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there is an owl
out there
in the darkness
kept secret
by whispering trees
in shadow
by leaf
and cloud
it seems
to have a question
for any
who will listen
but persistently
it inquires
pausing briefly
an answer
before asking
and again;
whether intended
or not
this interrogation
has infuriated
the old boy
and seemingly
every other canine
in the vicinity
Dev Aug 23
Five hundred nights we shared this room
You still crack the blinds to watch the moon

No dogs allowed has been long overruled
You always felt that was just a bit cruel

Despite the hair, dirt, and drool
You welcome the new fur family rule

No more fussing with my sloppy side
Now you tidy the sheets in half the time

The center of the mattress is just as fine
Though you still refuse to cross that line

You still sleep on your side of the bed
Yet, Five hundred nights since I've been dead
Possible work in progress rendered from thoughts of sleeping alone while the wife is at work.
Marisa Hope Aug 15
i saw us

4 cars and a lake house, making friends all over this town, nothing holding us back

3 dogs and a sunset, laughing until there’s no air left, netflix binges on our couch

2 matching starbs tumblers, getting mexican food when our stomachs rumble, stargazing pretty far our

1 walk down the aisle, listening to morgan all the while, smiles on the way out

but instead it’s time to let you go

but i hope you know i’ll always love you so
GaryFairy May 24
I have never felt a love like this
I've never smelled a love like ****
I have brought my meaning up a bit
I've been cleaning up your ****

kennel love break your heart?
chained to a fence with no open part
trapped within my stupid walls
I'll be there when cupid calls
I am looking for work. I am in Dire Straits here. I do not want money for nothing. Some chicks for free would be a decent trade. Seriously, I am up for hire. Interested in reporting or helping someone write a novel. Anything for some money...and I mean ANYTHING.
am i ee May 14
Puppyhead leapt,
from bed,
to the door she raced.

special high pitched bark
reserved for the fox.

learned did I,
the hard way,
not to open the door.

not to let puppyhead
go racing out,
full speed ahead,
out into the night.

wild and free,
and right straight
yet another
wild life.

so we watch,
from behind
closed door,

peering out into
the dark of the night.

shadow moving around,
surveilling the ground,
a white tipped tail
barely visible as past it moves.

mean feel I,
for not opening
that door.

puppyhead barks,
ooks up at my head,
then out to that yard.

"Why can't I be out there
alone with that fox?"

learned I,
the hard way,
puppyhead won't
back down.

neither will the
wild nocturnal creatures,
who visit our den,

during the very dark,
the dark,
of the middle of the night.

so I creep silently
up the stairs,
every so quietly,

so puppyhead
won't hear,
won't want to follow,
won't want to come,
out here with me instead.

open a door,
do I,
a door to a deck.

alone stand I
peering down into the dark,
the dark of the night.

hearing that fox
moving about,
creeping along fence line,

finding a place,
a place of

almost free,
to continue to roam
through this night,
this dark,
& beautiful night.

she leaps in one
graceful arc,
up and over
high gate.

pads off she goes,
into this night,

roaming along
this solitary creature,

taking such free flight
on this magical night.
12 May 2022 magical visits by nocturnal creatures in surprising twists amidst this life in this modern suburban hell.
all was peaceful
content in this
sleepy isolation
with only the dogs
for company
had i wished
to disturb their
soothing repose
a little-known novel
once heralded
the hero
if he could
be called such
was fracturing
on the brink
of shattering

before the incendiary
final pages
could be reached
this dormant comfort
by a shattering
much closer
   to home;
both dogs
and man
on the highest
of alert
for a cause
   to blame
but finding
the dog
resting peacefully
in his crate
is content
with being
shut in;
only permitted freedom              
at the behest
of another

there was not always
such serenity
behind these bars;
there was howling

cag­ed like that
could not have been
from finding comfort

there were rewards
on occasions
though it was unclear
just why
these were offered
and when
the next might appear

with time
it became easier
to simply accept
the limitation
and wait
for the next
moment of joy
to come around

however long
Jade Wright Jan 12
The parks are ours
No matter what the signs say
Though the crunch of the woodland
calls from far away
calls us to hunt, to gallop on through
fields, mud and marshes
double-sniff around of favourite lake too.
We pad the tarmac
plod the concrete
whether the sky is day-pink or dusk-black
we will walk together
and sometimes you’ll chat aloud to me
I’ll take in each warm word
even as I feel the oosh of the sea.
am i ee Dec 2021
Star light, Star bright
How will I find my puppy tonight?

Star light, star bright
Where did you go tonight?

It seems like a dream,
when billions of you sparkled
overhead each night.

Orion and Cassiopeia,
Pleiades and the dippers,
big and twinkling and bright.

Outlined across the dark sky,
creating such wonder,
bringing such delight.

The years creeped along,
the artificial lights growing strong,          

Til one night,
you all but disappeared.

Billions of years,
you glowed,
strong & bright each night.

Wondrous, filling each with awe,
mysterious & sacred,
You brought to us,
every little being looking up.

Humans peppered the earth,
inventions spreading out.

Fires and candles,
torches and lamps.

Hardly 100 years have passed,
since Thomas Edison discovered
a new glow.

Now this new light,
casting an eerie glow,
obscuring the dark night.

Tis not too late
to reclaim our lost fate.

Gazing up in wonder,
with a flick of a switch,
or a shade drawn near,
brings back our precious dark night.

Star light, star bright,
don’t abandon us this night!

How will i ever find my puppy,
so high in the sky,

or maybe for the ending?

Star light star bright,
how will i ever find my puppy tonight?
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