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Agathis Oct 20
Even money comes with a cost
When it's time to find what you lost
until you finally hate what you love
Split pathways splayed on palms and face
Each line runs according to its own race
Deep, undefined or shifting aside
Inescapable writings on the walls
Nothing seems straightforward at all
On reviewing in hindsight
The circumstance of chance
How much space do we have to play
Was I supposed to be late
Another carrier of an attitudinal barrier
Loss of control often feels immeasurable
Despite conflicts of character
At times are we in charge of our own lives
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Hatred burns our cities down,
As ash and dust roll o'er the ground,
And in the distance, war horns sound
The call to stand and fight.

But hatred met with hate makes fear-
It's already been a frightful year
Why cant we just listen, ear to ear
And stop the cycle now?

But, they say, its too far gone-
What's wrong is right, what's right is wrong;
But how far is too far to drag along
Without corruption on all sides?

And in the wake of desperate cries,
Did we make sights worth our eyes?
Or did we leave things to be despised
When we paved the way for tears?

Are we proud to hold the line
When the devastation we left behind
Disturbs and hardens every mind
Casting shadows long and deep?

I cannot say that I agree
With this depraved humanity-
But acting without responsibility
Makes us all ashamed.

Yes, anger, hate, and bigotry
Make us all hurt and angry;
But none of these make us free-
For we are all the same.
Laura May 11
I have spent a thousand sleepless nights
Missing you

But none more
Than the ones I spent next to you
Sarah Pavlak Apr 14
A Nigerian told me I need to have more ***,
Tap tap wedding ring on a
Plastic dashboard.
JT Nelson Apr 8
When talking about the past
We often forget about the pain
The worst of days
The sickest of days
The days when we felt like we were at the bottom
Looking only up for any kind of help

History is doomed to repeat itself
But all we can think about,
Even when I think about those pain filled days
Is how they were moments of hurt
Like punches to the midsection
Not knocking you out
But taking your breath

Taking that part
Of the memory
That helps one forget
Darkest moments of
Broken hearts
Broken bones
Broken skin
Broken soul

And we sit and think
About those better days
When the sun shone
And a gentle summer breeze
Rolls warm air
Over closed eyes
And you dream
About the best moments of your life
When your heart wasn't broken
Just so much time to sit and think ... then think about thinking
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