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Zywa Aug 19
And now? Again this

'Now', that mat under our feet --

keeps slipping away.
"Het volgende verhaal" ("The next story", 1991, Cees Nooteboom)

Collection "Over"
Glenn Currier Jun 15
There is an old hymn
this world is not my home
an old friend freely sings
its lyrics but she’s lonesome
never full of joy in her place
ready to depart
but a strong heart keeps her here
for us to talk
and laugh this year
not last or next but now
with both cheer and tears
in our eyes
and on our cheeks.
We’re not waiting.
In this long float
we can smell the fragrance of aster
not before or after
but blooming in our spring
upon this glorious encircling stream.
Poetic Eagle May 14
Now and forever, always ringing in my head
Could be a story to tell
Imaginations reaching far from reality
A fuel to my everyday life,
the company in my headΒ Β keeps me sane

Now and forever, could have been different
If only l had known now is the forever l wanted
But...l didn't loose it all, a part of it is within
Laughter and joy, never a sad moment,
The only tears dropped are the ones that build happiness and create memories,
Memories l hope we could both remember

Now and forever, l picture it every day
A fantasy too good to be true?
I dream with my eyes open so reality can never bring be back to brokenness
Look and become, they say
Just a piece of my heart
Work in progress
Rama Krsna Mar 19
πŸŒ™ πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™
at the confluence
where the rivers
of the past and future merge,
in that tranquil present,
time and i cease to exist.

dissolved like sugar in water,
to be one with
that crescent bearing jewel
who’s ever pure like white jasmine

Β© 2022
Mark Wanless Jan 29
there are no exits
but the ones we do create
this here is just now
Mark Wanless Dec 2021
i have not come to
help you we have come to help
each other this now
Mark Wanless Oct 2021
i am heir to full
vivid dreams from thousand years
here now is glory
Billie Marie Sep 2021
we are just here
no other being really knows or cares
and the being here
is still all that matters
it is really all only for this one
all for and coming from
beautiful dream world
the mother
she is fighting back for herself
and the meek which shall inherit
we are true
we are the ones
Glenn Currier Sep 2021
Contemplation is like fishing.
Often my reason fails me
and I cast out into the waters
hoping I can catch that vital energy
feel its power, its resistance, its strength
that is elusive
but I know is there
and those moments of connection
with that mysterious force
give me energy.
I am alive
so I keep castings into the ocean
knowing the elan is there,
the verve that takes me from my mind
to dance, to move, to swerve
in that moment of now.

Author’s Note: I bow in gratitude to Brian McLaren and Barbara A. Holmes for their wisdom that inspired this poem and kneel in awe and thanksgiving to all the fish I have caught over the years, for the excitement and nourishment – the life they gave me.
Billie Marie Sep 2021
If you are identified strongly
you are living the programming
not living
but just existing in someone else's dream
Freedom is from everything -
including identity.
Why must we use so many words?
The programming is over loaded.
Overwhelmed with it's own faulty code.
Addicted and dying from it's own infectious vaccines.

Who can stop the insanity and be still?
No one knows the extent of the damage.
Why repair outdated toilets?
Demolish and replace.
I'm over stating the obvious
choice is change for
more than positives.
It's just here and now Truth.
In a body or no.
So What Is the difference. The difference
is just you. Or whatever you think
you are as apart from the whole of the rest.
You people persons are the stupidity we all fear
and only you hate. Everything
is madness and nothing feels sane.
The world Is ... what it's always been.
what is
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