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Nemis Oct 9
Broken clocks fixing the time,
The elegists are singing the hymn.
The sky shedding its tears,
As for who will bear the bearer.

The ink is fading as the time is near,
The ticking of the clocks is all I hear.
Second-by-second, minute-by-minute,
Can't let them be my source of despair.

Running before time to end up straight,
Just to find it was written in the fate.
I hit them hard they hit me back,
Gained a moment, lost a million days.
I wrote this by imagining what it would be like to fight the time, the clocks. Clocks gone rogue and pardon for mistakes, as there'll be...
How dare you
How dare you reduce me to rage
White hot and safe
Safe for my plate
From which I consume mounds of animosity
For the atrocity
For on that afternoon
I died
And I'm still not alive
Because of you
Because you were mine
You were my lover
My thief
My vandal
You robbed my heart
But then plundered my dignity
And pillaged my sou
It's a painful to shame to have to hold this close
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
I must put on that cloak
That ever so familiar disguise
Veiled only in lies
That has only ever made me choke
Xan Abyss Apr 2018
She dances like a diamond in the wind
And sings like a symphony of birds
She knows the ways of Magick
And how to Summon Shadows
with her words
Her blades are like a part of every limb they are attached to
A Natural-Born Performer
with Unusual Tattoos

In every town, she is found
The Raven-Haired Metal Maiden
Wilder Lore is always born all around her
But no matter where she goes, she never stays long

Silver Girl in the Circus of the Moon
The Song and the Dance & the Smile of Doom
A Jester of Death  & a Friend of the Tomb
Silver Girl in the Circus of the Moon

Her Kiss of Steel, most deadly
As Swift and Silent as she is Serene
Seductive & Bloodthirsty
She Slays with Grace like nobody could  believe
One look can **** you faster than a dagger to the throat
But she prefers to Wage her Wars through the Sorcery of Notes

In every town, she is found
The Raven-Haired Metal Maiden
Wilder Lore is always born all around her
But no matter where she goes, she never stays long 

Silver Girl in the Circus of the Moon
The Song and the Dance & the Smile of Doom
A Jester of Death  & a Friend of the Tomb
Silver Girl in the Circus of the Moon

Red is the Color
Of the Lust in Her Eyes
Artistic Brilliance
In taking Wicked Lives
Young & Old
Lowborn or High
All who Fight
None will Survive

One look can **** you faster
Than a thousand burning arrows
One song will make you hers
For better or for worse
One dance can mean disaster
Or a majestic miracle
She can be a Blessing
And she can be the Curse
New lyrics about a character im working on.
Paviethra Sep 2017
Devil says "**** him "
Angel says "kiss him "

Struck in a dilemma!


A little later,

Karma says "I'll take care of him "
I am like a rambling rogue
my happiness still homeless
and trouble an old stray dog
that follows me everywhere I go
misunderstanding must be my shadow
for it will not leave me alone
my mind is a haunted highway
and these bandits never pass me by
well I've drank from the trickle of entitlement
with its undercurrent of oppression
and I've wandered the lonely hills
and been lost in the valley of the found
I've camped in fields of foolishness
I've swam in the river of the ******
I've skinny dipped in self destruction
and seen reason buried in the ground
I've known madness a midnight blanket
that sinks in swifter than quicksand
sometimes with less sound
and every season it seems
that tragedy paints the leaves
and misery parts the clouds
and if I didn't know better
I'd say that old oak
was dripping not with sap
but with satire
and I know betrayal fills these seas
and the tides turn with nothing but unrest
and the winds sing of their unease
and if pain were the first flower of spring
it would bloom a little too often
and if the moon could hear me cry
I would howl at it no longer
and if the sun were not a spy
that gave up every day
to rise again so brilliantly
like a child that ran away
and if the sky did not weep with rain
with a thunderstorm for a stomach
and a lightning heart
for an enlightening soul
I then would be on my own
but these roads are paved with mystery
and I can't help but wonder
what the horizon holds
so I travel this realm with optimism
ready as my adventure unfolds
Demy Molentor Dec 2016
Worthless, hopeless. All alone.
A rogue wished to get gone.
He made it out of house at night.
Then one saw a raven in moonlight.

It spoke "One should come with me.
I know the place you'll call home, you see.
There is a village hidden in the northern ice.
Rogue live there in secret, and the place is nice."

So rogue followed the raven through the city.
And a forest they reached, covered in winter's beauty.
A woman waited for them out there in the snow.
And seven more teens came here. Also rogues, you know.

The woman began to dance. Wind have taken'em far away.
And they found themselves  on an iceberg."This is Eupho. This way."
And woman guided them to a small house. And inside they found stairs.
Down they came. So they entered the city of Albino, and it's got many layers.

And so, there they live, hidden from world, with people weird just as are.
So many rogues found home here, as it's tunnels are big, ending to far.
And every single one of the rogues artist in this or another way.
And they live in balance, having their fun and sharing their art each day.
Demy Molentor Nov 2016
We, are the forest's rouges,
We live here bandoned by those
Who we loved, but no more, of course.

We all have left our homes, searching for place
Where we'd live with out a pain to face.
And so at last we found the place.

Here in the forest live
In treehouses mostly we live
So no one, trust me, will make us leave.

Under the ground we have our shrine,
Of luck, of freedom, of moon, let'em shine!
Here we greet our new comrades each time.

And we perform our rites every night
As we dance, as we sing, as we fight
Our souls keep shining bright

The forest is surrounded by ruins of an ancient nation
It's magic is our never broken protection
Not a chance for the intervention.

Sometimes we give moon the homage
Get home and take out fearless revenge
As  go on a bittersweet rampage.

Run away if you are where you don't belong.
At midnight come and find  a golden rose yet the search might take long
Once you do tell a story and sing 'bout freedom a song.
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