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My Dear Poet Apr 2
A silver spoon
still never feeds the soul

A silver lining
still cannot hold back the rain

A silver moon
still brings on the howling

A silver chain
still holds the weakest link
Is it ever ok to come second best?
to thunder, the pond swells
in summer, it diminishes
when its streams and brooks die
a thousand plants-
and a hundred fish-
rot and swelter in it

to rain, it lives and breathes
the ebb and flow of raindrops
when from its banks break
a thousand droplets-
a hundred streams-
blooms in its spirit

men wait not for the rain,
nor does he diminish in heat
in his soul contained to find,
a great typhoon-
angered by his passion,
calmed when he sulks

in each awaits catastrophe,
one as different, none the same-
all as fated to start as one
feel the wind, heat, and rain
feel it now, again and again
Penny Z Mar 4
Sometimes, when it seems as if the sky
and earth,
And past
and future,
are colliding,
with no horizon
to keep them apart,
I like to close my eyes,
and think of Now.

Yesterday once made up
                                         the Now,
with colours so vivid and explosive,
sounds so vibrant and patterned,
feelings so tangible,
so real,
it seemed as if you would never be able to forget them.
But Now has turned them into
and Now has made the colours bleed out
into sepia browns and soft greys,
so that the image,
the memory,
is clear –
but the character, the youth, the feeling,
is disappeared.

Yet this is hope –
For today will soon be yesterday,
And tomorrow will always lie awake,
So when it feels like today is just another today,
So why worth the pain,
Grasp the morning with your two palms,
And paint yellows and fiery oranges,
And grasp the evening,
And paint purples and dusky pinks,
So that today is not just another today,
But a new today, a new Now, a new day.
          And if it feels as if today will never
Just remember,
that when gravity pulls you down,
and it seems light cannot get through –
it is Time that tethers us all,
like golden trees are tethered to the earth,
and silvery fish are tethered to the tide
and time will move on,
and heal and change and blend and be
the light you now see - or just
                                                     a distant

For memory is a strange thing,
Like pebbles shaped by water,
It fluctuates and alters with the forces of the sea,
Forming the bedrock of the ocean, yet everchanging
And what was once the present,
is now the past,
So that all you really have to hold on to,
To tether yourself when the current seems too strong,
To rely on when the future may not be a given,
Is your present, your today, and
our Now.
One of my lockdown poems helping get me through
Ian Dunn Feb 27
The waves get higher
crashing all around me
I lost sight of the port
amidst the raging sea

I'm clinging tightly
My hands have grown sore
Rain pelts the boat
In unending downpour

I don't know where to go
All I can do is guess and hope
Longing for some release
To do more than just cope

But there's no end to this storm
No harbor or port of safety
But I'm going to keep going
I won't let it take me

I can still see the sun
Though sometimes it may hide
That flicker of light in the darkness
Tells me that I can survive
LannaEvolved Feb 14
Love is the feeling of what it feels like to know
without a glimmer of anything but certainty.
That Love is faith in what still exists
In the sliver of a piece of the life
you always knew lives and breathes deep inside you
A new life where the moon overlooks
the shadow of doubt and dust from a past one
It is to form the new horizon of truth happiness inner peace in silent deserved action. This truth you know.
Believe in that love.
A lovely heartfelt message delivered by butterfly that has found her wings again over the past 4 years; learning to understand the love that resides within herself and always has.
Cheers to the day all my amazing Shifters, to this day, and to the happiest and beautiful of Valentines to you all. Love is here for you now.
Ian Dunn Feb 6
It's been a long journey
and though we don't know where it ends
We're almost there
I can feel it

It's been a difficult journey
Those who could walk, walked
Those who couldn't walk, we carried
But we couldn't carry everyone

It's been a strange journey
Different than anything we've faced before
We mustn't forget all that we've learned
We mustn't forget all that we've lost

It's been a tiring journey
The end is still far away
But if we walk together
I know we'll make it
Nilia Loh Jan 29
The brief wind that blew the storm away,
Made space for the sun to awake.
A moment I can take it as my own,
Yet so fleeting it was blown.
Back to this storm I must bear,
my crown of strength I will wear.
SiouxF Jan 28
Happiness, sadness,
Two contrasting emotions,
Both transitory.
Aim for contentment,
Acceptance of what is,
And what’s not,
And gratitude for all of it.
With this and
A firm gaze
Upon your dreams
You can achieve anything
You set your mind to
With grace and determination
Ian Dunn Jan 9
Time's up, I've got to go
I wish I didn't have to, but I know
that if I don't leave now, I'll be late
Though I'm tired, I can't afford to wait

This journey seemed easier at the start
Maybe I asked for too big of a part
But I made a promise, I took a vow
That will have to carry me for now

This burden weighs down my spirit
It'd be easy to lie down and quit
But I can't move forward by standing still
I've got to keep going up this hill

It'll be a long time before I'm free
but there are people counting on me
Right now, I have somewhere to be
So sleep will have to wait for me
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