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Be my muse
If you accept
I'll immortalize

Your beauty
Forever in verse

With words
Will describe
The ecstasy

Of a fantasy
I would love
To traverse

Be my muse
And feel the
Passion I feel

Surrender to the
Moment sublime

Take a leap and let go
Be my muse and you'll know
The love you will feel

When you're mine
Certain people move me to write
ChinHooi Ng Jul 25
When the moonlight
i see in the night
a tearful ghostly light
don't know where it came from
can't even get a whiff
but i know
the petunia is meditating
can't really read her heart
can't tell how strong
she actually is
though the frost and dew
have barged in
the angle of the fallen fence
is expanding
but this i know
when the morning comes
she'll be awake
she'll be something different
i know
it must be the sunrise
that is able to mulch and sprout
the most captivating smile.
ChinHooi Ng Jul 24
All trees
dressed in pink
the longings
that were planted here
over the years
I've been faithful
in my visits
approaching gently
quietly leaving
pink and white petals
like devoted butterflies
flapping their wings
to decorate that sky
of memory
beautiful things of the mortal world
finally return
the season of sakura
like my thoughts fluttering about
in the first flush of her romance
the sanctity of this retreat
the pink flames
reflected on lovers' foreheads
stored in the depths of time
fly out towards
our love affair.
George Krokos Jul 23
There are seven eyes of understanding
some people in life are so commanding
but the divine wisdom behind them all
is to rise up in knowledge and not fall.
Just as there are seven planes of consciousness - seven spiritual states - so also are there seven states of understanding. It is always seven. The number seven is the divine number. The seven understandings are:

Eye of Instinct: governs the animal world which includes insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Eye of Intellect: rules most of the common human realm of existence.

Eye of Inspiration: is for those human souls whose feelings are developed like poets and artists and other creative people.

Eye of Intuition: is for those advanced human souls who have conscious visions and understanding true to the point. What you understand by intuition is always true. What you understand by intellect is sometimes true and sometimes not.

Eye of Insight: human souls on the fourth and fifth plane have insight; their understanding is direct, without thinking with the mind.

Eye of Illumination: means seeing God as he is and is experienced by those human souls who see the Light of God inside and outside of their mind. The understanding is divine.

Eye of Integration or Realization: this is the merging, becoming and understanding of oneself as God (the I am God state – Nirvikalpa Samadhi).
Apart from the title, the introductory quatrain and the last listed named state of Integration to comply with the title - the 7 eyes (or - i's), all of which are my own creation and inclusion, there is also in parts some additional wording included of mine (marked in italics - unable to be seen here on HP) to complement the quoted knowledge, that Meher Baba, a spiritual master of the twentieth century, perhaps the greatest, revealed on the 29th of September 1940 at Meherabad (a place dedicated to him in India, near Poona) and is recorded in an extensive biography written by Bhau Kalchuri, one of his followers whom I had the good fortune to meet in person, titled: Lord Meher – vol7 pages 2617-2618.
Full credit for the above goes to Meher Baba of course and to Bhau Kalchuri who was given the task of writing the biography which is available for reading online by anyone who is interested -
Please also see another fantastic website called Life Eternal - - that's dedicated to Meher Baba which has most, if not all, of the quotes and sayings that he communicated during his lifetime. Jai Baba!
Better than grandeur,
better than gold  is the shrine of love,
the haven of life is a heart
that can feel  a woe in affliction’s hour,
better than pride and vanities is the balm
of a tender hug with its soothing power,
when all  decay and fade away  trust the blessings of heaven.
Jaine Jul 12
i’m starting to see what they’ve been meaning
when they say
life is fleeting
i’ve been watching it pass by
i’ve been watching it pass by as if my own heart is not beating
i’ve been so demeaning
keeping myself from dreaming
but lately i’ve been thinking
dreaming in this fleeting life
dreaming is nothing if not freeing
trying to love life again after years of giving into depression
my words
spill out
and somehow
i am still
about you
I know we meet
people for a reason
and every time I didn't
think it was the case,
hindsight proved me wrong
ten times out of ten.

But us? I can't seem to accept
you were a stepping stone,
a lesson, a memory etched
in my spirit only meant to
redirect me to another place.

I just don't want what comes next
without you here to share it with me.

Tell me why I can't seem to
come to terms with us being
not only impermanent
but seemingly forgettable.

I cannot bring myself to let go
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