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Grace Haak Oct 5
cinnamon sugar
your hands mash the crumble cake
warmth fills the kitchen
Grace Haak Sep 27
hot butter strolls down my face
and rolls down my nose
dribbles down my chin
and spatters the floor
the lustrous linoleum

i cry tears of sugar
it tastes much too sweet
as they mix with my thoughts
and pour into the cracked bowl
the jaded green memory

my hands are matted with white
and caked with delight
but it's a less-than-pleasant mess
i've used too much
it called for just a teaspoon
c Sep 27
I am-
sugar sweet stuck-
On the idea that something
Is better than nothing
Anastasia Sep 9
all the sugar in the world
couldn't make you sweeter
Grace Haak Sep 2
sugar lips
kiss me twice
got me thinking
this boy is nice
bubblegum pink
blow my bubble
got me thinking
this boy is trouble
candy coating
see it in your eyes
got me thinking
this boy's told lies
but you're so sweet
cure all my cravings
got me thinking
it's a love worth saving
no chocolate swirl
no caramel chew
i'm not addicted to sugar
unless it's you.
Jaxey Sep 1
You told me a wasn't you cup of tea
So I tried adding some sugar and cream
But by the time I was to your liking

I had gotten cold
Anastasia Aug 17
You are bliss
Definition of euphoria
Taste of never-ending perfect
Oh, how I wish you were mine
A kiss from you
Melting me
Into a pool of warm ice
And honey blossoms
Drowning me in dopamine
Flashes of adrenaline
Pulsing through my veins
Laced with sugar
And your perfume
Absolute perfection ❤
Bhill Aug 16
Let's begin our day
Have you started to wake up
Pour yourself a cup

Pour yourself a cup of Joe
Put yourself on the alert

Do you use sugar
Do you prefer milk or cream
I enjoy mine black

Oh,  Good Morning...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 207
Good morning...
Pour yourself a cup.
Your lips resting on mine
And mine on yours
A moment filled with sugar and bliss
A moment that may be repeated many times
Yet it still brings a smile to my face over and over again
And nonetheless it's a moment I will never forget
Marcella Faye Aug 11
I didn't fall
Into the steps
To cover the truth
In sugar,
And for what the bitterness
It holds
And wicked intentions
That folds, because of
The linger taste
Will not flush,
But holds,
Until time will find
It ways to unleash
The bitterness of salt.
Why sugarcoating the truth in lies,
When it reveals itself in time?
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