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I want to say sorry
but there are no words
that carve out my apology
without chiseling at wood
set for the fire in hell
I sculpt with tired eyes
my need for your forgiveness
Maja Aug 30
it’s okay
no, i’ll pay
even though you bought it
even though you said it
what I did was clearly wrong
no *******
but i’ll play along
Z Aug 14
I am still haunted
with the most
heartbreaking words
you've ever told me

"I will wait for you
I believe in you."

And all I ever did was
make you wait.
Some time's my heart is made of stone
and some days blood drips down it like
a rose petal falls off it's stems in the
middle of a hot summer night.

I get days where i'm filled with
anger, jealousy and then
grieve myself
within until the morning
Just for once, why isn't it me?

Is there a curse, lying beneath the earth,
or is it just me living alone in a life
where everyone seems to be free.
Sometimes my heart turns to cold stone, when the core ignites, my night fills with a hurtful site.
Tiger Ayres Jul 19
I ignored you
and for that I am sorry
I tried to love you
and couldn't see you enter my heart
I got scared
and left you behind hoping for closure in it
but instead
I just feel like a ****
and I didn't even say sorry
I Didn't Say Sorry
Leah Carr Jul 16
To my big sister's big sister

I don't know what to say to you
I really don't

It seems so unfair
that words can rip you apart
but words can't sew you back together

I don't want to say "I'm sorry"
For those too are just words
Just noises, pieced together
in a pointless waltz

I don't want to say "thank you"
For that then denies the pain it took
to deal with what I forced you to handle
Unwanted message after unwanted message
Upsetting email after upsetting email

I don't want to say "I'll do better"
For I don't know what tomorrow will bring
Anger? Hatred? Hurt?
This could stop next week
for all I know
or it could carry on until time runs out

So I guess I'll say "I'm trying"
For though they are words also
They are not meaningless
You're working through the hurt, but
so am I

So I guess I'll say "don't hurt me"
A simple plea
But I know that given what I've done
it's a difficult ask

It seems so unfair
that I'm asking anything of you
despite everything I'm causing

So that's all I'll say.
With love,

From your little sister's little sister
This is a really private thing to share, but here goes...
Leah Carr Jul 16
Why can't words put back together what words have broken?
I don't know what else I can do to say sorry...
Elizabethanne Jul 13
when you weren’t given enough sunshine
so you
s t r e t c h e d
as far as you could to reach it
when you woke up
to flames
licking at your lungs &
half remembered people  
screaming your name
the apology
you kept behind your teeth
for the person in the mirror
(I am sorry I can’t be enough)
I am sorry this apology
feels so brittle you hope
it doesn’t shatter and make you choke
when you got up
the next day and the next night
and every single time after that

- Do you remember when you kept going
Leah Carr Jul 11
I try to force the tears out
can't bear their burning behind my tired eyes
clutching my stomach
desperate for this ache to leave me
Jesus please
take this ache away from me

I want to put a blade to my weakened wrist
can't bear the pulsing, pulsing
beating, beating
of the blood pumping through my veins
Let my body surrender to the darkness
like I have

I need to scream it into the void of nothingness
can't bear these words that are stuck in my throat
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm so so so sorry

t h i s   i s   a l l   m y   f a u l t
Leah Carr Jul 11

Why am I so stupid
Why am I so ******* stupid

I knew I had hurt you
but no
I had to ignore it

If only there was a way
but there isn't
so I'm trapped here

I chose to push it
and now it's too late

Why am I so stupid
Why am I so ******* stupid
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