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Thinking of her
is a happy and smiley thing
it's been a while since
I've felt this kind of gratification
I was once naive enough
to think that a few simple relationships
had made me lose the ability
to love
i can only say that i've not met
the right person yet
the experience is always useful
no matter what kind
it makes you understand society
and human nature
smile permeates life
when the reliance on you becomes
a habit
it takes up the whole space
of nerve
hugs always
make me feel the most solid warmth
being together with you
becomes the only faith
the bond between you and me
slowly sublimes
this is what you bring to me
my love
when life gave me tears
you said "i'm here"
when time gave me pressure
you said "I'm here"
when distances gave me worries
you said "I'm here"
the past gave me a sense of loss
you said "I'm here"
the future gave me confusion
you said "I'm here"
when the words "I'm here"
sit in my mind
i began to believe
in your love
i began to sink deeper into it
one last promise, my love
be with me til forever and never
On this fulcrum
a finger
moves the globe
in this small space
a blue sky
supplies colored clouds and fog
no observances of dialogs
no rubric of seminars
exercise the thew of mind
that's the straightforward tagline
poetry, essays, compositions, photography, multimedia
cascade from the wellspring
of the heart
giving it your best self
to inspire others
talk about current affairs on the shelves
paint some life
publish some thoughts
this elegant style
unites he, she, me and you
them and us and the whole world too.
Every morning the first thing
is do the subtraction
washing the body
from head to toe
drain all the crud
combing to get rid of some fallen hair
then do the addition
shove one capsule after another
down the stomach
when it's getting chilly
and there's no color green in front of you
take some vitamin C
to allow some green herbage
grow in your system
when it's dawn
and the sun keeps bouncing up and down
take some Prozac to reduce
the bumpiness of the road
when i was little
i was like a pill
trying to get into the tummy
the tummy was big and strong
and i was thrown all over the place
now the pill found that i was its rival
and had to tame my raging waves
i began to obey
the pill releases tenderness
and soothes me with a sanguine
it conducts the music
of the forest glade
inviting the swans
with its verdant melody
and my fingers no longer want
to reach the sky
my eyes choose the tranquility
of a placid lake
i even started liking the sound
of putrefaction that is not of impulse
but of delight in transiency
now i submit to this tiny ruler
mysterious yet earnest
that resides in the horizon
i like the freedom
i don't object to its amiability
nor its autocracy.
ChinHooi Ng Nov 15
Watching the sea
watching the sails
honeysuckles and hummingbirds
zoomed in
i see miscellaneous life
when sunlight gilds the morning
the tower rings out solitude
a little monster
runs through the jungle
and leaves the smell of danger
i sit alone within my own soul
tracing my shame and anger
in truth i am my own orphan
living on a tiny asteroid
mauve romance of lilacs
melted into blank oblivion
i watch the sunset and the night
i gaze at the stars and moon
and clouds moving overhead
finally i see a picture
a digital monster sitting
atop the brave heart of a young man.
ChinHooi Ng Nov 15
Love is not peace
or happiness
love is the passion
of poppies that bleed
love is the emptiness
of a poisonous thorn
that ****** the heart
love is the kiss of a rose
that doesn't know what to do
love is a dangerous game
people either die without regret
or live with pain in their necks
love is the white spaces of the years
left to our imagination
sometimes it's like sand in our hands
the tighter we hold it
the faster it fades
fortunately when it does
our soul can regain some peace.
Limem Ali Jul 30
During the heat
Can't feel my feet
Or even across the street
So hot to go out
My skin is melting and i'm hiding out
Luckily can't catch the sun
This is not fun
This is summer
This is no time to make a snowman or wearing an umbrella
This time is meant for the beach
Please someone take me to the beach
Someone with a truck or car
I'm too far, please someone come
so i can reach.. the beach
Cause now fresh cold water is all i need and is all i think of.
Mayank Garg May 30
Zindagi mnazil nhi, ek safar hai
Asli manzil toh kbr hai

Doosro ko khush krne mein itna mshroof hai hr shks
Ki apni khudki khushi se bekhbr hai

Ki kya lekr aaye the, kya lekr jaayenge
Fir bhi hkeekt chhod hr shks kaamiyaabi ke liye besbr hai
kate cc Apr 18
It's their way of living
that you have no right to judge
"It's spring and summertime.
Blossoming flowers along my jogging route.
Cherry blossom trees too."

"That's nice. We have a cherry blossom tree
at school as well."

"The flowers weren't blossoming last time I went jogging.
The cherry blossoms are only pretty for a couple of days.
The trees down there look so dead all the time.
They weren't dead last year when we moved here."
I wondered if I ought to take off my earpiece.

"Yes. I agree."

"Your father ought to stop buying junk."
"Yes, he ought to."
"Has your mother always been skinny?"
I nod and stir the same old *** of instant noodles.
I like my parents just the way they are.

Curiouser and curiouser.

"It's their way of living
that you have no right to judge."
Emanzi Ian Jan 22
People be,
People be talking I'll about you behind your back but in your face they are smiling
They want you dead but you're vibing
Losses and losses,for you,they are wishing
But when you are winning,in your face,they are jubilating
Meanwhile,deep down,they are dieing
They wish you could be sinking
Evil and envy are relatives
In reality,all they wish for you is negatives
Fake smiles and fake hugs
Pretence,faking and acting
To their cold hearts, your wins are hurting
They don't really love you,they just be acting
People be faking
People be evil,acting saintly
Yet innocently,we give out our love to them so insanely
People be so undeserving, yet acting so entitled
People be wolves in sheep's clothing
Loyalty is rare
Anytime, the wolves might devour you,beware
Closely watch when you offer your everything
People be fake-loving

People be,
People be hurting
Their hearts are bruised,
They are bleeding
Yet for their love, sometimes we are pleading
You can't give what you don't have
Relate with such a human and it's from such a hurt heart, they'll pick something like love to share with you
We give what we have
Hurt people,hurt people
Let's all learn to share some love
The world is gradually being deprived of love
We need more love
War here,war over there
People be hurting
Let's share some love
The world needs more love
I love love and love to be loved,
But with whom am I gonna enjoy this love?!
Yet the world is gradually but steadily being deprived of love!!

People be,
People be so hopeless
Their troubles are countless
The prayers for their needs to the Almighty are also countless
But still,they don't feel blessed
Some still feel cursed
No Wonder,they act so reckless
Her body,to her is a shop
To him, his body is made out of metal
They both use their bodies for survival
They need revival
But with the way they are entrenched in their vices,only divine intervention will be their redemption
Their lifestyle so dire,all because of their life condition

People be wishing
For a change of life they be wishing
People be.
As you are just get going for a talk,
Few queries I have please do not balk.
Is this  important , what do you speak?
People have issues, solutions they seek?

Or you have soapbox, desire to show,
What is inside , you need a window.
To ***** the all , which have been repressed,
For years days nights ,yet to be expressed.

It matters not whether, they make any sense?
Already so clamor , making  it intense.
What solace you granting, while making this talk?
Or you need someone, with whom you can walk?

Think just one opinion can make someone fall,
If treated with care it, may shape someone tall.
Not always a weapon which wins a war,
Words can often be lethal and fatal at par.

Wordings are blessings and your asset too,
So use them with wisdom and not just a boo.
You know It is foolish to go  for a walk,
Like Jackals in Jungle gather for  talk.

Ajay Amitabh Suman: All Rights Reserved
What purpose will it serve if your talk , instead of pacifying someone's mind, is creating ripples of worries? What is use of your thought if no one gets any benefit out of it? Just be watchful whether you go for a talk only because you need a companion while you walk, Or is your talk making someone happy . It is really worthy to talk only in case you making someone laugh.
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