There is no gold for the best deeds,
Sometimes, a thank you isn’t even present.

We commit virtue because it’s right,
Not for a very special prize.

There are no points for entering heaven,
Just strive to be a good person every day.

It starts with small gratitude,
Like helping the needy across the street.

Making a difference based on selflessness,
Not for earning a seat into paradise.
Limits are not an option,
Battling to complete a mission.

Throwing away the cane,
As I sprint to the finish line.

The curse of mental illnesses won’t weaken me,
Medical impairments will not slow me down.

With too many priorities to achieve,
There is no room for any fragility.

Complexity will always surround the cause,
But reason will always prevail against defects.

No disability will ever hold me back,
As I fight a war opposing disorders.
I had been a captive of my own thoughts
A loser of the fights I once fought
Yet,I'm a survivor of yesterday
And that's a reason to remain grateful everyday.
This is a motivation for y'all feel hopeless and anxious. Always remember that you are a conqueror of yesterday and Every breath is a gift,Every heartbeat is a present and Each pulpitation is a daily reminder to keep on fighting.
Devised before the moment of birth,
A blueprint was created by God.

A chain of events that will take place,
Designing a predestined future that shall occur.

These trends are all part of the plan,
Setting up a test built upon virtue.

The pattern consists of many barriers,
A journey one must complete for glory.

The trail will provide two dictions,
Providing an exam based on faith.

A road which offers darkness,
And a route that provides light.

The almighty already knows your choice,
Foreseeing the quest that’s already predicted.
Give me a reason.

One poem a day; that is my goal.
I must write something each night or day and show you my soul.
My collection of written words will never be whole,
For it is constantly expanding, as I continue to grow old.

I hope I am worthy of doing this well,
For my poetry is my love and I have many stories to tell.
I will speak of fantasy worlds I dream up inside my mind
And speak the truth whenever necessary, to make the words rhyme.

If you like what I write, then give me some encouragement;
If you have apathy to my poetry,
Then seek another to give your mind its nourishment.
If you take offence at something I have written,
Then I apologise.  That is not what I meant,
To do; all I wanted was to show you how I feel,
About that particular subject and now my vessel is spent.

Each poem is unique and should be judged by its own content,
Not compared to another and held up in judgment.
I shall forever write poetry,
For I shall forever seek and gain enlightenment.

I am love, I am fallen,
I am many faces of many men.
I am man, I am woman,
I am myself and many others.
I am right, I am wrong,
I am the son of my mother.
I could end up becoming your lover,
But I shall never proclaim to be anything more than I am; my reader.

You are a part of my life now; you have peered into my mind
And I do hope you have had a nice time reading my lines.
I must find a way of getting my mind and body to conspire;
So I set myself goals to strive for, to keep me inspired.

I motivate myself to continue to write,
By wishing to improve all the time and searching for that next line.
It’s hidden in my mind somewhere,
I just have to find it.
My next goal is to write my thousandth poem
And I have my eye on it.

This will feed me the fuel I need to write another poem
And to each of you I shall continue showing,
How I feel at the moment the poem is created.
My thoughts shall forever evolve,
But my lust for writing shall never be sated.
Only seventy five to go now to reach my next goal.
One poem at a time, I am getting closer to satisfying my ego.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
It doesn’t matter.

Falling from the sky like a meteorite.
I’m losing sight of what might have been,
Because it has never been seen.
I have never had focus, because I never had to look,
For my inspiration, it rains down upon me;
So quick to admit defeat, so I throw away my books.
When I should be more promising,
No promise is kept,
Just swept aside and forgotten;
Until eventually I will have nothing left.

On a course towards love, it is my destined reality,
So I am waiting for a change of fortune;
I’m still waiting on reality.
No pop up picture book ideals, to be seen within my dreams;
Just reality biting me, it sinks its teeth in deep.
So no hope can I search for,
Because I know there is no cure,
For the lack of wishes I am granted;
Feet firmly planted, outside opportunities door.

No advance, no way;
Never been paid to read a page.
Never told there is a way, I just leapt into the future,
With a blindfold over my eyes;
I let the spirits take me over to the other side.

Somebody stole my bicycle,
So I could do with a lift to the next town over;
No time to look over my shoulder.
Eyes firmly fixed on what is to come;
I have already experienced a lifelong slump.
Now the curve is getting steeper and as I climb I do rise;
One hand upon the mountain top,
One more step to take into the light.

Find a word that rhymes,
Forever search for insight.
Stay locked inside my own slide show.
A film study, a flick book;
Life is just passing on by…

Without hope there is only loss;
I lost my hope a long time ago,
But the call of love is eternal,
So I will continue to scribble inside my journal.
One day somebody will find it in the rubble
And hopefully they will say,
He never stood still.

He kept on trying,
He kept on writing;
If only they knew how much more I need to find…
Pour all of your thoughts into my head;
There is plenty of empty space that needs to be filled.
I could never give you a reason,
So please stop asking;
I wish I could, I hope you will,
Pick up a pencil, pick up a pen;
Use a keyboard or a quill.
Speak a thought just once and they may like what you write,
Or they may think,
Well that was just a complete waste of my time.

An eclipse of the mind, wrestling with a need for a tongue twister line.
I need advice every time I make a decision;
Did I say that right?
Can you see where I am going or am I just losing you with my ways?
Shall I continue to say or just fade away?
Some people use a password as the password;
If you see this as just a blur,
Then you will never see the words that I am trying to say…
Would that it were.

Smash the glass, we are in need of an alarm,
Because as I lay here dying in your loving arms,
I’m spinning riddles around my ball of yarn
And nothing makes sense to the follower of patterns;
They could never understand that is does not matter,
If any of this even matters!

All that matters is the matter at hand we sit upon,
In the evening air, under this sunset sun.
This is not a perfect picture painted purposely peculiar,
It’s just a work of art or an apprentice piece.
A doodle or a riddle, a non-logical use of the vernacular;
It is only my dreams of an exploding star,
Scattered throughout the universe…

And that is all it will ever be.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sabrina 3d
When all is burning down to shreds,

And nothing seems to make sense.

Don't join the crowd of hanging heads,

Letting grief and despair commence.

Instead, choose hope,

The force that shines.

Which lets you cope,

Through all confines.

© Sabrina 2018
have hope that things will get better
Awtumn 4d
What inspires me the most?
People are so unique
And always changing.
Writing for people
Is one of my favorite things.
But some people
Are harder to write for.

The ones I love
Have the most words written,
Like tattoos and scars,
Across my heart.
Words for them
Flow through my veins
And escape my fingertips
Like birds flying from their cages.

Most of my poems
Are about love,
In one way or another.
I think it's because
I'm finally learning
What love is to me.
Manar 4d
How can I rest
When time resides outside my door?
A year passed and you're still a guest
And the ashes of the bed you set on fire
Are still all over the floor.

Memorizing your details,
The triggers and the fails
Is as marvelous as victory
As wholesome as writing history.

Your wires trap my mind
And time pokes at me as I fall behind
Restless, paranoid and blind
Every time you show up I call it a disater
But I always swallow my fright
Because you're not a monster
You're not a demon even though you bite.
You're not a test and a not a present
Could be a difficult friend that's somehow pleasant.

Now we sleep side by side
And every night we stare at the moon
You whisper, "You're just as phenomenal."
It's good for my pride
"You're divine and astral."
We giggle together and you turn hominal
I feel bad it's almost fun
But a kiss with a a fist is better than none.

My wounds open and in comes the light
Embracing every emotion,
Repeating it's alright.
It is true I am still as bright.
My mom thinks my fractured beauty is tragic
But I am powerful and I radiate magic.

Every night I forgive you
We dance together and I sing to you
"Could I too be forgiven
After I gave life to you?"
I have learned that the best way to get in terms with a problem is to talk to it, so I'm talking to my bipolar disorder in this poem. I wrote this poem exactly one year after I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It describes my experience with manic and depressive cycles and how I accepted my illness and embraced all of me.
She picks my veins like chords
Tunes my tongue to record
A melody she’s been working on
And I sway along as she plays her song
Then she says the pitch is wrong
Starts to repent
Leave’s me to play another instrument
But once alone I sip whiskey and recline
Waiting for her to set up our next studio time
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