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ChinHooi Ng Oct 2023
The bracing raindrops
onto the wooden trellis
then hitting the stone table
i happened to have just woke up
when dusk is brewing quietly
outside the windowpanes
vestigial sleepiness dissipating
just as gradually
the fluorescent light that's turned on
stings my sense of taste for a second
and i hear the sounds of a busy kitchen
the summer heat is gone for now
i kept myself occupied all afternoon
checking and reading on my phone
if time could stand still
I'd actually like it to stay
like this
people are in a smooth
peaceful mood
it seems
like they were years ago
it also seems perhaps
it will happen again
like years from now.
ChinHooi Ng Jul 2023
Live your life
though it's not an easy thing to do
especially for those who are not born with inheritances
every step of the way is rampant with imbalances
it's also because the world is riddled with contrived rules
everywhere it's still primeval law of the jungle
sometimes we're not strong enough
but at all times we need to think for ourselves
protecting ourselves is the only way
making it possible for us
to live a life
many choose to conform to the practices of the society
some choose to stay true to their humanity
the two choices often find themselves in conflict
not saying there's no reconciliations
staying true to yourself
is not preordained to be a confrontation to the world
sometimes it can be more of an integration
because when you know yourself
you become tolerant of the world
because the more you love yourself
you have to learn to love the world
and slowly you'll be able to live out
your own life
the process is never easy
but it's the only way to understanding life
to loving it most of the time.
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2023
She draws water from the well, an old drink for new clientele. She "loves" living next to airports, big shiny airports, named after gruesome visionaries and drunk, womanizing actor sorts. She "loves" wearing a Chinese dress and sitting in a Chinese chair, posing for pictures she can never share.
Don't worry about the words people say,
Not at the end of the day,
at the end of this lifetime,

All that they say, let them,
ignore them, and continue
to be who you are, no matter
what they choose to believe,

Realize, if it's at the end of a day
rather if it's at the end of this life,
They're not anyone
anything that will judge you,

They'll be judged too.
So many judgemental people. People choose what they believe, they are so deceived. Sometimes people are just fill of pride so they continue the charade instead of making an admission that their wrong. Some people go to extremes to spread untruths about who you really are. Try not to worry about either way. They'd rather believe what they believe about you but trying to prove yourself to them over and over again will not change their minds. We all will have the same judge.
ChinHooi Ng Jun 2023
Watering the plants
is not a meaningless task
crumbs of green in their pots
growing as they please
random yet adamant
i'm a little tired in this
early summer evening
on this 18th floor balcony
they have become my scenery
perhaps not willingly
but i feel natural and fulfilled
the goldenrod
the boat orchids
the spearmint
periwinkle and lantana
i fill a plastic container with water
slowly i imbue it into the
gradually darkening dusk
earlier i was reading some blogs
with lofi music playing on my phone
fresh and fluent
the mood is like opening a door
then another door
the plants enjoy the melody now in stillness
they make no further comments.
ChinHooi Ng Apr 2023
I don't want to sit
in a party where the dialectic
just don't make sense
I don't want to listen to a meeting with
wall to wall rhetoric
and I fear the swarming
of gossip
at the encounter of such occasion
I am sure to be the first figure to leave
I wouldn't heed or bother
with the blank stares
never really cared
about the frowns the scowls
the looks of revenge
by nature I am afraid
of being caught in the smog of life
wrapped in its layers
I know that the more I get caught up in it
the more chaotic and confusing is the turbulence
the darker it gets.
ChinHooi Ng Feb 2023
Can't possibly forget
your red
flaming lips
from then on I was obsessed
with you
and i felt it deep
beautiful memories
heavenly like stars
you light up this light
in me
in the dark nighttime
can't possibly forget
the passionate kissing
i'm attached
stability of life you provide
through ordinary nights
you open a door for me
through the warm and cold times
you are the one
i gave my heart and soul to
i loved you so real i couldn't let go of you
we've known each other
cherished each other
you're the one i'm sure
that made me so freaking wonderful
and bold
and not worry about scars
or wounds
when we were friends.
#writtenviaVenjencieArnold - (SacredInkedBlood)

When your voice becomes raspy & dry with words that are empty, without meaning,
Your eyes still see all,
Your ears still hear all,
Oh, close my eyes goodnight
like you would to a soul that
says goodnight,
Stuff my ears so they may not hear the cries.

Oh lay my body down so it may not fall,
I'm paralyzed without the slightest motion,
in the same token I'm filled with boundless emotion,
Movement of fears,
Movement of tears,
Oh lay my body down so it may not fall.

I feel as if when you look at me I've become less than the puppet that I once was,
I feel as if when you look at me
you see a body stuffed with straw,
Oh lay this scarecrow down so it may not fall.

I no longer hold shape,
I'm bland without color,
I'm unable to stand on my own,
I used to be loved by so many that I've known, Only if my mind could follow my body's steps... no memory recall, Then
I won't know if you choose to let my body fall.

My eyes hollow like those of the hollow
stuffed men,
My heart is beating, I'm still bleeding,
I'm full of emotion like an explosion
in the ocean. I have memory recall,
My ears still hear all, My eyes still see all,
Oh lay a penny on my eyelids to secure them that they may stay closed, Stuff my ears so they may never again be exposed.

Lay me down with the worn out scarecrows
or where the Lilly's grow, You may no
longer know that I use to be a human body with a brain, heart & soul, Oh just lay this
body low, Maybe God will soon take my soul.
~SacredInkedBlood ©2018
ChinHooi Ng Nov 2022
Thinking of her
is a happy and smiley thing
it's been a while since
I've felt this kind of gratification
I was once naive enough
to think that a few simple relationships
had made me lose the ability
to love
i can only say that i'd not met
the right person yet
the experience is always useful
no matter what kind
it makes you understand society
and human nature
smile permeates life
when the reliance on you becomes
a habit
it takes up the whole space
of nerve
hugs always
make me feel the most solid warmth
being together with you
becomes the only faith
the bond between you and me
slowly sublimes
this is what you bring to me
my love
when life gave me tears
you said "i'm here"
when time gave me pressure
you said "I'm here"
when distances gave me worries
you said "I'm here"
the past gave me a sense of loss
you said "I'm here"
the future gave me confusion
you said "I'm here"
when the words "I'm here"
sit in my mind
i began to believe
in your love
i began to sink deeper into it
one last promise, my love
be with me til forever and never
ChinHooi Ng Nov 2022
Every morning the first thing
is do the subtraction
washing the body
from head to toe
drain all the crud
combing to get rid of some fallen hair
then do the addition
shove one capsule after another
down the stomach
when it's getting chilly
and there's no color green in front of you
take some vitamin C
to allow some green herbage
grow in your system
when it's dawn
and the sun keeps bouncing up and down
take some Prozac to reduce
the bumpiness of the road
when i was little
i was like a pill
trying to get into the tummy
the tummy was big and strong
and i was thrown all over the place
now the pill found that i was its rival
and had to tame my raging waves
i began to obey
the pill releases tenderness
and soothes me with a sanguine
it conducts the music
of the forest glade
inviting the swans
with its verdant melody
and my fingers no longer want
to reach the sky
my eyes choose the tranquility
of a placid lake
i even started liking the sound
of putrefaction that is not of impulse
but of delight in transiency
now i submit to this tiny ruler
mysterious yet earnest
that resides in the horizon
i like the freedom
i don't object to its amiability
nor its autocracy.
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