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Elysianne Oct 8
In worthlessness and hopelessness
I had lost
my way

The treasury in misery
I don’t know how to cope with pain

— Elysianne
The cure is self-love
Elysianne Oct 8
If I could make you fight for us
only in you I put my trust

If I could take away your pain
and tell you I will always stay

If I could even turn back time
for universe to give us signs

If I could show my love for you
to mend our bond and mend you too

— Elysianne
If only I could make you see, I’m with you all infinity.
Elysianne Sep 27
Our hearts entwined
a silhouette
what might become
what might have been

I cannot reach you
I cannot reach
I know you will not to let me in

With walls so high
and eyes so low
you can’t be mine but I am yours

— Elysianne
Ronin Sep 23
There is a never ending night
One that I can’t flight.
And death is raging through my veins
It’s killing me, no hope remains.
My head is overflown with pain
Telling me that I’m insane.
It’s what you used to tell me when I cried.
It’s what you used to tell me when you lied.
My blood is dripping from the blade
Opening scars that used to fade.
I hear the voices screaming once again
I hear them screaming in my head.
They are yelling when I cannot sleep
When the pain just goes too deep.
I am not insane for hearing them again.
You are, for laughing at my pain.
I should have left you when I could
Before you took away everything that was good.
But now I’m kept inside your cage
Calmly waiting for your rage.
I promise I will run away
I will escape, but not today.
Today I am too weak to fight.
Drown me until there’s no more light.
About depression and how you can't seem to ever escape it.
Dark wave pulling me under
Dark wave filling my lungs
Dark wave ceasing my breath
Dark wave holding me hostage

Battling them wicked demons
They puncture the fabric of my soul
Using their horns to injure and harm
Leaving my sanity in pieces and shreds

Opaqueness and void paints my everyday
Grey fog envelops my clarity
Storm clouds gather to drench me
And whisk me away in it's murky waters

I don't know who I am
I don't understand why I exist
If there is no purpose there is no point
Living is just a waste of time
MalakF Sep 7
I wanted to fly,
But my request for wings
Was denied.
Cut, mute. Cute. Mute.

Just before I hear the bullets shoot.
Just before fear catches up. Clings to my foot.

Right after, my ****** heart is pierced through.
Exactly then, my sanity up, and flew.
Right when, out the window, my feelings they threw.

I'm begging, is what they see.
She's pathetic, is what they think.
Please, please, is what I'd scream,
I'm insane, thats how I feel.

Only some more, and I'll be gone,
As the gates of hell on my face have shone.

And I'm screaming. High. Loud.
But no one hears me.
I'm shrieking. Fading. Falling.
But no one would save me.
I'm bleeding. Skin scorching. It has to stop. No one would end me!


Make me forget, that I even exist.
My being, it's all just a nightmare.
Please make me numb, grasp nothingness.
Feelings inflict pain and I'm tired, make it fair.

But I'm not dead yet, though I wish I am,
I still exist, or however much of me can.
Yes. I still exist. But soon, I hope, it'll be had
smile flower Aug 28
2 hours of sleep and theres nothing to do but think
beats from lullabies softly sound in my ear
its 3am and I'll be getting 2 hours of sleep
2 hours of sleep to keep me going through this meaningless day

sit and eat
the 2 hours of sleep my body and mind so badly craved only fuel me to sit and eat

the soft taps of my dogs paws on my wooden floor dont make me smile anymore
2 hours of sleep make me feel so uninterested in everything I love

2 hours of sleep because I am worthless and have nothing to do but stare at my screen

2 hours of sleep is all I need
I graduated from high school in june and after that my life started going down hill again, I wrote this because I've only been getting 2-4 hours of sleep everyday for the past 3 months.
Lost in a cocoon of my design
I stare into the dark
My eye wary of teary drops

Nightly clouds clad together
Floating in the ocean above
Raise a war cry of thunder

A reminder of another world
Another existence I couldn't fathom
Silently, fear crept up
Man the pawn, X the player
Pawns die with each move
But no, not this time
Scarlett Aug 25
I am spiralling down a dark well
mortar and stone grazing my knuckles and fingers
in their desperate plea to find a crack
a divet
anything to stop the spiral
but I continue to fall
black upon black
grey upon grey
deeper and deeper
the water is at my ankles
sinking now
into putrid sludge of what I do not want to remember
swept into the dark ocean cave
of my mind
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