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Paul NP 5d
When I breathe my body is relieved.
Where once timber, now limber.
My posture is vibrant and silent.
I'm cleansing my Violet.
Violet where once crown, no longer a frown because
I'm grounding, I'm grounding until my soul is unbound.
I'm breathing, and when I'm breathing laughter reveals me but I focus, I focus and I don't let it seal me.
I'm cooling, I'm cooling, and soothing my soul, so that it may stay open for one and for all.
I meditate
I abbreviate, small glimpses of light.
So that the sugar of my solar may fall out - from my sight.
I am serious, and my breath is sinuous.
It awakens my mind,
But these competitive thoughts: they do not oblige.
So I keep breathing and breathing for full conscious feeling and through this procession my spirit is right.
Spirit pouring out of my pores.
I am rich with inner vision.
What sun shall I bring up to clear division.
What light shall I pour out tonight, Oh Sun
I am ready to stand up for what's right.
Deep Breathing Sessions
Brumous Jun 18
I'll wait for a few years,
to go out in the world
People are preparing me,
I know they need to

The world is confusing 'n such;
Many can be bad and harsh
But, now I prefer to stay in a big square box
fractions of solitude experienced in the dark
but uncertainty seeps through the heart
of an immature child that is yet to start
Time so fast, and time so slow.
This grain of sand, where to go?
And when you reach a crossroad
Dont look back.
you cant let fear, pain, worry, judgment, regret or anything stop you from going where you are.
Brumous Jun 1
A tear slipped
down your cheeks
so, I asked ​if you were okay

but you brushed it off
and didn't answer
Deanna May 24
there's this feeling in my stomach
  not like the sickness you feel when you have a stomach ache
or the butterflies of nervousness
  maybe this isn't in my stomach at all
it's like a bunch of deer running in a field
  but not gracefully
they're running from prey
  it feels as if my chest tightens ad my stomach sinks
it's a mixture of anxiousness and worry
Leah Carr May 15
I hate this.

I'm sick of you disappearing for days on end
without explanation

Don't pretend
Don't put up that stupid act
I know there's something going on

You tell me to back off
That I'm not helping
I know I'm not helping
But only because YOU WON'T ******* LET ME

Just let me in, for God's sake
Do us both a favour
Why don't you trust me anymore?

Come back,
and let me help you

Because I hate this
Snipes May 6
Worry is the puddle
Fear is the ocean

I swam for
The head rest of swans
I wedged them into hell
I’ve watched love burn
I’ve learned to accept
The warmth of freezer burn

Worry is the puddle
Fear is the ocean

I found myself in the ripple
I found comfort in the drowning
Heaven smiles
While the Devil lives in Da Nile
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