Kora Sani 12h
So it's been 6 years
Almost 7 now
I still remember that day
How it broke me somehow
But look what I did
I made it out
Look what I did
This is me walking out
Kora Sani 12h
I'm a walking paradox

Two legs
two arms
and one fractured soul

I'm a conflicting contradiction

I want him to pay
yet how could someone
be so broken
to not understand
they broke someone else

and how can something so heavy
leave its mark on me
yet can be just another day of life for you

because its not just that day
that haunts me
it's every day that followed

where I relive
and you forget
your heaven
my hell

but how can you forget
something you may have never known
Walked to the bakery
bought some sweets
started to walk
back home
and noticed
blue and yellow markings
on the ground.
blue is for water
yellow is for what?
why do they spray paint
on the ground?
because it’s to mark the location
of pipes and other things down there
just something that happened earlier today. it’s been a while and I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe summer!
L Aug 3
I almost broke down. I could have. I was keeping it together. I just kept thinking,
"I just have to make it.
                Just get home.
                                Just make it.
Willow Jul 19
Walking down the hall,
The hall of memories,
When I was happy and carefree.
Every time I look at them,
I wish I could go back and relive them.
Relive the best moments in life
because ever since I was 8,
my happiness was ruined.

I walk down the hall and
look at every single photo.
I try to remember that day
in which that photo was taken,
and when I do remember, I space
out and start crying because
I know that I will never be that happy

When I get to the photo of a baby picture,
I stop and think, what an innocent little body
and face, I wonder what it would be like
if my innocence wasn't taken.
Placed the bun within a walking coffin,
before it could be baked in the oven.

I didn't know you had four arms,
I didn't know you had four legs,
I didn't know,
I didn't know,
I didn't know!
I didn't know you had two brains,
I didn't know you had two hearts,
I didn't know,
I didn't know,
I didn't know!

Stopped my heart before it could beat,
Blinded my eyes before I could see,
Deafened my ears before I could hear,
You took it all away from me.

I was never alive,
because you never gave me the chance to live.
Just Maria Jul 13
Zombies are the walking dead
To kill them shoot them in the head
Your flesh is their favorite treat
If you see one be fast on your feet

If you look at them all you'll see
Is a disgusting flesh eating disease
I don't want to meet one that's for sure
For the walking dead there is no cure

Let's hope there's never an invation
That we stay a zombie free nation
Because there's one thing I don't want to be
That's a walking rotting zombie
Another themed poem
Isla Jul 4
His eyes shown with a thousand words he could never say
As he turned his back
Each step
Another reason why he wished to stay
The days stretched out to several inches thick:
such wakefulness lives beyond the orange glow.

With each guillotine-morning
came a syncopated lullaby
that danced with delusion and
mirrored the nothing sky.

That evening, I saw the waltz
of human tragedy performed
by all the wailing trees.

Walking down Waugoo Street, wading
through the water: fists folded in silk-lined
pockets, in awe of the misting droplets
that silently encompassed me.

Yellow gloss across the walls—the
mirror mocked from down the hall
and taken to the shrieking room, with
orange-stutter seeping fast into
my crying on the kitchen floor: realizing
there might be nothing more, than the
emptying of existence—framed in the
decaying swings of a metronome, and
loss left lingering on the phone. Of

feelings surely found by faded tongues, and
the blood that pools to the bottom of my
Carter Ginter Jun 25
Out among the trees
The only place I feel like me
No pressure to please
Nothing pushing conformity
The rocks and the soil
Allow me to pass by kindly
The trees and their leaves
None of them judge me
I lay my palms to their bark and
I feel all of their energies
Together they collide with mine
They share this life with me
I respect the power in nature
And I don't wish to control it
So alone I roam through the forest
But I am never lonely
And whenever I'm feeling lost
I know I'm never too far away
I can go get lost in the green
To find myself again
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