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maria 6d
Can't find happiness;
I looked for her in the empty roads
Asking strangers was kind of difficult
and frustrating
I shouted her name a thousand of times
She kept her eyes down
She put her hands in her ears
She doesn't want to hear
nor visit
nor live anywhere near
I don't blame her
She has other things to do
Walking tragedy isn't one of her favorite
Happiness where are you?

Written on October 07, 2019
Bhill 7d
Walking along at sunset is wonderful end of the day
You contemplate and remember, just what was on display

You think about the good times and throw in some new thoughts you had
You look back on your day and calculate if the changes made you glad

You hope that your day was well spent, on things that made you feel right
If not, there is always tomorrow, where a new path just might be the light...

Brian Hill - 2019 #249
Take a sunset stroll and rethink your day...
Poetic T Oct 5
You'll never dilute the memory
                           of my last words..

That as I wondered the paths you
                               never trod upon.

Some uneven, but still I gazed upon
                       things you could have

gazed over...

But you never would walk footsteps,
              taking you beyond the safety

of those you followed...

My path was never smothered by

I walked in life,
              while you stood still...

Mine was a diverse wondering,

                   some more heavy than others.

But I carried the baggage of my past and took
          new paths...

My last words are,
             take more footsteps than
              for if you stand still to long the view

is dull, and you haven't lived till you took that
                                                             extra step.
Jay M Sep 25
Living like a ghost
Walking by all I know
Hiding from everyone
Denying I need anyone
To walk alongside

Night falls
Darkness reins
Emotions overcome
Control the individual
Curled into a corner
Embracing a comfort
An object from childhood
Absorbing rivers

Still, child cries
Still, child hides
And still
The heart dies.

- Jay M
September 25th, 2019
Seanathon Sep 25
There is no time left in my life
     For fitted dreams and windless sheets
     For trees without low limbs to climb
     For years without ever seeing the sea

There is only that which stands here between
     The hopes
     The plans
     The quiet dreams

And yet I find, in the eyes of mind and present being ⁠⁠— And for the sake of those who walk beside
     That there ought to be more to find in me
A verse about searching. About the realization of moving and time passing. People changing and the earth spinning.

Or a shorter title for this would probably just be "urgency" since there's a definite twinge of that within these words. The immediate desire to leave and better yourself. To be free and let go, moving on from all of your prior shortcomings. Because shortcomings ****. But time certainly is ever ticking.

And why between, you may ask? Because the earth beneath is what grounds us flat with it's gravity. And I was looking up at the time. Walking Beneath the Branches of Realizations.

See ya!
Von Aug 25
You're dancing away with a smile,
never return
Leaving only jealousy behind
Thanks as always, darling
Can you love me better next time?
What happened

A farm girl
In France

Bluegrass band

Are you still
Dream Fisher Jul 19
There's an old rundown street
Where Bentley and Copeland road meet.
The pavement is pretty worn and cracked,
Even the weeds avoid there to grow
If a ball rolls down it, the kids turn back
Afraid they might be trapped in that unknown.
There's houses on each side with numbers
Left to wonder who put them up
A rumor spread they'll never tear them down,
Just one day blown away in the dust.

Isn't it funny that we judge a horror movie
For walking into darkness, given the choices,
I bet you'd do the same,
Curiosity starting to build in your brain.
Ok, let's take a walk.

With a step and a slap on the ground
The air seems more still here, every sound amplified.
Every window tinted as the sun shines
But just as every hair starts to stand straight
Your stomach jumps making your head feel weak.
It's mid-day but somehow feels late
You may realize, it's just like every other street.
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