Amanda 4h
Watched you with a hopeful gaze
I can't believe what I saw
You are too cowardly to resist my choice
Lack of effort leaves me lost in awe

Want to run just far enough
To exit your sight so you would follow
Fear of you not missing me stops my soles
Standing still, stare so hollow

What do you see when you look closely at me?
Can you feel love and admiration retire?
This desire gives the wide world meaning
Sets my obsession on fire

I am sorry, I have to go
Given you far too much slack
This time if you finally chase after
I swear my love, I am not coming back
I swear this time I mean it
I had it...
             These Honest Feelings
But it had me...
              The wrong timing
And the moment you said
               "I'm sorry."
I knew it was the end.
The start of letting go.
   When I finally got to the last hold
      You were there standing, saying
Our story isn't the most happiest, but I will read it again with every bit of love

I had to say it back.
               "I'm sorry"
Because I can't risk another heartache
Every time you end up falling for him again.
I'm not a doctor to heal you when you're wounded. I get hurt to
mint 8h
im so sorry
i miss you so much
i didnt mean to miss you this much
but i dont know how to fucking

My beloved friend
I can’t love you,
Not that way.

I beg time
To go back,
And let me see,
Where my mistake was.

Because everytime,
when I feel safe,
The same trick likes to get out
Of the sleeve.
I'm sorry.  Although I am human I can not change the temptation of others.  But the problem is that I am human.
i don't take any of it back
it's all part of the being i am
why should i apologise
this is me
Even though you’re long gone,
And I’m stuck in my head,
Trying to move on.
I still think of you,
And I still miss you.
I’m still waiting, but you haven’t come.
I’ve slowly started to realize...
That you’re not coming.
And that this is where it all comes to an end.
I miss you, I miss you.
I’m sorry once again...
If you miss someone... I guess this is the poem for you?¿
We both tried our best
To be together.

But darling,
I can't hold the moon in my hands
And you can't
Walk on the sun.
It's easier to say that
you're sick rather
than to tell someone
that your heart is breaking
and explain how the
pain just radiates in your
entire body, deep
within your bones

Leaving you,
feeling empty and crippled
You dread getting up
from bed, even
going to sleep is a complete
war zone between you
falling apart and
you trying so hard
to keep it together

Your eyes look
like they've been stung,
though your heart is
what really stings
You've never stopped
praying, keeping your faith
stronger than your pain
but you start to feel bad
cause whatever you
do, it still hurts like hell

I get it, were about to
learn a lesson and
grow from it but
its just too much,
too heavy and
too painful

All you could do is
close your eyes so
tight and wish that
soon as you open them,
it already went away
So, it is easier to say
that I'm sick rather
than to say that my
heart is breaking
I'm sorry, I apologize for feeling this way. No, I'm not trying to argue or ruin your day. It's just that, you really have changed and it is killing me. But I'll try to be okay again tomorrow, I promise. :(:
I’m st st st st stuttering
In the corner I’m muttering
I tap my feet I dance my dance
All for the courtesy of a passing glance.

S s s s s sorry
The words jumble and tumble
Out of my mouth and onto the floor
Meeting the ground, gathering and mixing,
Melted hues congealing into gray.

W w w w why are you here
Why do you sit where sit,
Love where you love?
I I I can’t take it anymore
I can no longer fake it

T t t the light it terrifies me
The single bulb glares at me,
St st st staring, burning my pupil
Until my vision is full of
The blinding light
And my lungs full of a
releasing sigh.
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