Ordeezy 4d

Through the darkness
Through the dancing flame
When faith was madness
In this drenching rain
When failure seemed supreme
And mocking faces orbit
When hope seemed unreal
With things hardwork vomit.
This is where great men walked.

Through trials and many attempts
Through hardwork that never relent
Through sleepless nights and frustration
Their vision led by determination
When faith begins to wobble
Seek hope from the Almighty
Great hope they all gobble,
Strength to keep fighting
This is where great men walked.

Behold! A child is born
The reward of such great labour
Greatness with it core
The world bows with its favour
Then history is written
His greatness; this is the beginning.
This is where great men walked.

It's not a smooth path to greatness. Determination, hard work and endurance conquer.
Bobby forget Jan 11

I want to be better than good,
Exceptional to the highest exponential,
Still a diamond in the rough,
I got potential,
Obstacles and struggles are part of life but if I never give up,
Essentially are inconsequential,
Even if it rains cats and dogs,
A light shower,
Or perhaps terrential,
Not to downplay a downpour,
But life is a roller coaster,
With more ups and downs,
Than the Dow Jones,
Never give up in the face of adversity,  
Invested in the future,
I'm in it to win,
Sometimes struggle happens,
And failure too,
But if you can learn from your mistakes and dream it,
One day you'll go far kid,
Believe it then achieve it.

Life is falling of ups and downs, but the difference between a success story and a depressing story is that a successful person never gives up
Zach Jan 11

If you asked me late last night, I'd think things are hopeless

If you asked me an hour ago, I could still be easily persuaded as such

If you asked me 5 minutes ago...

I'd tell you that I'm more sure of myself and my decisions

If you asked me now...

I'd tell you I've never been more sure of anything in my life

I refuse to let this happen again, I will fight to make it happen and I will not give up till an exact conclusion is made

Either we are

Or we aren't

zoe mae Jan 7

the fire is flic-
ring i wonder how it will be to breathe
smokeless air and
hate myself for doing so

where will this rain go?
it has ruined my dry-timber bones
i am smoldering embers

then- clouds clear &
clear laughter.
how blind was i not to see
the magic is not in the flower
who shines the brightest
because she loved the sun
it is in the flower
who blooms
because she believed in the moon

ambient Jan 3

we can only thank the gods
for this contented night
as the bells send out the year
as the snipers shoot thru the stars
as we sit here determined to push
ourselves on thru another one.
we can do it, we can do it, yes,  
we can.

keep going

My skin's been burnt by thought and flame...
My other, frozen in flurries!

Smiles, laughs, jokes - adrift...
And your joy is all I know!

But forward-bound; determination...
There is no doubt, we've had frustration!

When love arrives; manifestation...
We must be invincible!


The mendacity against the people
Is no contest to peoples honesty
Even when they create a fantasy
Exists an element of reality
They imprison the magnificent
And elevate the fraudulent
Path of the good is rough
Please never give up

We all struggle, however with principle and moral ethics we must not back down
Breeze-Mist Dec 2017

Well, this year was far crazier than the last
That's okay 'cause I brought my fight in full blast
After twelve months, the problems are yet to go
But in the face of it all, the strength and support did grow
And it was rough, some months it was hell
But I made it through like a wint'ry cold spell
I came, I saw, I did become
Save the vici for later; I'm nowhere near done

Ellison Dec 2017

I came.
At the horizon of the battlefield
Which held the armies of the enemies yet to be destroyed
As my own ambitions of which never yield
Arriving sooner to the pass; the stakes have never been higher
But nothing is holding me back this time.

I saw.
Adversity and the odds of the situation
Which were created by my own arrogance
As the enemy lurked like a venomous plague
Arriving closer to the point of chaotic carnage
But the past is irrelevant, and it is merely a splinter in my side.

I conquered.
The enemy that dared to hold me back
Those countless armies that seemed omnipotent
Which never even seemed to exist
As the now cold blood is smeared on my blade
Realizing all of those wasted years living in the shade (has me)
Arriving at the conclusion of the philosophy of power
But business is finished here; we have another foe to vanquish.

Ellison Dec 2017

The stampede takes off
Lean figures are all around
Our stomps and heavy breathing
Are the only known sounds
As we make our way across the grassy field plane
A familiar presence settles inside
The venom dripping like a cold black rain
Killing us all like an insecticide

Dust clouds surround our heads
Seems to us that our vision is blurry
We needn’t fret; we needn’t worry
What we wouldn’t give to be in our beds

The mind games arrive; our faces contort
The voices in our heads call for mission abort
We don’t dare listen, we don’t dare succumb
To the deadly feelings in which we shall overcome

But the poisonous knots in my stomach flex tighter
And there is nothing that I can do
When I realize with fright
That I may be going closer to the growing light

And the sun rays pierce the dust clouds
We can see our way again
But how long will it be
Until the agony will end?
The wind screams with laughter; the trees turn and watch
As the humans down below turn it up a further notch

Our bodies are at war, and no one wants to lose
Even the most determined shrug past muscular abuse
And now the day is finished; the sweat is dried on our skin
But the memories of the battle are reflected on within

Came up with this concept while running in a Cross Country race for my school.
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