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Malia Apr 21
i meander at the
depths of rock bottom stumbling
upon newfound grace and

the spiking stone all around
is dull to the eyes but makes
the ever-blue sky
come alive.

when i reach up to
touch it, i know that
i am too small to caress
those faint cotton candy

but in my dreams,
i greet the sunrise by
perching on the shoulders
of those who dare to rise
George Krokos Apr 10
Sugar and spice
and some things nice;
are not too good
to have as food.
1. Refined carbohydrates: in the form of
    a. white sugar
    b. white flour
    c. white rice
(avoid the above or anything made with them as much as you possibly can)
2. Cigarette Smoke
3. Soft Drinks
4. Alcoholic Drinks
5. Junk Food
6. Common Table Salt
7. Bad Company
8. Sedentary Lifestyle
9. Food Additives: in the form of
    a. artificial colors and flavors
    b. preservatives
10. Overindulgence in ***
11. Not enough sleep
12. Drugs
My little take on certain things to avoid as or in food and even beyond. The proof is in the pudding; though some things are said to be OK taken in moderation, but their continual consumption / participation in can be a cause for addiction leading to chronic health conditions - both physical and mental.
To eat or not to eat; that is the question.
A doughnut--******, airy--I’ll consume,
adjust my diet later to make room,
or falsely reject pastries’ sweet delight
while bingeing pasta deep into the night?
Doughnut, thou art satisfying; sweetly
filling morsel, savored now discreetly—
perhaps a little midday’s sugar craving
is better solaced, hunger I’ll be staving
off,  resisting better night time craves.
‘Tis better, easier to have the faves;
by portions small on calories I’ll save
and skip on other dishes that don’t taste
as sweet and crispy, but go straight to waist.
The prompt was to write a platonic love poem. Sugar, one of my true loves.
Abir Lover Aug 2023
I keep searching for you
Not only me searching
It is me and each smallest piece of me
My soul, my heart, my mind and certainly my whole.
Even the walls, the windows, the doors and the places we used to stick to and see and talk to each other are asking for you and we all missing you; and for this, we all have this message to tell you!
So, this is for you!

You are the sugar in my blood that is enough to make me smile, laugh for ages and enough to bring me joy and happiness that never ends!

You are the breath going in and out from and within me at every single beat
You are the oxygen that circles inside my lungs and keep me healthy and well.

You are pills that cures me from each pain i face or i have! You make me feel safe and only safe and forever immune!

You are the electricity i ever need to keep my body up and working.

You are my lovely rainbow that colors my days and nights with a new painting and make each glow and shine!

I don't need the moon, i don't need the stars cause i have you! You are every things i ever dreamt of!

With you i see this life from another perspective and see it different. It has a sense and clear meanings! You make it simple and easy to understand!

Before you, i never wanted it as much as i do with you and
I'll never want it if without you!
I'll always want it with you
I'll always want you
Only you
My darling ❤️
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2022
True, the sugar tops
sweeten everyone's mouth.
Hold onto the salt though
let's not lose out.

Pinches of sea salt
    dancing smash hit
deep down the sea floor
   ace extracting ice cores,
boom, the clouds form high,
show the upside is sky!
Jubilant cumulus pop
only crystal clear vibes 
let the wind see through
that sings the rhymes.

Oops, it's not always a blue sky
wispy white clouds turn dark.
The storm soars the larks fly low
busy men down the trees
seek refugee for a mo.

Sticking my head under a roof
pondering me find a room.
Is this 'smash hit high sail
of the clouds rising from deep core,
all is gone in a blink of a storm'.

Not far in the sky
nor deep down the sea.
I see a raindrop on a shining
flower before me.
Something more to tell
very closely!
I was reading Seamus Heaney's The Death of a Naturalist poem lately. Few daws later I wrote this poem.
Nickolas J McKee Feb 2022
I took him in,
At a young age.
So cute to me,
Turning our page.


Watching him drown.
I to save him,
Then to let down.


Rocking cradles,
All to debate.
Where are parents,
Of lonely fate?
fika Jan 2022
I see your eyes
wondering my body

don't take me lightly-

Take me like the heart break
I really was
julius Sep 2021
i can't focus
i'm stuck in a room with you
and whatever i do
seems to speak to you
i can't think
i'm inside your skin
and although i try harder
i can't seem to win

i can't get out of it
can't get out of this hole
that's 6 feet deep
and taking my soul
her name is piper
and she's not a fighter
and neither am i
but i have to try for her

she's not as pretty
as funny or witty
but she's someone
that says she likes me
she's not a poet
or anything close to it
but at least she holds me
when i'm so lonely

she stays in my head
or lying in my bed
shows me things
i never thought
i wanted
to see
she calls me things
that at any other time
would make me cry
but somehow
it's nice
to be told
what i am
by her

how do i tell her
everything is wrong
this is wrong
this is so so wrong
i'm so wrong
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2021
Oh, hear me,
the humming cloud
is raining down.
Am I about to get back
my ears?

My long missed Saqi
gone to fetch the sea.
I say come your one
signature drop is enough.
Keeps the cloud afloat and intact
above the sea high enough.
Down to a parched Earth then
pour down some raw stuff
some zero sugar marshmallow fluff.
Saqi is a metaphoric wine bearer.
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