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Life is just a long or short journey,
for every creature in this world,
that includes birth, growth, death
and reincarnation or rebirth in the
One and only Infinite Being
of Eternal Conscious Existence or God,
where the main real objective and purpose of it is
for God to realize and know Himself,
through that of all of His
highest evolved forms in creation,
which are human beings,
be it any man or woman,
by a process of Involution and Realization
as being Omnipresent, Infinite and Eternal
and to experience,
for those who attain the goal;
which can only be attained here on the earth,
the infinite divine power, knowledge, love and bliss,
which are all the very essence and true nature
of That Indivisible and Unfathomable Creator.
Written Nov'2016. Inspired by an artist's painting that was commissioned by Meher Baba, a spiritual master of the 20th Century, to go with his book titled 'God Speaks' which is one of the 10 books listed that have really helped me to shape and inspire my life to understand the world and the hidden spiritual path that all human beings are indeed traveling on.
Man is still very much like an animal though he has a human form
and continues to evolve with the passage of time which is the norm.
He has arrived with the impressions that are of the lower creation
to erase them from his psyche as he moves up to a higher station.
The various races of people in the world give an indication of this
by the way they live and eat or means of survival we can't dismiss.

There's also the observation that some people look like animals
perhaps due to a strong relationship, in past lives, to those in stalls;
a few similarities can be seen in the behaviour and existence
of some people to creatures of a lower form with consistence.
It's likely here that a human soul in the reincarnating phase
is still shedding impressions according to this theory we praise.

However, nature's provided man with ways of progressing higher
developing and cultivating his mind and intelligence to go further.
By overcoming those obstacles which hold him down to the earth
he's able to rise above his lowly origins that come with his birth.
This creative evolutionary push seems to have favored certain people
for we only have to look around in the world regardless of any steeple.

There's also the little known factor of the ages which the earth goes through,
together with the rest of the solar system, that are not obvious to view.
For the earth and the rest of the planets revolve around the sun we know
but what does the sun together with all the planets revolve around and go?
Science hasn't yet found out apart from the center of our milky way galaxy
which is what everything else in it happens to do as well for it's a guarantee.

These ages numbering four last for about twenty four thousand years
as the sun revolves around something greater than itself and so bears
the weight of responsibility for what goes on within its own domain
much like the seasons of the year that on the earth we know to sustain.
For as the sun moves closer* to its center of orbit there's a gradual change
that goes on within the mind of man and his environment of a huge range.

The rise and fall of all those past civilizations is a good indication of this
with the current advancement in technology we're also unable to dismiss.
For we're all going through an acceleration in the acquisition of knowledge
that's being revealed as we move into the present age with all our baggage.
And until we reach the saturation point that may just be a long way off yet
we'll continue to evolve and find things out that hopefully we won't regret.
Notes: *or further away from.
Written Dec'22. This could be one of the most challenging philosophical poems anyone may read. I sincerely hope that no one is offended but the subject matter is not meant to be racist as we're all in the same boat of existence in one way or another moving forward with an evolutionary push. As far as the mention of any Ages that the Earth passes through I've written another poem titled: 'The Mystery of the Four Ages' which explains a little more about these 'Ages' and has also been posted on HP for some time. My main objective is to inform about things that I've found out about and believe to be true unless proven wrong for this is part of the push that we're all going through to find out about the truth of our existence and which fascinates me.
My hair is a mess of antennae-
Each piece picks up static of days
dead and gone.

I run through the noise with unmanned hands- feeling the weight of each lock.

Where’s the golden child?
The girl with a head full of health?
Of ringlets
yet to be devoured by time, sweat and dissonance.

As I drift I hear the voice of my mother fading- her chord was cut and motioned off-air in the wake of new administration.

Memories trapped in the roots of straightened strands. Her signal comes through as a muffled cry:

“These ends may be swept away,
but my music will still play
through your stereo.”
Zywa May 9
The world we know is

an evolutionary

boundary crossing.
Boundary crossing #1, Evolution

Collection "Migration"
Kelly Mistry Apr 28
Integrity through time

We hold these up as ideals
As good

While the messy inconsistency
Splintering of integrity
Of our common humanity
Is bad
Meant to be overcome and

Seems straightforward

Some may acknowledge the
But not question
                                the correctness
Of the goal

And yet...

If I were to achieve perfect consistency
Through past, present and future
Wouldn’t that also mean
I stop learning
Stop evolving
Stop changing

Perhaps the
We all feel in ourselves
from others
Is just a snapshot
Of our continual state of change
The evolutionary process
                                                       ­           in real time

I sometimes wonder
if humanity’s greatest strength is the ability
To hold
To embody
Conflicting ideas
With equal conviction

Of course
Lack of awareness of the inconsistency
of our ideas and actions can be frustrating
In ourselves
In others
Potentially dangerous
Especially in our leaders

But perhaps cognitive dissonance
Is not a malady to cure
Or a failing of our nature
that we must fight a losing battle to overcome

But an opportunity
To decide:
                    How will I change next?
(10 Senryu's)

The meaning of life
is about getting to know
who we really are

The meaning of life
has to do with finding out
what we're here to do

The meaning of life
is about rising above
our lower nature

The meaning of life
is a subject that raises
so many questions

The meaning of life
deals with the evolution
of human beings

The meaning of life
says a lot about man's place
in the universe

The meaning of life
is often misunderstood
as being pointless

The meaning of life
can be appreciated
through man's religion

The meaning of life
is knowing the truth behind
our own existence

The meaning of life
is revealed in its purpose
and goal for our lives
Written in January '23.
I grew up with these cliffs
the boundary of land and sea
where rock, exposed and naked
stands before the unforgiving elements
eroding each moment yet stable
a rock face, a solid, changing, evolution of nature
raw, unflinching, unapologetic.
holding a magic none can match.
the beauty of the inner form exposed
present, bold, unerring
Who are we that stand before them?
Do we bare out soul
And allow life to shape us into beautiful magical beings of grace?
Or do we brace against the winds of lifes changes
try to hide our nature, cling onto a redundant view of ourselves
and struggle to conceal our truths
Be more like cliff and rock,
Stable yet fluid. ever-present yet evolving
Embrace your decay, your lines your growth
Rejoice when a part of your psyche tumbles into the ocean
and you are exposed
In newness.
and vulnerability.

Strength is there.
I love those cliffs
SpiritHeart67 Dec 2022
Through our pain
We are emblazend with Glory
And by the flame purified
SpiritHeart67 Oct 2022
They built a dam
to cut us off
from the Divine flow.
But like every dam,
if there is
enough pressure
and enough flow
and enough power
Enough energy,
first one hole
will appear,
Then another
and then another
and another
Until finally
there are so many
the wall
can no longer contain
that which it has attempted
to hold back,
And it will burst free
And it will flow again
As it once did...
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