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ScaryGary Mar 17
They wouldn't let me leave the office until I would look them in the eyes

I saw horrible things in their eyes

they wanted me to see horrible things in their eyes
if you talk
about it
they'll tell you
its just a case
of centring yourself
it builds up;
placing yourself
in the moment
and understanding
what cannot be changed

there is
no progression
no steady curve
it goes from
a carefully traced line
to a scratched
scrawling scribble
that tears
through leaf
after leaf
of paper
whether the message
is legible
or not

        its simple;
in that split second
between empathy
        and apathy
before the destruction
of everything
the strength
of all
that has been
i simply need
to breath deep

i'm still waiting for them
to tell me what to do
when my count
reaches ten
i'm still
Marla R Sep 2021
Obsidian wind chimes
welcome the crashing waves
as another day exits, slowly
sinking beneath the bay.

Cool waters drenched in
an almost amethyst hue
offer mental reverberations
as I ponder what I am next to do.

Though the sea is but a tide
that ebbs & flows-
repletes & recedes-
her words of wisdom forgo
past the banks of her beaches
& spread a breeze to every corner
of night.

She beckons me within myself;
her deep abyss but a mirror.
Her waters shine in a glimmering splendor
as she makes the path ever clearer.

To leave this shore that raised me
is not a sign of disrespect, but a show
of honor. My broken levees have her
to thank & for that, I call her mother.
Dave Robertson Sep 2021
Aspiration? A tricky call.
I’m more than willing to give you a leg up,
but I can’t define where you’ll climb,
or I’ll be the *** who assumes

your *** might become an astronaut,
an assassin for hire,
or just gain enough cash to survive,
or be proudly working class,
or to clash with the establishment
and bring them crashing down
your *** might want to work
hard and fast
or be happy to rock up comfortably last
the amount of possibilities are vast
and equally valid and yours

I’ll lend a mind, some thoughts, some words to help
but for each self to realise themselves,
I’ll not assume,
we know what that would make us
Magnolia May 2021

I begged

"Did I do your will?
Did I hurt him, did I hurt both of us needlessly?
What do I do?
Father, please help me.
I need to see what you see
Just a glimpse of what that may be
Of what I did, this choice which now defines me
I feel like I fell in an unending sea
Oh oh my father, it hurts what I did
I didn't make this choice to hurt him
I didn't want to hurt him

Did I do what was right
Did I do your will
What you asked me to do"

Filling my trembling body
Calming my limbs
That long aching string between my head and heart loosens

My head, just now full of contradicting thoughts now sits quietly
Heart is soft too
Listening mildly

So when I answer the question my body is resolved
It hurts I said
That dull ache hits every time I think his name
I feel like he thinks I played a game
With his heart, but no, mine feels the same
Broken and lost, a little lame

I know it was right though the cracks are still there
The double thinking is almost too much to bear
We had uncovered who "we" were but he thinks I don't care when the truth is that I laid myself bare
When trouble came, to my knees I fell in prayer

I don't know why in the past it was right when now the answer is no
I just listen
God knows what is best
But it doesn't make it easy to follow

Head says yes, heart says no
Heart says yes, head says no

God said yes, now God says no
I listen to God, he knows where I'll go
He will make me strong so I will know
I will follow when he says so
Reflection on a breakup and Gods hand in it
Magnolia May 2021
My aunt asked how I felt
She asked after I broke up with him
I thought about it and sat there
Struggling to put my heavy thoughts into words

My head told me to do it
My head also spoke against the idea

My heart
The part of me which hurt the most
It said my choice was right
But screamed in pain
In the unbridled anguish of grief
Of loneliness
Of hurt

She asked if I still felt my choice was right
If I regretted it
Would I go back

Would I
If I could go back
Would I change this action
If I could go forward with him again
Would I...

Heart says yes
I hurt him
I could help
I could fix this

Fix what
Fix the temporary pain,

Heart says no
This was right
This choice was right
It would not be good to go back now
Cause more pain, deter healing
What would it fix

Head says yes
He was good to me
He loved me
I loved him
We were happy
Head says yes

Head says no
We had our differences
Our difference in religion
In region
I would have hurt him later
Our arrows didn't line up
I was fooling myself that they did
Blindly hoping to see change
Seeing change when none was there

With my head pulling my heart
Heart pulling my head
What was I to do but pray
Reflection on a breakup and Gods hand in it
Citizen Lost Apr 2021
As I walk all alone,
Down empty somber streets,
I avoid all physical contact,
At  a distance of 6 feet,

The enemy is here,
The attack is taking place,
It doesn't spare anybody,
No culture, faith or race,

So many well known places,
Abandoned without a trace,
As they continue to track the virus,
This killer without a face,

It doesn't care about religion,
As it grows in strength,
And picks up the pace,
My thoughts are with all of the victims,

Those that have lost the chase,

Many souls have now been taken,
Such a tragic loss of life,
Their memories will forever live on,
Through their husbands & their wives,

Or through anyone who knew them,
Those who have had to say farewell,
  We shall still spread all their love and kindness,
In all of the stories that we tell,

It is now in every nation,
Nobody in life is really safe,
We all have in common,
So I ask us all to pray,

Let's pray that this will pass,
Please pray for people's health,
Let’s for strength & guidance,
Please pray that our world gets well.

We  will  survive.
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