Madhumita Apr 14
Feed me a story –
I feel hollow
listening to the wind
work itself to a storm.

While we wait for the rain,
spin me one of your tales;
something wholesome,
with sweetness that will linger.

Soothing clichés
to slake my restive mind.
Although your voice is solace enough.

I have so much to say to you
but I haven’t yet 
mastered the skill
to undress my convoluted thoughts
to their bare essence.

So tonight,
under the swollen sky,
talk to me
about anything,
and everything –
keep me company.
NaPoWriMo Day 14
Poetry form: Free verse
Amanda Apr 7
Lately the only
Company I have is my
Old friend Solitude
I was trying to be deep..
Carter Ginter Mar 15
Things are constantly changing
But these scars on my skin make me feel better
Because even if everything else falls apart
I know they're always there for me
A company grows
Fabulous and rich
In sixteen years,
Just considering you dead.
Another grows
Fabulous and rich
In sixteen years,
Just considering you living.
You remain still,
The living dead
For sixteen years
At the same account
Is it called "Karma"?
‏2018‎ March 14
Lylock Mar 7
In the mood for love
But the current to fight
And I no longer hate the fire

In the mood for love
But I love solace
And the untouchable feeling

In the mood for love
But my disillusion
Keeps me company

In the mood for love
But I'm not one for
Showing you my secrets

In the mood for love
But years of closed doors
Make fresh ways hard to keep

In the mood for love
But I guess old habits die hard
And this is long overdue
c Feb 16
Your eyes candlelit, blazing
I've lit a fire for you

Oh the fumbling of hands we share, here
The fumbling of elements many have felt
And I wonder if I am any different--

A trundled body of mistaken chemicals
Brash, raw--

I wish to learn the angles
To love
A dinner date brimming with "immediate intimacy". Angel Olsen has some beautifully written lyrics. This song, California, speaks wonders about the initial feelings of a new love. Questioning the validity of those feelings, where they come from, and how they can carry you away into a dream.

"Who knows what it means to have a feeling buried so deep down?"
Shane Leigh Feb 14
I do not wish for petals at my door,
in my bed,
or my heart,
never more;
I wish for kindness,
tender and pure,
embraced in your arms
forever more.

I do not care for dozens of roses.
Foreswear me not to what heart soon exposes;
I shall wait a time as love gracefully doses
and will hide not behind shy,
awkward poses.

no roses my love,
no petals,
just us
and my heart will love you
as it always does;
I do not need a romantic red flower
for your touch is enough,
your heart is enough,
YOU are enough in this sweet,
rose-less hour.
© Shane Leigh
To my boyfriend <3 and for all that have someone or something to love on the day to celebrate love on. (:
Robert Dec 2017
You are still so young
But you have lived through so much
To cope with it all
And still be alive
You must be strong
I wish you didn't have to be this strong
I wish you had someone
Who could just be
Be there with you
Whenever you feel weak
Be your strength when life is too hard
Hug you when you cry
Give you ice cream when you are sad
And love you for who you are
Not loathe you for what you cannot be
I wish you had someone
Because it cannot be me
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