all for you Apr 15
he was remarkable
he was intelligent
he was kind
he was...the worst thing that ever happened to me
please get out of my life // love always
You are full of blooming flowers ,allow me some to pluck
I am fortunate enough to touch your flowers it is my luck
Let my taste your juicy cheeks and allow me then to suck
This experience will make our love a remarkable epoch

My sweetheart when you say you love me I stand no more
The music of love then travels in me just from pore to pore
Totally taken over by beauty my love enchants it just encore
My eyes want to quench their thirst by asking more explore

Let me see my sweetheart all at once just in a sheer trance
Allow me my lovely sweetheart to take chance after chance
At times every thing goes in a fix just as price of a glance
This is a story of your alluring beauty and my fiery romance

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Anna B Oct 2015
I to want to write remarkable words
In a language that I all my life have not heard
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ic Apr 2014
you were so distinctive,
      that i had to delete
          all the history that
               you made, all the
                    marks that you left,
                        just so they don't
                           know about the two
                               of us,  just pretending
                                  that you were never here.
maybe you've changed, but i still love you.

— The End —