So sweetly sit’s the muse
She’s graced you with a gaze you can use
Lava-like ruby eyes rile and rivet you
But one wonders when she arrived
She came in the dead winter of your sorrows
She came after life harpooned hopeful tomorrows
She came when friends became frigid and hollow
And why? Well it’s your pain that she came to borrow
Her actions lacking rhyme and reason, are so hard to follow
Tears that turn hard thoughts to liquid,
Are the polish she uses to make her crown glisten and glow
Cries that crowd your chest in chronic pain,
Are the notes she plays on her lyre for magnificent melodies
Despair that drips like acid until your soul stews in steam
She dips upon her eyes to see all more clearly
So though we may not know her whim or ways
Mysterious muse will mingle with you on your most defeated days
In the depths of despair..she comes
pennies on the screen
diamonds in the ground

deep under and down ticking down

pennies on the screen
down ticking down
deep under
they found diamonds in the ground

light going out
where baby stars surround
the dim star devoured the young planet
death star's got to eat

a refill of fear
then off the rails again
second hand smoke
would be a great improvement
Shame Shame Shame
Wyatt 5d
Some days I wanna be alone,
not have to put up any front.
In the back of my mind
I wait the day so I can be done.
There’s something haunting
about the scene of a sunset.
Something so beautiful
comes from a destined end.
Some days I wanna be alone,
not have to half-heartedly smile.
Usually I’m just stuck in a mood,
I make a marathon of a mile.
I put my arms around my skin
and just lay there awhile.
It doesn’t go away.
Some days I just wanna be alone,
not have to explain to my parents
why I don’t believe in myself.
I was told to believe in success,
yet every day I reach for death.
We just haven’t brushed hands yet,
yet why am I disappointed in that?

Some days
I just wanna be alone,
‘cause most days
I’m a poster child.
A failure in denial.
Surrounded by
great expectation
and tremendous guilt
when I do wrong.
I love my faith
yet I get more afraid
of my mind and how
it’s become unhinged.
I have to make peace,
just let it be
and fix everyone else
yet my issue ain’t seen.
Dark child on the inside,
bright man on the outside.
Which words
would you rather believe?
Some days I
just wanna be alone,
be mindless, be silent
and watch the paint dry.
If these walls could talk,
they’d talk about me
just like how you do.
If I died of boredom,
it’d be after obsessing over you.

Suffocated by company,
strangled by humanity.
Let me go, I can’t breathe.
Part 1.

Let me go, I can’t breathe. Some days I just want to be left alone so there is nothing expected from me. Let’s get together though, strip me of monotony.
Calm and cool came the Lord along with the rising sun.
Invigorated and refreshed fought along with me life's battles.
Feeling His touch forgot all my wounds and hurts.
Mind never felt tired and dejected as Lord was the commander.
Saw Him in the stars and moon and moved in the infinite sky.
Hopes and dreams were perfectly planned by the Lord.
Well developed plans,ideas and methodologies were given by Him for the next day's battles.
Breathed along with the universe and took rest inside the night's slumber waiting for a new dawn.
Lord comes everyday along with the sun and helps me in all my life's battles. Feeling His touch I forget all my wounds and hurts and mind never becomes tired and dejected and fulfilling my dreams and hopes move in the infinite sky along with the Lord and wait for a new dawn.
Steve Page Jul 7
There's hope
and that's not nothing.

Someone to trust,
someone to talk to -
Someone to catch your laughter,
hold it
and pass it back,
and to let its echo grow
in resonance
in strength
with each rebound.
- And that's something.
Time with friends.
Haydee Jun 2017
Looking at the stars.
Searching for the brightest one
But my eyes were closed.
Alicia Allen Jun 6
I will awash myself in sorrow
and seek to cry the saltiest tears.
If for that reason only you will chose me
above all others despite circumstance.
I shall be no more than Misery
Simply to state my need for Company.

Oh, what misery I shall joyfully bring
for games are not just for fools
I shall throw myself upon wretchedness,
unscrupulous morals
and dastardly deeds.
the best of Misery I endeavour to be
For the love of Company

And Company you shall be to my Misery
Endlessly, Completely, Eternally.
Amanda May 24
Do you remember what it was like
To have me around in your life?
Why don't you miss me or care?
I've been searching for answers; they're not anywhere.

I have been lonely for too long, since you left me behind,
My only company; your voice in my mind,
Echoes of words that I once believed,
They were lies, how could I, have been so naive?
This was the start of a song I never finished, way way back when. I miss being an innocent young teen so blind to how ugly the world really is.
Jack P May 20
a bag of sand
a dead man's hand
withered but alive on the fractured land

what's a hand to do
without the arm its due
or the muscle and the bone from which the hand took cue

hand wanders the plains
hoping somehand deigns
to interlock its fingers and alleviate his pains

hand curls into fist
weak without its wrist
shaking for the company which it has sorely missed

then fist unspools to wave
for across the sandy grave
another hand is looking for the warmth of hands they crave

one hand makes a sign
then fingers intertwine
if these hands keep holding their bruised knuckles shall be fine
ay girl lemme get ur digits
ha ha
Sudi May 6

My finger grazes
The nerves of your hand,
As my feet sink lightly
Into the fine sand.
On my lips, the taste
Of old red wine,
Or even a sweet summer drink
Will do just fine.
My hair detangled
By the touch of your fingers,
In the air around us,
Your cologne, it lingers.
My eyes stare deep
Into the distant low tide,
As my head rests soundly
On your side.
I can almost hear your thoughts
In my mind
Your eyes stuck onto my face,
Peace they find.
The sea and the beach,
Love and peace, a mixture
But it's You who completes
My perfect picture.
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