A wide and expanding world dilate our technology,
revolutionary thoughts and conflict initiate an evolving psychology.

Simplicity in life no longer here as we form double personalities nearly on in the same, as we all have an assumed second name.

Simplicity in life sacrificed for evolution and integrated minds, or is this just the plan of humankind's masterminds?

We forget the health and happiness of past struggle, as todays anxious, depressed, and integrated minds smuggle in double trouble.

A non-conventional look at the current state of globalization, including both pros and cons. Whats your opinion?
Vicki Apr 6

lucy died
not with
her head
in the clouds
but her bones
like diamonds
in the ground.

D'Kiehl Apr 4

Tyranny reigns through the world
Causing death and destruction
Forcing people to come to qualm
With this harsh reality
That this is what we evolved into
Something dark
Something without hope.
As time keeps going on and on
Will we as a society be able to say
That we achieved the greater good as a collective.

Vexren4000 Mar 11

Man and machine.
Intertwined, since the inception of the toothed gear.
Automata forged in times of cogs and pulleys.
Statues capable of movement, modeled after man.
Now the automata are robotic capable of more.
possibly even thought.
One day they may,
become our equals.
Or conversely, may become
the next step in human evolution.

TLove D Mar 9

Puppeteers turned into monsters
Monsters turned into devils
Devils turned into men
Controlling, consuming, deceiving

Men turned into puppets
Puppets turned into preys
Preys turned into ghosts
Controlled, consumed, unwanted

JΛΧδΡ⑧Z Mar 5

I heard my brother say
Have you ever heard of Hemingway

I said sure

I asked my brother
Have you heard the poets of today

But he said their style is different

It's not the same

Have you heard their hearts sitting at home not getting paid
They don't have a stage

Socially or great

And I don't mind old names
But have you seen the poets of today
Painting murals
Of yesterday

Have you heard
Or are you afraid of change

Hear the pain
No comma or apostrophe can explain
Some of the heart break we face
Little kid dude
Molding words like clay

In our era
In our error

We will change the way
Poetry is displayed

And sayed


We evolve with every page

Raw poetry you diiigggg!!!
Graff1980 Mar 3

Billions of years before humanity
Before Neanderthal fell on the scene
Before the big lush trees and falling greens
Before the protoplasm spasmodic things
The intermittent glowing growing proteins
Before there was darkness and empty space of potential
Before there was dense matter waiting to explode
Expanding mass waiting to flow
Ever outwards were stars would grow
What came before the big bang
Is what I would like to know?

M Harris Feb 28

Fairytale Evolutions,
Terminating Digital Mutations,
Simulated Sensations,
Transcendent Revolutions,

Hybrid Generations,
Altering Stagnant Amplifications,
Shape Shifting Constellations,
Sterilizing Implications,

Eliciting Blissful Animations,
Decoding Kaleidoscopic Flirtations,
Fabricating Holographic Dimensions,
Reflecting Labyrinth Ramifications,

Transgressional Diversifications,
Empathetic Extortion,
Serene Distortion,
Subversive Contortion,

Forging Conceptual Inoculations
Violating Illusionary Variations,
Incarnating Prototype Deviations,
Radiating Subtle Speculations,
Catalyzing Crystallized Civilizations.


Neon Robinson Apr 2016

Vertebrate beginnings,
I collate each chordates morphological traits
Striving to understand their profuse, evolutionary attributes.
Memorize the fusion of Latin and Greek roots
Interwoven just enough to complicate
Instead of differentiate inarticulate invertebrates.
Inhibitions confine to an educational institution
Discombobulated and ready to fucking

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