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I submitted my poem
to a teacher, Mr Rowan
and he graded it an F
Still, I’m a great poet
he just doesn’t yet know it
but some day he’ll have to confess

though he’ll give me an E
yet when it comes to poetry
I’m the greatest poet there ever was
I’ll climb my way to a D
just wait and you’ll C
I’ll prove it just because

I’ll let go and let B
he’ll wonder if it’s me?
A poet born not made
he’ll grant me an A
on a poem I’ll tear up that day
and prove I’m more than just a grade
Where life exists, there hope is found
So we are down but still around
With enough strength, we're off the ground
Dennis Rodman; we will rebound
In solidarity with all who are cheated in one way or the other. It's frustrating knowing that you have passed yet you're told you have failed and the evidence to prove you're right is with the accuser.
But you're rebounding anyway come what may.
You quitter!
What have you achieved so far?
You bow out before the finishing line
You throw in the towel before the bell
What trophy have you to show now?

You quitter!
What have you left in your quiver?
Nothing more than excuses that makes you feel fine
The very reason you cannot gel
What achivement have you to show now?

You quitter!
When are you becoming a believer?
You have all the qualities to shine
It is like an overflowing well
Are you quitting or believing now?
Finn Dec 2021
To push forwards
Once more
Consuming my entire being
Amelia of Ames Oct 2021
I don't drink
I don't smoke
I just pick my face 'clean'

I hate how I look
How I cope
How I think

It's distracting with sensation
But I'm learning new things

I'm learning about breathing
Soothing kinks
With harmless stings

I hope this time I make it
I hope the habit's choked

I'll keep going through new motions
Taking the reign's what makes a king
Jammit Janet Aug 2021
I'm self actualizing
High fiving
As I cross the finish line
Thriving in success.
Jammit Janet Aug 2021
Taking a leap of faith
To better my existence
Blast my own path
To the life I aspire
Feel confident in what I do
Because I am capable
and worthy
of blossoming
into a higher power.
Stalwart Dull Jul 2021
The way she smiles,
My heart was melting
Even if she needs to walk a thousand miles
She never stopped on dreaming.

You see her with courage
At her young age
But deep inside was a girl
Who's still getting ready at this stage

dependency was a craaaap!
But standing by herself will make her to the top
And so she did,
She's making a step up.
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