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Jade 7d
It's no wonder that loud thoughts make
A wind-kissed night and
The quiet of the
Stars and the moon,
Like such great company.
I'll forever be grateful that the
Moon landed in our
Because the night
Would be so much darker
Without it's little
Blue sun to remind us
That it hasn't
It just went down for a nap.
A poem about the night.
han Nov 19
it's easy being unconventional
and outlandish
when there's someone around
to make you feel
less strange
and more yourself
awaiting that someone
Maria Etre Nov 15
I never knowticed
how **** it is
to enjoy
it's actually
quite entertaining
Jolan Lade Oct 23
I'm a lonely voice broadcasting radio waves into a deaf space

I'm unwillingly hidding in the shadow of all their grace

My emotions are an lonely civilisation in a empty space

My voice are useless when I'm outside their walls screaming at their gates

All that plays again and again is the shapes of my mistakes

While I'm sitting here wasted and displaced, sad I haven't got what it takes
Still here, locked inside my own sphere
Maia Vasconez Oct 16
Scary when you can go all day without saying a word. At some point you end up in restaurants and grocery stores hoping someone who works there will ask you what you want, if they can help you find what you're looking for. And you will say I hope so but I don't know if anyone can.
She said I like the idea of being so lonely I'd cut myself in half just to have someone to talk to.
Lucija Oct 12
Maybe your demons could come to play.
I have creatures and monsters.
All sorts of kinds.
They do not bite,
not when we have company.
Amanda Sep 15
Took a second look at our relationship today
Wrapped arms around the present moment
Why did you stay if you yearned to go?
This morning conveyed the hint.

Time after time the plan defers off-track
When everything is determined to go wrong
I'll be there regardless of how low our blows get
To take us where hearts belong.

Each time we face a new bump in the road
I'll be there to cheer on while you fix the tire
Promise my company to you
Even if not what you desire.
I try to stick to my promises even when it gets tough and things change. I still try my hardest not to let loved ones down.
Anya Sep 14
I catch sight of the me

The me behind self consciousness
social anxiety

The me behind my ******* hair
prim and propper

The me behind silence
Choosing my own thoughts
to the company of others

Now, I'm not saying
Being this way is wrong
But in my case

I'm trapped
in a cage of my own making
and I only get to peer inside
At the me that could be
Denise Uy Sep 12
If I get lonely, I won't blame you.
I'm wrapped in a blanket of gloom.
If the rain falls to my face,
and you don't offer an umbrella,
It's my fault for not approaching.
If I converse with myself again
instead of chatting with my friends,
I'm bound to think I'm alone
Even though I'm not.
I'm a turtle carrying my own home
Yet I can't get inside.
The key I'm trying to find
Is locked within its walls.
I won't break myself to find home,
I'll forge a key instead.
I will open the doors
So I can let you in and I can stop
being lonely.
I've been blocking out people for too long. Time for a change.
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