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Chris Slade Sep 3
I’m sorry I had to leave so suddenly that night.
And even more sorry to know that you had the shock
of finding my ’not wanted on the voyage’ body.
The useless carcass I left behind.
That shouldn’t happen to anyone,
to find your lifeless partner by your side…
That’s how you’d see it anyway.

But me? I’m off now into the wide blue yonder,
never to return. Not as you knew me anyway.
These are the rules I’m afraid.
Apparently some people do come back.
****** Spiritualists & Clairvoyants… They make us all,
up here - seem like part timers.
Not that I wouldn’t… But it’s complicated.

There’s a kind of apprenticeship,
a protocol to follow…There are still rules
even in death. There has to be a trade off.
No pain… no anguish…
And, you can just dip in and out of your old
family’s life - PAs… Personal Appearances.
That’s what 'Head Office' calls ‘em

Pacifies the loved ones that you are settled.
In the dying mode of things that is.
Really what you’re doing… as a soul,
is waiting for a suitable donor body
then you're born into a new family!
That's the way it goes!

To end on a lighter note… Kind of makes you wonder
why there aren’t more child prodigies around…
Maybe only the smartest ones make it back! Who knows?

All that knowledge gone to waste… Just saying!
I write from the other side of death... not the hearts and flowers... but the looking back on life and the the 'still living' from the 'other' side!
N Chairannisa Aug 13
I heard that time seems to warp in airports and stations
because our brains don’t see them as real places,
only temporary passages,
marked by their impermanence.
Inside their walls, reality is in transition,
the way dreams fade out into hazy mornings.

In this drowsiness, I am transported.

Outside the window
emerald hills and dusky clouds
glittering with gold and silver
tumble behind with alarming speed
as if propelled into motion by
the strongest of forces
and concrete blocks scratch the sky
held too high by thousands of suits
and i wonder if it hurts to run
bearing such heaviness on their shoulders
but when one falls a newer suit comes
with more energy and faster feet
and they run and run and run
as if trying to escape —
but from what, and to where?

I keep projecting forwards.
My body starts to ache.

I am still in transit.

From my carriage I wonder again,
Will they arrive before me?
Zuri E Jul 1
words can stand empty like shrines of gods forgotten
and cave rooms inhabited by nothing
but stones and decay
people die
and fade as flowers do in anticipation
and then winter comes
things fall to the same dust
from which we were made and shall return
so to you who go before us; unafraid
I wish love was enough
to bring back the soul and make it marry body again
so that two can become one
and breathe life into you again
to make the world and this vacuum created
whole again
I love you even beyond death
and life itself
sway and sail away into the light
where you shall be clothed with warmth the world knows nothing about
- nothing left to say
Fae Jun 15
Cold, like the spring breeze
I laugh that you can see it
My sullen smile
Call it what you will.
Life in monochrome
Has been smooth and safe
The world of colours, allures
Newer avenues, shores
Measured steps  
A journey to embrace
A rainbow awaits
Thank you so much, for the sunshine here, V, you are gracious and kind :) ☀️
Take all necessary precautions as we may be in for one hell of a ride
as certain forces are descending that will likely cause us all to slide.
It was foretold and written long ago by those ancient prophets of old
and again in the 20th century by One who claimed to be of their Fold.
He was recorded as saying that ¾ of the world's people would perish
and they would do so in spite of anyone or all those we may cherish.

He was called Meher Baba and many recognised him to be an Avatar;
a Divine incarnation of God Who was humanity's most Brightest Star.
Born towards the end of the 19th century at the beginning of a new age
to usher in a New Humanity and in spiritual matters take centre stage.
So much like all those Who'd come before Him He was destined to be
Divinely awakened and authorised to go about setting all people free.

With the words given that were recorded and written down He did say
the world was in the throes of undergoing a Spiritual rebirth in a way.
Like an expectant mother going through her motions and birth pangs
this new age would consume and devour many people with its fangs.
We only have to look back and see the horrors of late with world wars
and the advancement in technology opening up so many hidden doors.

This so-called New Humanity that is being now gradually ushered in
is the next stage of mankind's evolution that will free it of its past sin.
Individually and collectively most will all sometime have to undergo
a purging of their ignorance hidden within them that God does show.
Meher Baba has brought together all religions like beads on one string
and set the stage of the Spirituality that this New Humanity will bring.

He'll work through and with all those true religions of mankind's past
that are still around now though fading lately renewing them so to last.
By showing and revealing the underlying similarities behind them all
He beckons everyone in the world now to so therefore heed His Call.
And all that anyone will ever have to do is to keep Him in their heart
by following the precepts given in the religion of which they're a part.

The manifestation for man of Heaven on earth is what it's really about
a divine experience so great and Holy that it will cause us all to shout.
Come one and all to be a part of this New Humanity that's being born
heralding a glorious age of mankind's place on Earth by a New Dawn.
It's by the elimination of ignorance, falsehood and all our superstition
that we can all now be in and a part of The New Humanity's transition.
One of my very latest poems which I felt compelled to write due to what is happening in the world today. I don't mean to be a scaremonger but in the wake of a possible worse case scenario the poem actually gives much hope as well if indeed this is actually that time.. May God help us all.
Written in March 2020
veevee Apr 29
I went for a walk as the old world crumbled.
A hearse drove slowly past me,
With the deceased journeying for the last time,
Flanked with a wreath spelling out "OM",
Their voice now silenced forever, their forehead so cold,
Nay, their voice now added to the eternal sound of "OM".

I walked on with a heavy heart and with my chest constricted.
Some distance away, I saw a hedge sprouting a row of hopeful young buds.
A young blackbird gleefully bathed in a muddy puddle.
Here, in front of my eyes, a new world was stirring,
And timidly stretching into existence, in no particular hurry,
Unencumbered by the burdens of the past.

My spirits were momentarily lifted,
But equally I grieved for the passing world,
As one would for a lost dear one.
"Live so we may rest, love so we may find peace."
Sighed the dying world.
"…" stuttered the new world, "I AM here."
Dez Mar 28
Death is the end of this life
But it is the door
To another life
so in truth
Death is a beginning
To which do you agree?
Dez Mar 28
With death I did sup
'Twas I who did drink his cup
But it was the door
Death is the end of this life
But it is the door
To another life
so in truth
Death is a beginning
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