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Nylee Oct 3
Whilst the world wilts,
Sunshine dims,
River stills in between,
Winds are hurrying
The seasons are changing.

And we throw another plastic bag
We suffocate our lifestyle
Killing our species in style
Make it harder to breathe.
Saloni mann Sep 4
My therapist once told me that-" You are lucky, because you are aware of your problems. You know where you stand and what is troubling you. You also have the ability to explain what Haunted you last night and that is difficult. You also seem aware about what you want out of your life. Your idea of an end result maybe blurred but you are aware of it. "
I sometimes wonder that Most people do not even know what is killing them constantly but they are still living their life. Most people are unaware of their thoughts and what these thoughts mean to them . It takes them their whole life to realise that this is a problem they need to get rid of. It takes them their whole life to understand that this is creating an unhealthy pattern and they are falling prey to it with each passing day.

She also explained that-" The biggest problem you face is walking and acting on the path in between. You mess up in between and lose a sense of the beginning as well as the end. You mess up and panic and lose yourself."
It's so weird that we know that we will have to walk down a road to reach somewhere but our visions are so fainted and blurred that the answers to basic questions are far fetched.
We are often surrounded by several Questions like;
which road to walk upon?
What direction to choose on the road?
Whether to follow the busy road or the road less taken?
What is my destination?
Do I even want to walk right now or just relax and put myself back together?
Do I really want to walk upon this road?
Am I choosing a life I always wanted to live?
Am I ready to accept all the hardships that are coming  my way?
Would I be content and satisfied after giving my all to something?
It's okay to not know the answer of each and every question that comes your way, it's okay to not be able to choose a direction for yourself and decide whether you will be content with it or not.
But it is always important to come in contact with your inner conscience and make yourself aware about you.
It is important to understand your problems and help yourself understand that you are required to eliminate them because they may **** you. Self acceptance is difficult but it is the best gift you give yourself.
Keiri Aug 21
A sweet charismatic wave of colour emerges,
into my empty soulless mind.
Carefull not to leak the notorious oiling spill of darkness,
that penetrates the thought and reverse myself to the futile point of the being I was.

It'll erase the peacefull love and war among myself.
It'll dominate me, and revolve my subtle urges to force myself to a slumber which will never be awoken.

Don't spill the darkness that spoils my mind and rots my roots into a meaningless void of emptyness.
Spare me such accommodation which will hassle me out of my trusted habitat and free my soul only to be replaced by an horrid entity.

Maintain my cloud of unknowing and protect me, from the sinister depts this world has yet to offer.
When the evening comes
Everyone is moody
But only the stars in the sky
Can tell of my kind
When the insects whistle
"The birds are silence in their nest"
And the men are noisy with their nets
Throwing in the forty five cl seas.

Catching up their vibes
While the feeling lives in me
Starring at faces of different colours
But their smiles justifies
The tale of joy
And the reasons are still
value in my thought.
This poem is about everyday drinking habit that is now unstoppable in our society(ies).
M C Jul 27
I am more a warrior than a man.
I chose the pen. I did not choose the hand.
An intention is freedom.
My will will be my leader,
ultimately undefeated:
Richii Jul 26
Goals Made Me Tough
They couldn't change me
Even if they wanted to
My Integrity and loyalty are on
The strongest groove=
despite all of these trends
in today's Society
I don't budge not even an inch
Not because i can see into my future
But because  i have made peace  with my decision
More focused than ever
I have a job to complete
And that's to live my best life
laura May 29
It's not just a game,
it's a lifestyle,
it's a way of putting things behind you,
forgetting about the past,
and focusing on loving the game.
Always have loved the game, and always will. Played for 8 years
Ylzm Apr 6
A traffic jam at 2 am?
My work just done, tired I am.
Is misfortune a thing with me?
A fallacy unknown maybe.

Recalled the time iPhone at max,
An accident my old was cracked.
Or day my rags compelled I splurge,
The day some Prada had to surge.

In Dubai, Grab’s copter went down,
With lover, boyfriend’s stuck in town.
Cold ***** camel ride through night,
Paid Bed’uin gold, or wait till light.

My friends all say I’m blessed and rich,
But life with peace I’ll rather switch.

he told his partners

unwitting souls
commanded by his

self assured

unwillingness 2 accept
anything but compliance

in his self assurance
many were led into his lair

some to escape
never the being they’d been

to flee
flogged into further submission
and eternal darkness

pleasure as pain
he told them

the once innocents

© 2017
you say you’re radical
as you sling Supreme over your shoulder
you spit logos unto anarchy
and throw brands on broken windows  
as bloodshot eyes
waver and twitch
as they fight obsolete horizons
and default paths

obey, obey, obey
bloodstains on Nike’s name
molotov cocktails litter the land
and cause city flames
that act as spectacles
for blind believers
with obscured visions
of our timeless vocation
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