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Randy Johnson Sep 26
When it comes to my neighbor, I usually have a fit.
He irritates the hell out of me and he's a chicken ****.
He has wild parties that last until 3 A.M.
I'm sick of having to put up with him.
When I went to his house one night,
I made the mistake of challenging him to a fight.
When he showed up for the fight, the wimp brought along four other guys.
He talks tough but when it comes to being a chicken ****, he takes the prize.
Showing up with four other men made him feel empowered.
I got my *** handed to me but unlike him, I'm not a coward.
All five of them beat the crap out of me and they made me eat their fists.
Now I have to gum my food because my teeth are gone and sorely missed.
But at least I was able to land one very hard punch.
I hit my neighbor in the belly and he lost his lunch.
It didn't take long to realize something that I'm not ashamed to admit.
I got the living hell beat out of me but at least I'm not a chicken ****.
strawberry Aug 26
i eat chicken, the world knows i do.
my life is a mother hen, punishing me for eating so much ******* chicken.
but once a day she gives me one good thing,
a single egg to hold onto.

i always break it.
one day i received a golden egg she conceived.
told me “you know what will happen if you eat more chicken again.”
i promised her i would not, and i kept that egg warm in a feather bed, staying up till 5am smothering it with love and heat.

the morning i saw the gold flaking off, i cried.
mother had tricked me into eating no chicken.
it was a fake.
i wanted to strangle her, that **** mother hen.
what would become of us if i snapped her neck.
no more eggs.

do i need them?
who really knows?
Carl D'Souza Jul 25
I am eating delicious
sweet corn and chicken soup:
sweet crunchy corn,
soft flavorsome garlic,
stringy delectable egg,
tasty chewy chicken,
and hot savory broth
which warms my torso;
I am enjoying
the experience
of being alive
while eating.
M-E Jul 24
How high is the mountain
Get a mesauring tape
And measure it yourself

How deep is the ocean
Wear a diving suit
And find it out yourself

No matter what, I try to try it by myself
Because the feeling is amazing
Except making roasted chicken
A catastrophe in the kitchen
Chicken Jul 13
I’ll bare my scars
and kick your ****
In every single timeline
Unlikely, huh :D

If everything’s happening at once, I’ve got it covered once.
Decra Kerubo Jun 27
You knew it,
You knew how much you meant,
But I didn't know,
I was the chaff
And you were the grain

I was ready to withstand,
I saw how you drunk with them
You came tipsy
I didn't mind
In the name of love

I am not a dreamer
Neither do I see visions
How could I know?
I was there like a stream
For the sake of lack

You dropped me in an ocean,
You were sure I couldn't make it out,
Waters washed my scent away,
And you poured darkness upon me,
It's only you who knew.

I'm sending a drop,
It's carried by the rains,
Save me from this ******* of fake love,
I need my free air,
I'm suffocating, you can trust

Taste that tear drop,
It's salty unlike the raindrop,
Make sure it's bubble doesn't break,
Just that,
Just let me down slowly
That's a love poem, just asking to be released from love that loves a part and I'm not loved back
Decra Kerubo Jun 27
You liked it,
You made a comment,
You are not to blame,
You didn't know

The photo was lit,
The owner an angel,
The photographer hidden,
The camera's label erased

It dragged you within,
It wasn't clear though,
You asked for a push up,
I was down
How possible was that

I hardened my feminism,
And pushed you to place,
I was left in my pit
You didn't know The darkness within

And I can't be yours,
I can't hold you no more,
You can't read pain
It's too dark in here for you
This is but a reference to a person who wanted me to be his when he couldn't really feel me and clearly, he was up to gain.
Karen M Jun 26
Dinner is unknown.
Nothing here sounds good to eat.
F*ck it; I'll just starve.
We have 9 chicken restaurants. It gets old after a while.
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