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Raining on your parade
The date saved
The memoir gave
Tunnels bound
By horns that sound
The time,
with you
A light will guide you
And here though,
You will resonate life
you looked at me and said
“is this how i’m supposed to feel?”
“hold on”
i said
as i pulled out the guide book
I'd like to say a grand old cheers.
Please hold up your scotch and beers.

For my dad teaching me the right and wrongs.
How to properly jam to those Jim Hendrix Songs.

To take my time for a clean cut shave.
How to calm the nerves for the game winning save.

When talking to women, just be myself and kind.
Knowing the importance of an educated mind.

How to deal with situations when **** hits the fan.
Always learning is part of being a man.

Showing me how to take the in the view,
and feel the breeze.
How to use the stars to navigate the seas.

Dad, thank you for your wisdom, patience and love.
Rest easy in your loft up above.
Steve Page Apr 26
Countless paths
Alternative routes
Only one guide
can see you through.
The way ahead is rarely clear.  Options are great, but I need guidance.
Nathalie Apr 19
You pull me close
and I can feel the
glow of your love
as you lay a tender
note of affection on
my forehead

We are moving into
this moment of total
surrender as we
stop resisting the
draw of this connection

There is wisdom
in divine timing
and sometimes
we are not meant
to comprehend why
such meetings of the
heart happen serendipitously

We can only listen
and trust the
silence and its guidance
which rises us
into higher understanding
and vibration of light

Nathalie Apr 13
There is intrinsic value
in being aware of the
sensations in your body
Each feeling that is stirred
is giving you new
information and guidance
on what is for your
highest good and
what is entertaining
your growth
and experience
All that you learn
is moving you
along the journey
of your life.

Nathalie Mar 31
There is beauty in her eyes
A reflection of the
World she holds inside
Nothing escapes her
She has danced with
The embers of curiosity
She has embraced
The inklings of guidance
She has surrendered
To adventures of mad love
She knows how precious
Life is…
It’s an abundance of gifts
And she chooses to
Unwrap all of its surprises
consistently and gratefully

Mostly I write
For myself
I write nonsense
That, even I knew

Guide me
When I'm wrong
Where I need to correct
Show me:
How alphabets, create magic
How compatible, words stay
How the good, sense is made
Let me learn
How to choose them

Let the ink spill
In the favour
Every concerned thoughts
Every soulful words
That connects you to me
Guide me
Genre: Experimental
Theme: life's guide
Nathalie Feb 1
Listen to its rythm
the heartbeat of soul
The pulse of your
life in action

Heed the call
answer the passion
streaming through
your veins

The journey
of your heart
and its guidance
is full of love

Surrender, be aware
of the minds distraction
and swim in the ocean
of ultimate bliss.

Em MacKenzie Feb 1
I listened to all your problems
for years my ear was numb,
I had no input on how to solve them,
but a way out balanced on my thumb.
You inquired of how it felt,
and I was hesitant to describe,
how all troubles seemed to melt
and all the answers were transcribed.

We began with liquid form
as it tends to go down easy,
and for once we were warm,
though our surroundings were freezing.
We grabbed another glass,
and swiped another bottle from the store.
Back and forth our hands would pass,
‘cause that’s what friends are for.

Then I showed you all hues of green,
once it was our favourite colour,
hours spent glued to a T.V screen,
but the image kept growing duller.
It didn’t take us long to grow tired
when you’re always out and burned,
so we searched for a fill to get us wired,
oh all the ways we learned.

Seventeen years we’ve stood together,
starting at a concert’s mosh pit,
we’ve seen seasons change ignoring the weather,
though we sometimes lose touch a bit.
You get the lock and I’ll hit the latch,
together we can go through each door.
If you bring the gas, I’ll strike the match,
‘cause that’s what friends are for.

Finally we discovered nirvana,
the most beautiful of all the sights,
and though you took it to stigmata,
my airways clogged countless days and nights.
Sleep would eventually come peacefully for once,
and until then it was nothing but grins.
We’d converse back and forth with sighs and grunts,
discussing our secret sins.

And while I’ll forever fight that demon,
it seems long ago you stopped trying,
and for the moment I possess my freedom,
cautiously close you are slowly dying.
I didn’t guide you alone but I sure left a mark,
we walked the path together but I picked myself up off the floor.
so I’ll tie your shoes to walk into the dark,
‘cause that’s what friends are for.
I’m not the only one to guide her, but the guilt still eats me alive.
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