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Rahama 6d
Loving you is such a journey
One designed to bring out the best in me
It's how I've never felt so remorseful about my actions
About telling a lie
I never want to let you down
I never want you to feel unsafe
Not when you're with me
Cause then it'd mean that we are broken
Broken and unable to be fixed

Loving you is such a journey
One designed to bring out the best in me
Although that seems like a long way off
It's a journey worth taking, worth completing
This doesn't rhyme or even correlate
But I just want to say that I truly appreciate
For loving me the way that you do
Even when it comes at the detriment of you
I've tortured myself so bad
Cause it hurts to see you sad
And it's a different kind of pain when the one who should make you feel better
Is the reason why you're falling apart

That I had no words to say
That all I could do was pray
At the mercy of the decisions you make
Not knowing what the consequences would be for my mistake

I'm sorry that I took you on this ride
I know that loving you is a journey
But loving me would probably be space travel
Far more complex and difficult.

Thank you for loving me
Underneath the bridge, I am standing, crying, and writing a message to beg for your forgiveness.
Mark Wanless Jun 21
dad original
one master of who i be
sorry i am free
Juanita May 28
I didn’t look after my body
and now she’s bruised
pained and weeping
reflecting my disfigured heart
Andrew Jan 12
I often wonder
do you think of me
like I think of you,
dare I say it,
do you ever miss me
like I miss you,
and if you do,
if it’s true
either way
I’m so deeply sorry
for what I’ve done to you
M Solav Jan 8
Sorry but not sorry
For the things that I have done.
Sorry but not sorry
For all the pain under the sun.

 And all the longing to set ourselves apart
 From the will of the masses,
 Though we clearly stand as one.

 And the reticence to play our part
 In building on new bridges,
 Though we clearly need them now.

  Short story long,
  Long story short -
  Sorry but not sorry
  For writing off this song.

Sorry but not sorry
For all the excuses that I make.
Sorry but not sorry
For not owing back what we take.

 And all the mannerism along which we pretend
 To care so much about the future,
 Though we clearly act for our only sake.

 And the conflicting messages that we must send
 As we aim to **** the messenger,
 Though we clearly all covet his fame.

  Short story long,
  Long story short,
  Sorry but not sorry,
  For writing off this song.

Sorry but not sorry
For casting off one more blame.
Sorry but not sorry
For the ills that one must name.

 And all the finger-pointing with no concrete action
 As we forget the final hour,
 Though we clearly hear the call

 And all the conflicts that we set in motion
 As we bow to the god of power,
 Though it clearly draws our fall

  Short story long,
  Long story short,
  Sorry but not sorry,
  For writing off this song.
Written on January 8th, 2023.

— Copyright © M. Solav —

This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
We don't have to know anyone else, just us again
You sigh, look away
I can see it clear as day
I'm sorry, time breaks and sun rays are all I dream of
I'm sorry again, I didn't mean it

I stand there all alone
Diamonds in our hands
Do-do-do, do-do-do

Funny how it seems like yesterday
When I was looking out of place
Daydreaming of cigarettes
It's my wife, and it's my life
I'm still here, have you seen her?

So much is going on while I'm
Standing in the pouring rain
There are places I'll remember
And these memories lose their meaning
When I remember I'll lose affection

I'm cursed you see
I know I'll often stop and think about them
Standing in the pouring rain
If I can't trust you, there's no answer
And I won't be able to trust myself
And I'm sorry for romanticising you
I just want to be friends with you again
And make myself feel very small and unhappy

Because I'm older now
And everything feels a lot emptier
And I'm still churning out sad poems and then
Pretending I've grown since then
Standing in the pouring rain
Day one

Is it done?
It has just began.

I just can't run,
And let it all just be gone.
I don't want it to end.
Hopefully we can get back on track
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