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A ***** was in heat
Her nature so sweet
Stray dogs liked her
Stray dogs admired her
She had many paramours
One day she fell into a ditch
Her paramours were concerned
They wanted to save her
They applied many techniques
But none worked
Dejected they sat
Along the ditch
A saint bernard named
Happened to pass by
He saw dogs panting
Intermittently ranting
Bhon, bhon, bhon...
He asked what's the matter
Bhon, bhon they uttered
The ***** is in the ditch
He saw the ***** in heat
He hit upon a plan
He was quite large
He could cover the ditch
He lay firmly
His fore limbs on the ground
Dropped hind limbs into the ditch
Took a position
Locked with her
With a great ****
Next moment
The ***** was out of the ditch
Saint saved her!
It was a ****** affair!
Analogy on licentiousness and debauchery.
Ray Dunn Aug 5
the dogs bark
and the caravan progresses

the children cry
but the world spins
Marmaelady Jul 5
Sometimes a furry face
Is all that you need to remind you
How lovely you are
To my dog, who keeps me alive.


Thank you, and I’ve missed you you annoying loving piece of floof.
Francie Lynch Apr 19
The Little King,
Who ruled here for thirteen years,
Now reigns in the undiscovered country.
Restrictions keep him in the freezer,
Where he's
Lying in steak.
RIP with a little levity.
Kyan, the toy poodle, translates to "little king."
The "undiscovered country" is what Hamlet refers to as death.
Mark Wanless Apr 3
"A Country Sunset"

Dogs bound along the road.
Hogs squeal their hunger. A toad
Flees to safety from tabby's chase.
Trees sway in the wind. Sol's face
Slowly hides behind the corn
Sleepily, till dawn reborn.
Paul Butters Mar 20
Over thirty thousand years ago a pregnant she-wolf
And her mate lay hidden in the grass
Watching some of our human ancestors
Hunt with spears, bows and arrows.
They were very impressed
But more than that so hungry
That they followed those humans home
Hoping to steal some meat.

They were just about to ****** that food
When a humans appeared
All around them.
They were caught!
All they could do was look up with pleading eyes:
“Please don’t **** us! We just want food.”
Seeing one of them was heavily pregnant
Those humans presumed them starving
And threw them meat
Then let them go!

Hungry again, they went back for more
And the humans fed them
And even stroked them.
This was so much better
Than having to search for prey
So often without reward.

And as time passed they took to accompanying these humans
On their hunts
Then ferreting out some prey for them to shoot
Rounding animals up
And retrieving those shot down by arrows.

Soon the rest of their pack joined them
And the female wolf had her pups
Near the human camp
Where it was safe.
She taught her pups
To plead for food and care
With their eyes and whines.

Those wolves remained forever,
Generation after generation
Each litter getting cuter
And softer
And more loving
Towards mankind.

And so they evolved
Into a seemingly endless variety
Of “Dogs”.
From Rottweilers to tiny Poodles,
German Shepherds and Collies to Chihuahuas.
They became known as “Man’s Best Friend”,
Showing us unconditional Love
And loyalty:
A bond like no other.
Even evolving raised eyebrows
And deeply sad eyes
To attract our love and care.
Domesticating themselves
Yet begging the question
Who is really “the master”?
My money is on

Paul Butters

© PB 20\3\2021.
Inspired by a Chris Packham documentary on Animal Communication.
Mark Wanless Mar 7
the dogs of life they
they tell me what to do please i
want to be of pack
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