Persephone May 13
When he glances at you
                                         do you notice fire raging passion in his eyes?
Do you see a  calming rainstorms
                                                    or a sturdy mountain to rest your mind?
Do you glimpse a castle of wonder
                                                             or knights of protection?
Do you spy a galaxy of love
                                                 or a promise for time?
Do you see anything in your man's eyes?
Humans were all once warm
Then, a point yonder would make them ice
Some turned rocks
Other became diamonds in the place of sugar lies.

Open your arm, I beg
Ensure them, like a mother to her cub, (from there, full of harm)
Deafening how they say they don't want it
Yet louder the silence they need it, so
                                                                 keep your warmth.
Lily Apr 25
My fingers flit over the keys,
Possessed by a mind of their own.
The smooth plastic of the letters,
The small bumps on F and J,
The overused comma key,
All are alive.
The laptop understands me, it’s an
Extension of my fingers.
Without trying, my thoughts flow,
Gracefully, effortlessly, tirelessly, they flow.
The harsh light of the screen produces an
Almost alien-like glow, shrouding my face
In unnatural radiance, leaving it flushed.
Yet the darkness of the room is all around me,
The stillness of my surroundings haunts me.
I am the only thing alive,
The only thing still awake at this ghastly hour.
I know if I shut down, turn off the glow,
I will be left alone in this gloominess.
The computer makes me feel wanted,
Secure, safe, protected.
I must get my words out, I must tell the world
What I’m feeling, what I’m thinking, what I am.
Before the world turns to darkness...
Caring for you
my love
a harrowing experience
it has been
A life I had not expected
A life unforeseen
When things change in life
When things are taking away
I can't just except and for it be ok
I need time
I need space
In order to get my head
into the right place
To have support workers
come in and care of you
For them to take over
and do what I normally do
When my head
is feeling right
I'm able
To release
To let go
without a fight
So inadequate at times I do feel
When not giving time to release and then heal
My emotions end up in turmoil you see
Hurtling all around
inside of me
Having time
Having space
helps to mend
And makes things much easier
for me to transcend
Healthy coping skills
Alice Lovey Apr 17
Keep me in your thoughts tonight;
It's all I've got to keep me tight.
I see a face that is not yours,
My eyes have swept along the floors.

I cannot find a single thing--
A familiar place or welcoming.
Untouched touch upon my skin
That never fails to drive me thin.

Keep me in your thoughts tonight;
You'll never know if I'm alright.
I'll think of you, dreaming too,
To make all nightmares be untrue.
Sometimes you want so badly for someone to take the place of your past pain.
Brenda Mukisa Apr 19
Am I blind for believing you
for thinking the ordinary man
flaws and is exempted
its easier to blame, the weakest link
the one who will not get backed up by society
its easier to move on
if one is not affected directly
the system didnt fail us 100%
we fail the system at 50% and it meets us almost half way
its just easier for it to be wrong
because you are another smiling little ordinary man
because you dropped out of school, produced more children than you can handle, trash or pee where ever you feel like, give and collect bribes, cheat in exams or simply fail because you didnt work harder.
Join the others when they say the system failed them
but how many of you gave your best and the system didnot come through?

better starts with me and you.
cry to Ugandans to do better.
Hillary B Apr 15
blankets aren’t just blankets
far more than cloth and fluff

they provide a decent replication
of your arms
holding me

the warmth you provide
the protection you bring
the comfort that swallows me

but when you aren’t here
your arms too far
I have a blanket
that does an okay job

until you’re back
embracing me
you’ll find me cocooned up
in a daydream
On March 20, 2018,
President Donald Trump
Publicly gloated
Over his arms sales to Saudi Arabia
In a meeting with Saudi Crown Prince  Mohammed bin Salman
In the White House Oval Office.
The Saudi Crown Prince was actually
But our President
Wanted to show the American Public
That he was
"Doing the Right Thing"
For "The Investment Class".
Those who invest in the Defense Industry
Are able to protect their families financially
With  profits from their investments
Even if the weapons that are sold
To countries like Saudi Arabia
End up DESTROYING families......
Killing innocent women and children....
In places like Yemen.
Family Values are not necessarily
If they are exclusive.
It's like a Nazi S.S. Officer
Celebrating his promotion
By giving his daughter
A chocolate bar.
This is why the Dalai Lama is correct
In asserting
That we need to learn to expand
Our Circle of Love
Beyond our families,
Our ethnic group, race or tribe
And our fellow citizens
Of our nation.
If we destroy the lives of others
In order to show our love
For our own children,
I don't know what sort of "love"
That is?
Jeff Gaines Mar 30
Well when you're Green, I will be your Brown.
Like the earth that loves the flowers,
I'll will be your solid ground.

And I'll be your Azure, when you are Verdigris.
We'll be thee most beautiful ocean
that eyes have ever seen.

And when you're Black, I'll be your White.
Mixing all of the colors … I'll make everything alright.

Now when you're Blue, I'll be you're Red.
If something should make you wanna cry,
I will feel your pain instead.

And I'll be your Orange, whenever you are Pink.
We'll be thee most amazing sunset,
that the sky could ever ink.

And when you're Black, I'll be your White.
I'll mix all of your colors … and make everything alright.

Should you be Violet, I will be your Beige.
Like a sleepy moonlit desert,
pastelled in dunes and sage.

And when you're Gray, I will be your Rainbow.
We'll be thee most soothing rainstorm
the world has ever known.

And when you're Black, I'll be your White.
I'll mix all of your colors … yes, I'll make everything alright.

With love on my palette, painting a glorious sunrise …
I'll color all your mornings with a smile and brighten up your skies.
If you should find yourself in sorrow from someones hate or lies …
I'll take the stars down from the heavens … and paint them in your eyes.

So whenever you are Black, I will always be your White.
I'll mix all your colors with a promise … everything will be alright.

Yes, I'll mix all of your colors with a promise …
Everything's gonna be alright.
I was looking through some swatches of color gel samples, picking new colors for my lighting rig at Highline Ballroom. A dear, dear friend of mine called me up feeling frustrated about her life at that moment. She is a proud and brave girl. So, she didn't call just crying and whining. But as the conversation progressed, I could feel her tension ... her frustration ... even her sadness. I felt really bad for her and wished that I could make all her problems go away and help her achieve her lofty goals a little more quickly.

I did the best that I could to console her without sounding as such ... remember, she is a really proud person. I reminded her of how brave and strong I knew she was and told her that she just needed to keep pushing on and that she would see it all through eventually, it just takes time.

After we'd hung up, I was up on my roof, yelling silent profanity's and threats at the Manhattan skyline (as I often did), and I guess all the colors mixed up in my head with her call and how badly I wanted to make things good for her because she meant so much to me. I hated to think she was suffering in any way.

This poem started coming to me and I raced downstairs to drop it on my computer. When I read it over, I couldn't help but notice it was in the form of a song. The repeated verse a chorus and the last verse, a bridge. But ... I have never, ever heard a tune, melody or any kind of music for it.

Also, I had to notice the romance laced through it. That wasn't my intention, she was my dear, dear friend. So, I wasn't even sure I'd truly written it for her. With that in mind, I've never shown it to her.
Faith is
A sure umbrella
Protecting from the storm
And rain of a fickle existence.
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