You’re my real-time risk.
I’m clasping my hands
and clutching my knees
wishing to survive
as I
am watching
every / moment / of now
pass by

Mina 2d

heard that youre doing great
heard that youre happy now
that you are with her
thinking about that makes me be
the happiest and saddest
everything at once

im pretending as if i am but im still not over you

Aaron LA Lux Dec 6

Abraham's Youth

I'm white,
and Jewish,
and American,
but I,
refuse to,
be scared again,

let's let the truth be our teacher,
for I don't want war either,

and they say Jews and Arabs,
have been fighting each other,
for thousands of years,
but we are all brothers,
we bleed the same blood,
share the same father,
we both want a future of peace,
for our daughters,

I doubt Abraham,
would've wanted it this way,
for his children,
to fight instead of play,

our Father,
would surely be upset,
if he was looking,
down from up there,
so I don't buy,
the propaganda they're selling,
for if true,
history is to be telling,
Jews and Arabs,
lived in harmony,
the shade of olive trees,
In Jerusalem,
kids studied together,
good books,
academic endeavors,
hundreds of years,
hate or fear,
love in our hearts,
politics tore us apart…

In 1948,
the U.N. stepped in,
with their laws,
imperial rule and nuclear weapons,
divide and conquer,
Western Machiavellian,
let me ask this,
is Damascas the axis,
where Abraham's bastards,
practice black magic withcraft?

The fact is,
the Baptist,
the false profit priest,
praying to the beast,
left the light,
then mixed up the good book,
to make wrong seem right,
left to right,
they rewrote the Bible backwards,
they subtracted good,
and added bad words,
they say it's prayer,
but it's really evil practice,
fkcn sorcerer magicians,
rabbit in a hat tricks,
but instead of a rabbit,
they pull out a dove,
we've capitalized off love!",
or at least,
the thought of it,
"here, buy lots of it!"
"Don't worry you'll be fine!"

I don't feel fine,
I feel like I'm,
losing touch,
with divine…

So I shout with my heart, W
here Is The LOVE!
Come here my Brothers,
give me a hug!
Put down the guns,
let us embrace,
let us pray together,
let us have some faith,

we are one family,
let us,
bless us,
all of us actually,
let us,
break bread,
and have peace,
from the,
West Coast,
to The Middle East,
this is,
a New World,
in The Old City,
We've had,
enough war,
we need some peace,

As-Salaam Alaikum,
Wa-Alaikum Salaam,
Words of the Torah,
and the Koran,
open heart,
open palms,
from out of the dark ages,
we are the New Dawn,
rising above,
with hope,
and with love,
let there,
be peace,
let there,
be peace...

∆aron L∆ Lux ∆

Mark Wanless Nov 28

"To Morrow"

To morrow we travel continuous
In the structured realm of man
Yet nature's purer art knows no
Wavering flow of moments
The now permeates all eternity
And ever has and shall
Our mortal thoughts change not
The center, what is, is
With or without consent
Of a coherency of cells

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