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Unwittingly I let you fall
and hid you in a verse,
and now I'm still searching for you
throughout the universe.
Anticipating the absolute worst.
Needing to escape the situation.
Xanax isn’t a pure solution.
Isolation becomes worse with time.
Everything seems out of control.
Taming abnormal fear by recognition.
Yoga is very a therapeutic approach.
An acrostic poem.
about ploughing my head through the wall instead of walking through the door food away to the right
perhaps you simply confusing your way with mine
but you don't care to listen
                                                                            only to talk
is a child running
into a busy street.
Only inattentive
lazy parents
let inspiration die.
Too harsh?
Depression doesn’t pick its victims through color,
Anxiety won’t select its casualties by ***.

The rich and poor can be picked,
As mental illness doesn’t care about money.

No matter how much strength a person possesses,
Mental illness can still prey on people.

This disease doesn’t discriminate,
Affecting anyone all across the board.
Jul's 7d
I'm a woman that needs to be loved
I'm a woman with dreams & hopes
I'm a woman with love that wants to express
I'm a woman that won't back down in what I believe in
I'm a woman with desire
I'm a woman that is up for a challenge
I'm a woman with a lot of despair, and needs to go away
I'm a woman that has dreams and hopes filled with desire that's going to come true
I'm also a woman with desire that wants to express it in a way that makes me feel good
I'm a woman filled with love, but I wanna be with my love
        Written by Julie David
Where do I go?
I know they are slow
But I know the way
In the lanes on the road
The road is wide
And I can drive
To get to and from
The other side
They will chase me
They are now running
Away from here now
Bridges, tunnels, in town
You can run but can't hide
They will find
You while you hide
Keep going
Keep going
The clouds in the sky
Will die tonight
And rain will fall
Won't stop at all
Then it might
Storm a cloud
Like a wall
Tornado style, cadejo smile
Deadly sky, we will all die
Live it right, stay alive
Listen to this beat and rhyme
A story to tell about a dog's eyes
Gleaming in the snowy Alaskan night
Cadejo and his eyes
Pointless poem but it is still decent
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