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Max 3d
I am Max.

I can not be simply imagined

Many will create a character in their mind of what I must be like

None will get this character right

Because I am not a simple thought

I am not what you want me to be

Trust me I’ve tried before

I am not that cool, has it together punk

I am not that smart, likeable shy alt kid

I am not your next conquest or partner

I am not your next interest or crush

I am not the one you fall in love with

I’m the ***** that will break your heart

That teaches you not all love is right

I am the heartache you get when you think of love

I am the ******* tears in your eyes when someone says “I love you” back

I am the mistake you’ll make

I’m the drug you’ll want time and time again

But I do not come back to break people

I will break you once and myself many times

I’m the one you’ll scream and yell at when it’s over

I’m the one you’ll block and never unblock

I am the mistake you’ll make time and time again

But the truth is that I’ll never be right for you or anyone

For I am a phase that some may have

But I am also the whisper in the wind that comes once, never twice

I am Max.
This is a festive season
For all restive persons
Eat, drink and dance
Have some romance
Be an interesting person
This is a festive season
For all restive persons
Embrace and kiss partners
Who are free from Corona virus
Maintain social distance
Two yards with face
Covered with mask
Dine and dance with
Spirit enhanced
Be an interesting person
Maintaining social distance
This is a festive season
For all restive persons
LearnfromBOBD Oct 30
Will you be able to pull your two legs to your head
Now imagine me holding your thigh stable.
10 second soft sexing
And later a 30 mins non stop hard **** *** to the *****
Either groaning or moaning.
Let me hear the sound of joy.
Still pull that leg up,
your two hands holding it.
Bring the vaginae up facing me vertically.
My soft tongue swallowing the outer part. Tinkling through the inner part.
your legs shaking.
The vibrations is sweet.
**** got hard again
for the second sexing.
Immediately I insert the sim.
So we can enjoy a great network.
Continue the ringtone vibes.
I'm gonna make me get to the peak
before I release.
Is that all you got. Bring it to me Bebe, squeeze it on my hard dixk.
Squirt it all over me.
I'm gonna make that ***** *****.
I'm gonna make you wanting.
Let your emotions unwind
Bend the lines,
Squeeze me repeatedly
I'm almost there.
i mean continue' **** me harder.
Press on harder.
Yes; yes, I got it.
Halleluyah you sing.
Ayiwuu, sweet
Tell me you enjoyed it 😊
#Endsars ***. After a
Long period of protest on the government street for 12 days. Hard *** is needed no joke
Dharatal Sep 21
Season has changed from
winter to spring,
Raw fruits have turned
Sweet and juicy,
Present has changed into past,
But your sadness hasn't changed yet,
Tell me where is your lost smile,
I want to enjoy it.

Your smile was like a
precious fragile flower ,
which enhances the beauty of garden,
But why the flower is fade now?
Tell me where is your lost smile,
I want to see you smiling.
Be happy in every situation, because everyone hase to face problems,but the peoples who smile in every situation are called pls smile 🙂🙂
els Sep 18
I learned to Let Go by the misty lake
while I thought confusion will never leave
every passing moment felt harder to breathe
I escaped to a moment only I can take

I learned to Enjoy by the misty lake
I'm never alone and I won't ever be
I see beauty in everyone around me
now I'm certain no joy will break

I learned to Love by the misty lake
even though I know I have nothing
even though feelings never stop flying
I still love through earthquakes

I learned to Forgive by the misty lake
life is often painful and sad
but Jesus is the only best thing I have
my faith is grounded and won't ever shake
Donna Sep 9
Set your alarm
So you don’t get up late
Make the most of your days
Cause time don’t wait
Thought of this one the other day , life is so precious and it flys by so quickly u got to enjoy and make the most of your days *** ❤️❤️
Maruko San Aug 29
Right now I'm in a limbo,
stuck between being a kid and going through adulthood
where i'm always depressed,
where pressure is always pressed,
where my brain is unstable,
and where my emotions are unpredictable
two choices with many outcome
but for now I'll just enjoy this brief misery
of my teenage years.
just watched chemical hearts
and it really inspired me to make this piece
Surkhab kaur Aug 18
I look at myself dancing
to the song Truth Faith.
It says," I get this feeling I'm in motion
A sudden sense of liberty..."

I can feel it!
Being happy is free!!
دema Aug 11
sick of all the
games everyone plays,
and all the
rules I have to abide to,

sick of all the things
I need to do,
and all the times
I must silence
myself away,

sick of going
through the hardships
just to enjoy the
good times for
a little while,

sick of proving
to others
my success, my self-love,
my worth,

sick of stressing
about life before it happens,
and forgetting to just live.
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