Black feathers signal an arrival
What seemed like endless roads
Carved rugged into the Earth
Beady eyes welcome this moment

Low valley streams, white rapids
Serenely sinister silence of the woods
Two feet, four paws just a blur
Grounded only by a painted beauty

Sun sets, fire rises, that smokey cinder
Eating,  laughing, living so free
Stars explode through the tree tops
Night summons an absolute darkness

Blood red dawn, a shadow of the day
Walking now, footsteps, running water
Collecting the goodbyes and good times
Naturally black feathers occupy the vacancy

I wasn't there when you died.
Though its clear now that it was your time
You were 14 and had dementia, half deaf, and half blind.
Not to mention the arthritis.
Still doesn't hurt any less

I still feel your soft black and white fur
The feeling when you blessed us with a kiss
Your chocolate brown eyes

When you were a puppy
I remember you losing your teeth
Except you didn't have a tooth fairy

I remember you climbing onto the widow seat
I still have that picture.
No idea how you even got up there.

One week before Fudge died,
It was a normal friday for me
I went to work, had a great day.
I came home and wondered where you were.
My mom had put you down and taken Fudge to the vet hospital
December 9th, 2016
I didn't realize that morning was the last time I would see you.

F**k. I love you Cleo

2 pm
We drive up to the building
It seems solemn now
We came to see you for the final time

December 15th
2:05 pm
We gather our courage to get out of the car
I open the door
Its heavy

December 15th, 2016
2:10 pm
We're ushered into the room where you are
You try to get up to reassure us
We know you're in pain

Thursday, December 15th, 2016
I'm holding you now
I have your favorite stuffed animal

Thursday, December Fifteenth, 2016
At 2:20 pm
The vet tells us to tell him that you are a good boy
"You're the best dog I could have ever had, Fudge. I'll love you forever."

On Thursday, December Fifteenth, Twenty sixteen.
At 2:24 P.M.
You died in my arms.
The happiness and relief you had in your eyes.
You were in so much pain.
I love you. Forever

Fudge was 6 years old, he was going to be 7 years on March 8th of this year. He died December 15th of Peritonitis. Fudge was in training to be my service dog and help me out when that wire was in his intestines, he was the one who really needed help, but he didn't want me to worry. He was in pain for months and didn't try to tell us. He was the best dog I could have ever had. I love him.
Don Bouchard Apr 20

Growls or barks me from my easy sleep,
Dragging from my lips a groan, or sometimes worse,
Because a wind-blown branch is tapping at the house,
Or the neighbor dog is yelling out his worries to the moon.

Sometimes in the middle of the night, the dog
Moves from his place at our feet
To the valley between you and me,
Settles atop the comforter,
Lays his shaggy head upon my chest,
And sighs a deep, contented sigh
To say he is part of the pack, happily at rest.

Sometimes in the middle of the night I remember
That humans aren't the only family members.


Out walking in’t woods,
With me dog for company,
Rather a strange thought,
Suddenly occurred to me,
If these trees could talk,
What do you think?
They would they say?
More than likely,
Eh you wit dog,
Can you get him to piss?
The other way!

Molly Byrne Apr 18

I saw a dog today.
It was running on the baseball field.
The clouds were puffy
Like in Toy Story.
The rust red of the distant buildings bridged the surreal gap
between the serene blue sky and candy green grass.
He was well built,
Pointed ears,
Lolling tongue.
There was an effortless curve to his tail
And a sprightly spring to his step.
But he wasn’t exhibiting his strength,
He was rolling on his back,
Twisting with sheer ecstasy.
While I feel the grass tickle the back of my legs
He doesn’t let anyone in the world stop him.
I almost cried.
Or maybe I did cry.
In my shade
I felt as though he were so far away,
Shimmering in a sunny mirage.

Blogging on a piece of paper

Let me erase the title, and call this deja Vu, I feel like we've met before,


Alright then we'll fuck anyways because beneath our shallow waters sinks a heavy chest.

But hear me out it's not that I'm doing this for fun and games, and there are to no depths that I cannot hold my breath, my desire is that you feel all the love I have to give,

Even if it's one second,

I may pass out, how long have I been holding my breath, was there a miss communication between my brain and (look at chest)

Look at these clothes! Fashion is to me, look good but express what I want you to see,
I'd rather be naked, only wear clothes when I have to deal with idiots in public...

Or sports, it just seems practical for some,

I know I don't have ADD or ADHD , I took those tests, but I do have a knack for puzzles, and some times I lose track of one piece for another,

So I optimize on body language, throw in opinions, to complete the lie until proven otherwise,

And When the truth hides behind the blank canvas waiting to be painted by our perspectives, it stands as naked as I am now,

And if these words are not revealing enough. find me...

and I'll call it deja vu.

Divine Dao Apr 2

She is our best friend.
We love her.
She is orange and white.

Wonderful, loving, joyful, patient, devoted and beautiful
best friend.
Do you know she howls the blues with us in the morning.
She is super cute. She is a mixture of coolies and Russian barzoi and reminds me of Anime fantasy wolfs which are extremely beautiful.

We love her and adore her. She is kind, loving and she's
never judging us. Her good character excedes characters of
many self absorbed human beings who are convinced of their own importance and superiority and who love to put other people down just to expose their brilliance or success. ( Not all of them are like that though, but this vile "self important" virus had spread across my beloved homeland and become a national sport ).

No wonder dogs are human best friends.

Some time ago I wrote a tribute to our beloved dog on my other poetry portal where I used to post poems. I'm reposting it here:


Watch dog, do take care of me,
wrap me with your energy.
While I read she rests on me -
so well-be! Kiss, tongue, slight lick.

Give me slender strong white paw,
smile me to another round,
snow white triolets of fangs,
tender space, back pat, caress.

Princess Mononoke's 'wolf',
we adore your speed and style,
splendid like your almond eyes.

Utmost loving gaze to me,
that declares the trust and faith.
Devotee of you is me,
falling in Mythology.

Fire binds us for so long.
Friendship strong. Howl. Friendship long.

I love my dog, she is beautiful, kind, adorable and a real friend.
She reminds me of Princess Mononoke's wolf.  This she-wolf is really an ancient goddess wolf amongst other wolves who are trying to save the forest with Princess Mononoke and her friends.

(I have a great respect towards anime genius -  Sir Hayao Miyazaki
and for the divine music which is created at Studio Ghibli Music.)

Dear reader, I consider that one of the best rewarding bonds between species is the bond between human beings and wolves that became domesticated - nowadays dogs - our cute friends. When wolves became companions of men they had to overcome the fear of fire and gather brave trust and understanding. Only humans can make fire and for wild animals as wolves, humans sitting around fire with torches in their hands  sure seemed like untouchable gods.

P.S. ~ goes to the only one ~particularly nice guy~ who also evidently loves dogs - Would you respond to my beloved's new book and publish it, if you knew she is also his best friend. Thank you for reconsidering it! Sending many blessings and love to You

Are awesome animals
They are funny and they
Can make you
Slime and laugh
They run around
They help people with
Special needs and they
Can tell when something
Is wrong and they can you
When someone is a bad person
© Amanda Kay Hill

Randy Johnson Mar 17

I have a puppy who loves to run and jump.
I have a Chihuahua that is named Trump.
He was born on the 14th of January and he's special indeed.
I now have two Applehead Chihuahuas, that is their breed.
Trump is some feisty and he's as cute as he can be.
He is my new pet and he means a great deal to me.
It's nice to have two dogs that are purebred.
I love both of my Chihuahuas who are Appleheads.

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