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Yes, I can write forever about you.
But pens run out of ink sometimes.
A poem every day.
Ak 2d
Souls who gifted me pain
I am grateful,
For flavoring my soul.
Every drop of tear transformed
Into a beautiful cave of art
Words are trapped like a grapevine
Entwined to each other
Calling you flirtatiously,
To take a mouthful.
Even I adore their gravity
I cherish the offerings deep within me
Intensifying the fire within.
Comrades drag me along,
But opponents lifted me up.
Look at my eyes,
Enjoy the fire that forgot to sleep.
Jules 2d
When I was a child, I had all these hopes and dreams.
I believed I was capable of anything.
But now as I'm older, the realization of the world around me finally sinks in.
Those fantasies and stories I once knew became sad tragedies that'll never be my life.
But something in my mind has shifted.
The color and brightness have once again come back into my existence.
Has the world always been so colorful?
It was the way you looked at me.
The look in your eyes sparked a feeling in me.
Almost as a renewal.
My inspiration came back.
And I just wanted to say...
thank you.
He breaks my heart
And peels my eyes
Open to the world,
No, I’m not a broken girl.

He’s the reminder
That my mask can be removed;
I don’t have to hide,
In him, I confide.

Emotional chaos
Disguised as playing victim.
He called out my delusion,
It was no intrusion.

He softens my feelings
But hardens my spine;
He nurtures me to health
And teaches me of my wealth.

Yes he breaks my heart,
He tears it wide open
So that the rivers may flow again.
He makes me feel whole again.
I was once in a boat
And around me was deep dark water
I couldn’t see the bottom
So when my boat sprung a leak
I thought it was over
And i jumped head first into the water
And started to swim
To where the stars pointed
Until i couldn’t
So I prepared to die
But I didn’t
I lived.
We are all in a boat
malluraeh Oct 10
id rather **** myself
than pass on
some of these thoughts
lingering in my head
but... never mind the killing part
ill just say whats ripping apart
my brain
all my friends may be fake
no similar interests
no same views and perspectives
no inspirations collected
but thats to be expected
nowadays, where man views itself
as a ant
every single bit of hope rejected and neglected by the world
until the bitter end
no confidence, so nothing to
boost there
all the dreams and hopes
planted inside the ***
overshadowed by doubts and insecurities
no sunlight
be aware of life, don’t follow the snake
and it‘ll eat you too
the circle of life
YY Oct 7
Why worry about something that is not in our control?
Why do we try to fit into some role?
With endless love, fulfilled with flowers,
You'll have way better inner powers.

Not with good looks, but with heart's beauty,
You can give back your given duty.
Not with false words and deprivation,
But with sharp focus and true dedication.

Don't look up or down, but far ahead,
The more you do - the more your love will spread.
Not the platonic wild obsession -
But calm and positive progression.

Don't try to own one's feelings, cause aggression,
Stop making someone your material possession.
Do good, not harm, don't ask to give you back,
Only give and you'll receive twice back.
By Alexa kae navarro

Noong ika'y nasa aking sinapupunan
Maraming pagsubok ang nagdaan
Masasakit na salita'y naranasan
Ngunit ako'y nagpatuloy at lumaban

Ikaw ang nagbibigay sa akin ng lakas ng loob
Kayat labis kong kinatuwa na sa akin ika'y pinagkaloob
Pinapangako kong ikay aking aalagaan
Ano mang pagsubok ang magdaan

Sa iyong unang pag iyak
Ang buhay ko'y binigyan ng galak
Anu man ang iyong nais sabihin
Narito lng ako upang ikay unawain

Pagmamahal ay ipapairal
Mabuting gawain ay ipapangaral
Huwag mo sana akong biguin
Lumaking mging masunurin

Lumaking may tyaga
Nang sa aking pagtanda'y may mag aruga
Pagmamahal ay pairalin
Nang sa iba'y maging halimbawa ka rin
Its a wonderful gift from GOD
badtaste Oct 6
I don't want to be the cigarette in your coat pocket
Just so you can take me out and use me
And after the high put me out and end my light -sprawled naked across my bed-just to say
"I wish we didn't do that..."

Filling me with such regret
We treat each other like an ashtray, dumping our problems onto one another making an **** mess staining the sheets... Thank you Clever your poetry is always inspiring and I owe this work to you (just to clarify this isn't about me and clever lol the way I wrote it was based upon her voice)
Preeti Verma Oct 5
Spiraling down the memory lane

With little to no shame

Muses the self esteem quitely

Where’s my gal who once shined ‘oh so brightly’


What made her loose the strength

That had earned her praises at length

What made that power she once held

to break into tears that geld

Who would u blame in this situation?

What led her pride to cessation?

Must be her own inability…..u say?

No one can control the thoughts that stray


One can ponder that till infinity

But now she is back to sanguinity

That was unexpected….u say?

Well these are the thoughts that stray


Worried, Ashamed, puzzled and hurt

What about me?…the esteem blurts

Crawling, Stumbling yet standing

How longer I’ll be the only one sacrificing?


The strength never comes from only growing

Sometimes it stems from the breaking

Those little pieces carry the heart aches

Which first quakes, breaks then makes

Let the past be her experience

That will make all the difference

Let the broken esteem guide her

Make her forever 'ohh so brighter’
3 a.m. thoughts (old collection)
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