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A thick dust
On the horizon
Let's hurry before
They get here
The judges
Of our risky behaviors
Driving too fast
Because we are
Alone in a car
Tracing our veins
Like a road map
With the metal wire
I used to remove your
Prison bond
Smokin' tequila
Marinating our
Organs with some agave
In our new
Beautiful shiny home
While I shower off the dust
I feel your dark protective image
Standing so close like a
You say let's go now
Do things we've never done
Because once they show
We'll be gone
Edgier than usual. Might not make sense to you. But it does to me. Part of a dream I cannot explain. Only a feel. This is how it translated. Sounds like a movie preview.
Jamesb Nov 2023
Your verse speaks of
Constraints from beyond
The grave as if love
And life and joy are
Forever taken from you,

Yet your life is far
From wrecked by that man,
And you so much greater
And more amazing than
You it seems perceive,

Your soul is great
And good and pure,
Your beauty burns from
Deep beneath your
Alabaster skin,

And even if you
Cannot see the worth of you
Or hurl aside that vile constraint,
You have a counter at your side,
One to protect your from the storm

A counter that costs you
Not a penny nor a dime,
A counter to carry you
That's always there and free,
And lest you wonder where or what

That counter,


Is me!
Been burbling a while this. Recent events finally brought it to birth
Zywa Nov 2023
Safety: high walls all

around, and a large bell jar --

with firing angels.
Israel's air defense system "Kipat barzel" ("Iron Dome"), operational since 2011

Collection "From Sacred Scriptures [1]"
George Krokos Oct 2023
Do not ever forsake us dear Lord
even though it does appear at times
that we all do forsake Thee
but please, be with us always,
to guide, protect and heal,
wherever we are
for we all have a need to be.
Originally written and recited in the first person many years ago and still even these days due to it being etched in my mind. I've posted it here for anyone who might find comfort and solace with in these troubled times.
Zywa Jul 2023
Walls can both protect

and confine you, lock you in --

until they collapse.

Novel "Oranges are not the only fruit" (1985, Jeanette Winterson), chapter "Joshua"

Collection "No wonder"
caught off guard
by yet another downpour
unprepared again
he could shelter
from the torrent
and tempestuous
beneath the hung branches
of this laden tree
beyond its means
but he knows
it cannot keep him dry
for as long as
he might need
from bough to branch
to leaf and bud
down the back of his neck
through layer upon layer
soon sodden and soiled
those discomforting drips
will expose that
which he didn't want
Bianca Petersen Jul 2023
You tell me you love me
I say I love you more
We know the truth
Your love runs deep
fearfully and forcefully
You give me your all
Your love and trust and power
You hold a blanket of protection
Wherever I go
A blessing of security
Protected under your spell
You love me more
But I love you more each day
I am drawn to you
Frozen in your gaze
Of what perfection really is
You piece me back together
Like a scattered puzzle
each piece slowly finds its place
A brilliant picture of who I am
What we’ve become
And the fortifying future we hold
One day
I will love you more
To my partner who I love more each day
Celine Ngo Jun 2023
my anchor when i’m drifting out at sea
bringing me down to earth when i fly too high in the clouds and forget to leave
someone who accepts me as I am, flaws and ADHD
yet you’re still able to see my potential i hid underneath

my favourite and sacred novel i’d never want to lose
with meaning beyond the surface, metaphysical, spiritual, and so divine
not stereotypical or ordinary, not one about vices like drugs and *****
so darling, let’s have our past, present, and future intertwine

my sunshine illuminating the best in me
rays so warm that everyone can’t help but smile even if you’re far away
but even the sun can be obscured on gloomy days, so as your moon i’ll reflect your sunshine back so we can be a brighter we
i want to be by your side for the rest of our days

my rock by the riverside of a forest,
one that i can always return to
the soft and warm fire in my heart
that burns no matter if we’re together or apart

my guiding light showing me the way
taking things slow and steady
when other boys i’ve known just want to play
november 2021
Michael Murphy May 2023
"Young child"

As mother's will do
In my shoe
Was a dime

To call from a payphone
If out
Past my time


In my wallet
A ******
Tucked neatly away

With the hope
Some young girl
Would invite me to play

No luck
On that though
As the ****** expired

Wore a ring
In the leather
New wallet acquired

"Old man"

Protection remains
In my wallet today

It never expires
Never throw it away

I just changed the brand
No more Trojan for me

Imodium now
When you're old, you'll agree
I wish this wasn't true.
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