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Blake 6d
If we take that one step,
which swallows both our pride and worry of embarrassment,
That one step of me grabbing your arm while you passed,
or you clutching at mine as my face is painted on the pavement,
would everything be resolved?
or would only more hateful words be spoken?
Years later I still cant be sure of our end.
Bede Sep 25
The sun is so beautiful today
I feel as if I'm clearer headed.
I don't know how, but i know I am
Freer to love how I wish.
Bede Sep 25
Countless questions
With no more answers,
Yes and no
Written in her eyes.

Time will tell, dear
If my wishes come true.
Neither answer
Will stay my heart.

Yes or no, dear,
Can come in winter.
Whether this one
Or the next, or the last.

No more pain
And no more sorrow.
Time to make your
Smile shine bright.
I'm wishing for my world
sara Sep 25
Night- When I love being in your arms
Day- When I wake up and realize you are 300 miles away

Dark- When I can pretend you are here next to me
Light- When I see nothing but empty space

In my Head- We are not with each other
In Reality- We were never split apart
mads Sep 25
just when I think I have you
you're gone
one day you're right there
I can feel it
the next you're so distant
I forget the feeling
just come stay
Elaine Sep 22
So much worry, So much to do,
Maybe I need to catch a breath or two
To stop and stay, to pause and pray
To tell those worries to stay away

Go colour the world, Scream and shout
There's not a thing you need to worry about
These worries will soon fade away
Fond memories that will forever stay
Kim Rifqi Sep 20
day by day enduring mental and physical pain
what does it feel like to lose yourself?
what does it feel like to lose your mind?
feeling breathless and not able to think straight
hyperventilate and feeling pain in your chest
your heart starts to feel pain as well
worried that you won't be able to carry on
even for days to come
What a tiny nuisance is she
She, who is confined inside my cage
Her mischievous whispers echo
While she clutches my heart again

She plays upon my lungs
Pressing all of the black keys
Passionately like a pianist
Making it difficult to breathe

She giggles oh so playfully
As I wince from my chest pain
She mocks me with excitement
As though we are playing a game

How imaginative and innovative
Constantly spewing out new stories
Creating story plots out of broken pieces
She is the writer of my worries
Cameron Sep 11
It cuts into me as a knife.
Scarring the surface of my soul.

Blood rolls down the blade
Carrying whispers of uncertainties.

It stares at me as it breathes me in,
And I breathe my last.
Knit Personality Apr 2018
Care-charmer, Sleep, this night thou hast no power
      To rescue me unto oblivion,
      T'unfetter me from ticks that count the hour
      By magical enchantment, sable Djinn;
For Care, himself to thee a worthy foe,
      Hath been conjoined with Grief in fast alliance,
      And Grief with him hath brought his sibling, Woe:
      They mock us with triumvirate defiance.
Pacted, these fiends assault me in the night,
      The fort where we with Silence once did lie;
      Although hast thou great strength, a threefold might
      O'erpowers it with allied cruelty.
They cruelly stole the day I shared with Glee,
And now they sack the night I've shared with thee.

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