LLillis 1d

A thrown dead stick stuck
In the tree. While I ponder,
The dog is dismayed.

Ren117 Jan 10

Paintings of dogs
On the wall
In the X-ray room
At the hospital
Where I go
Every week

Madolyn Jan 10

This is a horror
I thought dogs don't shed right now
God, there's so much hair

Aren't dogs supposed to stop shedding during winter?? This is ridiculous
Paul Butters Jan 7

That faithful dog is waiting at your door,
Bursting with unconditional Love.
He (or she) is pining
For your arrival.
Whining and crying,
All ashake.

At last you are here!
Forward he leaps,
Almost losing balance with the shake
Of his tail.
Ready to lick you
Into oblivion.

So you ruffle his ears
And pat him on the head.
“Good Boy!”

Meanwhile The Cat sits
In haughty isolation
Watching coolly
Indifferent to all.

But you still go to her
As she rolls over
And bears her furry tummy
For you to scratch
And her to purr.

I love these pets
Or rather
Family Members.
While they are with us,
There is nothing better.

Paul Butters

© PB 7\1\2018.

For Pat Jackson, Mandy Bamford, Tracey Hodgson, Jane Chaplin, Jo Edwards and other Dog Lovers. Plus Sandra Hall with the cat.
Polka Jan 6

people have eyes,
like a dog has a nose,
or a rabbit has ears.

They see context,
they see the ins and outs of certain words,
of certain poems.

They create scenarios,
either ones that have existed,
or ones out of the blue,
simply to understand.

i see hills and trees of
immeasurable height,
limited only by
the ceilings of my mind,

i see oceans and sand that
go down until
the bottom loses color

i see incredible feats
and terrible defeats
and i see you with that job you wanted
and me with the confidence i deserve

but one thing i still can't imagine

is me without you

this is the last poem ab loss i SWEAR

Polka Jan 5

no one understood you
no one really could
i wish i could leave, too
but i don't know if i should.

                                        you had your quirks
                                        they made up your personality
                                        i now wonder if you lurk
                                        as a ghost in my morality.

it's a shame you aren't here
aren't with me till the end
but i'm still here
goodbye, best friend.

Polka Jan 5

I say "this morning,"
But that would be a lie.
In reality,
It was this afternoon,
Shortly after I had waken up for the day.

I had him for
13 years.
13. The cursed, unlucky number.

I was into Tom and Jerry,
When I was 4.
It was a cartoon series
And it had a dog named spike.

So, we decided,
My dog could have the same name.
He was never more undeserving
Of the scary, tough title.

The first day I saw him,
He peed on my leg.
The adults told me
It meant that he liked me.

He was a sweetheart.
And everything in between.

He barked at passing strangers,
And licked my wounds.
Soon I learned it wasn't only because
He knew I was in pain,
But because he simply
Liked to lick everything.

He was a rescue.
He wore scars on his thighs,
From fighting to get away
From his past life.
He was two when I was four.
He was thirteen when I, fifteen.

The last day I saw him,
He peed on my leg.
Not out of love,
But because he had a stroke
In my arms.

He died shortly after we drove to the vet.
My father told me to pump his chest.
I cried as he struggled to exhale breaths.
Thirty seconds later,
He stopped struggling.
Thirty minutes later,
We arrived at the vet.

And a part of me thinks,
It is completely my fault.
Because while my dog always knew
When I was in pain,
I failed to see his.

im rlly sad idk how to deal with loss

i mean, ive lost a dog before, Missy, but i had her for only six months, because she was dying of cancer and her owner couldnt take care of her anymore, since she was moving.

And before that, my stepdad's dog, named Cujo died. I was at school when he was put down. I knew him for maybe a little less than a year.

What a shit way to start off 2018.

Small cute mud paw prints.
Leading to a tiny pup.
Munching on a bone.

I love dogs!
Blois Dec 2017

It's Sunday, that I know. Also that
the new year will start on the same day
as the new week will, it seems appropriate.
Not that that would make any difference,
we will get confused anyway.
With all the promises in the air,
like the tiny ghosts of unborn
children that will bring laughter
into our lives, supposedly.
That is, unless you are old enough
as to not to promise anything anymore,
we are very much aware that the first person
that will get disappointed will be ourselves.

All of those who will be coming back home
tomorrow, to fight for what we think
is best for us, all of us who will be starting
the year with ash running out from our hands,
still sentimentally moved by the same songs,
old dogs trying to learn new tricks
but failing miserably, as we let time
run out. We all will be there.

Maybe the me from five years ago will no longer
recognize himself. He will be here to,
confused, afraid, and looking into the future.

Feggyr Citack Dec 2017

-on mankind's best pair of friends

Man's able pal goes on all fours,
A friend for life, they say.
No doubt more kinship can be found, they say...
'Genome GTF2I can make us all go friendly'
Softly licking strangers' hands and face.

Able turns to Elba,
Bonaparte's final home.
Let old mankind's vices be locked up there,
Elba is such a lovely quiet place.

Peace on earth will certainly arrive,
After genome GTF2I will have reshaped man
Like the friendly dog we share the genome with.

GTF2I is a genome that is considered to trigger friendly behaviour. It lives in dogs and men - a bit more in dogs, but some people show a doglike deviation. So there is still hope for us, brothers. All it takes is a little mutation. - Merry christmas to you all :-)
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