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Summer 1d
Sweetness is —
the sugar cube that glitters
when sun ray kisses the crystalline surface
like a thousand sparkling dots;

It is the strawberries I savor
when you sat across me
smiling softly
and gave me the last one from your basket.

It is the bubbly feeling
when I gazed at you,
playing with our children —
sparks in your eyes,
a laugh leaping out of your throat.

It is the warm sensation
flooding my chest, and
filling every corner of my being,
whenever you tucked me into your arms,
and kissed away my tears,
telling me I am
the best thing that has ever happened to you.
something I wrote a long time ago, a rare, fluffy love poem I guess
Allyssa 2d
Soft sweet lips,
Honey dew words,
Sugar kisses,
Warm embraces.
It was the unexpected dance,
The glances,
The smiles.
It was getting stuck in the rain,
Locked out of the house,
Laughing until we couldn’t breathe.
I was little drunk,
You didn’t mind.
We giggled like children in the dark,
Watching the raindrops on the windshield,
In that ever so warm car.
I can tell this is going to be a rabbit hole
Tastes like childhood laughter
and sunlight smiles
Reminds me of times
better, now bitter.

Tastes like words of wisdom
dropped lightly, taken lightly
now I try my best
to savor them.

Tastes like happiness
and something melancholy now.
Reminds me of all I took for granted,
tastes like sugar.
49 words
every single part
and then
lick me EvErYwHeRe...

Melo Aug 26
Cotton candy kisses
Your breath dissolves at the tip of my tongue
Sweet sayings slip away during pauses for air
Gold honey droplets swirl around in your eyes

A cool mint winter night
But together we are hot coffee with cream
The way our love fogged the windows like melted sugar glaze


Sweet like the first box of chocolates I bought you
Sweet like those gummy worms you love so much
Sweet like caramel drizzled over an apple I would wait an hour in line to get you even when I don't like caramel apples

Sweet like you
I wish my back would touch the pavement where you slightly touched my leg. Back in a friend's house where a glance of yours began writing itself in a top-graded University essay called "After that I never saw him again" but in reality I did. Your image randomly popped in my head that day, that's all.

The cigarette you gave me after surprisingly realizing I kinda smoke and because I pressured you, is what I long for every time my lips don't have much else to do rather than speak aimless words.

These eyes of yours stopped being blue in my head or at least ceased being as blue as I remembered. The apocalyptic meeting with the reason behind your text saying "we will talk tomorrow" being proven wrong, was not too long ago, while ours was.

The long hair that now adorn your pretty head bring me back to the meeting we had at school where we talked about you hooking me up with Hennessy & Sailor Moon , Leonardo DiCaprio's hair, Phoenix brothers and where we had a staring contest. Needles to say, I won. The price was finally looking into your soul in the one way I could.

The petty fact that you wear clothes puts the thought in my head that once you paid attention to mine and could describe them piece by piece. Now even Harry Style's songs that had nothing to do with you, are connected to your tattoos and your arrogance.

I wish you were the guy sitting next to me in the bus trying to read through a book in between dark tunnels. But the fading memory of you talking about my personality intertwined with my sundresses is the one real thing you offered. Now I am convincing myself that my treasuring all this nonsense concerning your existence is enough.

You don't want me do you?
oh, how i do love those pretty girl-kisses,
i dream about them every night,
those yummy, sugar girl-kisses,
soft, wet, tasty and just right.

from my first time kissed by another girl,
in our tender, early teens,
i still do love those girl-kisses,
in my day and nightly dreams.

-By Alexandra Eames
Alicia Moore Jul 28
Some may say that the greatest treat in life is candy;
the temptation of its sweetness longingly lingering on the tongue,
an unsung reliever.
But temptation itself is the only true greatest treat;
the red heat carried through all senses,
marked as the sweetest sin.
Jithin manoj Jul 4
When life gives you lemons
You make lemonade
But taste sour it will
If you don't have the sugar.
And then there are those who like it sour
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