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these days I'm not worried
about writing poetry all the time
and the happy result is
that life sings at me in rhyme
S Rose 12h
people see your skill

   and name it Talent

      in reality,

         Talent walked you to the door

            knocked twice,

               then disappeared

                  and you were left with Grit.
Our shared breathes were rushed secrets
cheeks stained pink with every caress

I can’t seem to forget us
time eases the pain
but my memories seem
to relish in it
if for just a glimpse of you

our hands loosely entwined
I can’t seem to forget you
hands become legs
and suddenly I am back in our bed
our legs loosely entwined
and for that moment
I believe that we'll be alright
but glimpses of heaven
are just that

I wish I could stop thinking of you
but your presence lingers
and i am too afraid to admit to myself
that you are already gone
In the face of pressure,
choose to press on!

In the face of distress,
continue to whisper I'm blessed!

In the face of trouble,
let your faith double!

In the face of adversity,
show forth your tenacity!
Kada 3d
Gifts entertain people while an anointing changes lives.
                                                                ­                                 -Kada
Walking in your purpose is the most fulling thing that you can do in life!
Once many years ago
I was the troubled teen
I fought abusive family
I fought police
I hated life
I just want to die
I had no plans for my future

I spent time in jail
I was on probation
My mental status was iffy
I never took my meds
I smoked pot

I'm not afraid to admit
I was fucked up
I drank to excess.
I tried to die
I'd cut my skin
Just to feel again

Then one day i got a job
I enjoyed caring for the elderly
I helped her with housework
Took her shopping and the likes
I found a guy that loved everything about me
Including the crazy.

I started my meds
Got better with time
Got licensed to carry
Became a security officer

I started liking LEOs
I wanted to be one.
I wanted to change the world.
I still plan to change the world.

I'm in school
Training to be an EMT
Going to the gym
Getting in shape
to get into the police academy.

I will change my world!
Keep flying!
You damn amazing fool
Rip through that darkened sky
Light it ablaze with your fire
And when you feel like burning out
Burn hotter than ever
Until every tendril of defeat
That ever so grabbed at you
Is burned and singed
Blackened and lost
In the dark cosmos
And cover it up with
Your fiery painting
Graffiti'd for eternity
To bare witness
Idek I had that howling feeling in my chest for a moment and I had to write something positive
George 5d
Forgiveness is expected,
so it happens.
Something else lingers,
the residue.
Like a deep cut on your knee,
which hurt when you were a child,
healed a long time ago.
Now a fading but permanent line.
No words can describe what is felt,
it is best not to try.
It is the good,
the bad,
everything you are.
You take that line on your knee,
everything else unnamed,
accept that it is imperfectly you.
Be the better person now,
so no one else need forgive you,
and shall remember only love.
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