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twinkle, twinkle my little star
you are beautiful no matter what you are
shining and sparkling every night
and you always give me light

twinkle, twinkle my little star
hoping that you'll not go so far
even if I cannot reach you, my little star
I'll still stare and love you, my little star.
glamorous and sparkling star
Nicole 3d
It is not that I don't want you
I think as you undress me and
Kiss my wrists.
It's that my soul is being chipped away
And I'd rather not die
A little in these satin sheets
how was anyone before me stupid enough to let you go? they're missing out.
i am more me, and you are more you, when we are truly us.
even if we are miles apart, at least we're under the same sky.
i don't know anything anymore, but i do know i love you.
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