One breath is all it takes to
change my identity.

One step is enough for
My uncontrollable mind.

An imperceptible hand is
Leading me through their amusing creation.

Eyes once closed; nevermore opens.
Hollow thoughts; escaping my lips.

They mislead me,
Into the the confinement of my own emotions.

They enjoy messing with my mentality.
They relish getting under my skin; deep in.

They secured a place for me; the spotlight.
Making me entertain every personality.

They compelled me to anger them,
Making their voices get louder.

Their intention to sever my consciousness.
They earn for my downfall.

They accomplished their goal; a destructive doll.
A humanoid, a cold being.

They exhibits me,
Carries me through the center of myself.

Their amusement is crazily addicting.
It won’t be long before the invasion comes.

The aggression of my lunatic identities.
They're keeping my world in a hypnosis.

They're enemies inside of me.
They're making me the attraction of their psychotic parade.

I used some different words
Giacomo 7d

Love is a Sin

Lucifer visited me...
He was on my dream.
Just as I wished for love.
Once upon time.
God heard it.
But I just follow my heart.
She was beautiful
Even if it was the devil in disguise.
I really wish.
That I never knew about love
That I never know sorrow
The sorrow behind love
But, not that I know.
It is worth to fight it for.
Enjoy while you can.
Love is not eternal.
Is what you make of.

Enjoy me...

honey sweet bird...
enjoy me by a looking at you...
you are the gem to my heart...
enjoy me by a talking to you...
you are my poems' lexicon...
enjoy me by an honest vision...
you are the hero of my dreams...
enjoy me by the darkness dark...
you are my star which light my way...

through you,i loved a life...
so you were my beloved...
through you,i adored a love...
so you were my sweetheart...

enjoyed me through a looking to you...
so,you were my eyes...
and looted your vivid heart...
so,you were my lover...
and still the lover and the happiness to my heart...
you are mine...
as i will be yours forever...

swear to you by my heart...
that never to leave you for a once...
even ask the sun...
ask the stars...
what i vowed...
vowed that you are my only lover...
the only lover for me...
who lives inside my heart...

hazem al jaber ...

once in a while go hither,
where man hasn't choked earth to tar

once in a while go thither,
where flowers sway golden, buds ajar

once in a while ponder,
trees helicoptering a stray, twirling shape

once in a while dash out,
away from gloomy computer haze,

once in a while stroll aimless,
down a narrow, dark mysterious lane

once in a while gauging,
the  kite's whirling escapades

once in a while go hither,
where Frost chose a less traveled path

once in a while go thither,
where you desire but hesitate in act

once in a while on a calm night,
when you go cascading on a dream

once in a while when years,  
have withered you to skeletal bane

all your once-in a-whiles shall  
gather, beehive heavy and clean  

once again you shall step out,  
awash in roaring wondrous sheen...

Jonathan May 2

Love soaring high up above like a dove
Stars a glow to show the world below
Through the cosmos we make our way
Passing Oslo's vibrant haze, your beautiful eyes
mirrored the swaying shades

Hearts embrace at daylight break
unto the horizon we make our way
Hearts embrace as the night fades
towards the horizon we go our way

Starstruck on Venus, the morning light greets us
through the eastern sky we make our way
To the celestial skies of australis
the southern beauty became my goddess

Hearts embrace at daylight break
unto the horizon we make our way
Hearts embrace as night fades
towards the horizon we go our way

Stardust dreams
in saturns ring
our love sweeps
in a cosmic breeze

Something different

Time I enjoyed
wasting the time
was the only time I enjoyed
Time I used
timing everything
was the time I wasted

Jonathan Apr 29

Desire of the night on the streets
i'm embracing you
On this cloudy night with pretty lips
i’m kissing you
My misty red scarlet night
you’re my pastime
For the night

Through the city gates we go our way
To the den of vice we make our way

With your hand in mine our energies combine
desire of the night with your touch
i feel alive

In your den of vice at the door
we find ourselves
with rose petal trails on the floor
to lead the way
Candlelights and deep stares with your eyes
I’m led astray
for the night

To your web of lust i’m led astray
To your arms i make my way

With your hand in mine our energies combine
desire of the night with your touch  
i feel alive

you're the pastime of the night
you're the nights delight to me
you're the hearts desperate need
you're the nights gift to me

I wrote this out in so many ways using different words that represent the same meaning and this is my fave of them all.
Viktoria Apr 15

Everytime I meet someone new
Who is cute, with interesting attitude
I get to choose -
If to save the contact or to lose...
I am starting to imagine me
Being in love desperately
Having settled a romance suddenly
Being able to become a couple

I don't know if I am starting too early
But I know for sure, he does too
Because I don't think I ever have to worry
About me having this attitude
My friend once said:
It's good to keep the naivety
Instead of learning from failures negativity.
I guess I'm gonna follow the advice
And I'm not gonna rethink it twice
You gotta live and let it happen
This is the way it should be done
It is so often here and now or never
So take this moment, do what feels right
And what makes fun.
This way you're gonna gain experiences
All of a sudden you become enriched
I am not trying to teach you a lesson
Your life is the one who is gonna teach :)

Mr Wishi is the long serving boss,

Down at Tokyo’s Premium Downtown Car wash,

Working for Mr Wishi was Mr Washi,

Mr Wishi would wash and wax,

Whilst Mr Washi would polish and vax,

Both wearing their company issue,
Waterproof Mac’s,

Mr Washi was always wishing,

That he was the one washing and waxing,

Mr Wishi couldn’t care less,

About what Mr Washi was wishing?

For as long as that he was the boss,

Then it was his choice who polished or washed,

So Mr Washi sent Mr Wishi a letter by Fax

Saying he no longer wanted to Polish and Vax,

In his letter he stated,
That he wouldn’t be coming back,
To Tokyo’s Premium Downtown Car Wash

So with Mr Washi Leaving,
Mr Wishi would now be needing,
Someone else doing the cleaning,
At Tokyo’s Premium Downtown Car Wash

Mr Wishi called on a friend,
Who said he was willing to step in?
His friend by some strange coincidence
Is a guy called Mr Ka Glee Ming!

His house went with him everywhere,
Slowly but surely without a care,
Unfortunately for Trevor he always left a trail,
This not very uncommon after all he was a snail.

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