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so why worry so?
you will die if you worry
you die if you don't
who needs notes?
Whose lake is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite sad though.
It really is a tale of woe,
I watch her frown. I cry hello.

She gives her lake a shake,
And sobs until the tears make.
The only other sound's the break,
Of distant waves and birds awake.

The lake is crystal, cold and deep,
But she has promises to keep,
Until then she shall not sleep.
She lies in bed with ducts that weep.

She rises from her bitter bed,
With thoughts of sadness in her head,
She idolises being dead.
Facing the day with never ending dread.
Lady Ravenhill 2018
Thanks to Robert Frost for the underlying structure.
Love is a cigarette
Burning bright in a dopamine daze
Colouring the greys
Then you're at the *** end of love
Where you cough and splutter
Throw it on the floor...
astraea 2d
some days are colder than they are
and others are like stars in the sky
-lanterns in an otherwise endless night.

some days you wonder if you should try to leave at all,
if you should just go back to your books,
your music.
and other times you show your face to the world,
dance in clothes that you no longer hide in.

some days you agree that you’re ****,
and you allow them to draw their brushes across your faces,
making you pretty.

pretty. you’d never know.

and others say we tell them that we’re all beautiful,
but we sure aren’t pretty,
and there’s nothing wrong with our insides,
or perhaps the way we’ve chosen to show ourselves
-it’s all perfect.

every **** bit.

some days we feel as if our worries,
make this life worthless,
and we believe that that’s all we have
-that they’re worth ending it all over.

we’re wrong.

nothing’s worth that
-there are beautiful things like love,
and our very own lives.

as ****** up as we may think they are.
i've had an emotionally intense weekend. guys don't let the world convince you to harm/**** yourself. NOTHING IS WORTH KILLING YOURSELF OVER.  it's a lie that you can't fit in this world -we all have our places here, and yours is worth living for. and if you hate it, get a new one. love you all.
Mar 3d
So little time I have
To do all that I want
Even though I’m relatively young,
I cannot help but think about
How limited my time on this planet is.
Much time is spent worrying,
Either about the past,
Or what is to come in the future.
If only there was a way to stop
Thinking about this-
It makes me go mad
I woke up at 4am crying
I do not know why
I've been screaming all along
There is no meaning!!
It hurts
It hurts
Oh *** it always hurts

Sing it with me boys and girls
Everyone sing
It hurts
It hurts
Oh *** it hurts

that's all i can ever write
it never ends
Everyday i breathe
im so tired of not being me

I want to be deep
saying something that matters
all that rings in my head
Is the pain
Becuase it hurts
It hurts
Oh *** it hurts

How pathetic
I claim to be a poet
Yet write the same ****
About my loneliness
And  misery
I want some chivarly
Stop crying now

Everyone knows it hurts
Write something useful
Soemthing with beauty
No one wants to hear of the cruelty
About how much it hurts
It hurts
Oh *** it hurts

Im still crying
Im posting too much today but my mind will not calm down since i woke up
Lydia Dec 10
Think yourself to death
Take every word
Twist it
Change it
Until it haunts you
Every breath
Now has a meaning
That nobody intended
Punish yourself by overthinking
Every conversation
Every look
Nothing can remain happy for long
Because I am so good at this
Taking kind words
Turning them dark
I wish I could stop
But you can’t
I won’t let you
You won’t let yourself
Can’t you just be happy for once
Can’t you just let it go
Not everyone hates you
You can’t convince yourself of that
But I can
All words can be twisted in my mind
Turned into knots
Hangman’s knots
And tied around my neck
A noose of my own making
I think myself to death
I worry for the world.
I do, it’s true.
I worry for the world,
Through and through.

On this earth,
There’s so much wrong.
It decreases worth.
We’re never strong.

Echos and rings,
From the shots of war.
There’s many things,
There’s so much more.

There’s starvation, poverty,
Racism, inequalities,
All of these things bother me.
All of these things cause casualties.

Starvation and hunger
Affect many people,
Adults and younger.
All hope there’s no sequel.

I could write a book on racism.
It’s been done before,
And it’s caused quite a schism.
Drops jaws to the floor.

Inequality sickens me
And many others, too.
Everyone has the right to be.
To be who they want to.

Every person is a snowflake,
Unique in every way,
But we push them ‘til they break,
And don’t see another day.

Bullying leads to taken lives,
To sadness and to fear.
Doing awful things with knives
And shedding many tears.

Social media has taken over
Human robots, too many.
I’m lucky as a clover,
Because I don’t have any.

Parents’ expectations are too high.
Kids are failing class.
Many of them cry,
And are as fragile as glass.

Celebrities are idols,
Yet many are fools.
They’ve become our rivals,
Not as precious as jewels.

Technology is worshipped,
It’s addictive like a drug.
Society will worsen.
It’s time to pull the plug.
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