sunprincess Oct 1

Was fun, I enjoyed the poems
I read
Hope to read some more
real soon

A Sep 30

He was enjoying
Man of Steel
While I was enjoying
the company of my superman.

I didn’t like L.Lane for Kal El

Open,peep,light ,shut,
again,is there light,shut,fun.

As children we used to play this game.

Spend your life utmost,
Enjoy as much as you can,
Don't try to save it.

In life you don't get another chance
Mane Omsy Aug 13

Furnish your beautiful face
With a wide shining smile
How long will you live?
Don't bother how long
Let the energy spread in the air
Like a constellation, shine bright
Like the night more luminous
Than one single shining star
It's crystal clear, gifted divinity
Do not hide from glittering
Spread like a streak of lightning
Watch the aftermath
You made it possible
Turning a starlight to a wild beam

Let's forget the stress in our minds for a while and be happy.

I leave one city behind like a terrible past
Hunted by its pleasant memories
I pursue new adventures in another
Moving from shape to shape on the atlas
Life was meant for journey

Maddison Jul 24

The day begins with the sun rise.
Each and everyday is a prize.
Don't worry and stress over the lies.
Smile and look up towards the skies.
Be happy, love life. Time flies.

Valerie Jul 12

"No because without the things I don't like,

I wouldn't be able to enjoy the things I do like."

Tay Jul 11

How Do I begin To explain
What happens to me when I write poetry
I'm on a merry go round
And I can see my thoughts unravel as we go faster and faster
See all my past events *
How Do I begin to Explain

To People
That Poetry is a part of me
They Roll Their Eyes
Yea right they would say
That inside poetry is what softens me

How do I begin to explain
That On The Merry Go Round
How I think

How I breathe
How Do I Begin To Explain To Others
That I'm

This is my favorite poem I wrote please enjoy this!
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