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Chris 2d
Make the silence glass
Shatter it fast
It matters for the empty
This world we must outlast
To be more than a mirror
Existing to appear here
A goal forged in fear
Mere realization to help the tears
The ones like rain
Invisible Pain

Thunder and lightning
Fire so frightening

Oh, storm from my ceiling
Household walls so concealing
My will may wane
But I am slowly healing..

I will not fall..

Shattered the surface
Underneath found a truth

Mirror of fate
There is no debate

I made this reflection
To change what I hate
Carol Rose Sep 22
With a grateful heart I pray
Sincerely Dear Lord
Help me please from always being afraid
I trust You are in control yet why do I feel so all alone not in one accord

Gracefully we admire the frothy determination
Stretching the coastlines limits at times reaching for more
Yet the harmony has been written and sympathized in so many years of desperation
Still the generosity of the salty heirs wade in the obedience of the wanton shores

With the raging waters and winds blowing In indecisive destinations
This world is restless
Chaos and devastation is an on going persistent evil in the souls of unknowing vessels
Carelessness has filled the cup to confusion in all the darkness pridefully boasting

My heart aches in knowing that so many don’t know or have been told
Truth that leads to Salvation and Life everlasting
Heavenly billows of snowflakes tip toeing Into the depths of my innermost being assuring me
“Peace be Still and Know”
“IAM God”
Bowing my head in humble reverence notwithstanding

Step by step softy moving closer to my first Love
Always being comforted by His tenderness I adore
I’m in awe of His immaculate irreproachable glance from above
Suddenly my heart senses that same whisper on the shore

Elegance is simplicity graced by the beauty of composure in the soul
Knowing and trusting in the power deep within where Your Love is endless
Just as the tides ebb and flow
Whispering the shorelines song eloquently breathless

“The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice; let the many coastlands be glad! Clouds and thick darkness are all around him; righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne. Fire goes before him and burns up his adversaries all around. His lightnings light up the world; the earth sees and trembles. The mountains melt like wax before the Lord, before the Lord of all the earth. The heavens proclaim his righteousness, and all the peoples see his glory”
Carlo C Gomez Sep 17

Raised up & standing tall

She's my port of call

Such a rush

To forcibly ascend

Such a hush

That has settled in

And soon we'll surface

Life in a passionate bubble

Instead of the trouble

Of riding in the back
of a hearse
LARRY Aug 28
Be an adventurer
sail and climb
into your dreams and emotions,
until you reach
the goals that were once,
far off in the horizon.

But now its your present, so live in this moment
make a new future of love and happiness.

It starts with a want, then a need, and grows into a dream that can become, your reality.
My tortoise walks
on slow determined feet.
He watches me
with  glossy eyes
inviting me to join
his steady living
pace of peace. 🐢
Lane O Aug 19
Even when I unravel,
hope still hangs on by a
Parin Aug 9
Sometimes you might feel blue,
Sometimes you might want to give up,
You might not have a clue for what to do,
Due to the tough situation as such.

But one thing you need to remember
Is to keep your head up high
Even if you can't keep yourself together,
get up again and don’t forget to try.

Optimism is hope,
Hope is inner strength,
Inner strength leads to perseverance,
With which you can reach extreme lengths.

Don’t forget that you might fall down,
In the perilous process of a beautiful success,
But stand back up and don’t look around,
As looking back will only cause distress.

You are a human,
Yes you make mistakes,
But these are the blunders that help you learn,
By making you realize that what it takes.

Challenges are faced by all,
As the path to success doesn’t come easy,
Yet you have the potential to overcome them,
Because you have the capability.

The path might be rough,
You'll think you wont make it through,
As the situation is tough,
But so are you.

So just live life to the fullest,
have the time of your life,
Enjoy every moment,
as no matter what,
At the end You will thrive.
                                                                           ~Parin Bindle XI-i
Chris Aug 7
Virgil led me to a dream
Into a nightmare I could change
It is truly strange

Duly noted, my ego, my urge
Seen and considered

Morality or less
My stress and this mess
Withered as the rest

Virgil had met one similar
Many journeys ago

I was never the man, never him
I even judged the lost
Karma makes ignorance pay a cost

This Hell I made..
Oh, how I have paid..

In the mirror stands Dante..
But I am not the man, never him

Like many I lived blind


The Circles carry me away..
But I never paid for my forgiveness

Will that be enough?
Jack Jul 28
An Embrace
It brings me close

Close to your heart
Close to your soul

Bringing me to where I feel whole

This feeling
Being blessed by your touch

It fills me with a Lust
A Lust to make you happy
To help do the things you never dared

To make you see the world through new eyes
As you make your own path
With a supportive Me at your side

All of this because of the light you given
In an Embrace
A poem from the heart
To the one who has captured mine
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