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THE shouldest wind.  My never dream I should
         //--ME.  I might then should.  Did Dream.

Cold coal::coals  Time hammer now into
a brilliant thunder of what'if's that stun time
--where all flesh become amazed ages
       --welcome to life

The elder generation adores you
    that we are you. Were once.    And now.
(A whispered mystery)   ?

   so Open your window and let some
air into your room!

:: 08-20-2015 ::
Would have, should have, could have...
is there some way in which
the past
the present
the future
are all the same
are all wrapped up
are all on one line i wrote write will write
instead of three separate?

in some ways
4 dimensional space-time
says yeah
that's kinda sorta it:

all the space that exists in
this time
is simultaneously existing in
this time
and in
this time
and in
this time

so all the time that exists in
this space
is perhaps also
all simultaneously existing in
this space
and in
this space

but mostly
the world looks at me
nah dude
you're just insane
Ifs & whys
Buts & sighs
Time flies
Always denies.

Lows & highs
Ambition dies
No-one tries
Shut eyes.

Come rise
Never apologise
Open surprise
No compromise.

Obvious lies
No disguise
Grow wise
Now realise.
Just do it.
Edith Leal Sep 13
We started off not knowing what to say besides a simple word: “hi”,
You told me you were fascinated by how much I loved to look at the sky.
To tell you the truth was all I wanted to do, I never wanted to lie.
But I put on a facade when I got in my car and unaffectedly uttered goodbye.

Because I was never one to beg for one to stay,
No matter how much it would hurt to be away.
I hoped that you would see through my act one day,
But my despair and immobility I would not display.

I put on a facade and I knew that you and I would be okay.
I put on a facade to cast away my pain so that you would think I was okay.
anon Sep 11
long before the days of the netflix
streaming services
people either had cable
on demand
or got netflix dvds
like a mail order

but i grew up
with public television
the the public broadcast station
filled with stories
and shows
that wanted to teach
while entertaining

liberty kids taught me history
while cyberchase showed me
math can save the world
when it's important
arthur allowed children
to see that we all are equal
and we all can be friends
because everybody that you see
has an original point of view

and i say hey!
why have we abandoned
the important lessons
for the sake of entertainment

my little brother makes jokes
about logan paul
and exploiting
a suicide victim

my little brother told me
he wants to be the next
on abc

my little brother called me
a ho

when i was nine years old
like he is
i asked my mom
for extra television time
so i could tune into
fetch with ruff ruffman
at 3pm
and see science
in action

i begged for a game boy
not for madden17
i read by the light
of a little reading lamp
not with a blue glowing light
exuding from a new samsung tablet

i'm not saying technology
is bad
or that we should

i'm saying our children
our siblings
and maybe even our friends
are growing up screwed up

and we can change that
but we never do

i want to tell my children
dragon tales
dragon tales
not to turn off youtube before bed
i want children now
to learn before they even
enter a classroom
but i suspect that no one
will listen
or even stop
to care
Maxim Keyfman Sep 11
weep weep weep the whole world
cry the whole cycle of darkness and light
and the whole azure of heaven and all the azure
and all the books that were on the bookshelf
on the shelf that burned then in august
when attacking death on our house

scatter the same voices last fatal
be carried away and carried all around
do not give air to all this here
do not give the sky and do not give more papers
do not dictate any more of these strange words
perhaps the land is worth and it will be necessary to stop

and right now and at this very moment
and it is at this hour this month in this year
all stopped what it means stopped even then
then when august was next to me when the books were
when the whole world was not even in the flames at all
when the bookcase was with me and the leaves did not sob

Zersrol Sep 10
Cartoons so funny!
I laugh and laugh!
Sesame Street,
The Grinch in the trash!
I wonder to myself,
How this is a flash
From the past.
When I was little with a lot of joy,
When my mother would say she love me.
In my third house,
Out of nine I have lived in.
This was my favorite
Before the tragic event began.
A Beach,
A Ocean,
A Tragic event!
I was watching TV
So bored I left my room.
In the hallway
Screams of the night.
I hurry in fear to see
My mother drench in her own
Afraid I was.
Tempted to Run.
Yes I was.
Blood on the wall!
A bundle of tears
Came out of my EYES!
I hear my mother speak to a
Person once friends with.
I really liked this house
But I needed to leave.
My mother on my Left
Dragging me to a
Ally way with a trash to but the heat.
Through the night
Echos of sirens reach me.
Not too far,
Not to close,
But enough to let me WEEP.
In one piece of clothing
With my mother all dressed.
We hide in the trash,
To let it blow over.
He didn’t go to jail
But a trial did happen,
But nothing happen to him.
Sadly we stayed with him because
Of money or the fear of Running.
I was 7 when this happened. This was not a fictional poem/story. This was real, and to calmly release some trauma, I made this poem when I was 13.
Gods1son Sep 10
The only thing we truly have is now
You remember the past
And plan for the future
Because you have the now.
So, be grateful for the now!
We mostly do not value NOW which is the only thing we really possess. I guess the NOW would also mean the LIFE
Gods1son Sep 9
There are three ways to LIVE in the NOW

Enjoy the present moment in the now
Remember the past in the now
Think about the future in the now

The choice is yours to make in the NOW!
Enjoy the NOW!
Gods1son Sep 9
I want to take you on a trip
To a destination you don't know
The destination is actually blank
But the beauty is by the way

Would you miss all the beauty by the way
Because your mind is at the place
Or would you behold all the beauty by the way

That's the power of living in the NOW!
Maybe that's why it's called the PRESENT (gift)
A lot of times, our focus is on the future unknown and we forget to enjoy the present. Always enjoy the NOW, maybe that's why it's called the present.
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