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Kelly Mistry Aug 20
Cycles of pain
Circles of healing
What did I learn

Did I hold on
                         to the pain and miss
                                                              th­e lesson

Trauma can teach
But how do you know
The right lesson

We need meaning
To contextualize our pain
To start healing

If there is no meaning
Then we create one
It’s our greatest strength
Or possibly
                      our greatest weakness

I may make one meaning
You may make another

Which is right?

Time will tell
Time will heal

But in time
                     Lessons can fade

We reimagine our past
With the meanings that we make

Who can say who’s right
And who’s wrong
In your own history

Does it matter in the end?
When the lessons we seem to learn best
Are the ones we already believe

New ideas are harder
Does harder mean better?
More real?
More right?

I don’t know

I guess I will just
Continue to make meaning

Seek to heal
         And hope for the best
Raven Feels May 14
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the world seems unfair:|

can it be

a thousand hearts in one beat

mind slamming straight to my back

shiver on my own on a brick less track

stars I count that it takes to a far

feels in me soaring on a getaway car

truth in a taste not even real but I'm on clouds now

not even my name I remember memory fails someway somehow

burning I glide unlight

now you see me in hindsight

from the frozen read lines I have in a repressed epiphany

the overwhelm I smell till I'm choked on infinity

                                                       ­                          -------ravenfeels
Dee Apr 12
I know my flaws,
I've accepted them.
You drown in yours.
Bobby Dodds Apr 4
is 20/20."
As the tag-a-longs
And dingbats like to recite.
Well that's dumb- 20/20 is average!!
This is outrageous -even our idioms our idiotic-
So I propose a new saying,
And yes, who is the 17 year old white boy
To say anything about anything.
But hear me out,
How about instead, we say,
"Hindsight, the unluckiest symptom of consciousness,
and a hell in its own right"
Okay yeah, well, maybe it IS a bit wordy,
And yeah, okay, maybe it IS a TAD too cynical.
But since when has a teenager been anything BUT
A self-proclaimed cynic.

With stars too far to telephone,
And when telegraphs aren't a thing anymore.
We gotta make our own futures,
But when we're riding along through our
Generation of hate,
Or lovely liberalism.
Try not to check the rearview mirror
"Riding along in my funky car, Mohair suits and Jazz guitars, what's a little sugar honey?! if not to take me far
now won't you pass the mars bar? *overly epic jazz guitar and doo woppy bass licks*

I'm in a jazzy mood tonight, I need to relearn some of my jazz piano songs that I learned for band years ago,,, I may never be able to play a concerto, or any of my favorite Tartini songs, but at least I can "play that funky music white booooyyy"
Grey Feb 25
It was a shotgun wedding
and the bullet hit 'em both.
John McCafferty Aug 2020
Split pathways splayed on palms and face
Each line runs according to its own race
Deep, undefined or shifting aside
Inescapable writings on the walls
Nothing seems straightforward at all
On reviewing in hindsight
The circumstance of chance
How much space do we have to play
Was I supposed to be late
Another carrier of an attitudinal barrier
Loss of control often feels immeasurable
Despite conflicts of character
At times are we in charge of our own lives
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Hatred burns our cities down,
As ash and dust roll o'er the ground,
And in the distance, war horns sound
The call to stand and fight.

But hatred met with hate makes fear-
It's already been a frightful year
Why cant we just listen, ear to ear
And stop the cycle now?

But, they say, its too far gone-
What's wrong is right, what's right is wrong;
But how far is too far to drag along
Without corruption on all sides?

And in the wake of desperate cries,
Did we make sights worth our eyes?
Or did we leave things to be despised
When we paved the way for tears?

Are we proud to hold the line
When the devastation we left behind
Disturbs and hardens every mind
Casting shadows long and deep?

I cannot say that I agree
With this depraved humanity-
But acting without responsibility
Makes us all ashamed.

Yes, anger, hate, and bigotry
Make us all hurt and angry;
But none of these make us free-
For we are all the same.
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