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Brumous 7d
The thing about time is that it seems so long,
yet it can easily slip out of our hands

It seems so hazy,
one goes fast
one is slow
and there is this one
that feels like a dream

I don't want to let go of it;
don't run
don't walk

don't stop
don't go.
I need more time
but you're going too fast
You have not changed
I have to walk away
There is no shame in knowing your limitations
i have to walk away
Walking with the sun behind
eyes fixed on my worn boots
as they try to find the old stride
each time they lift, this still winter light
flicks ahead under them, easy as,
like nothing’s changed
but when they fall, this light cuts,
mud grips and boots go blind
Isaac afunad Feb 11
Along these edges
heading for the alter
and make the grade
despite the write off
Nikkie Jan 29
The sun does not rise and set on you.
It took you leaving for me to find that out.
I loved you from sunup to sundown.
But you were not a king, you refused to wear your crown.
What on earth did you have to stand for?
You didn’t see love standing right next to you.
You chose the easy way out, you left me standing alone
you didn’t once hear me out.

How do you think it makes me feel,
to see you walk away for no reason at all.
Man, I had you feeling like you were ten
feet tall, you told that at dinner one night.
Gosh, you held me close and made love to
me all night, you had me thinking that we’d
be alright.
What happened to you, or who happened to you?
Why did you change your mind and walked away?
Two years later, and I’m still feeling some type of way.
Hermes Varini Jan 23
A Lone Walker, Ah!
Intae Murky Night
Every wound by-gone
New Blood o’ mine fuelin’,
Lang the Hour,
Unfathomable, unearthly,
Verra Fire wearin’,
Burnan Gore o’ mine
Awa, awa spilled!
Soil o’ Alabaster gravin’,
An’ abön, lo! a Presence yirr,
Near-hand flashin’,
Rumblin’, tremblin’,
Like a Rhodium-Demon
An’ a Mirror-Vision broo!
O’ Red Gore full an’ pride!
Great Rowth ragin’!
Human no longer!
Wi’ Veins o’ Flame imbued,
My awn dearest!
Athwart my Solitary Gait
As a Storm-Blast fallin’,
A composition of mine suggesting an enigma. "Ah" is Scottish for "I". A most potent semiotic variant shall follow. I wrote VEXILLA FULMINIS PRODEUNT to mean "The Banners of the Lightning issue forth". It is indicated that the narrator cannot die, for he possesses veins imbued with incorruptible Heraclitean Fire.
As legs hang on rusty hinges
the strides of doorways
lesser long

wisdom crisps its palms 
up to the hearths of winter
on walks

Older finds joy 
watching little jelly movers
under the snowy leaves 
of autumn's fall

There is freedom 
in holding back;
experiencing exuberance
perched high in cedar
witnessing the now moments
of a uranian world
from a fifth dimensional view

Knowing that Love
sourced from the heart
affects the observed
just as true.
The Spiritual benefits of moving into the slow lane
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