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kayzamo Apr 26
A flow, a pen, an ink stained palm.
A life, a story, all gone wrong.
A spark of hope in the night, maybe?
No, your hope is grammatically incorrect.

"This is where your sentence could have ended
but it didn't," see?
Nonetheless, it wants so desperately to end.
An incomplete thought, a fragment -
A fragmented existence with an expired due date.

Can you pick up the forlorn pieces?
Use your calloused fingers to avoid getting cut.
You continued the sentence,
But you used the semicolon wrong.
Lil Moon Moon Apr 15
The hero dies at the end of this story
We all know how it goes
The same old song goes on and on
So strap in and raise your chins
Its a scene we already know
The hero dies at the end of the story
And were left wondering
What even was the point of it all?
Sarah Mulqueen Oct 2020
I miss you
Not just in the physical sense
In every sense of the word

Your unique way of doing things, its like watching a symphony of noise
You're either in complete harmony with it
Or consistently fighting against it

Your laugh
Oh your laugh
It fills my whole body with warmth
A sound I crave to hear

The smell of the top of your head, comforts me
Like a mothers embrace, I know I am safe

Day to day living never felt less mundane
Always helping wherever we felt we could
Exploring, guiding each other
Always finding refuge in one another

Life is not the same without you
Never will be without you
The emptiness, at times consumes me
Swallowing me whole
The crator you've left within me
Can only be filled by you

I hope
I have to hope
When your faced with decisions you can't control
KyleB Apr 11
The rain clouds are dragged over by invisible winds
A storm. Raging, strong. Unstoppable
Colder than ice, piercing through my body

The rain is wetting my eyes
The storm is controlling my heart

A world, a body
My cage


The clouds my fog

The body is nothing but an empty vessel
Rats welcome
Making themselves home
Nagging from the inside

Just a puppet
Only some skin and bones

It is a waste
I am
Everything is useless

This is irreversible pain
The body’s only filling.
Never. Ending.

Changes impossible
The inside is dead

Please help
Leo Bennett Apr 9
what if
what if i never fall in love
what if i never watch the sunrise with someone more beautiful than the view
what if my parents never love me
what if i fail uni
what if no one falls in love with me
what if i never love myself
what if i never wake up next to someone i love
what if i never look in the mirror and see someone who deserves love
what if

picture this
picture waking up on your darkest morning to your kids crying and knowing in that moment you’re on earth for a reason
picture a first date with a beautiful woman
picture your future wife agreeing to marry you
picture looking yourself in the mirror and being proud of the man you see
picture watching the sunset alone because you’re comfortable enough in yourself that you don’t need company
picture looking back at nights like these and being glad your kids have more nurturing parents
picture this
Safrina Kabir Mar 19
Heavy air and black clouds
Covered the lovely blue sky
Maybe the sky isn't lovely at all,
Just dust , smoke and dirt
Like your rotten heat.

Words old and stale,
Pollutants running through the vein
Not a dint of space , just breath of grief
Rotten world, people rotten
And your rotten heart.

Breath, breath and breath
Till you breath no more
No dream, no hope, no life no lies
No love anymore.

I live , you smile
I die , you'll smile the same
Got no space in your rotten heart
Just a pawn in your game.
Support of the loved one helps us surpass every obstacles. Similarly, her ignorance can leave us dead inside. Everything around us then appears to be fake and polluted.
Diesel Feb 7
two black pelt ankles
high sun, the infinite beach:
leeches in the sand
Imprisoned in our drunken thoughts of escaping
Is there any single hope for changing?
If the moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to
Then why does it say, there are no directions available to pursue?
I wanted to live a dream, he granted it for me
And yet, there is no time to spare
O you, lonely soul, are you melancholy, or are you in despair?
Words cut like a knife sometimes
But it pierces my heart instead
They say that the end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end
Will it even ever change?
collective thoughts around times of covid-19 when everything seems meaningless, repetitive, hopeless, and in utter metaphysical despair. I longed for a real connection with people.
Ziolko2 Jan 17
As my heart plummets, I feel its weight
Oh my stomach... it's not what I ate
I'm in a trance, can you relate?
Give me a chance, let me reiterate

If I deigned to inform you, if I were to say
I'll die alone; would you then pray
Or would you be inconvenienced for a day?
Let me say it a different way

I walk in the dark, bruises and  bumps
Without any talk, my body jumps
As my heart pumps, I'm falling fast
Until the thump, which I feel last
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