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In that ignorant
crowd, He found two companions,
Pain and loneliness!
This modern fast paced world is making people weak and lonely
Nearly 5 AM in the Morning...
and I hate the night, but love it's true colors of darkness within a light so surreal you can truly feel.

The moon gather's within the stars as company to shine you.
Sometimes the clouds will cover the moon, like a blanket as he lays his head to rest, that's why he's called the man on the moon, not for the person who claims to have walked it, but for the face engraved into the bright shadows and creviced surfaces surrounding the molded, circular not so perfect Moon.

Thank you Moon for keeping us company...
But why do I hate the night, because your time goes faster than day. When your lover is with you and it's time to say goodnight, those are the times I despite.

The beauty of the night, is very real and wish...sometimes...could be longer. The only moment where I get to feel free.
Now is time for me to try and sleep, only if I can..
some nights, my thoughts race like a mustang in the distance of a field of golden wheat grass.
So I come here, to vent only read my poems back at myself.
I will try to sleep.
Chandana saige Apr 2021
Its all about your day and night
Dying of insomnia
I'm about to use your company
Too late to come here
Old paper and live ink
Broken machine
I still play you here
But I need your silence
Dont dwell in silence
I'm a slave for this kindless world
I got cool waters in plastic
You don't need to grow but I need your scent
Without that I cant sleep
Your reply is my alarm to wake up
I'm a slave of blue screens
My hand sometimes bleed over text
Dont mind me cause I'll beg you to stay here
Until I come.
Tichozpytec Apr 2021
I hate it ended so suddenly
I miss the times you've made me smile
When you've made me cry
Gods, I miss your company!

Your words, like a symphony
My favourite painter
Left a crater
How I miss your company!

Your kindness like a subtlety
So selfless
Made me helpless
I do miss your company!

Now, unaccompanied
I go through life
In my back, a knife
Your company
Is lost for me!
How can I be?
Without somebody
To hold me
To sooth me
To say to me
"Don't you see?
You're the one for me!
You'll always be
Special to me!"

You go on without me
I do without you
Yes, I do
No more company!
No more you and me!
No more I love you, no more You love me!
Now it's just me

Don't know what to do
Oh, if I knew...
Don't have a clue
Life is blue...
No more me and you...
Far away, some years ago
A man sowed corn in his field
Confident, and hopeful too
Of the hearty crop he’d yield

Then birds flew in at sunset
And gobbled up many seeds
The farmer acted quickly
To provide his family’s needs

A woven net - to trap the birds
His precious seeds to preserve
He caught five geese and a stork
To get what they deserve

The stork said, “I am innocent
I’ve eaten none of your corn
Free me - I’ve done goodly deeds
Since the day that I was born”

The farmer said, “that may be so
But in this group you were caught
You receive the punishment
Of the company you’ve sought”

The same holds true for all of us
The rewards you choose to reap
Will likely be those given out
To the company you keep
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This poem was inspired by a parable on my Mom's website.  I found out while writing the poem that the story is actually an Aesop's Fable.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
My joints ache inside my body

Heart is pounding like a hammer in my chest

Veins are itching with emptiness

It is lonely without the company of chemicals to converse with my cloudy thoughts

Come home
Need you now more than ever

I am waiting for you to make me feel alright
Written 1-20-20
xandra Dec 2020
i want to stand in torrential storms and scream
until my lungs become ash and the rain has eroded the world around me
~who wants to join?
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