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Chris 2d
I'll give you shelter
from the pouring rain
An unknown swelter
Being mixed with pain.

My shelter will help you hide
stay here to escape your home
Trust us to be your life's guide
Safety for wherever you roam.

But our shelter won't last
like all things
stuck in the past.
Memories are a sweet thing.
(Inspired by the song constellations by Perfect By Tomorrow)
The saddest part about a shield,
Is that it's only ever going to be
A shield
Until it takes
One too many strikes.
Each dent, a battle.
Each scratch, a fight.
Each repair, a futile effort.
So the real question is,
ARE you a shield,
Or are you the captor,
Only keeping your hostage safe
The right

Melanie 5d
To all those troubled people,
who Deprived themselves of food 'cause they were a size 20 instead of a 2,
who possessed Drawn comfort lines or Engraved scalding designs all over their bodies,
who attempted to Snip their lives away from the grand photo of life,
who fled from a place we call Home,
who Drank alcohol like water,
who Smoked nicotine like a campfire's burn,
who Did the worst of the worst imaginable,
I am here to let you know that there will always be Hope.

To all those troubled people,
who Deprived themselves of happiness at the Expense of someone else,
who possessed Gaits of Emaciated strength, collapsing,
who attempted to Hurt their loved ones for the Sake of protecting oneself,
who fled from a place that no one Knows,
this world needs your Uniqueness
Beauty, Dignity, Strength
Your Tears can water gardens of Happiness.
Pain can climb Mountains of pleasure.
Tell sadness to Hang itself by a noose,
Tell sadness to Shoot itself in the head,
Tell sadness to Indulge in poison,
Tell sadness to Jump off a building,
Tell sadness to Bleed itself.

For you cannot know what tomorrow will bring,
do not let Sadness overcome you.
You're your own hero, a steadfast one
Make Sadness **** itself and spare Yourself.
I outstretch my creative hands to you
to all those Troubled people
never let go of what keeps you Going.
I wrote this poem during a dark period in my life, which helped me pull through times when I didn't feel strong.
For3ver Feb 9
Daddy lookin at his daughter
She look at him back, smilin
He dont know to react
She grown up, he start thinkin back
Back to the days
The days of hustlin
Days of mistreatment
Days of bustin
Days before he had what was important
Days of flirtin, days of smashin, days of not knowin what was passion
He snap back, she smilin
He smile back, the door got a knock
He awnser, a teenager awnser back
He nervous, he offers his service
He zips up her jacket, daddy lookin mean
He dont like him
He remembers how he used to treat daughters
He cant do nothin, she grown
It aint like when she smaller
Used to scare all of the little boys off her
Shes beautiful
Shes gorgeous
Shes everything a boy coulda wanted
Shes everything a father couldve wanted
He pray his daughter isnt flaunted
See men is changed when they havin daughters
Men that soughters, men that fiends, men that wasnt cautious
Now they got daughters, theres no lookin back, they nervous
She precious, shes golden, she glow like the sun and he pray that she stay cautious
Brothas only think with they head, or so ive been told
I try to appeal to...the life that i chose
Treatin women with respect, the way our daddys werent told
The way are mommas wasnt chose
But brothas dont think in the moment
We dive in, not knowin the path thats been chosen
now she pregnant, abortion an option?
Your momma slap you, how could you think of somethin to that caption
No disrepscept for that last line, brothas dont think when they flatline
Your baby on the way, you chokin
All of the nervousness is buildin
Nine months and you aint gone?
You already doin better than you father
Baby is born she in your arms
You aint never seen somethin so fragile
Only goal is to protect like no other
Thats a rebuttal
Brothas dont think until they faced With the fact...
of somethin to protect
Brothas is manipulators, schemers, plotters
Only thing they care about is whats in the jeans of your daughters
Or so you think?
Brothas change when they have daughters
We all need somethin to protect.
Thats how you think when you get a daughter.
Took inspiration from kanye
Also i dont have a daughter
I am 14
Alone, on my sailboat, miles from the shore.
The clouds seem so thick out here,
Enveloping me in their eerie embrace.
With their silver tongues, they claim to protect me;
To hide me from reality.
I have long since forgotten the need for wind behind my sails.
A blinking light from afar calls after me,
Yet, I am lost in a fog that I may never escape.

They may say that I have my head in the clouds,
But no, the clouds took me for their own.
What do you think about this one? I wrote it in the dead of night recently and I struggled to find myself in the same mood again, so I decided to post it as is.
lins Feb 6
please, don't worry about me
but I'm actually glad you do
as a friend should be
I worry for you too

you've been so kind
pushy as always
but I don't mind
that's us nowadays
i'm so thankful for our friendship thanks for continuing to be around even after all the craziness

With various Oceans in the world around
And less of land and solid ground
71 % is Ocean and 29 % is land to be exact
That is the reality and the startling fact
Unfathomed are the waters, deep and blue
How does the Ocean matter to me or you?
As a matter of the Earths Biology and Chemistry
The data on Oceans is no longer a mystery
Oceans are the lifeblood of planet earth and mankind
As here is one of the greatest ecosystems we can find
Carbons are removed for the air and buried deep in the Ocean
In turn, the marine plants give back to us the required oxygen
The Ocean is the planet’s most important climate regulator
As it absorbs the ultra-rays from the sun and solar factor
Which in turn gives the atmosphere a cooling effect
Otherwise the world would be too hot to inhabit
The evaporation of vapor from sea is recycled back as rain
Without which our life on earth would be so much in vain
Our Oceans are magnificent and represent a scenic beauty
The breath-taking views serve their tourist attraction duty
The atolls, the lagoons and the white sandy beaches
The crashing huge waves and the dazzling marine creatures
Oceans are a safe and direct route of travel for ships and boats
Which is convenient and cheaper without a need for expansive roads
The Oceans are naturally part of an aquatic sporting arena
Where yachting, sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling are a winner
The Oceans are a hub and powerhouse with various economic activities
Where wealth is derived cheaply and aplenty with little difficulties
In fact the Ocean is like the headquarters of the World Bank
Where all the worlds’ assets are sitting within a large tank
From large scale fishing, pearl and seaweed farming
Gas and oil extraction and as far as minerals from mining
Cooking salt is derived from the oceans and is therefore iodized
Arid nations have sea water purified for drinking after it is de-salinized
The range of economic activities derived from the Ocean is manifold
But with the depleting state of Marine resources, what does our future hold?
Thousands of people have lived without love but none without water
As every drop counts but having an Ocean at your mercy is even better
A healthy Ocean means that we have a healthy, thriving nation
As it is the Ocean that provides us with a chunk of our daily ration

An Ocean is rich and full of resources and is a great asset
Without which the world would be poorer, just like in debt
From the Highlanders, the city folks and the coastal dwellers as such
We all need the Ocean somehow or the other and very, very much
Resources of the Ocean are of course very limited
So use it wisely and just take what is sparingly permitted
Climate change aided by our misguided actions is taking its toll
The smaller island nations are drowning together with the atolls
If offending life on land would vanish, the creatures in the Ocean will flourish
If life in Oceans were to perish, the creatures on land would die malnourished
We need the Ocean more than what the Ocean needs us
We cannot survive alone at the neglect of the Ocean thus
That is why the Ocean matters so dearly to me
Can we all put up our hands for this “me” to become a “we”?
So that the Ocean remains intact and in good health
And we can keep on living off well from the Oceans wealth?
Leia Spencer Feb 6
Nobody would’ve guessed
That the girl crying in the garden
Would grow the most beautiful flowers
Watered by her tears
They grew to protect the girl
Pricking anyone who came too close
Making sure their princess
Was never hurt again
-she was, but the plants aren’t to know that
You can hurt and still be brave. Don’t be afraid to be hurt again. You will come out stronger for it
Em Jan 29
My favorite thing to do is to pick and scratch at my insecurities
Beauty is pain
It breaks your body
And shatters your insides
I keep discovering new things about myself I hate
Trying to erase the problems
But I’m not able to paint over the entire canvas
I leave little lines
Pencil marks
Bent corners
Breaking the layer of protective skin
through the armor
And under my smile
My one man army struggling to keep up with the war
Not being able to find any new soldiers that want to stay and protect the piece of forgotten land that I am
I’m so large yet I’m still not placed on the map
couldn't think of a better title
Baylee Kaye Jan 29
I trust you will take care of me
for as long as we both shall live
during days of rain and darkness
I know you'll be my light
your warmth will envelope me
your skin shall find my own
with every whisper, every heartbeat
I'll give myself to you
I trust you with my life
that you'll cherish and protect me
I will follow you wherever you go
because you are my shelter and my shield
your love will be my guide
my medicine and my covering
I know full well you will take care of me
for as long as we both shall live
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