It's over. Send me away.
The screaming won't stop.
My soul is throbbing in agony
Make it stop. Send me away.
Whatever I say, don't come back
You can't.
Treat me your worst
Cry out you don't love me.
Scream you don't need me
Say it to my face: "You don't matter to me"
Stop this torture: I can't take it.
If you love me, kill my heart
I don't want to feel
Shoot me. The pain won't go away
Serve me bitter ice
Make me go. Send me away
You'll do it if you remember the old days
When we were close
I don't want you like this
Send me away
Pull the final string that unites us.
Do it
I can't be reborn if I don't die.
Kill me
The pain only gets worse
Set fire to the logs.
Burn it
Burn whatever's left of you inside me
Do it.
I can't bear it
No more.
Send me away. Please
If I can't see it through
Send me away.
Hae Sun 5d
Everybody’s rushing with their lives
So they take what’s easy
They takeout Chinese food for dinner
They find the song they like online
They read the synopsis instead of the book
They say good night too early only to find themselves awake at 2 am
looking for someone to talk to
They make 3-in-1 cups of coffee
They type, they forget to write
But you darling, you’re not made for the “now”
You’re not made to-go
You’re not made for takeouts
You’re for later
You’re for enjoying lunch for an hour
You’re watching sunsets for dinner
Because time will never run out
for something that is not meant for the time being
Let’s take this moment in and stay still
We’re not for now
We don’t need to figure out how
Because darling, we’re not made for now.
haven’t written anything for so long until now
Karmen 6d
Vievievie no replies ignite

I like to talk don’t care if I’m all too blunt cause shit I just enjoy peoples and sharing thoughts no matter what
Sorry if I annoy but I don’t ever intend
Just be easy
Tell me to let there be rest from sharing my head and expression of things totally random
Cause I don’t wanna Kill off being friends
So lay it out straight without intent to make harm to ones head of depth feels that never get real rest
Least not till death
Hurt of no reply cause I message too many times cause hell I wanna talk and like sharing my feels not thinking it would scare off or be perceived as another type of way but ok
Karmen 6d
This memory of us which I do not share
Hold onto beyon depths of all ruts
A moment that felt of sincere
The most secure
About what you mean to me
And remain a place in heart
Honestly didn’t expect , so this memory I’ve never shared revealing my moment of true care for you removing years of doubt I always felt
Everything changed
What was always said, the real meaning of true friendship was no longer just words
But something that I felt and now understood
Cause we always mistook things that weren’t even spoke
Giving us a taste of the sandyhook
Remaining alive , center of the disasterous path it weaved
Leaving speechless on how to rebuild
Attempt to heal things not meant
     Hospital bed, coming to side ; squeezing in as I lean at your chest
Then began a quick rest
You never spoke , not even a sound
Remained still though cramped in that tiny patients waiting bed
Time going by
Still no sign of you even being real
You remain still
I assumed you were in own zone
Don’t know if you felt some wave of what i consumed in something of so many things that were all too real and hard to reveal Cause it had feels
A friendship I never believed
Disregarding your words of expressed care and love that you shared for the bond we built a friendship that be constantly stalled in building up.
I fucked up and thought too much
Made myself think I was Trippen on what I felt
It wasn’t real
Something in Munich head
Cause you weren’t really all there
You were no where near
And silenced vibes no physical motions
Made me feel I was honestly on my own
Just with physical feel cause the owner mind and soul were off seeking some guy and struggling its own mind of so many past nights
I killed my feelings of real and moment of love in the doing at being to my side cause there’s never been such type of cool connection in relating to us .
Exsistent in present time I’ll never know
Nor do I wish an answer to provide clarity of mind
Whatever it be
You there with me and all
Or simply gone out in another realm
Doesn’t matter at the end
Cause was I cherish to the most
And never exposed
Means so much to me
Not even this of what I write can really
Tell how I feel and felt
What change it made
The vibe of friendship once filled of doubt and thoughts of lies
Now washed , given little trace and
Added feels of a bit more to be some home
Knowing the battles we will fight
Won’t diminish our care and love
We will always remain great friends
Even when things are not said
Or if we go dead
But that I added as a last minute joke cause well I don’t do closings to my feels all great and shit
But that’s how you know it’s real
A random close to something meant to be forreal
So swoopesdela- ooomf
Right now sharing you’re awesome posame late early write tired too tired phone call good night fighter higher power devour
Lydia Jul 7
the last thing anyone wants to hear when their hurting is that
"it will get better with time"
but it's honestly the truth

one day you really will be going about your daily life and that baseball in your gut won't be there anymore

you will find yourself slowly but surely in a different state of mind, so much so that you won't even realize you're not sad anymore
you'll find yourself around those new people everyone said you would meet, and doing all those new things everyone said you would do

the sun is still going to shine and there will be days the sky is bright blue and the best songs come on the radio all in a row

But one day you'll be driving down the road or folding your laundry and it will hit you,
that pain you thought you had forgotten
but this time you'll be stronger, you'll be wiser and you will be better for it

when it comes out of nowhere you will actually feel content for being human but also uplifted because it's over

when I was so sad and heartbroken I used to think "time heals all wounds" was a saying people said who had never felt real sorrow
now I know the ones who say it have lived their life through the hurting and came out feeling just like I do right now
Maria Etre Jul 5
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Shin Jul 5
Twice now sat the dove
A whisper shouting down my love.
So darling whisper in my cheek,
a startling moment that I seek.

Mother please come heal my wound
I promise that I'll see you soon.
My darling fawn laid in my sheet,
and finally a sunset I did meet.
I am so fucking drunk guys please understand PLEASE. I'M SO fucking sorrrry if this is lame. God blesses
Maxim Keyfman Jun 30
I feel so good
so beautiful!
This moment is incomparable!
So good!

In the soul of bright
Much better to me
the earlier
in the shower it is light!

O my eyes are burning!
They are again filled with something!
They are again the color of the sky!
My life is again yellow!

So beautiful!
So good!
So wonderful!
To me now!

Maria Etre Jun 26
(No one ever started a novel with a point, here's mine)
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