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I can’t apologize to my family
because I gave them so many chances to help.
I can’t tell my friends that I’ll miss them
because they never listened
when I said I loved them.
My boyfriend already knows why I’m doing this.
He still loves me
so **** it.
I can’t scream my adoration to my idols
because I’ve lost all interest in nonfatal topics.
I feel no remorse for my victims.
I’ve done nothing wrong by freeing them and satiating my red desire.
My hypothetical note is nothing but a hypothetical treat to my dogs.

How am I supposed to put my fears into words when they only make sense to one of my personalities?
I can’t write a suicide note.
For Riley and His Friend Bailey

In the beginning -
                                     we humans were primitives
Existing as crude hunter-gatherers
Quite unaware of any higher thought
And curiously unaware of love

But then we were discovered by The Dog

Who taught us the glorious mystery of play
And how to laze throughout sweet summer days
To contemplate, to cuddle, and to care -
To care about beings beyond ourselves

Because we were accepted by The Dog

Through God’s intended, love-barked dialogue
We pray we may be worthy of The Dog
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:
It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.

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Donna Apr 7
I love evening times
Snuggled on seatee with Dean
And of course our dogs

Dean is my husband x we have had a busy weekend with family visiting  and it’s  been so lovely but now we just unwinding watching tv with our three dogs  x
Ray Dunn Apr 6
It’s the hunger that drives the Wolf and I
out— all across the icy expanse of tundra.
We stop at the edge. Just for a moment.
One look into each other's eyes, both of us
knowing the other doesn’t taste very good.

And so it begins.
I watched a documentary on the early wolf and how it became the dogs we know now and needless to say my heart is FULL
Here come the hound dogs

Sniffing out their prey

Don’t you have something better to do

My emotions is not for play!

I don’t got time for this ****, not today!

I shoot bullets from my mouth

And watch the blood splatter on your face

I’m not for games today

I will warn you with grace

But keep antagonizing me

And I’ll bring war into your space

You bettah start praying for gods grace

Because I shoot bullets from my mouth

Into your heart

And watch the blood splatter on your face
When you are at a swimming pool, and you see a dog, you know that it will be pushed into the pool by a cat.
then it is frowning, like grumpy cat
and humans are laughing
and it goes on youtube
and you've been framed
here comes the dosh £$€
Toxic yeti Mar 24
As a kid jumps
In the rainy
Having a jolly good time
She is faced
With a friendly
Don’t judge a book by its
Don’t judge a dog
By its breed.
Slipped the whole way to the train,

Acted and taught about what it means to be you,

Walked over lakes back from the train.
If I were to change a song,
No if I were to write a(n) album,
The music I would write,
Would be based on the situation you are listening to...
Each track named after a vague moment,
Shared by the general different,
And like minded people.
This track is called 'sitting down talking to person's I mean Scott Pilgrim vs. the world did it,
Why can't i?
So prepare world because I have a secret song that will tell you of my life,
And the joy of experience,
Listen closely,
That's how you ***** the first mask,
But first I'll ask you,
What is this track called?
Hello it's been awhile, please enjoy.
From gray to Poe.
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