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The field has laid barren,for much too long now.
So empty; the air smells of fear and that dreadful disquietness.
“How can one ever gather all those pieces,those cut,broken,ugly and most unwanted fragments of who you now are,were and meant to be?”
An overwhelming task in a mind it stays. You haven’t the energy to ask or pray. To build,to persevere,to carry on. The need to create & sustain courage, to cross 1,000 miles,when afraid to take just one step.
The fear has jangled to your core.
Powerless,you can say no more.
Seems only one way to turn.
And that’s Away.
For,it is not that one desires the Fall.
But,rather it is the fear of the Flames.
these days I'm not worried
about writing poetry all the time
and the happy result is
that life sings at me in rhyme
Omnya0 1d
Time slips through my hands like sand from a broken hourglass
And every time I try to stand and take a breath
A year goes by
I fear that when I die,
I will not have been able to live in the moment
I fear that when I try to recall now
All I'll remember is worry and that makes my anxiety grow
It's an unusual paradox
That involves the handles of clocks
The answer seems so simple
It's not a large riddle

Just stop worrying

Just don't

But now I worry about not worrying

Damn you, brain
Writing poems is very therapeutic. It's nice to put feelings into words.
there's too many happenings lately;
it almost feels like
a floodgate breaking due to unseen circumstances,
the water gushing out, roaring, filling the silence with its cries.

it's as if everything feels like
an overwhelming amount of an odd concoction
of what seems to be problems,
diluted only by what i can assume is my sanity.

it's as if i'm drowning, my legs pulled deeper and deeper
underwater, everything and nothing all at once,
trying to fill my lungs until I choke;
there's too much of the world that i cannot simply take in.

and yet, look at me;
the feeling of drowning, the feeling of hopelessness
paralyzes me, fear drilling itself into my mind,
as it advances far into numerous possibilities i can only describe as overthinking.
i describe my own anxiety really badly.

but i do feel bad for being paralyzed in bed, because my undiagnosed anxiety and depression has been pretty bad lately.

I get called lazy when I'm paralyzed with my thoughts. I don't even know anymore. I can't even talk to my own friend anymore.
Treading water
so calm and peaceful
tranquil water



as if the water was flowing
to the tempo of my heart


my tranquil waters are disrupted
something is not right
the water slides past my ears
I am jostled out of my daydream

the ripples turn into waves
they want to engulf me
feel me tumble in their depth
and feel me gasp for
I am in my last semester of college and this is how I feel.
Anya 5d
I find...
enjoy making fun
of myself
pulling out my flaws
like colorful balloon animals,
twisting them
into wacky creations
to laugh at

-Not me
the flaw
to see how silly I can

But what scares me
does this
at another flaw
Hmm...stanza three seems to be contradictory.
My darkest hour
Is not when i hurt myself
Is not when i cry all night

My darkest hour
Is not when i have no wealth
Is not when I lose my might

My darkest hour
Is when my friend is in bad health
Is when my neighbor is lost in sight

My absolute darkest horror
Is when she's crying to herself
Is when she tries not to live another night

Is when i can't do a thing to help
My friends are going through awful tbingd right now and thegre far away and im hurt for them and i feel sick cus i can't help
maybe if I find
deep thoughts in small words
they won’t get lost
Madison 7d
I love to write poetry
But I’m afraid
I’m afraid of what they’ll think
I’m afraid they’ll think my poetry will suck because of my age
But I’m most afraid of people I know reading my poems
Because then they might see through my walls
Into my broken
Crazy life
I don’t want anyone to worry about me
Or to try and protect me
Or fight my battles
Because that’s what I’m supposed to do for them
I’m suppose to worry about others
And shove my problems away
I’m supposed to protect others
And never worry about my pain
I’m supposed to help win their wars
Because I’m already losing my own
If I loose to myself, promise me this, you won’t mourn a day and you move onto someone else.
~Neon Gravestones-Trench-Twenty One Pilots
How can you forget me
How can you just push me aside
You took care of me for 25 years .
Don't I mean anything to you .
Have you forgotten the special times of laughter.
The years of closeness
You supported me through thick and thin.
You done my washing
Invited me down for meals .
And now you just jilted me .
The tears of sadness fills my eyes because I thought that you were a sister that cared and now you're gone.
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