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Mya 1d
I feel better in the dark.
I say things, then, that I wasn’t sure of
before I said it

In the light, I tell them lies
But when I slip away into her room at night,
I only speak the truth

We met by accident
She didn’t make me wish for
She whispered to me that things were better in between
  And she let me
     She begged me

Fire beckons me, but I’m in love with another
She’s too slick, but I love the sound of
       her laughter,
                her abandon.
She’s ready to hurt, but I love her
                 her affection.
She offers me the light,
         and I love her darkness, too.

I want all of her, if she’ll let me see
I’ll stay, anyway
Until she gets sick of me
Shannon 6d
and i put my phone in aeroplane mode
so i dont hear it when you dont call.
is that selfishness
or self protection.
Amanda 7d
In a Catholic school, I was nothing
but an untrained brain, a pair of legs
in a short skirt, and calves in knee-high black socks
pulling my skirt down, tugging at the wool
to protect myself. I never thought
myself to be apart of that group,
never gotten ***** or abused, but then,
I thought longer…harder about my position,

and your greedy hand still finds my legs
under the wool, despite my efforts, lingering
there for half a second too long. I still feel it
when I put myself back in that desk.
It wasn’t friendly. It wasn’t innocent.  
You knew what you were doing.
The excuses I made to justify
your behavior. I couldn’t fathom
how you, a man, much older than me,
could touch me without my permission—
How easily you could do that to me.
Invade my space while I sat there,
unsure of what to say or do. And now,
years later, I quietly utter beneath
my breath, “Me too.”
EP Robles Oct 12
PEOPLE call me just to say ****
people call me just to say low
and inside of my darkness
inside of this nightmare
is my prison cell
is my contusion
is my confusion
and i'm not well i'm kind of ill
just sick feeling pain
oh let it rain just let it rain
i have to disengage all this rage
and call upon a priest for blasphemy
inside of me it's inside of me
like a cat fighting zero gravity
all alone all alone
down to the bone
so sorry now but i gotta go
let me go all alone.

:: 10-11-2018 ::
these past years
i've grown steel scales
sprouted wings
and learned to breath fire
baby i've become a dragon
to fight all this darkness
but somewhere along the way
i blocked out the light too.
now i'm just a dragon
with a heart a little too large.
i've become numb to not only pain but happiness.  what are emotions now?
Madison Oct 9
I just want out of the dark
I don’t like this suffocating air
But I don’t need to tear down the walls
They protect me and my glass heart
Part two of my incompleted poem
Alyssa Underwood May 2017
I saw a path and ran ahead
I nearly lost my way
Your mercy caught me by the arm
To Your side You bid me stay

I put my hope in my own plans
Which soon around me fell
You stopped me short upon that road
And said, "Rest and all will be well."

I'd surrendered all, but to my foe
Enticed into the briars
You turned his evil schemes instead
Into refining fires

I couldn't see my helplessness
Until my legs were broken
Till Shepherd's hands caressed my wounds
And healing words were spoken

You picked me up and carried me
And made me feel Your favorite
You held my head against Your chest
Until I grew to savor it

You tended me with gentlest touch
Then soothed all thought of fears
You sang forgiveness over me
And washed away my tears

There is no one like You, Lord
On whom I can rely
In loss, in danger or attack
You hear this poor sheep's cry

It's You Who keeps me from real harm
Who watches my coming and going
You shield me with Your strong right hand
From darts the enemy keeps throwing

You said to all who trust in You
You would give perfect peace
Enough for mind and heart to rest
To let all worrying cease

So, Lord, I trust You with my life
Your Shepherd's heart is pure
Your purpose for me's guarded well
And Your deliverance is sure

Please teach this sheep, Lord, how to wait
And strengthen me to stand
To put my hope in Your desires
And to love Your sovereign plan

You lead me into fields so green
Where streams of life are flowing
Where healing winds blow oft' and strong
And choicest fruits are growing

You set me free to hear Your voice
To follow at Your call
And even through the dark, cold nights
I'll know You've arranged it all

Yes, storms will come with battering rains
With hail and gusts and thunder
But these are meant to beckon me
To Your wings to pull me under

For it's in the darkness of the storm
My grip's most apt to tighten
And when my heart beats next to Yours
All earthly burdens lighten
Tori Sep 20
His gaze is constant
as the moon shining
over me, yet welcoming
in its soft glow.
When all are present, this
light shines unnoticed,
but in the solitude of
the night I bask
in its radiance.
His soul is bright
though he is distant,
loving best from afar...
Ever so often, I feel
the touch of his gentle kiss
on my cheek,
and like a moth
I glide silently
through the night
under the protection of
his gaze.
A silent snigger is a lion's roar to me.
I reject them on every level,
From their shoes to their sickly smiles,
All eyes shall  cower from my glare
I will go my own way
Experimental verse for graphic novel about the life of painter Vincent van Gogh See  (collection for full list)
Renhui Sep 14
i tremble with remembrances of you
your lips gently against mine
your eyes unlocking my soul
awoke in me an eternal love
like a rain drop falling into the big ocean
oh i love you so

i tremble with remembrances of you
your life mingling with mine
in my dreams you move
protecting me against ills and hails
like an invisible coat that covers me whole
oh i love you so
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