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George Krokos Aug 24
It's been said that “determination and persistence in whatever task is at hand
ensures success in that venture” if nothing else against you does withstand.
From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Shain Brown Apr 2021
I am coming.

Traveling the current, while facing backward.
Watching the world change every moment.
Feeling the wind of past storms.
But I, am coming.

Taller than the tide, but shorter than the fish.
I'm a pebble in this abyss.
Without food or water.
But I am coming.

This place is still.
As I see no land, no water.
Only the sky, mixing the colors.
And I am coming

You're close, I can see it.
A light moving in circles.
The light stopped, opposite to me.
But I am here.

It's dark.
Time has halted, freezing my ocean.
I am here.
Where are you?
This poem was inspired by "Life of Pi".
Simon Jul 2020
I was told not to venture too far! (As if I was "supposed" to do as I was told, I said to myself.) But the matters are not within the details...but within the margin that exercises ALL believes about such a trip down a path your meant to go as far as your little ("wishful thinking") can take you that far! However, you aren't supposed to venture that far, (I said too myself) again, reminded of what they simply told me. That it was safer to take the path at which had more better structured limits! Better structured limits that were enacted under the ruling nature of a commanding authority! One that I (under NO circumstances) could pace myself against not to obstruct! I was young...and essentially alone in the world! That's why I broke the limitations they simply gave me.... So I could pave my own route for a path of my own choosing. Something that (if lucky enough) I could push past the limitations of that very path (by hindering the very trail markers that were some type of barrier that weren't aloud to go...ANY FURTHER)! I ignored their rules and carried on my own way (that I thought was best). Because if I just simply walked past the limitations with courage in my steps and the dignity in my own will to simply defy those very rules... Then truthfully...I was entirely unstoppable! That's why I trusted in my very gut that whichever lie at the end of the path full of limitations enacted upon the nature of a commanding authority.... That's where I'd find myself. By looking ahead of such rules and limitations, I could (essentially speaking) find where I truly belonged in the world. Not to be afraid of any such rule (since it was now of my very making)! NO ONE ELSE'S!!! Then at the end of my journey... I would know what it's like not to be alone in the world...anymore.
PS... That very wishful thinking of mine...had now transcended!
Taking routes for a (as yet) unpaved path wasn't as "risky" as one would make it out to first. Just trust in your own guidance to help you stride onward and upward!
S I N Dec 2019
There is a lonely shadow that
Roams the street at night in search of her
Body, but she can’t, for it is buried under
The earth without any intention to leave
Its new humble abode; and it dwells there
In peace, and in sorties the ants looking
For pieces to steal and to bring to the
Queen; but the Shadow still wanders and
Travels the earth; the beginning of time
She beheld , and of the end she will be the
Observant; th’ immortal and the most
Docile servant; and no one to talk to and
No one to speak with; so she trails ever
Onward; with no sense and no purpose,
With no one to back her or lend helping a
Hand; so she strides and she cries with no
Hope for an end
East Wind Nov 2019
Life gives opportune moments to be taken
regardless of the fortunes left unattended.
Leaving behind unassuming faces
to be faced with the hunting of oasis.
Taken from a poem I'm working on … Leaving what you know is hard, daring to go is even harder.
Druzzayne Rika Nov 2019
Venture to the north
The peace in the east
The land in pieces
Going to small places
The pink and blue town
huge marvelous palaces
On foot for days
The sand and mud stays
at the back of shoes
The path left ahead is beautiful
But am I ready to face the shine
Where to draw the fine line
Garrett Johnson Oct 2019
Alacrity skies.

Sailing slow on tan sands.
Knowing this is nowhere.
But everywhere next to me.
To keep me company.
Parade fires in a phantom night.
Crowned love beating all.
Only act existing.
Drums wailing proudly.
Mountains greeting the stars.
With shelter under swaying pines.
Lasting only for the night.
Only for the night.

Garrett Johnson.
Goldbar, and the E string
Prince eduard Apr 2019
In Life,
You can walk, or run
But you might get tired

Rest, and go on

In Life,
You'll meet people
First your parents, then friends

You'll have fun, yes
But you'll also be sad
Discouraged, irritated

Rest, and go on

For In Life,
You might go in rounds
You might have to dive, or fly

And sometimes,
You might want to increase your brightness to see clearly

But remember,
There's a father cheering up on you
Whom, loves you, dear

You will get burn out
You'll get stressed out
But remember

Sin(death) is not the solution:
Rest, and go on
God bless you!
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