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dk 7h
to the love, you had for me,
to the love, I broke in a single action,
to the love, we believed will be evermore,

to that love, I now say sorry,
to that love, I wave my goodbye,

for love, I move on.
Perhaps I should have
Kept my big mouth shut
Perhaps I should have
Never said “Yeah But”

Perhaps I should have
Put all things aside
Perhaps I should have
Just swallowed my pride

Perhaps I should have
Opened up my ears
Perhaps I should have
Listened to your tears

Perhaps I should have
Seen the tears you cried
Perhaps I should have
Just swallowed my pride

Perhaps I should have
Been more sensitive
Perhaps I should have
Had advice to give

Perhaps I should have
Put ego aside
Perhaps I should have
Just swallowed my pride

Perhaps I should have
Held you by the hand
Perhaps I should have
Been a bigger man

Perhaps I should have
Stood right by your side
Perhaps I should have
Just swallowed my pride

Perhaps I should have
Told you “Don’t worry”
Perhaps I should have
Told you “I’m sorry”

Perhaps I should have
Admitted I lied
Perhaps I should have
Just swallowed my pride
by-Ronnie Doe
Maddie 21h
The first time I saw you
I called you annoying
Not knowing
That it hurt you
I fell for you
But you never even knew me

Mutual friends introduced us
We became friends
I found out so much about you
And I supported every speck of it
I talked to you all the time
It was the best

You helped me
When I fell down
You kept me alive
When I was slowly dying
You supported me
And I supported you

You spoke your mind
You were one of the few
You were judged
But you kept your head high
You survived the worst

And then.
I got caught up in my drama
My life, my friends, my stress
I drowned you in worries
I depended on you
Too Much
Too Fast

So you stopped
That you needed
To care about yourself
Before caring about others
Before caring about me

We aren’t friends now
I never got to tell you
That I liked you a lot
You made me feel like I was flying
When before I was sinking

I just want to say
I’m sorry
I forgot
That you are a human too
That you have a life
I forgot
And now I pay the price

From now on
When I see you in the halls
I’ll turn the other way
When I need to talk
I’ll talk to someone else
When I need advice
I’ll turn to someone else
When I just want to live
I’ll live somewhere else.

I’m sorry, _
I’m sorry that I forgot
I’m sorry that I never got to tell you
I’m sorry for talking so much
For wrapping you up in my life
I’m sorry
I’m so sorry
Amanda 21h
Fear you will not get over me
Tip-toeing around things you don't want to see
It is the truth you need to discover
No longer am I your devoted lover
I can pretend but that doesn't seem fair
You deserve a person who shows they care
All I do is bring you pain
Make decisions that puzzle your brain
I change like pennies, quarters, and dimes
Break promises in a matter of time
This is who I have become and will be
You have to move on so you can be free
I never knew I could mean so much to someone
I'm sorry, Mom,
for all those unnecessary things I said.
I'm sorry, Mom,
that I made you cry until your eyes were red.
I'm sorry, Mom,
I hurt you with my words.
Because right now,
inside me things really hurt.
Being a teenager really isn't easy. I often say things that I don't really mean and hurt other with my words.
We arrived by your side
With sopa de pollo con arroz in one hand
Hope in the other

Our friend who fearlessly conquered the world
Whose heart was formed at his vocal cords and
Projected from his mouth

Our friend who had
Stayed up into the break of day
To cook dinner for us or
Make sure we were okay from that failing grade

We arrived
To see only a shadow of that person lying in a hospital bed
But it was okay because you were in a place that should have helped you
A place that would give you copious amounts of attention and heal you
Bring you back to me
To all of us

We left
After being there for hours
Arguing and begging people to give you proper care
and check your condition
To give you a glass of water

We left
And it is the biggest action in my life
That I will forever regret

Because at 1´o clock you left as well
To a place, I could not follow.
In remembrance of a friend 12/12/2018
sopa de pollo con arroz = chicken soup with rice
Look what you’ve done
Oh no look what I’ve done

You just stood there
With an empty stare
Hoping it was all an illusion

You left the door unlocked like you do
There’s only room for one, not two

You said you were sorry
When there’s nothing to be sorry about
It’s me who should be sorry
For letting it get this far

But now I know
Things happen for a reason
And people change like seasons.
s v e n 1d
I really hate it when I can't cry
Or when I feel like ****
And I can't complain about it
I really hate this feeling
Of not feeling.
I want to scream
But why would I?
Why yell for no reason?
Why would you even try?
Can't even think of a reason to
Do anything...anymore.
Your such a fool
I TOLD you im a demon
I TOLD you im toxic and will hurt you
I Told YOU that im a rose with blood on my petals and my poisonous thorns
I TOLD you i dont want you
Yet here you are
Still by my side
Watching your life tick by
With a girl who cant love
Cant smile with you
Or even look you in the eyes
Who will **** you at the touch
Your such a fool

You say you love me
But i dont love you...
I know how awful this is
How selfish it is
How cruel i am
I dont love you..
I love him
Im sorrry..
I am
But i want him
Your just my friend
Not him...Im sorry
This one was written while ago. Random Draft i thought might be decent enough for the publics eyes.
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