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for the wounds we keep poking
hearts that do not stop breaking
for the fools who refuse to learn
the loved ones living in an urn

for all the love and unsaid sacrifices
a mother’s love and her compromises
for bedtime stories and goodnight kisses
a father’s story from rags to riches

for a glimpse that made you fall
the same that made you love alcohol
for all the dreams that are unfulfilled
the innocent victims of war who get killed

for all the seasons that we live through
the sun, the moon and the dove’s coo
for the sands, stones and the oceans
every unsaid word and unfelt emotions

for white, pink and all the colours
music, books, poems and flowers
for everything great and trivial
a poem for everyone sad and jovial

for things living and non-living
for loving, giving and forgiving.
Ally 1d
The girl opened her eyes.
She looked up.
Then she made a wish.

She wished to feel,
To see,
To breath.
She wished that life would become beautiful again.

From her point of view ,
The world was dead.
Dead or dying.

She wished that ,
People would be kinder.
That little girls would never know the same pain that plagues her at night.
The kind of pain that only occurs, when your heart has been trampled,
And your tears are dry.

She looked up at the stars,
And made a wish.
Regan 1d
i want a little love
the kind you dream of when you’re a kid.
late night trips around town
with tired grins and sleepy eyes
full of adventure.
swinging on swings
when you’re both adults
without a care in the world.
weekend trips to the mountains
or to a lake we went to as kids.
i want a little love
that requires no effort
to love one another.
a guy who knows my intentions
and understands my complex self.
someone who remembers little things
i say and do.
i want a little love
that has flaws
so we can fix them together.
little arguments we can
laugh about later.
going to the movie theater
so we can sneak candy in
and laugh together.
i want someone who
knows how to love me
and cheer me up.
i want a little love
that doesn’t seem so little.
i want something that’ll last a lifetime.
i want memories to pass on.
i want to be that old couple
everyone aspires to be.
maybe this little love,
isn’t that little after all.
thesa 2d
i know
you are scared
because you feel unsafe
i know
you are in pain
and that you feel misplaced

take my hand
and trust me

there will come a time
when you will know
what happiness felt like
there will come a time
when you will receive
the love you give to others
but most important
there will come a time
when this pain will stop
and these tears will dry

let me tell you
you will recover
from the thoughts that drown you
and from the ways
you were used to handle them
you will learn
to not think of everything
as your fault
but to find beauty
in the imperfection
and you will understand
how much you matter

let me tell you
you will be healing
as the scars
on your body and soul are fading
you will be grateful
for building up your place
in life's majestic maze
and you will become
the person you wanted to be
strong and wonderful
loving and loved
by so many others
however by yourself at first

you will discover
how to put together
all the shattered pieces

you won't be perfect
and neither will you ever
want to be it again

- because now i know
i'm perfect just the way i am
of all the flowers i've ever picked
you're the one
in the pages
of my little black book

- katrina ******
you're the one i'll always write about.

instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
Jaxey Jan 3
A rainy day
A dead rose
That picture on the wall
My little sisters test
Hanging on the fridge
The project I used to stall
My Polaroid camera
A broken mug
My mom's excuse of fun
A walk outside
A kitty in my lap
The trophies I forgot I won
A forgotten poem
A silent scream
A whisper of the untold true
Little things
Little dreams
All ending with you
You were my untold story
Seanathon Jan 1
Give me a quiet day
Where someone remembers
The tallness of trees
And the will to stop and speak to them
To wake them up and then
Sometimes it's the littlest things
Aaron Elswick Dec 2018
I believe in I
I relieve monotony by sterile and guarded eyes
I ingest a loftiness in peril when harder times
tear into my disguise
embarrassing how it thrives
this terrible caustic grind

Say the word as if it were ingrained upon the sky
as if the truth imbued it's self, a pain that you confide
as if I'm by your side
as if you could rely on a recession of my pride
as if you could rely

gently move aside
spend another night collecting threads to sow a life
as if you're on my mind
with seeds that need the light
as if I wouldn't cry when our attentions don't collide
a sit beside the fire lights a symptom of our lie
a gift of yours and mine
to lift a spirit high
To open up our eyes to see the riffs we could align

never look outside
the fault in that is mine
Latifah Dec 2018
Heartless they said,
too cold to touch,
you care about no one but yourself,

but they forgot what they did,
when I love I get hurt,
when I care I am used,
when I am there they're not,

that innocent fragile little girl,
that broke every now and then,
no longer lives here.
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