Rachel C 15h

You are not the same little girl you once were.
You have changed.
You have grown.
You have matured.
A transformation.
A metamorphosis.
Nothing can hold you back.
Now spread your wings, darling.
And fly.

While they were gone
she was raped
he or they left her dead
her young life was torn
her small body was ruined
her flimsy body was shamed
her new life was shredded
her tiny body was stained
her puny body was ravaged
her life was gone
from them forever
while the were gone
while ask God Almighty
for strength in their faith
resolved and steadfastness
in the face of adversity
is this their answer
or is this the test
they've to suffer.

My heart goes to little Zainab. She was a 10 year old girl who was raped and killed while her parents went for pilgrimage to Mecca.

He was a little child
Who loved chocolates
His dreams were
To be among the 'greats'

He loved his mom
And other family members
His birthday was just celebrated
With the family he remembers

Went to his school happily
To learn
Life's lessons
And be good in turn
But such was goodness
Who would know
His dark chocolate love
Would bury his life
In a brutal snow.

A bus conductor
Who had on him
Dark deep eyes all day
Just like an eagle
Who waits for his prey.
He was 'chocolate' uncle
To this lil one
So that day
He had some dark fun
Called him to the washroom
Tempting him
To his love chocolates
Smiling he went
Unknown that
His life would be
In a shambles

Out came the knife
Then you know
Severed was his throat
Left we're his eyeballs
Horrifyingly slow
Before this
Did he see
Dark fun
If the uncle
As he played
With his childhood
And right through his pants.
But know
Won't be seen
His happy face
Brimming with joy
And dream's play
Oh society
Do you grow
So grey
With neglect
With dirty minds?
This is what I see
And wish to so
For we don't know
This li'l soul
Would be born again
Or no....

This one is about violence children face every day
And unknowingly fall prey
To such pseudophiles.
Rick Jan 10

you tell me you’re
great at everything
but the only thing
I’ve seen you good at
is pestering people
with fabricated stories
about how you’re
great at everything

and you’re only mediocre
at best, with both telling
stories and pestering

sweet dreams
you lying little prick

Dedicated to the lovely coworker of mine that can make work more dull and unbearable as soon as he opens his mouth.
Iska Jan 7

My life is just like anyone elses ya know.
The alarm goes and you wake up.
You get dressed,
You eat.
Go for a morning stroll and
basically you go about your normal day,
The difference was
I was not like every one else.
There was always...
something else around.
This... Sadness.
I was living on the edge of existance,
Waiting for time to catch up with me.
Always chasing after beautiful things,
Only to fall out of reach.
At times this sadness,
this... monster was small,
At other times,
it surrounded me in it's darkness,
And occasionally...
It consumed me completely.
But it was always there,
Watching me,
Waiting for me to slip,
To break,
To completely fall apart.
And after awhile....
it seemed like it just might happen.
This sad little man almost won.
Until I met you.
It was like suddenly,
I found out I've been missing out on.
And I found it in you.
You saved me that day.
You sheltered me from my monsters
You kept me safe while I was lost in the dark.
And without you I am no more than
the sad little man in my head,
but with you I am a girl who is free.

I think that we all have a sad little man prancing around in our pretty little heads.
Some are big, and others small.
Some are darker than the inky night
And others shine in the sun's light.
But it's always there in all of us
And some of us see ours more than others.
So be careful because one day you may be taunting someone under control of their sad little man
Only to find the next day your sad little man will be haunting you.

a baby born from mother's womb
is her father's glory, and same time tomb.
he risked it all, he risked for right,
for his sunshine to grow, and experience light.

"mama! oh mama? look at me!
where is papa? i made him tea."
mother didn't budge, she sat uptight,
daughter can't quell her worries yet slept through the night.

she then woke up, heard a bang from the door,
saw poor mother lying on the floor.
"help me up, child, from now on,
father would not hear us, until the war is done."

it's sad, actually.
for this child is also called,
who would want to sugarcoat lies?
so it is therefore better
to leave without goodbyes.

there are the lives of dependent of soldiers in field, who would want to wake up an orphan?
Dess Ander Dec 2017

Life threw me down until I smashed
Little by little I pieced myself together
I'm not perfect and sometimes I feel weak
But despite the cracks, I am not broken

May 2018 be a fantastic year for you ☺☺☺
Emily Miller Dec 2017

For Little Me,
My little copy,
Who’s not so little
Any more.
To little me,
Who’s growing up,
And becoming a strong,
And beautiful woman.
I tell you now,
Little me,
Don’t look at my expression
When I scroll through pictures of myself.
Don’t watch me cringe
When I look at the scale,
Or listen to my mumbled sentiments
Of self-hatred
After I indulge in something rich
And flavorful.
Don’t take after me,
Little Me.
You’re far too precious.
More precious to me
Than I am to myself
To do what I do
When I look at myself.
Little Me,
I hear you in the store.
Where you used to twirl in colorful outfits in front of the mirror,
you now turn with a look of disdain,
And comment on the fit,
The tucks and curves,
And places that don’t look quite right to you.
Little Me,
When I look at you,
You must understand,
I see a stunning young lady,
Blossoming into grace and radiating joy.
You are a burst of sunlight in a dark room
When you giggle
And grin
And greet everyone with equal love and respect.
What others see
Is not what you see
And life is too short
To tend to imaginary flaws.
Bask in your qualities,
Your bountiful,
I want you to see the same rosy cheeks,
Spun-copper hair,
And elegant, powerful height
That I do.
I want you to see yourself
With all of the love that I have for you,
Little Me.
My perfect,
Little Me.

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