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Human garbage
Primitive minds
Constant conflict
Violent malevolence
Self evidence
Inevitable demise.
It suppresses all sorts of resentment. And beyond all sorts of emotional disorder. A shower of it could revived a death sentenced. The thought of it healed a broken in heart. The spread of it eliminates poverty. True emotion of unconditional love.
Love to mankind.  
Zywa Mar 8
A baby doesn't talk,

yet you do understand him –

better than adults.
Collection "I am"
Thomas W Case Feb 25
There, in the
tide pool, dappled by
the sun, is birth and death,
and the spark that continues.
It leaves mankind in a wake of regret.
What have I to do with the albatross
Or sea lion?
I can but write, while they fly and roar.
I gaze upon the Pacific from this rock,
all its mysteries and grandeur.
I am inferior, while it forever reigns with
every wave and break of light.
we are nonhuman
mutated. it is
the design
from "side effects" ©2021
Tyler Matthew Dec 2020
She was born in a mushroom cloud,
Uranium halo 'round her head
and stars inside her eyes.

They pulled her from her desert womb
and the whole world with her cried.
"The War is Over!" Peace at last!
Mother Atom had arrived.
Tyler Matthew Dec 2020
So much for the destiny of man,
the potential of our youthful imaginings.
No more has it been than a carrot on a string,
a flash in the pan,
a ******* that's kept us afloat
on a sea of dreadful sleep.
And in waking, a feeling,
a dim sense of purpose laid out for us
like another warm blanket to wrap in,
to cover our eyes long enough
for that familiar vision of tragedy
to come and feed our fantasies again.
sergiodib Dec 2020
Hello, hi! I'm Spike C. Ovid and
I was born in Somewhere in 2019.
Yes, I'm the one you would have never wanted to hear from.

Don't panic!

I'm not the evil one; I'm here because I only want to live;
just like you.

Let me tell you straightaway: this is a knock out match.
I'm invisible to the naked eye but you're not so gullible:
you have science and technology and sometimes common sense and, on special occasions, even a spirit of brotherhood.
I want to be really outspoken: my best weapons in this battle are:
your fears, your selfishness, your clinging to private wealth, your individualism and narcissism, as  well as, your conflicting political, religious, and ethnic identifications.

Please don't play the indignant card;

just remember that you are here, by chance, because a meteorite hit this planet and wiped out dinosaurs; but, soon after that, you wiped out the Neanderthals and so many other species, later on, including your own kind.

I’ve already told you, I won't be a hypocrite!
I want you to work for me, free.
I'm copying this from you.
However the final price for this tug of war will only be
something you don't care that much for:


Why did I write you this letter?
Let’s make a deal to end this clash!
Hand all the old and very ill ones over to me - They’re only a burden for you - and then I’ll leave.
A fair agreement: no more fear, no more casualties, on both sides.

Please make up your mind quickly.
I Look forward to meeting you soon.
Good luck!


Remember that I was born to dominate: I was born crowned!
Nermine Marei Dec 2020

Good side .. Bad side
Let us have a deeper insight..
We all have both, but the stronger will ride..
And the other will hide..
This is mankind..
Sometimes we struggle, but it is worth the fight..
We are not angels in the day and devils at night..
It is something that we can't bind..
It is within all of us, be ready to what you will find..
It is always clear and obvious, don't pretend that you are blind..
We just reflect what we feel deep inside..
I hope we all ride what is truly right..

Nermine Marei


in a society where  
is welcomed.
Where people
flee from

A society
where truth
is enslaved
while deceit reign.
A world where
sages are referred
as mad.

And foolery
rule. An
where love's
deprecated while
lust is summoned.

A place
where caring
is manipulated
as envy.

We lived in a
world where
peace is gradually becoming history,
making same
mistakes as ancestry.

But my dreams
is of a place where there'd be a
new world on planet earth, even
before the
very end of time.

A place as
peaceful as
where equality
lives among
mankind. When superiority or
inferiority is

A world where
love will be only language we
all speak and comprehend.

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