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Ylzm Apr 6
A traffic jam at 2 am?
My work just done, tired I am.
Is misfortune a thing with me?
A fallacy unknown maybe.

Recalled the time iPhone at max,
An accident my old was cracked.
Or day my rags compelled I splurge,
The day some Prada had to surge.

In Dubai, Grab’s copter went down,
With lover, boyfriend’s stuck in town.
Cold ***** camel ride through night,
Paid Bed’uin gold, or wait till light.

My friends all say I’m blessed and rich,
But life with peace I’ll rather switch.

he told his partners

unwitting souls
commanded by his

self assured

unwillingness 2 accept
anything but compliance

in his self assurance
many were led into his lair

some to escape
never the being they’d been

to flee
flogged into further submission
and eternal darkness

pleasure as pain
he told them

the once innocents

© 2017
Izzy Aghahowa Mar 16
you say you’re radical
as you sling Supreme over your shoulder
you spit logos unto anarchy
and throw brands on broken windows  
as bloodshot eyes
waver and twitch
as they fight obsolete horizons
and default paths

obey, obey, obey
bloodstains on Nike’s name
molotov cocktails litter the land
and cause city flames
that act as spectacles
for blind believers
with obscured visions
of our timeless vocation
Relax, begin to Imagine you are in the proximity
to immerse yourself into a precious moment.
It is that needed time you have brought into being, and is intrinsic
to experience composure, equanimity.
Smooth - melodic - ambient music with simple cause,
low and soft will, in its incipiency invalidate
trending previous troublesome thoughts,
silkily, sauntering, lingeringly pauses,
to softly embrace your audible senses
with silence which conveys complete assurance,
that the here and now is yours, no-one elses,
ataraxia created by you, for your true inner self,
It continues; envelops remaining unsettled interruption
embraces the heart, and encourages serenity,
all the remaining negative, solicitous intellection
are temporarily, tipped out of your consciousness,
you are experiencing them leave, then transcended
with blissful tranquillity for your indulgence.
You are asleep with your eyes open, it feels so benefic,
the mind is calm and clear no longer confused.
Melodious sound continues to provide atmospheric
momentum to this sensibility folding into the soul.
Joyfully you are enduring moments of pure inner solitude and
wrapped in perfect peace, consciousness uncommitted.
There is no expectation of time, not at all
just the psyche drifting, changing shape, density, profundity.
You feel wonderfully restituted, calmed; uplifted.
You sense it, knowing, this absence of tension you sought,
this, your perfect you, is transient and will slowly begin to regress, reluctantly,
relinquishing this blissfully serene, conditioned emotional stillness, to be restored.

Then you turn the telly on!     All gone.

Michael C Crowder        March 5th 2019
the power of clearing one's mind, so reality erases the experiences
A thought of you
Is my lifestyle choice
This is who
I am

Just like that
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Feel it with the soul
I'm brOKen Feb 18
I can’t stop
Another day I starve myself

I can’t stop
Another day I abuse my body

I can’t stop
Another day I tear pieces of my flesh away with nails and teeth

I can’t stop
Another day I lose myself to my voices

I can’t stop
Another day I won’t let myself rest

I can’t stop
Another day I inhale toxic gases

I can’t stop
Another day I write a poem because no one would listen

I can’t stop
Another day I cry and break down, all alone

I can’t stop
Another day I can’t bear my own reflection

I can’t stop
Another day I realise that I’m all Daddy has

I can’t stop
Another day I think about his death

I can’t stop
Another day I claim to be fine

I can’t stop
Another day I sacrifice my being for someone who’s not me

I can’t stop
Another day I scold me for my imperfections

I can’t stop
Another day I give myself the things I deserve

I can’t stop
Another day I feel drawn to a knife’s sharp edge

I can’t stop
Another day I think of falling off a cliff

I can’t stop
Another day I think of the inevitable

I can’t stop
Another day I collapse due to physical and mental exhaustion

I can’t stop
Another day I overwork myself because of expectations

I can’t stop
Another day I wake up to find I’m still alive

I can’t stop
Another day I believe my delusions

I can’t stop
Another day my train of taught halts

I can’t stop
Another day I think of how disappointing I am

I can’t stop
Another day I feel out-of-place

I can’t stop
Another day I wish I wasn’t born

I can’t stop
Another day I try to put you out your misery

I can’t stop
Another day I scare myself

I can’t stop
Another day I use my fists and a wall to inflict damage to my skull

I can’t stop
Another day I enjoy peace in my concussion

I can’t stop
Another day I have an existential crisis

I can’t stop
Another day I wait for my healing

I can’t stop
Another day I wish my heart wasn’t beating

I can’t stop
Because it never stops
Repeat daily
Daniel eason Feb 2
When you're puzzled for what to do
Not even a clue
Where your next steps might take you
Do somthing new
Alter your lifestyle
Might be worthwhile
Might be one step might be three
You may go in reverse but its your own destiny
Just somthing that came to mind
shatteredpoet Jan 15
different pigments
doesn't change
the fact
we have the same
different religious beliefs
doesn't change
the fact
we're made of the same elements
different ****** orientations
doesn't change
the fact
we are all human
different social classes
doesn't change
the fact
none if us are
consistently happy
different lifestyles
doesn't change
the fact
we're all imperfect

Alexandra Jan 9
She trusted you, her parents trusted you, taking away their little girl in order to let her chase her dreams.
Trusting you with her life, her future and her happiness.
You promised love, you promised a life free from abuse, you promised acceptance, but you didn't deliver.
Instead she recieved aggression, hatred, more fear and anxiety than she could imagine.
It was nit picking to start with, just the little things. Judging her appearance, mocking her, ensuring she was small, vulnerable enough for you.
You succeeded, she felt small, vulnerable, she was struggling. Hurting so badly inside that cracks were beginning to form, she was making attempts to numb the pain with unspeakable things but you didn't care.
All this whilst being so blinded by love that the pain didn't matter all that mattered was the boy, a perfect boy from a family of monstrous people.
She couldn't take it anything more, she broke and you threw her to the streets alone and frightened, a child in a strange city where the people who had promised so much hadn't come through.

The words you screamed cut so deep. I dispise that girl, its the girl or us, the girl has ruined this family, I swear to god I will get rid of that girl. That girl can go die.
Those words crushed her ever so little ball of self respect, acceptance in herself, along with all of her happiness into a million peices that could never be picked back up.
She left her family and her friends to come to into this strange world, relationships were broken that can never be fixed.
She can never forgive you, it's to painful.
I will never forgive you.
Look at all these wannabe gangsters
Terrorising our streets
That one's wearing camouflage trousers
Just wait till you hear him speak
'Dems bear skills mate'
'Can you lend me fifty bar?'
He sounds like he's from Los Angeles
Doing time in the yard
But he's not
He still lives at home with his mum
And his pregnant girlfriend
And he's under the thumb
You see them outside Tesco
But they're not shopping for pesto
Let's go
They've seen the old bill
He's known around this town
For selling dodgy pills
Guns, knives and slang
That's what you need
If you wanna be in their gang
No education
Just a stolen Playstation
And don't forget the ****
Even on a school night
They're out doing speed
You'll see 'em in the park
With a bottle of cider
Then they'll start
On a poor old-timer
Tracky bottoms
And a Burberry hat
Chav fashion
Cause they think they're all that
But the funny thing is
They don't have a clue
They don't think like
Me or you
They think that they're rap stars
Dreaming of fast cars
But they're just wankers
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