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Descovia Aug 7
I have never been able to sleep.
Everything toys with me as
my mind wonder into the deep
The clock on the wall
Criticizing my need for momentary peace.
When will I ever be released?
Imagination very active and all is alive.
In my waking moments, I am groggy I strive
only for the feel and desire to survive.
Before, I close my eyes with the sister of death.
Possibilities of the unknown is where it all thrives
My thoughts depart from time to time.
Countdown of spiraling minutes
I'm losing my will to eat and the need to rest.
Shifting away from friends & from all that is left

Jamesb Jul 16
There is for everything under heaven a time,
And mine has come,
And mine has been,
And mine has become history,
And so now time for something new,
For someone new,
Someone with whom to enjoy
The benefit of all the lessons learned
With me,
Someone fresh and unsullied
By our mistakes
And our cocking up,
The rows and the stupid misunderstandings,
A bright new future in
Those sunny uplands we oft discussed,
Those painful conversations
We both hated to perceive the truth of
Have come home at last to roost,
For everything under heaven
A time comes,
For everything and everyone
A time also leaves,
So now I am left,
Now I am alone,
As perhaps
Should be.
Corbyn Jul 4
No longer set back by the uncomfortable masses of fat resting on my chest
I’m free to live and breathe DEEPLY
Each day I uncover more of the truth to who I am
I spent many years yearning for this feeling of relief
Here it is
I’m ready
Corbyn Jul 4
Dear Testosterone,
You made me sweaty, ***** and sometimes angry too
But I would be lying if I could say I know what I’d do without you
You changed my life from the outside in
Showed me that living as my true self is not living in sin
Each month I’m amazed by how much change I see
In my face, my voice, my hair and all of me
Corbyn Jul 4
Today I can look in the mirror and see myself
752 days and one major surgery later but wow I see myself
Cole Feb 18
I'll paint my nails
Fix up my hair
Anything you say.
Get good grades
Wear high heels
You never listen anyway.
Who cares if I am strange?

They dare to call me names.
So I'll change my clothes
Cut my hair
Just exactly as I please.

You won't hear me anyway
Who cares if I change my name?
Who cares if I dare come out?
So what? So what?

I put make up on
And starve til I'm enough
Is this truly what you want?
Is this truly what you need?

A daughter who is prefect
A daughter just to see

Who cares what I say?
Who dares challenge me?
So what if I shut my eyes?
"Fix your hair"
"Do your nails"
Anything I should do.

I will not listen anymore
To what you have to say.
Maybe I'll change everything
Even change the game.
"Wear a smile and wait a while"
I won't follow you anymore.

Learning the lessons that happened before
as they come round again in various forms.
Same faces and places setting up themes, we don't always see the patterns between.
Trends tend to reset and test us again, emotions take hold but not as our friend.
Sunk in a cycle of continuous loops, failing to think they may hold just one truth.

Decisions of a short-term visionary, skewed and responsive to his or her needs. This irreverent mist often follows a dip, perspective changes a clouded verdict.
Crystal clarity can skip our reality
as permissions transition beyond each dream,
when we look to our heroes who sit at the peak.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
anthony Jan 8
here lies a pine tree
grown for years, but times have changed
now i grow redwoods
poem written after my name changed
Ram B Nov 2021
ayoko mang sabihin, pero
masakit man isipin, pero
marami akong tanong, pero
di ko maintindihan, pero
bakit ganun
bakit ngayon
bakit di ko man lang
bakit di ka man lang
I am saying goodbye, but why?
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