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Gorba 22h
The wine I am tasting has just been tasted,
The perfume I am smelling has just been smelled,
The song I am hearing has just been heard,
The girl I am seeing has just been seen,
The skin I am touching has just been touched,
The many things I am thinking have just been thought,
These lines I am writing have just been written,
Are we then just living in the immediate past?

If time is relative, can now be extended?
Should we rather think of now as time-limited actions?
I will be drinking this wine until the last drop has sunk
I will be smelling this perfume until my receptors are saturated
I will be hearing this song until the battery lets me down
I will be seeing this girl until she disappears in the wild and out of my mind
I will be touching this skin until I have cramps
I will be thinking until my brain is starving
I will be writing these lines until an elusive timepoint
If these events take several minutes, several hours, or several days,
Is tomorrow then also now?

Can now be stopped?
Suspended, unanimated, just like a broken clock.
At the speed of light time does cease to exist.
Can I then slow now down when I run a sprint?
Now equals present, just like a gift
While present can lead to taking the final lift.
Can now happen when we are not?
Free of life, lying down, some with the precious key to the holy padlock.
Can now (truly) be synchronized when we live on different time-zones?
Different countries, different continents, different rhythms in similar ringtones.

How long is now?
As long as the finite time
Between the moment we’ve left the past
And the moment before we step into the future.
This sticking junction that can never be past.
Holy justice,
just dying.
rarae aves May 19
The time is now,
moves forward from here..
never have we heard of
Time pausing or rewinding, have we?
Time is ticking..
Aching to relive the past or erase it..
Longing for an awaited future or absolutely dreading it..
Time is moving forward,
despite what state we are in.
Time is ticking..
While we’re thinking of dos and donts, hows and whys, ifs and buts..
Time is moving forward,
despite all odds.
Time is ticking..
let time not pass..
Let’s pass, through time..
make time count..
Make time count by living in the moment..
Live in the moment for what the moment is..the moment we certainly cannot change, now that time is already here.
Lara May 16
Is it where I am?
Is it where I would like to be?
Is it where my thoughts are?
Is it where my heart is?

I don’t know how I can get there

How far do I have to go to get there?
How fast do I have to run to get there?

Can I get there in time?
Is it timeless, or is the time running away?

Do I have to hurry?

Is my life long enough to live in the here and now?

With who will I get there and who will I meet there?
Thurston May 15
Spring carried its call on that May morning;
From churning the fields, to felling the pine;
Each homage attested was carded in prime
And they marched into War without warning;
Singing deep from within to their strides of rhyme;
'The light in our hearts is the source of our souls;
Love warmed all and every one of our bodies'.

Now, nailed beneath this rat hole to skyline;
Paced, black splintered stumps, shot-blown and laid low.
From that charcoal far line, a shadowed halo;
A speed throbbing sound started coming.
The outbreak of fire rapped dark clay on hard souls;
Scorching and tearing the raw nerve of the fierce;
Within drifting clouds - the same vista appears.

Shells scattered the prey, some froze there like stone;
Bodies laid pardoned, no senses to mind;
On a thrashing gun, each man left was descried,
Til furnaced heat burrows straight through the bone;
Yet on, piercing white to shatter inside;
For courage's glow, cools soft with the breeze,
As this time known now- is just memory.

'Oh star of night will you guide me to thee;
I never paid mind of your shine until now;
Lucid you are, in that black, river crowned;
Far from frozen Earth that now drains me.
May we be gone!  Radiant'- on muttered prayers;
'In Life- far from time, Oh when will it be !
When all Man's love lights this world for us to see?'
Rose May 8
I miss that feeling
that feeling; as if I'm falling
and you are the only one
who could catch me
my heart going a mile a minute
and my mind thinking of the present,
not wandering,
or dwelling in a far off land.
now means you and I.
and I desire that feeling.
Words' Worth May 7
My lover
It's now or never
If you are a cheater

So, I ask myself
The trees cast lonely shadows
The fish stay in the seas only

So, why should I stay
If you keep leaving
Thinking next time is forever
Life is the farce which everyone has to perform
Arthur Rimbaud
Lara May 7
Would it help me?
Would it change me?
Would I overthink my life and my decisions?
Would my life be the same?
Would I still live in the now or would I just think of tomorrow?

I don’t know what I would do!

But I know what I am doing today!

Living in the now!
Lara May 6
Life is too short to have arguments.

But everyone has arguments in his life.

It is not the bad times we should think about afterwards!

It is the times we laugh and just enjoy being together we should think about.

Everybody fights sometimes, but that’s not what we should concentrate on.

We only have our lifetimes to make our life the best we can life.

Don’t have regrets - live your life.

I might not want to live forever -
But I want to live in the now with you!

You might be my past,
You are my present,
But make yourself my future.
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