Daisy Rae 16h

She loves glitter
And if you try and take away ZuZu, her blue tiger
She will scream and cry
She loves to color, and not just on paper
Sometimes random objects find their way into her hands
She's sneaky and quick
She might not walk yet but she can crawl super fast
She loves wearing skirts and bows in her hair
She's really goofy
Her favorite food is ice cream
She loves to make me laugh
She's a pro at hiding her shoes so she doesn't have to wear them
She's my little princess
And I couldn't imagine a life without her

Live a little
For the world wants you to die
Laugh a little
For the world wants you to cry
Snatch your share
For someone else is having your joy
Breathe fresh air
And don't let anyone treat you like a toy
Try new things
For the cosmos is full of variety
Choose if you want to
But no need to feel anxiety
Leave your world full of fantasies
And see the world for a while
You'll find darkness for sure
But in the end you will smile
Not because you'll get something funny
Because you’ll know
How to get bees out of honey
And then when you think
That you've seen infinity
The world will show you a new possibility
For this is how it works
And get things done
So always remember
There is a soothing moon for every burning sun......

Wrote this one for a depressed soul Nida and she thanked me enough for it.......

I’m crashing onto the floor.
I can’t stand up straight.
I have soft, white fur.
White as snow with cheeks pink like champagne.
My nose is red like jam.
You tug on my hair, you tap the bottom of my chin,
you kiss my nose.
Nobody sees what we see (my heart is black and my body is blue)
when this light turns out and you put your hands around my neck,
(I can’t breathe but it’s okay because)
I know you love me.

i'm melting because of your touch
Alec 7d

little boy blue
blow your horn
don't regret being born
play your tune
you'll find love soon
and not be afraid anymore
little boy blue
don't be so sad
life doesn't always have to be so bad
just blow your horn
while sitting in a field of corn
little boy blue
your other colors will come soon.

Meghna Sharma Jul 14

Little bird,
Where have you gone?
Won't you chirp your melancholy song?
Little bird,
Where did I go wrong?
That'd keep you from visiting me at dawn?
Little bird,
It has been terribly lonesome without you.
You have left me without a single clue.
Little bird,
I shall wait for you,
Until you return with your familiar rue.

Via Ricasoli Jul 14

I have a certain fascination with being small
There's something comforting about knowing you're not the biggest one out there

When I stand by the ocean, I want to feel insignificant by its endless horizon and deepest depths
When I'm surrounded by the forest I want to feel minuscule next to the trees that tower
When I stand tall next to the mountains, I hope to God I am humbled by their mighty presence
When I look up at the stars, I want to feel like the tiniest being, as they twinkle in the ever expanding galaxy above
When I am out among all the people I want to feel like just another person going about my everyday life

If you think about it, my life is just like yours and everyone that ever was and everyone that will come
Can you name the ruler of China 200 BC?
Most probably can't, and I am one of those, but at one time he was one of the most important people that ever lived
Now he might only be a line in a textbook, a fact forgotten by students right after the test
There are billions of people living all over this beautiful, majestic Earth
In cities, mountainsides, tribes, deserts, rainforests, tundras, and even at sea
People have existed for thousands and thousands of years
Each life precious but only a speck in all of eternity
As are you
As am I

I like feeling small and I hope you do too. After researching the ruler of China in 200 BC, it turns out Emperor Gaodi of the Han Dynasty reunified China, came from a peasant family, and was well liked by his people.
Luna Jul 9

Not even flys know
When doors swing open
That opportunity is knocking
They just enter -
Ignoring the fact that
Even living comes with a cost

The window cracks open
A sleepy six year old
Drools in the back seat
Face full of sweat
Eyes rolling back in her head
Thumb on the switch
A welcoming invite
For the
Lone sky surfer

Trusting the little girl
It enters
The radio crackles
In and out of frequency
But the fly hears no sound
The fly doesn't see the little girl
As little
The fly doesn't even see the little girl
As girl
The fly just enters
The fly has no fears
Risking its life
For curiosity
Its days are numbered
Soon it pings at the window
Trying desperately to escape
As the little girl swats at it
Its small body
Much smaller than hers
Tires quickly
It's frail wings tear
The girl smiles a sense of accomplishment
As the tiny bug
Clings to it's last limbs of life
A tall brunette returns to the car
Releasing the fly just in time

Paul Jones Jul 3

A big rock is hard     to start rolling but
when it gets going,     mountains will be moved.

11:45 - 03/07/17
State of mind: calm; thoughtful.

Thoughts: from thinking - about dreaming big. If something is too hard, get help. There are people out there who believe in you because you believe in yourself.

Questions: Did Sisyphus ever laugh?

Listening to: Van Morrison - Crazy Love
awe Jul 3

you risk tears if you let yourself be tamed
the fox say-ed
the little prince remained
for some time exchanged
names and soon gained
a friend.
the little prince changed
rather than stay the same
to train
the fox. it soon became
time however that he needed to explain
his plan of him going away.
the fox was deeply pained
yet maintained
his supportive claim.
the fox remained
and things stayed the same
yet both of their wishes are stained
of possibly being joined back together again

I really enjoyed the book..I don't know so much about the poem :|
D A N E Jul 2

You stayed up late for me,
Even if I was busy,
Just to be with me.

You started writing for me,
It might be a short story,
But a story about how we'll meet.

You've written a poem for me,
About me, us, and love.
Definitely one of my favorites.

For all these little things,
Simple yet heartfelt,
Makes me happy more than you think.

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