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George Krokos Oct 2023
If one person can do it then someone else will be able to as well
such is the range and scope of human ability we can surely tell.
From 'Simple Observations' - S.O.#458, ongoing writings since the early '90's.
leeaaun Jul 2023
one day
your warmth will find you
to let you see
your sun had the ability to shine

it was not a failure
it was waiting for the right time
to shine for itself
instead of others
David Hilburn Mar 2023
With work
The times are ours to live
And make the day come for more
With a hand full of sunshine to give

But the night, so somber
Showing its just and must
Has the sense of another wonder
A longing look at privilege, just because

Liberty in a worthier art?
So fulfilled with a memory for you
The sharing how, to know for a word between the smart
And the wishes of life, to complete the irony due

Somewhere the call of unison
Made in redoubt for a saner heed
Than the count of a days worth, a comparison
With only a chance meeting of minds to guide us, are we need?
Heavy Hearted Oct 2022
Is it true?

That my words are now spilt- broth pushed against the brim,
Liquid to big for its container-gracelessly,
it mimics the wild
of unbound tides.
Wherein a fleeting salvation; is oh so frantically exempt-
Its within my linguistic inability
lies my failure's false contempt.

The mundane English word was once my spell to cast
An arsenal of adjectives & repertoire of verbs.
Yet in English its still heard,
communication's magic,
Wielding the awe of expression-  Cured-
I try to print back into begin

salvage my fading ability to write
Iyallo Nov 2020
Spinning around the world,
living life on the top,
making me high like a spinning top
discovering a dreamworld.

The love that remains,
are the lost ruins,
of a shelter once called home,
a refugee camp? No more of a gnome

To the top of my abilities,
I fly exploring the universalities
of places far away from the single
and individual angle.
Rickey Someone Oct 2020

One against the world.
Fighting your change.
Would anyone care if you made it?
Wouldn’t they rather you fail?
Oh, they’d feel better about themselves.

One against yourself.
Fighting His change.
Would you care to let go?
Who are you even working for?
Your progress has to be between you and God.

One against your past.
Fighting your change.
Would it make a difference,
If you turned the boat around?
Could you even find your way back?

One against emotions.
Fighting their change.
Doesn’t the anger feel good,
When it wrecks your life?
Don’t you think you should hate hate?

One against a soul.
Fighting the change.
They need you, you know.
You aren’t what you’re meant to be,
It’s about time you changed course.

You’re almost ready,
So I’ll give you more time,
But I can’t promise it’ll last forever…
Spriha Kant Sep 2020
The ability to never fail in speaking in the flow of sugary syrup is an undeniable form of art for me and the artists possessing this art are the ones from whom I am scared the most !
A Poet Aug 2020
Standing on a cliff side screaming
What’s the reason for my being!?
But I’m screaming against the wind
And the waves splash over my cheeks
to cover my tears at my sadness’s peaks
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
Perhaps he wasn't an angel from the sky

Or a superhero with the ability to fly

...But instead just a boy who liked to get real high
But you are all three to me
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