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Eleanor K Jan 12
Sit in the back seat of the taxi
Keep your legs crossed
Or if you have to walk at night
Eyes stay wide, don’t get lost
Have 911 at the ready
Keys between your fingers
Walk fast, move quickly
It is best not to linger
Make sure you know where to aim
The eyes, crotch, and nose
When they shout
foul things at you
Keep walking, you know
where to go

Zip up that jacket
Tug down that skirt
For you are a woman on the street
Stay safe, and stay alert
Hae Sun Dec 2018
I still whisper prayers for you even on nights when I immediately fall asleep
as my back touches the bed, my head resting on my pillow
But I guess you are the one who’s tired from running inside my head all day
Some days you just walk, back and forth, pacing, hopping, leaping
Until I find you inside my pockets and then inside my chest where I hear all the beating
Some days I wish you would stop because it would mean that I have also stopped
From thinking about you so much but I guess it won’t just yet — you won’t just yet
I still repeat our fleeting moments when I can’t fall asleep
The smell of lavander can fill my room with all its might but once the thought of you pops
This world I belong to has a habit of pausing only to remind me that you have gotten away
On some days, in an old buick by yourself while on other days, in a carriage with the thing that is supposedly beating in my chest
Then I find myself chasing after you only to once again find myself running in circles
In an empty stadium’s tracks — but you’re there. I see you on the bleachers
but I cannot comprehend if you’re waiting for my victory or for my defeat
On some days, that is the problem. There is this uncertainty that envelops the sparkle in you
And oh, if I could only find out what keeps you from being unsure,
I would do everything in my courage to fight it so that you can stop running
And maybe I can start holding your hands when the lights turn green as we begin walking
Alexa Sangren Dec 2018
Is it even worth trying to talk when I'm
Walking behind all my "friends" on the sidewalk
None of you ever asks how I've been
Always pushed to the side again and again
I'm not sure who I am or what I stand for
I just know- I don't belong here anymore.
Anya Nov 2018
Have you ever felt like
you're walking through
a cloud?

The noise surrounds
but doesn't
you'r enclosed
but separate figure

but out

The colors,
within your vision
but               a blur
Once again,

Her gaze
naturally passes
By, his voice
Some where else

But not to
But more like

Kyra Nov 2018
Why do I always look down when I walk?

Afraid of looking ahead

Always wanting to turn back

There’s that urge again

to turn around

I’m looking down.

Verdant Quo Nov 2018
I tied small weights to my ankles,
small coins really,
that made me look like a gypsy.

I could feel every step I took,
and though silly,
I wanted to be conscious of where I was going.
"Why do you like to walk in the rain so much, you're going to get sick."

                                        Oh, cause no one can see me cry.  

Plus I'm already sick, my sickness? it's called "i love(ed) you "
Eugene Nov 2018
"Please assure me that the moment you walk away with me is the end of You and Me."
Jonathan Surname Nov 2018
A road made by walking where you shouldn't.
Told not to by the full throat,
taken aback by paths desired away.
A brand apart from the rest, but so, too, the others can follow.
Heels that graze floors in an apathetic stutter strut.
A stepped up out of time gangliness of lanky mellow.
Walk where one may, walk where one wishes.
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