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Imogen 7d
Scarlet Maiden, the roses smold'ring
To ashes in your wake
As you draw phoenix-like nearer the altar!

Let fall thy shroud before the mourners, fair Lover,
As the flick'ring lamps unveil the shadows,
And with them: the face of thy Beloved.
"Prayers and Musings in the Temple of Fire, No. IV"
ButterPecan Oct 2
Did you notice as you were packing
I was too
Packing up things to give away
Shedding what we don’t need
Emptying the nest
And now the house is a mess
There are boxes all around
Books off their shelves
Things out of place
It’s not going to get better unless I take a stab
At cleaning
Because the house is just a mess
Without you
A lifetime ago, I was younger like you,
before my dreams faded and life was still new.
I wish I knew then, all that I know now,
I wanted our life but didn’t know how.
I settled for less and tried the right things,
and cashed in my soul for all that it brings.
I’ve made my mistakes, like others before,
forgiveness more fleeting, ‘til you closed the door.
Waiting for answers, I went into shock,
you left me no choice but to turn back the clock.
I walk this new path while finding myself,
forgetting our past is best for my health.
As I move along, a decade removed,
my body more fit now to go with my mood.
I realize by now we could have had more,
alone I will see what life has in store.
I so miss the comfort of you every night,
kindness from others, brings love at first sight.
Each new encounter, just gives me a shove,
I remind myself not to fall back in love.
When, where and who will be the right one?
I’ve so much to give, just let it be done.
I may never take them, to become my wife,
but I need embraces to sustain my life.
Addiction exists with drugs and affection,
I’m itching for love at each intersection.
How long must I wait to rip out the sutures?
Pleasure Delayer, indefinite future.
This poem is about my feelings of transition from one place to another. I lost my career which pushed my wife to leave me. I have few answers but this poem can be applied to both difficult situations. I feel more than I should and still can't trust my emotions when entertaining relationships.
Andrew Jul 2017
My transcendent transition
Brought by my ****** ambition
Became my personal religion
When I gained a monk's chastity
All my pleas just came back to me
My prayers remain unanswered
Like someone dying of cancer
An inept bow-legged dancer
My skills are useless
My bites are toothless
My eyes are youthless
When my face has been strained
By the energy that was drained
On this ceaseless journey
To sate my ceaseless yearning

They don't look like the pictures they show
They only choose the photos that glow
They're so afraid of being alone
Willing to lie
To lure unsuspecting prey
And trap them in a spider web personality
But webs are useless against grander creatures
And become an annoyance
When all the wildlife
Can only see silk
And get itchy in the effected areas
In our minds we build barriers
In our hearts we grow wearier
Searching for someone to hold us tight at night
Someone that looks right in the light
Someone that helps fight all our plights
Someone to give that tranquil transition
Into that peaceful loving condition
Arke Sep 14
red torii gates separate the sacred
engraved with kana names
I step on the stone tiles
reinvent myself by praying
to every *** I have never believed in
donating all the coins I have to shrines
the omamori will protect me
with pretty ribbons, silk, and wood
their birds guide to understanding
converting lies into truths before me
their paper songs a tender kindness
and there is courage within me
even as my voice turns to melody
my words spill out a tune
the temple walls hum
a chorus of veracity, louder
I have come to realize the importance
of moral authenticity within me
your gracious decency, divine
delicate gentleness with my fragility
from shattered pieces I rebuild
recollect myself and rise stronger
the sakura blossoms melt
the tide rises up the torii
compelled by a cold moon
wooden birds take flight away
and I return solid and true
Arke Sep 12
I needed to hear these words today
and I thought,
maybe you need to hear them, too

sometimes you’ll put up a good fight
you will do everything right in life
and you will still lose
sometimes you’ll hold on really hard
and realize there is no choice
but to let go and walk away
this isn't failure, or weakness
this is part of being human
acceptance is a strength

you cannot convince anyone to love you
not your mother, nor partner, nor friends
those in your life will never give you love
just because you want them to give it
love can move freely
it ebbs and flows in every direction
and it graces people with it's presence
just as quickly as it leaves us bereft
and perhaps it's fleeting nature
makes it all the more beautiful
when people who love each other
Though, I dish out my love freely and it will always exist for those special people who are in my life. <3
Kyle Summer Aug 25
Four feet, impeding on the sun,
yet only two of them are mine.

Time is rugged against the grain
of questions falling on white sand.
How come no one consciously believes in
anything except fractured light and filtered water?
He walks on broken heels and small bones,
but somehow always steps in time.

My only memory of Jesus
is in the aftermath of a forest fire.
We danced throughout destruction,
and her hollow laughter brought the rain.
She was the beginning of the rapture,
sometimes I think of her and pray.

I got lost six years ago,
on the way to change my name.
I wonder, how could I go missing
if I never locked the door?
Did anything really happen,
or does nothing ever change?

Four feet, impeding on the sun,
yet none of them are mine.
A student of the crowded breeze.
On a whim Raise like the dandelions' seed,
Vibrantly dissent like, in fall, trees' leaves.
An apostle of purpose beyond what one sees for the unknown is nothing and possibility.

Our lessons are on the topic of practical whimsy, in their way; the wind that cools your face also fans a flame and guides the rain.
The Sensei go by many names, I know them from the roles they play:

Boreas shepherds my turmoil,
A tempest;
senseless, cold and violent as if without vision only vengeance.

Notus shows my passion;
A gust to an ember on dry land,
Unreasonable, unpredictable and destructive without a plan.

Zephyr entices my love;
A subtle intimate current for dance,
The beauty of birds and bees flying from flower to flower and branch to branch.

Eurus reflects my way;
A flurry that moves the sand.
The removal of sediment,
the return to foundation born from action mixed with patience.

They can only guide me
I can ride the winds of the odyssey or resign to the winds of dreams
but I know
I Am
A student of the breeze.
Boreas- the north wind in Greek mythology associated with the storms
zephyr- the west wind associated with spring
Notus- the south wind associated with crop destruction (end of autumn)
Eurus-the east wind the associated with opposing Noctus and autum bounty

looking for a new muse to learn new things about myself through someone true to themselves
ollie Aug 9
Lately I’ve been awake
Like in my head
Listening to this artist I found called cavetown
Never have I heard the feeling of empathy conveyed through music before
Or the feeling of dysphoria
And I listen to Lorde because she makes me feel like I’m on the edge of the world and I’m going to fall off of it into outer space
I listen to cavetown because I’m so used to feeling for other people that I haven’t gotten around to doing it for myself and being in the center of the world instead
But cutting my hair, hiding my chest
That sounds pretty on brand for a monster like myself
And speaking of monsters, get a load of me
Cause I know too well how to communicate
Just not with myself
I think I might be transgender
Like a dude
Which is kind of hard to come to terms with
One side of me says gender is a social construct and it doesn’t matter
The other burns for the feeling of everything matters, it wants to rip open my throat just for the feeling of it
It wants to know what I am
And coming out to my family as a ******* was one thing but I’m scared they wouldn’t love me if I was trans
That’s scary
I’m scared
I can’t tell them
I can never tell them
I could barely tell my closest friends
I know they would still love me
But I don’t know with my parents
Speaking of those, another poem about my dad
Back in jail
I don’t know what I expected
Court comes in a week or so
If it ends up like I hope it does he’ll miss my eighteenth birthday
And it’s not exactly a thing where I want him away from me
Even though I do
It’s more like I want him to get what he deserves
I don’t want my youngest sister to be five years old the next time she sees her dad
But it’s what he deserves
So **** him and **** me too
I deserve to be angry
I have a right to be angry
I have a right to want to cry about it
Like how I spend all this time pretending I don’t care
I care so much
Like so so much
There’s more important things
Like gender dysphoria and getting a boy’s haircut later this week
Someday, I hope I’ll ask them to call me Oliver
he/him please
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