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Neelam Jun 26
The warmth of your heart
soothed my wounded spirit,

And my bruised soul
sought refuge in your eyes,

as I was locked in
your protective arms.
Written as a response to writing prompt by Author Melisa Quigley.
Maria Mitea May 18
the onion in  father's hands had no time to cry,
he punched it with his fist on the corner of a table,
then ate it with salt and sheep's cheese,
(like pyramid builders my father was paid in onions)

the onion in mother's hands was sweet,
called brotherly onion, and made many leaves,
spring after spring
it was multiplied throughout the village
people kept wondering
how the onion in mother's hand
doesn”t bring tears,

- the onion in my hands is waiting

to clean it with my hands,
to cut it with a knife,
to punch it with a fist,

I think,
whenever I have an onion in my hands
I think,

the onion is waiting,

the onion in my hands

is waiting

to cry
Onion - the symbol of eternal life
Melody Mann Apr 10
You struck a chord the moment you entered the vicinity,
Captivating all that crossed your path,
The stride in your step coupled with the pride held in your respects,
Unified by the reverberance of your allure enchanted most,
She was not fooled by the glee celebrated by the free,
Naïve she once was only to awaken to the taunts of the mistaken,
She exits from all viewpoints,  
Holding a guarded heart with precarious intent.
Amanda Hawk Apr 4
The night clung to me
Like a cold sweat
Pressing my dress
Against my skin
Until the dampness of my panic
Ran with my mascara
I nestled my keys between my fingers
Makeshift Freddy Krueger
Lashing out at shadows
As they slinked around my feet
Fear sliding slowly along my face
And wiped it away quickly
So I could forget
I was alone
In the middle of the city
At night
Leering glares and catcalls
Loitered doorways
Tugging at my sleeves
Twisting their claws in my hair
Offering up glasses overflowing
In broken promises
And blatant lies
As I tried to rush by
Looking for a vacant streetlights
To hover, fluttering near with paper wings
So I could forget
I was woman alone
In the middle of the city
At night
30/30 Day 3
J J Mar 19
Diffident huffs meet,
Kissing up the uncharted
Maps that blemish her
Body. Skeletons press
Together and softly
Spin along the fabric
That weaves dreams.

Seeking rest you offered
Me peace. Falling up
Between the ceiling
And a stranger's wall. You
Caught and held me
Close, as we both sat
Breathing in the heat of

A new morning.
our youthful wit
so cerebral
guards our consciousness like a sacred
Eli Apr 3
Demon of the light,
Standing by my side,
Showing me the way,
Saying it’s okay,
The only person who makes me feel safe
If you are
Being loved
You may not feel winter
That cold

Here is the blanket
Cover up
Genre: Observational
Theme: For some summer is too hot, winter is too cold, no in between
preston Jan 16
Selmhem Naise

Remember the movie
the first one?
Sarah was being hunted
and Kyle was sent back
in time
to protect her from
the machine-made Terminator

  whose only purpose in life was to end hers.

How was he to know that
when he entered into her world;
    he was going to fall so deeply?
And without his entrance
into her life--  he
would have no reason
to come across time for her--
the fruit of their love
would have never been born--

the very reason
for the very reason  of the killer's mission.

To try to figure out
and understand
where this perpetual cycle
of love began,  would
bog the mind--
    all that can be done
    is acceptance
    or rejection
         of that love.

         Yeah, but what a love it was--
          Kyle came across time for her.

and for her,  he crossed over multiple Realms.

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