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Maybe I can
Howl once again.
It seems, you’re far more damaged…
I’ve been a fool.
If it’s easier
I’ll stand for you.
Tell me when you can howl once more.

If I were you
And I could see the moon,
Maybe I’d understand why you weep.
I’ve been a fool, but I’ll make amends.
I’ll learn how to see.
Tell me if you can’ more.

Don’t abandon your light.
These nights will always come.
You’ll sing again and...
I’ll be the freak
That keeps you company.
Yanamari Sep 10
I like it when you
Call out to me
Catch up with me
So casually gentle

I like it when you
Smile at me
And redirect my focus
An aura of gentle
Ambiguous clarity

I like it when you
Take your time with me
Talk to me
Even when you're
Running late

Thanks for listening to me
Even when my words
Are exaggeratedly outspoken

It's not all the time,
But in the moments that
You do
I cherish
And I appreciate
Thank you
The Aura series:
I was angry with myself
for never understanding when it is time to put hope to rest
for never knowing what love was and allowing you to define it
after a while, you learn that people are allowed to leave you
it hurts, the way endings always do
but begging them to stay hurts more
and you learn
you learn to see in yourself what you wanted them to
you learn to lift your roots from their heart and plant them beneath your own
you learn the subtle difference between infatuation and commitment
you learn you could swallow the person you love whole and you still couldn’t keep them forever
because loving someone does not guarantee they will love you back
I know lately it feels like no one really cares if you’re coming or going
this is the time to fall in love with your solace
K Jul 13
Every once in a while, someone comes to your life and makes you wonder how come you didn't meet sooner, that's you in my life.

You are a very special person to me because you don't doubt twice to share with me the good that's in your life, you make me part of it. What I think you find hard is to share the bad, and sometimes that makes me feel that you don't let me truly be your friend, like I want to be there for you but you don't let me, also makes me wonder if I have been a true friend to you. I love you with my heart, so who could possibly judge someone they love with their heart? With all this I don't mean you have to tell me everything, like we said the other day, we don't even have to talk, we could just exist together.

Not everyone gets to share the music, the singing, the improvised phone calls, the laughs but also the hard times like you and I do.

I can't wait to see how our lives will turn out, hopefully us being happy, not together like in a romantic way or anything, but each of us on our own right way, but always on each others lives.
Justyn Huang Jun 21
The longer you walk in the dark
The easier it becomes to see
The monsters for what they are

But don't stay too long, confusing
bad company for friends.
Gd Bubb Jun 13
Fixating on the little light
left behind my eyelids
from where you’ve suddenly
turned off the bedside lamp
as if they all just want
to represent all the things
I look too much into.
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