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Amaris 3d
I don’t want time to cool off after getting mad
I want you to prove that you’re sorry
Stop asking what you can do to make it better
Don’t just sit there and repeat back to me
Offer me suggestions and do them anyway
Beg my forgiveness down on your knees
Spend the next eight hours overthinking
Get angry and expressive, ******* unfreeze
Fight back, take up a weapon and strike
God knows I’ve given you a million to date
Or deliver an overblown romantic gesture
It could be literally anything I’d appreciate
Hey, can you listen? It’s not that hard
Do I have to scream to be heard?
I don’t think I’m making an impact
You still stand there undeterred
I create a version of myself
Custom built
For every person that I meet
But for you
I was the only version
Not manufactured
That is why I don't call
That is why i don't write
My apologies.
drey 6d
that's disgusting
you explain
why must you poison yourself with such toxin
but baby, don't you know?
you filled me with nothing more
i keep making these excuses, maybe i'm just killing myself and blaming it on you, figure it out and let me sleep please
"forgive me"
she wrote
in midnight ink
flowers in her hair
stars dripping down her cheeks
she wanted to say
"i love you"
she wanted to say
"i can fix this"
she wanted to say
and she wrote it
every word
on the page
So my brain thought of another stupid thing;  "You don't deserve to hurt this way. You don't deserve to hurt at all. So please, let me in. I will help protect you from yourself. You've been there so many times, I don't want you to fall." And it's true. I don't know if I will be able to fix you with poetry and stupid nursery rhymes, but I will try. I don't think I'll be able to fix you at all. Maybe I am, who knows? I'll always try. Will you just let me in? Not only in your mind, not only in your words, but in your heart? I want to help you with every bit that I can. And, I get that's not enough. My words will never be enough. But, I will try. So please give me the chance to? That would be enough. Whatever horrible things it are that you're feeling, I will try to understand them. To understand them, and to help you get them away. Because you don't deserve to feel bad. You don't and you never did. And I get that my words will never be good enough to live up to your expectations, but please, please. Will you give me a chance? I love you, I really do. So let me help you, let me in. It doesn't have to be soon, it doesn't have to go fast. But remember that whenever you need me, I'll be there waiting. Waiting with all my words. To make you feelbetter, even in the slightest way.
I don't know what this is but I just typed it and here we go
I just apologise for everything I guess.
They call it "the result of trauma"
I like to think I'm just a very out-of-myself person
Ash Oct 3
i ******* hate
that the bad days in my darling's life
will always outweigh the good ones;
so before it's too late-
i am sorry.
TL Chesterton Sep 27
Forgive me, Oh Sun,
May your rays scorch my flesh
BoringBoy Sep 26
I can tell you what you're doing
That's right
Take a picture, cause i'm moving
Hold tight
And maybe it is a good thing
No fight
Leave it to me, have your blessings
Lost night

Screaming left my voice in hiding
Can't tell if i'm even crying
Heart is lost in la la land
So i
Thought i'd leave you here, cause you're quicksand
o o o o
o o o o
i'm shattered
heart crasher
o o o o
And now i am descending

Sending you all my bad blessings
Why do you say i'm obsessing
Now I have to put you in your place
I might
Your not a teacher, fck your testings
I'm just

fiending on leaving
yeah leaving
ck you oo oo oo
I'm beaming
No gleaming
Light streaming
Get a clue oo oo
It's freeing
I'm singing
oo oo oo oo oo

And now I'm done talking good bye...
my time's due
don't judge my weird decision to make a breakup song that's not that good...i'm not UTI.
Bede Sep 25
Your uncertainty
And it may take years,
But you'll see I will be
The one you wished to love
The way you wished to love me.
Or I shall be
The mate of your soul
And your bestest friend.
Either way, my love
I will be forever happy
To be yours.
I still trust you with my heart, just like a promised it away again yesterday, freely, and happily so.
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