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Trip-A 3d
I'm sorry
I'm sorry it happened like this
I'm sorry I let you down when you needed me the most
I'm sorry I was not who you needed me to be
I'm sorry I was not who you thought I was

I'm sorry
Tue. 2/23/2021
yann 5d
and everytime i come to you,
everytime i listen to your hurt or your joy,
to your brightest ideas or your worsts,
and everytime i let you bring me closer and make me small in your arms,
every single time,
it's because i chose
to keep on loving you.
Nought Feb 26
I still love you...

I'm sorry.
I didn't want to do this to you, but...
- Astro
Grace Feb 25
It would be terrible if you found out
But I think you'd still talk to me after some time
You might already know
But the problem is you're too much of a gentlemen
To let me know that you know what I know about you
But they know
The people you know
And who's to stop their delicate pink folds of skin
Trap the sound vibrations inside their mouth
Before their warm breath fogs up the crisp air
The secret escaping

I'd be so easy for them to open wide
And let it out like a lightning strike
Shocking news of untold truth
It's okay
I'd understand
The temptation of gossip is hard to withstand

I could hardly keep it in myself
My blushes and laughs
Wanting to hang out at sunset
Like distant thunder claps getting closer and closer
Tempting the lightning to strike
Right here, the roof I am under

Meanwhile your eyes were on her
So how much of me you registered
I'm not so sure
But you're a kind gentleman
You'd never say
Instead, let it all fade away
With the breeze of a cool fall day

So, when we get coffee or lunch
Never dinner or brunch
I staple my mouth shut
Take no chances on weak lips
Leaking trembling heart vibrations
Someday, 8 years from now
Thunder will clap softly in the background
I'll let my lips speak freely
The truth crawling out
Covered by the dust of 10 years of memories
Thunder getting louder and louder now
"I was in love with you once, ..."
Lighting strikes
Burns this roof down
Deep breath, I pause
Let no more sound speak its cause
That's enough lightening for one day
Any more sound and the whole town will burn down
Once again I'll pull out my office supplies
That I once shoved in back corner of my mind
And staple my lips closed again
At least now he knows what I thought he knew
And what they knew
And what I knew since the day I saw you in the library room

Far off in a distance
Thunder claps again
Faint, but creeping ever closer
How soon will it be
Till lightning strikes another dismembered tree?
Alec Astaire Feb 10
I'm so sad. I'm so sorry.
This time unlike before.
I am absolutely certain I can't do this anymore.

I no longer wanna be happy.
There's no soul left in me to aspire.
If giving up is punishable, then throw me in the Fire.

I know Heaven's not for me,
And even if it is, I don't wanna go.
Please let me leave in peace..
That thing I've never known.
dreams are surreal
anxiety inside me isn't
i really miss you, you being there was enough
thepoeticwit Feb 7
"I'm sorry"
The echo
that fills the cracks
in the spaces in between
pieces of a broken heart
of damages dealt and received
regrets and areas of lack
of missing the mark and
not measuring up to par
or not being good enough
for the other

"Thank you"
The simple whisper of
a soul found and mended
a stomach well fed
lungs filled with breath to sing
of gifts given and received
of lovingkindness graciously bestowed
of embracing the other

"I love you"
The tender glance of eyes
beholding beauty
the cries of joy
of a revived heart beating pompously
The strength renewed to a fallen warrior
restored to eternal glory
redeems every "sorry"
overflows every "thank you"
and always lavishing

"Beloved, I live for you."

Ila Feb 1
I told you it was hard to love you, this will be one of the regrets I have for life.

I told you it was hard to love you, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

I told you it was hard to love you, and for that I am sorry, I did not know what I was saying in that moment.

I told you it was hard to love you, and now I realize the impact it can have; you possibly thinking that for your whole life.

I told you it was hard to love you, but now I can only hope someone comes along and helps you prove I was wrong.

I told you it was hard to love you, but I hope that I explained myself well enough that you don't think that it is; I hope I was able to take it back.

I told you it was hard to love you, and now I wish I could say sorry, but I have no way of contacting you anymore.

I told you it was hard to love you, and now, this is the only way I can say sorry.
I'm sorry for all the things I said. I hope you don't think that for the rest of your life because it is simply unture. You were so easy to love.

"i am not asking you to love me, you shouldn'y if you think it would be difficut. It shouldn't be difficult"
I gotta forgive they say.
I better let go they say.
I gotta give you another effing chance they say.
Say I need to try to re-unremind myself that you re-snatched my heart out
And watched it dangle.
I Re-say you re-re-snatched my heart out.
And watched it dangle.
I screamed "stop it!"
You watched it dangle.
I hollered for help.  
You watched it dangle.
I mentioned my God-given rights.
You watched it dangle.
Next you manipulated & twisted the textual truth into a noose and... you...
You watched it dangle.
Now you want another millionth chance:
A public truce
You & your sorry excuse
For no apology
You! Center stage,
Aaaged in your stance
You extend your hand

I watch it dangle
sometimes moving on is the best "revenge". It applies to any relationship: work, society, romantic, platonic, family
i am sorry.
everything falls down
we descend from an open mouth
twisted kaleidoscope legs and eyes
colors of all kinds
was i a friend of yours
hands open and close splitting doors
my writing isn't very good
my speaking is worse
it all falls out in tangled ribbons
distorted chords
the pattern of the cadence of my heart
is your hand crawling up my arm
i see windows in skin
and a mantis on your tongue
aftermath has become
me. i am sorry
because you see
i was never made to be here
my mother has explained it to me
fear is no good because
we will all shrivel and collapse
as we should
i am nothing but a fever dream
the rosy cheek kiss
of last spring
the pills in your bottles
the salt in your water
the freckles on your neck
today is yesterday
and tomorrow is believing
in something you can't see
i think bruises
are the prettiest thing
i've ever seen
can't i crawl out of
your stomach and into
your arms
selfishly i want to be
your friend
you don't have to pretend.
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