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I hate you so much
Because I love your stupid face
I hate it when you text me
Because I wait for it all day
I hate it when you lie
But I’ll still come back for more
I hate that we have fun
Because I wish you made me bored
I hate you in the morning
When I wake up from my dreams
I hate that you’re in every one
I can’t escape it seems
I hate you in the evening
When your face keeps me awake
And I hate you with each and every
Single breath I take.
But I actually love him though
I speak in syllables
I have known words
My vocabulary inert
Descovia Nov 2022
If you have nothing to say
resourceful or respectful.

Then kindly keep your trap
closed or  end up in one
This life is like a car without brake'...
We never know what turn this life will take..!
At this moment, our heart's full of love; and at the very next moment, it might even break...
So just smile in every situation, even if that smile is fake..!
Life is a War field... And we're the warriors of it... Our weapon to fight is our smile... So, just smile and continue to fight in this War field called life...

Brake' — Brakes
The soft pink tongue spits
Poison and nectar as per
The situation...
Was trying to write it as a four liner:
The soft pink tongue
Is always on the run.
It is as cool as an ice
And as fiery as the sun...

But it ended up as a haiku....
Was inspired by a very famous saying : don't be the slave of ur tongue but make the tongue ur slave...😅
Erika Aug 2021
I don’t want to chase you anymore,
So from this moment on
I’m choosing not to.
If our paths are meant to cross again
I hope that they do.
But as of now
I have no legitimate desire
to continue
to be led on
by you.
Cat & mouse
qeren Jul 2021
for a mother has lost her child

for a sister has lost her brother

for a friend who has lost his grandfather

for our azure has cried for us

for the soil is losing its place for us

for that's the only thing that we can do now
it is the thing we've been doing now.
Raven Feels Jul 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, who wants to count to ten when you can carry on to infinity?

she stopped time and asked
a question planted silence in advance
faced my truth on a real talk
never thought it was hard to stand or walk

rock plays numb humiliation
the inhale echoes wounds then exhalation
denial and defense
tears welled up the hidden immense

the wind swings
a lost count to infinity sings
red eyes
step on two legs cries and undeniable disguise

forbidden was for me to
reveal the vulnerable due
the intimidated call
of how things are messed up in sort to fall

and now I think
of how it stinks
memories of misery
a step between me and the cemetery

embarrassment attacks
white lies painted above the blacks
stepped on me
a bug under the shoe and I let it be

guess that she knew
but the answer hung in air and flew
my confidence buried peacefully when already dead
and the winter cold shivers in my head

Nikkipopgun69 May 2021
you’re just my blessings in disguise but we’re
hiding from feelings that should be discussed
Everyone can see that there’s something there
But I shoot my shot ... it goes unnoticed by you. Every single time.
I’m just scared to find out the truth on.
Why everything is taken so long

Sometimes I leave myself to think about
A situation way too much and forget about life.
Feeling like I’m trapped. Running away from my thoughts. When all I want to do is talk to
You.But I can’t .
I wish I could just pick up the phone and talk to you.
I’m just hoping this thing we have can work out.
There’s only so much I can take before I’m done. In letting in some sort of love.
Spriha Kant Apr 2021
Sometimes one doesn't emit any shade or tone.We actually see the reflection radiated by the prevailing situation upon one's own aura.

© Spriha Kant
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