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Tara Oct 6
Sunlight’s amber coverage,
rippling in hand with the sea,
retreated beneath the shadow
of day’s rupture.

The swathes of darkness cast
across its golden bolt, swelled
outward with the sensation
of wine spilt from a chalice.

A thickened red,
seeping into deepened water,
expanded in punctuated

Night hovered, a ghostly spectre,
above the sun; water; day.
The sea, alighting in recognition,
burnt raw its tumbling waves,

casting orange flames in its
reflection- its essence to
the ashes of day- to
receive the ivory colouring

of bone upon bone.
The sun surrendered,
and in the darkness
a small sound rung forth.

Regret threaded its being
with the intensity of a storm’s approach.
‘Adieu,’  a voice called, clear before the
chalice of the sea. ‘Until tomorrow.’
Hi, this is my first poem on this beautiful corner of the internet. I hope you enjoy and can understand it. Any feedback is greaty appreciated :)
Greg Jones Jul 29
I see that troubled water,
I just cannot be bothered.
I know it looks bad, I know that it looks bad.
Looking for greener times,
Clearing my foggy mind.
I get the tool bag, I’m getting my tool bag.
Distances seems like a lot.
When you’re travelling and everybody just forgot.
It’s been so long since I transitioned into this,
But they only see the old me, they reminisce.
Communication without comprehension,
Though good intentions, is just lack of info retention,
I swear.
I build them up, and they just burn them down.
Then have the audacity to ask why I’m never around.
“Oh, hey, how are you?
You look so familiar.”
School them once, school them twice,
I’m on a different curricular.
I don’t have the time to keep repeating lessons
When all they seem to give me is false confessions.
With change on my mind, the past on my nerves,
I’m building bridges to get to something that I deserve.

It’s 11:30, why you come to see me?
Ain’t seen you for months, girl, now you wanna see me?
Standing on my porch now, saying “You complete me.”
With the low cut tank top, thinking than intrigues me.
Bite your bottom lip, ooh, you thought this would be easy.
Thought that I’d forget just how bad you treat me?
I know all your tricks, yeah, that ****’s beneath me.
You used to be a playlist that I could put on repeat.
All your cute words, they’re just trying to deceive me.
But that bridge is gone now, why don’t you believe me?
2017 -
The year that broke some more illusions
The year that invited some more people
But also drove away some people.

A year of juxtaposition and contradiction
A year of memories and lessons
like any other year; just different.

2018 -
The clock strikes 12 and you enter
as the person who changed over the 365 days
and embrace the ride of highs to memories
and lows to lessons in the coming 365 days.
But you know it is just a change in number
even though it feels like an end to something
heart breaking and soul shaking
and the beginning of something different and beautiful.
Emir Jul 14
4 years ago, I was not out
4 years ago, I didn’t want to wake up everyday from bed
4 years ago, I hated myself relentlessly and I was naive enough to trust people who would hurt me in more ways than I could imagine.
4 years ago, I had the wardrobe of a typical girl. Containing bras, shirts sized for female bodies, and tight jeans on my hips to express my curves with the whole world.
4 years ago, I slept in a cramped room that only led to cramped thoughts. I slept in a twin sized bed and shared that room.
4 years ago, I was rude to everyone I came into contact with unless I was familiar with them.
4 years ago, if you would’ve told me I looked gross I would have believed you and allowed it to ruin my day.
4 years ago, I was engulfed in self hatred, trying to find my identity, I was chronically depressed and needed help, I was a danger to myself and those around me. But those who were supposed to do a job of protecting me did not do so successfully.
4 years later, I am out as trans ftm and I have the most utmost and supportive people I wouldn’t have thought in a million years I could have had. I have people who are on my team, who are with me with every struggle and journey I go through. I have people who simply accept me and don’t treat me differently. I have people who have allowed me to become their family and treat me as their own regardless of my identity.
4 years later, I wake up from my bed motivated to be a better me than the day before. I still have ups and downs but I wake up now, wanting more out of life than I ever had because I can be thankful for everything life has taught me.
4 years later, I don’t hate myself and when I look in the mirror I’m staring to see what I always wanted. I can say confidently I know who I am and my pride doesn’t allow me to put negative people into my life. I am learning to keep bad people away and I will always come in contact with them; but I know myself to stay away and not let myself be affected by their misery.
4 years later, I look into my closet and all I see is gender reaffirming clothing. I see dress shirts and dress shoes of a business man. I see shorts that lay comfortably below my waist and jeans that are fitted, but not atrociously showing off my body.
4 years later, I have my own room. I sleep in my own bed. And I even have a pet cat named Presley who sleeps with me from time to time. My room is decorated with art and accompanied with things that make me happy. I can express my thoughts with a therapist or through my art, comfortably.
4 years later, I like to think of myself as a person who treats you with respect if it has been given in return. I like to think my attitude is better towards people I’m not familiar with and treat them with kindness.
4 years later, if you would’ve told me something insulting about my appearance or who I am, I would  shrug it off and tell myself I’m handsome and worth it. I don’t let people’s inner feelings about themselves bounce off onto me.
4 years later, when I tell myself something not very emotionally uplifting I cringe because I’m not like that anymore. I can look at my body and finally be satisfied because this is my temple and it’s not going anywhere. I can accept myself for what I am and the changes I want to go through as a part of my transition and I’m totally okay with that. I’m not as chronically depressed because I take antidepressants and it makes me feel so much more in tune with life and those around me. I’m not a danger to myself anymore. And I don’t plan to change that. Some people have come around in terms of acceptance, and loving me but some have not. And I truly cherish and adore the one parent that has done his best until this very point in owning up to the title of a parent.
4 years of therapy, 4 years of pain, 4 years of trials and tribulations, and 4 years of growth. Never give up. The universe has a plan for you.
They will try
To destroy the culture

Then, they will spray
The venom

Then, they will try
To **** your soul

Then, they will ask
Who you are?

That instant
You may remember
Who you were?

No one
I am
Nothing will left
Last of a dying breed
Living in the past
You may have to say
Genre: Dark Raw
Theme: light me a pyre burn me until I'm ash
Toni Jun 17
I know I should be sad at the thought of what we had being washed away,
But a clean slate doesn’t sound too bad
And I brought my umbrella anyway.

What do you say?
This year has been very transitional, and mindfulness has been a constant theme.
I think that I am thick
Choosing a state of contentment
In a world of chaos
Chin high, eyes dry
I think that I am thick

I think that I am transparent
Knowing more of pain than of comfort
In a smog of darkness yearning for light
Depriving eyes of vital moisture
I think that I am transparent

Learning of God
Through love and unity
In friendship and fellowship
Faith in wise words and the eyes of the enlightened
Learning of God

Now understanding God
Through the death of my father
In the depths of my mother's sadness
Sadistic peers and malevolent neighbors
Now understanding God

I thought that to be poised was to appear stable
I thought that to have tenacity I must seem strong
Forbearing my feelings you are unable
But for keeping them to myself I was wrong
Crying is better
In one instance
Voices inside pleaded
To live in
Other dimension

1st D
Where you exist
2nd D
Full of magic

Just imagine
Why the world
Is different
From this corner
After all
Genre: Spiritual
Theme: Transition
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