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I’m always first
to forgive—
even when
there’s no apology
even when
it’s not deserved

Yet why is it so hard
to forgive myself?
even when
I’m in need of it
even when
I’m always sorry

(I’m sorry to myself)
(I’m sorry to myself)
(I’m sorry to myself)
I really am sorry.
Dez 4d
Oh baby I’m sorry
But I hate when you call me
Pretend I’m not really here
Or anywhere near

Oh girl why you keep callin
I told you already I’m not really fallin
In love with you
Yeah your friends think you’re cool
But now your just being a fool

Sorry... I’m not in love with you
Tompson 4d
I'm the evil that walks with you
You don't deserve to be with me
My ****** up brain killed
what could be beautiful
Guilt is haunting my mind
And despite that
I can only hunt for your smell
In the memories
in the sweater you lent me
That cold night
If I only knew it was a goodbye
It was my fault, there’s no doubt
That night is gone now
All what I have is blood on my floor
New scars and a broken soul
You’re gone as well
With your heat
But your pain stayed
I won’t say sorry again
The sinners suffer for love today
Can you be patient with me?
I’m still under construction.
I’m still trying to project what I
Feel better.
I’m still trying to figure me out.
I’m still trying to understand.
I’m still trying to love you a little better.
And I’m still trying to get use to you.
Forgive me but I’m not you I don’t know how to
Love in ways that you do. I’m still trying to love myself and love you.
I’m still trying to be the best me possible for you..for us.
—I’m still trying
You sat across from me
Your face so close

Our lips about to touch
And I turned away

You asked
"Why, what are you scared of?"

I replied quietly


Which wasn't a lie

I wasn't scared

Because when I looked into your eyes
I felt absolutely


Sneha Thakur May 19
You dont know this yet,
but i love you silently.
I have realized it's much more safer and
well, much less vulnerable.
I have been through enough to know the exact safe distance from a person.
A distance far enough for you  to not hurt me;
close enough for your smile to be contagious.
I am a little spontaneous though,
some might rephrase it as 'passionate' .
So i might cross the distance a little closer sometimes.
I dont know who i am apologizing to but i am sorry.
Namu May 18
I can't stop thinking of our last moment
You were still the sweetest saying those harsh words
"Please, not yet..."
The words I repeated desperately
Even today, my lips can only tremble
And I will never be fine
What's a good break-up?
Laura May 17
the furious knock
your pain seeps through the wood
each thump restarting the rhythm of my heart
anxious feet
the carpet caressing the soles of my feet
glued in place, hesitant to follow
the light on your face
the cracking of voices, the water in eyes
pain is a present on my doorstep
Jack Jenkins May 16
I think its time to have a talk,
A walk over the rubble of once tall walls,
That held a heart so heartless captive,
Lost in halls of raw cobbled things,
That were never really feelings, just things,

Things I need to say, to go over,
All in the name of bless-ed closure,
So sorry that I drove her so far away,
These bereft words, scribbled on a digital page,

Will never convey the dismay of this shipwrecked man,
Who crafted an island by his own hands,
Where he made himself ******,
Where he made his last stand,

But no ending ever came,
Just waves upon waves,
Of drowned dreams and half dead sorrows,
Awaiting death on every tomorrow,
Death that never came,
//self reflection//

Three years is a long time. I think I'm ready to talk to her again.
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