Keep going: running & such.
Keep it up..

Gallop, like thunder.
You ...rolling wave, you..
Faster than lightning....
Do.                               \
Not.                              /
Trot.                             \
Chase.  Sprint.  Go!
Run!  Run!  Run!
Find it & grab it
...but, even then..
keep a firm hold,
too, on that clutch.

Harder, now.
Bigger ...& brighter..
You, you..
Come on, now.

Keep going...

Keep your steering wheel tight.
Clench it: Keep it even tighter.
&, keep your lead... down.
All the way down: solid,
atop your hallow ground.

Keep going: running & such.
Keep it up..

Even after have grabbed it.
...Whatever it is.. you took.
Whatever it is...

You ...thief, you..

Even, after.. you have grabbed it:
that "thing" you never ran from,
(Not even once...) ...keep going...
I tell you..
Guard it with your life.

..Always be moving.
Always: Keep going..
-- far beyond --------
..the finish line --------------------------------


Reposted. Apologies, but felt it was worthy of a repost now.

Should you feel like just giving up,
Or feel that you have had enough,
Remember you are not alone,
We all have troubles of our own.
Though you may think life is not fair
Who goes through life without a care?
We all have our own cross to bear;
Those without are extremely rare.
It is vital we keep going
For we have no way of knowing
What for us tomorrow might bring
If we do our best, keep trying.
Perhaps you  may look back one day
And proudly be able to say,
Though life was hard, extremely tough,
I'm so glad I did not give up.

WNG 6d

He's trying to break the glass ceiling,
He keeps punching, now his fists bleeding,
The footsteps above only motivate him further,
In finding true freedom, it's minus two
But his burning desire is enough, to burn an igloo,
Let's just see what the power of thought can do.

Alexander Leino Apr 16

I’ve completed hundreds of puzzles
Puzzles with a few pieces
Puzzles with many pieces
I’ve started putting together another puzzle
This puzzle started off like all the others
I started with the border and started working my way inwards
For the first time I became perplexed
I tried my hardest to find the correct piece to fil this blank space
I think I have tried every piece that the puzzle came with
I am almost convinced I am missing a piece
This puzzle has been an infuriating undertaking
I have spent countless hours trying put all the pieces together
Now some of the pieces are starting to become disfigured
Some of the pieces have become discolored
I have spelt my morning coffee on some of these pieces
The damage has been done but I am determined to finish it
For whenever I start a puzzle I always finish it
No matter the amount of time I have spent on it
This one however isn’t going to look like the picture on the box
I have given up on that pipe dream
Now I am creating a beautiful collage

Dhaara T Apr 15

Don't you dare lose hope
After making it so far
This step matters most

When you're 50% through something, take just one more step in the direction you were heading. That one step is crucial, because once you're more than halfway through, the chances of giving up will keep diluting as you progress. Never give up, never back down, give your hurdles a tough fight! :)
KKM Apr 15

light of a fire, staring in the bright eyes of a tiger as you wear your golden heart on your sleeve & try to fight off watery disaster but it'll come in the form of orange rose petals and bright blue lights and ink from your dangerous veins will seep through the pale of your jeans even on the days that the sun never seems to set as you sit atop a dusty mountain that shares your middle name so you climb back down with a look on your face that could only be one of either light determination or distant satisfaction, like the difference between citrus lime and citrus lemon in a coffee cup enough for 2 morning breakfasts and a sky full of shiny stars that you gracefully painted over with red chalk because you were on an adventure

Makula Hala Apr 7

I've broken through
The wall that has surrounded
Not a word
has been written by my hand
since a time so far forgotten.
Overgrowth from disuse
has cluttered my focus,
drying up my ambition
although no sun has shone upon it.
My thoughts became cracked,
dusty with age,
and the webs
became so thick
I couldn't cut them with fire.
But like a maze,
I found a path through.
There were dead ends,
and tricks,
and traps along the way,
but I made
the correct turns to get back
to that place
like a mouse to cheese.
I've found my pen,
and through the ink,
my words will find the world.

Not falling victim to
The devil's vices
Advice from a few and
I instantly know what to do
As the sun sets beyond
The horizon longer days turn
Into colder nights but you
Won't ever see me shiver
It's my dream to deliver leadership..

Miabee Mar 25

some days I miss my layups
people break my ankles
some times I miss my cuts
and lose all of my respect

Most days I'm kind of trash
so go ahead and laugh
you should do it while you can
I'm about to come back

I will train my best
until theres pain in my chest
fight for that ball
until the very end.

And in my wake
quietly I will wait
to shoot in your face
in front of all your friends.

so watch out for you shall see
theres nobody better than me
for i am the queen of the court.
and winning is my game.

Hayden Jae Mar 23

To which demons it may concern;

You know me. I'm your worst enemy.
I'm the sunshine that breaks your attempts at drowning her.
I'm the flower petals that infiltrate the scent of your rot.

You wish me gone.
I understand.
But understand in turn that is what I wish of you.

You have no right to push her over any cliffs of your choosing.
You have no right to make her feel as worthless as she does.
You have no right to play upon her heartstrings like an overplayed violin.

And if you ever lay a single claw mark upon her skin again, you'll wish you were back in hell.

Because that's way nicer than where I'm gonna send you.



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