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Sy Lilang Jun 26
Ngayon ang araw na ang tagsibol ay naging taglagas
Nagmistulang mga banderitas na may kani-kaniyang pahiwatig
Ang mga balitang may madalamhating panimula.
At kung ito nga ang katapusan ng isang mandirigma
Sa kahon at sa lilim ng Malacanang,
Ay dito ko rin nais magsimula ng aking pagtaya.

Ginuguhit ko sa aking isipan
Ang paulit-ulit na malalaking tuldok
At ang kani-kanilang dugtugngan
Na tila ba hindi lamang sila kabahagi ng kabuuan
Ngunit ang kanilang kabuuan ay sya ring kabahagi
Sa pinagtagpi-tagping mga kalahok ng kasaysayan.

Natatandaan ko pa noong elementarya,
At sa tuwing bubuksan ang aklat ng nakaraan
Ay tila magiging mga itak na matutulis ang mga pahina nito
At sabay-sabay na susugod at lulusob
Na para bang mga manlalayag sa panibagong misyon nito.

At kahit pa, kahit pa gustuhin ko mang manatili
Ang mga imahe sa realidad
Ay wala naman akong kakayahan
Para pigilan ang tadhana sa pagkitil
Ng kanilang mga pinaglumaang orasan.

Ngunit sigurado akong ang mga mukhang nililok ng panahon
Ay magiging katulad din ilang pahinang ipinapangkalakal
At doon sila'y magpapatuloy ng panibagong yugto
Ng mga kwentong hindi man maiukit sa kasaysayan
Ay magsisilbi namang pamana
Sa henerasyong may iba nang ipinaglalaban.

Hindi man ito ang sinasambit kong katapusan
Ngunit sa pagitan ng magkaibang panig at paniniwala
Ay balang araw itong maisasara na may iisa ng pamagat.
At marahil bukas o sa makalawa'y
Sabay-sabay din tayong magbunyi
Sa umagang hindi na lulubog pa magpakailanman.
Maria Mitea Mar 20
It is snowing today with Crumbs of bread,
the Crumbs pass through the air,
fall, and only where they do not fall,
and only who does not nibble on them,
every day a flock of birds flies
around a Crumb of bread, an anthill feeds,
There were so many of us around the table,
like giants in drops of blood,
my mother didn't scold us
if the Crumbs fell on the floor, rather
a sister or brother pointed the finger:
you have made Crambs, it falls from you,
not from me, from you, see how you scatter,
- I just swept around the house,

My mother knew how to calm us down:
"The Crumbs come to our house from heaven,
grandparents, grandmothers ask to be remembered
my dear children, it's a great pity to quarrel
or blame each other when you eat at the table,
- you know, we, people whatever place we pass
we leave behind us Crumbs,
you better call the birds to nibble at will,
and let the Crumbs also make wings.
the transition between heaven and earth
Melody Mann Mar 18
Withered by time the rose wilts,
its beauty transitions to realization,
in awe of the formative manifestations,
petal by petal the colors fade into a rust red,
shedding its youth and accepting its maturation;
yann Mar 1
tell me to walk right ahead,
and say you'll be right there to take care of me
through all the messy parts of changing and
maybe for a while,
we could grow a little bit older together
unfit lovers that we are,
until my body gets weirder and bolder and
more beautiful than I could've predicted.
and you could fall for me then,
be a little selfish too,
ask me to wait while you're the one walking,
or to follow when the change is in you,
and i would,
i would.
yann Mar 1
so what if i died right there,
mouth wide open,
killed by the number of rejections my body has had to suffer through,
mine first and then the rest,
a grief made out of pebbles and rocks and other sharp objects.

what if i gave up, right now,
body crumpled in a knot
of all the hate it has received over the years,
yours first and then
the one i started throwing at it too.

there is only so much time one can save before the ticking of the clock gets too much
to keep walking in dry lands.
show me the ****** water
let me drown in it,
I should be the king of me.
yann Mar 1
one time i dreamt i was a boy and i haven't really stopped since.
the dream followed me around all day, as if i wasn't meant to live anyway.
dream of mine, can you stop ?
i know that you are beautiful,
i see your truth and your lessons,
the way your hands look like mine but can hold a lot more of the world in them,
i love you, i truly do,
but i am the only one.
dream i dreamt, i beg you to stop,
because maybe i will never reach you,
and that hurts me way more than you do.
yann Mar 1
how many hours have i lost to trying to explain my existence to people who won't let me be.
day after day after day telling you
that i should be breathing too.
the exhaustion runs so deep that i can feel it
pulling me apart, like if i close my eyes
i won't be strong enough to open them again.
Sabika H Nov 2020
One step - two stepping me,
Swirling around me in a spiral,
And I twirl,
And orbit in a cycle,
Gaining momentum,
I shine bright
As I try to catch up to your speed
And you run me down!
When did you become so sinister?

Never fixed in a fixture,
Never got the whole picture,
Because you're constantly on the move.
So move!
Are you getting into the groove?

Don't hold your breath
In fear that you'll never breathe again
When the difference between
Reality and a projection
Is the ink in the pen and
The lines in a book
And even then,
You cannot catch up to the speed of his

Finished before you even started,
Cycle after cycle
I am reminded.
Zoe Grace Nov 2020
You used to go by another name
Now you're somebody new, and your name is

When i was with you
My heart was at W.   A.    R.  
Questions and screams and bloodshed
Now you have my friend
I just hope you treat him right
You made out with him in the park
But did you really feel?
He doesnt deserve
To feel what i felt
When you had my heartstrings in your hands
I found this out today. New news.
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