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Maja Nov 2022
"Death gives meaning to life."
It makes me so angry, because,
How ridiculous is it not?
That we accept an end?

Death does not give meaning to life.
- We do.
And meaning is not something to be given
It is something to be taken.
With every breath -
With every step -
And every leap you take
You create your purpose.

"Death gives meaning to life."
Living does.

You do not read a book for the end
-you read it for the journey.
You should not wake up just to go to bed
-you wake up to enjoy the day.

You do not live to die.
You live to live.
Mark Wanless Jul 2022
the door opens
   the sun shines through
the small child
   walks out to do

her chores of morn
   feed the chickens
and hungry rabbits
   water the dogs

back to enjoy
   warm breakfast
Daivik Jun 2022
जैसी तैसी ज़िन्दगी
यू हीं हैं कट रही
टेढ़ी-मेढ़ी राहो से
जैसे तैसे गुज़र रही

जहा सुख का फ्रूट मिले
जूस बनाके पी जाओ
किसे पता क्या होगा कल
इसी पल में जीवन जी जाओ

हार और जीत के संघर्ष में
सुख और दुख के जंगल से
इनके संगम से उत्पन्न जो नदी
उसी का नाम जिंदगी
Years will add up , so does your ages
smiles,sadness,laughter,all will come by
will experience everything before your eye

Neither the formula of gravity nor the derivation of elasticity
could stay in your memory or in your life's story
only times when you laughed over,
times when you joked around,
times when being loved by someone,
can only live longer,and will etch deeply in your heart..
Create some good , lasting long fun memories...
Hang up with your friends , family , among loved ones, no matter the age.
You're always young by your heart.
droplets touched my cheek,
wiped it away,
back to my work again
No time to cry over for the same thing...
Move on with your life...
Merlie T Jun 2021
I'll choose
this spot
right here.
Its mighty nice
A cool wind blowing
Chirps make up
white noise.
A field of grass
Sun streams and endless blue

I am famished.
Enjoying a beautiful day in nature
krissie May 2021
you don't wanna be forgotten; you just wanna disappear
you don't wanna give up; yet you refuse to stay here
you've cheated on your passions with your fear of failure and judgement
you've abandoned your purpose; you're not proud of it
you’re worth a million so don’t sell yourself short
you’re not here to tend to, what others believe of your worth
20 years from this moment - will your heart be bitter or stay open?
did you do all the things you desired, or did you stay frozen?
i would rather live with them not being on my side
than live with the regret of never having tried

happiness is a garden, cultivate it with water and sunshine
our hearts will harden, if we leave where we came from behind
happiness is an art form, remain graceful but draw outside the lines
do more of what makes you smile, don’t wait for the “right” time
on your bed close to death, nearing your very last breath
we're not promised a single moment; will you transcend with regret?
think wisely upon your choices, yet don't spend your precious days in strife
never ponder so aggressively that you forget to enjoy life
Kelvin Githinji Apr 2021
I wonder why am feeling my breath
Oh! it's that you remind me am alive on Earth
Even while enjoying a cold bath
My love for you still hot like hearth
Feel the love
Eat, sleep, dream,
Never bother for 'your sin,
Never go too deep into' your problems.

Eat, Sleep, dream.
Enjoy the life that's possible.

Take a chance,
Work your body, work your soul...
Work-out and brain-chorus_
Heavy lifting and chores _
Trained body, mind and soul.

Eat, Sleep, dream...
Andrew Mar 2021
Let me stand
in the sun

and I will enjoy every moment of it

Let me hear
so sweetly
the birds that sing
and I won't ask for another moment
such as this
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