How pointlessly i passed the streets.

I miss you in the darkness,
I miss you in the  light.

I miss you being missen,
When i was high.

I miss you on the question-
"Why i am shy"..?
What's  wrong with me,
If i also loved you.

I miss your laughters and,
Well,laughing really hard. .

How hard you have been .?

The desires.

i love

he's beautiful
he's sweet and sensitive
he cares, asking when somethings wrong,
he listens when I answer.

he's loving
he's talented and passionate
he sits, and patiently teaches,
he offers help when needed

he's not mine
he's with another girl

and i still love

he doesn't know
he wouldn't care

Sometimes I look back and I still see you
We change
But the feelings are the same
The story was never easy
But maybe that's the best part to recall
We were not meant to be
Not yet, not now...
But maybe the other day
Who knows
In another sunrise

Combining each thought and sharing a single mind,
while all living things rot, there's a darkness that can blind.
We believe ourselves are invisible, never worthy of a second glance,
and even when miserable, we all can receive a second chance.

Darling have you heard the story of the sun and the moon,
a love that was eternal, yet ended far too soon.
And even though opposite, they made the other complete,
as at night the Earth was moonlit and in day the sun brought heat.

And they were outlined by the stars,
forever lighting up their connection,
and in between came Mercury and Mars,
barely sliding by detection.
Yes it's truly a sorry and sad tune,
that old love story of the sun and the moon.

Shining for eachother and lighting up the world,
with a love that could smother and emotional tides always swirled.
Passing by and on the go, barely glimpsing a sight,
but the moon will always glow and the sun will always shine bright.

Darling have you heard the story of the sun and the moon,
with disaster so contagious, they were always truly immune,
and even though apart, they shared a soul together,
and they shared a heart, and they shared the skies forever.

And they were outlined by the stars,
forever lighting up their connection.
In the history books and memoirs,
there's some things they fail to mention:
they were both adoring and made the other swoon,
that old love story of the sun and the moon.

It wasn't well hidden; they danced a dance of pure seduction,
and they felt it was forbidden, as it would lead to their destruction.
So they kept their space, to give us both the dark and the light,
and now they rise and set as a race, it's competition and a fight.

And they were outlined by the stars,
forever lighting up their connection.
The constellations near and far,
tell the tale of their affection.
It may not be of glory, and it may just tell of ruin,
but we all should remember the love story of the sun and the moon.

mjad 1d

there is only ever small talk
the silence kills me
the conversation is dead
i miss how it was before
story after story
never a bore
it changes as the seasons go
soon it will be melting along with the snow

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