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Fight Between Rulers And People
For Latter’s Democratic Rights,
Is Just Like A Tiny Lamp Who
Faces A Storm To Safeguard Its Light.

And Fight Goes On And On
To Become The First World War,.
Few Objectives Achieved
Rest Are Left For Second World War.

Who Cares For The Poor?
So The Struggle Goes On,
May Be Waiting For The Third
To Stop The Unjust System Go On.
There Goes On A Struggle Between Rulers And The People. The Latter Are Generally Exploited. So The Struggle Goes On.
Amanda 2d
So soon the end of mankind will come
Machines will learn
Hear them hum
Attack us humans in the dead of night
Until that day gets here I'll sit and write
Just a silly little piece I wrote after watching iRobot
Mikey Kania May 11
dis here speech addresses all colors
this speech addresses all colors

try to appreciate life
try ta appreciate life feel me?

try ta respect everyone
try to respect everyone

yo maybe eved try ta love people
maybe even try to love people

if ya don't embrace such values
if you don't embrace such values

try at least tolerating others

yous black, white and biracial brothers
your black, biracial and white brothers

don't forget yous sisters
don't forget your sisters:

black, biracial, white

24 hours be made of day and night
24 hours are made of day and night

ya feel me?
do you understand?

every man be a mister
every man is a mister

every woman be a lady
every woman is a lady

racists are lazy
racists be lazy

since they don't want to understand "others"
since dey don't finna understand "others"

lovin', tho, be de best mood to make it trough dis state that we call life

loving, though, is the best mood to make it through this state that we call life
Today is a good day.
There is a void in my mind
Aching to be filled with
The knowledge of the wise
My heart is broken into two
Begging to be tied
By the ******* of love
My body shakes and cries
Wanting so desperately
To feel the loving touch of mankind
My soul is ***** and suffering
It yearns to be like the sunrise
Pure and radiant

I strive to be whole.
Timmy Shanti Apr 12
we came from space
to space we shall return
to join the void
and the stars that burn

our endless lust
for wand'ring the unknown
our utmost joy
when (safe and sound) we're home

our sense of wonder
taking baby steps
our first endeavours
in this world and the next

from space we came
to space shall we return
to cross the void
and watch new stars get born
12 iv 2020
ad astra per aspera
George Krokos Mar 30
Let all the warm sunlight in
and the new day to begin
for the night has now been cast
with our sorrows so to last
in those days lying ahead
that many will only dread
this modern epidemic
which is now a pandemic.

And that long finger of scorn
now points to where it was born
at a country that's growing
much too rapidly knowing
as it tries to beat the rest
in its own ambitious quest
to become a world leader
instead became a *******.

It has happened twice before
on this ancient country's shore
where a bad virus outbreak
by carelessness did so make
with a disastrous effect
for not being circumspect
doing the right thing but caught
and this virus to us brought.

The world is now on its knees
for a new vaccine that frees
man from the deadly disease
that's also spreading with ease
as all the casualties grow
and daily statistics show
called the corona virus
which is out to destroy us.

Unless a vaccine is found
to an early grave we're bound
the fate of most of mankind
a result of being blind;
too much pride and ambition
causing this sad condition
and man's own dire end to be
as foretold in prophesy.
One of my latest poems on the current pandemic that's sweeping the world. I hope and pray that it wont be like this poem depicts at the end. God help us all.
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