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Amanda Sep 15
Took a second look at our relationship today
Wrapped arms around the present moment
Why did you stay if you yearned to go?
This morning conveyed the hint.

Time after time the plan defers off-track
When everything is determined to go wrong
I'll be there regardless of how low our blows get
To take us where hearts belong.

Each time we face a new bump in the road
I'll be there to cheer on while you fix the tire
Promise my company to you
Even if not what you desire.
I try to stick to my promises even when it gets tough and things change. I still try my hardest not to let loved ones down.
Anya Sep 14
I catch sight of the me

The me behind self consciousness
social anxiety

The me behind my tied up hair
prim and propper

The me behind silence
Choosing my own thoughts
to the company of others

Now, I'm not saying
Being this way is wrong
But in my case

I'm trapped
in a cage of my own making
and I only get to peer inside
At the me that could be
Denise Uy Sep 12
If I get lonely, I won't blame you.
I'm wrapped in a blanket of gloom.
If the rain falls to my face,
and you don't offer an umbrella,
It's my fault for not approaching.
If I converse with myself again
instead of chatting with my friends,
I'm bound to think I'm alone
Even though I'm not.
I'm a turtle carrying my own home
Yet I can't get inside.
The key I'm trying to find
Is locked within its walls.
I won't break myself to find home,
I'll forge a key instead.
I will open the doors
So I can let you in and I can stop
being lonely.
I've been blocking out people for too long. Time for a change.
Hirondelle Sep 8
What are the hands of fate that separate many a great mate,
when even the word ‘great’ is not yet as great
to estimate that which no word could relate?             

This morn cast                  pulverized to a waste...
                        an ocean vast
Miles lay in dregs,
                           lost in crags,
                                           on two rebel hands...

Before a giant gesture so gentle in measure,
did continents cringe and crumble in a seizure
when two spirits of a kind defied leagues at their leisure.

What’s love compared to a soul sibling you have found,
when even the sentiment ‘love’ is not yet as round
to let you know of the wonder so profound you have found?

        two souls cast                 to a pulverized rest...
                            an ocean vast
     miles dwindled away to dregs,
                              washing down the crags
                                                     of two rebel hands
              locked in...
I have always tried to veer off from the metaphysical, but I doubt how much I have been able to do that especially when it comes to feelings that give me the power to carry on. These innervations being the product of 'thoughts' could sometimes be conjectural and straddle both the physical and the metaphysical. One such example is the notion of spiritual kinship.

Plato's realism transcended the physical and sought the Forms aka Ideas, 'private mental objects'. Over time, this philosophy seeped into art, religion, and human relations most. 'Private' and 'mental'... What better recipe for conjecture: that no man's land between the physical and the metaphysical!

Don't we have a general inclination to look for an answer to some of the 'big' experiences in our lives from a divine, spiritual or some other metaphysical standpoint, which makes them 'private' or more easily understandable? You could, let's say, be an atheist, yet you would have no trouble calling someone who is dear to you your soul sibling just because you have these 'private different' feelings to that person. Isn’t this contradiction astride both the physical and the metaphysical?

Yet the feelings the conjectural reality gives us are real. If your blood is rushing, a doctor can read it on an electrocardiograph for example. It could also be that you imagine that you possess these feelings. How would you know? It's conjectural, however the cardiograph is still the same cardiograph.

This conjectural reality could be your religion, and it makes you happy if you are reconciled...
This conjectural reality could be your nationality, and it makes you proud if you are reconciled...
This conjectural reality could be your car, your dog or even your jacket you wear, and they give you different good feelings as a result of the 'private thoughts' they evoke in you...

Can you imagine the power of that special person, who you believe is your soul sibling in your life? Much greater than all the sources for happiness or other positive feelings in the above stated list... We would have no disagreement about the dog, or the car or even the nation I guess... Yet, 'religion' you might say is greater than a soul sibling when it comes to inspiring in you feelings... Well, I cannot measure things on a conjectural scale, and I truly don’t want to sally into that special sentiment in people’s lives. It’s not a debate of religion here. However, though people do believe religion is reciprocal, it is not physically interactive, and those who interacted are either saints or prophets.

A soul sibling looks at you in the eye, speaks with you and shows their reaction to what you experience together... That a soul sibling’s presence in your life is interactive could make the effect on either sibling comparatively greater than other sources of happiness.

There are myths about soul siblings. One has it that if two people who are soul siblings but don't know it yet will recognise each other when they meet or when they share an experience and their souls will lock. Well, a poem will prance then... Clouds clad with the radiant colours of the rainbow will scud from some magic fairyland to find you and soak you with the torrents of vibrant happiness. If you please, you can let your soul remind you one Frank Sinatra, and you too may begin warbling your happiest song.

The soul deems no obstacles. Remember Psyche [soul] in Greek mythology. She was forbidden to see her husband and shared with him many a blissful moments only in the dark in a place she didn't even know. However, succumbing to curiosity, she lit her oil lamp once to see her sleeping husband, who was Eros, the god of love. Consequently, she was punished severely by Aphrodite, Eros’s mother. Yet she did not relent despite horrible tribulations. Seeing her defiant devotion to Eros [love] in sore trials and extreme deprivation, gods helped her eventually and she was made a deity in Olympus to live with her husband. Since then ‘soul’ and ‘love’ never parted.

The defiance, perseverance and power of the soul are the key elements in this poem. You can see how it pulverises both continents and oceans between the two soul siblings who by the vagary of fate had just found each other before they had to fall apart. What is space or time in the eye of of the soul when even Aphrodite could not stop its human form, Psyche?

The soul will chirp its song independently from the corporal phenomena, so will soul siblings. Children have soul siblings, the very old do as well; once they cross paths they are inseparable.

Call it conjectural, metaphysical, mythical or even childish; the cardiograph will tell you yet another story...
Amanda Sep 1
What good is a day lived alone?
Wasted, nothing but solitude,
Conversations with dusty flowerpots,
Excuses for a bad mood.

Waiting for someone to stop and chat,
Call, or text, or leave a note,
Pour water down your chimney
To assure you stay afloat.

Don't wallow in self-inflicted seclusion,
Go and discover some company,
Instead of spending this weekday alone
Isolated, bitter, reveling in lonely.
Life is better with friends
Amanda Aug 20
I am broken but no longer sad
I only want what I lack
I will not sleep until I'm whole again
And love I had comes back

I am not the same pathetic girl
You used to console when blue
I found a friend in sweet silence
Solitude more enjoyable company than you
I'd rather be alone than around someone who makes me feel alone
I wake up in the morning

Check my messages

Still no replies-

I walk into a room filled with people

Go to speak

But I'm greeted with silences-

I close my eyes and think back to you

Even though you ruined me

It was still nice to have


Now I walk along these roads

And a glance from a stranger

Is one of the few things that makes me feel less alone

Where did everyone I love go?
Liking him was cool, I guess...
I loved hanging out with him,
Lying on his arm,
Him lying on mine,
Being quiet,
Being in company,
Being alone.
How was I supposed to know?
I don't remember writing this two years ago, I bet it has a different meaning now than it did back when I wrote it, I'm sharing it because I feel like it fits something I'm living now and I find it fascinating how life works. The same words of my past have a new meaning today.
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