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Thedrop 5d
I have changed.

Through the addition of each day,

Through everything I am part of.

I hope I am better,

But it is hard to say.

I do know I am different.

I see the new through everything that has gone before;

Today through yesterday, and the days prior;

Through memories, all memories, each one in its place,

as now mixes with old.

I feel it.

This must be what they call age.

I am reminded..constantly reminded,

That at the passing of each moment,

Of every thought,

Of every memory,

Of everything that has happened,

Of every strong pull,

Of every touch of the heart,

Of every tear that falls,

Of every wound,

which longs to heal,

I can only be here
The time is just a water.
It's streaming like a jet.
The fibers of the time are late.
So many moments, right?
The positive in moment now.
It always something good in night. Just listen, listen.
And you'll hear the softness of  the melody.
Gentle music is around us.
The music of the love.
I am acceptance, I am love.
Osiria Melody Sep 29
In silence's muse, not a single muscle stirred
My mind had wailed for my words to be heard
But my thirst for vengeance against them grew
Because death is simply not meant for you
So while my scant breaths rob oxygen in greed
Of the day that I planted anger with a seed,
Your final words that fluttered a subtle hue,
Your final wish sat upon a mantel—then I heard
The memories of you taking me under your wing
And I remembered how one day in spring
You found the human in me and said
“Silence! Listen to their motions spiraling!”
The grave is marked; your remains repose dead,
But you are dead, oh, you are dead

My mind's a grave. I'm buried in anger.
Liz Carlson Sep 28
i can't promise forever,
but i can promise for now.

for now,
there's no one who compares to you.

you don't have to worry.
it's only you on my mind.

you're the one i want to hold,
the one i want to spend my time with.

i'll wait for you,
i can't promise that for years,
but i'll wait for now.

for now,
you got me,
but above all else,
you got God on your side.
Liz Carlson Sep 28
maybe it's not time right now,
but that's just for now.

i know the day will come,
i know this is right.

but for now honey,
i'll wait and i'll grow with you.

i'll get to know your heart,
while the distance pulls us apart.

for now,
it's just for now.

someday i'll be with you,
but that's not now.
and that's okay.
because that's just for now.
I acceted myself when I love you.
I got freedom in varied forms.
I see the life like it's should be. Without pinkky glasses on my eyes.
I don't want from someone expectation.
I don't put my hopes in somebody's hands.
I know some may say that I'm changed.
Maybe I am getting too cold and too selfish.
But who will care about me if not I am.
I can't hurt myself anymore.
I miss sometimes about this girl I was before.
But then I wasn't love myself.
Can I please just go home?
I don't want to exist anymore.
Just seems horrible.
I don't want to be here.
I don't want to do this.
I don't want to exist.
Nothing bad has even happened and I just don't want to ******* be alive.
just incase you’re wondering
I’m still here for you
like I’ve always been
just know if you ever change your mind
I’ll be patiently waiting until the day I die.
I promise you that.
goodnight everyone ❤️
why can't things be easier by now?
I can't be a fighter forever
for once
I want someone
who will fight for me.
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