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cait-cait May 17
why are the walls always blue...
in the places where it hurts me to be?
in the places where i watch
a little girl you grow up through pictures of
a little happy family in
a house that’s big and round...

who am i in this story?
trailer park trash assuming the role of
dignified enough to be
in that house...
with a kitchen island,
and a garden, and a beautiful, bright blue
fish tank...?


******* for having what i wish i had
when i was small,
when my parents first cracked my head open,
and accidentally filled it with illness and
from our gross, apartment floors...

for i did not grow up with a happy garden
or through pictures that mommy
keeps on her wall...

if you are unhappy, i must live in ******* hell.
Wow it’s been forever since ive been on here! I miss and love you all. This is about someone who I love dearly but am angry at bc she lives the life i wish i had when I was a kid. From march 9, 12:36 am. hope you’re all being safe!
If the Sun didn't shine
And the Grass didn't grow
I'd be filled with sorrow
Kymberley May 6

I've never been little,
I'm not in any way brittle.
I hold a lot of weight between my smile,
Life to me is just one big trial.

S M A L L   B E A N

No one knows what I've been through,
What I've done to get to you.
But I found out you don't want me,
I smiled even though I was drowning in a sea.
I let people manipulate me,
All because I couldn't see.

L I T T L E   B E A R

So call me a little girl as much as you please,
Let the words spread like a disease.
But just know that behind this "little" smile of mine,
I'm stronger than you know, acting like I'm fine.
maryem May 1
In the depth of the dark
I heard a voice inside of me
Why do you have to hurt me
Why do you care about others more than me
You give me pain
And you expect me to heal
I sat there, wondering
Whose voice is this
After a while, I realized
It is my little heart
I am sorry little creature
I always ignored you
Bullet Apr 28
You’re looking for a clean needle in a hay sack
While I’m searching for answers in a pile of nails
Arcassin B Apr 26
By Arcassin Burnham

Speak to my sanity like you would do my dad,
convey me like you would do my mom,
i was born in a world so untamed by the evils that
clashed , homeless people don't even get a pass,
masses controlled , careful don't cut your foot
on this thin glass,
don't care about mommy and daddy's past,
if anything I'll be smart enough to see what they did,
as they look back,
Hi nice to meet you , I am their little one,
first born and hopefully the only one,
I got an open remedy for the stars and sun
peaking into the universe like I ain't never done ,
wrong my loves , if you don't love me than I sure
understand, I know my parents will teach me the ways
to be a woman or if I'm a man, I will be as noble like the
Gods in greek , as poetic as my dad, like my mom too sheek,
now tell me , what's harmful about this peace?

Amanda Apr 19
The sun does not set
When euphoria rises
In our little world
It's always sunny in Pamandaland
Mae Apr 12
Oh but honey,
the little things
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