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Days of pots and pans
ladles and bowls
sweet words have been
cut down
during the day
the habitual silence
can only be broken
with stainless steel forks and spoons
at night the bed routine
both tied back to back
snoring and buzzing of mosquitoes
intimate conversation happened
a long long time ago
this double bed
bigger than the endless night
the fatigue and exhaustion
they can only tell you the next morning
with a wry smile.
ChinHooi Ng May 19
I can't help but text her
pretend to be casual
asking how she is doing
i put down my phone
and found out suddenly
that one person
just walked into my heart
just like that
it turns out love is so simple
i started to miss her
couldn't help but care
about every day
in another city
every time i receive a soft greeting
i feel fine
love is just simple
every night
i can't help but recall
her smile
over and over again
i always want to
bury it deep in my heart
but can't help to want to
see it resurface
in front of my eyes
love is just a limbo
it's that simple.

The saints
are always
crook: why.?
They have
none tolerance for *******. Yes
believe me
they don't,
even Christ
Jesus didn't. Nonetheless
though He
quoted "When your
right cheek
is slapped turn
the left side."
that's no *******, it's
what make
a Saint. But
He hesitated
not to chase the Merchandise
out the
Lord's temple.
******* are: like, sometimes where positivity is
anticipated finding negativity there
right is
the biggest
******* in the
whole wide
crazy world.
Full of
crazy thangz, crazy people living crazy lifestyle. Wide
life, out
the jungle,
homicides, massacre Wonder why we breathing, when
we living to
die. Or I'm
high? (Sigh)
when will the
world halt being ridiculously
crazy. Said
they he's
zany. Plagued
the sages
mad. However
sages are the
last hopes
to heal
the world.
army, enemy
agent of segregation. What right have
you to black
me, who am
I to white
a brother. ?
When we
looked just
the same, being  humanbeing.
How to become
human, Auth-positive thinking faculty, creativity,
optimism build only, nothang but
possibility. Innovation, inspiration,
Here rode
time on the
road to glory
is there any future anywhere.? if
there ever is
a time for
le' me use
mine now. I
was told
the future
is now, I
wanna live
it unfolding
my pages
stepping the
stair cases,
roller coaster,
fortune searching
ride slow,
I gets heading
I should rush
not, yet
on steadily.
دema flutter Mar 23
woke up
on a decision
that the day is
finally here,

today is the day
I take over this
body of mine,

today I make the decisions,
today I draw the line,
today I live the moment,
today I manifest my
aesthetic into a lifestyle,

today I will act
like the main character
I am in this
story of mine,

and that's that.
They never said a word ,
Or might we didn't want to listen
We took their everything
But say " we've done nothing "

When we fight for our freedom ,
It's right
But when they do it ,
it's violence.

The animal ,
They lost everything , even themselves
Some are lost while some are on the verge .

They are not voiceless
They tried to speak
But we'd became numb ,
Cause we don't want to listen .
When a human is killed lots of people came but when a animal killed , their skins taken of .... Their body parts are sold .........
Where is this anger ? Is god only for humans ? Is animals is isn't created by God ?
another nihilistic overture,
for the impending hedonism
a callous cacophony
looks to be rather innocuous,
a brazen haze
of a lifestyle,
every night
a bohemian escapade,
thought we came far away
past life abandoned
that felt austere
yet salubrious,
this air reeks of dystopia
such a rootless feeling
keeps me riding
the nomadic hound,
a desolate heart
in a victorian home,
all around I see
empty eyes
and wretched souls,
need a shining light
for the start of something beautiful,
before the world crumbles down
fueled by fattening greed,
trees fall to the hatchet
realizing a dismal trepidation,
the fear of a blank planet.
What are you doing to save the world?
Do you even go out of your own bubble to see the world?
Do you even see the irony of the last question?

Riches isn't
all about  materialization.

Richness is
and divine.

valuable thangs are invisible to the naked eye.

Richness springs♨ from the heart of the mind.

Money make possible thangs, it doesn't make thangs possible.

But optimism creates possibility.


Oh christmas
oh christmas,
somethang in
the clouds
that makes feel
at home, at
every year end.

why we're
filled of
elation, Oh
christmas, isn't
a season
Beautiful lifestyle
it's a
wonderful reason,
I could feel
the joy
in the air,
He's presence
is here

It's always
specific the kind of
weather and tide,
freezing and
Softly bliss

for the
masses peace
on earth, for it's the
savior's birth.

Hallelujah let's
sing it loud
and audible.
Christ the
Savior is born.

Shooting stars,
lighting trees.
Rainbow lights.

The elation in
us even the
breeze can
feel the
of the glorious

No period as
the chilly
and dewy
yuletide sphere.

Birds sings
playing happily
in the air.
sun flies
gleefully around
the Lilly petal.

Rejoice heaven
and earth
because it's
make heaven
sing and
the angels
leaped for joy.

The savior is
born, may
his spirit
dwell forever
more, for
his is the
Christmas's reason.

Oh christmas
oh christmas
blessed the holy
wonderful christmas

A beautiful carol for Christmas. Inspired by the wonderful atmospheric condition.
Elusive but everywhere
some live their lives seeking it,

"if it feels right, how can it be wrong?"
they say as they self-destruct,

The lord gives us free will, and we choose to die
who then can complain?
Unrestrained pleasures lead to a hedonistic lifestyle devoid of meaning. There is a higher purpose and we all have a choice. If you enjoyed the poem, leave a comment or share this with someone who would appreciate it!
Keebo Nov 2020
I’m at a party
With my best friends Mary, Molly & Charlie
I’m wearing women jeans and a fishnet tee
With a smile I got from a post memory
I slip into a whole new personality
Because the other me needs some sleep

I walk around
Like I’m the bees knees and not the sheep
But I do say the most ridiculous things
Like Ringo was the real star of the scene
I wanna live inside Slash’s hat for a week
And Jim Morrison really died at age 43

I’m feeling things
These people are ******* ***** to me
They only love it when your mental health slips
It’s one big party for them until reality hits
That’s when they drift and forget you exist
Isn’t life one savage *****?
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