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We met halfway
exchanged stories
of paths trodden
and, so encouraged,
moved on
to complete our journey
We need each other
Demi Oct 14
The shower curtains gets stuck to my
leg as if it knows I need to feel a
comforting touch.
The kettle steams my glasses
and gifts my eyes a rest.
At night the fan whirrs and rotates
as if scanning the rooms for threats.

Living alone isn’t as lonely
as you might think.
The awkward silence between you and me
Is the testament of forgotten memories
Even if the past is broken into million pieces
The feeling of happiness still persists
Why is it so old friend?

Why is it that we stopped talking?
Why is it that we stopped enjoying each other's company?
Why is it that we abandoned our adventures?
Why is it that we forgot our Friendship?

Time gone cannot be brought back now
I regret not holding your hand forever
But the least we can do is solve the puzzle of our happiness
Join the pieces of our broken Memories
Losing a loved one is the greatest sorrow of life
Serendipity Jul 7
Alone and Alone
I write these words twice
so at least
they have company.
I enjoy my alone time but I thought of this today :)))
A black man struggling to breathe.
A Yemeni child searching for a safe place.
A Palestinian man struggling to be free.
An African villager dreaming of clean drinking water.

A lonely man longing for company.
A homeless person dreaming of shelter.
A hungry child craving a home cooked meal.
An orphan yearning for a mother’s touch.

A disabled person dreaming about walking.
An elderly man wishing to visit his loved ones.
A sick patient praying to be free from the pain.
A COVID 19 patient wanting to get off the ventilator.

Sending love and a prayer to those who have such beautiful dreams.

Hussein Dekmak

Donna Jun 14
Warm orange night sky
Two toast and a cup of tea
A perfect evening

Lovely Quiet evening with hubby and our sons ** ❤️🌸❤️🌸❤️
If we pray from the deeps of heart
Prayers reach straight to God,
Whatever we know and practise
It is due the benevolence of the God.

As I reach the park early morning
Four friends daily greet me,
Not a single day passes by
So punctual are they to meet me.

They know to which side I shall go
They lead me to my fixed post,
Keep looking back at me
If I am coming or somewhere lost.

Before I do they grab my bench
Where I exercise and relax,
As I scold them to leave
They get down, cling to my legs.

They are four legged friends
Better than the two legged,
So humble, loving and caring
Who wait for the two legged?
Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti
Animals are proving to be better friends than people. And most glaring is that these animal-friends are selfless. They love us unconditionally.
Dr zik Apr 21
Lines on palms
to show the direction
Van to give the ride
to unknown passenger
Life a road towards You

Eyes to see the path: undiscussed
Ears to listen words unsaid
Nose to smell flowers untouched
Life a road towards You

Feelings to show purity
Sense to chain the feet
Wish to talk own You
Life a road towards You

Vision to have your company
Heart to have You
Hands to solute You
Life a road towards You
Dr Zik's Poetry
The Company of:
An intelligent friend will nourish your brain.
A loyal friend will safe guard your heart.
A motivated  friend  will fill your life with energy.
A wise friend will show you the way.
A kind friend  will fill your soul with love.
An optimistic friend, will fill your life with hope and inspiration.
A moral friend, will bring a purpose to your life.
A humorous  friend will bring laughter to your days.
A spiritual friend will bring peace to your life.

Hussein Dekmak

My co-worker at Beaumont Taylor Hospital '
Karina Sherwin Bloom' had inspired me to write this poem.
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