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Citizen Lost Apr 19
As I walk all alone,
Down empty somber streets,
I avoid all physical contact,
At  a distance of 6 feet,

The enemy is here,
The attack is taking place,
It doesn't spare anybody,
No culture, faith or race,

So many well known places,
Abandoned without a trace,
As they continue to track the virus,
This killer without a face,

It doesn't care about religion,
As it grows in strength,
And picks up the pace,
My thoughts are with all of the victims,

Those that have lost the chase,

Many souls have now been taken,
Such a tragic loss of life,
Their memories will forever live on,
Through their husbands & their wives,

Or through anyone who knew them,
Those who have had to say farewell,
  We shall still spread all their love and kindness,
In all of the stories that we tell,

It is now in every nation,
Nobody in life is really safe,
We all have in common,
So I ask us all to pray,

Let's pray that this will pass,
Please pray for people's health,
Let’s for strength & guidance,
Please pray that our world gets well.

We  will  survive.
Allesha Eman Apr 10
You wash your heart with evening rain
as waves of drowsiness hold out
paper boats made of written dreams
that search endlessly for a lighthouse
to guide them home to you
I’m uncertain of what to make out of my life, I have so many dreams and goals, but they all seem to be at a distance right now- they almost feel unattainable.
I seek you, Lord, for counseling, for clarification, for wisdom, and insight. Guide me, O Lord, for I do not know what to do next. Please help me, O heavenly Father, for I am trusting you.
Äŧül Mar 4
I found you
Looking for me,
Looking for some guidance,
Which I gave to you,
In return,
You gave me your heart,
Which I shall cherish forever,
And ever.
My HP Poem #1910
©Atul Kaushal
What can guide us
When everyone is right
What can guide us
When no one ready to take things in their stride
What can guide us
When everyone takes pride to be naked
What can guide us
When no one ready to stand behind the wicket
What can guide us
When everyone is hit wicket
What can guide us
When everyone betrays ignorance
What can guide us
When everyone fakes innocence
What can guide us
When no one is ready to listen
Guide guides the guidance
Just sit with closed eyes
Feel His presence
Lyn-Purcell Jan 3

Whisper from willows
To guide you on your journey
Let love be your hope

Mini haiku from my journal 💜
SquidInk Dec 2020
i scream at the top of my lungs asking for your guidance
but still i am left unheard
you never reply
and i am left drowning in my own tears
sincerely me
ED Greene Dec 2020
Always there
Changing each day
Exposing and hiding

Illuminating or guiding
Constant cycles in perpetual circles

Orbiting just out of reach
Though it seems
Never too far

Emerging just when I need him!

Lonely mortals hang onto longing never giving credit

Forgetting how many times they've found salvation in the moon
Toya Nov 2020
Days trapped in dreams
Winters trapped in drought
Let the fog be the guise that distinguishes the light
I need you now, light as a feather
Now and forever
For the sun is just weather
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