She said goodbye,
And never looked back,
All I ever wanted,
Was the chance I never had.

She walked away,
With tears in her eyes,
I couldn’t save her,
But I would still try.

Her golden hair,
Shined on our last night,
And I had to bear,
The fallout of time.

I remember the times,
When my heart was still melting,
She told me her problems,
And I thought I was helping.

Her eyes sparkled,
Like stars in the night,
The only different is,
She won’t come back down.

Down to earth,
Where I’m patiently waiting,
Guess I’ll never earn,
Her trust serenading.

She wanted someone,
I failed to become,
I can’t change for her,
Cause change isn't enough.
Sometimes the only option left is to move on and keep searching... I wish you the best S.B.     <3
Ray T 1d
I love you
Without words next time
I'm sorry
I don't know what to do
I forgive you
I am still sorry
Without words

Being with a man is about kissing him harder than he kisses you
Even when his teeth nip at your lips
Being with a man is about letting the man back into your bed
After you have forced him out of it
Being with a man is about forgiveness
Another poem from a conversation!!
irises 1d
it is always
"sorry" from you.

as if the burden of having me around...

is only too great.
like i'm a fragile porcelain doll

that you need to glue the pieces for.
opi 1d
even in a sea full of mistakes
that i made,
you'd dive to save my drown self.


i don't deserve that big love
of yours.
Im sorry.

Im sorry, that im not what you expected of me.
Im sorry, that you are stuck with me and me with you.
Im sorry, that Im not the bear to fight the fear, or there to wipe the tear.
Im sorry, Im the needle on the neck and the riddle in the head.
Im sorry, Im the beer to bring up the tear.
Im sorry, Im the frame to capture the shame.

But you are the light, that just shine too bright, that just might, make me pick another fight.
I desverve to bleed , but forgive me please.
Nel 2d
You know

Thinking back on it

You never apologized

You only did when you realized you did physical harm

When you realized I cut myself because of your actions

You only acted like you cared when I was depressed and your actions didn’t follow your acting

I always apologied

For the littlest things

For being too needy too clingy
For making you sad
For making you disappointed
For hurting myself
For when I thought I hurt you
For when I thought I was useless  and worthless
For talking too much

I always apologized

And sure they might have seemed unnecessary and lost their value after awhile
But I always meant them
I always cried when I wronged you

And you?

Do you think about what you did wrong?
Do you even feel an ounce of regret or sorrow?
Because it never seemed liked it

For calling my sister stupid
For calling my friend a terrible musician
For calling my mother a cunt

Did you ever say sorry to them?

No, you didn’t.

Think about your actions

Think about your words

Think about the out come

Just think
Sure your grades are great
But your mind isn’t

And I’m sorry if this hurts you

But I’m not sorry for having a hatred whenever I think about how you hurt my family and myself

How you threaten to kill my mother and lied about it even with two witnesses that heard you

Witnesses that said the same quote at different times and yet you want to change that quote?

Just own up to your mistakes..

Learn that..


Honestly it hurts me when you just dig yourself deeper and deeper

Into a hole you can’t escape

I don’t want you to learn later like me.. // I never posted this so it’s been chillin’ in my drafts for awhile
i'm so sorry, love
i told you -
i'm bad at descriptions
what i meant to say is
you're one of my favorite people
and i love our conversations
and god i'm going to miss you when you're gone
but i didn't
i was noncommittal
i said "nice" and "interesting"
and made it sound like
i wouldn't miss you that much
that's wrong.
i already know you're going to leave -
you're a senior,
after all -
but i'd prefer it
if you didn't leave sooner
and if your leaving
wasn't permanent
you're worrying me now
so please listen
i'm so sorry
i'm bad at descriptions
and you mean more to me
than i could ever say
Alex 2d
I    am    broken.

But not in a sense
of a favourite coffee cup being dropped into  tiny  l i t t l e  shards but,

like a candle that has been lit and relit using all it has to give and now is not able to work.

I am now only pretty to look at. Wanting nothing more to work, to feel the fire inside me.
t 2d
wear watches without a battery
because the days can’t tick if the arms don’t move
nothing really has to move
in fact, it was all just a figment of our imagination

on this day i got out of bed
and i saw a dead person
i shut my eyes because it wasn’t real
none of this was ever real

tell me how to stop forcing myself to feel something
tell me why i must pretend to make it mean something

tell me about how the number thirteen always meant something special
tell me about how the number thirteen made you feel something

how do i tell Him that i don’t believe in him
but that i believe in you
how do i tell you that i don’t remember the sound of your voice

from he was a good man
to he was Probably a good man
you aren’t a god
He isn’t even a god
who is the real god here?
how unfortunate it must be
living in two worlds at once

i’ll let grandma know about my conversations with god

blink hospital room
blink grandma’s screaming
blink pray and everything will be okay

i don’t remember the first day

blink burgundy rug
blink mama’s screaming
blink first grade teacher
blink standing over your grave

i don’t remember the last day
i put too much faith in you now there is nothing left of me; i'd like to cross paths again someday but i wouldn't recognize you if i saw you; i have no memories left; did you ever really exist; tell me if my entire existence is a dream; i don't remember you like everyone else does; i don't remember you like i should.
riwa 2d
i love you.
i miss you.
i need you.
please come back.
talk to me.
kiss me again.
im so sorry.
not in any specific order
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